Nobel Prize for Al Gore: Collusion in Historical Sanitization

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Al Gore Discussing Global Warming

The awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize to Albert Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), headed by Indian scientist Dr RK Pachauri is collusion in the sanitization of history.

I was physically in Washington DC for President Bill Clinton's Vietnam Veterans speech. The president and vice president are both conscious of the scorched earth and the and did nothing to remedy such then or during their legal terms.

To perpetuate his fictitious life as an environmentalist one can note the following from his official website. The text in question is the new offering by Al Gore: The Assault on Reason

A visionary analysis of how the politics of fear, secrecy, cronyism, and blind faith has combined with the degradation of the public sphere to create an environment dangerously hostile to reason.

Mr. Gore in acknowledging his Nobel Peace Prize award stated: Global warming and clean air policies

The Clinton Gore administration has basically gone around Congress because they haven't been able to get their legislative agenda through and moved independently to take actions whether it be the federal government locking off hundreds of millions of acres of land or other kinds of actions, implementation of the Kyoto protocol and global warming even though the Senate must ratify that. That hasn't been done.

Al Gore Nobel Lecture

Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Honorable members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen.

I have a purpose here today. It is a purpose I have tried to serve for many years. I have prayed that God would show me a way to accomplish it.

Sometimes, without warning, the future knocks on our door with a precious and painful vision of what might be. One hundred and nineteen years ago, a wealthy inventor read his own obituary, mistakenly published years before his death. Wrongly believing the inventor had just died, a newspaper printed a harsh judgment of his life's work, unfairly labeling him The Merchant of Death because of his invention, dynamite. Shaken by this condemnation, the inventor made a fateful choice to serve the cause of peace.

Seven years later, Alfred Nobel created this prize and the others that bear his name.

Seven years ago tomorrow, I read my own political obituary in a judgment that seemed to me harsh and mistaken if not premature. But that unwelcome verdict also brought a precious if painful gift: an opportunity to search for fresh new ways to serve my purpose.

I would like to embellish Mr. Gore's theme. Vice President Albert Gore is a War Criminal on the Run... It is alleged that he is sanitizing the escape of Cambridge Law School who have devised an operation named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. In the past year Geir Lundestad has exited the Nobel Organization under duress. I have clearly opposed him on the World Wide Web for his promotion of Barack Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Unexpectedly, that quest has brought me here. Even though I fear my words cannot match this moment, I pray what I am feeling in my heart will be communicated clearly enough that those who hear me will say, "We must act."

The distinguished scientists with whom it is the greatest honor of my life to share this award have laid before us a choice between two different futures, a choice that to my ears echoes the words of an ancient prophet: "Life or death, blessings or curses. Therefore, choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live."

We, the human species, are confronting a planetary emergency, a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here. But there is hopeful news as well: we have the ability to solve this crisis and avoid the worst, though not all of it's consequences, if we act boldly, decisively and quickly.

However, despite a growing number of honorable exceptions, too many of the world's leaders are still best described in the words Winston Churchill applied to those who ignored Adolf Hitler's threat:"They go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all powerful to be impotent."

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target and Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment. The world's scientists do have to choose. Experimentation on unwilling humans is a War Crime.

So today, we dumped another 70 million tons of global warming pollution into the thin shell of atmosphere surrounding our planet, as if it were an open sewer. And tomorrow, we will dump a slightly larger amount, with the cumulative concentrations now trapping more and more heat from the sun.

As a result, the earth has a fever. And the fever is rising. The experts have told us it is not a passing affliction that will heal by itself. We asked for a second opinion. And a third. And a fourth. And the consistent conclusion, restated with increasing alarm, is that something basic is wrong.

We are what is wrong, and we must make it right.

Last September 21, as the Northern Hemisphere tilted away from the sun, scientists reported with unprecedented distress that the North Polar ice cap is "falling off a cliff." One study estimated that it could be completely gone during summer in less than 22 years. Another new study, to be presented by U.S. Navy researchers later this week, warns it could happen in as little as 7 years.

Seven years from now.

It has been 8.5 years since I first published this site. The science behind Global Warming is sound. However Al Gore and his Chemical Assault cohorts are Irrationalists. These actors will say one thing and with the hand do the other as Gore does with this Nobel Lecture.

In the last few months, it has been harder and harder to misinterpret the signs that our world is spinning out of kilter. Major cities in North and South America, Asia and Australia are nearly out of water due to massive droughts and melting glaciers. Desperate farmers are losing their livelihoods. Peoples in the frozen Arctic and on low lying Pacific islands are planning evacuations of places they have long called home. Unprecedented wildfires have forced a half million people from their homes in one country and caused a national emergency that almost brought down the government in another. Climate refugees have migrated into areas already inhabited by people with different cultures, religions, and traditions, increasing the potential for conflict. Stronger storms in the Pacific and Atlantic have threatened whole cities. Millions have been displaced by massive flooding in South Asia, Mexico, and 18 countries in Africa. As temperature extremes have increased, tens of thousands have lost their lives. We are recklessly burning and clearing our forests and driving more and more species into extinction. The very web of life on which we depend is being ripped and frayed.

Two major earthquakes have struck Japan and Ecuador. The United States is attempting to defeat the Islamic State in the Syrian Civil War which has cost 250,000. War refugees are being refused entry into a very heavily travailed Europe. Information on the quakes is poor. The fire season in the Western United States is off to bad start in an epic drought.

We never intended to cause all this destruction, just as Alfred Nobel never intended that dynamite be used for waging war. He had hoped his invention would promote human progress. We shared that same worthy goal when we began burning massive quantities of coal, then oil and methane.

Even in Nobel's time, there were a few warnings of the likely consequences. One of the very first winners of the Prize in chemistry worried that, "We are evaporating our coal mines into the air." After performing 10,000 equations by hand, Svante Arrhenius calculated that the earth's average temperature would increase by many degrees if we doubled the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Seventy years later, my teacher, Roger Revelle, and his colleague, Dave Keeling, began to precisely document the increasing CO2 levels day by day.

But unlike most other forms of pollution, CO2 is invisible, tasteless, and odorless which has helped keep the truth about what it is doing to our climate out of sight and out of mind. Moreover, the catastrophe now threatening us is unprecedented and we often confuse the unprecedented with the improbable.

