Logic and Informal Fallacies

The use of logical fallacies is a key component in the process and support of MOEC. It would benefit all if one were to become familiar with basic logic. Predicate calculus is superior to informal fallacies. Formal logic is based on truth values assigned to antecedent and consequent phrases. This site contains excellent explanations of informal fallacies.


Bratton.W LAPD

William Bratton


Bernard Parks

LAPD badge

LAPD Badge

Willie Williams LAPD

Willie Williams

Gates.D LAPD

Darryl Gates

Chief Beck LAPD

Charlie Beck

Micheal Moore LAPD

Michael Moore

The Gay Militia

A cell of LAPD California has been running a de facto entrapment openly since June 17, 1987. These actors ideologically to the school of Irrationalism. The are Pre Fascists. They are noted for a Nativistic presentation where those with lower cognitive abilities are placed by force against more qualified persons. Their culture lacks the ability and skills to build a state or lead a nation.

Totalitarianism will seek to isolate.

They are openly recruiting LGBTi persons and heterosexuals to stalk and harass persons. The racketeering of drug deals and other crimes are sources of economics.

This is obtained by Prisoner's Dilemma. There is no rule of law or rights.

LAPD is operating a hub and node system that was designed by Cambridge Law School. This network is operative though every police stationhouse worldwide.

LAPD has used me as foil essentially to attack the United States at the present level. This would involve treason. They are using what is a Pontius Pilate Paradigm to hit command level officials. The majority are no more than sergeants in rank.

The air and water are poisoned. I cannot enter a building without the police spraying the building. All the running water and lakes have been contaminated by the police.

Therefore the Gay Militia is Irrational and Pre Fascist. They are Alter Egos to the Islamic State.


There is no plan in place for any sustainable culture. The breadth of the attack is centered on Ethnic Nationalism and Nativism. The LGBTi Community are the most proximate culture to the GAY MILITIA. They will suffer first. This is exemplified by, "If I go down, I drag everybody down", mentality. This philosophy was adapted from Tom Metzger leader of Skinhead Nazis in San Diego.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Unified Crime Reports provide factual evidence to correlate to a Proximate Cause in LAPD and Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom.

Operation Radhanatha Begins

Dateline February 12, 2007

The escalation in the environment has contaminated all flowing rivers and streams. All stores and shops in my vicinity serving food will present one with contaminated products simply by ADDING TAP WATER.


An ISKCON diksa guru H.H. Radhanatha whom has been associated with this personally has nodirecting capacity with this event.

The fallacy used in this instance is called Poisoning the Well and returns to the Sulochana murder case in Los Angeles and West Virginia.

Ritvik Organizations

There are three major ritvik groups ISKCON Bangalore, ISKCON REVIVAL MOVEMENT (IRM) and the HARE KRISHNA SOCIETY (HKS). I have no formal association with any group. I am an independent ritvik. The text The Final Order on the IRM site describes in detail the ritvik position versus the diksa position.




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2020 Archives

Chief Moore on Rioting

Big Pine CA

June 20, 2020

The continuing saga of George Floyd has evolved into an international event. I may comment if time permits. I will only state that the unequal treatment is a disrespect of persons. MOEC is clearly an overt Manifest Function with 33 years of Censorship and Sanitization.

COVID 19 Los Angeles Continues Stay At Home

Big Pine CA

May 18, 2020

Covid 19 May 18, 2020

The exponential growth of COVID 19 has cost the nation over 91,000 deaths. Los Angeles County is bearing the brunt of the caseload in California. Much of the country is beginning to reopen. About 10,000 deaths are added every 7 to 8 days nationwide. There are over 36 million unemployed. Locally the weather is warming but under a Wind Advisory. I will most likely remain in the Owens Valley for the summer.


Desert Shores CA

March 24, 2020

California now has over 2000 cases of the novel COVID 19 virus. The first prisoner has also tested positive. Newsom has ordered a Shelter in Place mandate. He has also closed the parking lot to state parks in light of social distancing. There has been mass hoarding ongoing across the world. The next two weeks will be pivotal as caseloads grow exponentially. The Canadian and Mexican borders are closed to sundry traffic.

By demonstration today the caseload has surged passed 400,000 with over 17,000 deaths.

New York has over 30,000 cases. It is possible for between 50 to 80 percent of the population of both states to become infected.

President Trump has declared a National Emergency since March 19, 2020. The current infection rate is above 375,000 and deaths worldwide are over 16,000.

Covid 19 March 23, 2020

Covid 19 March 23, 202

By inspection the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth despoils the environment. COVID 19 attacks the natural persons.

I am clearly claiming the University of Cambridge, UK is the Proximate Cause of both events. The blame game on internet is quite poor. If MOEC Studies is accurate the event is embedded in a RICO Criminal Enterprise with an intent of eugenically engineering an LGBTi Civilization. This claim Is quite STRAIGHT FORWARD.