MOEC As A Singularity


MOEC As A Singularity:

Cultural Singularity Versus Technological Singularity


Gaura Purnam or the Appearance Day of Lord of Caitanya occurred this year on March 19, 2011. This is calculated by sidereal astronomy. It was also a perigee moon or Super Moon. This is the nearest full moon that occurs only about every twenty years. It was also on this date that I realized that MOEC was designed as a Cultural Singularity. I am stating such in the neutral sense. In the concrete it is negative. It was in part designed to be an antagonistic movement to Technological Singularity.

To date no author of Technological Singularity or any other thinker has recognized the abuse of a the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program that has been imposed over my natural person. The negative externality is that it does indeed attack the physical environment and all the life that lives upon such.

The correct methodology is to discuss both Cultural Singularity and Technological Singularity. A Cultural Singularity has occurred. It is empirical and not a future hypothetical date. It’s manifest aperture was June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware.

A perspective of this attack is based on the positive rights of the Social Contract Theory. The artificial person is important in legal incorporations and as well as collective psychology that will effect robot making in Technological Singularity.

Chronologically history will be able to retrace the errors being built into the Colleges of Math and Science and Arts and Letters. The censorship and sanitization furthers this orchestrated decadence. Technological Singularity envisions a renaissance of computing machines and the teaching of Superintelligence.

I am publicly making the challenge and statement that condensing the failed goals of the 20th Century Machine age and reinventing this projection as Technological Singularity will not result in Superintelligence outside of machines unless an accurate treatment of historical human rights abuse is inclusive of Artificial Intelligence AI or any applied intelligence system.

The culture creates the conditions of it's own elimination.


Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores California

March 22, 2011

Chapter 1

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or simply MOEC has emerged as a Singularity. MOEC develops from a defection model designed in an Organic Cell which is a virus that mimics and develops a cultural syndrome that will make Technological Singularity suboptimal. It is predicated on prisoner's dilemma of which it will reduce to (Nollmeyer 2011).

Hence MOEC is a parallel structure to the emergent interdisciplinary study of Technological Singularity.

One of the strongest perspectives of MOEC is that it is a exponential attack against the human race using Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom, United States, California, Los Angeles Police Department, and LGBTi persons as a catalyst to attack the human civilization. Linear Intelligence is contrasted with Crystal Intelligence .

A deeper magnification reveals that planners of Cambridge Law School (most likely male bisexuals), have usurped the state planning of the United Kingdom and developed such as a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization. This is a negative manifest function and latent function for the groups supra [1]. It appears that the LGBTi identity is the strongest position this group of individuals would defend.

To date MOEC from it's manifest attack on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware through mutual aid violations with the Delaware State Police have successfully blackmailed and extorted five United States Presidents. This scripted attack has affixed the name Irrationalist Presidents to this group to date:

Irrationalist Presidents

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

This has resulted in a Perfect Dictatorship or a system where the people freely elect a tyrant who actually wins the popular vote.

The world's largest Censorship and Sanitization has occurred unabated. I believe that my system and the gang stalking world support group are the only known individuals to acknowledge targeted chemical assaults TCA and gang stalking.

Terrorism may develop in these three traditionally strategic formats into non conventional warfare:




In the manifest function non military grade chemical assault is being carried out through the police, now legally described as homeland security officers in the United States. At this time the Salton Sea, California has been a Scorched Earth for the second time since October, 2010. The first occasion would of have been two years past or October 2008. The area of Earp, California and Parker, Arizona were the first areas to be hit with contamination of surface water. This was on the Colorado River north of Blythe, California and runs south into Mexico.

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical future date, 2045 when machines will equal humans in intelligence. Afterwards systems and computers will have super intelligence and teach such to humans. Super intelligence and the law of acceleration are two concepts driving the Singularity Movement. Futurist Ray Kurzweil is a leader in predicting Singularity from using empirical graphs providing an exponential explosion in technological hardware used to make computing machines (Kurzweil 2001).

MOEC is live experimentation testing fitness of the individual and collective using an epistemological attack. I have no rights because I have been a lifelong heterosexual opposite sex identity, zero same sex partners or events.

I am also trained as a social scientist. There is no empirical documentation available that provides evidence that the human culture will be able to support Super Intelligence even if these machines and systems are created. I will base this on Universal Crime Reporting and Center for Disease Control documentation. I will use UNESCO documentation for international proof.

In support of this, I have 149.5 transferable credits with senior standing and a 3.18 GPA and a 3.30+ GPA transferable to the University of California. I am working on an Asus 1000he netbook, 2GB Ram 160 GB drive, Microsoft Home XP and Ubuntu 10.4 dual boot operating systems, Motorola Droid phone, PDA modem, Top Solar 30 watt solar panels, and a 12 volt 7 amp battery.

I will attempt to learn HTML CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python to prepare myself for Singularity. I also have Microsoft Math installed. I usually use FrontPage 2003 which is a WYSIWYG editor for web pages. I use Notepad ++ and Composer to learn HTML and CSS.

My HTML CSS experiments are being hacked beyond belief [2].

One unique perspective is to view the defection model from within the University System. Two prominent colleges within this structure are the College of Math and Sciences and College of Arts and Letters. It is alleged that the Authorship are lead by Cambridge Lawyers who organize the entrapment with the aid either knowingly or tacitly of Cambridge and Oxford Universities in the main. Other schools and prominent thinkers also are considered and entrapped. The Encylcopaedia Britannica reflects the type of database this Authorship has available for use in it's state planning.

Overall since this Authorship are lawyers, thinking as a barrister is a very strong perspective. An interdisciplinary approach with two other fields is quite strong. Hence theology with a math or science would yield good results. Abnormal psychology is also powerful and salient. There are over 250 majors in a university with about 125 taught in a cycle. All of these discipline areas are entrapped to defect towards the lawyer Authorship.

There is a strong indication of individualism and narcissism evident within the Origin. A Freudian to Neo Freudian orientation towards cognitive behaviorism yields the strongest result in personality analysis.

Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity

Information Technology has driven economics with many innovations. The view of proponents of Singularity, especially Kurzweil, argue exponential growth within technology. This has been presented as the Law of Accelerating Change. Hence many components of production have empirical delivery schedules of doubling periods of two years or less. This is Moore's Law.