We also find it hard to imagine making the massive changes that are now necessary to solve the crisis. And when large truths are genuinely inconvenient, whole societies can, at least for a time, ignore them. Yet as George Orwell reminds us: "Sooner or later a false belief bumps up against solid reality, usually on a battlefield."

Al Gore can approach Heinrich Himmler in gassing human beings. Himmler devised the Death Camps by hooking hoses to the exhausts of Mercedes Benz vehicles to rooms where the Jews and Roma were placed. Conversely I have claimed that my work on MOEC Studies is superior to Orwell. My briefing on MOEC postulates that Cambridge helped both Orwell and Churchill in their careers.

In the years since this prize was first awarded, the entire relationship between humankind and the earth has been radically transformed. And still, we have remained largely oblivious to the impact of our cumulative actions.

Indeed, without realizing it, we have begun to wage war on the earth itself. Now, we and the earth's climate are locked in a relationship familiar to war planners: "Mutually assured destruction."

More than two decades ago, scientists calculated that nuclear war could throw so much debris and smoke into the air that it would block life giving sunlight from our atmosphere, causing a nuclear winter. Their eloquent warnings here in Oslo helped galvanize the world's resolve to halt the nuclear arms race.

The inconvenient truth is reality. Hence the remnants of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth are radiated through a hub and node network of informants through every police stationhouse worldwide. Gassing occurs through regular day use vehicles orchestrated from Los Angeles Police Department.

Now science is warning us that if we do not quickly reduce the global warming pollution that is trapping so much of the heat our planet normally radiates back out of the atmosphere, we are in danger of creating a permanent carbon summer.

As the American poet Robert Frost wrote, "Some say the world will end in fire; some say in ice." Either, he notes, "would suffice."

But neither need be our fate. It is time to make peace with the planet.

We must quickly mobilize our civilization with the urgency and resolve that has previously been seen only when nations mobilized for war. These prior struggles for survival were won when leaders found words at the 11th hour that released a mighty surge of courage, hope and readiness to sacrifice for a protracted and mortal challenge.

It appears Gore or his staff has seen my web presentations on MOEC Studies. Geir Lundestad also deal with empire. MOEC is the mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire,hence Cambridge Law School.

These were not comforting and misleading assurances that the threat was not real or imminent; that it would affect others but not ourselves; that ordinary life might be lived even in the presence of extraordinary threat; that Providence could be trusted to do for us what we would not do for ourselves.

No, these were calls to come to the defense of the common future. They were calls upon the courage, generosity and strength of entire peoples, citizens of every class and condition who were ready to stand against the threat once asked to do so. Our enemies in those times calculated that free people would not rise to the challenge; they were, of course, catastrophically wrong.

Now comes the threat of climate crisis, a threat that is real, rising, imminent, and universal. Once again, it is the 11th hour. The penalties for ignoring this challenge are immense and growing, and at some near point would be unsustainable and unrecoverable. For now we still have the power to choose our fate, and the remaining question is only this: Have we the will to act vigorously and in time, or will we remain imprisoned by a dangerous illusion?

Mahatma Gandhi awakened the largest democracy on earth and forged a shared resolve with what he called Satyagraha" or "truth force."

In every land, the truth, once known, has the power to set us free.

Al Gore is not a leader of truth or freedom. The trajectory at hand posits him as part of a Perfect Dictatorship that kills off it's own people in a Master Passion. The world is less free as more nationstates democratically elect informants as their Sovereigns.

Truth also has the power to unite us and bridge the distance between me and we, creating the basis for common effort and shared responsibility.

There is an African proverb that says, "If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." We need to go far, quickly.

We must abandon the conceit that individual, isolated, private actions are the answer. They can and do help. But they will not take us far enough without collective action. At the same time, we must ensure that in mobilizing globally, we do not invite the establishment of ideological conformity and a new lock stepism.

Al Gore is not only a symbol of totalitarianism, he practices this with support of the masses. The Republican industrialists oppose any tax on their capital infrastructure. The creation of junk science to oppose any rational measure to heal the planet is countered by their clamoring to be the next tyrant. These actors too, have their supporters. I would state that the defection rate is easily 95 percent.

That means adopting principles, values, laws, and treaties that release creativity and initiative at every level of society in multifold responses originating concurrently and spontaneously.

This new consciousness requires expanding the possibilities inherent in all humanity. The innovators who will devise a new way to harness the sun's energy for pennies or invent an engine that's carbon negative may live in Lagos or Mumbai or Montevideo. We must ensure that entrepreneurs and inventors everywhere on the globe have the chance to change the world.

When we unite for a moral purpose that is manifestly good and true, the spiritual energy unleashed can transform us. The generation that defeated fascism throughout the world in the 1940s found, in rising to meet their awesome challenge, that they had gained the moral authority and longterm vision to launch the Marshall Plan, the United Nations, and a new level of global cooperation and foresight that unified Europe and facilitated the emergence of democracy and prosperity in Germany, Japan, Italy and much of the world. One of their visionary leaders said, "It is time we steered by the stars and not by the lights of every passing ship."

I support the proposition that Global Warming is real. This claim is also supported by science and scientists at the highest level.

In the last year of that war, you gave the Peace Prize to a man from my hometown of 2000 people, Carthage, Tennessee. Cordell Hull was described by Franklin Roosevelt as the "Father of the United Nations." He was an inspiration and hero to my own father, who followed Hull in the Congress and the U.S. Senate and in his commitment to world peace and global cooperation.

My parents spoke often of Hull, always in tones of reverence and admiration. Eight weeks ago, when you announced this prize, the deepest emotion I felt was when I saw the headline in my hometown paper that simply noted I had won the same prize that Cordell Hull had won. In that moment, I knew what my father and mother would have felt were they alive.

Just as Hull's generation found moral authority in rising to solve the world crisis caused by fascism, so too can we find our greatest opportunity in rising to solve the climate crisis. In the Kanji characters used in both Chinese and Japanese, crisis is written with two symbols, the first meaning danger, the second opportunity. By facing and removing the danger of the climate crisis, we have the opportunity to gain the moral authority and vision to vastly increase our own capacity to solve other crises that have been too long ignored.

We must understand the connections between the climate crisis and the afflictions of poverty, hunger, HIV AIDSs and other pandemics. As these problems are linked, so too must be their solutions. We must begin by making the common rescue of the global environment the central organizing principle of the world community.

Crisis and Opportunity are two antagonists motions that are paired. Hence to our demise, Crisis is prevailing.

