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Happy New Years!

Desert Shores CA

January 2, 2011

Nollmeyer Winter Solstice 2010 Desert Shores

Winter Solstice 2010 Desert Shores

It is my opinion that the creation of the Salton Sea here in the California desert as no accident. It as designed to demonstrate the level of corruption and treason that has pervaded the United States. The theory is that even the though the United Kingdom lost the War of 1812 they continued to infiltrate the United States defecting individuals to the design of the British Empire.

It is my opinion that the travels of Srila Prabhupada on the Jaladuta and the meetings with Kirtanananda and Hayagriva are part of this defection process.

It is no secret that the design is based on the tyranny of Greek City States facilitated by Trinity School of Philosophy and Theology. Even though this school was more expert in theses skills the Cambridge Law School members held sway and they are the command or shot callers.

They are Male Same Sex Male or MSM. I am almost 49.5 years of age but in remarkable shape considering the environment. I believe that the HIV AIDS positive population are going to tip the scales in a very profound manner in the future. When is this? Perhaps about thirty years or more. This group is dependent of corrupt forces as LAPD. This is also how such became infected. This will blowback into the Gay Militia's faces. There irrational notion of being heroes with 1.3 million persons infected 40 percent Gay males, 720,000 persons can not be very strong. At 2.5 million persons this will yield 1 million Gay males infected.

The effect of defection on Gaudiya Vaishnavism is quite profound. I believe the child molestations are retaliation for Srila Prabhupada position on Homosexuality. This is true for the Catholic Church and Jehovah's Witnesses.

My positions are based on concrete events and data that LAPD is supplying me. In this regards confounding can occur. Two similar event does not guarantee a common Origin. A fortiori or by the strongest case, the small output you see on is the best to date. No other individual or group will step forward as a Yellow Brick Road has been designed by defection which entangles the richest and most powerful persons. It is based on Same Sex or the LGBTi paradigm. Since I an purely heterosexual, I have no rights before the court.

There is a very large LGBTi community in Cathedral City and Palm Springs to which LAPD is pandering too. Novelist Anne Rice and singer Barry Manilow are two such prominent celebrities with stellar records for LGBTi concerns. Manilow's last three music publicists have died of AIDS. Mary Bono Mack's son works for him now.

Narayana Maharaja Passes

Desert Shores CA

January 2, 2011

On December 29, 2010 at about 3:00 pm Puri, Narayana Maharaja left his body. His Samadhi Ceremony has occurred in Navadvip. He has stated that his International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society (IPBYS) should use No Change Books.

We honor Narayana Maharaja here and hope that peace and goodwill will transpire as his sanga and the bhaktas transition to new leadership.

The Informant: The Invertebration of Civilization

Desert Shores CA

January 16, 2011

Twenty three years hence into a systematic entrapment of the human civilization through the United States by what appears to be Male Same Sex Male MSM British Scholars from University of Cambridge, I feel compelled to begin an overall capstone to MOEC Studies. This is based on prisoner's dilemma and the creation of an informant personality that would function universally in all truth systems.

This is based on the Deification of the LGBTi platform.

The conflict is based on LGBTi (homosexuality) versus Opposite Sex (heterosexuality) Los Angeles Police Department is the delivery method and whose orientation is LGBTi, mainly MSM on the attack on my person. I clearly represent the opposite sex straight heterosexual side.

The entire event is based on the particularity of using this experiment to prove whether genetics determinism and socialization learning would create a same sex person. This has failed and has created one of the most severe disasters in human history. I have emerged 100 percent heterosexual with no same sex partners or acts in my entire life.

Inverting the Theory of Laws: 1. Eternal Law 2. Natural 3. Positive Law through conditioning transfers loyalty from the inverted system to the Origin. In particularity would be my own choice faith and thus other major systems. This develops a system of hegemonic fatalism and dependency.

There is also a serious attack especially on Gaudiya Vaishnavism of which I pertain. This can be construed as the Hare Krishna Movement. This needs to be understood because the typical devotees in orange robes and shaved heads seen often throughout the world pertain to different Mathas or schools although their beliefs are similar.

Prisoner's dilemma creates a defection pattern when used against the particularity of human laws creates a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization reverse sting entrapment similar to what is used in drug dealing and prostitution. The police or homeland security officer as they are know labelled in the United States are not permitted to use, manufacture, or possess and criminal contraband or be an accomplice, aid, abet, or participate in any criminal activity.

In degree an informant trades information or is flipped. One may:

Bust down: traditional reverse sting. This is preferred. The connection is usually defected against a customer.

