This paper is a sketch. It is a beginning effort to falsify an emergent interdisciplinary attack on the LGBTi Agenda and Paradigm. Overall this community has had stunning recent success in the latter half of 2010. Conversely I am still one of the longest unrecognized political prisoners in the world.

An implication of this refutation is the beginning of MOEC Studies, hence the discovery of de facto state planning of Cambridge Law School.

David Nollmeyer Solstice Desert Shores CA

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Winter Solstice 2010 Along the Salton Sea

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an artificially designed ideology created with the intent to Undermine human civilization. It was specifically architected to attack the human race with MOEC operating a structure and process through the United States. A common sense observation would also argue such would damage the authorship which is alleged to be Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom.

MOEC is intended to gradually marginalize different levels of Truth Systems, government, family, and individuals and defect these actors into the bodyguard of the Origin. In this sense Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is Anglo American Irrationalism and Pre Fascism.

We can easily perceive direct transformations upon:

Eternal Law: Faiths Systems – Church of England – Roman Catholic Church - ISKCON

Natural Law: University System – Cambridge – Oxford – UC Berkeley – Harvard

Positive Law: United Kingdom – United States – United Nations

MOEC's implementation via Prisoner's Dilemma is creating the most incompetent and corrupt organizations and individuals in American History. This will also be true in the United Kingdom. As the United States is being used to radiate the Undermining, this in turn has clearly has created the worst police officers with a Gay Militia operating out LAPD. The relationship of an informant and police officer define the invertebration of all occupations.

The three natural persons who were are officers of LAPD are persons of interest as:


The Fly


The entrapment of the Irrationalist Presidents by these officers is unprecedented. Implicated by their actions are:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Donald Trump

Joe Biden

It is prima facie that Barack Obama has the strongest possibility of being criminally prosecuted during his lifetime.

A direct implication of this reaction formation is the staged defeat of the so called legitimate LGBTi rights movement. In degree, the term LGBTi Paradigm is being used for the abstract agenda. In a strict scientific sense this is really a pre paradigm.

Dateline: Westwood, Lassen, County, California on June 27, 2013. Proposition 8 Hollingsworth v. Perry and DOMA have been dispensed yesterday June 26, 2013. The proponents in Proposition 8 were found to lack Article III standing and the case returned to California. The District Court judgment by Judge Walker holding that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional will not be disturbed. On June 28, 2013 Same Sex Marriage continued in this state.

United States v. Windsor DOMA was ruled to be unconstitutional based on the 5th Amendment. Both decisions were based on 5 to 4 majorities.

A Membership of Cambridge Lawyers are alleged to be the proximate cause of MOEC and Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Their Strategic Mission was Same Sex Marriage. Historically, MOEC can definitively lay claim to a successful Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States. The basic algorithm is designed to originate from United Kingdom, Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, to the United States, LAPD, California, and Delaware, Delaware State Police. In particularity of the subject there are two hubs in the conspiracy. Scotland Yard is the controlling hub and LAPD is the subordinate hub.

There are three manifest events operating:

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

Electronic Surveillance

Gang Stalking

The algorithm descends into concrete legal jurisdictions as states, counties, and to natural persons.

MOEC is a Trojan horse operation that has marriage creation as a foil.

As seen the creation of marriages and then breaking such with a Divorce Program is also conclusively strong. Marriages presently survive at a 45 percent rate. In small jurisdictions as in the high Sierra in California as Plumas, Siskiyou, and Lassen County with 35,000 persons each it is easy to link the Gay Militia to divorces. The same would be true for Delaware and the Salton Sea and Colorado River areas.

MOEC essential has provided me with a presidential quality briefing in which to confront Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom as the Authorship and principals in this crime.

A main component of their defense mechanism is the Reduction Room where two lawyers, The Hand (leader) and The Little One (subordinate), re enacted the command imperative of MOEC:

Will You Betray the Constitution?

The Tournament challenge between homosexual lawyers and heterosexual theologians is the driver that provided me with the leak which is now organized as MOEC Studies. MOEC Studies is now an Approach attempting Systematization of this particular conspiracy. Polymorphous perversity is an ad hominem verbal battery against an individual consisting of sexually vulgar speech. Hence when an individual who is in an adversarial situation attempts to defeat, control, or humiliate another, especially a female using sexual vulgarities as f*ck, c*nt, and similar crude language emerges. Polymorphous perversity descends from sexual enjoyment outside of heterosexual intercourse.