Fifteen years ago, I made that case at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Ten years ago, I presented it in Kyoto. This week, I will urge the delegates in Bali to adopt a bold mandate for a treaty that establishes a universal global cap on emissions and uses the market in emissions trading to efficiently allocate resources to the most effective opportunities for speedy reductions.

This treaty should be ratified and brought into effect everywhere in the world by the beginning of 2010, two years sooner than presently contemplated. The pace of our response must be accelerated to match the accelerating pace of the crisis itself.

Heads of state should meet early next year to review what was accomplished in Bali and take personal responsibility for addressing this crisis. It is not unreasonable to ask, given the gravity of our circumstances, that these heads of state meet every three months until the treaty is completed.

We also need a moratorium on the construction of any new generating facility that burns coal without the capacity to safely trap and store carbon dioxide.

And most important of all, we need to put a price on carbon with a CO2 tax that is then rebated back to the people, progressively, according to the laws of each nation, in ways that shift the burden of taxation from employment to pollution. This is by far the most effective and simplest way to accelerate solutions to this crisis.

The world needs an alliance, especially of those nations that weigh heaviest in the scales where earth is in the balance. I salute Europe and Japan for the steps they've taken in recent years to meet the challenge, and the new government in Australia, which has made solving the climate crisis it's first priority.

But the outcome will be decisively influenced by two nations that are now failing to do enough: the United States and China. While India is also growing fast in importance, it should be absolutely clear that it is the two largest CO2 emitters, most of all, my own country, that will need to make the boldest moves, or stand accountable before history for their failure to act.

Both countries should stop using the other's behavior as an excuse for stalemate and instead develop an agenda for mutual survival in a shared global environment.

These are the last few years of decision, but they can be the first years of a bright and hopeful future if we do what we must. No one should believe a solution will be found without effort, without cost, without change. Let us acknowledge that if we wish to redeem squandered time and speak again with moral authority, then these are the hard truths:

The way ahead is difficult. The outer boundary of what we currently believe is feasible is still far short of what we actually must do. Moreover, between here and there, across the unknown, falls the shadow.

That is just another way of saying that we have to expand the boundaries of what is possible. In the words of the Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, "Pathwalker, there is no path. You must make the path as you walk."

I agree with Gore's assessment on multilateral stalemate and stonewalling. The zeitgeist is emergent. The Brave New World is uncharted but Scripted territory. The hypothetical seating of a Nuremberg War Crime Trial will likely reveal environmental destruction as a War by other Means as starvation is.

We are standing at the most fateful fork in that path. So I want to end as I began, with a vision of two futures, each a palpable possibility, and with a prayer that we will see with vivid clarity the necessity of choosing between those two futures, and the urgency of making the right choice now.

The great Norwegian playwright, Henrik Ibsen, wrote, "One of these days, the younger generation will come knocking at my door."

The future is knocking at our door right now. Make no mistake, the next generation will ask us one of two questions. Either they will ask: "What were you thinking; why didn't you act?"

Or they will ask instead: "How did you find the moral courage to rise and successfully resolve a crisis that so many said was impossible to solve?"

We have everything we need to get started, save perhaps political will, but political will is a renewable resource.

So let us renew it, and say together: "We have a purpose. We are many. For this purpose we will rise, and we will act."

Wake Up and Die...

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Gore Lecture (2007). Nobel Prize Organization. Nobel Prize Organization. Retrieved from:

Censorship and Sanitization of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the USA

On June 17, 1987 Los Angeles Police Department California, LAPD launched a preemptive attack against then President Ronald Reagan. I was in Dover, Delaware. This attack alienated my natural person from my United States Citizenship and Bill of Right protections.

The allegation is the Cambridge Law School is the authorship or Proximate Cause sine qua non.

The resultant action has created a Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States and United Kingdom.

The algorithm of the operation is:

1. United Kingdom: Cambridge Law School - Scotland Yard

2. United States: California: Los Angeles Police Department, Delaware: Delaware State Police, Maryland: Baltimore Police Department

The principals, accessories, and accomplices extend to further local jurisdictions, organizations, and individuals in a Storyboard Reverse Sting.

The actual name of this structure and process is Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Origin, is the General User Interface GUI. It was presented as the Organic Cell. I regard Origin as the Artificial Virus. MOEC is Cambridge Law School's most efficient attempt to organize or systematize Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. It is a novelty of Prisoner's Dilemma. At this time period in history it is the most powerful defection model operating in the post WWII era in continuo. It is claimed that Cambridge Law School authors the mechanism that expands and contracts the United Kingdom or British Empire. As seen MOEC has entrapped and severely damaged the posterity of the sworn officials whom it denotes as the Irrationalist Presidents:

Irrationalist Presidents

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Donald Trump

Joe Biden

It has also severely damaged the future of Prince Charles or the Duke of Cambridge, his son William from having a reign on the British Crown without serious issues. The defection model has created a censorship and sanitization of 8 billion persons worldwide.

On September 16, 2013 the United Nations issued a report stating that there was strong evidence that nerve agent Sarin was used in the suburbs near Damascus on August 21, 2013.

This action has occurred while the United States has operated a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program that is exclusively centered over my natural person.

I was in Westwood, California.

On October 1, 2013 UN Inspectors have arrived in Syria to dismantle Syria's Chemical Warfare Program.

The areas of California that are most affected by MOEC, Mobilization of Empire and Civilization are Plumas, Lassen, Siskiyou, and Modoc Counties. Inclusive are Inyo, Mono, Riverside and East County near the Salton Sea and Colorado River. These areas are rural and quite large. Organizationally these counties are interfaces with very large National Forests and deserts; as such they are prone to wildfires. They are without a doubt the most remote areas left in the state of California and were designed as was Inyo County to bear the brunt off any protracted stand down that would occur between myself and federal and state government.

A model used in the attack is an alter ego component and perspective that is based on transformations between Stalinist USSR and the United States. The Soviet Union is the standard paradigm used to study modern totalitarianism (1900+). This approach is very solid and will be difficult to refute. This perspective is based on the formation of the Oprichniki during Ivan the Terrible. In Russia, this secret police department swept through the countryside dressed in black on horseback with brooms and with heads of dogs mounted on their saddles. The Boyers and other members of the leading classes sought security underneath the Oprichniki rather than oppose them.

This structure is argued as the beginning of the Russian Mafia and the KGB.

