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Nollmeyer, D. McCloud CA.8.3.2012

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

One should make reference to that the fact that the Baltimore Studio is only a nom de guerra of LAPD police officers.

David Nollmeyer October 27, 2015

The current selection named Lycurgus at this point needs to be rewritten due to it's negligent destruction by mother probably at the arrangement of law enforcement.

Lycurgus was the first large writing I had ever undertook, this being a book of about 90 pages. The book was written in Lordsburg, New Mexico in February to March of 1995 in 30 days and rewritten in Tifton, Georgia by hand. The book was disposed of with material in Dover, Delaware.

While in Santa Monica I did research and actually attended Santa Monica City College. I studied International Relations, Political Philosophy, Spanish, and Classic Guitar. The two texts I studied as political science were No Common Power by Lieber and From Plato to Marx.

Afterwards I travelled to San Diego. I read several texts, which I have helped, form the corpus of my works to this point in time. In directly the knowledge of these texts will also help demonstrate a level of skill denied by law enforcement to defame my person and help the qualification of others. The two principal parties here being the Delaware State Police and The Baltimore Studio. The Baltimore Studio as been proven to be LAPD.

There are other pieces of literature that are very important in the comprehension MOEC. I had read several Vedic texts prior to Lycurgus in June of 1987. The Great Books of History inclusive of all the world's production are very important in the matization of MOEC's worldview.

The following are major works that I have read or studied in the Vedic tradition that I argue that LAPD does not wish to give me credit for.

These following Vedic texts were destroyed. I was told that when I left Delaware that certain materials would be disposed of. LAPD would attempt to fabricate my personality under a relativistic model. My personality was to be designed for future research.

1 Caitanya Caritamrta (entire text) by Prabhupada

2 Srimad Bhagavatam (Cantos 1 10) by Prabhupada

3 Nectar of Devotion by Prabhupada

4 Nectar of Instruction by Prabhupada

The secular texts are:

1 Class Stratification in Contemporary Spain (two volumes Spanish) by Jutgar

2 The Politics by Aristotle

3 Logic by Copi

Christian Texts:

1 The Political Thinking of St. Thomas

2 Summa Theologica by St. Thomas

Other texts that I have read that exist at my mother's house are:

1 Communist Manifesto by Marx

2 Empirio-criticism by Lenin

3 The Social Contract by Rousseau

4 On Liberty by Mills

5 2nd Treatise on Civil Government by Locke

6 Anthology of Political Philosophy by Russell

7 The Republic by Plato

These music texts interestingly enough are missing.

1 Materials of Music II by Delamont

2 The Authorized Steve Howe Book by Steve Howe

3 Led Zeppelin Song Book (this was borrowed and is for the piano)

4 Yessongs (this book is essentially for the piano)

5 Class Piano by Hamilton (my piano teacher)

I have read considerably more. A great deal is in the Spanish language.

MOEC is an entrapment based on personality profiles and an orchestrated status quo. I have recently had my transcripts analyzed by Mesa College. I have about 95 units of credit.

Hopefully, historically this will dispute much of the mythology that arises due to a culture that develops under a censorship.

David Nollmeyer

Lake Walker, NV

July 15, 1998

Ideally Lycurgus exists in support of Syrinx. Lycurgus was the name of the Spartan leadership. Such roughly translates to wolf repeller. Syrinx is the story of the birth of tragedy and the God Pan. Pan is half man and half goat. The birth of music, art, and drama are associated with him. Pan historically is a prototype for the visualization of the Christian devil in part.

Pan one day heard the sound of the wind amongst the reeds. Pan was so enchanted he discovered the scale or mode and invented the instrument that still bears his name, the Pan Pipe.

From the performance of Pan on his namesake instrument the culture previously cited springs forth in contrast to science so it was said.

The substance of Lycurgus exists as distributive justice, electronic surveillance, and chemical warfare. In the Greek schema of things such figures into the Spindle of Necessity, which is the subject matter of Plato's Timaeus. It also exists in synchronization with all other traditions of the world in matization.

This paper is designed to present in greater detail and help aid in the future abstraction of the entrapment used in Origin.

In the universal sense the model is a holon, a microcosm in a macrocosm. It's substitution for real Sovereign Citizen Subject Relations is the equivalent of an informant system.

As prevalent in the Origin model, the Lycurgus component is the invertaebration of three laws:

The Paradigm of Laws

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

The concept in it's original form was prevalent probably under the competition between priests under a God or different Gods. Generals against generals are also probable. The thinking of MOEC prefers religion versus religion, priest versus priests. Theism versus materialism is also possible in a classical sense.

Theism versus materialism is the confrontation and idea to be decided in MOEC.

The epistemology of both Origin and Lycurgus devolves from the sovereign subject paradigm as controller and controlled in equivalence. As such knowledge must be either a priori or ex posteriori in their origin. Morality is either absolute or relative. Theism argues mind - sensation - object. Empiricism argues object - sensation - mind.

In a neutral stance, both positions argue objects of the senses perceived by the mind. The sovereign subject relation quantifies the objects according to principles and values. True to form, the materialist creates his system through evolution in a field of space and time.

In acts of distributive justice citizens who are subject to the sovereign must have their activities rewarded or punished according to the principles of the sovereign. This is an act of catechism. Freudian thinking in the collective argues such as a conqueror or conquered complex in a trajectory of social analysis.

This concept of justice endeavours to be neuter. It is however very Christian. The Esse, Sid Quod Esse, Sid Quo Esse paradigm of two judgments by the third person of the Christian Godhead Jesus is dominant in Lycurgus. One should consult The Further Study of MOEC. This is an organic government model. This text has been renamed Origin.

In a dichotomy of differentiated objects and individuals Lycurgus resembles what one would refer to as a Devil's Advocate or avenging angel. The original first intent although it appears to be legitimate is then tyrannical.

A simple history of Lycurgus would then be an archive of objects and individuals prior to a final Judgment by deity. It's activities are aimed at this end but in reality are privated. This is apparent throughout MOEC's continuum. It will attack theories of relativity marginally more than the paradigm.

In a theistic model the King receives his position by an appointment from the Bishop. The Bishop is truly the designer and interpreter of revelation. The Bishop usually has the role of architect to society and the King in upholding behavior.

Throughout history the role of the controller devolves to the aristocracy, and then to the democrats. All have their own objects and interests. In simplicity, all the roles and textures have changed but the forms of tyranny have adapted as to their environments as easily as the true forms of government in the mind.

The Classical Tyrant rules as:

Invertebration of Governance


Secret Police


The Perfect Dictator rules as:

The Perfect Dictator

System of aPerfect Dictator

Secret Police Department



The materials of this paper are sometimes referred to as The Spindle of Necessity or Lycurgus. What is at the heart of the matter is a complex of entrapments. In modern times this is casually called the reverse sting.

To develop the model a concept of collateral consanguinity must be understood. A relative may inherit acts that are granted or taken away for one individual. In lieu of this transference, an individual in another territoriality community is possible. As all law enforcement to all law enforcement, all smokers to smokers, and so forth.

Collateral consanguinity exists as such:

Collateral Consanguinity

3rd Gen. Grandparent
4th degree

2nd Gen. Grandparents
3rd degree

1st Gen. Grandparents
2nd degree

Father Mother Siblings
1st degree

As seen a child with blood related parentage shares a first degree relationship. This individual also has a first degree relationship with one's brothers or sisters. If this individual marries, his spouse's families are his in law relations. One's father or mother's in law relation pertain to these individuals only. The other degree of relations pertains to the charge of one's parentage brother's and sisters. The immediate parentage's siblings are first degree cousins. The degree of relation of an aunt or uncle is easily explained as siblings marry and produce charge.

At times a myriad of relationships are formed of affines. The non germane aunt or uncle in law are such. The relatives are affines and sometimes when persons are prominent affines of ego. Non germane and affines are used to explain relationships of step parents and half cousins in combination with the degree of relationship.

The affine of ego is usually no more than an in law of an in law, a chain of marriages and affines to a famous individual or king. This type of relationship pertains to kinsmanship or a clan.

As stated the morphology of Lycurgus is an epistemological purge of individuals and objects. The antecedent is a sovereign citizen subject relationship taking on a familiar relationship of father to son.

In religion the deity is the supreme good and the cause of all causes. Deity knows as principal the value of all objects of the senses and their relationship to itself, the Sovereign.

Under the direction of the priest the king is the agent of deity. He has inherited this position as a son from God, the Father. His subjects are his sons and daughters. His service is to lead the nation to a more direct relationship to deity or the Father. This model is empirical it does not exclude a claim of God being a woman.

A devolution of controllers now exists of a descending hierarchy from God, demigods, humans, and objects to matter.

The trajectory and purity of the world rests in the obtaining of spiritual, moral, and good objects.

As the secondary controller, the King according to principles distributes the goods of the commonwealth. He is the agent of the divine or Idea.

The Head of State, over the physical territory in his control gives or bestows one gifts and takes away objects as punishment. Here it definitive that the entrapment is a tyranny of a systematic nature. The entire process must be pure to be efficient and the King himself must be a pure and good man.

The right to rule or power is base on collateral consanguinity from God. His first born son is likely to be King if well learned and moral. If faulty he may be disenfranchised from his claim to royalty.

