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In the annals of history philosophy has been a will to power, a will to order. In the contemporary time period activities of individuals of repute have concerted their collective forces to beheld as a power. The manifest political agenda of the movers in question have yielded an unparalleled act of censorship that is singularly unique in the history of mankind.

The will to order, civilization, is one of Empire, Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. Hitherto it may be made known as MOEC.

Mankind's historic past describes kingdoms that arose without knowledge of where or how. But man has desired a study of all that was to be known of history by a corresponding level; a system.

Thus Man (Cambridge Law School) then did take to will his self and mankind to civilization. He then did take to write the Particular History and Justice. This material was derived from the Great University, from the colleges comprised from it and the perfection of everything known by it's highest good, of the demonstrable sciences, math, the arts and letters, as well as the schools of law and medicine.

All this knowledge did this Man have at his disposable to form the civilization from the creation of man's knowledge, himself to the future state

In this perspective was knowledge of powerful teachers of religion and their advents. There was also to be taken into consideration of the scientist and his demonstrable efficient operation. Then and last there were the laws great they were to order man and his government to his good.

This period of silence, censorship, does gave a discernible point of origin. Such embodies a will of a first mover and this Man had many accomplices to embody a force of many wills. This activity formed an in continuo emergent field of study.

I am not totally cognizant of the precise date of the beginning. I know by what I have testimony of by my self and my will.

The system's method and chronological order I only may deduce. Through pragmatism the accuracy of investigation and documentation of events that did occur, the clarification of the true moral and legal intent of the movers may be discerned.

For the sake of one I would have proposed God first but I will present an example from the demonstrable sciences as logic will give continuity whereas the particular theistic tradition only contradiction, as I hold the latter actually greater the love of such is more and might cloud one's mind of the true conception of this event.

I will here interject for the grace of the lector a model of Aristotle is presented to facilitate the organization of Particular History and Justice.

Paradigm of Laws

I. The Eternal Law

II. The Natural Law

III. The Positive Law

The Eternal Law is the mind of the Ruler Supreme equating to Divine Government thus binding the living being to final salvation and judgment.

The Natural Law is the law of nature proper, of Mother Nature as some have called her. This according to the theologian concludes that intelligence and consciousness are limited by contact with matter by man's birth in nature. The gift of intelligence, reason, must be used to elevate oneself to an understanding of the Eternal Law.

The scientist does not accept this metaphysical position as this pertains to the Eternal Law. The scientist will accept only what is fully demonstrable. This is also an argumentative process of the natural reason which can be stated in equivalence to the natural law as has been done by other great masters as Aquinas.

The Positive Law is the human law. It is the great constitutions of man, governments both theistic and secular, written and promulgated for all by the sovereign.

The thinking being such, if there is a spiritual right, there is a natural right. If there is a natural right there needs be a law to protect it. This should be kept whole and conserved by the law and held cumulatively. This is as the legal right of the commonwealth. These spiritual rights, these natural rights become the positive having been set forth in the great constitutions that have risen by will of God or man's own.

This morality, hence the giving up of some freedom by one individual to the many to preserve the freedom, rights that existed in the state of nature and spiritual creation, (theistic and metaphysical if the debate permits) is a right protected by a law, a series of laws as adequate in the positive constitutions.

This was information was studied and heard by Man whom compiled such into Particular History and Justice.

To be complete in one's activity man needs a moral proposition to one's mental and physical activity to it's final end.

As stated the three stated laws comprise the essence of the consequent laws. Man has historically claimed perfection in consciousness, intelligence, relative to one or all in the erecting of the state.

This precludes the necessity of another model, one of constitutions which is predominately Aristotelian in it's origin.

Classical Tyranny









Kings have claimed descendency from God to rule, this within their own demonstration or the sanction of the priesthood. This is the rule of the best man.

The aristocracy having laid a claim to rule by virtue of the qualification of having the best births, education, and so forth, the familiar histories of service, members inclusive of peerage, legislators, lawyers, doctors, owners of land, business, and the priesthood; this wealth excludes them from the temptation to abuse power. Such are the claims of the aristocracy to power.

The democrat's claim lies in freedom. As men seem to be spawned of a similar birthing, they are all equal. If man was equal at his birthing, then all men are equal. If man was equal at his birthing, he is equal in all things. If he is equal in the greatest thing, man's freedom, than he shall be equal in all things similar. This democrats claim to know greater. The fact that the minds of many men are greater than the minds of a few or one man add to the claims the democrats make to rule.

To begin earnestly in this argument is to order a will, to begin a mobilization. One may establish their claims to rule and choose the intellectual model practical.

A moral claim to rule may be pure. If this is the case it is orthodox, usually a theistic argument but not necessarily true. This argument is basically deemed to be infallible in the strictest definition. Once revealed it is held to be true and not subject to revision.

A moral claim to rule may be mixed. It may contain theistic as well as scientific arguments. It may be amendable. This claim contains a revisionist tendency. This lends a greater credence to revolution. In the particular case the latter was taken in regards to the former.

The present stage of censorship exists within a claim to rule. This evolves a will to empire, a will contained within a mobilization. The verbal paradigm will be presented in the following for simplicity. Control is the outer boundary of the cell.

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization

Origin: The Organic Cell

Origin contains seven subsystems under and including Control which is the suprasystem. Any other presentation would be editorial or of other researchers and not that of Cambridge. Their work would be a Reiterated Version of Prisoner's Dilemma.


Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Origin Reiterated Model

The Origin Reiterated Model was not in the first Origin paper. It is a researcher's tools to balance the skewing that is in the work of the Membership in the first Origin model. Note that I do not consider Origin to be an a priori government existing in Natural Law.


Particular History and Justice










Ideal State - Varna Asrama

Mobilization involves the conceptualization of the new regime. This is non structural and has form in it's spiritual state a theory of a pure of a pure state, the perfect regime to guarantee the perfection of the regime perpetually.

This state is pure and remains undisturbed and is non differentiated of it's spiritual quality although a diversity of duty may appear present

Descending from the perfect regime are schematica that exist perfectly but only within their own nature.

Thus sovereignty has components as thus:

1. Head of State - His close advisers

2. Legislative Body - Judicial Body - Constitution - Body Politic - Government

3. Citizens and other members within the state

The will to empire is erected implemented in two ways that of an absolute morality and that of a relative morality.

The absolute morality proper is one according to the wise, I shall use an example from Scipio, as a morality that will not change from time to time place to place, or person to person

Hence in it's strongest conception it is founded by God and revealed to man it equates to eternal government. It is orthodox, atheistic science and unchanging but is empirically scientific.

The relative position is founded on the morality of a common good but hinges more on human customs and traditions. These do appear to change from time to time, place to place, and person to person

A relative claim to rule may argues as one that changes from time to time, place to place, and person to person. This can be genuinely be noted in the discussion of slavery.

A man is a slave in a chronological period in history, in a chronological period in history, is freed, is a slave in one country but if he can escape and flee to another country he enjoys freedom. He is a slave to one man, but is always free to another.

In this way a relative system argues a morality that comes into existence has some evolution for man's betterment. This work but not exclusively is relegated to the science of the theologian, moralist, philosopher, and legislator. As seen this is amendable. Through the trajectory of time this has given rise to a theory of secular humanism.

The other postulation that is to be dealt with which will enhance to define all is the question of free will and it's opposite argument scientific determinism.

The free will argument is championed by the theistic as well as the scientific encampment to some extent. Simply put free will states that a man chooses to act. This can be expressed as being and non being. It is conceptualized in these relations:

God's Will

Man willing unto God

Man willing upon oneself

Man willing unto one's neighbor

Man willing unto the cosmos (environment)

Being coming into being

The model of the state will embody in it's absolute and theistic form the will of God. The state will embody the morality drawn from the natural law if such is absolute and materially scientific.

In it's relative model the state will embody the following principles but with theistic influence more tempered and possibly separated from the civil state. Morality is formed drawn from the minds of the previously stated leading men according to the common good and it's preservation.

Scientific determinism proper is extended from, but in reality is part of the study of materialism. It is part of the current theory that governs the teaching of most modern education.

It is stated that all matter existing in the three dimensional world exists in space and time, has a definite point of origin, and has some final end or dissolution according to the laws of nature.

For simplicity's purpose, number theories, and other operations can be deduced with one hundred percent accuracy. Similar proofs have bound science and other branches of knowledge to a strict scientific determinism.

The implications for the fields of medicine and psychology are that they are bound to argue deterministically of the origin of life from inorganic elements; hence the facilitation of the reduction of all things to matter. Mathematics helps provide the empirical evolution of knowledge to perfection as scientific determinism.

The psychologist and medical practitioner must be able to predict the birth, growth, actual thinking, as well as choices made by an individual until the taking of death. This includes the choice of criminality. These events must be predictable in the strictest absolute sense in the controlled efficient operation of a scientist. One has to predict choices and events of individuals to that of nationstates as scientist controls elements eat every step of an experiment to it's final demonstrable conclusion.

Hence, the next great question has now arisen. Is man free to choose? If he is he is guilty of a bad choice if he is guilty of a bad choice, if he is not he is insane and less guilty as morality has taught us.

The great priests teach us that to a Christian and similar traditions, man chooses, providence leaves history undetermined. To the Vedic Scientist man chooses but one's karma which are one's materialistic activities are deterministic.

These are the choices to be made in theory of the Perfect State.

The Mobilization of Empire and Civilization will choose to argue and act upon the rigors of scientific determinism.

MOEC will argue history completely predictable in it's ultimate perfection.

This analization and judgment transcends nationalities and supranationalities as well as the individual. MOEC's choice was beyond good and evil.

In it's heart lies it modus operandi. It is one of defection. There are two positions and there can only be two; that of the constitutionalists and the anarchist (violent). The constitutionalists invokes change only by a constitutional method, this within all logic and reason. War is jus belle.

The anarchist (violent) basically strives for legitimacy but when squared may resort to violence in one's irrationality. To achieve his political ends, extra legal activities equate to the obtaining of the good.

This is simple and truthful. The constitutional individual shall not lose to the irrationalist whose deviance is rooted in evil, the violent act. This should be brought to light and the irrationalist and his position defeated.

This is achieved by the constitutionalist and by constitution, the deviant returned to civilization.

This is a claim but truthfully a challenge to the perpetrator of violent acts.

I shall now present a letter that has been written to a spiritual master placing the dilemma.

My respectful obeisances Hridayananda,

I am respectfully writing you today to ask for instructions in the aiding myself in the maturing of my devotional service.

I have heard that when a situation where a combination of the modes of nature, or just one, sattya, raja, or tama predominate a particular area or building, it is beneficial if qualified Brahmins are sent into restore or neutralize the imbalance by re establishing the Vaishnava principles and Vedic civilization.

In regards to this knowledge I would prefer if you would explain the use of defection.

Currently all nationstates, supranational organizations, the UN, as well as the lower level sovereigns (legally sanctioned) live in a state of anarchy, order, and constraints. The international relations are more in anarchy with rule by positive law held in a minimum of norms of theoretical laws and a small level of supranational regimes by positive law

The reciprocation of nationstates and regimes uses defection to promote interests and seems to promote interests of policy of a particular group or alignment over the constitutional sovereignty of one independent actor.

One interest seems to predominate by hegemony or it's alignment. The levels of sovereignty that are weaker defect to one or more sides in anarchic patterns that defy rationality and law. This multilateral, bilateral, unilateral relationship, third party conflict is support for the systematic patterns of defection that lead to war.

As one or more interests expands it's regime or it's will to empire or exert authority, at a lower level actors to take corresponding positions that cause defection to occur at levels of heads of state to the average citizens including devotees.

For a person whose only interest is to develop pure devotional service, the problem now brings is that conflicts become unavoidable and the coercive general will or force of law moves upon these actors to defect, to reciprocate with the regimes that are stronger willed.

The result in this escalated conflict is the actor often compromise laws and moral (spiritual) standards. There is no sovereign authority to implicate belligerents at the international level. They go on unprosecuted.

At the lower level, regimes have defected in this billiard ball effect, have yielded to force and have implicated themselves in the positive law.

My question I would like to postulate is what is the devotee's position in rendering service to guru and Sampradaya?

Can or can he not defect to regimes and will in support of these in regards to national and local authorities in measures that these imply or directly break statutes? The greater consideration being there are citizens and properties under states and governors.

I would like to refer to John 10, King James Version 5: 10: 8 "All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep do not hear them."

John 10: 10 "The thief comes not but for to steal and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life and have to more abundantly for the sheep."

John 10: 14 "I am the good shepherd and know my sheep and are known by them."

John 10: 16 "And other sheep I have which are not of this fold. Them I also must bring and there shall be one shepherd."

John 10: 17 "Therefore doth my father love me because I lay down for my life for sheep."

Is an explanation now needed of sanatana dharma? Is the conclusion of the devotee and non devotee bound to reciprocate with authority both spiritual and mortal? That to defect means one should have strict adherence to spiritual and legal precepts and to not take an option under the sway of force. How does the devotee choose? What is the position of the devotee who has no knowledge of it's science? What obligation does guru have in regards to Sri Krishna, the Sampradaya, the world, and all living entities in general?