The Allegation is that Cambridge Law School has created the Anglo American Oprichniki and authored a Crime Against Humanity and Treason against the United States and United Kingdom.

Hence in this perspective the principals attack upward is a stepladder movement the then downward as part of the reverse sting.

MOEC is essentially a Gay Militia with a repertoire of homosexual blackmail, extortion, hostaging, and intimidation of a witness ring. In the United States MOEC would form a RICO Enterprise. RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 of the United States Code.

There are then sworn and unsworn informants. At issue are the response from duty bound officials to the recruitment of informants as stalkers. Here the emphasis is on crime against persons. Under Due Process and Equal Protection crimes against persons should be prioritized first before property crimes.

The Social Contract Theory is the correct model in modern constitutional theory and is accepted in practice worldwide. Since my rights have been alienated by an attack by homosexual or MSM (Men who have sex with Men) actors, I have been forced to survive while an epistemological attack on my natural person has been condoned by the American Presidents identified supra. The MSM officers of LAPD are organized as a Gay Militia with various nom de guerras.

Overall Cambridge is using an eclectic dialectic derived from Greek Tyrannies and an ideological line derived from Plato to Marx. Hence archetypal patterns have been inverted and artificially embedded in the Paradigm of Laws:

The Paradigm of Laws

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

In LAPD MOEC has entrapped MSM officers in a cell that have operated with the code names of:

Gay Militia Code Names


The Fly


Under a Tournament challenge it was posited that under Gay Relativity and Phenomenology, LAPD would be able to morally justify an attack on my person. This would necessitate a Positive Self Defense. The use of an Attorney General Exception necessitates that such an order exists and a sitting president has signed such. Under positive law a justification would involve concepts as the Castle Doctrine meaning that actors would need to prove a threat upon themselves. Who has attacked them? I am not the belligerent they are provocateurs. In continuation, if they are under the color of law they have no legal right to operate an attack out of the LAPD stationhouse. Hence this develops the emergence of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is reductio ad absurdium. This is a clear circular folly.

The analogy to the Greek Decathlon where a performer needs not only to be physically, spiritually and intellectually fit has become has become a colossal hoax.

This attack against the human race was designed to entrap the United Kingdom, United States, California and LAPD. It also has a strategic mission of Gay or Same Sex Marriage.

MOEC is in part analogous to the popular film The Wizard of Oz. It is indeed the highest level Prisoner's Dilemma defection model operating in the world at this time. It is a Trojan Horse Undermining the United States through a Divorce Program which is designed in the opposite as a Yellow Brick Road Marriage Program.

Marriage is a near universal for all adults. The Divorce Rate is now near 45% nationwide.

Undermining and Legality of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

The United States is clearly being destroyed by pinning the corrupt and incompetent person to the superior person.

The creation of a Gay Militia in LAPD clearly extends here to the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and it too, is prima facie and undeniable.

This action has a baseline of attacking and descending from Third Generation Great Grandparents.

Collateral Consanguinity

3rd Gen. Grandparent
4th degree

2nd Gen. Grandparents
3rd degree

1st Gen. Grandparents
2nd degree

Father Mother Siblings
1st degree

The grandfather is considered the Patriarch of the family. My observations and research have found no response whatsoever locally or in the United States

A 75 year old grandfather may have a 50 year old son. The son may have a 25 year old son. The 25 year old son may have a one year old son. The grandfather has seen his great grandson.

The 25 year old son clearly has witnessed an epic in World and American History as an adult. He clearly has a strong possibility of legally incriminating Barack Obama. From 2013, in twenty five years Obama will be 77 years old.

The same issue stands for the female gender consideration.

What is the historical and legal inheritance of families in this area, America, and the World?


The provocation of LAPD is formed as a Tournament. As seen the entire culture is Undermined. At issue are a correct historical and legal response. There is a very serious rivalry between the Gay Militia and myself. Periander, The Fly, and Dodo are the operatives of Cambridge Law School. Their system of complicity will create the worst persons and United Kingdom and United States History. This hub and node conspiracy is the Yellow Brick Road.

Dodo has been attempting to posit Exclusive Homosexuality. The two persons a female named Chris from Delaware and male name Chris from California. I personally know both natural persons. At times in a fallacy of changing the argument and false sets they are argued as abstractions or groups.

This is a key insight. These persons are being attacked. Northern California, Salton Sea to Blythe, and Inyo County, California are being exposed to this action. The female from Delaware is being attacked denoting severe misogyny. One endgame sub line concerns which of the jurisdictions above may trigger her legal action against the United States and LAPD.

To date no LGBTi leaders, sworn officials, or actors of any discretion have stepped forward specifically from the Eastern High Sierras.

MOEC Studies is only an Approach but is by far and beyond the most direct and organized attempt to decapitate and prosecute MOEC.

This attack is paired to Gay Marriage. It is absurd to argue that just by being Same Sex that is one is qualified. I would not be so incompetent to believe the opposite that simply because LGBTi officers are operating a Gay Militia that heterosexuality qualifies one alone due to victimization.

The Scripting is very blatant. One should leave a clear and unambiguous record of one's intents and acts if they are desiring merit based promotion or to defend themselves from spurious and dubious attacks as is the case here.

This Tryad Cohort Rivalry between Dodo, Obama, and myself is a watershed event in World History. The censorship and sanitization of 8 billion persons defines MOEC as a Cultural Singularity opposing Technological Singularity.

Under these conditions of despotic repression I have organized MOEC Studies into an Approach. This is the strongest attempt at systematic decapitation of this criminal enterprise.

The hiring of ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano at the University of California closes texture on converting the State into the evolving Machinery of Torture. Cambridge, the University of California, and the Nobel Organization will form an aperture to attack those so called academics and world experts who are abetting a Crime Against Humanity and Treason against their home country.