This Reduction Room is the symbolic Black Hole of MOEC and can be linked to almost location worldwide. This is by design and the speech patterns of the three officers mentioned previously. The Hand's profile is drawn from Michelangelo's Creation and Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. The Little One represents an Indian and is derived from the Bible and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

Informant Equilibrium

MOEC is easily demonstrating that the natural human has a genetic and cultural imperfection to defect or betray via Prisoner's Dilemma. Currently five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Biden have been entrapped in a RICO Enterprise which is a homosexual, blackmail, hostaging, extortion, and intimidating of a witness ring paired with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program.

In the longitudinal cross sectional cohort rivalry, the population in the High Sierras particularly the 1st Federal District of Doug LaMalfa, R California is failing as first responders in a clear attack against the United States. The entire populations of Plumas, Siskiyou, and Lassen California should be considered as a Ground Zero Lightning Rod. The Salton Sea and Colorado River area are a source of criminal evidence of magnitude

MOEC is a universal operation with hub and nodes as Targets worldwide.

This experiment focuses on third generational LGBTi families. This is of acute interest in the sense that Lassen County supported Proposition 8 by 70 to 30 percent.

If a person wishes to challenge the Totality of Circumstances, all actors must be measured against the same precept or rule under Equal Protection Due Process. These are the main legal rights from the LGBTi Movement attempts to demonstrate their case.

The continuum of Psychopathy, Antisocial Sociopath Psychopath should be considered in the organization of a quid pro quo informant culture. The Narcissistic Psychopath and pathological liar appear to be core models of members of the Gay Militia. Dodo, one and probably the last spokesperson of the Gay Militia is being conditioned as a Prototype for Psychopathy. Dodo considers such as business deal.

Undermining requires a feedback loop. Hence we can observe a process and structure from the Origin to an individual and family. Attacking an individual now would implicate 8 surnames of the great grandparents. This has a nexus with the House of Windsor. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge has a significantly less chance or ruling as King of England without serious contestation from parties worldwide.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is modelled on the Ku Klux Klan (Democrats) of the 1930s in continuo and the Know Nothings (Republicans) and now American Party. The Know Nothings were a xenophobic anti immigration movement in the late 1800s. Currently Barack Obama has placed Gay Marriage and Immigration near the top of his agenda.

We are implying an emergence of an ideological transition of Irrationalism to Fascism. This involves ideology and a demarcation between subjective social preferences towards what one would call a hard science. A science is a set of general laws and principles in the subject of which consequent events can be deduced objectively with verification by third parties.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing appears during the staging of corrupt state planning and policing. An attempt to expose racketeering, quid pro quo payoffs and retaliation as human rights abuse was followed by a Tournament contest between heterosexual theologians from Trinity and MSM lawyers from Cambridge.

The development and recruitment of a Gay Militia within members of homeland security officers is an invertebration which confirms to clinical diagnosis of abnormal psychology that would become to be known as the Diagnostic Statistic Manual or DSM V of the American Psychological Association.

Merton's theories regarding criminality and fatalism are clearly supported. Hence the Gay Militia members are being scripted and conditioned to believe they are rebels. In reality they are provocateur scapegoats who will be purged with the informants they are recruiting. The profiling develops from an inferiority complex in same sex males and displacement against heterosexual males primarily in the first instance. This process radiates outward to other parties and LGBTi persons and in a tit for tat fashion returns to heterosexuals. There are extreme traits of pathological lying and psychopathy evident. A fugue of intent and behavior flows over many years of inferior work.

Homosexuality Same Sex versus Heterosexuality Opposite Sex

The bias in the operation within a 100 percent ratio is to attack opposite sex persons while sheltering or protecting same sex persons. All members of society are eventually injured as well as both the physical and cultural geography.

Gay Irrationalism appears during the 1880s with a severe challenge from the Third Reich. Here experiments concerning the development of chemical weapons that were used in WWI and other clandestine experiments appear to have been incorporated into the RICO styled defection model.