Is being duty bound and legally bound the case for all?

Your humble servant,

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

The modus operandi has now been presented in systematic patterns of defection. A presentation of a universal model for analysis has been attempted and in combination will render objective results for structuralist politics and similar theory.

Defection is the primary structural support for MOEC and Mobilization. It will be seen as an active principle to the obtaining of the future state and beyond. Systematic patterns of defection are the means to the end.

(In the Artificial Virus PHJ actually is within Control which is the cell wall. In truth to assemble the defection model PHJ or incorporating a database of history to justify or avenge would come first before emergent subsystems. (DWN Westwood CA July 8, 2009 to Weed CA June 30, 2015)

The writing of The Particular History and Justice was a product of the research of Man in complying knowledge of the great University. History is the scientific documentation of events and begins at it's point of origin.

The proposition of the Particular History and Justice is to form an accurate database in an historical form to define a morality that lays claim to an empire. What has been done is that various claims to creation, the evolution, and the history of life specifically are compiled. These histories are what are acceptable to theistic religions and science. The contradictions must be reconciled in ordering of the perfect regime. This in an equitable manner would be Justice.

The database of PHJ in practical real terms is a base of material to be an ad hominem support in the physical structure of individuals, nationstates, and supranational regimes that comprises a civilization.

The conditions of MOEC's existence predicate that this is not the only valid possible outcome.

Every event in recorded memory has had a direct or indirect bearing on the present or will in the future.

If the correct truth is made in the documentation and the truth is strictly adhered to in implementation, the implementation in all regards shall lay a formidable claim to equality, setting aside all past condition ad hominem.

The Particular History and Justice is a subsystem in the organization of the Mobilization of Empire and Civilization.

In the implementation of the police surveillance state, conditioning will be used to introduce behaviors to an individual. This precludes that MOEC is indeed a system of distributive justice. This activity is from a standpoint of absolute morality, deterministic but with free will. There is then the state (MOEC), police force and the agents.

There is a theoretical standpoint of prediction events in the lifespan of the human being. These shall form the functional imperative of a hierarchical goal in the individual's life within society.

The individual it free to choose or reject the behaviors presented in the establishing of identity in the strictest scientific determinism standpoint, the overall psychical position of the individual is predicted with primary and secondary corollary outcomes.

The schema is to be replicated in all humans and other beings as the advanced animals. These activities are performed with an object of institutionalizing the process of conditioning an individual in the socialization of the entire civilization. MOEC shall order mankind towards an end judgment.

In every conception of existence there is on origin and primary movers, agents and object.

The point of origin and primary mover may be spiritual it may be material.

MOEC would like to reconcile the myriad propositions which have been revealed and proposed throughout history.

Simple arguments inclusive of this case are the a priori standpoint of Godhead as origin and primary mover.

The argument of whether there is a monotheistic or polytheistic nature in his being and creation arises. In this light, what is the entity's relationship to this sovereign?

In this concept of God, space would be eternal on the question of matter. Science holds that matter is matter is a mass in motion in spacetime. For simplicity, the linkage of metaphysics and physics is sought in a diligent labor from the best sources. This argument is further researched as the mind body problem. These topics shall be ordered in a scientific deterministic format with a metaphysical first mover. The concept of sanatana dharma has been used by MOEC in an attempt to develop it's presentation as a revelation of an eternal religion.

Control is the subsystem of MOEC that dominates the apparatus. MOEC may be seen as a social system; one of control.

In review, deity has moved his will across the creation. Thusly he is it's origin, creator, master, or controller. In the Vedic system all entities are secondary controllers with minute authority over environs. In conjunction the psychical apparatus or mind is localized within a hierarchical structure of living entities. The gift of intelligence is extended to the living for correct usage.

The positive law and head of state are the authority of political systems that control the earth of our existence. In MOEC's political philosophy a theocracy is preferred.

In this manner, all living entities are accounted for from single celled entities to humans in our conception of spacetime. In conclusions of authorized authorities of religion, deity exists in an eternity in upper higher dimensional space not subject to time. A non differentiated kingdom with form and diversity may also exist.

From an individual's birth one wills some type of activity towards various objects. MOEC will argue such from conception. In this endeavor the individual or living entity elevates or degrades one's being and environ into some conception of order.

In essence spirit is primary but for the conditioned entity, objects as sense data approach the mind, are processed through the senses and become datum thus forming a material conception of existence in lieu of a spiritual identity. There is a conflict between authority and objects.

In this schema man is reciprocating with a sovereign deity. This entails a divine or eternal configuration and lower hierarchies that have been explained. The inconsistency in this reciprocation sets forward a pattern of causation that must occur. MOEC is a configuration of free will and scientific determinism. Matter has a distinct deterministic pattern. If the origin is known, the primary mover, secondary mover, agents, and object or terminus, all corollary outcomes may be measured infinitum.

Does man's will choose? The current moral conception taught at the scholastic level is scientific determinism and is making inroads in many areas of discussion. The environment is fraught with dueling with one side attempting to throw the issue into the air once again after discovery. The inconsistency in moral boundary locations predisposes a set of controlling entities hierarchical in a kingdom highest to lowest.

As man evolves his consciousness individually and collectively, one implements a religious socio political system; and imposes such over civilization. MOEC argues the universe a priori. Does the universe function in an orderly manner independent of man's experience? MOEC argues under natural laws, yes, there is an existing support in deduction. What exists in man's mind does have an existence. Man's knowledge singularly reflects one's vanity and dubious limitation in categorizing phenomena.

For simple purposes, a consultation of doctrine on original sin or fall from grace could be sighted for more support. Authorization is an important component free of personal motivation in MOEC.

The purely atheistic interpretations of scientific determinism are an important aspect as well as MOECs seeks harmonization of the two. This is automatically induction or ex posteriori. One cannot violate the other lest there be duplicity. The trajectory of civilization involves a problematic of ordered wills to a common or uncommon good. The contention of theism and schism are important factors as man concludes his species life.

In the pursuit of knowledge, the pursuit of power, man has tried to configure a perfect system to rule. This actually has spawned a world history that has failed.

As the continuum of revelation and knowledge progresses, privation and miserliness evolve into deviance. A crime multiplier is formed from simple misdemeanors to murder. The crime multiplier is the foundation to war. Genocide and EWS as Armageddon Theory may be placed over the constitutional model.

The establishment of the Apollonian cult is now postulated. It is to be remembered that the word Apollo may be used universally as Godhead or identification of the personal Godhead.

In a broad sense most religions hold that there is an absolute Godhead of which man rebelled or doubted and hence fell lost his spirit and grace. Theism argues that man chooses free from coercion from Godhead.

As man and civilization progress factions form around various deities and truths. MOEC argues that man may irrationally choose and cause schism. This value judgment is then shared by persons collectively forming a culture. MOEC will argue more primarily that they are entrapped tacitly with false ideas and behaviors that lead to their unworldliness and punishment.

This pattern evolves downward from religion to single celled entities in the artificial competition between species. The Apollonian cult is superior; Dionysian inferior to be purged at the Bacchanals. If this schema is fulfilled there are only Dionysian cults only.

The archetypal pattern of Armageddon Theory is now established. The predisposition of man has formed; the sovereign and subject relation. There is a universal archetypal pattern of theocracy, monarchy, aristocracy, and polity in evolution worldwide in a trajectory through history. These models in the general sense reflect theory and not absolute concrete fact. The downfall of civilization is also predicted in a sequence of ages, gold, silver, bronze, and iron.

MOEC has formed the PHJ for it's data and genetic base with a criterion of defection plus informant ratio for all holon. This activity is predicated on the existential value of objects in nature. The evolution of the universe is natural with MOEC arguing the environment as a reflection of the being and vice versa. The informant ratio is the negative ratio of one's activity plus one's ability to avoid legal prosecution and extra legal events. Legal structures are built from the informant ratio as houses, businesses, and constitutions.

A small model will be presented that is a reflection of the whole of extralegal schema. Two individuals have activities involving drug contraband. One is rated as six. One is rated as a four. A transaction is arranged with TPSYS. Number six is the connection. The deal is a ten kilogram purchase of contraband at number six's home.

A municipality is the spatial area. The two members are also part of other dyads tryads and other grouping in the area. These sets of persons are attached historically to the original lawyers in the past. This is PHJ and these strands help support the conditioning of individuals. There are other persons who deal at the same or greater informant ratios (6:4) and similar amounts of contraband. A comparison and accurate legal analysis would reveal some persons to yield a greater threat and others lesser in prosecution. The location of the transactions plays an important part in this perspectivism.

MOEC has shown intent, rationality, and wills, orders, secondary movers, and agents to fulfill the object, viz. conditioning. This manner of entrapment is a form of justice with a similar informant ratio. Some individuals with similar acts are not arrested this day; this transaction resulted in an arrest.

The whole trajectory of sense data codified into PHJ is the ad hominem support inclusive of sets to implement an arrest. A six and four ratio is ten and has occurred in a distinct chronological time and location within a boundary. Hence number six will win. A number seven and four will not be arrested. Eventually the informant ratios will involve the police, prosecutors, and judges who are part of the so called de jure system.

This phenomena is an attempt to rationally explain a subjective event of discretion. Ratios appear to be invented when needed as they case may be. If there is a scenario developed it is attempted to be adhered to. With or without cognition individuals defect to MOEC. MOEC will attempt to educate and arrange economy for individuals from PHJ.

MOEC is unequal in regards to equal protection. The scheme of idol, hero, buffoon, and scapegoat emerges within a lottery. MOEC has influence over persons from world leaders to homeless persons. As deviance incurs these holons are seen as agents that evolve a hierarchy descending from Cleopatra and Hitler ad infinitum to the sole survivor.

In review, genocide and war are the most deviant crimes. Murder assault, rape, robbery and drug trafficking and intoxication as all crimes descend into worldliness. Atheism is deemed negative but some moral atheists may be deemed to have some legitimacy over ritualistic theists.

The target operation for Lycurgus is contraband followed by gaming and prostitution. Hence the so called libertarian vices are focalized.

As numerical informant ratios combine in spacetime, a war or genocide incurs. MOEC will orchestrate the movement of the agents, the actors, totally attempting to predict the outcome. MOEC, as new equilibriums emerge draws nationalities, treaties, and convenes war crime courts with their expertise.

The Aural Cartographic Maps may be reduced to numbers, digits, and bytes, to a form of weighted law. This is the informant ratio that predicates a certain outcome legal or extralegal.

As MOEC moves to condition an individual imposing the ratios over all objects that exist in a particular culture, does that person deterministically or freely choose? This act is also in regards to MOEC and it's agents. The rigours of a systematic operant conditioning are in contestation.

The numbers, weighted law are ordered into the future; a composite of End World Scenarios EWS emerge. The preferred is Armageddon Theory. Most theistic traditions proclaim the coming of a messianic figure or Godhead himself to deliver mankind.

Who will be promoted to Godhead? All the possible levels of sets have been ordered into PHJ. The conditioning is being fulfilled by TPSYS. Within this material is the substance for a judgment phase where all crimes are ordered into species. Latin is used but existence is existence in MOEC Theory.

Cleopatra and Hitler are chosen to perpetuate MOEC under a relative morality to diffuse personality development by scaling value judgments in half progressively. MOEC conditions individuals creating a differentiated personality.

The hierarchy of the crime multiplier has been presented and improperly ordered acts result in individuals to be rated against the assumed marriage of Cleopatra and Hitler.

MOEC finds that the subjective orchestration or entrapment is the only manner to predict an individual's behavior accurately. The world is a stage, a theatre. MOEC's science is ahead of what is publicly acknowledged. Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and lightening strikes have been predicted. MOEC is revealing that the government and science are more advanced in the areas determinism than is held by public opinion.

MOEC successfully predicted Mt. St. Helen, Hurricanes Andrew and Bertha recently. Even more interesting is the accuracy of predicting lightening strikes against an exact individual. This appears absurd but there is a tradition of doing such that is several hundred years old. Such is predicted on the exact dates using science, statistics, probabilities, and conditioning.

The position of MOEC is atheistic absolute morality, one at least of the sanctity of life. The best deterministic outcome is based on proofs of laws, particularly the use of natural law to support the existence of Godhead as a person. Ideally MOEC is vegan, anti hate, anti Nazi, anti abortion, anti euthanasia, and anti nuclear. Positions on death are at times muddled depending more on the security of it's agents. I argue that MOEC is conservative. The authors appear to have been originally pro death but moved to an abolitionist posture that was and is a growing trend. The above are abstracts. The TPSYS running the operation may have totally opposite positions. As functions these inputs should yield marginally better efficiency over the long term.

There is an equifinality on these issues in the following subsystem, Atomization.

Technology involves the efficiency of all things. The design by courts to permit pornography and hate on the web computer systems allows for individuals to will what MOEC considers to deviant as an expression of freedom. The problematic involves a trajectory in spacetime. Individuals will upon objects within the creation inclusive of themselves. These contradictions logically support MOEC's de facto nature of recruiting informants to perform illicit acts and retaining such as scapegoats instead of prosecuting corrupt officials. MOEC is attempting to be the Judge of history and mankind.