Bust up: Step ladder. Bust up. This is when the customer entraps his connection. This is not preferred as it the traditional snitch scenario.

Bust Across: Take Down. Very messy. This is gang warfare. This can be making one hot, lighting one up(exposing one) and actual violence.

If every economic activity was controlled by de facto or corrupt police this would reflect a mafia culture where all activities would involve being an informant, blackmail, and extortion to survive. There are areas in Central America where extortion can be over 50% to remain in business to gangs and the police.

Currently it is January of 2011. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has ended his two terms of tenure being replaced by Jerry Brown. I argue he is the worst governor in the history of the United States. I am in Desert Shores, California and the entire Salton Sea is Chemically Despoiled.

This disaster is irrational. There is no moral legal coherent explanation other than the sworn official are delivering blackmail and extortion to keep a nearly 100 percent censorship on 6.8 billion persons in place.

In has been deduced that the following in this order has the greatest chance of ending the conflict:

Chemical Assault


Electronic surveillance

As I am over 49 years of age, I have entered into midlife surprisingly gracefully from a cosmetic standpoint. The arc of lifespan also is a major factor in determining one’s entry into a position of opposition. The human race is an informant based counter culture. I say this in part because the modus operandi of defection against faith, morality, reason, and rule of law is widely distributed an reinforced with quid pro quos guaranteeing everything from sex, marriage, jobs, drugs, money, and other forms of payment for defection. It appears the most powerful families are implicated in a continuing march into history of the Informant State.

The negative externality for the United States and the LGBTi platform here is that the defeat her benefits the materialist schools of Marxist Leninism. At this point in time China, North Korea, and Cuba are the remnants of this worldview. It has been postulated that an equilibrium of Czech under Totalitarian Social Welfare would be the future equilibrium of the nationstate. My personal opinion is shifting to a larger and more brutal structure with possible smaller benign regimes as Czechoslovakia as to the USSR.

Currently the zeitgeist is witnessing the acculturation of the citizenry through a marginal reinforcement towards being informants. This activity is in itself a purge. Primary rights are superseded by secondary rights. In effect the duties of sworn law enforcement is placed in front of the citizens they are duty bound to protect. Hence this is a form of irrationalism and pre fascism.

# Clarifying this general distinction between the economic structure (E) and the legal political superstructure (S) is a set of specific distinctions. These are:

The relations S involves are in terms of formal rights and obligations; whereas the relations E involves are in terms of effective powers and constraints (GID, 80 and 352-59).

S is the de jure representative of "the general interest" whereas E is the de facto organization of particular, material interests (GID, 45-46, 78).

S's form is visible and institutional; whereas E's form is concealed and unacknowledged (CII, 791).

Obama: His Effect On Gaudiya Vaishnavism

Desert Shores CA

January 24, 2011

Barack Obama 2011

Barack Obama January 2011

President Barack Obama has just finished two years as the American President. He will deliver his second State of the Union Address Tuesday, January 25, 2010. This has not been a good thing for the human race or life in general. The Salton Sea, California is a Scorched Earth. It is my position that this ancient inland salt sea was recreated to help facilitate that emergence of Gay Irrationalism Gay Fascism in the 1930s. This ideology is the manifestation of corrupt state planning and the lack of check and balances by Male Same Sex Male officers in LAPD, sworn official in the United States, and worldwide to check a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I believe a devotee in Arizona has stated that Obama graciously received a an ista of Hanuman, the monkey friend of Rama who helped defeat Ravana in Ceylon many years past.

I am being posited as a cohort rival of Obama under an unseen Father and Mother figure. Here for Vaishnavas Radha and Krishna are our universal parental figures. We also have our natural parents. I am one day older than Obama being born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico. (Two other persons from Roswell are John Denver and Ramtha the channeler who claims to speak as Rama. Her husband has died from AIDS) Another unique factor is that Vice President Joe Biden lived about five house from me in Rodney Village in Kent County, Delaware for a few months while he was campaigning to be Senator. I met his first wife at his first campaign headquarters. She and their first child were killed in an auto accident just after his election to the Senate. Biden has the longest tenure of an elected official in this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Thomas Schiller, a cousin of the poet Schiller who penned Ode To Joy brought me to the campaign headquarters. He too is dead from an auto accident.

The Sri Isopanisad condemns persons who attack with chemical weapons.

Preachers should be more broad minded as this assault is being lead by a Gay Militia organized out of Los Angeles Police Department.

Their interest is Same Sex Marriage. However they have irrationally acted and are NOT AN ASSET TO LGBTI CULTURE. There is strong evidence of a link to the Child Molestation cases in the Catholic Church, Jehovah Witnesses, and ISKCON.