The three main ideologies of the 20th century are conservatism, liberalism, and irrationalism. The 1900s has witnessed the transition from Irrationalist Fascist Nazism states to degraded or mixed forms of socialism. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan are the main examples of this structural shift. The emergence of Gay Irrationalism and Gay Know Nothing is an antecedent to Gay Fascism which would occur when intellectuals emerge as apologists and defend the abusive activity.

Manifest Function Latent Function

As stated objective third party events that are historical and subjective to verification are the manifest function. These are 1. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth 2. Electronic Surveillance 3. Gang Stalking.

Marriage Breaking is now a strong fourth. Since there was no way of predicting with certainty whether I would be married this process may have been delegated to a lower status. Marriage Breaking is disguised as dating and sex leading to marriage. This is misogynist with an abnormal relationship between MSM officers and FSF females. I would argue the confirmation of this as virtual certainty.

The latent function is the discovery of the Origin and Authorship of this event and thus trace it's flow chart and extensible tree of activity. This will unite the manifest and latent function. LAPD is claiming that they are operating from Aural Cartographic Tape Maps ACM which are Storyboard Entrapments.

The planners of the United Kingdom devised a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth CASE which is contingent on escalating marginal Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs towards the full blown attack. This targeting develops strategic escalation is based on being a member of opposite sex protecting the Lesbian Bisexual Transgender intersex or LGBTi community which means less marginal TCA to exclusive homosexuals. The full blown CASE is superimposed over my natural person which has been triggered. There is only one target or person the author, David Nollmeyer with the full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over his person.

The targeting of the United States, it's constitution, citizens, and president by using a manifest function of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to constrain myself and attack my primary rights is also a catalyst in a direct attack on the human race and civilization. The other externality is that the attack is so widespread is that it also directly affects the 600,000 estimated living HIV AIDS population out of a caseload of nearly 1.3 million estimated cases. LGBTi persons are about 50 percent of the total population.

It is this secondary tryad of victims that will be decisively used to confound and disprove LGBTi History. The victimization of my natural person alienates my protection under the Bill of Rights. If I am being debilitated by a process of de facto homeland security operation then those individuals with degraded Immune Systems are also being attacked.

The Origin has created a symbiotic duality of Rational and Irrationalist decision making preferences. LAPD is alleged to contain a Gay Militia. An early member code named Periander escalated the trajectory and branch of the conspiracy towards negative territoriality which is the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Two members code named the Fly and Dodo have initiated the attack. The Fly began the Manifest Function on June 17, 1987 targeting Ronald Reagan. Dodo continues to direct the event against Barack Obama.

If one were to examine the Bill of Rights, such has been inverted against myself and radiated asymmetrically towards the 330 million persons residing in the United States and 7.5 billion natural persons worldwide. The UDHR and ICCPR Protocols have wider acceptance internationally.

The attack then postulates the invertebration of citizenship, positive rights, and duties into an informant system operating under defection to the Gay Militia of LAPD. The blackmail and extortion of these persons through mutual aid violations leads to what is popularly being termed Gang Stalking.

The Formation of the Gay Militia

There is a direct analogy in this structure with the Man of Iron in the Book of Daniel. The Founding of the System is now represented by MOEC. We now know that this is no more than the mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire localized in Cambridge Law School.

The Tournament follows an Ex Deus Maquina which is the modus operandi. Disciplines as mechanism versus faith, irrationality versus rationality, consequentialism versus deontology are important points of departure where the loser will becomes degraded under a circular folly.

The three main leaders in LAPD were or are:


The Fly


Periander is the Greek King on which the Midas Man myth is based upon. The Fly reflects the sociological classic Lord of the Flies. Dodo has roots in a land bird of Madagascar that was unafraid of Portuguese colonists who clubbed the species into extinction. There is also a direct link to a character in David Bowie's song 1984 which is from the Diamond Dogs album.

The Scripting of the conditioning of a member as Dodo extends from at least the third generation grandparents if possible. One should note that the Eros Freudian Oedipal and Electra Complex form the basic boundaries of personality development. MOEC uses an eclectic methodology. Materials from other systems may be organized under these two models.