Conversely, since I have been alienated from my legal United States Constitutional and International Rights, a Censorship and Sanitization of 6.9 billion persons has ensued. The outer boundary would be Control of the defection model and or the informants in the code enforcement and population.

The analogy of a composite function f ∘ g (x) means f (g(x)), can be used to model the case if:

f = culture

g = technology

Hence if culture exists first and then creates technology and then if technology (machines) become superior and then transform humans (culture) the members of g would then operate on the set of f (Social Determinism 2010).

This is a very simple argument but the Singularity Hypothesis must follow something quite similar to be true.

What is occurring is that modeling by those scientists and thinkers of the Singularity Movement have not recognized the culture from which Technology and Singularity are emerging from. In the natural sciences the abstract of a species contains a profile of that species and the environment of which it is capable of surviving in. The Technological Singularity Movement has yet to recognize the Cultural Singularity which is occurring. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth of which MOEC exists as a watershed event in human history.

The fallacy of separation is evident in their work and becomes more polarized daily.

It appears prima facie that Cambridge Law School is using defection to isolate myself against technically superior individuals to gauge what type of response if any I will make.

I have already made at least 26 United States Federal Lawsuits and as states have my own domain where I am posting journals on a regular basis.

There is no response from any known world class authority. They are a static role in an open texture towards the future. This is the theory of extinction. Much work being churned out is entropic. The culture of Singularity is against slowing down production. It is accepted that being obsolete is a facet of the dialectical movement towards Singularity.

The unity of culture and technology is desired for homeostasis or equilibrium. Hence the machinery of the state can not turn into the machinery of torture. Unequal measures for equal persons is also not a stable system of associative or distributive justice.

The creation of a Joe Virus or cell(s) of policemen are being paired against the President of the United States and myself develops social and legal instability. Intermediate persons as Ray Kurzweil, priests, gurus, LGBTi leader et al. are becoming more exposed to the Censorship and Sanitization of atomization of the individual. The cell(s) of militants can only approach a limit of pure invertebration at best. This is a basis for the Irrationalist and Know Nothing posture that has been constructed and asocialized through the culture.

It is this Irrationalism which is antagonistic to Superintelligence.

The basis for deterministic or socialized criminality is a focus. How are AI systems or AI machines going to be created with super intelligence and counter these persons?




The entrapment of MOEC is still dynamic but it's main drivers as persons and myself are much older. I will be 50 this year August 3, 1961.

One to One Correspondence

As seen there is nothing close to a parity in the set f culture with set g technology. Technology has delivered positive quantum innovations since 1900. Einstein has proven his theory of relativity E = mc2. Man has went physically to the Moon and technologically to Mars. Two World Wars have been fought. The United States has been attacked in an unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program. I have already described my computer set up. I have average computer literacy skills. (Summer 2011: I have earned two 4.0s, one in Criminal Law and the other in Cross Cultural Management. I have a 3.21 GPA and a UC GPA of 3.35. I posted my paper on faith based transformation in the workplace. That day a shooter struck near Oslo, Norway killing over 70 persons.)

The best perspective is to call this by it's name, MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. It is credible and reasonable to consider that this operation expresses the collapse of the British Empire into a neo colonial nationstate. It appears prima facie that University of Cambridge is the mind and driver of an intelligence hegemon. The United States has been defected to be it's bodyguard. My personal observation is that University of Cambridge will have a vested interest in my interpretation of what is occurring vis a vis with the allegation that their school is the Origin, the proximate cause, and their professors are the Authors.

In a systems format areas as any space that is a location or non place as history and pedagogy are territorialities. Currently the United Kingdom and the United States are fatalistic and the world is dependent regarding MOEC and my persecution. The United Kingdom, United States and world are physical locations where I am a member.

I have a historical and legal presence in both sets [3].

f = World

g = United Kingdom - United States

Cambridge has made set g a catalyst in attacking set f. This is the use of non military grade chemical weapons. There is also the aperture of censorship, sanitization and the alienation of positive rights as citizenship before one's government.

If we observe casually, I am stating that the physical environment will terminate life and it's repertoire of behaviors. The axiom Culture will create the conditions of it's own elimination; appears to operate outside the physical environment but can be adjusted when one realizes the rational basis for the desertification of earth. Science enters the equation as technology. Hence the expansion from a mechanistic standpoint is scientific determinism (reduction to physics and math), cultural determinism, and then technological determinism. Culture can be seen to create technology. When machines become more a less a thing in themselves being able to create and transform culture and possible physical space then super intelligence through Singularity will be established. (Cultural determinism does not include the physical environment. This is a folly since man did not make the natural environment but has created his cultural geography. I move between the desert where the temperature will reach 126 F in the summer. I am currently summering in the High Sierras where it can snow all 12 months per year. The last snow in 2010 was on May 22.)

Rule of Law

Within the Cultural Singularity, the blackmail and extortion of the American President is an object of considerable prominence as is the disintegration of the United States Constitution. Liberty is what one has in the state of nature, and freedom is what one exchanges it for as rights to live in civil society. The Gay Militia is operating under defection in a Fruit of the Poison Tree fallacy where they believe they can entrap, divide persons and groups under prisoner's dilemma, and then hand the case off to other agencies or have confrontations settled in tumults on the streets.

It is under this alienation that this undertaking of presenting a groundwork for identifying the principals and co principals under the United States Constitution and International Law under the United Nations if this applicable is being developed.

HIV AIDS Positive

The HIV AIDS population are the next largest group of victims that are vulnerable to Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The LGBTi Platform has a considerable stake regarding their legal credibility due to their de facto and ommissive behaviors regarding the concrete history of MOEC's emergence.

The Center for Disease Control CDC estimates that more than one million people are living with HIV in the United States as of July 2010. One in five (21%) of those people living with HIV is unaware of their status. Infections number over 1.1 million persons through 2007.

Despite increases in the total number of people living with HIV in the US. The annual number of new HIV infections has remained relatively stable. An estimated 56,300 Americans are tested positive for HIV each year. Over 18,000 people with AIDS die each year in the United States. Gay, bisexual men who have sex with men (MSM) are strongly affected and represent the majority of deaths. By the end of 2007, more than 576,000 people with AIDS in the United States have died (CDC 2010).

