Bhakta David Nollmeyer Compositions


Lake Almanor - Mt. Shasta

 Mt. Shasta - Klamath River

Canby to Mt. Shasta

California Pines

Reno to CalPines

Inyo - Salton Sea




New Photos!!!

Lake Almanor Plumas

California Pines

Reno to California Pines

Reno to Delaware


The following photographs are original pictures taken by Bhakta David Nollmeyer between 2005 2006 in-continuo.

The areas of the Eastern High Sierras are Bishop, and Big Pine, Inyo California where many compositions in MOEC Studies and United States Federal Court Documents were produced. Other areas are Salton Sea, California and Lake Davis, Nevada.

I am attempting to reconcile a inner profile of myself as well as document important locations in a photojournalistic style.

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