This appears to be legitimate but on a material basis the all individuals exist in a differentiated state in relationship to a pure deity. The persons who are more directly related to the King are thus more noble the more distant common.

To facilitate the service to deity the individual must secure food, clothing, and shelter, and reproduce. These objects pertain to different appetites. The correct usage should increase one's status; the incorrect use should demote one.

To truly begin describing the entrapment we shall define four relationships that occurred in ancient Greece with a king. The King and a scribe meet with four subjects.

The first person is his brother. If the brother remains loyal and supports the King in all his acts of peace and war the King shall bestow a tract of land to him ten years hence. This is acknowledged by the centurion and recorded by the scribe.

The second person is an in law of a sister. The King guarantees this businessperson trade under his authority. This may endure ten years contingent on this individual's loyalty. The centurion witnesses the act and the scribe records the agreement.

The third person is a kinsman, a journeyman individual who bears family names in relation to the royal house. The King welcomes this person in his city. He is at liberty to be at hire perpetually contingent on his loyalty. The centurion witnesses the agreement and the scribe records the association.

The fourth person(s) are Helots, prisoners of war who work in the field in food production outside the walls of the city. This arrangement places them at risk to attacks by the barbarians. Technically speaking the Helots are no better than higher slaves. Their supervision is lighter and they are not necessarily chained.

The King announced that he is liberal under God and based on their fidelity their children will be freemen. They however are the spoils of war and must work off the debt of the last conflict indefinitely.

From amongst the most loyal, strongest, intelligent, and beautiful agreements to marry and bear children are struck. This is to give the King more subjects and personnel as a type against the barbarians and other kings. He would then be stronger.

Without the knowledge of his subjects, the King's military advisors and the priests who bless the King's military activities plan contingencies to the prior agreements.

The King is an alliance with another city state. Some city states are at war. All city states are opposed to the barbarians.

The King is in fear and basically at the request of his advisors design to have spies approach his brother. The spies are from another hostile city state. The King is aware of their activities and can guide the informants to his brother incognito. His brother has no disloyalty. The brother and his heirs would be in line to be King if the King were to perish. In the fourth year of the agreement the spies approach the brother. Thus the King has a contingency to the first agreement.

The agreements unfold. The second individual prospers under the King's protection. The King with his allies plot to funnel illicit goods towards the affine and arrange to have the harbormaster approach the business person to make a bribe to avoid tariffs.

The individual is loyal. The advisors of the King fear that the affine will incrue wealth and strive for peerage. Multilateralism and espionage are rife. The contingency to entrap the second individual prevails.

The third person is also loyal but of somewhat of an unknown value being new to the Kingdom but distant relations. He is in liberty to work for hire. The advise is to present the centurions incognito to the person to question him over his perspective to the wars at hand. He is presented stolen goods to purchase and resell, as these are quick riches and the individual is somewhat new to the city.

The contingency against this person may arise as needed.

The fourth class of persons exists outside the city walls in exposure to the barbarians. Spies of the barbarians are permitted to make contact with these persons of which whom the King wishes to dispose of. There are dealings with the barbarian tribe of the North.

At a chronological time of the year the Helots are subject as targets of the centurions as the city is perpetually at war with the Helots. To kill them would be legal as they would be belligerents of war. War games are held and the centurions purge the unwanted population as practice in the formation of military skills. The cultural roots of this event appear to be near religion and a status quo derived from such. Cultural anthropology argues that man had skills prior to the development of religion.

As roles and textures change over space and time the functions of this mechanism have only developed to arise to a variation. This occurs now in a context of democracy, a government of the common people.

Before the discussion moves to modern times and what is currently known as a drug entrapment reverse sting, a few supporting points in axiology shall be given.

In a relationship of space and time, the synchronization of movements to celestial bodies and human performance are observed. This is astrological in the sense of divination of future events. This presentation by and large stresses that the acts foretold are orchestrated and matched to celestial movements to give the appearance of divination and prophesy.

The theory states that only a few individuals mastered the mathematical basis for the calculations. It does not state that associates were inferior only unalphabetic to understand such things.

In the equivalence to what we would call state planning decisions were synchronized and kept secret from the population. At chronological times the secret police force and informants carry out the distribution of rewards and punishments of the controllers tacitly.

These machinations of the universe and other large events inclusive of simple grandeur, crime, and war designed to uphold the perspective of the priest and sacred text. The apparatus is endeavouring to fulfill the Oracle at Delphi. By analogy there is proof that these devices have antecedent.

Other variations of the events are planned. Tarot cards are read usually by a person considered pure to read such. The events may be predicted against specific cards or the reader is coached in specific or general terms as to the correct reading. Other variations are the killing of certain animals and the harvesting of certain plants for divination and sacrificial use.

In this analysis, the animal to be sacrificed must fulfill certain criterion; usually the contents of the stomach and bowels are examined as to the origin of food. There is a correlation to this material and the divination of the future and personal fortune.

Various plants are harvested and consumed. Hallucinogenic mushrooms and peyote cactus figure very prominently in the practice of divination. The harvest of the material is done under specifications and ingested during rituals. Mentorship is prevalent to explain the teachings and visions experienced until mastery.

A nexus to these issues in the current time period is a very conclusive relationship to law enforcement in the state planning of nations.

Of the native African religions brought to Haiti and practiced as voodoo, the witchdoctor prepares various medications or potions for a person who must be cleansed. In his aid are zombies which are supposed to be the dead risen. They are no more than the informants of the witchdoctor. (A certain species of puff fish is figured for the stilling of heartbeats to create the affect of being deceased.)

The subject and usually the zombies are usually on some medication. The subject is usually isolated surrounded by the zombies at the command or previous instruction of the priest. The assistants perform various tasks for or against the individual.

This activity has matization with the infamous Ton Ton Macouts, the police of Haiti.

Lastly, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was arranged by Caiaphas, centurions, and false Christians. Jesus is unique in that he is a human sacrifice to permit persons to enter heaven. Jesus is unique in that he is a human sacrifice to permit persons to enter heaven. Christ's crucifixion is very rich in prophecy. Caiaphas uses many citations as well as Jesus to support the event against very well developed scriptural traditions. The centurions act out various verses especially from Jeremiah to the casting of lots for his clothing.

As seen in brief a series of objects of value may be made positive or negative reinforcers against a chronological planned schedule of events. This is seen here as the possible conquest of territory (empire) or persons of a state. The model of Lycurgus replaces drugs for a variety of objects for demonstrations purpose it does not exclude other objects. It only permits a demonstration of operations. This is very definitive for contraband and smuggling as it is specialized for such.

This particular model operates from moral, intellectual principles and then the environment. Some materialist thinkers argue that all sensate complexes arose from elements and the environment that exists outside the boundary of the living entity.

This model does accept the principle that the entity is operating to secure or avoid an object in it's environ. Unlike behaviorism, a psychological approach is matized with operant conditioning.

A focal construct of criminal prosecution is to prove intent to commit a criminal act. An aspect of trading state's evidence to use manufacture or possess an otherwise illegal object has historical antecedent. The use of temple prostitution resembles such. The priest has licit access to sexual events. Other do not. A claim of duplicity arises due to the abuse and hypocrisy of conduct. Merely giving ritualistic information and confession to adultery becomes institutionalized to the use and enjoyment of the object until the tradition fails or is made more stricter.

The activity in a genus and species argument is related to slavery, prostitution, smuggling, drug use, and gaming. It is among the formation of The Master Passion of the Classical Tyrant.

This complex now is the primary structure for The Perfect Dictator. This contains personality profiles developed along Oedipal and Electra complexes.

The environment is used extensively. The entrapment follows a sovereign subject model. This is imposed in a subjective physical ordinate paradigm of north to south to east to west to promulgate it's interests.

International treaties, countries, state, counties, and municipalities are followed towards the individual subject. From the collective of individuals the ego of the body politic is so derived. This operation is tacit in part and extends the boundary of the state. The nation as it is said is more internal as a psychological state as the people.

The entrapment that follows predisposes that the planning for it's operation already exists. This analysis basically begins at law enforcement.

Our model begins in a small territoriality with law enforcement from two jurisdictions, one with legal person to act in the jurisdiction the other without.

The object to be entrapped is contraband. Marijuana will be used for simplicity.

A larger law enforcement agency from another state has established a hegemonic relationship over a smaller agency in another state. It wishes to expand it's influence through the fact that the agency interacts with very large national and international distributors of the drug.

The model thus permits this agency to have control over the drug trafficking; this by controlling the production, sale, and interdiction of contraband. A controlled reverse sting operation facilitates this mission goal to carry out ends. There is a conflict with standing constitutional law. This is differentiation and in this model is intentional; a form of constitutional wrecking.

The controlling law enforcement agency wishes to implement a generational entrapment of contraband. Marijuana is the target. A generation is thirty years from parents to offspring. The sociological patterns prevalent are generalized. Normal statistical datum is quantified by year and decade. The generalized groupings prevalent her are born 1945 to 1960 baby boom, 1960 to 1964 tweeners, and 1964 to 2000 generation x.

The controlling commander(s) is codenamed Periander. From a control room in a police station, Periander takes the ACM or aural cartographic maps and follows their instruction. He then with other law enforcement officials arrange their duties to enact this entrapment or reverse sting.