MOEC has stated it's line. MOEC has arranged Lycurgus Akbar from the United Kingdom and the United States as to the consummate expansion of totalitarianism. MOEC believes it can deify itself into a religion. In reality this is the systematic loss of rights to the state predicated on numerical informant ratios that are contrived, creating a crime multiplier, and genocidal warfare. MOEC's interest will divide and fragment unity in the human family setting the stage for nuclear accidents, nuclear terror, and limited nuclear theatre.

In this regards, the logical political arguments to wage war and extralegal acts to facilitate Justice have been assumed by MOEC. MOEC will do what it takes to be successful even if such is no more than a power play.

MOEC appears to have arranged activities for Carlos the Jackal, the world's greatest terrorist. This involves state sponsorship. His arrest also involved systematic patterns of defection.

The control over the institutions of mankind predispose the fall of the Apollonian priesthood to the Dionysian cult. Such are lead in the pursuit of Artemus the Hunter in search of Dionysus to enjoy the feast of the Bacchanal.

Herein, the position of Akbar (this operation) is stated and prophesy of endtimes is addressed. Symbolically Allah can only be represented by a circle.

Shiva begins to complete the slow dance of destruction as the world is in trance of the worship of the goddess Kali. The cosmic manifestation fails as it returns in the breath of Mahavishnu.

The Book of Daniel is important in MOEC. The System of which Kings yearned to rule the earth is modelled. As a result MOEC states this system is MOEC. It is based on the systems model. This system will last forever unless eliminated to it's origin.

MOEC is in the consolidation of political tactics evolved through history. It is designed to fulfill the judgment of all men and nations, Daniel 2.13.49.

In the Book of Daniel 5.5 "In the same hour came forth fingers of a man's hand and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the King's palace and the king saw part of the hand that wrote."

A continuum of small propositions has arisen. I argue in the ideal MOEC is anti nuclear. At this time period MOEC would argue multilateral disarmament. In reality MOEC appears to have heavy involvement in nuclear events.

MOEC claims to control the system of keys and computer codes that permits a head of state to aim launch a nuclear warhead. The System of MOEC probably helped design weapons systems through University of Cambridge. The Hand, Man of MOEC (most likely the head of the law school) has seen the keys and pressed all the buttons and computer codes necessary to launch a nuclear event. Herein is an insight in how MOEC is able to manipulate high ranking officials towards homeless persons.

The totality of all staging is defection around The Hand on the ACMs.

The millennium of reciprocation with truth or as imposed by MOEC will arrange the informant ratio of Armageddon Theory. The incorrect world leadership will choose negatively in a subjective utilitarianistic manner. This is the lesser of two evils, thus increasing an escalation in a circular folly of which all are too vain to accept as reality.

The world is lead into The Feast of the Bacchanal by Artemus whom they challenge only to be slain by Artemus, hence Armageddon Theory. Here an ecumenicalist code is presented as it is throughout MOEC's presentations. An individual's identity will define in part how one will interpret such data.

Daniel 6.2, "And the King commanded and they brought those men which had accused Daniel and then cast them into the den of lions, then their children, and their wives, and the lion had mastery over them and brake their bones in the pieces of ever that came at the bottom of the den."

The corpus of Parameters as evolved from the description in the appendix develops now to incorporate now all the objects of the senses. Primarily are the colours. As given to the eyes, white and black are the first colours. PHJ are attached and also imposed over the original ten lawyers and their followers. The same process is repeated with all the secondary colours, blue, red, yellow, and so forth. Technically the sensation is based on the absorption of various frequencies by the external object, blue being the last frequency absorbed.

The phenomenon of sound occurs by the vibration of matter and being received by the tympanic membrane. There are some epistemological systems that argue such as integral to the formation of intelligence, sound quantification and the formation of symbolic thought and language.

The sense of touch is facilitated by the construction of objects in their heat, hardness, and composition. The nervous system and localization of neurons also determine sensation although the objects structure is not dependent on experience. Objects are rated for their heat, texture, and hardness.

Olfaction is the quantification of evaporated materials by nerves in the nose. Taste is the quantification of materials dissolved and detected by nerves in the mouth. All these events have third party legislated events imposed over them to defect to MOEC's advantage.

Compounds are the macro building blocks of matter. Organic life is carbon based. These complexes have other events imposed over them by Cambridge Law School. Ideas or objects of the mind, a tree house, or a book, all objects have materials that would defect back to the law school. These events undergo the construction of Parameters. There is a linkage here to Plato's Laws. All possible forms and products are non proportional outputs that are affected in the formation of the corpus.

Certain key members of MOEC take credit for all the activities that exist in the world. The mechanism of Parameters permit's these actors to project their influence through the defection model of TPSYS. The orchestrative powers of the members of the 1800s expose MOEC to be attacked permitting MOEC's defense mechanism to adapt creating new boundaries. These processes are fairly sophisticated and the origin must be discerned to prove who is responsible for what activities.

All in existence before us is a form of sense data that arrives to us to be perceived through the senses. Humans must make some judgment of the relations to the composition and quality of the data by some faculty in the brain.

All matter surrounding us exists in a physical spacetime having form and composition. Spiritual objects contain a different substance according to different theism. Being non material these spiritual particles are unique and cannot be measured as a type.

The PHJ are attached to every concept of the spirit. The Godheads and forms are also subject to having material imposed such by MOEC.

In the basic format a corpus is being formed with all the materials arranged in a specific location defined by PHJ.

Next all the materials of history, figureheads, and activities to be implemented are configured into the corpus. Spiritual pastimes of various theism are similarly affixed within the corpus. There is now no object that can come into existence, which will not bear at least secondary if not primary relationship to MOEC. If any object comes to be affected by MOEC by any subsystem it will have come under the effect of Parameters.

From the corpus of Parameters the holon receives it's body and form. The illusionary effect or mimicry of causation is a definite blaspheme against a virgin birth, an archetype, especially Christianity. The attachment of PHJ functions as a control. The corpus also functions as a law. The PHJ have numerical ratios that operate as equalizers that level the equilibrium of MOEC. Such are also used as a predicate for future events.

In review, Parameters is a boundary between PHJ and Maze.

Chronologically and at various locations one will find a corpus located across highways, doorways, gates and the like. Holons or objects must move through these locations and consequently have the effect of the corpus imposed over them. The variations of Parameters can be seen at times to be to the benefit of one person or group and to the detriment of another; the result being irrational.

There is in a cultural aspect a tar baby effect in MOEC, hence corruption of blood or ad hominem. This subjective particularity is derived from petrochemical technology, which would be as a function an attack against the Arab Muslim culture that controls these resources. There are antecedents for future acts.

There is another visualization of exponential growth presented as growing snowballs, which number seven. These objects are akin to spheres. Plato's Sphere is the direct reference. These models are sphere models containing information in a geometric graph. Hence all drug production or weapons output can be isolated in a sphere model.

Plato's Ideal State or world is the Sphere, a spiritual state. The world of our experience is a sphere. There are those that use a sphere model to analyze the equilibrium of our cultural influence. Spiritual and material outputs form the perspective of MOEC. Within Parameters, with events being affected by it's processes, one can notice the generation of MOEC's mythology with cultural historical supports.

The knowledge of MOEC may be presented logically, with models, or verbally in a rational format. Essentially such is no more than an entrapment. Much information is disguised and can be used to create confounding.

The spheres travel in orbit's or possible vectors akin to astronomy or astrology. Like other phenomena, the desire is to create a deterministic prediction of events due to an informant ratio. These events would have equifinality with Parameters as they have materials imposed over them by TPSYS as a third party legislator.

It is interesting to note that Parameters adds dimension by the addition of extraneous materials in a cultural context. There is a linkage to organic genetics in the morphology of the artificial system(s) of MOEC. If a holon has cleared Parameters such has truly entered Maze.

There is a concept of dual analysis and equifinality in the construction of the spheres. All of the subsystems operate on one another and can the boundary may be visualized similar to membranes with Control being the outermost. The spheres are unique because they pertain to a holon being in Maze but they have the effect of Parameters. There is a distinction in function, assimilation, and differentiation of the subsystems in the operations performed but they all at times share a large amount of the same features.

The desired result of these manipulations is to alter the perspective of universals that are of a natural causation and controlled by these operations. In reality this is the particularity of relative morality, a human creation. What is attempted is the invertaebration of the universe. This manner of procedure has been the object of occultism, Satanism, and so forth, as reading the Bible backwards as a ritual to counteract angels. In Parameters, one can note that organically new offspring are birthed through a hymen, not created from such. There appears to be midwife ploy of giving birth or an act of creation of something new. MOEC is a reinvention of the old and material based. Religion is it's disguise.

A guardian angel, St. Michael is chosen. A small biblical description of the angel is given. It is to be noted that almost the entire membership of MOEC has been Christian. Afterwards descriptions of other faiths are presented. A small portrait of Sri Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead is made. This description is of the original two handed form holding a flute. Sri Krishna is the original Narayana of the three Vishnus, Karanadakyasi Vishnu, Garbhodakasayi Vishnu, and Ksirodakayasi Vishnu are mentioned.

Next a small paradigm of Brahma The Creator, Vishnu The Upholder, and Siva The Destroyer who are material entities are described. A small reduction of the Vedic Manu is made. The present age is 5,000 years into Kali Yuga or the close of the 2nd millennium of the Gregorian calendar.

In this regards in primary institutions, the son is forming dyads, triads, and so forth within in his family members, siblings, and extended persons. In support of these outer functions are the Eros or ego. Such is differentiated into the Oedipal and Electra complexes.

A hero is picked from history as a role model; George Washington. A comparison to Magellan is made. Now at different thresholds of auditory response conditioning from other individuals worldwide representing The Spindle of Necessity may be heard. These individuals exist at various stages of life. Some are heads of states and their children, sports heroes, musicians, and average persons. A comparison of lifestyles is made. This is impure synchronicity.

John is the target of Lycurgus. He has a contract (analogy) to be an astronaut in NASA's space shuttle program. Near his 38th birthday two flights are planned.

The song of the siren is heard. Eros supports the sphere of knowledge. Electra is to the left and Oedipus to the right. The Muse is singing of the doom of the Ideal State.

The parents raise the individual John normally. Relatives see him at the usual times of the year as birthdays, Christmas, summer vacations, and so forth. During his pre scholar years John is learning to form pre operational behaviors before gaining skill in formal operations as reasoning and value judgments. As John develops he receives conditioning from TPSYS. The leader is known as Periander. As John is forming his personality, learning to go to the bathroom, elimination, and similar basic activities he is lead and reinforced in Maze activities. These activities include the lacing of shoes, reciting the alphabet, and the counting plus addition of numbers. These are important goals.

An activity related to Maze learning is the transference of parenting. This is used by TPSYS to replace the authority of the parents to Periander as the agent of MOEC. Materials from childhood development, Spock, Piaget, and other psychologists are used along with classical stories from various diverse traditions. Thus TPS, the Totalitarian Police State emerges.

A voice is manufactured, synthesized, or sampled in the modern sense of various individuals that the child and others in the milieu might be responsive to. This sample is used by TPSYS, as they explain various theories and points of child rearing derived from PHJ. All is predicted in a scientific deterministic format.

Instructions on how to evacuate and relieve oneself, wash hands, are given to the parents. They then instruct the child. Success is measured. John is normative. The mastery of the alphabet has been attempted and is accomplished. Basic number skills as counting, addition, and subtraction are attempted. John is able to count to 100 and perform rudiment operations.

The lacing of shoes is presented and within a few days is mastered. The riding of a bike is attempted. John tries and tries. He crashes several times. He is given a method wherein an adult holds the back of the seat while the child pedals. Eventually the elder refrains from balancing the bike. John is only permitted a few endeavors at this before a bike and training wheels are purchased for his birthday which is approaching. His trike is discarded. John is five years of age.

John will attend kindergarten at PS 1 school. Other children have been predicted and prepared according to PHJ. The entire elementary school of 500 or so students has been predicted with a great deal of success. The arrangement of the school reinforces MOEC's skills in planning. The ordering of this number of students in one building is a microcosm of state planning. This equilibrium of skill was achieved in the 1930s. The time period in question is the 1960s.

The United States is in a hard fought war in Vietnam. John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King have been killed. The Equal Rights Act has been passed.

The classroom is an interesting experimental learning environment. The texts used have been prepared by MOEC. University of Cambridge prints the Encyclopaedia Britannica and Oxford University is well known as the leader of college level texts. The teacher in her mid twenties has received a similar upbringing. MOEC is aware of her education and orientation towards learning. The educational plan as well is developed from these materials.

English tasks include simple stories to facilitate subject verb are used. Arts and crafts are incorporated as well as music, which includes the singing of folk songs from various traditions.

John is average at reading at first and is placed in the second group of readers. This act was pre arranged by TPSYS from PHJ. John gains skill and soon placed into the first group.

The Vietnam War is raging. Drug use is emerging as a social problem. John's extra curricular activities include learning to swim, which he excels, playing kickball, and bike riding. Such are encouraged to develop his coordination.