Currently a Janaka Mahajana from Estonia has a warrant out due to Child Pornography in West Virginia. He has also been accused of illegally using funds from the Estonia Yatra.

There is a strong likelihood of a connection.

I do not have time to write a dissertation here. I will oppose all sworn officials including President Obama since June 17, 1987. I am also going to focus on HIV AIDS positive advocacy since there a 600,000 estimated living persons with the disease. The Scorched Earth will debilitate them giving rise to future litigation.

BG 2.3 the Sva Dharma verses permit me to confront my head of state just as Arjuna confronted King Drhtarastra. Those wishing to correctly represent the Sampradaya should have deliberated and fully considered my confrontation with the Gay Militia and the United States government.

Rape of the Mind

Desert Shores CA

February 3, 2011

Rape of the Mind by AM Merloo, now out of print is on the recommended reading list. Within one will find important data on totalitarianism and mind control. Totalitaria is a mythical model of a police state.

In short today is Chinese or Lunar New Year. I am 49.5 years old today and Obama will be also tomorrow. Obama and historian will have to face the concrete reality of violence, and intimidation within the Irrationalist Presidents now currently being extended by Barack Obama. There is now a Jasmine Revolution in Egypt to oust Hosni Mubarak.

Rape of the Mind (excerpts)

The psychological roots of totalitarianism are usually irrational, destructive, and primitive, though disguised behind some ideology, and for this reason there is something fantastic, unbelievable, even nightmarish about the system itself.

In Totalitaria, the citizen no longer knows the real core of his mind. He no longer feels himself an "I", an ego, a person. He is only the object of official barrage and mental coercion. Having no personality of his own, he has no individual conscience, no personal morality, no capacity to think clearly and honestly. He learns by rote, he learns thousands of indoctrinated facts and inhales dogma and slogans with every breath he draws. He becomes an obedient pedant, and pedantry makes people into something resembling pots filled with information instead of individuals with free, growing personalities.

Hitler taught his people to march and to do battle, and at the end they did not know wherefore they marched and battled. People become herds, indoctrinated and obsessed herds, intoxicated first with enthusiasm and happy expectations, then with terror and panic. The individual personality cannot grow in Totalitaria. The huge mass of citizens is tamed into personal and political somnambulism.

In Totalitaria, each citizen is continually watched. The mythical state moulds the individual's conscience. He has hardly any of his own. His neighbours watch him, his postman, his children, and they all represent the punishing state, just as he himself must represent the state and watch others. Not betraying them is a crime.

The need to find conspiracies, to discover persecutors and criminals is another schizophrenic manifestation. It is psychologically related to an infantile need for a feeling of omnipotence. Megalomaniac feelings grow better in an atmosphere of mysterious secrecy. Secrecy and conspiracy increase the delusion of power. That is why so many people like to pry into other people's lives and to play the spy.

This feeling of conspiracy also lies behind the pathological struggle with imaginary persecutors, a struggle we find both in mentally ill individuals and in our mythical Totalitaria. "It is there!" "It is chasing us!" All the inner fears of losing the nirvanic womb illusion become rampant.

The SS soldiers called this the magic action of the Blutkitt, the tie of bloody crime binding them together and preparing them for Valhalla. With this magic unification, they could die with courage and equanimity. Anarchic despair and need for greatness alternated in them as they do in the psychotic patient. In the same way, the citizens of Totalitaria search for a heroic place in history even though the price be doom and annihilation.

Many soldiers tired by the rigidities of normal life look back at violent moments of their war experiences, despite the hunger and terror, as the monumental culminating experiences of their lives. There, in the Bruderbund of fighters, they felt happy for the first and only times in their lives.

The Strategy of Terror

The weapon of terror has been used by tyrants from time immemorial to make a meek instrument of man. In Totalitaria, the use of this weapon is refined to a science which can wipe out all opposition and dissent. The leaders of Totalitaria rule by intimidation; they prefer loyalty through fear to loyalty through faith. Fear and terror freeze the mind and will; they may create a general psychic paralysis. In the panic caused by totalitarian terror, men feel separated from one another, as by an impassable vacuum, and each man becomes a lonely, frightened soul. Even panicky hovering together could be suspected of being conspiracy against the state. Separated from any real emotional contact with his fellow men by his own inner isolation, the citizen of Totalitaria becomes increasingly unable to fight against it's dehumanizing influences.