According to the instructions on the tape, Periander takes a one gallon ziplock type storage bag similar to the kind used to sell 1lb or 500 gram amounts of marijuana.

Periander is the oldest member of the team and will probably retire in 10 or more years according to the instructions on the ACM tapes.

Periander goes to the bathroom and defecates. He deposits sulfur, one teaspoon of excrement and a glass of toilet water into the bag. The water is from the tube that refills the tank. Other officers who run narcotics do the same only pouring in glasses of water until the bag is full. About six or seven officers will do such. Another goes out and returns with a pizza.

The material in the bag is mixed and a cleaning bottle's worth is mixed and sprayed over the pizza. Periander anoints himself with a small amount of the water.

Periander listens and studies the small reel to reel or cassettes tapes. The intent of the designers (a law school) radiates in a sequential manner through Periander through the corollary law enforcement towards agents and targets.

The entrapment territoriality will start from the zero meridian and proceed north, south, east, and west and now arrives to the focal state and small town.

The concept is based on a theoretical construct of philosophy, physics, and law in a man in spacetime Sovereign Subject model.

As types, the entrapment is inverted. It is endeavouring to reverse polarities as such mechanism has resulted; libertine objects as contraband may be subject to morality under a concept of relativism.

Under the concept of republicanism, the federal government empowers the states, the states the counties, the counties then the municipalities.

Periander begins the operation by calling various law enforcement agencies of the target state. The argument of administrative procedure, due process probable cause, and equal protection is crux.

The operation shall include three shifts of eight officers. Periander's agency is the PD of a larger city. There are several groups of such cells. The other officers call other law enforcement agencies.

The mobilization argues empirically in this area to the categorization of entities as types based more on their power as controllers than their hiearchialization in constitutional procedure.

As in the creation of the mixture there is a numerical order to proceed. The foil is to display the event against an individual that lives in a small town as the focal target.

Following the instructions on the tape, Periander eats a slice of the sprayed pizza. Periander will work the day shift and entrap persons in small town and the younger officers will entrap the larger cities. The crew will rotate by the end of the maneuverer. For simple purposes the operation will endeavor to entrap dealers in the following manner.

Officers and other public officials will put electronic surveillance into operation to gather states evidence as well as manual operations to:

A. Identity of dealers

B. Implement phone wiretaps

C. Implement house wiretaps

D. Tape record conversations

E. VCR tape transactions

F. Have a law enforcement officer present during transactions

G. Have a prosecutor or judge witness transactions

There is a theoretical concept of no use, manufacturing, possession, or distribution of a crime. In the United States the Federal Controlled Substance Act permits small consumption of drugs by undercover law enforcement to retain their identity. Transportation of contraband is also permitted on a limited basis for operations.

In our hypothetical small town seven persons are targeted to be traffickers.

An integral component of Lycurgus is the control of media space. Of this medium radio is chosen because at the international level this is the most universal level of communication. This is an important linkage in control over territorialities.

A music studio with a sampling synthesizer and an eight or sixteen track channel separation mixer is chosen under the direction of Periander. A VHF VHI FM short wave transmitter is brought to the music studio by the local police department. This will allow the mobilization to broadcast directly over the signals on these frequencies. The police as well as the military use microwave range frequencies of a poorer quality but encompassing greater frequency range. These too may be subjugated. A type of pirate radio emerges.

Periander calls the police station at the small town stating that he is conducting an investigation into drug trafficking. The normal phone lines are used. Both stations have unlimited long distance service.

The Captain is put on line and talks to Periander. The Captain has more rank than Periander who is a Sergeant and a duty Sergeant at best on a shift.

Periander states that he is investigating seven persons:

1. Mark

2. Paul

3. Steve

4. Jim

5. George

6. Bill

7. John

For simple purposes only first names will be used. The Captain at first has no objective to this initiative. Periander explains that he wishes to entrap these persons from the highest number to the lowest number. A confrontation now ensues between the Captain and Periander.

Periander threatens the Captain with aiding or abetting drug trafficking if he does not comply with the plan. The operation has swung through the largest cities to the smallest towns.

Periander instructs the Captain to listen to the police frequencies and look up cases on the FBI site as well as monitor the television and radio. Periander reveals arrests statewide for the next few hours and for the next few days.

In the next few hours persons indeed get arrested and booked. The cells under Periander and other cells of officers in their police department arrange press releases to the media that are running the sweep.

The Captain makes a major error and relents. This has happened several times before.

Periander instructs the Captain to gather a team of officers of Periander's choosing and start a sweep. They are going to use a traditional paramilitary technique known as The Pied Piper of Hamilton and also by other names. Originally this was known as The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The seven individuals targeted know each other. The first five are known marijuana dealers to the Captain and department. John and Bill are known only as users.

The sweep will be Sovereign Subject. Periander explains that his police department is more sovereign than the Captain. This is fallacious. The police department of Periander is only more powerful. Periander is really at a subordinate level of rank (mutual aid agreement).

Mark is the largest connection in the area and Bill the target for a bust. Mark is more sovereign. Bill is least. This is based on defection as an informant against equal rights.

The sweep is beginning according he instructs the Captain to tune to a local am radio station, a simple variety music and news station with plenty of community service slots, something for everyone.

Periander starts to speak into the microphone at his desk. He is also the main controller and controller and conditioner over the news. At the hour Periander reads the names of the seven plus other persons that are going to be conditioned or entrapped.

Mark is more sovereign after Periander, and the Captain. Periander has wiretapped tapes of the past misdeeds of are the individuals he shall condition. This is ad hominem.

Periander recites by memory some of the misdeeds he and officers of his cell have committed. He also goes through activities of misdeeds of the Captain and his department. Periander also divulges data on mark through Bill.

Periander, according to the tapes uses his own voice then the voice of a known broadcaster of a major national network. This passes of for the national news for maybe a 50 radius.

After finishing the Mobilization version of the news, Periander explains to the Captain that everyone will atone by performing in The Pied Piper of Hamilton.

There are three essential components to the operation. It is a reverse sting with defection. The operation is skewed in favour of the connection. It will:

Bust downward

Hiearchialize or stepladder: bust vertically

Bust horizontally: basically bust the competition

The Captain actually has Mark, Paul, Steve, Jim, and George's phone number and calls these individuals to aid in the sweep.

They are told to meet in a parking lot at the local shopping center. The shopping center is chosen as it is a territoriality, which the whole town and region interact on a casual to formal basis.

The five individuals arrive to the lot with a Lieutenant and a Sergeant. Periander has also instructed the Captain to call a Lawyer Larry, a businesswoman Sally, Jane, and a high school student Roger to jump start The Pied Piper of Hamilton. Periander instructs the Captain to line the persons in file in roll call fashion he being number one.

1. Captain

2. Lieutenant

3. Sergeant

4. Lawyer

5. Mark

6. Paul

7. Steve

8. Jim

9. George

Periander is not quite sure when to fit Sally but is inclined to insert her between Marl and Paul.

Periander's instruction may be heard over the walkie talkies of the Lieutenant and Sergeant. He explains that they are guilty but if they follow the instructions he gives nothing will happen.

Periander explains that they are going to entrap contraband and possibly ensnare a few other criminals.

The operation moves from the parking lot to Mark's home. Mark is known to law enforcement as a purchaser and dealer of up to 10 lbs of marijuana. He is the main connection for Paul, Steve, Jim, and George.

Mark knows these individuals and they drive over to Mark's home. The same configuration occurs of lining the individuals in file. Mark goes into the house with the Captain. The other individuals remain in file along the street of Mark's property. The Lieutenant and Sergeant have their walkie talkies turned on. The Captain has a walkie talkie but it is turned off.

The Captain following orders previously given to him asks Mark who he has dealt with previously. Mark goes to the window and identifies Paul, Steve, Jim, and George as persons he has sold marijuana to. The Captain now turns on his walkie talkie and they can know listen to Periander.

Periander wants the persons identified to enter into the house. The other persons identified to enter into the house. The other persons should remain outside. Mark goes to the door and asks for his customers to come into the home. They arrive and small talk. The operation is going to move towards Paul's home.

The individuals return outside and become filed again in the original order. Mark is told to wear a small ski cap that he has brought from his bedroom.

Periander explains that he must wear the cap else wise he is not permitted to hear the other tapes. It is either have Mark wear the cap or everyone in the control room has to eat more pizza.

Mark wears the cap and Periander discusses Philippe of Macedon and his son Alexander the Great. He points out that Alexander had the world's largest empire. Alexander was one of the greatest generals ever. The operation moves to the other individual's homes. The operation is to broadcast in part over the am station. It is presented as a drug operation from Mark descending to other persons. Periander attempts to argue the signal as refracted police radio. Indeed the police are broadcasting on the same frequency as the radio station.

The Captain enters the homes of Paul, Steve, Jim, and George. In succession they exchange names over the substance of their drug transactions. The Pied Piper of Hamilton moves over to Bill and John's homes but when the two enter their respective homes, the Captain, police, and other individuals remain outside. They do such under the orders of Periander.

Periander is endeavoring to arrange transactional and production immunity for a system of informants. The Captain is the command level authority. Mark is the most important informant. Periander will in the abstract give immunity to the connection and reverse sting the customer. This model will argue the horizontal or takedown as secondary. The stepladder or hierarchical entrapment is tertiary.