At home John sleeps in his own room. John is discouraged from the use of toys by TPSYS in the hope that he will be philosophic and athletic. It is understood that John is the focal target of Lycurgus Akbar.

The Mobilization has pre designed activities between John and other siblings. Negative activities are carried out the in turn become new PHJ to be antecedent for future conditioning. A whole range of weighted activities are constructed from PHJ. They are designed not to be altered. This may even be true if a performance is excellent and the conditioning negative.

MOEC has attempted to have a contingency to use against a holon in it's construction.

John is normative in his deviant acts as fighting with his peers. He receives the commensurate corporeal punishment from his father and the school principal who is permitted to spank.

At a preconceived time John is permitted to hear the Mobilization. Activities some thirty years hence are described. At home John and his father are asked to walk into the yard and stand next to an almond tree. This is a direct analogy to the Confessions of St. Augustine made in reference to mistakes already performed.

The electronic surveillance or shell is analogous to Plato's Sphere or The Pleasure Dome of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. These choices were developed from the family history of both parents. MOEC will also take in to consideration geographic location.

University of Cambridge is a very powerful educational instrument of world class expertise. Access to this level of expertise as the histories of mankind can be arranged around an individual from MOEC's archives or PHJ. This shell or operating system is arranged around the father so John may hear. Events are constructed for the mobilization in healthy incorporating activities and diffused disease like disorders supported over a schema of Oedipal and Electra complexes into hemispheres forming a shell.

John's family is going to move to a new location and different communities around the United States are discussed. Primarily the quality of the school, availability of jobs, housing, and children of the same age group are taken into consideration.

According to the materials designed in the late 1800s the kindergarten classroom has manifested and the students have advented. As John listens to the conditioning, different sporting events are heard with the probable victors announced. These activities include the World Series, NBA Championship, boxing matches, and the Kentucky Derby. MOEC has mobilized to attempt to predict the outcome of events in various sectors of society. International discussions over the Vietnam War are heard. In this regards the information is superior to that of conventional media. The Sandinista Movement, Iranian Fundamentalist Movement, and Desert Storm operation are foretold.

The sporting activities are (-) Oedipal, (+) Electra. The bellicose acts are (+) Oedipal, (+) Electra. Religion is placed to the right and science is to the left. These polarities may come to reverse themselves in time, the absolute truth being neutral. The identities are culturally created.

Nixon is predicted as an easy winner in the 1968 presidential elections. Various other positions regarding world leaders are heard worldwide and arranged around John's father. John has to stand near an individual whom has a substantial holding of property to hear the mobilization. John is only six years of age. His father owns no property. They are renters. The information is permitted to be heard from descent from a grandfather. This position is in descent from Divine Right or the right of the first occupant.

These activities have been applied from PHJ and have moved through Parameters. We are observing two individuals receive their conditioning from TPSYS. The formation of their individual egos in turn develops the ego of MOEC. MOEC is an artificial person.

John is the focal target for this time period. The entire region is undergoing conditioning. A large percent of the neighborhood is participating in the same activity. All is arranged in a hierarchical numerical order. The mobilization moves around the world in a pattern that attempts to support scientific determinism. Target sets and individuals are compared. This facilitated from PHJ. The next conditioning is determined. The individual psychical apparatus and sense organs rest on the healthy development of one's body. Certain perceptions as olfaction and taste are more vibrant in early ages while fluid and crystal knowledge appear later on.

Tests have been made through the school to see if the children are fit. It is common knowledge that a man may only perceive objects with at 20 20 vision at a certain distance. Also the ability to discern letters at a close distance is limited. The auditory facility as all of the species senses are bounded. MOEC desires to quantify as much material as possible. The level of human perform is important in a theory of conditioning and threshold.

The entity of MOEC is available in an electronically. It is comprised of basic state planning embedded on aural maps. In a simple reduced format it is a historium that is to be distributed to individuals to raise civilization or end such in an end world scenario EWS. MOEC in particularity is an Armageddon Theory or such is Christian based.

John is as universal in the abstract as any other individual. In particularity he is the focal target for MOEC in this epoch of it's history. This is Lycurgus Akbar. Different behavior modification will be used to supplement the materials of the school, home, and other spatial environments that John frequents.

Reduction Room

Two Cambridge lawyers are sitting in a room with four walls, a ceiling, and at a table. An order is given negating the command imperatives is given inverting the constitutional mandate. This is to disobey, betray, the constitutional state at systematic levels as spiritual, natural, and legal. In effect, Will you betray the Constitution?

The senior lawyer gives the order. The subordinate lawyer complies. An intrinsic theory in the thinking of MOEC is that a conditioned reflex has been conditioned from one John Doe as ordered to another. The relation is reciprocated as sovereign to subject. Spacetime is spacetime. All rooms are rooms. Thus this environ is the Reductionist Constitutional Model of the Perfect Dictator. It's implementation is instrumental to the constitutional wrecking in the formation of a static universal civilization, the City of Armageddon.

This conditioned reflex may be identically recreated and reinforced to facilitate a behavior modification, a type of learning. This event is possible in conditioning of all Does to complete their lifetime conditioning. The generic room is a control to reinforce the reflex. So in the implementation of the model from theory to an environment of our experience, success of the model can be predicted in all rooms with John Doe in a scientific manner.

This event has been recorded on electronic tape and equipment of practical mid line quality.

The two leaders are the prime movers of MOEC for Lycurgus Akbar. MOEC can singularly gather PHJ, administer such distributively, thus reinforcing learning with objects of spirit, intelligence and matter. MOEC argues an interdisciplinary psychological perspective.

A controller from PHJ chooses objects that are placed in the environ of the person being conditioned. In this regards operant conditioning is used as reward and punishment.

This is followed by transference of parenting to MOEC. Overall MOEC is cognitive behavioristic within an interdisciplinary format dispensing with tasks with the minimum effective theory. In this manner we may trace secondary movers and agents towards the completion of the Totalitarian Police State TPS.

The Mobilization of MOEC can be totally extended from this room encompassing the material cosmos challenging Godhead to be it's subordinate. In this connection the extension of these two individuals penetrate the interpretation of the hierarchical order of individual entities integrates the interpretation of Heaven and consideration of punishment by a priori beings and secondary institutions of our world of experience.

The conditioning of John and all individuals is particularly the extension of this line of authority. John is presented a system of conditioned reflexes that comprise his entrapment. The secondary movers are orchestrated with materials from PHJ. These individuals approach John at various distances that are calculated by MOEC. The information is ordered by TPSYS and can be heard over walkie talkies. The signal is routed through a voice synthesizer and over public and military frequencies.

Information is thus broadcasted over various transmission formats according to the Mobilization. The auditory level may be adjusted electronically towards proximity to the focal target John.

At this stage of John's life, the members of his sets and region are responding to the conditioning of MOEC. The future events of MOEC may be heard. In this schema one of John's friend s mother is integral as an individual to John's conditioning. Her present environment on a specific day is calculated. There is a concept of several complex systems of astronomy and astrology argued here (equivalent to the Moecian Calendar). The fragmentary parts of MOEC can be heard by standing near her. The mother like John is permitted to hear the mobilization as PHJ in Maze.

At this appointed time many events are occurring worldwide. John is doing well in school and is improving at other extra curricular activities. At his home MOEC is heard near his father. Advice is given to the father by TPSYS. The information also contains data from world events that is superior to conventional sources.

At the home of John's friend, agents of TPSYS are asked to stand at various locations around the home across the street, down the street at the nearby public school.

A small radio is being used in the house and is tuned to a specific station. As the conditioning begins, the format unfolds from the largest legal sovereignty. Through these legal institutions inclusive of the governor, mayor, the jurisdiction itself, to John, all acts are calculated in a numerical manner and conclude to TPSYS. The intensity of these activities demonstrates a profusion institutionalization and systematization. Other individuals are undergoing conditioning in predetermined localized areas for this day.

John is at home with his father. The activities are now being directed over the Four Cardinal Virtues. John's father has some knowledge of what is occurring, John does not.

John is asked to go over to his friend's house so he will be able hear a small composite of MOEC reflecting the current zeitgeist and the future.

MOEC is a form of social engineering of integral to which is a concept of a crime multiplier and sociology. John usually frequents this friend's home where he is welcome.

As John arrives to the residence, TPSYS has arranged his conditioning. The Mobilization is to present conditioning to an average of 1000s of persons. All acts are synchronized. Individuals should be in place at location to hear the stimulus, conditioned reflex, at an audible determined level reinforced by the secondary movers and agents. This is done to achieve the projected equilibrium for this day of the Mobilization.

The entire environment may be treated as a holon.

As John approaches the home, the loudest auditory stimulus is heard from the south. Members of TPSYS, the law enforcement officials are receiving their conditioning also. They are following the aural cartographic maps, tape maps. To hear the maps one has to fulfill possible a number of activities, some of which are questionable as to their constitutionality. A small procession is following the instructions of TPSYS to the home of John's friend where they will listen to a composite of the conditioning. This composite contains the outline of the operation Lycurgus Akbar.

As the procession begins, a collection of great books is assembled, many are of western origin, but MOEC is universal in selecting materials. University of Cambridge is quite philosophic towards it's educational format. Plato's The Republic is produced and is commented over. These philosophical books are discussed as touchstones. The will contained in these texts will raise one's consciousness for the individual and culture. Entire civilizations have been raised around such treaties.

The Talmud, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, and The Communist Manifesto have been presented. These literatures are heard arising from the east towards the mother's home. The chronology of the books is not important now. The books are the agents of the movers to implement the conditioning within the environment of Maze.

John arrives to the house. A small radio is placed in the window. John remains in the yard, as is custom to wrestle with his fiends, which is the normal activity.

A numerical hierarchical order of the system Control is given typing the lottery as well as the corresponding activities. In a macro analysis an equilibrium between communist and non communist countries is discussed.

The entire domain of activities within MOEC and without supports TPSYS' ability to present the materials to John. The cohorts or siblings of John have been prepared in a similar manner. The population has had their histories predicted and have been entrapped as individuals and sets. MOEC has demonstrated that it has socially engineered a large amount of the cultural environment in this area as it's constitutional legislation, infrastructure, and cultural geography. These activities have equifinality with the psychological profiles that MOEC uses in conditioning.

The individual's degree of defection to MOEC is preferred to activities or the process of coming into being. In conditioning MOEC has an inclination to major acts guaranteeing it's perpetuation with a slavish redundancy to insignificant details. In this regards an indelible stamp on civilization is genuinely observable.

The individuals in the neighborhood are listening to the aural cartographic maps at various predetermined locations. They receive instructions on how to fulfill their species life regarding all activities of eating, sleeping, and defending. MOEC arranged these activities within a concept of the state and then ultimately defected such to itself. Persons defect to the state to advance their interest.

Morality and political science argue that one's status should be gained by a system of qualification, education, and testing. This is egalitarianism.

The entrapment of legal and illegal activities is facilitated through psychological profiles. These materials, which become PHJ, are generated from a cultural anthropological and psychological survey. The difference in spiritual knowledge, empiricism, and objects are analyzed then ordered hierarchically. A concept of man in spacetime, man in obligation to sovereign is developed as a basis to form one's religious and political society.

In simple schema John Doe is a universal man. The same God is universal. The environment is universal. This would equate to an absolute morality that would not change from time to time, place to place, or from person to person. Man's civilization primarily has been anthropomorphic, erected over fallacious value judgments from his mortal intellect and false sense objects in a trajectory of humanity. As such different customs, traditions, and positive law constitutions exist.

Different objects are identified from PHJ and constructed efficiently into an entrapment. This is inclusive of the environment. In a trajectory of spacetime, all acts are affected by this reductionist room acting as a filter. This is the room of the two Cambridge Lawyers.

In this manner Cambridge Law School has created a model in which they may transfer authorities and loyalties to MOEC. These events are recorded as Aural Cartographic Maps and handed off to the future. Entire scenarios of conditioning are reduced to a conditioned reflex in an environ. All entrapments will contain at least one illegal act. A theoretical John Doe is expanded ad infinitum. The models are given names and incorporated into sets. One John Doe expanded into seven individuals is a common format.

All variations of John and Jane Doe are reducible to simply citizen Doe. As such this is equivalent to a citizen with free will. A mission goal is to differentiate persons by legal and criminal acts.

The entrapment scenarios are similar to acts of a play. Similarly they are extended into a limited theatre developed into different stages or acts. These materials are tape recorded on the ACM or Aural Cartographic Maps. Such are projected for a thousand years and are intended perpetually.

The individuals within the defection model hear their conditioning. An event that passes through a system may be referred to as a holon. In relation to the individuals, massive world events are heard.

The activities if they are illegal, are the opposite of a specific law. Laws specify the exact illegal behavior in question. These laws are part of constitutions. Societal control may be comprised of traditions and customs, which may be odious and irrational. Laws themselves may be such.

MOEC itself, as a minimum declares a natural law to be superior to constitutions.

As other individuals are gathered near the friend's mother and home, they hear the ACM. In addition to the particular conditioning of the individuals, most of the events are to be staged in the future thus taking on a dimension of a play with actors; a historical drama.