• MSM are more than half (53%) of new HIV infections in the US each year, they are half (48%) of people living with HIV. They are 4% 12.4 million of 310 million persons.

• MSM is the only risk group in which new HIV infections are increasing since the 1990s.

• Heterosexual contact accounts for 31% of annual new HIV infections and 28% of people living with HIV.

• Women account for 27% of annual new HIV infections and 25% of those living with HIV.

• IDU injection drug users represent 12% of annual new HIV infections.

• One in 16 black men will be diagnosed with HIV, as will one in 30 black women.

• Hispanics Latinos represent 15% of the population but account for an estimated 17% of new infections and 17% of people living with HIV.

July 28, 2011 was World Hepatitis Day. Ten million persons are believed to be infected worldwide. This includes 3.2 million in the United States. This is a 1:100 ratio. Seventy five percent of intravenous drug users IDU in this country are believed to be infected.

The Technological Singularity movement proclaims that nanotechnology will drive Singularity. Hence new pharmaceuticals and possibly new organs will be available for those that live to see it's fruits. The culture of HIV AIDS positive persons is a formidable challenge that needs immediate attention and due deliberation. Instead action and forethought have become pawns and parity postures in a theory of games with no recognition of concrete despoliation of the environment that these victims must endure.

The 8th Amendment states that there should be no cruel and unusual treatment. The 4th Amendment provides that one may remain secure in their person and possessions. The LGBTi lawyers have turned a blind eye to my citizenship and alienation. As a result the constituency which permits NGO groups to have tax exempt status and build their curricula vitae is abused by proxy. As seen their credibility on HIV positive status persons is duplicit at best.

If official recognition occurs the claims by the HIV constituency alone will bankrupt many counties and states. The insurer of last resort is the United States government. There is no doubt that the work of many in the sciences will have their reputations damaged due to condoning this abuse. Hence sworn competent officials are static in an open texture. The 14th Amendment guarantees Due Process. What is there to speak of the Hippocratic Oath of the medical profession to do no harm? The hypocrisy and concrete reality of the exposure of the individual to one's physical and cultural environment are compelling, urgent, and unrecognized.

Perspectives And Transformations

Cambridge Law School lawyers are argued to be the highest hierarchy controlling lower subsystems and components. They have authored the Cultural Singularity known as MOEC. They have created several structural levels of cognition to shelter themselves as informants and scapegoats if need be. This is replicated downwards. Hence Scotland Yard is argued as a subsystem. Next will be LAPD. The Delaware State Police and Baltimore Police Department Maryland are lower components.

I am the victim whose natural person and legal citizenship has been subjected to cruel and unusual treatment due to a sexual identity and behavior qualification. The defection model secures same sex LGBTi persons over opposite sex heterosexuals.

The Master Passion of Plato is an Archetype and template. The object is to create an informant under an informant.

It appears a fortiori that the individual(s) professor that ordered a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth may have acted due to determinism. As a psychopath his genetics would be argued to be the antecedent condition for his mass criminality. This person then in acts of conditioning and Chemical Assault wished to attack the genetics of his adversaries and the human race.

It is apparent that this person was Male Same Sex Male or MSM.

As seen to date totalitarianism attempts to isolate the individual from the collective. A red herring strawman version of my life is being formed by LAPD and the Gay Militia to be handed off to the future.

The accurate authorized version is what you are perusing now.

I have been 100 percent opposite sex and heterosexual my whole life.

As a member of the Hare Krishna Movement, I am an independent ritvik, there is also a very compelling statement unfolding on cult creation from the state side. Hence LAPD wishes for me to be dependent on the leadership of the Hare Krishna Movement with it's diksa ritvik split dividing this faith based system.

This crime is then directed towards the president, vice president, homeland security secretary, attorney general, cabinet, and the judiciary and legislative branches. It is also replicated at the state level.

I am also refuting the American Bar Association, State Bars, American Medical Association, American Psychology Association, and the American Sociology Association. I have also informally challenged the University of California and University of Cambridge.

In continuation, Non Governmental Groups as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and LGBTi Approach groups as Courage Campaign are also being challenged legally and historically.

I have just become aware of Singularity in the formal sense about February, 2011. The Singularity Movement is also being entrapped and will be confronted. This is a very fluid situation and it's membership will change rapidly. A private public environment exists as those who are entering for commercial, professional, or governmental reasons become part of Singularity.

Eventually there is no doubt that billions of individuals will be interacting with accelerating technology.

There is an epistemological attack on my being:

Mind - The mind is a sixth sense in the Vedas whose system of scriptures I practice. The Bhagavad Gita is the Bible.

Sight - Eyes

Hearing - Ears

Olfaction - Nose

Taste - Tongue

Tactile - Nerves that are response to touch - hardness

As I attempt to move or free myself the Chemical Assault escalates into a Scorched Earth.

I am the most STALKED person in human history from my viewpoint as one individual who is confronting his state, here the United States. President Barack Obama is guilty as are his four predecessors.

President Barack Obama has done a disservice to the human race and the United States. His winning of the 2009 Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize was incredibly stunning as an example of defection, censorship, and sanitization. The Technological Singularity Movement has very strong ties to defense contracting. This is especially true of TED University headed by Ray Kurzweil. NASA is part of this training and education program.

The culture of impunity is quite thorough. Soon there will be integration of Singularity in all major areas. One of the main concerns that threaten Singularity and civilization is criminality and abnormal behavior. The antagonistic trajectory of a preemptive Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity appears to based on what is known as Pole Singularity. A basic Pole Singularity is expressed as f(z) (1/zn) (Rowland 2011).

Duplicity lacks the respect of persons. Currently for Fall of 2011 a student at California State College must pay $10,500 plus for one year's tuition at the undergraduate level. At 130 credits to graduate this student will need to take 31.25 credits per year to graduate in four years. Technological Singularity will innovate and create new opportunities. It will also displace workers from sectors and individual businesses that are static. AOL and Barnes Noble are good examples. Dial up modems at 56 kbs are barely functional. The use of Kindles and tablets as ebook readers has damaged the survival of the physical bookstore.