The last model is used to scapegoat persons.

The models all have validity in this case. Periander choices are contrary to standing legal code. The discretionary choice of law enforcement in granting immunity is arbitrary and violates equal protection.

Outside John's home, Periander states over the Captain's walkie talkie that he is going to design a house in a social systems approach. A house is a concept of political order in a monarchy.

Periander is soon going to order in a type Sally, Larry, Jane, and Roger in sequence in the file. They stand in line outside the row of marijuana dealers.

Periander moves the model again towards Mark's home. He has told Bill and John to remain home or do as they please. Periander states that if they wish to continue they are guilty, that they are going to have to defect to the model. To do so they will have to make pizzas. The Captain has already done so on other occasions.

Periander follows the model instructing the Captain to obtain a gallon bag from Mark. The Captain goes to the bathroom in Mark's home and defecates. He places about a teaspoon of stool in the bag. The Lieutenant enters and pours a cup of toilet water in the bag.

Mark, Paul, Steve, Jim, George, and the Captain scrape sulfur from matches. The amount is small one or two grams. Each adds a glass of water to the mixture. The other members wait outside. A pizza is ordered. In consideration, Periander diverts Larry, Sally, Jane, and Roger to go to lunch for one hour. The Lieutenant goes for the pizza.

Mark has ten lbs over marijuana. The mixture is placed in a spray bottle. The marijuana is brought into the living room. Newspapers are placed on the floor. The marijuana is spread on the newspapers.


Lbs sprayed


10 years


5 years


3 years


3 years

The Captain listens to Periander. If the informants perform the act the defection model will yield:

1. Mark

2. Steve

3. Jim

4. George

This small arrangement or deal will yield impunity from prosecution from arrest. In addition the informants will have to produce some arrests.

The Captain sprays ten times on the contraband followed by Mark, Paul, Steve, and George. The Sergeant only watches. The group takes turns mixing the contraband on the newspaper.

The Lieutenant returns with two pizzas. The Captain sprays the pizza lightly with the mixture. Everyone including the Sergeant eats one slice.

Under Periander's instruction Marks sells five lbs of marijuana to Paul and Steve for $2500 each. The group has returned from lunch. Periander can monitor the events from the walkie talkies of the police as well as an electric wire placed in the electric socket.

Periander directs the Captain to go outside to talk to the group. Periander can hear the conversation lightly with the aid of the music studio that has a 16 track mixer. The event, which is heard from the wall socket or walkie talkie can be boosted by the mixer. The event is monitored by two agencies.

Inside the marijuana mixture is bagged in one lb lots in the gallon ziplock bags. The contraband is then placed into regular brown bags from the grocery. Two joints or cigarettes are rolled from each five lb lot.

The Captain returns inside. The other group remains outside. The Captain and all individuals smoke one joint. The other is saved.

This arrangement of persons then leaves Mark's home. They are going to Steve's residence. The Captain and Mark are last to leave. The Captain instructs Mark to call the station. Mark asks for the duty Sergeant. He states over the phone that he has made two five lb sales, one to Paul and one to Steve.

Periander then states over a talk show that he has duplicated a holon in a system, "The Fruit of a Poison Tree."

The entourage travels to Paul and Steve's homes. They live a few miles from Mark's. Mark's home is isolated from his neighbors by one mile in any direction. Paul and Steve live on the periphery of the town, which is the state capital. Their houses are older on one to two acre parcels. They are surrounded by older estate farms, new suburbs then the edge of Olde Towne.

The group travels in vehicles of their own choosing for now. Paul returns to his residence. Steve returns to his residence. Paul knows Mark better than Steve. It was Paul who made the introduction of Steve to Mark.

Periander instructs the Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Mark, Jim, George, Larry, Sally, Roger, and Jane to enter into the home. Paul has already secured his contraband. Already secured his contraband. He too already has electronic surveillance in his wall socket. He is aware of such as was Mark.

As they all enter the home, the walkie talkie on the Captain's belt is turned on. Periander discusses state legal matters that are of a direct interest to Larry, the Lawyer. This would be insider information and transactions. Market prices in this area are rising Periander discusses sales and their effects. This is directly affecting Sally the businessperson. Roger and Jane will probably try to earn BA degrees at college. Periander discusses different schools that have connections with different prominent businesses. Periander states that they may figure in such arrangements.

Periander instructs the Sergeant on down to go outside and line up in front of a squad car in the same order. Mark also goes outside.

The Captain instructs Steve to call the duty officer at the station. He states that he has purchased five lbs of marijuana from Mark. He also states that Steve purchased five lbs as well at the same time.

He is told to state the names of the persons standing outside. The squad car has a CB radio and a wire in it as well. The Sergeant's walkie talkie is on. Periander instructs Paul to aim the phone at the window. Periander can hear the subjects but not very well. The device in the wall is very sensitive. It can also detect a small stimulus and generate a signal. A small dub of the Sergeant is placed over the phone tap by the music studio.

Periander instructs Mark to stand behind Larry and Sergeant. The rest of the group exits the home. They are instructed to stand in this order by the squad car.

1. Captain

7. Steve

2. Lieutenant

8. Jim

3. Sergeant

9. George

4. Lawyer

10. Sally

5. Mark

11. Roger

6. Paul

12. Jane

Jim is instructed to return inside. Paul sells three lbs of marijuana to Paul for $1575. Paul does not have to report the sale to the duty Sergeant.

Periander then states over the AM radio that there is a drug sweep ongoing statewide through the Captain. He directs everyone to George's home a short distance away. The same lineup is made. The persons enter Steve's home. They did not hear what Periander revealed over the radio. They go inside and listen to more legal, business, and job prospects at Paul's house. All the members then leave and stand in front of the squad car. George and the Captain return to the living room. George purchases 3 lbs for $1575.

George is told to call the duty Sergeant. He states that he has purchased 3 lbs from Steve. He does not mention the other persons lined up outside.

Bill and John usually purchase 1 lb or less from either George or Jim. The Captain asks George to call both to buy a 1 lb lot at $550. Gorge does such and they both persons agree. Periander instructs the Captain to let George delivers ahead of them. He does so.

George leaves with the contraband. The Captain goes outside to talk to the group. The pizza is produced. Small slices are made. The other group does not know what has happened. The Captain produces the marijuana joint and smokes one hit. He explains that the police can smoke small amounts legally. "If you were a policeman, you could too."

This startles Larry, Roger, Sally, and Jane. They are all casual users. The dealers and other police do not hesitate to smoke save the Sergeant. Everyone takes about two inhalations. Periander instructs them in two days they will meet again. He lines the persons in the same order save George.

1. Captain

7. Paul

2. Lieutenant

8. Steve

3. Sergeant

9. Jim

4. George

10. Sally

5. Lawyer

11. Roger

6. Mark

12. Jane

In two days Periander recalls the Captain. He does not perform any of the rituals as on the previous day. He instructs the Captain and his staff to call the informants. He would like to start The Pied Piper of Hamilton. The Captain agrees.

Periander states they need to develop George, Bill, and John. Periander has studied the master tapes of the entrapment that he and others cells of his agency consult. There are a few other crimes that are ready to be prosecuted.

Periander wishes for the Lieutenant and Sergeant to work with George, Bill, and John. Bill and John are newer to dealing and the Captain should approach these two after they are proven. George will make the introduction if this is to occur.

The Lieutenant calls George to ask him to go to Bill's house where he will meet him. George then calls Bill to arrange the meeting and then George returns the call to the station.

Bill and John have been selling the contraband they have purchased. They do not realize that a mixture has been applied to their purchase. Bill has sold half and John has sold half in small amounts.

The Lieutenant and Sergeant arrive to Bill's home, which is an apartment. Bill lives in one of the better school districts in town. His apartment is on the third floor of his building is better than average. George is already at the apartment. Bill does not cooperate on a regular basis with police. The two officers knock on the door. Bill answers and is startled.

The officers ask to be invited in. Bill agrees. George is sitting on the couch. The officer's state that nothing serious is happening; they would just like to talk. The police speak to George who has informed before. The police ask George if his sales are going ok. He answers, "Yes."

George introduces Bill to both officers they casually have spoke before and do indeed know each other. George then states that everything is "Ok." George then states that Bill is his good friend. The police officers leave.

Periander has had an electronic device placed in the socket of the lamp.

TPSYS stand for Totalitarian Police System and TPS stands for Totalitarian Police State. The operation and movement are the system. The state equals the territorialities controlled.

In paraphrase, political philosophy may be absolute or relative. Civil rights are positive and theoretical rights are negative in civil court. The house they are building is relativistic and negative at the present but it may not always be so. Periander also states in the broad and general there is no use, manufacture, possession or distribution of a crime.

Periander argues the intent to perform the opposite constitute the principle in part of TPSYS. The movements to spray, use dirty food, and air are movements of TPSYS. The quid pro quo for dealing are also such. The TPS is the furthest edge radiated from the cells to the most distant territory controlled by the tacit law enforcement and informants. Inclusive are the objects of the system. This includes sulfur, excrement, contraband, and also properties of the informants. Periander states that different religions argue the individual and their relation to the social system in different ways.