Formal Logic and Informal Logic are extremely important as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing may be entrapped by a superior analysis from these two disciplines in nexus with positive law. Here we also discern a defense mechanism and scapegoat system of Cambridge Lawyers.

Merton's theory of criminality develops: 1. Conformist 2. Ritualists 3. Innovators 4. Rebels. Merton is accurate in stating that the police are fatalist and the population dependent.

Currently we examine a line from the Ex Deux Maquina in which Cambridge Lawyers retained control of MOEC. The algorithm of the attack descends into Dodo and his extension into Informant Stalkers being entrapped by attempting to use a Justification or selfdefense rational to explain lying in wait and slamming a car door on cue from a member of the Gay Militia in LAPD. This is a par minimum stalking and false imprisonment.

President Barack Obama has served two terms under Operation Radhanatha which began in February, 2007.

Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. Both actors have presided over the escalated Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The Salton Sea is the principal evidence to be considered.

Joe Biden was inaugurated in January, 2021. He was Obama's Vice President and now is serving as President under what has been code named Operation Radhanatha.

We will examine how a member of the Gay Militia develops an identity and repertoire in an environ. An environ is a small component in an environment. Here the environ is a cell that is created by prisoner’s dilemma and obstruction of justice. There are 20 members in a cell. There are at least 250 500 MSM officers in the Gay Militia. There a three shifts per day 24/7 365 days per year. The setting is based on near 24 hour surveillance on these 500 officers. This would be especially true of the cell that developed the persons supra. These actors contain the more LGBTi members and Scripting. The other 230 members are less MSM and contain the officers. If these officers ran the operation there would be no fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Biden would not have been blackmailed and Undermined legally and historically.

In the cell(s) of the Gay Militia justice has been obstructed. Dodo will assume that this attack will last over thirty years from 1987 to 2017 so he can retire from LAPD with full benefits. He is operating under a belief that defection under prisoner’s dilemma he and other officers will be able to hand off their surveillance to other policemen and agencies. Under a formal court hearing this would result in a Brady Violation for failure to provide all discovery evidence to the defense team.

In extension of the Tournament, I am the Singularity Experiment. Here I am the only natural person and United States citizen with a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over him. This prima facie has resulted in a Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States.

This issue is as an experimental subject how will I intellectually and physical work to achieve decapitate MOEC and expose the identity of it's creators? What type of human repertoire will I develop? A clear contrast is the repertoire developed by Dodo under LAPD. Under cognitive behaviorism punishment is the short term goal and education is the long term goal.

It is increasingly obvious now that Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano has to resigned become President of the University of California, that the Trinity theologians were successful in orchestrating the exposure of Cambridge Law School as containing MOEC.

Obama is the Singularity Target

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

There are various scenarios where other parties wish to develop me as a homosexual victim attacked by Ronald Reagan.

The actions by Periander, The Fly, and Dodo have resulted in my response negating this action thus implicating all seven Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Biden.

I am demonstrating intent to prosecute the Proximate Cause sine qua non, principals, accomplices, and accessories to decapitate the totality of the criminal enterprise MOEC.

I am pressing for the public disclosure of the names of the Cambridge Lawyers et al. who are the Authorship. Hence a debate ensues which must transform itself from an idea into a plan which must be placed into action.

The Membership have created a gambit line of MSM males descending to Dodo. It is my position that Periander and The Fly were clearly aware in advance that a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth be imposed over my person. Dodo may have had lesser cognition of this fact. He however was aware that after the retirement of the previous actors he would be in charge.

Why did they not oppose MOEC and or the escalation of Lycurgus into Akbar as a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth as sworn officers of LAPD? The Gay Militia in LAPD allegedly has roots into the 1930s.

Will MOEC create a summon bonum and human race or will it degrade the individual into a psychopath?

The Human Repertoire

The immediate point of departure is brain versus brawn. The setting currently has a near 100 percent censorship and sanitization of 7.9 billion persons worldwide. If I make an expository statement that under the Bill of Rights 8th Amendment, There shall be no cruel and unusual treatment, Dodo will argue from tape cue in the contrary stating that Obama has inherited MOEC from Reagan. While this is true, it is false that Obama is above United States Federal Law or that the United States can be a bellicose actor attacking the human race with bathtub Chemical Weapons.