Totalitaria is constantly on the alert for social sinners, the critics of the system, and accusation of dissent is equivalent to conviction in the public eye. Insinuation, calumny, and denunciation are staples of the totalitarian strategy. The entire nation is dedicated to the proposition that every man is a potential enemy of the regime. No one is excluded from the terror. Any man may be subjected to it no matter how high his rank.

The secret police create awe and panic inside the country, while the army serves to create awe and panic outside. Just the thought of an outbreak of terror of even a possible future terror makes men unwilling to express their opinions and expose themselves. Both the citizens of Totalitaria and those of her neighbors are affected by this general fear. A clear example of how this fear paralysis operates in reality may be seen in the fact that as far back as 1948 western Europeans, who felt the shadow of anticipated totalitarian occupation, thought it safer to criticize and attack their American friends than to find fault with a totalitarian enemy who might sweep in suddenly and without warning.

The Purging Rituals

Cleaning out the higher echelons of government is an old historic habit. The struggle between fathers and sons, between the older and the younger generation, became ritualized far back in prehistoric times. Frazer's classic, The Golden Bough, has told us a great deal about this. The ancient priest of the heathens acquired his high post by killing his predecessor. Later in history, the newly proclaimed king offered criminals instead as sacrifices to the gods on the day of his anointment.

In Totalitaria, the killing and purging ritual is part of the mechanism of government, and it serves not only a symbolic but also a very real function for the dictator. He must eliminate all those he has bypassed and double crossed in his ruthless climb to power, lest their resentments and frustrated rage break out, endangering his position or even his life.

Hitler knew very well what he was doing when he turned the German concentration camps over to the unleashed lusts of his storm troopers. "Let them kill and murder," was the device. "Once they have gone so far with me, they must go on to the end." The strategy of criminalization is not only directed toward crushing the victims of the totalitarian regime, but also toward giving the elite hangmen, the governing gang, that poisonous feeling of power that drags them farther and farther away from every human feeling; their victims become people without human identity, merely speaking masks and ego less robots. The strategy of criminalization is the systematic organization of the lower passions in man, in particular in those the dictator must trust as his direct helpers.

Under the pressure of totalitarian thinking, nearly every citizen identifies with the ruling gang, and many must prove their loyalty by murder and killing, or at least expressing their approval of murder and killing. The boredom of Totalitaria's automatic patterns of living leads the deluded citizens to welcome the adventure of war and crime and self destruction. Each new act of torture and crime makes new bonds of fidelity and unscrupulous obedience, especially within the leading gang. In the end, driven by crime and guilt, the ruling members have to stick it out together because the downfall of the system would bring about the downfall of the entire gang, both leaders and followers. The same thing holds true in the criminal world. Once a man has taken the first step and rejected the laws of society and joined the criminal gang, he is at war with the outside world and it's moral evaluations. From that point on, the gang can blackmail him and subdue him.

In Totalitaria, the vicious circle of criminalization of the citizenry, in which the means become ends in themselves, grows into a cynical conspiracy covered with the cynical flag of decent idealism.The country's leaders use such simple words as "the universal campaign of peace," and the citizens rejoice and take pride in these words. Only a few among them know what deceptive deeds lie behind the flowery phrases.

These perversions are also incorporated into a great nationalistic myth the Third Reich, the New Empire, the People's Republic and the citizen's desire to do something heroic becomes identified with doing something violent and criminal. Blood becomes a magic fluid, and shedding someone else's blood becomes a virtuous and life giving deed.

Unlimited killing, as it is practiced in totalitarian systems, is related to deep, unconscious fears. The weak and emotionally sick in any society kill out of fear, in order to borrow, in a magic way, their dead victims' strength and happiness as well as, of course, their material possessions. The killing of millions in the Nazi gas ovens was part of this ancient mythology of murder. Perhaps the members of the master race thought that slaughtering the Jews would ensure that the Germans would endure pain for as many centuries as had their victims! It is part of an old primitive myth that through killing one fortifies and prolongs one's own life. Let us not forget that forces of reason and understanding in man are rather weak. It is difficult to control the fire of explosive drives, once they are lighted.

Totalitarianism must kill, slaughter, make war. Totalitaria preaches hatred, and the totalitarian mouthpiece is a lonely, deluded, tough superman, calling for hatred and injustice and arousing intensified fanaticism unhampered by any moral feeling or remorse. His battle cry reinforces the dictator's hold on his subjects, because each citizen, in and through his guilty deeds, learns to hate his victim, whose very suffering arouses even more the criminal's deeply buried sense of guilt.