All the members have now arrived to the parking lot of John's apartment, which is also on the third floor. Periander calls the roll call again:

1. Captain

7. Steve

2. Lieutenant

8. Jim

3. Sergeant

9. George

4. Lawyer

10. Sally

5. Mark

11. Roger

6. Paul

12. Jane

Bill should go before Sally as well as John if they are both dealing Periander states. Mark is the largest dealer but is also the largest person in production immunity. The drug policy protects him and his operation descending to the target which is John.

All the members of The Pied Piper of Hamilton have arrived. Periander again instructs such to line in file. Periander wishes for military discipline, he orders a roll call. The Mayor and parents may stand to the side. Periander states that the citizens are subject to the Captain.

Periander instructs the Captain to ask George to go to John's apartment and bring him down to see the file or lineup. George does such. George returns and takes his place in the lineup. Periander switches his conversation to social and economic issues when John arrives.

As others normatively follow in the conversation, Periander instructs the Lieutenant to install electronic surveillance in the wall socket of the apartment. If John is going to traffic he is going to have to be wired as everyone else. John is argued as the target or the arrest. As such Periander will ask no states evidence from him. John has already sold part of the sprayed lot. He does not know that the contraband was sprayed.

While all the members are standing outside Periander states that as a group all are going to participate in an act of citizenship to help stop crime in the community. The police need their assistance in solving events.

The operation is to return to Mark's home. A stash of stolen electronics has been found in his area. Everyone is to return to Mark's house. It is only a few minutes to install the eavesdropping device in the wall socket.

Mark's home is in a rural area. When the persons arrive to Mark's home the Captain and Mark go inside first. Mark has a VCR camcorder. He allows the Captain to stand in bedroom with the recorder to tape the persons. The Lieutenant and the Mayor enter Mark's home in file. All the persons enter with parents and two unnamed persons. They are carrying stereos and other stolen contraband. All the persons sit or stand in the living room. The Captain is secretly filming the event. Periander explains over the walkie talkies that the two are going to return the stolen goods. He thanks Mark for letting the police use his home. The conversation is casual. The Sergeant then asks the two suspects to bring the contraband to the squad.

The three then return. Periander again goes over material about drug operations. In the area Mark is very central to such. His key people are in the living room. Periander then again goes over different legal, points, some upcoming private business opportunities and directly mentions possible schooling to Sally and Roger's parents.For the two suspects Periander mentions possible jobs. They are not to be charged but could be at a later date if they get into trouble. The statute of limitations is seven years.

Periander states that it is time to go to Paul and Steve's. The same type of event is starting to occur all over the state. The other cells have also been tracing the marijuana sales. Persons in radius from Mark's marijuana operation have been or are about to be arrested.

The entourage leaves for the other sites. Chris and tom are the new additions. They will ride with the Sergeant.

While the members of the sweep take their vehicles and drive towards the other homes, Periander listen in his conference room to discussions of the other cells. They have been tracing the sales of the sprayed contraband marijuana. The mobilization is vigilant to track all of such to the final consumption of the product. Two small persons as Bill and John have been arrested radiated from Paul and Steve; one each. The other cell members state however that the two are unknown too such. As a result persons that they are working (entrapping) are going to get credit for the bust. They should not fish their dealers and take credit.

Periander state that Bill or John are going to get interdicted. He will represent John who is the weakest in Mark's system. It appears George will get credit for the bust. He has directly turned state's evidence. Periander reiterates that Mark is the best informant and that he should get indirect credit. They posit if so it is only indirect and that he would he would never get a conviction in court for people that he can't identify by sight or name. Periander agrees.

Periander monitors the travel to Paul and Steve's home. Paul goes to his home and Steve to his home. The rest of the informants go to Paul's home. The Captain discusses the growth of the town and crime. Small business are relocating from downtown. Gas stations and malls now line the edge of the capitol. There is still plenty of farmland. The area is surbanizing.

On the AM FM radio station Periander speaks as if he was the announcer of a real news program. The radio station is powerless to stop such. They have called the police Periander states that there is nothing they can do and that he is sovereign. They will respond however. Periander states that Mark is sovereign. That he has followed his order. The conference in his cell most resembles Mark's home. Periander has replicated the Organic Cell as instructed from the ACM tapes. He states that the contraband in circulation has been tagged. Mark has also won the cap to hear the tapes.

The Captain, Paul, and Steve have helped tag the contraband. The other cells have arrested persons after both Steve and Paul have sold the mixture. Paul, Steve, and the suspects do not know each other. There is to be a matization at Paul, Steve's and then the radio station.

Paul and Steve have slightly more than one pound each. Periander states that he wants any large dealable amount moved with the police. Jim and George should buy one pound more. George or Jim should try to move the one pound lot to Bill and John if possible.

The amount of persons at Paul's home is somewhat awkward looking. There are several cars. Paul goes into his home with the Captain. The Captain instructs him to put a cassette in his stereo tape deck. The microphone is placed in an innocuous location. The Captain starts the tape and states the date and time. Paul's house is still wired.

Other officers are arriving with contraband originating from Paul. Paul is not getting credit for the bust however.

George buys two pounds and strictly turns the contraband over to Bill and John for a normal profit. The operation is one half completed. Periander's agency is consolidating it's control over the state. It is getting hot on all sides. The parents of Bill and John are contacted. The Captain is on a first name basis with the parents to begin with. The Captain tells the parents that the two sons are moving small amounts of contraband. One, possibly John may be interdicted. The Captain explains that the persons are turning state's evidence.

Periander and the Captain both understand the theory behind the trafficking; state's evidence cannot be used to further a criminal act. In this company system; which borrows it's name from the French Revolution and followers of Rousseau's The Social Contract such is occurring. Bill and John have not turned evidence by intent. Their homes are wiretapped. The court order has not even been signed. Periander is using a hot pursuit argument. He will request the order in a few days.

The other cells have surrounded Bill and John with informants Periander is attempting to keep The Pied Piper from Bill and John. The other cells are performing the same activity all over the state and capitol. The persons number easily into the hundreds. The largest informant in the capitol is Mark.

Periander asks the Captain to respond to the call from the radio station. The entire file of persons, maybe half are present. The radio station does advertisements for many of the local businesses. Periander is the main controller of the event.

George, Bill, and John are definitively getting hotter based on the state's evidence turned on them by others. The Pied Piper is an extension of the evidence. The entire event will go on for one more week. Periander instructs the Captain to call Bill and John's parents. He should instructs them to report to the radio station.

At the radio station Periander has the Captain roll call The Pied Piper. For simple purposes Periander explains that he will use contraband now that other crimes are being matized. It is becoming more difficult to dichotomize citizenship and criminality. Periander states such over the radio. The Captain instructs Mark to wear his cap. This is arbitrary but if he does such Periander will exclude evidence from cases in ratio to defection. The use of the radio station is very important in the conditioning of the population persons blindly respond to almost whatever Periander will say. The standing police officers reinforce this perspective. The police station and Mark's home are territorialities that are reflective of the culture of Periander's conference and the other cells.

The Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Lawyer, Mark, Paul, Steve, Jim, George, Sally, Roger, Jane, their parents, Chris and Tom, who are actually worse, Bill and John's parents, Bill, and then John plus other members are also appearing in file from the others cell are marching through the radio station. It is disguised as a tour. The Mayor is also included at the end. Bill and John are told to leave.

Outside members of the other cells have marijuana that was seized. There are persons that are going to be prosecuted. The other cells state that they have busted down part of their system.

Outside the Captain disclosed that Bill and John may get interdicted for marijuana. The Captain also discloses that they have not turned any state's evidence. George has turned the evidence on the two. They point out that the Mark is the main connection in the area.

Periander states that whoever is an informant should go down. This is in fact duplicity. Periander instructs Mark to walk by the group. The Captain slams a car door at Mark. Periander states he will advocate John. Periander asks through the Captain for the Mayor to slam doors at Mark. They do. Bill and John have left.

Periander asks for everyone to disperse. Mark should go home and await instructions. Everyone is free or at liberty.

Periander instructs the Captain to purchase ten more pounds of marijuana. Periander wishes to lot the contraband as before.

1. Mark 10 lbs

2. Paul 5 lbs

3. Steve 5 lbs

4. Jim 3 lbs

5. George 3 lbs

Periander has went to a chemical supply store and has purchased a one pound bag of sulfur and 1000 ml of hydrochloric acid. Following instructions on the tapes, Periander eyeballs a small Dixie cup of sulfur. He places a few of the acid into the cup. He then places the mixture into a gallon jar. Instead of spraying the contraband Periander will incorporate new territories wherever the mixture settles. Another officer takes a smaller bottle of the mixture outside the conference room. He places the mixture into the air conditioning. Periander must sit there until he feels the sting of his drones upon him The entire floor of the police station fills with the mixture. The other cells too must sit through the revolt. Periander explains that this is the Fall of the Ideal State of Plato's, The Republic.

Chapter 3

Periander instructs the Captain that they are prepared to consolidate the sweep. Mark has purchased his lot and has sold such at the designated amount. The sweep is starting to pick up in intensity. The amount of persons to organize now numbers several thousand if the schools are taken into consideration.

Periander wishes to keep Mark and his nearest dealers out of sight if possible. Rumors are being spread that a bust is to occur. Such is true. Periander has picked Bill or John with John being the most likely target. If John is arrested Periander will lose. Periander is John's manager.