The crime multiplier is the negative aspect of the cultural foundation, which is used by MOEC in a behavioristic analysis to justify acts. Generally speaking a 1:10,000 or 1: 100,000 ratio is used in these models. In relation the crime is also a psychical event but is difficult to quantify on the collective level.

Crime is a psychosocial event extended from man in spacetime and a failure to develop proper identity predicated from value judgments.

Actual positively designed political entities are the formal boundaries of MOEC inclusive of supranational regimes. Sociological behavior transcends these boundaries and is secondary for this particular analization, the creation of TPS. Data from within these boundaries is calculated in a statistical format in a ratio that is achievable on graphs of various types, a calculus boundary mathematics. All these materials are taken into consideration as the problematic and matrices emerge in a chronological manner. MOEC has international expertise on the drawing of legal boundaries based on supportive evidences.

As the spatial area of the conditioning evolves, the analysis of the geographic environment and cultural geography are both quantified against the atomic clock and astronomies previously mentioned. All events can be called holons moving through a system. The equilibrium for this date, plus time should be synchronized for the Aural Cartographic Maps that were projected for this event.

The accuracy of the scientific deterministic predictions and the proper adjustments are considered.The options are usually equivalent to the original calculations.

As the individuals are assembled, they are in Maze Learning. The official sociological statistics of the area, specifically the crime multiplier are analyzed. The John Doe entrapment is distributed into seven names which are generic. These activities descend from EWS, Armageddon Theory, and genocide on the macroscopic international level downward to murder on the domestic level. The individuals are approaching near John, the mother, and the house. These individuals are able to hear the conditioning, which are equivalent to law enforcement reverse stings.

During this time period, as John's region evolves all the possible configurations of monads, dyads, and triads that pertain to the culture of homicide. Such are assembled around a policeman as an alter ego to John. These individuals represent the possible perpetrators and victim(s) as prepared from the materials of MOEC. A simple murder may be a crime of passion wrought forward by economics, infidelity or other factors.

The spatial area of the house inclusive of the home itself and it's contents were designed for this event. The success of the constructs of the environ demonstrates the ability of MOEC. All aggregates of the property and contents can be identified as holons within MOEC or the cosmos. The geographic area is temperate forest. It is spring. A small representation of culture and milieu are indicated.

The style of house, construction methods, materials and paint were predicted. The landscaping, additions to the property, the furniture, and the arrangement of such were directly influenced by MOEC. The total of the world's historical output of production is taken into consideration and products that are available for a family of this income are considered as well.

The house is an extension of the constitutional reduction model, The Room. This was developed from the ACM. The house is an entry level home in a suburb built in the 1960s. If The Room in Cambridge Law School was successful than the implementation of MOEC will enjoy success.

Now as John is playing in the yard, the selected ACMs are assembled around the mother in a synchronized time frame. There is electronic surveillance inside the home. The law enforcement, TPSYS are equipped with sonar guns and there is a signal routed through LAPD to a music studio with a voice synthesizer. The signal is directed through microwave frequencies to different law enforcement agencies. The regular Am Fm VHF frequencies are also used to route a signal to various broadcasters who have been chosen from PHJ. This is an act of distributive justice.

The advancement of technology involves the evolution of MOEC. The electronic sector is advancing in quantum steps during the present time period. The activities presented historically have been performed manually. An excellent example for comparison is the Oracle of Delphi.

The events may be seen as holon. The house and spatial area and the conditioning to be evolved are a composite holon in the focal system Maze.

The other agents are interacting with sense data presented by MOEC. It can be argued that the persons on the property have the sensory capability to hear the sense datum or information as it is presented.

Currently music is becoming popular. Different styles of rock music are in proliferation. Some of the more prominent performers are presented as the entourages of agents approach the home. The shell or sphere is created around the house. One may hear of the success of the emergent musicians, and their past accomplishments. Some of the performers are related to individuals in this same neighborhood. Such persons share the same name or are cousins.

These form a species of genealogy; there are other dyads, triads, and various sets.

Sports and entertainment figures are also presented. The same concurrence of background is true. The information is heard over the walkie talkies and is even broadcast over the radio.

John and his friends are wrestling in the yard; advice to the mother and father is given over familiar matters. The present problems of the community have been discussed and they are repeated here concerning the individuals near the home.

The entrapment of John in Lycurgus Akbar is to be presented. To further the conditioning, John's father is asked to walk on to the property to listen to the conditioning. John is still wrestling. The equilibrium in support of Lycurgus for this date, as members of the community and region have been assembled. They have received their conditioning and are stationed at various locations.

The conditioning has enveloped John as to the type of clothing and food that he ate this day. Members of the community are positioned up and down the street in similar pattern maintenance. John's father hears the entrapment. Everyone on the property can definitely hear Lycurgus Akbar. It is an activity of ostracizing of a citizen to attack the USA, it's presidency, constitution, and federalism. The power of MOEC and the Mobilization is obvious. John lives in a small town, but the Mobilization can locate the governor of the state, judges, and legislators in every neighborhood.

The activities are built along a vertical axis of violence and a horizontal axis of absurdity. Cultural collapses are predicated on these extremes.

In a simple manner, the exact fate of John is discussed at primary and secondary target dates. The safest occupation for John was to be a religious leader, politician or an astronaut; a commensurate level of education of a masters degree should facilitate a successful and healthy lifestyle. A stream of great books is presented, The Republic, Summa Contra Gentiles, Srimad Bhagavatam, Koran, The Communist Manifesto, The Green Book, Book of Sandino, and The Federalist Papers.

There is a moral foundation to all of these literatures. If correctly applied in human terms they are peaceful. They would viz. eliminate MOEC. MOEC gains power like a hurricane from anarchy and defection. This analogy is derived from the content of Machiavelli's The Prince, the ends justifies the means.

After the discourse of Lycurgus Akbar, small excerpts from each book are read to substantiate their validity as efficient holon in the constitutional environment.

MOEC is origin and primary mover of extensive tacit activity. John's primary benefactor if Akbar were to occur is argued as Abu Nidal. Mrrs. Khomeini, Gorbachev, and Daniel Ortega are listed as in opposition to the USA line.

The Pope, Jesse Jackson, Daila Lama, various acarayas, and other great personages are predicted as possible commentators. The presidents of the United States are sighted as realistically being the best chance for relief. Reagan two terms, and Bush two terms has been predicted within the target dates as presidents. This pattern seems to rest on the incumbent and the issue of abortion. Clinton is cited as a possible victor but Quayle will be chosen due to the abortion issue. Selections are made towards 2000 to 2008.

In light of these lines of authorities, an explanation of divergent and convergent evolution is presented.

The Apollonian and Dionysian cults arose in contention. The Orphic cult evolves into the Dionysian cult with Artemus the Hunter as a prime figure. Dionysus emerges as a God unto which various obeisance's are to be made. Dionysus represents the more appetitive elements and their respective objects regarding pleasure. Doubts are also associated with the Dionysian nature.

The worship of Apollo is more associated with a higher personality, cognition of things as they are and as well as knowledge as the ends of objects. Strength and fortitude are also associated with Apollo.

An analysis by MOEC also states that high priests of the Apollonian cult entrapped the cult of Dionysus with deviant behaviors. Typical of this is the hunt after the wine festival known as the Bacchanal. The worshipers of Dionysus led by Artemus would become intoxicated such as the workers of the field. This claims MOEC is exactly what the priests of Apollo arranged. In the orgiastic pursuit of Dionysus, their members would revel in intoxication and proceed to attack one another and Artemus not knowing her to be a God. She would defeat all parties in a bloody dismembering. These followers were to have believed they had achieved unity with Dionysus. The priesthood of Apollo has now exploited the more primitive qualities of the worship of Dionysus.

After the analysis of theistic literature and authoritative positions, Cambridge Law School has assumed the position of the Apollonian priesthood. In essence, MOEC may take a scripture as the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, or Koran and alter parts of the teachings amounting to a word per page or more.

In paradigm 10 persons are chosen from PHJ. One is a priest of the teaching in question. In distributive justice the material is inverted in truth 10:1. The priest will have a 10 in relation to the new teaching and another individual 1 until 10 is reached with the last position. The process may be repeated on several positions, the order inverted and distributed in different polarities with the defection returning to be endorsed by the priest.

All teaching may evolve into a canon, which MOEC will write over the old tradition. The model of these 10 members is encouraged to be diffused. The new line of authority presented to persons who are also prepared from PHJ with these deterministic methods. They will form a flock.

All schematica are ordered hierarchically in number theories and can be seen in origin from the reduction room scenario of the Cambridge Lawyers. The series of ratios extends into the negative and into PHJ. The individual events that are incorporated can be called historae. This is an inductive analysis forming the genetic base of MOEC. In review, the ratio extends into the past, is the present and is projected into in radius in a 360 degree sphere. These activities can be substituted for mathematics in a simple reductionist manner or vice versa.

In consequence a church and or churches may be constructed from The Room. All cultural geography is also developed from The Room.

In MOEC these paradigm contain a concept of mass and prime matter that will develop all consequent events of the system over space and time. In this context MOEC controls religion. There is a concept of occupation (dharma) and activity (karma). The priesthood is regarded as the upper boundary of moral teaching. If MOEC controls religion MOEC controls morality.

MOEC has prepared the censorship for all world leaders. In contrast MOEC will present a sufficient teaching and models to John in the event of Akbar and John's demise. Now during Lycurgus John is able to receive the conditioning of the mother.

A quote I heard of Ortega y Gasset, "No hay hombres." There are no great men.

Another uncited reference is heard, It is Apollo versus Dionysus. A quote is heard from the Bible, "Yet have I set my king upon the holy hill of Zion."

Corollary several other major events are discussed, Rwanda, Liberia, Bosnia, and Desert Storm. These events are set to be staged during the first possible date of Akbar which will occur at an extreme level until John's 40s. The magnitude of these events will not affect the control of MOEC or Akbar. A contingency of other extremes beyond natural disasters, nuclear disasters, terrorism, and theatre are heard from PHJ as they extend into the future.

According to The Prince of Machiavelli a ruler may oprimand a small portion of his population for a given time while still retaining substantial support from the remaining sectors of society and the world. This is a structural theory. MOEC has calculated an upper boundary of seventy years as being a threshold for a maximum of abuse before a noticeable opposition occurs; longer durations have historically yielded existence of regimes.

The efficiency of MOEC is secured contrasting the differences of output of the current time period and establishing a sustainable equilibrium. This would be a normative model of cultural behavior.

Higher dimensional non material conceptions of reality are presented, such as different activities of Christianity. A small discourse on monotheism and the triune Godhead is discussed. A consideration of King David as the ideal king or ruler is consistent with the various political spiritual government scenarios.

The prediction of the future acceptance of Caitanya is predicted as different universities throughout the world accept Vedic literature as such becomes available in different languages. University of Cambridge is very authoritative in their analysis of Great Books. The content and training of these literatures rank highly for their morality.

A few pastimes of Caitanya are presented. The worship of Jaganatha is very liberal for neophytes. Words similar to yoga and karma are gaining popularity. Children are becoming familiar with their use. A comparison is made with the more popular Buddhism. A distinction is made regarding personal theism and the atheistic nirvana of Buddha. This is made in context to divergent and convergent lines of authority evolved from the Vedas. A small analogy is given for all known Vedic outputs.

The Buddha is praised for his compassion and fortitude. Not all persons are God believers. In a sense the stories of Buddha's resistance to sensory allurements is integral to the entrapment of MOEC.

Fundamental Islam is discussed as such is in a state of proliferation. The collapse of Iran is heard under the Shah. A reference is made to the Angel Gabriel and the revelation of the Koran to Mohammad. Salmon Rushdie's Satanic Verses and his de facto arrest are foretold.

The aural atmosphere is heightened. Persons who have no known contact or experience with these traditions are asked if they can contemplate the features and activities through visualizations of the stories that are presented one after another. Persons that have experienced this type of conditioning are asked questions about these religious ideas during and after the conditioning to analyze level of cognition.

The question of threshold stimulus genetic inheritance or revelation is casually being examined by observation. Informally it is deduced that persons can visualize, possibly extend very limited amounts of sense data into strikingly similar facsimile of entities and traditions that they have had limited or little experience.

Quotes from Daniel are used, 2.40 and the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron, fore as much as iron breaketh in pieces and subdue all things, shall it break into pieces and bruise. Further in this regards to the writing on the wall, 5-25 and this is the writing that was written Me ne, Me ne, Te kel, Uparshins.

The Oracle of Apollo has spoken; the muse has sung of the fate of the world, the conditioning was implemented chronologically. The sense data is dispersed. TPSYS and their stream of information move to a location a block or two away where the information changes and a new conditioning is arranged.

As John turns he is able to hear arrangements for various popular records. Scores of professional athletic events disappear over the houses into the schoolyard. The athletes are the likely heroes for a youth like John. John can also hear predictions of astronauts in the space shuttle program to the landing of men on Mars.