Position On Prisoner's Dilemma

Desert Shores CA

February 24, 2011

Srimati Radharini

Srimati Radharini with Manjari

The Stockholm Syndrome and Cognitive Dissonance have been postulated by writers on the Rick Ross forums and as well as Bhakta Eric of the Vaishnava Foundation to explain cult tactics and other conflicts that have occurred within the Hare Krishna Movement.

My position is based on the ongoing Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is in continuosince June 17, 1987.

We are witnessing an event of state planning and eugenics unfold. The authorship is alleged to be Cambridge Law School, UK. Their strategic mission is Gay Marriage LGBTi rights. LAPD is leading a Gay Militia. The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth. Hosni Mubarak has been forced out of Egypt. For all intensive purposes there is a civil war in Libya attempting to oust Ghaddafi after 42 years of autocratic rule. President Obama has gambled that systematic patterns of defection will protect him from prosecution for the next 30 years of his expected lifespan, (He will be 79.5).

I am arguing that prisoner's dilemma has defected sworn officials to censor and sanitize a an increasingly exponential Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program. Merton postulates that fatalism and decency create the suicide of a nationstate. The police are fatalistic and the people are dependent.

To date no Hare Krishna organization has recognized the attack that has surely despoiled property. I have travelled to New Raman Reti in Alachua, Florida twice. This is the largest Gaudiya Vaishnava community in North America with nearly 500 families in the congregation.

To illustrate prisoner’s dilemma and defection China will be used. The Peoples Republic of China runs on a socialist system that aspires to communism it is an autocratic police state. They are a regional hegemon with control over sovereign nations as North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. China will supply weaponry and money to all parties.

These countries have certain autonomy to self rule as long as they are socialists and defect to China. If conflict occurs Vietnam will usually be instructed to reign in the conflict by proxy from Peking. Here there is also an illustration of higher structural levels of cognition. China is the suprasystem running the lower systems. Vietnam is a system used to punish other systems as Cambodia for non compliance (defection).

The world view is similar to the Blind Man and the Elephant. A fallacy of separation and hasty generalization does not adequately describe the structure and process of nationstate behavior.

LAPD will divide Vaishnavas by instigating attacks by getting both parties to defect to them. They are hostile to Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

To continue, Cambridge Law School through proxies as Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom, Europe, and India and LAPD in the United States and Latin America recruit devotees to defect. This permits an entrapment operation as these preaching becomes dependent of sankirtan arranged through the police. Faulty standards as stealing from rooms harassment, food left out in the open, unkept maintenance and violence occur.

It is my position that the child molestation was initiated through the police. Children were violated as a punishment for non defection.

This is a blackmail and extortion ring. LAPD cell is Male Same Sex Male or MSM as the Center for Disease Control now describes men who have sex with men. Gay can mean almost anyone. No male can hide his behaviors with another if such acts are empirical.

Strategic Warfare involves three systems:




Barack Obama has been openly been blackmailed by low grade non militarized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

What is happening is live human experimentation in state planning to test eugenics and Singularity. University of Cambridge was the top rated university last year. They are an excellence science and planning school. University of Cambridge was the architect of the Green Book by Ghaddafi. This model was designed to spread Pan Islam. This idea is all but dead (Arab Islamic Unity).

China has the fastest supercomputer. IBM's Watson, the recent victor over humans on Jeopardy is the fastest in the United States. The British have always been an intelligence hegemon. The mythological James Bond and Q the University of Cambridge scientist who invents the Bond typifies this. China since the 1960s has had a very intensive spy program. There are indications that they have stolen plans for a nuclear bomb. There are constant hacks emerging from China.

It appears under this scenario that the British have helped China steal data and they are going to steal such from China with China being blamed.

It appears that the same system of people that sank the Lusitania in WWII are developing the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. It is no secret that Cambridge Law School did the theoretical work to support the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Japan as lex justicia or just warfare.

In summation any preaching movement who is under defection to poisoners is not surrounding to Godhead. In prisoner's dilemma the winning mathematical position is to defect, hence a tyranny of the majority wins.

I know from a fact since under electronic surveillance 24/7 365 days a year electronic surveillance., that the Sva Dharma verse 2.3 is being tested.

Bhagavad Gita As It Is



klaibyaà mä sma gamaù pärtha

naitat tvayy upapadyate

kñudraà hådaya-daurbalyaà

tyaktvottiñöha parantapa


klaibyam—impotence; mä—do not; sma—take it; gamaù—go in; pärtha—O son of Påthä; na—never; etat—like this; tvayi—unto you; upapadyate—is befitting; kñudram—very little; hådaya—heart; daurbalyam—weakness; tyaktvä—giving up; uttiñöha—get up; parantapa—O chastiser of the enemies.