The contrast of Consequentialism where the sacrifice of one to save the many versus a Deontology where all humans have the same loci standing is focused. Over all I support the Deontological perspective where my due process rights should of been upheld. This was alienated along sexual identity and behavior. The result is there are ten persons and nine chairs.

I do not consider the history that is being taught anywhere worldwide to be valid. The technological training in the sciences and math is not a substitute. The thinkers and writers of any discipline area and sworn officials should reconsider their decisions and actions.

I will present my observations and conclusions which will be Vedic and Social Science based and conformed to positive law in the main. This will be an axiological support for criminal and civil prosecution of the principals, accomplices, and accessories after the fact.

History is the last court. I have a huge interest in defending my faith, my relationship to the human race, family, friends, and person from this and continued attacks.

I have to stand forward as the particularity of a crime demands that I name my attackers. I can not speak in abstracts and hypothetical future conclusionary statements. Examples as I am against torture., technology will train humans in 2045., and God has raised the government for a purpose., such statements are useless and permit criminals to flourish.

[1] Family surnames are inclusive of the parties that are damaged in this circular folly. The extinction and marginalization of families is a punishment: Pareto logic.

[2] In the zeitgeist Japan was hit by an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. At least one nuclear power plant is under a partial meltdown. International standards rate this a level 6 in severity. Chernobyl was a 7, the highest alert. Three Mile Island was a 5.

[3] I will use the larger domain as f that contains g as a subset. It is being desired to see if g come to transform f. The United States has a very powerful history but levelling is occurring to the world's only true super power.

Chapter 2


The creation of a Perfect Crime or a crime that is committed and not detected or a crime that is committed and not prosecuted is an intriguing notion. On it's face a naïve reality appears to posit some manner or criminal ingenuity that avoids the detection of the authorities. This does not at all appear likely under concrete world conditions of the 21st century. The most likely scenario is defection under Prisoner's Dilemma. This would entail that a very powerful interest would be sponsoring and or condoning such activity.

What is needed is a crime multiplier to implicate the majority of persons in supporting the crime and or the individuals involved in the criminal activity itself. The use of defection and quid pro quos are the modus operandi. Intimidation, extortion, and blackmail are also other instruments of racketeering.

Obstructing justice at the courts is integral. If there is no judge willing to sign an order the law is left up to vigilance of the citizenry if there is any to begin with. In this manner cells of de facto code enforcement officials are able to co op the judiciary and do the bidding of a state planner or other more traditional crime organizations.

The use of ad vericundium, or an appeal to a famous person, a president, pope, rabbi, guru, or imam is a likelihood. A red herring as appealing to a foreign invasion is the traditional choice of military usurpation. Entangling a majority of both important and average families always is a support. The more people under defection in the government and homeland security forces the more likely there will be a success.

Controlling the media through a Yellow Brick Road of career paths and access is essential to censorship and sanitization. This is also true for the sworn professions. These are the doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, and PhDs of academia. If these persons are hand picked and reinforced with careers a very large Supercrime has the cultural support to be successful.

These processes and structures were and are in place regarding a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth attack on the United States that began in this country on June 17, 1987, the 200th Anniversary year of the Constitution. This movement was code named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC for short. It demonstrates the defection capabilities of the collapse of the British Empire. It appears that Cambridge Law School Lawyers are behind the defection.

Their strategic interest in this act is Gay Marriage and LGBTi Platform. It also appears they wish to expose the mechanism without the original Origin being prosecuted. This planning has been handed off to Los Angeles Police Department LAPD who contains cells of a Gay Militia. This is a planned decadence that creates Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. What is unique is that in the last century almost every Irrational Fascist government has been replaced by Socialism.

Gay Code: The Circular Folly

The circular folly is the main boundary of the romantic Red Herring which is attached as a distraction to the non linear Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. It is a loop of a few statements. It is analogous to a very simple but destructive computer virus. It's content is based on an inferiority complex in Male Same Sex MSM males. These traits are well known and very strong examples from several psychological and social theories have been discussed without any reconciliation. The police informants of the Gay Militia in continuo will escalate the Joe Virus attack fallaciously promoting it to develop a positive LGBTi culture.

What is exigent is the need to interpret the malbarism with the rule of plain language which is used in jurisprudence in the law of case.

The implication is that the culture of law enforcement is have implemented a Cultural Singularity by alienating me from my legal United States Constitutional and International Rights. This criminal activity is symbiotically paired with the development of Technological Singularity. Futurist Ray Kurzweil, predicts that technology will equal humans in 2045. Afterwards systems and computers will surpass humans in what is known as Superintelligence where systems and or machines will recreate themselves and teach humans.

The Ex Deux Maquina is unfolding very rapidly against an optimization of software mirroring humans consciousness. The contrarian despoiler mentality of natural persons and the environment is quite profound with no official recognition from President Barack Obama, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, or scientist who work on the Singularity itself.

An entrapment will begin from a supervisor then radiate outwards over a field over persons who are being recruited, entrapped, and stalked. Gay male same sex male interests drive the destructive informant based activities of a double bind RICO styled extortion circular folly and blackmail ring. Lesbianism, which in reality is only female bisexuality is used to recruit and develop LGBTi interests. If a heterosexual male does not prefer lesbianism he is framed as a Gay Male. This is a bait and switch tactic. Equal choices of opposite sex females are not provided. Hence operatives will argue from MSM interests across the LGBTi Platform to insulate gay males. I believe this is due to lesbianism and female bisexuality as being perceived as more favorable, less damaging, and perhaps even desirable in contrast to the behavior and identity groups which pertain to MSM males.

The label LGBTi or Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex is used to portray the target as one who will use all the terms to hide his homosexuality. To not prefer Gay means this male is only referring to females. This is then an immediate act of misogyny if these acts are authored by MSM person attacking an opposite sex male or other person.

There is a definitive role call style of ranking placement that is used to predict and rate who is more Gay or Straight. This also results in an outing within the circular folly. The results indicate that being engaged in Male Same Sex is less acceptable.

At the scheduled end of the operation the activity returns to the supervisor.

The Circular Folly is permitted to escalate and develop under a culture of incompetence and impunity. It therefore will incorporate more of a population

A corollary to this structure and process is that racism is used to falsely divide the argument. If I state that gays are not my preference than this is presented as Asian and gay refers only to female bisexuals and lesbians. This is further support for an inferiority complex as a basis for displacement within male same sex male MSM individuals who authored these acts and LAPD. Narcissistic Personality Disorder also is part of the development of informants with psychopathic characteristics.