TPSYS disperses the crowd from the house and yard. Others follow the Song of the Siren to the school. Persons are instructed to participate or not according to the PHJ. Individuals are permitted to come and go as they please. John does not know what is exactly occurring and returns home. To pursue the signal could infringe on one's rights.

During the fifth grade, surveillance is arranged around John's class. This is integrated within the whole region. TPSYS monitors the classes through the electronic surveillance and the classroom intercom. Law enforcement officers are inside and outside the building with walkie talkies to set up the threshold box or The Room.

The format centers on theory of scientific determinism and specifically the theory of laws. Constitutional law is prominent. The exact standing positive law will help John if he undergoes Akbar as such has an existential nature. Social studies is John's favorite and he is among the best students in this grade.

The Four Cardinal Virtues are set up around the building. The conditioning begins.

Man is a free will created in a state of perfect freedom. Under the Lockian concept, this predicates certain natural rights, which no one can alienate. This concept acknowledges Man's ability to reason and safeguards free speech. Locke was a Christian and this encompasses Man's being under a creator in natural law. This position reflects Man's coming into being and toleration. Here Locke expresses his laizze faire utilitarian orientation.

The protection of positive rights has included name, age, race, place of origin, and religion. This is generally protected as the 1st Amendment. The 5th Amendment is cited as administrative procedure, due process, equal protection, and under the color of authority.

The state has mandated that students memorize the Preamble to the Constitution.

Professors and psychologists from around the around the world are online to monitor and comment on the case according to PHJ and the Mobilization.

The class is engaged in a call and response with the teachers, professors, psychologists, and TPSYS over free speech plus constitutional protections. The students learn that they are reciprocating with a sovereign (head of state) as subjects (citizens). This format is reduced to man in spacetime. More forward the students learn of Marx and his theory of communism, thus a classless society. This is achieved by a procession of six historical stages. They are 1. Primitive communism 2. Feudalism 3. Slavery 4. Capitalism 5. Socialism 6. Communism.

This is Dialectical Materialism and is demonstrate as thesis antithesis thesis. Two opposing arguments are developed to create a new argument or case. The students are asked to demonstrate the Dialectic.

A small discussion of universals and particulars is given to help facilitate concepts of rights and particulars. A comparison of the individual and subservience to the state religion is given. This is done to facilitate an initiation to Comparative Political Systems, which will occur later in high school. The discussion ends with the constitutional concept that the peaceful individual retains one's rights and conserves safety and security while the belligerent is nihilistic.

The class ends with the children throwing pieces of eraser while the teacher turns toward the blackboard. TPSYS has choreographed this scenario. The teacher is aware and no one is punished. This is a demonstration of theatre and anarchy. As the students move to science class the shell is heard over them. The United States is still engaged in detente and in the cold war. There is trouble in Ireland and Israel.

The science class begins with a discussion of atomic particles. There are protons, neutrons, and electrons. All matter is composed of such materials.

As is observable for hydrogen 2, such is composed of two particles, one proton and one electron. There are common elements of Hydrogen of two types.

Prior to one's inductive experience this fact must be true of all hydrogen and all elements constructed from these atomic materials with an independent existential existence. This existence is a priori and confirmed as knowledge a posteriori. All life is carbon based. Hydrogen is important in the great chain of carbon based structures that form life.

What is contrasted is that the case for spiritual knowledge is a form of a priori knowledge not existence that is confirmed by discovery. As scientific empiricists strenuously insist that matter is primary existence, knowledge is a fact only of conscience life or gained by existence a posteriori. In the materialistic based scientific deterministic schools of atheism, life arose from the periodization of chemical elements. The question arises as to when and how do these chemicals form a living entity. Even more important is when there is life does such choose?

The class is starting to study one celled animals and plants having to identify thirty organelles. The single celled entities according to science are evolving predicated from the environment (matter) by the mechanism of natural selection. As these and all life forms require a morphology of systems from a cell, how does knowledge arise in the psychical apparatus? What is the genetic link or trigger? In conclusion it is to be noted that plants lack a nervous system.

In mathematics 2 + 2 = 4. All addition is objective and may be argued as fact to fact towards a conclusion from mathematical principles or laws. This is deduction. The antecedent and consequent do not depend on human experience to be true.

Matter is built from primary materials as protons, neutrons, electron, that exists separate from experience. As theory of knowledge argues that things arose from matter, the forms are whole but also pertain to a whole called a cosmos. Existence in life predicates sensation. Therefore empiricists argue that an object must break the field of perception and the data becomes datum localized in the mind as subject. Deduction fact to fact a priori is greater towards an efficient conclusion. Hence humans may only argue deductions after experience. Experience is part of the solution. Knowledge arose by induction a posteriori by demonstration.

The boundary locations of an individual are inductive and subjective in a general way. This affects the manner in which sensations are perceived through the senses. Matter or inductive experience cannot contaminate a higher entity as Godhead. All revelatory knowledge is purely a priori while human knowledge will contain a minute portion of experience.

The causation of all the material that exists in our plane of existence is one of matter in spacetime with motion. The advancement of a purely scientific secular education is developed from this concept. The field of physics and mathematics are endeavoring to complete a unified field theory. The implication is to dispel faith based proofs or fideism and believe in an idea or person that is false or solipsism.

The children then study fossils and prepare for their exam on one celled life forms and the use of the microscope.

The English class presents phonics and syllabication, word etymologies, plus the construction of topic sentences and paragraphs. This is later developed into a thesis statement and simple report writing. John has the Encyclopaedia Britannica as well as the school. All of these materials have been organized by University of Cambridge. The Encyclopaedia Britannica contains excellent form and content from the world's leading authorities and makes an excellent model. John is somewhat adept at restating what he has read and excels at report writing.

Social studies is descriptive. It presents models of youths from various cultures discussing their lifestyles. Such is attempting synchronicity in the abstract.

Later in the year The Lottery will be read. In grades seven and eight, Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984 are to be read.

In summary, Maze is the spacetime where conditioning is implemented from the origin, primary movers and secondary movers, agents to the object. The object is usually an individual, the holon that is being operated on by the system and it's materials. In MOEC spirit is primary and matter is secondary in presentation. The spirit is argued as the seat of all knowledge mind sensation object. Empiricism argues a person gains knowledge object sensation mind from quantified sense datum.

In the final analysis MOEC is atheism disguised as religion. It is a plutocracy. A tyranny based on the buying and selling of small objects in contrast to an oligarchy which is based on the propriety of land by the few. An indelible stamp on the culture is the disintegration of language. In a theory of abnormality, labelling is used simply as a veneer for content and quality to further one's interest.

MOEC has used a parallel analysis that attempts at ecumenicalism of Godheads but falls well short in spite of a once serious attempt at such. The particularity of this entrapment focuses on the concept of sanatana dharma or eternal occupation of the Vedas. According to the Vedas, religion is more ritualistic and changeable while sanatana dharma is not.

All ordering of materials is argued as equivalent to math ultimately existing in a kingdom. It is thus divided into hierarchies, which are differentiated into genus and species. Hence, a (non genus) spiritual city with a material lower genus spacetime exists. In this connection events may be measured as types. Inclusive are all intellectual and material non proportional outputs.

The materials are ordered descending from the ends. As an individual exists in spacetime he strives to be a controller. In one's desire to perpetuate oneself and species one will develop different value judgments and concepts. In this manner with a limited functional intellectual apparatus and logic the individual and the collective construct the foundation of a civilization.

MOEC has analyzed Man as a species, the proposition of a knower of the field of activities, and the activities themselves. A hierarchy of numerical justice is ordered after the analysis of all non proportional outputs as a holon in an atomic format (periodization of elements) thus predicating a utility to be used in degenerating states secondarily.

As this individual wills unto other objects, an informant personality develops which is descended from an absolute betrayer of truth. The Christian Lucifer is archetypal of this personality. He events or outputs that are undesirable are then ordered in descent into genus and species of type according to this nature.

As man moves in spacetime his now differentiated personality collides with another individual's activity. The net composite of their activities is embodied in their informant ratio. The other objects in their spatiality are numbered for their Mass (MOEC's) for future use. A correlation is made to the periodic table of elements for gross material events. As the informant ratio of the individuals increase patterns of diverse schematica from PHJ will be implemented around these persons as an entrapment or conditioning.

The subjective nature of conditioning is not necessarily legal. As the predicted ratio of the individuals as a six and a four interact, the individuals must be criminalized. Number six will defeat number four. There will be various entrapments implemented to achieve such. In this case MOEC obtains an ad hominemcontingency to mobilize informants against persons in the future.

This in short creates a scientific crime multiplier as a foundation for war.

The population in this scenario is a deviant one, informants. As this population increases, such argue crime as a utility. They argue crime as the manner to preserve Justice. The events escalate from simple crimes to murder, war, and genocide.

All events can be reduced to numerical ratios, which are attached to the original membership and determine which individual will prevail. In this interaction there is analogy to the combination of DNA in procreation. The concept of laws should eliminate the worst case and ideally both. What is occurring is the creation of an informant culture and state. Events are ordered individually and collectively from the set theories into the future as the support for Mobilization.

As the informant population expands, the state must expand against such or collapse.

At Hiroshima an epoch known as Syrinx began. As numerical informant ratios increase MOEC counters by legal justice and purges. All atomic nuclear events are supporting Syrinx. Technically this epoch is Lycurgus Akbar. Any nuclear attack would create Syrinx proper. At this time in history MOEC is testing the equilibrium, technology and skill of the performers who posses such.

Cambridge Law School was the authority that declared that the Hiroshima bombing was guerra belle or legal warfare under international law. Recently there is an indication that Three Mile Island and a Chernobyl were created in support of Akbar. This was achieved by defection plus engineering and structural design failure.

Inductive ACM have been projected deep into the future to confirm various roles for individuals as they assimilate in a form of Control, which is the outer boundary for all social systems models.

Technology is important as an object. Technology has use for Man's betterment or Humankind's destruction. The web computer system currently permits pornography to proliferate on the strengths of free speech. In continuation, MOEC has orchestrated many events in this line of trajectory that civilization has chosen and that MOEC will help develop and at the same time analyze as violent or informant.

In essence man as informant predicates his elimination. Various predetermined options predispose the movements of informants as the individuals move into Control.

Atomization specifically deals with annihilation or at an attempt of the destruction of being, the pure spiritual state of deity existing as one of un differentiated spirit.

There is Zeus, and his assorted entourage of attendant servants. Hare Krishna and Radha reside in Goloka Vrndavana. There is the great Triune Godhead YHWH with Jesus at his right. Allah is presented as an old man. He is also known as Akbar.

As deity their constitutional position is one of Absolute Godhead. In MOEC there can be only one Godhead. This to say there is one Absolute Godhead with a limited to infinite number of persons. MOEC argues that the current language of theism is often imposed from outside a tradition with regards to the original scriptural authority.

In Vedic interpretations the monistic position of the Mayavadis states that Krishna as one of many incarnations. If polytheism is adopted here a whole line of irrationalism emerges of demigods contrasted with the Vishnu tattva that differentiates in an uncategorical manner without scriptural authority (Historical Monarchialism is being used for The Greek and Vedic faiths). MOEC argues Hindu is a Persian deviation applied to the Vedas. Vaisnavism is regarded as the representative form and also the spiritual not material identity of Aryan; a pure devotee of Krishna. The correct eschatology of Vedanta is acintya beddha beddha tattva or simultaneously one and different.

The existential position of Godhead and it's propriety in particular to one's relationship to the sovereign predisposes atomization of the material body of the forgetful entity. Deity's knowledge is eternal and as such his knowledge is not derived by experience. Experience entails that knowledge was gained outside the spirit through sensation or contact with another material object and processed as object sensation mind as subject. Deity has no finite mind and cannot have anything added to him in this manner or he would not be eternal. Deity does not need a middle term to calculate, mundanely rationalizing to increase his wealth of knowledge.

Deity or Godhead is revealed through his chosen agents or appears as himself. This may be seen as a law with certain imperatives. Originally this law was verbal. It's community was revealed and ordered civilization in endeavor of a spiritual state. The empirical nature of experiential man accounts for the mechanistic institutionalization of religion. Anthropomorphism is the given explanation for the fall of man in original sin.

The material faculty of the collective has conditioned the individual to impose mundane conceptions over reality. As a result the goal of existence shifts or is displaced from inner spiritual truths towards outer objects. This is secured by alleged agents of the truth until a total degradation. A common schema is the following for this socialization: 1.Idol 2. Hero 3. Hero 4. Scapegoats.

Idol: This argument begins as the real authorized position of Godhead. As the revelation to man unfolds the priests are consolidated under the incarnations and prophets. If these individuals are mortal in any sense they will receive only a perception of the true Godhead. In essence only Godhead can truly know himself as he is. This is approached in an absolute sense toward a relative perspective. Such only perceive an idol or reflection of deity. As the performance of sacrifice to deity falls, religion becomes more institutionalized or ritualized.

Godhead has an absolute value and is a person; the activities of Godhead's movements are always spiritual. The priesthood transfers faulty materials, objects, and activities in securing their desires as religion. This is performed subconsciously or with intent as privation.

A central configuration in this concept is social stratification with slavery as the lowest constitutional state.