Cultural Singularity Versus Technological Singularity

MOEC is a preemptive attack on Technological Singularity. This structure and process is designed to create a suboptimal equilibrium for AI technology as it emerges with accelerating speed through history. More can be read here:

Stanford Binet Fifth Edition SB5 classification

IQ Range Deviation IQ Classification

145 160 Very gifted or highly advanced

130 144 Gifted or very advanced

120 129 Superior

110 119 High average

90 109 Average

80 89 Low average

70 79 Borderline impaired or delayed

55 69 Mildly impaired or delayed

40 54 Moderately impaired or delayed

Social Systems

The Individual - Social System - Renaissance - Decadence





Culture and Society

Social Systems Theory - Teaching and Promotion

Irrationalist Movements

Nazi Neo Nazi


Gay Irrationalism Pre Gay Fascism

Major Movements

Italian Fascism

Japanese Fascism

Spanish Fascism

Islamic Fascism

Minor Movements

Black Nationalism


As an economic system, fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer. The word derives from fasces, the Roman symbol of collectivism and power: a tied bundle of rods with a protruding ax. In it's day (the 1920s and 1930s), fascism was seen as the happy medium between boom and bust prone liberal capitalism, with it's alleged class conflict, wasteful competition, and profit oriented egoism, and revolutionary Marxism, with it's violent and socially divisive persecution of the bourgeoisie. Fascism substituted the particularity of nationalism and racialism blood and soil for the internationalism of both classical liberalism and Marxism.

Where socialism sought totalitarian control of a society's economic processes through direct state operation of the means of production, fascism sought that control indirectly, through domination of nominally private owners. Where socialism nationalized property explicitly, fascism did so implicitly, by requiring owners to use their property in the national interest that is, as the autocratic authority conceived it. (Nevertheless, a few industries were operated by the state.) Where socialism abolished all market relations outright, fascism left the appearance of market relations while planning all economic activities. Where socialism abolished money and prices, fascism controlled the monetary system and set all prices and wages politically. In doing all this, fascism denatured the marketplace. Entrepreneurship was abolished. State ministries, rather than consumers, determined what was produced and under what conditions.

Fascism is to be distinguished from interventionism, or the mixed economy. Interventionism seeks to guide the market process, not eliminate it, as fascism did. Minimum wage and antitrust laws, though they regulate the free market, are a far cry from multiyear plans from the Ministry of Economics.

Under fascism, the state, through official cartels, controlled all aspects of manufacturing, commerce, finance, and agriculture. Planning boards set product lines, production levels, prices, wages, working conditions, and the size of firms. Licensing was ubiquitous; no economic activity could be undertaken without government permission. Levels of consumption were dictated by the state, and excess incomes had to be surrendered as taxes or loans. The consequent burdening of manufacturers gave advantages to foreign firms wishing to export. But since government policy aimed at autarky, or national self sufficiency, protectionism was necessary: imports were barred or strictly controlled, leaving foreign conquest as the only avenue for access to resources unavailable domestically. Fascism was thus incompatible with peace and the international division of labor hallmarks of liberalism.

Fascism embodied corporatism, in which political representation was based on trade and industry rather than on geography. In this, fascism revealed it's roots in syndicalism, a form of socialism originating on the left. The government cartelized firms of the same industry, with representatives of labor and management serving on myriad local, regional, and national boards subject always to the final authority of the dictator's economic plan. Corporatism was intended to avert unsettling divisions within the nation, such as lockouts and union strikes. The price of such forced harmony was the loss of the ability to bargain and move about freely.

To maintain high employment and minimize popular discontent, fascist governments also undertook massive public works projects financed by steep taxes, borrowing, and fiat money creation. While many of these projects were domestic roads, buildings, stadiums the largest project of all was militarism, with huge armies and arms production.

The fascist leaders' antagonism to communism has been misinterpreted as an affinity for capitalism. In fact, fascists' anticommunism was motivated by a belief that in the collectivist milieu of early twentieth century Europe, communism was it's closest rival for people's allegiance. As with communism, under fascism, every citizen was regarded as an employee and tenant of the totalitarian, party dominated state. Consequently, it was the state's prerogative to use force, or the threat of it, to suppress even peaceful opposition.

If a formal architect of fascism can be identified, it is Benito Mussolini, the onetime Marxist editor who, caught up in nationalist fervor, broke with the left as World War I approached and became Italy's leader in 1922. Mussolini distinguished fascism from liberal capitalism in his 1928 autobiography:

The citizen in the Fascist State is no longer a selfish individual who has the antisocial right of rebelling against any law of the Collectivity. The Fascist State with it's corporative conception puts men and their possibilities into productive work and interprets for them the duties they have to fulfill. (p. 280)

Before his foray into imperialism in 1935, Mussolini was often praised by prominent Americans and Britons, including Winston Churchill, for his economic program.

Similarly, Adolf Hitler, whose National Socialist (Nazi) Party adapted fascism to Germany beginning in 1933, said:

The state should retain supervision and each property owner should consider himself appointed by the state. It is his duty not to use his property against the interests of others among his own people. This is the crucial matter. The Third Reich will always retain it's right to control the owners of property. (Barkai 1990, pp. 26–27)

Both nations exhibited elaborate planning schemes for their economies in order to carry out the state's objectives. Mussolini’s corporate state "consider[ed] private initiative in production the most effective instrument to protect national interests" (Basch 1937, p. 97). But the meaning of initiative differed significantly from it's meaning in a market economy. Labor and management were organized into twenty two industry and trade corporations, each with Fascist Party members as senior participants. The corporations were consolidated into a National Council of Corporations; however, the real decisions were made by state agencies such as the Instituto per la Ricosstruzione Industriale, which held shares in industrial, agricultural, and real estate enterprises, and the Instituto Mobiliare, which controlled the nation's credit.

Hitler's regime eliminated small corporations and made membership in cartels mandatory. The Reich Economic Chamber was at the top of a complicated bureaucracy comprising nearly two hundred organizations organized along industry, commercial, and craft lines, as well as several national councils. The Labor Front, an extension of the Nazi Party, directed all labor matters, including wages and assignment of workers to particular jobs. Labor conscription was inaugurated in 1938. Two years earlier, Hitler had imposed a four year plan to shift the nation's economy to a war footing. In Europe during this era, Spain, Portugal, and Greece also instituted fascist economies.

In the United States, beginning in 1933, the constellation of government interventions known as the New Deal had features suggestive of the corporate state. The National Industrial Recovery Act created code authorities and codes of practice that governed all aspects of manufacturing and commerce. The National Labor Relations Act made the federal government the final arbiter in labor issues. The Agricultural Adjustment Act introduced central planning to farming. The object was to reduce competition and output in order to keep prices and incomes of particular groups from falling during the Great Depression.

It is a matter of controversy whether President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal was directly influenced by fascist economic policies. Mussolini praised the New Deal as "boldly... interventionist in the field of economics," and Roosevelt complimented Mussolini for his "honest purpose of restoring Italy" and acknowledged that he kept "in fairly close touch with that admirable Italian gentleman." Also, Hugh Johnson, head of the National Recovery Administration, was known to carry a copy of Raffaello Viglione's pro Mussolini book, The Corporate State, with him, presented a copy to Labor Secretary Frances Perkins, and, on retirement, paid tribute to the Italian dictator.