I am consistently predicted as being MSM but have no same sex contacts over my entire life. To illustrate the exigency in the present, on February 15, 2011 the Salton Sea, California is chemically despoiled.

I will surmise that the blackmail and intimidation prevalent in only the gender based identity perspective of a Cultural Singularity will severely marginalize scientists and thinkers who are only concerned with the hard sciences as Math and Technology rather that the cultural aspects within the School of Arts and Letters.

The Deification of the LGBTi Paradigm

In the United States an extraordinary trajectory of empirical history has occurred which is an aperture for Irrationalist and Pre Fascist thought. This trend is developed within ideology as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Such is directed as a Joe Virus. This is an analogy to a virus which assembles many small computers as bot armies to attack a server. This attack will aim persons and behaviors in the bottom ten percentile at the highest ten percentile to disintegrate social and cultural cohesion.

This is developed by provocateurs who wish to destroy the environment, target individuals, and thus leave later apologist thinkers more able to sanitize and rebuild over a damaged culture. What has occurred is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth directed over one person, myself that multiplies to attack the whole.

The structure and process of the attack is to deify LGBTi culture and activities. In reduction the baseline are those sexual activities and behaviors used by Same Sex Males and Females. A LGBTi militia is developed in cell(s) to recruit and radiate the conspiracy in nodes.

This system of informants is designed to attempt to invert and or marginalize and field of discipline are or perceived threat. Currently this live expire mention is a definite attempt to destabilize the culture before the Singularity which is the hypothetical date when computational machines equal the ability in humans.

This history provides data to document the psychological profiles that have been constructed and used to attack and condition individuals and the collective since June 17, 1987.

It appears that a Stockholm Syndrome has been developed and reinforced through RICO styled operations to support a LGBTi Gay Militia. This is essentially a Wizard of OZ styled defection model. It is historical that the president of the United States is extortable and can be blackmailed. Targets as myself are isolated and literally framed from profiling that is static. Impunity from the courts facilitates the dismissing of criminal and civil complaints The Authorship in it's own thinking wished to develop a same sex platform and radiate such clandestinely and overtly. This is hedonistic and is biased to the preferences of same sex and bisexual males and their tastes. Lesbianism and female bisexuality are used to front the male same sex male MSM authorship, code enforcement, and their informants.

What is emerging increasingly in prominence is the reality to discuss this event as a Crime Against Humanity prosecutable within the United States Federal Court system domestically and through the Universal System and treaties internationally.

A focal perspective is that I am being isolated from full legal and social life. I am alive but alienated from a full cultural life. At the natural law level my sexual orientation and preferences are strongly heterosexual. This is synchronic with the LGBTi Platform's Right to Marry which is opposite sex. After some consideration I have decided to enter this debate from the heterosexual platform. In degree a culture of impunity has permitted a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to be tagged to the constitution degrading positive rights while LGBTi persons are openly petitioning for legal same sex marriage.

The setting exists as Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with a Red Herring Strawman created to insert a false profile of myself as LGBTi orientated. Hence this is a gay victim. In reality I am a ritvik Hare Krishna or ritvik vadi. This means that I accept a deceased spiritual master as my guide. This would be His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The opposite camp is the diksa guru or diksa vadis. Such wish to follow the instructions of a living guru. They accept deceased teachers as siksa or instructing gurus. The study of guru is called guru tattva.

In connection to this I interpret the Vedas in a conservative manner. I have had zero same sex behaviors in my 49 years of life.

Hence spiritual identity is easily contrasted with a secular humanistic identity. Heterosexuality and homosexuality are also contrasted to define the roles of the victim myself (heterosexual) and the perpetrators (homosexual LGBTi).

One should accept a proper associative procedure to ascertain what my interests are in contrast to that of LAPD and the Gay Militia. If a future case arises that attempts to advocate the LGBTi Platform it is almost certain that work is being handed off from LAPD. They will therefore be a higher structural level component handing off work to informants.

I will argue from the heterosexual platform at the natural law level under my Vedic faith. Homosexuality or heterosexuality do not exist in the Vaikuntha atmosphere or heaven of Vedic Cosmography. Sex life is for procreation and is therefore heterosexual.

Gay male same sex male interests drive the destructive informant based activities of a double bind circular folly RICO styled extortion and blackmail ring. Lesbianism, which in reality is only female bisexuality is used to recruit and develop LGBTi interests. If a heterosexual male does not prefer lesbianism he is baited as a Gay Male. This is a bait and switch tactic. Equal choices of opposite sex females are not provided. Hence operatives will argue from MSM interests across the LGBTi Platform to insulate gay males. I believe this is due to lesbianism and female bisexuality as perceived as more favorable, less damaging, and perhaps even desirable in contrast to the behavior and identity groups which pertain to MSM males.

A corollary to this structure and process is that racism is used to falsely divide the argument. If I state that gays are not my preference than this is presented as Asian and gay refers only to female bisexuals and lesbians. This is further support for an inferiority complex as a basis for displacement within male same sex male MSM individuals who authored these acts and LAPD. Narcissistic Personality Disorder also is part of the development of informants with psychopathic characteristics.

A mock trial scenario is currently being perpetuated which is also a double bind bait and switch tactic. This reflects the lesbianism bisexual front for same sex males. In a criminal or civil court I would depose witnesses in the first instance that support my orthodox interpretation of the Vedas, read as heterosexual or opposite sex procreation. This is very important in that a kangaroo court atmosphere pervades daily life replicating a dumbing down profiling of natural persons and groups. Krishnanusilanam or Krishna Culture states that Krishna's Name, Fame, Strength, Beauty, Knowledge, and Renunciation are non different from himself. Krishna is the Supreme Male Personality of Godhead. His Hadlini Shakti or pleasure principle is Srimati Radharini. Their Lila or Transcendental Love Affair is not heterosexual or homosexual since both are spiritual beings composed of sat cit ananda or eternity, bliss, and knowledge.