O son of Påthä, do not yield to this degrading impotence. It does not become you. Give up such petty weakness of heart and arise, O chastiser of the enemy.


Arjuna was addressed as the "son of Påthä," who happened to be the sister of Kåñëa's father Vasudeva. Therefore Arjuna had a blood relationship with Kåñëa. If the son of a ksatriya declines to fight, he is a kñatriya in name only, and if the son of a brähmaëa acts impiously, he is a brähmaëa in name only. Such kñatriyas and brähmaëas are unworthy sons of their fathers; therefore, Kåñëa did not want Arjuna to become an unworthy son of a kñatriya. Arjuna was the most intimate friend of Kåñëa, and Kåñëa was directly guiding him on the chariot; but in spite of all these credits, if Arjuna abandoned the battle, he would be committing an infamous act; therefore Kåñëa said that such an attitude in Arjuna did not fit his personality. Arjuna might argue that he would give up the battle on the grounds of his magnanimous attitude for the most respectable Bhéñma and his relatives, but Kåñëa considered that sort of magnanimity not approved by authority. Therefore, such magnanimity or so called nonviolence should be given up by persons like Arjuna under the direct guidance of Kåñëa.

The Vedas and Singularity

Desert Shores CA

April 11, 2011

It is a principle of Gaudiya Vaishnavism that one must serve someone. We are interconnected and interdependent in social life and bound to Krishna in spiritual reality. The alienation of my rights has created a Cultural Singularity based on a pole singularity in math. A basic Pole Singularity is expressed as f(z) (1/zn).

This invertebration has created a linear chemical assault, and near total censorship and sanitization. Five United States presidents, inclusive of Barack Obama have totally ignored the attack.

Similarly as Krishna urged Arjuna to fight in Krishna Consciousness and be his instrument, I am refuting the Irrationalist Presidents, especially Obama since he will only be 50 on August 4, 2011. Technological Singularity is projected in 2045 when the opportunity will diminish until 2070. If Singularity does not occur then the model of the brain being used is wrong.

I am arguing from the premise that Superintelligence, or a machine based intelligence beyond humans cannot occur without recognizing MOEC, or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization.

Singularity can be an instrument of Krishna or it can turn to be the Machinery of Torture. An age of Simple Living and High Thinking must include computers or such will never exist in the world of our experience.

I also state that thinkers are working from defection. I believe that near 2045 this event may be exposed and recognized Barack Obama will be 84. Men are living until 75.5 and women are attaining 80.5 years to date.

The non recognition of Vedic leadership makes such static. I am a ritvik and the Ultimate Target UT. I am the matrix in an attack on 6.9 billion persons. If I am attacked the rest of the population is a fractal of the assault on my person. Under the Bill of Rights Barack Obama is obligated to uphold my rights. He has not.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is like fire and burns all. It can be subjectively aimed but will radiate through a territoriality.

The true position is opposition to tyranny in Krishna Consciousness.

The Future State

Big Pine CA

May 8, 2011

Big Pine Ca 2011

Big Pine CA

Osama bin Laden was killed by a Seal unit of the United States on May 1, 2011. While this provides both a symbolic and substantive victory for the United States and Barack Obama, it has done little to halt terrorism which is pandemic worldwide. The United States is involved in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

There is still no official recognition of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in continuo in the United States.

I am in Inyo County, California. This is the second largest county in the country geographically with a static population of 20,000.

Devotees and others should be careful about supporting sworn officials. I am definitively linking the Vedas to the prosecution of the Irrationalist Presidents. This starts with Ronald Reagan and is current with Barack Obama. What I am stating is that my Constitutional Right to practice Gaudiya Vaishnavism has been infringed upon.

It is redundant to point out the contamination of air, water, food, and clothing. It is clear that prisoner's dilemma has created an informant system where spurious persons and individuals were place in ISKCON through the police. Their activities lead to guru fall downs, child molestations, violence, and schism.

This pattern reflects the entrapment descending from the Irrationalist Presidents. The adhikari of persons and Vaishnavism itself is being seriously challenged through state planning by allegedly University of Cambridge. Since these actors are outside of the United States this presents critical legal and jurisdictional problems.

It is quite apparent that they are LGBTi oriented and especially MSM Male Same Sex Male.

This head of the argument must be developed succinctly. This for devotees and faith based systems. The present culture is one of sanitization and dependency.

The government is the insurer of last resort. The damage to health and property is great and not fully manifest.

I will stridently legally oppose Barack Obama and whomever wins the 2012 Presidential Election.