For the purposes of Atomization, the priesthood defines boundaries for the devotional service to Godhead now only idolized. Different roles defining a hierarchy to service the idol emerge. The first primary boundary is a genealogy descending from the true Godhead.

Individuals by their own demonstration or sanction of the priesthood claim the descendency, thus to have more spiritual attribute. In their estimation they are more spiritually fit. These individuals desire to populate the world with Godhead's seed. The entire world and creation have been proclaimed as the boundary for this activity. The creation of a just spiritual race and role is an integral and foremost duty to the idol, the Godhead once removed.

These individuals emerge as controllers over civilization, usually kings and configurations of priesthoods. In this manner they define work differentiation and roles for individuals often limiting the objects one pursues. Slavery, ostracization, and caste emerge.

Hero: The hero is first in service to the idol. He may be a prophet, priest, king, statesman, or private person. These individuals may be considered to have received some genuine revelation to the original deity. These personages, entities as animals or plants may have identical or hierarchical relationships to the original deity. They too, in turn become idolized in the service of the original idol in a stratification of order.

The original eternal religion has diffused. The morality manifests itself in a variegated political system with separate standards of truth and justice. The hierarchical apparatus of the church, temple, and political polity emerge in a parallel vertical plane. The quality of different tastes and persons in power accrue plus private claims to property to secure their activities and objects. The schism of truth is more apparent.

The appearance of individuals who have no cognizance of the religion or political state exacerbate the conflict as the polity fails.

Buffoons: As the state becomes more rigid and stratified; class interests sharpen along traditional lines, religiosity, race, property, and family relations. Individuals arise to endeavor for advancement along spiritual, intellectuality, and works only play a diminished role.

At this point in time the civilization is an invented moral culture with moral culture being predominated by economic measures. This presentation is a generalization, the invertaebration would have occurred at the first miscalculation of truth.

Cultural anthropomorphism escalates, as there are individuals present with strong intellectual activities and strong desire to objects outside the deity. Persons who possess the ability project a competing idol to challenge the order and system in control. They have vertical power and challenge the idol of the original deity. This entails a quest against the hero of the idol, the best possible available public representative of such. The dissenters argue that they are equal at times this is a fact, at others not so. Traditionally comers argue the merit's of the scapegoats for inclusion into the social system, which is now fully developed, into regional, political, and economic centers with evolving artistic and sporting institutions.

Scapegoats: The scapegoats exists in the worst situation, are genealogical heirs of the scapegoats or as a class they have fallen in service to the idol. Impaired persons are regimented and entrapped as they are excluded from the secondary social groups.

The population of marginalized individuals is great. The civilization is degenerated. The administration of the state has derived it's legitimacy not from moral will but passion and wealth. The popular sacrifices to truth are now an idol maintaining the institution of religion. In this manner a status quo is deified in the name of the idol.

Individuals of the scapegoats have had the similar perfect relationship with deity idol but have fell. They realize the situation. Individuals who are the real leaders have been imprisoned or killed. At this point the panorama of the state has evolved a regime with no leadership. It is prey to other states who also move in a similar manner as the states collapse without a leadership.

As the civilization decays each state is a belligerent only making a show of justice, asking for political obedience while it exploit's it's own citizens in an idol, hero, buffoon, and scapegoat status quo. The lack of a universal moral standard and cultural anthropomorphism escalate the collapse of truth systems.

A theoretical approach of MOEC, Parallel Analysis is used to explain Atomization. If a crime exists in the social body, seek to discover a support in the government and public sector for such. This is not exclusive to other theories but part of an interdisciplinary approach. MOEC's activities are definitely constructed around Parallel Analysis. The results are equivalent in points to the culture of impunity.

In an anthropological analysis, one of man's first important technologies was the harnessing of fire. This cultural anthropology argues after the use of hand tools. Religion also is said to occur later. This skill to start a fire was similar to the acts of the Sun God and Sky, the Father. The Earth is the Mother. Fire was warmth and a means to cook food. Fire catechizes impure things into ashes thus making oneself and world pure again. Fire was also a weapon to be used against enemies. The ability to be an expert in this relationship elevated one and ostracized another.

The superiority derived from metallurgy advanced mankind in weaponry and refined the gold and silver to be sacrificed to the Sun. This skill was proven over other modes of production and other peoples with a similar manner of lifestyles. A crystallization of such predisposes the elaboration of the alter truth emerges further with man himself directly the Prophet and messenger of Godhead.

The Gods and Goddesses of the seasons, rain, and harvest fail. The God of the sacred mountain, plain, and hunt fail. The spirit of the animals and plants reveal themselves to serve the new conqueror Man himself (Monotheism polytheism pantheism anthropomorphism). Heaven is to be created on earth by works. The stars and signs are read predicting the coming deliverance under a king that shall populate the world with holy peoples.

The immoral use of the technology of fire, metallurgy spawn from one's spiritual moral collapse, expands in all directions. One's nature is explained in regards to the composition of the metals in the earth that bore one.

Forgetfulness is the sleep is the sleep of one's lifetime. The quest to be seen in an immortal light is halted by the fall of night. The limitation of the mission is discerned. The great prophesies and technology must be written as one's realization of mortality awakens. One turns to recognize one's environment and features as the ocean that bore life and reflects the greatness of man's knowledge.

The urgency of the mission escalates as the prophecies come true one after another. The gift of truth predisposes the king as the sole survivor of truth and revelation.

All shocks to the system occur from within and without. The lesser of two evils is chosen as justifiable to the preservation of the individual and species.

Man becomes even holier, more as the truth of the revelation becomes clearer. Great texts are written and disseminated as Bhagavad Gita, Bible, The Republic, Roman Laws, Koran, Summa Contra Gentiles, The Prince, Leviathan, Reflections of the French Revolution, Two Treatises of Civil Government, The Social Contract, Federalist Papers, The Communist Manifesto, and Book of Sandino.

The composite to complete to complete the fall from grace, Joseph Stalin has been chosen to see if the conditioning will raise a perfect dictator. The official biography is by Isaac Deutsscher; Ray Meyedev's biography and books are also integral to the man of our times as distributed by MOEC.

So then, the individual has now moved through various subsystems, Particular History and Justice, Parameters, Maze, Control, and now arrives to Atomization. Depending on the location in the space, by one's own movements and TPSYS, one's fate is decided by MOEC through a priori judgments on the datum from PHJ and ACM.

The ultimate factors presented are somewhat subjective generalized paradigms imposed over the individual (holon) by one's own choice and MOEC by choice. The simultaneous fall of man's inner being and outer body is presented from a state of pure religion. In the Vedas, This undifferentiated spiritual duty is sanatana dharma.

The worst possible state is to perish in a genocide, in a concentration camp for our purposes with a knowing political authority in supervision. The presiding seats of religion and the Human Rights Movement provide attending grace. All is constructed to exist and facilitate the image of the idol of the Perfect Dictator.

The individual is arrested, and placed in a cell with similars. One's treatment is dispensed from PHJ and the ACMs according to one's behavior and others in supervision over one. The informant ratios are combined. The orders for one's interrogation, treatment, are predicted to the exact number of blows and mistreatments. One's communications to the outside world are monitored as well as the world leadership in response to one's plight.

Protocol, national security, religion, patriotism, family protection, and as well as the assurance of sex are excuses for the abuse. The punishment of this individual escalates. One loses food and becomes emaciated. All acts are a necessity or the captors and agents face a similar fate. The condition of the individual is shown to similars predicating a similar treatment in the future.

The exact date and location of this individual has been predisposed. The predicted. Death and attrition are a structural support of MOEC. These fallacious acts are classic examples of ad hominemand petitio principie in logical extension. Further in acts of reductionism, the captors and their praise are the objects of a transfer of authority for the collective, a father figure that designed the schema to be used on the victim and gain world acceptability.

The lottery has predisposed the outcome or the lottery (derived from the stoning) moves upward to the next agents. The equilibrium of mobilization is predicated from PHJ to the present activities in Atomization. The individuals are quantified in dyads and triads in addition to the social groups that are the ad hominem support that is ordered upon the individual.

The victim is shot in the back of the head with hands tied behind one's back, deposited en masse with a cryptic message and artifacts Pears and pears grow old as figs on figs.

The apocalyptic scenario of the truth systems are presented; a horseman with a balance, a hierarchy of singing of the angels of the lord, there are various descriptions of a dragon that sweeps out a third of the heavens is seen. Various quotes referencing Akbar, The Book and prophet are recited. Allah here is anthropomorphized and represented as men, probably elite clerics with covered heads.

The annihilation of the universe is seen with the worlds being destroyed in the breath of Mahavishnu. Kalki is seen on a white horse. Artemus has lead all to the feast of the Bacchanal to the feast of Dionysus as man clothes himself in his own blood in quest of spiritual dispensation without realizing the opposite absolute truth, Apollo.

A summary statement of Atomization entails a degenerate loss of consciousness and the physical loss of life by the least desirable method.

As all subsystems in MOEC in general argue an input as a holon This may entail not necessarily a human but abstract ideas, constitutions, and property. By a simple observational or quantified method, it is possible to analyze how holons are operated on and affected by components, subsystems, and systems.

MOEC argues the entire creation as a system and a holon. This includes the heavens, which MOEC would like to control. This activity was designed by lawyers and delegated to law enforcement. This thinking theoretically would be a heresy. It is an obvious trap paired with a deal or reward, which would predispose one to persecution, perhaps an inquisition without regards to the authorship. The planners are equally as bad. Originally priesthoods and kingships would have competed n this type of supremacy over the social system. Here the negative intents and behaviors are spread through the classes in a planned deterministic manner.

The claims to property and the economic mode run parallel to spiritualism and scientific determinism (scientific atheism). As this system of pattern maintenance evolves, persons refuse to develop objects of truth and sound moral behavior with or without MOEC's conditioning. Theism and scientific presentations of government are held to develop strong lines of authority. There is a variegated equifinality between the two structures in which the individual and collective develop. The pairing is antagonistic to a degree and also would degenerate the spiritual towards the atheistic.

MOEC uses threshold in conditioning to investigate the possibility of a person conquering one's environment. Authorized spiritual texts, traditions, and mythologies are inclusive to discern the level of pure consciousness and morality that the person is able to sustain under adversity. This would entail total opposition to MOEC. From these results MOEC adapts it's conditioning to remain ahead of any new equilibrium. University of Cambridge has been a brilliant state planner. Legitimate individuals must oppose all crime to it's origin, primary, secondary movers, and agents to the object victim.

MOEC is the alter ego, parallel structure of Cambridge Law School in addition to it's mystique.

The mortal nature of man and his ego predisposes one's collapse as one falls in love with one's own image, imposing this object (model) over oneself and civilization. As man catechizes other members for his own privation, mankind develops pseudo sexual and sado masochistic tendencies. The civilization commences on it's own destruction, the destruction of mankind.

Education is reduced to paper as the personality of educators diffuse. Cambridge and Oxford dominate academia. The concepts enclosed in the symbols on the pages of text have less meaning for the students to organize consciously to form and close true value judgments. As they mature they are in Maze. The social control is losing equilibrium. Persons must escape from being the buffoons or scapegoats to achieve hero status of the idol.

The nature of MOEC is designed to be delegated to a predetermined victim of this system. The proposition regarding the total revelation of a model of MOEC will be presented to an individual in a manner reflecting systems approaches in a format throughout history in lieu of the total elimination of MOEC to it's primary origin and mover. The design is such to see if a legitimate culture, scholarship, and government will emerge morally scientifically, and legally analyze MOEC.

MOEC has atomized the world's leadership's posterity and claims. The trajectory of history is presented in analogy as a composite perfect ball; a sphere set into motion within a grid of perfect pegs arranged in equal squares. The trajectory of the sphere is predictable into infinity. In this schema the pegs are the sovereigns, the ball the Sphere of Plato. Such is the model of an ideal state but here orchestration of annihilation with a crime multiplier leading to genocide. This facet is Armageddon Theory, the composite of wills, a tacit and official general will that predisposes a state to totalitarianism reflected as the sphere bounces back from sovereign to sovereign in spacetime.

Artemus leads the world in a search for truth and Dionysus to the Feast of Bacchanal. The result is atomization at the hands of a pseudo Apollonian cult.

The living entity separates itself from the inert by consciousness. Here we are discussing cognition of the way things exist. In particularity are the three laws:

Deviance in the Paradigm of Laws

Eternal Law


Natural Law


Positive Law


In relation to these principals is the hierarchy of motility:

Hierarchy of Motility






Tropic Nastic Movements

A law will bind a consequent event according to the nature of that law. An individual entity that is eternal has no need to acquire knowledge or consciousness, as it could not be eternal if this were to be true. The simplest material entities move by an external stimulus operating on an organ with sensation. This is taxis. Plants are thought not to have a nervous system. Slightly more advanced than a simple chemical or heat related tropic taxis is the reflex. Such movements occur involuntarily and keep muscle coordination efficient to a degree as such operate involuntarily. Instincts are acquired behaviors obtained through the conditioning of one's ancestors as nest building by birds or hunting patterns of certain other animals by certain predators. Such are triggered by stimulus usually at critical stages of development and aid in the survival of the species. Intelligence is the ability to abstract and problem solve from the environment and retain the information. Usually a great deal of memory is involved. Consciousness here will simply be being aware of things as they are with as little experience involved as possible.