Sheldon Richman. Fascism. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. 2008. Library of Economics and Liberty. Retrieved March 4, 2009 from the World Wide Web:

The Informant and the Fall of the United States

It is prima facie that the United States is undergoing an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This is facilitated by recruiting Informants along a career defection path. This is inclusive of having a faith, family, and job. In this instance I have argued that MSM Cambridge Lawyers are the Authorship and Proximate Cause. The individual exists first in nature. The family has been argued as the basis of the collective government.

The correct Due Process is to legally decapitate this RICO Criminal Enterprise to the Origin. In this instance MOEC is homosexual blackmail, intimidation, hostaging, and extortion ring. In LDCs as Mexico the extortion of money and property is common, GDCs as the United States quid pro quos as career and academic rigging as being a doctor are prominent. Education is the long term solution and punishment is the short term solution.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target and Bhakta David is the Singularity Experiment.In this regard I am diametrically opposing MOEC and organizing MOEC Studies to seat a War Crime Tribunal.Every individual and collective should be opposed to MOEC. This attack is radiating outward from the United States, specifically LAPD, California. This is damaging all nations and peoples.

You are being Numbered for formal and informal punishment in a Reverse Sting.

Identifying the Names of the Authorship




§ 2381. Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

§ 2382. Misprision of treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

An important component of Justice is to identify the perpetrators. The victim has the right to confront one's perpetrators. This public disclosure also has a deterrent effect on future aggressors. There is tremendous damage to individuals and families in the United States. I am acting strongly to positively identify and criminal actors. The State has the right to press criminal charges. Here the culture of impunity, censorship, and sanitization also is detrimental to the human race and individual nationstates.

MOEC Studies is the only known direct response to the in continuo actions in the United States and the world.

What to Do

It is imperative that persons begin to file complaints to the competent authorities. Under the Color of Law against code enforcement in the main are handled by the FBI. There is a contact for Under the Color of authority complaints at their website.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

U.S. Code as of: January 19, 2004

Title 18 Section 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title,or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

2018 Archives

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, and Q&A with Al Gore

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 15, 2018

Al Gore - 2018

Al Gore

2017 Archives

Merry Christmas!!! - Octave

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 22, 2017

MOEC Studies Status Report

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 22, 2017

2017 was perhaps the best organized year for MOEC Studies. The future will decidedly witness a more honest, simple and direct approach based on writing books and direct letters. I am doing my best to maintain the project but I am only a one man show. However the impact of 30 years of Censorship and Sanitization is extreme. I do not see how sworn officials born after 1955 have a bright future. The Yellow Road is deep and cradle to grave.

My best advice is to be the last honest person standing.

I need to rest and perform site maintenance.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

Working Preface: Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV

Big Pine CA,

October 9, 2017

The Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV has a working Preface:

MOEC Studies Has A New Domain

Bishop CA,

October 6, 2017

I placed my order for www.moec-studies on Sunday, October 1, 2017. That evening the worst mass murder in United States History occurred.

MOEC Studies Begins

MOEC Studies

On the night of October 1, 2017, 59 people were killed and another 489 injured when a gunman opened fire on a large crowd of fans at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The perpetrator was 64 year old Stephen Paddock of Mesquite, Nevada. Between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. PDT, hundreds of rifle rounds were from his suite on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel. About an hour after firing ceased, Paddock was found dead in his hotel room from a self inflicted gunshot wound. His motive remains unknown.

The incident is the deadliest mass shooting committed by a lone gunman in U.S. history. The crime reignited the debate about gun laws in the U.S., with attention focused on bump firing, a technique Paddock used to allow his semiautomatic weapons to fire at a rate similar to that of a fully automatic weapon.

Al Gore Circa 2017

Chester CA,

August 26, 2017

Al Gore 2017

Al Gore 2017

It is now reported that Al Gore has amassed personal wealth of $200 million USD.

What is Al Gore's Net Worth?

Name: Al Gore

Born: March 31, 1948

Company: Apple, Inc. (AAPL)

Position: Board of Directors

Al Gore currently has a net worth of an estimated: $176,557,340


When Al Gore ran for President in 2000, he filed a public financial disclosure report that revealed that his net worth was somewhere between $700,000 and $1.9 million.

This filing revealed that Al Gore's largest asset being listed as a home in Arlington, VA that was worth between $250,001 to $500,000.

Al Gore may be worth more than even Mitt Romney, thanks to a very fruitful last 13 years.

Al Jazeera purchased Current TV in January of 2013 for a reported $400 million. The network, which was founded by Gore and Joel Hyatt in 2002, officially launched in August of 2005 and was sold roughly 7.5 years later.

Al Gore owned a 20% stake and reportedly walked away with $70 million once outstanding debt had been paid off.

Al Gore's meteoric net worth increased over the past 13 years due to his ties to Apple and Google.

One of Al Gore's first moves upon leaving office was to take a job at Google as an advisor. Al Gore took this job a full three years before the company went public in 2004, and it is rumored that Gore received stock options that were valued at as much as $40 million.

Gore also made a fortune on Apple's Board of Directors. Gore was appointed to the role in 2006. Gore controls over 100,000 shares of Apple (combination of common shares and options that are still vesting), meaning that his stake in Apple is valued at well over $40 million.

Gore also makes between $150,000 to $200,000 per speech.

Girlfriend Shoots Boyfriend Making YouTube Video

Chester CA,

July 9, 2017

Origin: The Organic Cell

Origin: The Organic Cell

A Minnesota woman killed her boyfriend Monday by shooting at a book he was holding over his chest, in a YouTube video stunt gone wrong. Monalisa Perez,19, was attempting to make a viral video with boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, to post to their YouTube account, according to a Norman County Sheriff's Department arrest report.

Original reports stated that a high caliber pistol was shot at an encyclopedia that Ruiz was holding in front of him. Origin was an encyclopedia I was asked to write near the beginning of Akbar. Such was the first book I had attempted. It was mainly written in two takes single spaced on spiral bound and composition notebooks about 1997 by hand in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I had just published such on Kindle on June 27, 2017.