My position is rational and Dodo's Scripted response is irrational. If I argue totally from prima facie facts Dodo will lose well over 50 percent of arguments. I have easily demonstrated this issue for years using 6 to 10 arguments per day for periods of 1 to 3 hours that this is Dodo's historical repertoire.

As Dodo loses arguments the algorithm moves towards displacement or to attack and hostage persons and objects principally of which is a female. This begins a failed attempt at justification of selfdefense.

This descends and replicates into the stalkers. This is specific to nearly 100 percent of the local jurisdictions where I have travelled.

A simply question emerges as a point of departure: In degree can one from an epistemological perspective organize universals and particulars into a coherent system?

Three basic informal fallacies strongly emerge within debating: 1. Ad hominem ad vericundium 2. Ad populum 3. Ad misericordium.

This attack and especially the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is based on a same sex qualification for rights. It is pinned to Gay Marriage.

MOEC has developed profiles of what type of personality and physical condition I would be in towards at least 125 years of age. Dodo will argue from these profiles resulting in red herring strawman attacks.

It had been predicted that I would have MSM or same sex history. I have been told that if I had three anal sex MSM contacts the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would not have been imposed over me. This is ad hominem.

Ronald Reagan's presidency was attacked. He is de facto and negligent as a sworn official for not prosecuting the Proximate Cause and decapitating the system.

I voted for Reagan once in 1984. If Dodo argues that I should not expose Reagan this is ad vericundium or an appeal to an important person.

Contemporaneously with this appeal, were overtures to spiritual leaders. Keith Ham aka Kirtanananda Bhaktipada, once of ISKCON is prominent. As an uninitiated Hare Krishna I had supported Kirtanananda who was principal in establishing New Vrindavana, West Virginia. Kirtanananda has been convicted of racketeering and spent 7 years in prison. It has been widely disclosed that he was homosexual and had sexually abused children. The latter action clearly discredited him. He is now deceased.

This is ad vericundium.

An expose on the Discovery Channel Deadly Devotion was based on his actions in New Vrndavana focusing on the murder of Steve Bryant aka Sulochana, who was exposing on homosexual and child molesting allegations. Sulochana's murder occurred in May, 1986 in Los Angeles.

Dodo and his immediate predecessors have argued MOEC as Gay Revolution. If LGBTi persons wish to advance their positive legal rights they should proceed from legislation and the courts.

This is an appeal ad populum to the audience as no specific geographic location is used. It is also is an appeal to the LGBTi population.

When I travel which is now almost entirely forced due to the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, the Scripting posits I would travel to the most LGBTi location. I do not travel by this criterion. I have travelled in hope of better treatment and now by necessity. This reflects the Proximate Cause attempting to recreate his own preferences. This if directed to a specific town as Sante Fe, NM would result in ad misericordium or to the misery of the people.

There is a very clear intent to create Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing as dialectical line of Undermining that will negate any intellectual threat.

On July 12, 2013 Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano announced her retirement from the Obama Administration. Napolitano is being recommended for President of the University of California which is the largest and highest ranked system of public education in the United States. If Napolitano assumes this post it will converge the most culpable law officer to date with one of the pre eminent research facilities in the world.

As the Singularity Experiment who has been alienated from my Bill of Rights protections I have struggled on a method to confront expertise at the world class level in institutions and individuals. With Napolitano at the helm of UC, this would overwhelming create problems for the world’s leading intellects.

The University of California will be entrapped into the Machinery of Torture. Napolitano has a very extensive career in from an Arizona Attorney General to Homeland Secretary. She had been a direct superior over LAPD since January 2009.

This issue will need to be dealt with in more detail in the future.

If Dodo is confronted on an issue and he is not able to provide an answer Gay Relativism is his first response. This will develop a LGBTi antinomianism. This would argue that solely by being a Same Sex individual one is correct. This negates any merit based distinction. Phenomenology or a position arguing from an individual's world view in the subject before any consideration of external laws or systems operating on one hold sway.