Periander wishes for the Pied Piper to assemble at John's apartment. The Mayor and Captain will lead. Periander states into the microphone that he is operating on Mark and George's evidence. Mark shall have transactional immunity. George will have production immunity.

Various witnesses of the Pied Piper have arrived at John's apartment. There are law enforcement officials present that manage other dealers. They are Mark's competition or buy Mark's material indirectly. Periander states that Mark is more sovereign than other individuals. He argues that any bust that could occur supports Mark.

The crowd that has arrived is fairly large. Periander has some cognition of the persons lead by the other cells. Rumors are circulating that there are to be more busts. More people are slamming doors at persons because they feel they are being entrapped and as well as to hear the conspiracy.

Periander instructs Bill through an officer to go up to the apartment and stay inside. Bill does such down in the parking lot. Periander and the Captain begin to organize the anarchy.

Bill and John's parents are present. They have both been told that their sons may be arrested. Mark and George are named as the culprits. In reality Paul, Steve, and Jim are in ration are in ratio before Mark.

Individuals from the other cells that have been arrested slam the doors of their cars at the members of Periander's file. They are told that these persons help set up their entrapments. There are persons who know that Mark is the largest dealer although they may not know him personally. The situation is not very good Periander does not have time to dichotomize the persons in a file. The scene is too anarchic and there are too many persons. Periander instructs the Captain to pour about a Dixie cup of sulfur into the gas tank of his cruiser and drive around the perimeter of the capitol. There is a shopping center near the apartment there is more parking space in their lot. There are about a 100 or so persons driving around following instructions from the other cells. Similar events are occurring all over the state.

Periander instructs his informants to go to the shopping center outside the pizza restaurant. The sweep informants exit their vehicles and proceed to the shopping center. Bill and John remain at the apartment.

At the pizza restaurant the Captain enters the restaurant and talks to the owner. Periander instructs the Captain to buy as many pizzas as necessary. The Captain goes out and instructs the following to enter the restaurant:

1. Lieutenant

5. Roger

2. Sergeant

6. Jane

3. Lawyer

7. Mayor

4. Sally

Periander instructs the Captain to turn on the radio station. The Captain orders several pizzas. The air has been a light golden color outside. Periander instructs the Captain to go to the bathroom and return with a cup of water from the tube that refills the tank. He hands the cup to the owner. The owner pours the small cup into the sauce. Periander states that they have to do such in order to hear the deals. Almost every word they say can be heard in the background around Periander on the radio.

The Captain asks Roger and Jane to go to the bathroom. The Captain explains to Roger that it is chivalrous to do what they are doing. All the police are doing it. Such will act like a shield and save girls. Jane then Roger help fill the cup. They both are slightly stunned but participate anyway.

They return with the cup. Periander instructs them to pass the cup around the individuals with the Mayor passing the cup to the owner. The owner starts to make several pizzas. While the pizzas are being prepared other officers have variations of the Pied Piper in operation.

Periander states over the radio that he is, "In control." The other cells are operating with other law operating with other law enforcement officials plus their dealers. Currently they have Mark, Paul, Steve, and Jim pinned inside their houses. If they attempt to go outside other than to go to work, buy food, or gas an individual will slam door or bang an object in their proximity.

The individual who does such is requested by Periander, another law enforcement official from a cell or another state official. Orders are received from over the pirate radio, the walkie-talkies of the police communication system or verbatim. Several agencies are represented.

Bill and John are permitted to go outside.

The first pizza that has been prepared has now been finished. The owner cuts the pizza into eight slices. They all must eat the pizza to hear all of their deal. The Lieutenant is told that he should obtain a Masters Degree in criminal justice or a related field. It is becoming harder and harder to be chief or Captain. If he remains with Periander cell he will be successful. The Sergeant is sold he needs to obtain a Bachelors Degree. The seniority in file is good but the command posts are being differentiated. A Bachelors Degree related to criminal justice will be a success with Periander's cell.

The Lawyer is told that this is one of the largest cases in the history of the state. There is a drug sweep in continuo. There are several cases coming into the court. A few small criminal cases are appearing as stolen goods. There are business contracts that appear to be lucrative. A few cases at the request of public defenders will be mandatory. This will keep one defected to Periander.

Sally is told that there are few houses available that she could purchase and rent with a positive cash flow if Sally wishes to buy one in the next few months.

Periander again states that Roger and Jane should go to school. If they obtain 60 units of credit they could enter law enforcement. They have been a big help in the operation.

The Mayor is told that the police support him. If remains in the Pied Piper the other cells will support him. The Mayor has a shot a congress as a local representative but would have a harder time as a Unites States senator. Most of the statewide offices go to persons from the larger cities.

The pizza shop owner is told that he has a good location in a shopping center. He should keep his lease. It would be also good if he bought property and developed such. He would eventually own outright.

All this is heard over the radio. Other law enforcement agencies arrive with their files. There are persons in the line who are dealers who have been caught for other crimes, and have been busted further down the line in Mark's system. This is connected with the sprayed contraband.

Periander asks a Lieutenant of one of the files to produce some of the contraband. They already have a marijuana cigarette rolled of the sprayed contraband. Periander asks the Lieutenant to pass the joint around the air outside is starting to clear Periander points out that part of the other files that entrapped them are in the restaurant. He instructs them to pull up a car and slam the door while the Pied Piper is in the restaurant. Several persons do so.

Periander then instructs the file to return to the middle of the parking lot. Periander then asks the Lieutenant to start to order his team. He states that other persons are going to come out of the restaurant. The Captain then leaves the restaurant with the pizzas. The remainder of the file is in the lot with the driving around outside the lot being directed by the other cells.

The Captain walks over to the other Lieutenant of his own department He hands them several pizzas. They have already been exposed to the spray in the air, purchased, and smoked the tainted contraband. They are like Roger and Jane. These two individuals are not dealers. The above are shields in The Fruit of a Poison Tree. RICO Statutes are designed to prosecute producing false discovery or other evidence. Older Fourth Amendment statutes will also work.

Periander and the other cells have been isolating the other cells with primarily the drug policy in the restaurant. The Captain has his file isolated. They hear of what are primarily legal objects. Periander has abused public authority in dispensing or aiding persons to promote their economic wellbeing. All crimes are axiological to the drug policy. Drugs are an illegal so called victimless crime. The totality of such is crimes against public authority with and rising to the substance of treason.

Periander then reads through statutes from the 4th and 14th amendments. He then reads the Articles of the United States Constitution.

Article 1. Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than removal from office but the party convicted shall never less be subject to indictment, trial, judgment, and punishment, according to law.

Section 9. No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States

Section 10. No state shall without the consent of Congress enter into any agreement or compact with another state, foreign power, or engage in war or unless invaded, or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay

Article III

Section 3. Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. The Congress have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood or forfeiture except the person attained.

Periander states such and the Captain distributes the pizzas. The other Lieutenant does not know how the pizzas were made. He does not of the marijuana. Today was a Saturday and the situation has been hectic. The Pied Piper will continue.

On Monday Periander calls the Captain to start The Pied Piper of Hamilton. This will be the final week.

Periander argues the sweep will continue from Bill and John towards Mark. In review George's evidence was hierarchialized towards Mark. Bill and John's parents have been informed that their sons have been suspects in a drug sweep. Minor door slamming has occurred from multiple persons to invoke house arrest. Persons have actually been arrested and have retaliated in a similar manner.

Periander states that everyone in Mark's system should take the day off or a few hours off if possible. If not participating in the sweep on work time would be possible.

Periander asks the Captain to assemble the file at the shopping center in roll call. Periander goes to the air conditioning system. He personally places a cup of sulfur mixture in the system then retreats to the conference room to run the operation.

The Captain does such outside near the perimeter of the town towards the core where the government buildings are near as the governor's mansion, legislative hall, and superior court building. They all will be included in this sweep.

Mark and his associates are arriving. Roger and Jane are in school Periander starts to announce over the radio, "All political structures exist in a social system." This radiates from the individual to collectives. There are primary institutions and secondary institutions. John is target. We are in location of secondary institutions where casual groups meet.

The Captain arrives. Periander instructs him and starts to roll call the file. Mark and his associates have taken the day off to hear the details of the sweep. Bill and John are to remain at work but may participate. Bill and John's fathers have arrived from work with no problem Chris and Tom who were implicated in the stolen goods and returned. The two appear. They do not have jobs. The Mayor, Lawyer, and Sally appear.

The air is nothing according to Periander's instruction. The Captain roll calls the file.

1. Captain

7. Steve

2. Lieutenant

8. Jim

3. Sergeant

9. George

4. Lawyer

10. Mayor

5. Mark

11. Chris

6. Paul

12. Tom

13. Bill and John's Fathers

Periander discusses the roles and textures in social systems models. He explains he is using such to support his casework. They will argue primary institutions as family and siblings and secondary institutions as groups or collectives. Such start at the school, organizations, government, and then religion. There are territories as the shopping center, which are casual meeting places for the community.

Periander explains that the operation must go to the high school. This is needed as material is arranged to be recorded in the school. Roger and Jane are in the school organizations, government and then religion. There are territories as the shopping center, which are casual meeting places for the community. Periander instructs the group to drive in vehicles of their own choice to the school.