Homosexuality or heterosexuality does not exist in The Vaikunthas or heavenly planets. Manjari bhava or the devotional mood of the handmaidens of Radharini is spiritually pure and would refute homosexuality and could never be revealed to anyone in a karmic or sinful state. Anarthas are sinful activities or thoughts.

Sahijaya means imitation. Sani Sahijaya mean equating mundane sexlife to spiritual life. Once again manjaris are the target of this interpolation. Manjaris do not engage in sex. Equating sex life as fellatio, cunnilingus, or anal coitus is mundane. This is obviously not spiritual sex life known as Garbhandana samskara. As stated previously I have been 100 percent heterosexual or free from any male to male sexual activity over my entire life.

Various figures from my life in a longitudinal sequence are proffered in a strawman to state that I have merged into the LGBTi Paradigm. This paper and my entire output especially in court records, complaints, letters to officials, and websites entirely contradicts the totalitarian isolation of LGBTi militants operating out of LAPD.

In clarity my work is being developed from the heterosexual paradigm. I let my work rise to it's own level and make no attempt to histrionically rig a final result with targeted individuals representing my viewpoint. The reverse is true for the LGBTi militia. I am not transformed by the LGBTi culture and have a healthy spiritual and psychical equilibrium as a heterosexual. There is quantum of force in play to create a same sex figure to teach historically as the victim who approves and supports the Gay Militia and what is a Crime Against Humanity. One main reinforcer is the proffering of same sex or sexual contacts.

The inferiority complex is the core component of a constellation or syndrome of clinical diagnosis that have been fused or combined into a model for creating Gay LGBTi militants and consequent activity in the social environment. The complex is eclectic. A simple orthodox to neo orthodox Freudian orientation gives the best results in primary analysis. Events are heavily layered in structures over the course of the militants and victim's lifespan.

There is also a direct connection with stalking, obsession, an aggressive attack on reality, displacement of emotions to a target which is myself and to prevent anyone to aid me.

Direct sworn officials will also be incorporated as incompetent and corrupt de facto officials as these abnormal psychoses become escalated longitudinally over time and space.

A very deep and profound process and structure is the use of polymorphous perversity. This is the use of sexual language to attack another from a perceived threat. Vulgarisms and violent connotations are used against myself and other parties. It is then stated that I am enamored of these behaviors and these speech patterns are part of my repertoire which is untrue. It is also inferred that I would not be morally and intellectually sophisticated to discern what polymorphous perversity is.

There is a disturbing demonstration of the informant personality and the emerging discipline of Singularity. This is the hypothetical date when computational machines will equal that of humans. At that point humanity will then begin to fail to match the skills of these machines. It is then possible for these computers and systems to design the future.

Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil has predicted 2045 as the hypothetical date of the Singularity.

I have basic computer literacy. I use WYSIWYG editors mainly and add correct HTML or add JavaScript snippets if needed. Recently I have decided to increase my knowledge of how computers think. I began to state data about HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. Python is now emerging as the code of choice.

If LAPD is not able to match my presentation they will begin to attack and change the argument to sexual activity of young college age women. These officers are mostly over fifty and obese. If one had to keep the argument on computer science this would be the correct logical format for coding a page on Singularity.

Attempting to create deify LGBTi behaviors is a very poor culture especially for Singularity which will effect all 250 courses that most large universities maintain.

I will argue that this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth code named MOEC is an open experiment to create a culture to marginalize the optimum effectiveness of all disciplines by Prisoner's Dilemma and informants.

Examples are if Jane Doe is mentioned, she is a good lay... If I am attempting to meet Jane Doe, it is stated, Are you trying to beat her? The equivocation reflects acting violently against her and also being in competition with her.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has left me bombarded by the relooping of these polymorphous speech patterns by the Gay Militia. In degree officers from LAPD surround me with an entrapment that was staged from about 1979 to 1987. It was designed under Gay Triumphalism. It has failed because I have not transformed into a member of the LGBTi Paradigm.

In designing environs within an environment, per say an apartment to have sexual relations the exact behaviors and settings with this dwelling are developed. Persons are recruited and sex is a reinforcer. This is part of a eugenic designed career path. Both male and females participate in this orchestration. All objects or gifts are paired with a graded amount of Chemical Assault. This is light (clear) for Gays to hard (red) for heterosexuals as my self.

Overall the design is no more than mundane sex life. It is designed to penetrate faith based systems. Rajneeshism, now the teachings of Osho reflects in part this style of activity. I regard Osho as an atheistic philosophy stressing If it makes you better, it is good and if makes your worse it is bad. This is essentially atheism in disguise as religion.

By reduction of process and structure what you remains is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth embedded in the LGBTi paradigm. No one to date from this group has emerged to oppose this attack.

What is increasingly not stressed is that by accepting sexual based encounters and jobs, this opens one to sexually transmitted diseases as HIV AIDS and Hepatitis C. This activity appears to be a marriage breaking program as much as a marriage and recruitment mechanism for LGBTi concerns.

A point of departure will be Freud's Outline of Psychoanalysis where an Oedipal Complex is acted out between sibling rivals. In this context this rivalry exists under an (ideal) unseen father and mother figure and (real) natural father and mother figure exists. A conflict between a system of LGBTi militants operating out of LAPD have attacked and alienated myself as a natural member of the human race and a citizen of the United States. Herein I represent the heterosexual or opposite sex platform. The LGBTi side also has a narcissistic personality component, and a psychopathic component that will help define their activities.

The resolution of this conflict should occur between 8 and 13 years of age.

The issue emerges whether one should ask is (homosexuality) same sex identity and behavior directly related to crime, socialized, a combination, or none at all? The same can be asked if (heterosexuality) opposite sex behavior and identity are related to crime, socialized, a combination, or none at all?

The setting of these attacks which are in sum a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth which is extremely important. My personality and arc of lifespan has emerged over a non normative event of which I am the only member of the set to exist historically. I am pursing a criminal prosecution analogous to the Nuremberg Model in the United States under this country's federal laws. It is my allegation that marriage breaking and child molesting are also being generated by this pattern of defection. This is apparent in the Catholic Church, Jehovah's Witness, and ISKCON (Krishnas).

The diffusion over space and time predicates a socialization process of Prisoner's Dilemma built open nodes allegedly radiating from University of Cambridge, England. They are being identified as the Origin. They also have therefore authored Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is the precursor to Gay Fascism if intellectual apologists emerge in support of the abuse.