What is unique is that Gay Relativism is clearly identified to the more abstract Phenomenology.

Dodo Scripting is cued. He fashions himself as a Rush Limbaugh, the AM talk radio conservatist who has a following of 16 million listeners. Dodo claims that by osmosis he is in fact equal by understanding concepts of MOEC. This can be heard everywhere by pirate radio as such is superimposed over my person now that we are in the Akbar subsystem. A continuation will cite or hostage the Cambridge philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

If business is a subject, then Dodo is only a salesman. Any trivial fact must be opposed. Any knowledge is given to one. Hence Dodo is the giver.

The last fallacy is an appeal ad ignorantum.

A solid baseline for skill would be a Doctorate Degree. Here we can easily discern how scripting a differentiated profile over one by Prisoner's Dilemma and attacking such results in demonization and red herring strawman attacks. The circular folly also will implicate Dodo as a principal everywhere there is damage from MOEC and where I have personally at and have been.

The quantum of force directed by this miscalculation of decision making has also emerged to negate the discipline areas of LGBTi Studies. Any area of LGBTi History that does not deal with the emergence of a Gay Militia attacking with clandestine chemical weapons is suspect especially if taught for tuition at accredited institutions. Irrationalism will turn to Fascism when apologists emerge to defend it's crimes.

Three prominent LGBTi advocacy groups are:

Freedom to Marry: Evan Wolfson

Courage Campaign: Rick Jacobs

LAMBDA: Kevin Cathcart

Empirically these groups have claimed excellence in support of HIV AIDS persons. I find this to be spurious and falsifiable. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my person, I am a pure lifelong heterosexual, can extend from California eastward towards Texas, north through Nevada and into Oregon. The worldwide censorship and sanitization provides efficient cover to launch Target Chemical Assaults and stalking against persons in every nationstate.

The paradigm shift of the LGBTi agenda is synchronic with the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in a symbiotic and antagonistic manner. Gay Marriage or the Right to Marry and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell DADT in the United States military are paired with the linear objective attack on human civilization. This at the lower boundary posits the HIV AIDS population as the largest identifiable group of victims and myself as the objective individual target the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is superimposed over.

Relative Morality versus Absolute Morality

The lack of moral and legal will and apperception reflect the consequentialist based failure of Due Process and Equal Protection (14th Amendment). The abject subjection to cruel and unusual treatment (8th Amendment) is of no concern as a purge of informants escalates through this panorama of antagonistic motion through victories of the LGBTi platform.

The emphasis is on the LGBTi Movement is due to the allegation that the Proximate Cause is embedded in the LGBTi culture as MSM males. It also reflects the issue that heterosexual males advocated deontology. This Tournament reflects the LGBTi side wishing to continue the modus operandi and the heterosexuals wishing to halt and expose such. The result is MOEC was organized and named for this stage of the rise and fall of the British Empire.

I believe I am organizing MOEC Studies due to only the partial victory of heterosexual Christian theologians. Do I argue these actors as innocent? No they are Lesser of Two Evils who have mitigated their culpability.

The lack of internal checks, failure in the culture and offices of LAPD, City of Los Angeles and the Department of Homeland Security have recreated a state of nature, anarchy, and chaos without primary rights or the rule of law. The destruction of tangible wealth implicates the class structure of the United States. The sworn officials on public payrolls have boxed in this attack over the general population writ large.

Since I am the only individual whose natural life and United States citizenship who has a full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over it, the emergence of the Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing ideology, these terms are from the authorship and are not of my invention, this abnormality in reasoning and decision making compromises the sworn officials and other professions which are checks against tyrannical abuse.

The LGBTi community is the only group in modern history who have not been successful in modern police work. Male Same Sex Male MSM individuals who have been developed based on individualism, narcissistic psychopath, and pathological lying have attacked the HIV AIDS population.

The remaining population and the HIV AIDS may be guilty as informants by taking quid pro quos, outputs and cash and non-cash remuneration from this corrupt RICO styled organization.


The Right Side of History Wrong Side of History

...fascism is the basic emotional attitude of man in authoritarian society, with it's machine civilization and it's mechanistic mystical view of life.