Immediate Loss Is Not Always Indicative of Krishna's Will

Big Pine CA

June 4, 2011

The recent setback of ISKCON Bangalore to ISKCON Mumbai in itself cannot be construed as validating the legitimacy of either the ritvik or diksa camps of ISKCON. Hence if one were to reflect on the setbacks of the Kazakhstan Yatra, which is diksa ISKCON, this setback does not necessarily mean the Radha Krishna is against these bhaktas. There is no doubt that the karma of those immediate persons must be considered as it is being deliberated in Bangalore and Mumbai.

An immediate surge of Triumphalism on either camp should be deliberated with utmost caution. The political theater and manipulation by external bahiranga interests as the British, USA, and secular and partisan Karnataka and India are also in play and have these interests have very little to do with bhakti or Radha Krishna.

Srimati Radharini is the ultimate proprietor of all temples or there are no temples just buildings. She is the lead Gopi and Hadlini Sakti. Krishna is the only Saktiman.

Cooler heads should prevail. I do not believe that gain or loss of the SHOWCASE TEMPLE in Srila Prabhupada's Seva is going to destroy either side. Reveling in the victory or defeat of one side or the other is likely to be short lived.

If either group was staking it's survival of maintain control over ISKCON Bangalore they have reasoned shortsightedly.

The Informant Based Culture...

McCloud CA

July 12, 2011

It is my position that the nexus of different levels of organization as that of a nationstate and the Hare Krishna Movement will yield strong proofs of infiltration by law enforcement agents to degrade and obstruct the preaching. I am stressing that University of Cambridge has orchestrated the current Chemical Assault Scorched Earth here in the United States.

Radhanatha Swami has had the labeling of the attack on surface named water after him. There are pictures of him with President Barack Obama. He should have confronted him on this issue. He is currently travelling to promote his new biography.

Hence two components should become more focalized in relationship to the Informant Culture. They are: 1. Quid pro Quo 2. Hostile Environment.

These two issues also provide a basis to purge a nation of informants with Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The recruiting and expulsion of otherwise normal devotees in ISKCON is quite acute.

The attack on my person gives credence to the tactics used against my person and other devotees in similar and different settings.

Happy Radhastami!!!

McCloud CA

September 8, 2011

Sri Radhastakam

By Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Gitavali (Song 5)

mahabhava-cintamani udbhavita-tanu-khani

sakhi-pati-sajja prabhavati

karunya-tarunya ara labanya-amrta-dhara

tahe snata lakhmi-jayi sati (1)

Sri Radha is a cintamani jewel of ecstatic love. Her form is a treasury of precious jewels. Dressed and decorated by Her friends, She is most glorious. Bathing in the nectars of compassion, youth, and luster, She eclipses the beauty of even the goddess of fortune Laksmidevi.

lajja patta-bastra jara saundarja kunkuma-sara

kasturi-citrita kalebara

kampasru-pulaka-ranga stambha-sweda-swara-bhanga

jadyonmada naba-ratna-dhara (2)

Her dress is composed of various kinds of silken garments that may be compared to Her natural shyness. Her beauty is more and more enhanced, being decorated with red kunkuma, which is compared to beauty itself, and blackish musk, which is compared to conjugal love. Thus Her body is decorated with different colors. Her ornaments embody the natural symptoms of ecstasy: trembling, tears, jubilation, reddish color, stunning, perspiration, faltering of the voice, inertness, and madness. In this way the entire body is bedecked with these nine different jewels.

panca-bimsati-guna phula-mala su-sobhana

dhiradhira bhava-patta-basa

pihita-mana-dhammilla saubhagya-tilakojjwala

krsna-nama-jasah-karnollasa (3)

The beauty of Her body is enhanced by Her twenty five transcendental qualities, which hang as a flower garland on Her body. The ecstasy of love for Krishna is known as dhira and adhira, sober and restless. Such ecstasy constitutes the covering of Sri Radha's body, and it is adorned by camphor. Her transcendental anger toward Krishna is embodied as Her braided and ornamented hair, and the tilak of Her great fortune shines on Her beautiful forehead. The earrings of Sri Radha are the holy names of Krishna as well as the hearing of His name and fame.

raga-tambulita-ostha kautilya-kajjala-spasta

smita-karpurita narma-sila

kirti-jasa-antah-pure garva-khattopari sphure

dulita prema-vaicittya-mala (4)

Her lips are always reddish due to the betel nut of ecstatic affection for Krishna. The black ointment around Her eyes is Her tricky behavior with Krishna brought about by love. Her joking with Krishna and gentle smiling is the camphor with which She is perfumed. She sits in Her room upon a bed of pride and the transcendental variety of Her loving ecstasies is like a jeweled locked in the midst of Her necklace of separation.