The Deification of the LGBTi Platform here in this entrapment is no more than secular same sex preferences and activities. It appears to be designed in a differentiated manner to destabilize a nationstate by exploiting a pleasure drive to create crime. In opposition in creates liberalism to enjoy more unfettered sexuality at the expense of religion and faith based systems. The negative latency of having LGBTi actors implicated in creating crime and other acts do not appear to be a deterrent.

Prisoner's Dilemma with payoffs increases the informants dependency and transference to the Origin whom from behaviorist perspectives can be identified as conditioners.

Impersonal faith based and material systems are easier to penetrate than faith based systems with a personal deity in a human form. Buddhism and Advaitya Vedanta are more easily incorporated. The individual merges into a Oneness as a final end state. Incarnations or avatars descend from Brahman or a Buddha field. Liberal socialism is also a fodder ground.

Hence Judeo Christianity and Gaudiya Vaishnavism represent some difficulty because the deity in human form has no authorized description of same sex or sexuality at all. Agents must be trained to reinterpret positions and radiate these to new members.

Dependent systems, especially in economics and property development are desired to be defected to Cambridge Law School.

As the setting becomes escalated original miscalculations become multiplied. This has a direct impact on analytical components of various fields of discipline and sworn competent officials who are also natural persons. The empirical fact of whether I, David Nollmeyer, am a Pure Heterosexual Male is extraordinarily important. I have clearly argued that I have had zero same sex male partners and zero same sex acts over 100 percent of my life. In this connection it is only Los Angeles Police Department LAPD who are generating the LGBTi profiling and imposing such over me. This is unwanted. My sexual orientation is heterosexual or opposites sex. My sexual preference is a heterosexual or opposite sex female. I have also stated and confirmed that a bisexual female is a possibility and the most likely concrete opportunity if I can survive the current Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This is due to the fact that I have been a very highly controlled individual pertaining to the persons that I have been exposed to throughout my entire life. This is do to totalitarianism. This appears to be even more escalated in the present.

In the field of logic the current event is easily the largest Red Herring Strawman ever constructed over one individual. The totalitarian nature of my alienation of citizenship and isolation gives live experimental space for a team of LGBTi militants to attempt to construct a LGBTi male in their and University Cambridge's image. This is also a defection or distraction from a direct prosecution of the Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization that contains the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The use of Romance during a non normative conflict has antecedent and is also the intent of the Authorship although it is delegated downward to provocateur agents and to the victims in an attempt to disguise the Origin and Authorship.

The use of double bind arguments is also at the world class level. The use of lesbianism to front Male Same Sex Male MSM individuals in the LGBTi Paradigm is unique. If an individual is offered a choice of a lesbian date and refuses he is a gay male. If this is not successful he is a bisexual. If this fails he is transgendered. This will continue in a circular folly. There is never a consideration of heterosexuality or opposite sex choices. These lesbian bisexual individuals who are constraining a victim run the risk of being accomplices or already are complicit.

These tiny loops are similar to scripts in a computer virus. Hence what is known as a Joe Virus. A system of bot computers is used to attack a server in this attack.

The clinical diagnostics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Psychopathy are the broadest diagnosis. The Inferiority Complex in Male Same Sex Males MSM is what drives the displacement onto substitute targets as my person. Since the attacks started in April of 1986 and with fullblown isolation beginning June 17, 1987 I have survived over 24 years of attacks by LGBTi orientated police under five presidents.

A kangaroo mock trial is ongoing concerning various acts of discovery. Only heterosexual witnesses should be deposed when gender issues arise. Ritvik Hare Krishnas should be used even though Diksa and Ritvik siddhanta are nearly identical. I have stated that a bisexual female partner is a possibility. Overall I do not support same sex activity under my Vedic beliefs. The use of a so called authority, in particular Hridayananda Das Goswami, an ISKCON diksa guru would be spurious. He has openly supported Gay Monogamy which was refuted by the GBC. In particularity Bhakti Vikas Maharaj who has a similar standing as a diksa guru argued against him. I pertain to the ritvik alignment which both are openly against.

A closing argument that reflects the use of homosexual and heterosexual activity strictly on the behavioral platform is the discussion of Asta Kaliya Pastimes of Sri Krishna and Radharini.

There are two manners of achieving prema. That is through the indirect and direct method. The indirect method is the discussion of Krishna slaying the demons and the latter is the Rasa Lila in the Tenth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. The Governing Board Committee or GBC of ISKCON has reaffirmed that homosexuality is the abuse of the body. Narayana Maharaj, now on the verge of death has stated that there is no confirmation of male living with male, or female living with female in the Hari Bhakta Vilas or any Shastra and therefore he will not bless or sanction same sex marriage or union.

The attempt of deification of subjective LGBTi behaviors reflects the Origin and Authorship of Cambridge Law School. It reflects a trajectory of Gay Triumphalism which has failed due to an inferiority complex that appears universally in MSM LGBTi culture. Also in particularity I have not been transformed to LGBTi identity and or behavior. My alienation by the miscalculation and escalation of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has deeply ruptured the mythology of LGBTi studies.

At the time of this writing Proposition 8 has been overturned and is on appeal. The Don’t Ask Don't Tell policy of the United States military has also been overturned. Both are awaiting appellate court discretion in December of 2010.

An interesting observation is that the deification of the LGBTi appears derivative of Karl Marx and his materialist explanation of religion and private property:

Man invents God and in return God gives man religion, private property, wage labor, and love sex marriage.

There are also six stages of dialectic that correspond to this anthropomorphism of Man into God: 1. Primitive Communism 2. Slavery 3. Feudalism 4. Capitalism 5. Socialism 6. Communism.

I am not aware of the exact pattern or Archetype employed to completely discern the exact process and dialectic. The present syncretist pattern that is emergent with the Right To Marry is concurrent as is the overturning of Don't Ask Don't Tell in the United States Military.

What is unique is there is a strong analogy to antinomianism or lawlessness in the name of religion present in this a socialization of history. Historically there were Christians who believed that upon their baptism and conversion they were above the law or nomos.