Wilhelm Reich

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a designed ideology constructed by state planners as a catalyst to attack civilization through the United States. Ronald Reagan was the target as president. The counter thesis to democracy is totalitarian social welfare or mixed socialism (less nationalism). The deification of the LGBTi platform is an artificial attempt at universal law making that is an abstract platform of defection.

Even within a context of ideology, the search for a process and structure of laws of cognition and behavior in individuals and collective groups as government, military, paramilitary units and gang structures, MOEC has provided challenging empirically measurable events to support, strengthen or falsify the prevailing models of cognition and behavior.

In short, there is system wide failure of performance of individuals and the collectives as they form as government and private organization. The pathology is critique of failure that is a valid perspective specifically as MOEC is in continuo. Hence the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth can be halted by the Lieutenants in LAPD. He in turns continues the Conspiracy implicating more persons under Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

The natural species homo sapiens has failed as well as individual and collective socialization.

The Morgenthau Pathology

1. Miscalculation

2. Escalation

3. Failure to punish culpable actors

4. Implement a System to remedy all deficiencies

A pathology treats a condition as a disease. It also will attempt to attribute a cause to one common ancestor. One can argue that Hitler needed to co opt an entire government to implement his agenda. Very few persons good or evil emerge independently.

Cognitive Behaviorism stresses punishment is a short term goal and education is a long range goal.

Under these considerations, a person having gathered world class expertise should come under criticism. It is painfully obvious that the University of California and Harvard are being Undermined and wrecked by Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

The fusion of Mussolini versus Reich and a dialectic from Plato to Marx form basic content to develop a reactionary ideology and script winners and losers. This extends into the major faith systems: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Vedanta, and Buddhism.

Here the alienation of my Bill of Right Protections were orchestrated by a team of lawyers et al. However the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, Electronic Surveillance, and Gang Stalking that began on June 17, 1987 were arranged to be ordered by one officer. The first was The Fly and the second Dodo. The two are alleged to be married but romantically involved as MSM Males.

The Fly was given the authority to begin or halt the attack. Dodo has this option currently. A pathological critique would be based on his intents and actions. MOEC is a systematic Prisoner's Dilemma defection model. Dodo as all others was groomed in a cradle to grave Yellow Brick Road operation. As such this should be discerned under the Totality of Circumstances Test.

The event continues as a RICO Enterprise as a homosexual, blackmail, extortion, hostaging and intimidation of a witness ring.

The negative externality of a defeated American Democracy and police work aid the mechanistic thinking of communism and it's offshoots of socialism. Storyboarding and scripting Male Sex Male MSM persons into a Gay Militia attacks LGBTi advocacy groups as LAMBDA who are primarily sworn lawyers.

A red herring strawman is devised creating my life as a heterosexual into a same sex member of the LGBTi community.

The Chemical Assault is a manifest function condoned by President Joe Biden, Governor Gavin Newsom of California, and Chief Moore of LAPD. The LGBTi Studies and History group is directly Undermined. World History and Presidential History are also immediately falsifiable as sanitization, propaganda and a defense mechanism of the Cambridge Law School. Other discipline areas where these studies are subsets are also corrupted.

An advocacy of HIV AIDS persons, now estimated 600,000 victims in the United States will falsify claims of LGBTi advocacy groups, lawyers, and academics.

On June 26, 2013 Proposition 8 or Hollingsworth v. Perry was dismissed due lack of Article III standing. DOMA or United States v. Windsor was dismissed as unconstitutional under the 5th Amendment. Both decisions were 5 to 4.

On July 12, 2013 Janet Napolitano resigned from the Department of Homeland Security to accept the post of President of the University of California.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing functions as a counter culture virus to universally Undermine all social systems. It is a malicious attack and defense mechanism of the Proximate Cause of MOEC. Electronic surveillance is used to record intent and acts of persons exposed to it's conditioning. This activity will create implications in the future stability of the United Kingdom and United States.

Hence under an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth there is a very clear allegation of a line of intent from Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom, Janet Napolitano, University of California, Dodo and accomplices to my person.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a very important component in proving the elements of mens rea and actus rea in the Proximate Cause test in criminal and analytical analysis of MOEC.

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