At the school Periander instructs the Captain to pour a small amount of sulfur mixture into the ventilation. The amount is minimal but is indeed noticeable. Periander has a vast array of tape materials on the school employees and students. The tape materials contain a lifetime entrapment with projection of personality profiles with roles.

Periander explains it is a form of social engineering derived from the Greeks as Plato's The Republic. On the tapes persons are lead by defection to various employment operations that are woven into the space and time frame of individual.

There is a local and international synchronic component Periander states that there is material on brilliant persons in various fields and some not so good at all. They are primarily here now to set up the final stages of this sweep and with some arrests. This is the problematic area.

For persons that use contraband news has spread about the recent busts. There are students that know Mark or know of him. The line of persons enters into the school and reports to the principal's office as guests. The principal has been through a few Pied Piper of Hamilton episodes. He is not that happy.

The Captain stays with the principal in the office. He discusses the contraband problem with the principal as if it were routine. An assistant principal takes over as the leader of the group for the small tour.

In Periander's cell Roger and Jane are the only persons in this territory. Mark's system includes these persons as support. Periander has other cells in the school with dealers in radius from Mark. The leaders of the other cells are in support and manage dealers in radius from Mark. The leaders of the other cells are in support and manage dealers as Periander manages Mark.

In a converse arrangement Periander is in support managing or assisting in systems competing with Mark's. This differentiation attempts create equality but is entropic. Periander is a shift leader. He has a disproportionate amount of power due to his managing of the drug policy. Periander has tapes with the state planning on education. He explains that almost all the courses and teachers are the best in the school.

Jane is the target. Periander explains over the radio that he is the authority. Mark is his agent. The operation has processed itself down to Bill and John. There have been threats of extra legal violence. Periander will advocate John, the least in strength in the operation. From such the sweep will move through the Captain, principal, and other authorities to Jane and Roger. The whole school will be swept.

Jane is taking physics, a very intense course. They are currently studying the periodization of elements. There is a chemistry basis for such. There is a linkage to biology and life forms. The class corresponds to a pre medical advance standing if texts and tests are college level.

Roger is taking philosophy with an emphasis on Locke and Marx. This is an honors course. It will function as pre law advance standing. Periander states that both are excellent for a law enforcement career. In the background voices of college professors may be heard. Some of these professors are at the forefront of their profession. Periander locates Jane in the classroom. A professor in the background has discussed the Schrodinger equation with a Hamiltonian Operator. The teacher does not know either equation. He could very easily accomplish the latter equation and perhaps the class. This would be very much advanced. The air is a nuclear genie interjects Periander, "It is a shield that gives you what you want."

Periander then locates Roger's class. Professors in he background are discussing the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution and the USSR. An individual is a free will created in the state of nature. The greatest of freedom is known as liberty. The 1st amendment allows an individual to be motile in a field of space and time. It is the master amendment. It is based on the individual.

Marxism protects the individual but rejects the idealism or religious overtones. Materialism is more objective. The individual is more bound to a collective proletariat revolutionary component. This is to eliminate class distinction.

The professor argues such as the heart of comparative political systems.

Periander states that the best deal in the entire system worldwide is in the school. It is patrimony; a Yellow Brick Road to be an astronaut in NASA. The student in question is involved in drugs and would not be fit although there are other jobs he could be lead to.

To do so would also be a corruption of blood. There is racketeering and retaliation rife in this system. It's legality returns to monarchy. The retaliation also is a tradition to eliminate contenders for title.

"The police," argues Periander, "would take the chance." They are already performing activities, which are lesser in degree. The retaliation could be fatal as that of old monarchical houses, contrary to the egalitarianism of modern constitutions. The system predominates worldwide.

Periander is discussing material as the professor. The students can hear his voice through the wall. There is a radio in the empty classroom next door. Periander explains, "That this patrimony and corruption of blood is rife in all governments." He has first hand experience through drugs, which is steep in traditional organized crime groups that appear that will endure forever.

The use of socialism, communism, or religion is only a shield. "The organized crime groups are extensions of law enforcement." states Periander. The problem in this area is minor. After the school loses the astronaut candidate, the file to protect the individual will be levelled.

Periander requests that the principal and Captain join the others in the student center. Periander has called Mark and his dealers to join in the operation. They are all arriving other law enforcement from other towns are outside is occurring all over the state and region.

Mark, Paul, Steve, Jim and George arrive Periander asks Mark to place his cap on. Periander states, "Prepare all things for Alexander." Periander states, "That Mark is sovereign he is going to lead the community into the future."

While the professor and other law enforcement officials are monitoring the students and arranging deals; the Captain and Mark with The Pied Piper of Hamilton, march through the school. The order remains the same as before. The other cells fall in behind the Captain and Mark. They march in a preconceived order to consolidate control of the school.

Periander states that the operation will proceed to other territorialities as churches, job sites, and businesses. The operation will then terminate in front of a judge in superior court. Then they may go home. Periander has persons in roll call fashion all over the school. The final roll call will be in front of the judge.

There are several firms in the area other law enforcement are sweeping the area. This same event is occurring. Periander goes to the firm where John is working.

Periander does not ask anyone to pour any mixture into the air conditioning. There is still air outside. The Captain, the Mayor, parents as well as Mark and Co. enter. John is the target of the arrest. He does not know such. As stated his parents know. Mark also knows that an arrest is about to occur near him. Bill and John are the targets. They only casually know each other by sight.

John's job is relatively good for a working class job he is a shipping clerk. He has the skills to have an office job. But this job pays better. Other persons are performing various activities to hear deals with the police. John is kept isolated. The line of persons enters near where he is working. He sees the Captain and the other persons. He realizes that the situation is somewhat hot.

None of the persons seem alarmed. Periander instructs the Captain and entourage to take a tour of the plant. There are persons who has local hero know Mark who has is listening to the business that Periander states will come to the company.

In the background also Periander discusses the contraband use of company employees. There are no large dealers in the plant. John has sold some contraband to the coworkers. There are individuals who deal directly with Mark.

The other employees hear the leak. Periander instructs the entourage to move downtown retail district after making a round as The Pied Piper of Hamilton. This is where Bill works at an electronic store as a salesman.

Bill's job is more casual. He is adept at electronics and sales. The Captain and Co. enter the store. The store having only five employees is more intimate. Everyone at the store recognizes Mark as well as some of the dealers. The owner is asked to turn on a radio in his office. It is possible to hear Periander instructing the Captain. Everything that is said in the store can be heard on the radio at the same time.

Everyone at the store buys contraband from Bill at the present. There is good opportunity at the store. The contraband purchases are not large. The owner hears the broadcasting of the sweep. To make matters appear smooth, the Captain asks about serial numbers of the equipment. This is a valid request. There have been thefts with origin of original purchase from the store.

Periander ask the Captain to ask for a demonstration of a stereo. Bill turns the receiver to the station. The effect is uncanny; like having a painting watch you as you move around. The Captain's walkie talkie on his belt as well as a hidden wire in the wall socket of the next office picks up the conversation.

Psychologically Mark and his associates as well as the police know of this tactic. Regardless of how often it is used persons still believe that such could not occur in the United States.

As Periander speaks he shadows Bill for a few seconds in front of everyone then stops. The other persons in the store are startled. They have heard similar events on the radio before at the pizza restaurant. They according to Periander are conditioned against accepting what is occurring. There is also a cognitive function involved. Periander is a jack of all trades but is quite fluent at this entrapment. The entire file of persons walks through the store. They then are lead to a nearby church.

The church in question is very old. The preacher is well known to the Captain, Mayor, Sally, Lawyer, and indeed is aware of Mark. He is also a veteran of this type of event. His skill in theology is quite good.

Periander ask all to enter the church. A law enforcement official is standing on the roof. The Pied Piper of Hamilton entourage may hear Periander from the walkie talkie. Periander states, "Meke Meke Teke Upharisms."

The days of the Kingdom have been numbered.

You have been weighted and taken into account and found wanting.

The Kingdom has been handed over to the Medes and Persians.

Periander requests for everyone to enter the church and sit in the pews. He asks them to remain in the correct order. He states that the civil law is in descent from eternal law followed by natural law. Periander argues that Hobbe's Leviathan is a text of western philosophy about absolute sovereignty that has empowered the operation. Hobbes also argues that different sovereigns as church and state divide a commonwealth against itself.

Periander then states the model has matized victimless crimes as marijuana, prostitution, gambling, and choice of sexual orientation. The use of social control is integral to the raising of a government. The use of defection by an interest in the hands of a controller is Ex Deux Machina.

The preacher is not respective of Periander statement. The Pied Piper of Hamilton is derived from esse, sid qoud esse, and sid quo esse. The informants are based on Judas Iscariot, Peter, and the Roman Centurion from the Book of John. I go to a place where you cannot come. It is an avenging angel imitating final judgment or preparation for such. It is ex cathedra.

Periander discusses other material as community, family, and the state of economy. The preacher points out the censorship and the radio. The preacher is astute but not totally cognizant. He is an old man in his seventies. This event has happened since his youth. Periander states the problems in a society are rooted in a cultural foundation. There is a generation of old persons and a generation of youth; a transition of father to son. This is a displacement of values. Such may be positive or such may be negative.