A form of relative morality is employed to kill of conscience or one's of what is right or wrong. This is reinforced by various rewards and punishments. The multiplier in a field of informants creates a basis for a purge of the individuals and territory in this field.

What is unique is that the emergence of Irrationalism Fascists States in the 20th Century have lead to the creation of Socialist States or governments replacing such. Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan are indicative of major structural shifts in the composition of Post Irrationalism governance.

What was desired was a paper entitled Neo Superstructure. Religion is a Superstructure in a materialist thought built over base of the mode of production and labor relations. We would see a Neo Superstructure emerge that would contain a religion that approved of LGBTi sexual practices and rights in primary law. The most current system resembling this would be Rajneeshism and the practice of the Lutherans on a wide scale.

I have chosen to respond from a more orthodox Gaudiya Vaishnava platform here defending the sanctity of Radha Krishna from spurious attacks while seeking justice from the criminal court.

The lowest implementers of this operation are provocateurs and scapegoats themselves for the Origin and Authorship.

This Origin has provided a baseline of data which can be used to lead a competent discovery of this conspiracy which already has a very extensive empirical history in the southwest United States as California and Arizona.

At this point in time the end of 2010 that the strategic mission for tacit Anglo American is Gay Marriage. This also the announcing of this paradigms interest as outside of legal interests as the Universal System of the United Nations or any domestic system of legal norms as the Bill of Rights of the United States.


President Barack Obama In re: Nollmeyer

The Constitution of the United States creates a citizen and then a president as the first citizen. This is so the guarantee of primary rights is maintained. As seen homeland security officers are citizens first then code officers. When secondary law officials place their interest prior to the rights of citizens then TOTALITARIANISM occurs.

As the Commander in Chief I believe it is reasonable to argue that your duty to uphold my rights is on SOUND LEGAL STANDING.

Hence, I would state that you are in violation of the sovereign citizen relationship between the president and the people. This invertebration is a key facet to implementing a Pole Singularity.

Since June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware, the home state of Vice President Biden a manifest Pole Singularity began. This attack is a basis to make Technological Singularity suboptimal.

As seen a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is in continuo within your cognition.

The Attack is a linear event against the human race. It is protected by a romantic based red herring or distraction that is subjective (crystal intelligence) that is polymorphous perversity which are sexually orientated ad hominem attacks based on MSM sexual preferences.

This event was orchestrated by lawyers allegedly from Cambridge Law School. It is being implemented from Los Angeles Police Department, California.

This agency contains a Gay Militia. Notice the syntax that they choose to use. These officers may be described as Male Same Sex Male or MSM. They represent the Lesbian Gay Transgender Intersex Platform or LGBTi.

I am a lifelong heterosexual or opposite sex. This Authorship has imposed a sexual behavior or gender identity qualification for legal recognition.

I AM NOT EXTORTABLE OR BLACKMAILABLE. Since I have been 100 percent heterosexual all my life, I was born one day before you on August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico, the alienation of my rights degrades the natural life and citizenship of persons in my vicinity.

I am the most stalked individual in the history of the world. A censorship and sanitization of 6.9 billion persons is a legacy of what the Authorship describes as the Irrationalist Presidents of which you are the fifth. The defection of persons to the criminal and de facto agenda debilitates the population into perpetrators and informants in a purge.

There are an estimated 1 million persons living with HIV AIDS according to the CDC. Fifty percent (50%) are estimated to be MSM or Gay males. An insight to how the invertebration of rights and systems creates a Pole Singularity unfolds.

I am writing from the Salton Sea in California. This inland body of brine is totally contaminated by humans to alienate me from my rights. It appears that this body of water was not created by accident in the 1930s. It was deliberately created as contingency to demonstrate the level of defection as informants, treason that was in place to stage an attack on the United States on the 200th Birthday of the United States Constitution.

The air outside in the external environment is contaminated by vehicles burning acidic and caustic chemicals in their car engines. Chemicals are placed in the ventilation in building when I am near these locations.

Under the concept of total aggregate production and substitution on a production line, all the products in my vicinity have some degree of external or internal contamination. Hence canned products are contaminated from their manufacturing plants. Many of these items are imports. The air in buildings is contaminated through the ventilation.

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical date, 2045 when computers equal then afterwards pass the ability of humans. Superintelligence is the desired goal of this innovation.

As seen a Stockholm Syndrome and Cognitive Dissonance framework exists in a survival setting. The defection model uses quid pro quo reinforcement to develop loyalty to the most abusive code officers. These deals culminate from school grades, love affairs, careers, to marriages. It appears that the most powerful families and corporations will be deeply exposed.

I have emerged as one of a kind survival athlete. As you and I emerged through our preparatory school careers we took the same standardized tests.

Predictions have been made by what appears to be very high level psychologists that I would have broken. This is not true.

I am a ritvik Hare Krishna. I perceive the homosexuality that drives these MSM as direct insult to my Vedic beliefs especially what are known as the Asta Kaliya Pastimes. These are the meeting and separations of Radha Krishna which are the cornerstone of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and Bhakti Yoga.

These are very classical in derivation from a mechanistic worldview and have a very large place in ethnography. This is important in modeling individual and collective personality in Technological Singularity.

The creation of the Pole Singularity uses live human experimentation. I am vastly exceeding the boundaries of mental and physical fitness that were predicted.

I am clearly writing as heterosexual male. The LGBTi officers are clearly the only group of persons to fail at policing. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Muslim. have been normative or exceeding skill levels in the administration of justice.

It is abusive for MSM officers who are ashamed of who they are to use my life and fabricate me as LGBTi individual which I have never been.

The population is perhaps 90 % antisocial, a human tragedy and disgrace. The mapping of the human genome has lowered the cost to about a $1000. It is expected to drop to $500 in one year.

Victimization has created the strongest response. The escalated criminality of those stalking and those sworn officials have to be considered as having determined criminality. Hence abnormality was inherited.

Again the MSM officers are representing the LGBTi community and I represent the heterosexuals in LIVE HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION in Singularity.

Cultural Singularity has occurred. The Technological Singularity has yet to occur if it can at all.

I would argue you President Barack Obama as guilty in a crime against humanity prosecutable under United States Federal Law.

I am entitled to due process by the 14th Amendment. Under Federal Law you must recognize my rights.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA

April 3, 2011


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