pranaya-rosa-kanculi- pihita stana-jugmaka

candra-jayi kacchapi-rabini

sakhi-dwaya-skandhe lila- karambujarpana-sila

syama syamamrta-bitarani (5)

Her transcendental breasts are covered by Her sari in the form of affection and anger toward Krishna. She has a stringed instrument known as a kacchapi vina, which is the fame and fortune that actually dries up the faces and chest of the other gopis. She always keeps Her lotus like hands on the shoulder of a gopi friend, who is compared to Her youthful beauty, and She distributes the nectar of Lord Syamasundara to all.

e heno radhika-pada tomadera su-sampada

dante trna jace taba paya

e bhaktivinoda dina radha-dasyamrta-kana

rupa-raghunatha deho taya (6)

Sri Radha's feet are your treasure. Placing a straw between his teeth, poor Bhaktivinoda prays, "O Srila Rupa Gosvami, O Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, please bestow upon me a drop of the nectarian service to Sri Radhika."

It Is Not the Spectacle That Counts...

McCloud CA

August 7, 2011

Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta

The United States is polarized and fragmented. This is also true of the Hare Krishna Movement. The social culture of the world has not recognized the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over myself and McCloud, Siskiyou County, California. This informant based system is continuing to use red herring gay bait tactics with a design to hand of this slander and defamation to future actors.

Since this is occurring in the United States and California the competent executive sworn authorities will be implicated. It is interesting that Barack Obama and Radhanatha are pictured below in what is now a well known event in devotee circles. I am cohort rival of Obama having been born one day previous to his August 4, 1961 Birthday. I am reposting my 50th Birthday photo on my websites and this may take a while.

I am holding up well but exhausted.

If I can extricate myself, which may be possible this decade you will see direct confrontation and greater propagation regarding history.

Radhanatha swami should be more concerned of running a good race than associating with Obama who is almost assuredly doomed historically and legally for Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The High Sierras will be a very fierce jurisdiction for Obama's posterity.

I would not consider any personality a sage who is supporting Obama or the previous four presidents.

This is the Vedic position.

Radhanatha & Obama

Blythe CA

October 12, 2011

Radhanatha and Obama

Barack Obama and Radhanatha Swami

Miami June 13, 2011

The president has some reason to smile. A photo with him costs between $2500 and $10,000 at a meet and great as this picture demonstrates taken during a Miami fundraiser for the president in Miami, Florida on June 13, 2011.

The poison in the well fallacy is the staging of an event against another event to damage such.

The Colorado River was Chemically Despoiled on February 12, 2010 in Earp CA Parker AZ upstream here from Blythe.

This water is agriculture and drinking water for much of the region.

I do not see why Radhanatha would pay for a photo of a president who has permitted an attack on his own country by the use of Chemical Weapons which is clearly anti Vedic.

Attacking with poison is capital punishment.

So this represents some of the prisoner dilemma based puppetry that is destroying the human race especially being driven from California outwards. The proximate cause or origin is allegedly Cambridge Law School.

It is near 100 degrees along the Colorado River. This area has the highest unemployment in the United States at over 20 percent. The level of cowardice in making a stand here is humiliating to anyone capable of reason.

Purging a nation of informant traitors is not hard. Blackmail and extortion will keep all in line from the president on down. Obama is a focal target due to his age. Rep. Mary Bono R 45 is also the same age. She will be 50 in about two weeks.

If all goes well I may finish a BA with a very strong background in law.

Gaming the System

Blythe CA

November 2, 2011

The current circular folly clearly demonstrates the risks inherent to the Hare Krishna Movement. As seen I am still be attacked under what I call treason and cruel and unusual circumstances.

It appears that agent hence LAPD working from what appears to be Cambridge Law School are recruiting persons to promote a LGBTi agenda. This includes Gay Family. As seen ISKCON has been a failure with the same sex culture attempting to redefine siddhanta.

Hence we see a continued attack by using Hridayananda Das Goswami's (Howard Resnick) name.

The Colorado River is chemically to date. This was code named Radhanatha as in Radhanatha swami.

Hridayananda is being proffered as my diksa which is false.

In continuation I have been heterosexual 100 percent of my life. Hridayananda supports Gay Monogamy within ISKCON which I do not nor ISKCON supports.

Hridayananda is being used to depose persons in a mock trial while a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is ongoing. In effect this Gay Recruiting.

Overall I am tolerant and have many LGBTi friends. However my identity at this level is heterosexual and so are my sexual preferences.