It also worthy to note that 34.7 percent of persons over 25 years of age have a 4 year degree in the United States. I am predicting in 2025 about 45 percent of adults over 25 will have a 4 year degree or greater. This is a support of Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity.

If you were the only person alienated with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, how would you fight back?

A BA or BS at 130 credits should contain Algebra 5 or Calculus. A 2 year or AA should contain Algebra 4. High School should be Algebra 3.

The Origin of homo sapiens is escalating with genome sequencing. Fragments of Neanderthals, Cro Magnons, and humans have been found. The most recent find dates homo sapiens to 300,000 years ago in Morocco.

In the historical teaching of a manifest Caveman Attack there are no LGBTi activists that have Officially Recognized MOEC. I have recently seen a post concerning the overt lying by politicians and businessmen. Human Rights activists, scholars, and preachers have also fallen to this level. The corruption is so bad I would place history and current events at the 6th grade level.

MOEC is America's Chernobyl and Fukushima

Desert Shores CA

March 17, 2017

... fascism is the basic emotional attitude of man in authoritarian society, with it's machine civilization and it's mechanistic mystical view of life.

Wilhelm Reich

MOEC has an Unofficial Recognition trajectory of nearly 30 years. MOEC is contemporaneous with Chernobyl and Fukushima. These two nuclear disasters need to be entombed in cement or other material for the remainder of time. What can be said of much of the United States. The Salton Sea is heavily contaminated. It is the worst example of the Gay Militia and their alleged Authorship in Cambridge Law School. This is unique. Our current theme of Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity clearly defines a parity between the Anglo Americans, Russians, and Japanese. Two events are recognized while MOEC is not. How will this affect the equilibrium of civilization.

It has been falsely advertised in the past few days that Ray Kurzweil has predicted the Singularity for 2029. Kurzweil is only confirming his prediction of AI for 2029. The United States government has argued that Artificial Intelligence may not arrive until 2040. Most Singularitists are predicting AI between 2030 and 2035 and Singularity for 2045 Kurzweil's first prediction.

Any proclamation of AI or Singularity without Official Recognition will be vigorously OPPOSED. What does an Islamic, Vedic, Christian, or Neo Nazi Singularity appear like? A claim without recognition appears as a de facto appeasement of Gay Fascism. Even considering such Pre Fascist is very severe. The use of unofficial punishment for non cooperative play has been severe and would escalate.

This new prediction is unclear and smack of the Branding of Science. I will continue to comment later after expert opinions emerge.

Two New Law Sites!!!

Desert Shores CA

March 17, 2017

I have recovered and migrated two very interesting Law Sites:

2016 Archives

Open Letter Hillary Clinton: The Collapse of Democracy

Desert Shores CA

November 10, 2016

Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton. Here is Hillary and Al discussing Global Warming in Florida on October 11, Florida.

Open Letter Hillary Clinton: The Collapse of Democracy

Big Pine CA

October 1, 2016

Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton September 26, 2016

Donald Trump Versus Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary Clinton,

The Fall of Democracy

War Criminals on the Run

On December 26, Donald Trump and yourself debated for the first of three debates for the 2016 Presidential Election. You nor Trump addressed the most substantive issue concerning the American people. On June 17, 1987 when I was in Dover, Delaware a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program was initiated against my person. This is a CONCRETE prima facie event which can not be falsified. It is alleged that Cambridge Law School is proximate cause sine qua non.

It is further argued that these actors are responsible for the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. This is facilitated by a hub and node system of informants through every police stationhouse worldwide. The algorithm is stated to have a hub in Scotland Yard and Los Angeles Police Department.

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is the name of this stage of United Kingdom. These actors can choose any name they wish. However such reduces to prisoner's dilemma. It will have a structure, process, and ecology of systems.

The General User Interface GUI of an Artificial Intelligence program is presented below:



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

MOEC is a Black Swan. I believe that Donald Trump is also. Alter Egos include al Bhagdadhi of Islamic State and the five Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

You or Donald Trump will most likely be the sixth Irrationalist President.

The concept of War Criminals on the Run refers to the allegation that the Ex Deux Maquina of the system formed when Trinity Theologians realized the Cambridge Lawyers were Male Same Sex Males MSM representing the LGBTi Movement. They realized that War Crimes were being committed in Fire versus Fire under the banner of Gay Liberation. Some manner of quid pro quo was made where the Cambridge Lawyers would be exposed.

This exposure is being facilitated by alienating one person your author Bhakta David Nollmeyer from my Bill of Rights and ICCPR protections. Hence by having a de facto third party actor, Cambridge Law School impose a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program the manifest function has the United States attacking the human race from this nationstate towards the community of nations.

There are certain structural considerations. The identity of the system is LGBTi Gay versus Heterosexuality Straight. Originally it was Female versus Male. This after test is only a subcomponent and yields homosexual misogyny against females most notable in the divorce rate 45% and the atomized family which discriminates against women.

An artificial ideology Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is imposed over sexual emancipation. Many social systems have an emancipatory component whether it is going to heaven or social equality.

The dumbest person is placed against the smartest person. This would yield the most corrupt police officer versus the president. Since I am the citizen and natural person the president is sworn to protect this yields the method for exposing Cambridge Law School. I am stating that George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Anne Frank were prepared in a lesser ontological method than I was concerning the expansion and contraction of empire and totalitarianism. Hence I am the more substantive author but possibly not the best writer. An analogy would be Plato versus Homer.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth could be terminated if police officers were tested at Algebra 3 the Common Core High School Standard every two years.

MOEC has two subsystems: 1. Lycurgus 2. Akbar

MOEC has three main components:

1. Electronic Surveillance Stalking

2. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

3. Nuclear

Lycurgus exists when persons are being stalked. Akbar exists when I am held under Chemical Assault Scorched Earth as I am now. Cv.98-7015, Nollmeyer v. U.S. Gov., Delaware State Police, et al. United States Supreme Court contained this information. It was refused certiorari January 19, 1999 very near when Bill Clinton was being impeached.

Stalking is created when I attempt to free myself. If I intellectually defeat Dodo, the code name of the officer who is the spokesman he will direct the persons in my vicinity to stalk me. The main behavior is slamming car doors to false imprison. Dodo's superiors are alleged to be Lieutenant computer scientist. I have surpassed the actors in what is MOEC Studies, math, and chess. Hence I am perpetually being stalked.