Epistemology argues a knower and the field of activity. If Godhead is a person all activities are occurring in apportion of deities and one portion must be a material field. Godhead must have a higher a nature that is not finite. The material nature as stated gives birth to the localized living entity who must exist in this material field and must have some conscious knowledge of the activities in it's field of activity which is it's own body. Artificial entities and incorporations have their activities imposed over material space and the localized living entities.

For our purposes the Sovereign Subject Relationship is of utmost importance. Is there a law and or deity that has jurisdiction over the localized living entity in an absolute predictable manner or is there a relativistic component of chance or combination involved? MOEC will argue that the localized living entity is an atomic spiritual particle of Godhead. The case herein will argue the individual as knower as one wills towards various objects of knowledge and objects of the sense.

As the living entity, a human here but this argument pertains to all life endeavours to fulfill one's species life, will search for food, clothing, shelter, defend oneself and may attempt to mate leaving a replica to perpetuate the species. In this regard, a small paradigm will be given to demonstrate a theory of personality and territoriality boundaries.

As the individual begins to will towards objects, the ideal state of one is dharma or a duty to the sovereign or deity, which has endowed one with existence and to be a knower of Godhead. The spatiality in this material world is finite. Various objects are present for a satisfactory life towards the deity who is the first principle and ends of all objects. This is an absolute morality. The entity has a gift of reason at one's disposal to rationalize between different events presented to one as well as accept the authority from scriptural sources.

MOEC will seek information over the cognate and agnate lines of lineage as these events do indeed support the formation of the individual and collective in rationalizing choices.

The individual proceeds to seek food. Emerging from one's will language evolves towards the objects of food. (This is empirical). The means to obtain the food help facilitate the communication with one's mind. All products operating towards an end can be described as a technology. This permit's for demonstration of skill as a science.

The endeavors to secure the food and it's source result in the construction of various tools. In this evolution these areas are also territories with boundaries. They also facilitate the construction of community. As desire increase the number of objects increase. The boundary is morphogenetic. Conversely it would be morphostatic. The present level an equilibrium.

Similarly these wills are applied to clothing, shelter, defense, and reproduction. In this manner the individual will have activities that are in descent from the deity and Eternal Law and objects and activities that are differentiated.

Food is pleasure and clothing is defense. What this defines is the relation of choices of objects. Generally speaking sex is considered the greatest pleasure but food is the more immediate need or the sexual issue is moot. Certain agrarian tools are used in a dual manner to help provide food and defend the mating process. Housing also is considered an extension of clothing or defense. The choice of objects helps facilitate the coming into being of the individual.

As a result of territorialities chosen by the individual and collective, various economic, political educational, philanthropic and religious institutions emerge as a hierarchy of idols imposed over the original deity. The deity or Godhead is the original knower of the field.

The hiearchialization and institutionalization of society creates a ritualistic fetish with any true spiritual and moral support being removed or displaced by simple pleasure and control of objects and processes that facilitate such in stratifying the society. The deity is simply a cover to implement various economic arrangements and purges.

The civilization is a product that was originally ordered to Godhead and has failed in the continuum of spacetime. Man lives in the remnants of a priesthood of whom should of have been the most cognizant and moral members of society. Their replacement to date are primarily military and economic figures based on the cognition and economic mode of production.

The cultural product has permitted extra economic activity and allows for leisure. The arts and sports mature and form institutions.

In the matization of the individual and collective, the collision of wills and objects creates a crime multiplier. In consequence this abuse in time escalates to armed conflict in a problematic that leads to war.

In particularity in MOEC, individuals have been approached by TPSYS to facilitate the choice of objects and methods to achieve such affecting the level of cognition of such performers. This again is conditioning and has results that are predicted a priori.

During Akbar, MOEC reveals it's functions, apparatus, and origin as accumulative amount of factual knowledge as an organizer of social systems. The intent of such is to demonstrate the level of acceptance of it's tacit and de facto tactics in the culture. MOEC demonstrates to all classes of individuals in all nationstates that MOEC will be the architectural designer of civilization. MOEC is a regime within a formally organized system.

The presentation of a scientific analysis of MOEC predicates a re evaluation of history, particularly the history of which MOEC is engineer. The indifference to equal treatment of all humankind in history is a primary disqualification for a truly just reconciliation with constitutional processes against MOEC to it's origin, Cambridge Law School and the United Kingdom.

MOEC and morality argue the prosecution of all human rights violations to it's origin and prosecution all actors in a civilized legal manner. The witnessing of MOEC has it's origin in the United Kingdom. MOEC primarily will direct activities from the United States during this stage of Mobilization.

MOEC is a will to power, a will to order, a will to greatness, and a will to be godly. This arrangement precipitates a very narrow line with very narrow boundaries for the will to move within.

MOEC is somewhat classicist arguing a universal natural law and natural rights in the abstract but in the real not upholding such. MOEC is non nuclear and vegan. Veganism is rarely practiced, the totally abstinence of animal products. MOEC is against particular points in the Sharia or Islamic law book that sanctions or legislates the punishments of stoning, caning, and amputation of limbs as justice.

MOEC involves a system of weighted laws, which MOEC administered legally and extra legally. This is facilitated individually and collectively by informant ratios especially at the collective level of states. The ratio involves the use of terroristic attacks and genocides. The transition from the classical tyrant towards the modern perfect dictator emerges from the decay of spiritual and moral leadership.

The body politic of states is composed of citizens. The deviant deeds of the citizens (criminals) are contrasted against deity predicating a judgment, which MOEC will administer as an agent (this is an analogy to an angel). This activity occurs through informant states and their consequent agents. This act will eventually encompass all 185 nation states as well as supranational regimes inclusive of the United Nations.

The simple censorship of Akbar demonstrates the will of MOEC versus the will of head of states, religious heads, religious leaders, academics, and the professional classes. As the civilization inverts it's culture, cultural geography, and all it's non proportional outputs, all are judged in the facilitation of the spiritual. It appears that all the Eternal Law arguments are a foil for a King James Red Letter based Thomistic victory. Catholicism is damaged in attrition.

MOEC has ordered the deterministic option for a nucleo organic suicide of which is the path that the collective will of the world has chosen. MOEC has implemented Syrinx from Hiroshima, a nuclear event that coincides Lycurgus in this period. Nuclear terrorism is facilitated by TPSYS. A quantum of human rights violations justifies MOEC's intent.

After Akbar the pertinent and leading individuals of the culture will have awareness of MOEC or should have taken action against it's manifest activities. The elimination of MOEC's will is consistent in the reconciliation of crimes against humanity.

The imitative nature of MOEC is an endeavor to fulfill the will of all scriptures. For simplicity, the present time period reflects the Book of Daniel. MOEC has constructed a lion's den around the world. Scripturally in the main, MOEC is imitative of the Book of John and the Koran.

The analogy to Daniel is real, the apocalyptic books of John and the Koran futuristic and imitative otherwise the world would be in the Armageddon stage and would be destroyed. MOEC is social structuralist in calculation and Machiavellian in nature. The world can endure a pounding with the wise and shrewd prince surviving using the wisdom of the fox and the lion.

"The cornerstone that the constructor rejected shall return to be the cornerstone."

At a certain period of mobilization the boundary of all man's will, his culture and wars will expand against the individual. Man becomes an informant against Godhead and must be purged. In particularity will be governments and great persons.

The evolution of the system equates to the Totalitarian Police State. As a hierarchy the TPS has achieved the name of a city. The name of this city precludes limited nuclear theatre. The name of the city is Armageddon.

In MOEC a condition must prevail in which the all members of the perfect community or regime must satisfy their spiritual and daily needs. In particularity to John, varna asrama was chosen as it is the world's oldest social system and it was targeted for defeat while assimilating materials for the perfect community which is Catholic Christian. Varna asrama however does indeed stand a legitimate chance as the correct blueprint for society. It is a well ordered system that demonstrates a correct universal sacrifice to deity.

Varna asrama is the simple division of society into four varnas and four asramas. The four varnas are:

1. Brahmins - Priests

2. Ksatriyas - Military and Administration

3. Vaisyas - Producers Businesspersons and Farmers

4. Sudras - Laborers

The four asramas are:

1. Brahmacaris - Student life

2. Grhasthas - Married life - householder child begetting

3. Brahmins - Priests

4. Sannyasis - Fully renounced priests

One is born under parents with a certain occupation. This is a sociological phenomenon not a qualificatory designation for offspring. One must promote oneself by ability and merit. The rigid preconceived notion of a caste system is a myth and is not authorized or supported here as Vedic although such is historical. What varna asrama states is that out of one's genetic material birth one has a predisposition to work in one of the varnas. One may choose to change one's varna. Dharma means occupation or duty. Correctly speaking in this social system one endeavours to satisfy both spiritual and bodily needs as a sacrifice through activity in the chosen varna.

The natural inclination to work is inherent in the simplest level of species life and must be fulfilled by sanatana dharma or eternal occupation, endeavouring in true religion or bhakti.

The perfect ordering of varna asrama necessitates a trained and legitimate priesthood. This is an absolute. There is no chance of success of a civilization lacking this leadership. The pervasiveness and authority of the Brahmins, especially the teacher or guru is reflected throughout the social system. The acarya or one who teaches by example is of paramount importance and whose ability is the channel of transmission of the Vedas.

The Brahmins are the head of the social body. They are primarily encharged with the maintenance of the sacrifices to Godhead and instructing the other varnas in their prescribed duties to erect the varna asrama system which is requisite for Vedic government. This is especially true of the children. Brahmins are celibate. Their obligations are inward towards themselves towards enlightenment and then outward to the other members of society. They are also key in consultation to the Ksatriyas.

The Ksatriyas are mainly encharged with social order and the administration of the system. They are duty bound to follow the instructions of the Brahmins. The seating of a spiritual man from this varna is a requisite for the success of the varna asrama social system. Classically speaking this is a monarchy but a mixed form of government is possible. Ksatriyas are chivalrous and should exercise spiritual precepts solely as a matter of duty.

Vaisyas are the productive class of farmers and mercantilists. The Vedic economy is based on cow protection. The society is lacto vegetarianism. The system may not produce products that contain 1. meat eating 2. intoxication 3. illicit sex 4. gambling.

The Vaisyas also must be charitable donating a tithe for the maintenance of the Brahmins and other persons who are not so fortunate. Care of the elderly is an ideal.

The Sudras are the laboral classes. These individuals express a desire to be in the service to others. These persons should not over endeavor for nonsensical objects. They may perfect their existence by serving the other varnas.

The completion of a society with four balanced varnas plus asrama is a peaceful society. The systems may perfect itself with a renunciation or sacrifice of the fruit's of work to Godhead. Bhakti yoga or the path of work in devotion is the desired means.

The concept of architectural society is very old. In it's first more organized format such planning was designated to the priesthood. It's collapse begat in some configuration divine rights matizing with natural rights and civil religion. The excessiveness of truth systems escalate and exacerbate claims for equality in a problematic that emerges in a trajectory equalizing in the present panorama.

So this is a burgeoning attempt at science, a political science, hence the emergence of the impure models of government. As a result this anthropomorphic deification of mankind and model has yielded totalitarianism.

From the fall of the Kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar the quest for a perfect system of rule gained it's strength and demonstrable brutality. This claim is not exclusive of other political activity. The composite of truth systems of man towards End World Scenarios of all truth systems in one demands reconciliation, that scientific determinism if it is to reign, perfect a pure model as well as the tyranny.

Origin herein is the official presentation of MOEC, Mobilization of Empire and Civilization.

The upper boundary of government is the United States of America; the federalist constitution of high esteem accordingly has been defeated in the objective eyes of a true and scientific history. MOEC analysis and studies posits the research of MOEC from it's origin to a future state. A reductionist format similar to physic forms the core of this new subspecies of political science. Related but unknown is a mass concept of which the culture must yield in an informant ratio to trigger growth of other subsystems, most notable is Syrinx, MOEC's nuclear component. In this study the political scientist must handle one's materials in a manner in which the nuclear physicist performs activities under control in the laboratory.

The a priori meta physical questions must be dealt with in a similar manner.

The predicate of the study predisposes an attack on religion and moral philosophy, as the key to structure a future civilization. In continuo, the Apollonian cult has entrapped the Dionysian cult in an Armageddon Scenario. The threshold of Man's civilization, culture, and knowledge are adequately challenged.

MOEC thus beckons the world with kettledrum role to awaken their Gods and truths. This does not necessarily mean militarism, but sadly appears to acknowledge fact.

To conclude will the extent of this system made in imitation facilitate the story of great scriptures in glory or fa├žade and folly?

To present Origin was done humbly with a deep respect for the living and the future. It was Human, all too human.


1. Adam and Eve combined as taken from the Bible. There is a fortiori argumentative strength for the creation of an artificial archetype with Cambridge as primogenitures under social engineering.