One will notice that in Inyo, Riverside, Lassen, Plumas, and Siskiyou California, blue road areas the educational and technological divide is sharp. A classic portrait is stacks of hay with rusting trucks and farm equipment from a bygone era. Engineering focuses on Cognitive Amplifiers and Motor Skill Amplifiers. Notice that new self driving cars do no have opposable grip steering wheels, stick shifts, or pedals. The Asus netbook I am using, a Cognitive Amplifier, is an obsolete $60 USD refurbished Eeepc. I had only bought a new one for $330 dollars about five years ago.

You and Trump both argue in favor of the working class. The wealth of a nation is in the management of it's labor. There is over $84 Trillion dollars in private wealth in the United States. I argue there is a 95 percent or more defection rate.

MOEC is based on Ethnic Nationalism as a Source of War. This is simple Nativism and Localism. The most recently effected areas as rural Riverside, Inyo, Lassen, Plumas, and Siskiyou, California reflect this entrapment.

The United States should adopt a Algebra 4 standard for a BA BS. Management and Public Administration should require a MA MS with Algebra 5 or Calculus.


A Nuremberg War Crimes styled tribunal should be started. Criminal and civil punishments should compensate the victims and punish the criminals. The attack is based on Know Nothing Attorney General Exemption for the president. The Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama are War Criminals on the Run. There are a near 600,000 persons living with HIV AIDS under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The Constitution protects Life, Limb, and Property in that order. Democracy collapsed June 17, 1987. MOEC is a Black Swan predicated on Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing imposed over Sexual Emancipation. There is no rational basis or governmental purpose for the United States to impose a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth over my person to attack the human race.

If Cambridge Law School is the proximate cause and Origin these actors should be identified.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA

September 27, 2016

MOEC Studies

Al Gore in 2016

Blythe CA

May 30, 2016

Al Gore 2016

Al Gore

Al Gore has reemerged in 2016. His quote, "The great Norwegian playwright, Henrik Ibsen, wrote, One of these days, the younger generation will come knocking at my door. The future is knocking at our door right now. Make no mistake, the next generation will ask us one of two questions. Either they will ask: What were you thinking; why didn't you act?" Gore's thinking on Global Warming in the universal may be correct, but the particulars are suspect. Without giving detail, it safe to claim that Gore did not act. His posturing on Global Warming during a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my natural person whom he was sworned to protect has made a mockery of the Vice Presidency and high political office. I have not adequately addressed the epigentic beginnings of Environmental Studies and Law, but they too are dubious. I chose this course because the manifest damage is catastrophic and can not be shunned over time.

The Right has been quick to attack his record based on industrialist concerns. It will be interesting if Gore chooses to address Donald Trump and his refutation of Obama's environmental policies to favor fossil fuel concerns. Gore's relationship with Hillary Clinton is undefined also.

Employment and Testing Recommendations

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 17, 2016

Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm has an excellent working Appendix: The Black Swan

I support a Masters Degree and Calculus for any management level position. This would be an Algebra 5 level course in a domain where another math is preferable. I support a BA or BS for all academic based hiring at $40,000 per year with Algebra 3. I recommend testing every three years. Policing, nursing, and construction technologies should require Algebra 3 also. High School graduation standards internationally is Algebra 3.

I believe that exit testing should occur at the 6th, 9th and 12th grade s. At the 6th grade Mobilization of Empire and Civilization MOEC should clearly identified as the source of the in continuo Chemical AssaultScorched Earth ongoing since June 17, 1987:

I. Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

II. Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

III. MOEC is a reverse sting.

IV. Informal Fallacies

A. Hypertext markup of a one page website.

The culture is only basically alphabetic in MOEC. I will clearly state that a college PhD should be concerned not only with being or becoming obsolete by being cognitively conditioned into decay as the population.

This is a very simple exploratory sketch. It is consistent with the ongoing purge of various forms of employment associated with the Gemeinschaft or rural social system.

Two major earthquakes have struck in Japan and Ecuador. I will be moving to Northern California in May.

This site will become active:

Archiving the Old Lead Speech

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April, 17, 2016

The speech that has been used as the lead on this site was only intended as a placeholder. I was developing sites on Frontpage. The site was attacked so I let the page sit. This past year I have been able to migrate the site to HTML 5 CSS. I will develop more accurate portrayals and critiques of Al Gore in the future.

PROTESTERS: Al Gore, corporate whore!

TOM BEARDEN: Even some environmentalists are disappointed with Gore's clean air record. Brent Blackwelder is executive director of Friends ofthe Earth, a national environmental organization which endorsed Bill Bradley instead of Gore in the presidential primaries.

TOM BEARDEN: But Blackwelder does applaud Gore for going to Kyoto.

BRENT BLACKWELDER: I think Gore gets credit for having been there and gotten that started. And so I think that is a high point for what they did. I think the low point on climate is the failing to actually practice what you preach by not keeping US greenhouse gas emissions down to 1990 levels, instead letting them grow to be 13 percent more by the time we ended the decade.

TOM BEARDEN: The Sierra Club's Carl Pope has a much higher opinion of the administration's clean air record. Toxic waste and Superfund sites

Currently as of this writing there has been catastrophic wildfires in San Diego, California. There is a tremendous chemical degradation of San Luis Obispo and Inyo Counties.

October 24, 2007

Barack Obama: 2016 State of the Union

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 18, 2016

Today is the traditional Degree Day in the United Stated where the winter's coldest day has passed.

Al Gore and his history is emerging as a sacred cow of some importance. The site has been heavily attacked. This continues as I attempt to correct such. This is directly linked to LGBTi History. What is unique is that Albert Einstein, Alfred Schrodinger, and Robert Oppenheimer, the Manhattan Project that developed the nuclear bomb, have come under suspicion as to whether such worked for MOEC in this War Crime.

British figures include, Francis Cornford, Bertrand Russell, Maynard Keynes, Alan Turing, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. The list of Nobel Peace Prize winners from Cambridge and Oxford is considerable.

I have commented a made a webpage on President Barack Obama's Final State of the Union here:

Look for successive Final State of the Union commentary of Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, William Clinton, and George W Bush in the next successive months. I have to close stating that the emergence of Environmental Law is suspicious. There is over $81 trillion USD in private property built over the environment and much of it is damaged. An era of Know Nothingness is exactly that. Where is the Nobel Organization through all of this?


MOEC: Mobilization of Empire and Civilization

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MOEC: Mobilization of Empire and Civilization

Facebook: MOEC Studies

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