The conversation turns to contraband. The preacher is a light drinker. On occasion he will smoke a small amount of marijuana. The Captain produces a joint of the last of the sprayed contraband. He lights the cigarette. He takes one inhalation. The joint is passed to Mark. The joint is passed until it is smoked. The preacher asks when they will leave. Periander states, "They are being forced to be free."

The Superior Court is only a few blocks down the street. The amount of individuals in the surveillance is quite large. Periander is struggling to keep track of the boundaries. An implication is that a lot of the behaviors have not been performed by a few individuals for various reasons. This will affect the status quo. Faulty perspectivism and gerrymandering by the police are the other reasons for entropy.

Before entering the court, Periander instructs the Lieutenant to put a little sulfur mixture in the air ventilation. The Sergeant stands in the chambers behind the judge. This will allow for persons in this courtroom to hear the interchange.

As the file enters the courtroom Periander pronounces, "Prepare all things for Alexander." This is a constant theme. The persons enter into the room and seat themselves. The air is a misty yellow. Periander is satisfied. Periander has asked the court to dismiss or extend some deadlines so the operation could move through the court.

Mark is asked to wear his cap. Periander states that he has to in order for him to play the tapes of the future operations. The cap is then given to the judge. He is told to wear the cap so that the air will stop.

As soon as he does Periander argues, "You have to immediately stop the operation or you will be guilty." Periander explains that everyone in the room is guilty. More people may arrive they are all cooperative with law enforcement and they will have transactional immunity. The others will only have production immunity or limited protection.

If the Captain or the radio station files a complaint, the evidence will be excluded because it was illegally obtained this is false. It can be used against a person or law enforcement official that knowingly creates false discovery instruments or operations that would taint the discovery of legal evidence.

Periander states that this is, "The Fruit of the Poison Tree." Almost everything they do is tainted but sanitized by the time it reaches court to remove the taint. He continues, "Government gives with one hand and steals with the other."

Another law official walks in with two pounds, almost 1000 grams of real marijuana; this contraband came from Mark. The bust was made by the other cells after it was sold by Paul and resold. Mark and Paul both know the person that was arrested.

The judge knows who Mark is. Nothing is really said. The officials from the other cell are happy. Periander explains that they have recovered stolen merchandise and reconciling out of the court.

Periander explains that the operation is focalizing on contraband but any other crimes they discover are permissible. The students Jane and Roger arrive. Several other older persons arrive also. They have been arrested for stolen electronic goods. Periander has orchestrated their arrival. They enter the judge is a senior jurist. The suspects have already been arraigned. The two are unlike Chris or Thom. They have priors and will go through the entire process.

Periander states by joining with the other people in front of the judge they are cooperating with police. The police have an airtight case against the two. Periander states that almost everyone has received or heard something that was unique.

Periander states that a concept of no plea bargains is actually stronger. Persons are either guilty or innocent according to statute and case laws. This informant society is incorrectly instituted from man's mortal boundaries. There will always be persons should not be permitted to use, manufacture or possess a crime in continuo by plea bargains.

As a result of the operation a few more arrested will be made Bill and John are then produced they walk into the courtroom. Periander states that, "They should not stay." They made contact with law enforcement but they have not knowingly by intent produced evidence on any individual they would have to under this system.

There is a concept of omerta working on their behalf. This is the mythology that the police have built for Mark. The appetitive object is drugs. Others have received or have been lead to goods and offices by the equivalent of being an informant.

Periander is an excellent lay psychologist and is a law enforcement tradition to let persons see the writing on the wall before they are arrested.

The two have their parents present. The parents have been told not to say anything to the pair to keep such isolated. Historically Mark has been told of strikes when the other cells have tried to arrest him. His only arrest was for possession; very similar to John and Bill before he became larger.

Bill and John will eventually get apprehended. They leave and go home. As they leave the court a dealer from the other cells who got arrested slams a door of a car at the pair as they walk out of the courtroom. They look startled and proceed home.

Periander argues that this event is a transition of wills to order and power. He explains that it is in reality, 'A lesser of two evils." The jobs are nothing more than racketeering, a good ol' boy Wizard of Oz. The police are receiving Fruits of a Poison Tree when in reality career advancement is based on the arrests. Graft is not a large problem in the United States.

Periander states that the defense descends from treason to crimes against public order. The situation is a petite Botany Bay. Periander knew of such when he was first recruited years ago. He does such as Periander or the Wizard of Oz as part of his job. It is accepted writ large in law enforcement worldwide. Even the most respectable people clamor for the deals not just drug smugglers.

Periander roll calls the file:

1. Periander

2. Judge

8. Priest, Mark

3. Captain

9. Paul

4. Lieutenant

10. Steve

5. Lawyer

11. Jim

6. Sergeant

12. George

7. Lawyer

13. Parents, Sally, Chris

14. Thom

15. Jane

16. Roger

The following weekend on Friday, Periander instructs the Captain to set up a final entrapment for this phase of the operation. Only the dealers need be president at first. Mark has purchased ten lbs of marijuana. The Captain and the judge are called over.

The two arrive. Periander instructs the Captain, judge, and Mark about how to set the deal up. The living room is wired for sound. A simple VCR tape will be made. Mark will weigh out five-pound lots of contraband and then allow the customer to inspect the product and weight. It is the same material as usual. The price should be $2500.00.

Periander asks for the Captain to film the marijuana, the scale, and some cash. Mark has $10,000 on him in various size notes. His safe is filmed. It is anchored in the floor. The marijuana, when it will fit, is placed in the safe. Ten pounds will fit. Mark has two shotguns and a pistol. Both are legally held in a gun cabinet that is separate. Mark is a casual hunter and pleasure shooter.

The Captain films the judge inspecting the paraphernalia. This is not a large deal to bring a judge to. The instructions are again made. The filming of the deal will be made from the bathroom afterwards. They may go to the living room to socialize.

Paul and Steve are to arrive within the next hour. They will bring their girlfriends. Periander wants to have persons on the tape.

The Lieutenant has called the pair after Mark. He is instructing such to resell contraband to Jim and George, about three pounds. The price should be $1575.00.

Paul and Steve arrive to the home. Mark welcomes them into the home. Mark is polite. The two girlfriends remain in the living room. Mark, Paul, and Steve retreat to the bedroom to arrange the deal. Mark bags ten individual pounds lots. The two check the mass on each purchase. Mark allows each to pick alternatively.

Both persons are pleased. Mark quotes $2500.00. Both customers present mark with loose bills in size from 20, 50, and 100s. Mark places the contraband in regular grocery bags. The pair retreats to the living room. Mark places his receipts in his safe. He then socializes with his guests. The pair remains with their girlfriends for 15 to 20 minutes.

The Captain has filmed the entire event. Mark takes the receipts from the safe and counts such. The judge films Mark. Mark states that he has sold five pounds each to Paul and Steve.

The Lieutenant follows Jim and George to their homes. Another officer takes up surveillance on Jim.The Lieutenant will work with Jim. Bill will buy a one pound lot as well as John.

At Jim's home the Lieutenant instructs Jim to weigh out the one pound lot then ask for the money. He will then open the door of the bathroom and show that the deal is being filmed. Bill has not really been an informant for drug contraband. Bill is going into this deal without prior knowledge of what will happen.

The Lieutenant and Jim are friends. Jim and Bill are friends. The five pounds of marijuana are filmed as is the scale and safe. A list of debts that are drug related is also filmed. The deal will occur in the bedroom. The film will be made from the bathroom. Then if all goes well the Lieutenant will ask Bill to testify on tape. Soon he will have to delivery discovery instruments.

Bill arrives to Jim's home. The meeting is cordial. Bill asks for a one pound lot. Jim replies that he has one for $550.00. The two check the mass. Bill gives Jim the money. The Lieutenant steps out of the bathroom holding the camera.

Bill is in possession of the marijuana in a paper bag. He abruptly states, "Good bye." and leaves. Everyone is startled. Periander listens and states to the Lieutenant to, "Let him go."

At George's, John is to undergo the same entrapment. Periander states to not interdict the suspect if the he leaves the home.

Periander asks Jim to bring his scale into the kitchen. The deal should occur in the living room. The Lieutenant will stand in the bedroom. Periander is actually making it easier for John to leave. He will probably be arrested. He will put himself at risk if he will put himself at risk of he does not follow the model. He will adjust the model slightly.

The Lieutenant and Jim discuss his business, film the marijuana, the scales, and his safe. John will arrive in one hour.

John arrives. John and Jim good friends. John asks for the pound Jim brings the scale in from the kitchen into the living room on a table. He then goes into his bedroom and returns and returns with a pound. Jim puts the pound on the scale. John checks the mass. A bag is brought in from the kitchen. The money is exchanged within a few minutes. John is startled the Lieutenant does not say anything John stands and exit.

Periander over the next few days must analyze the defection of performers. Everything they may say or do may be used for against them. Near Mark the treatment is more thorough. At the smaller dealers performance is looser. This is generalized but not always true. The amount of tactics performed is very large. The construction of entrapments is very theatrically managed also by law enforcement.

Bill and John are low level performers who have surveillance and usually may only turn names their interaction with higher dealers involves them in the use of greater documentation. They live in a small area. The level of entrapment reflects a higher volume of contraband.

Periander has to make a bust; it will be John. This is not unusual. The designer of the operation has contrasted pure smuggling without turning evidence to being an informant. There is a clash between myth and reality. The police have spent years developing Mark's image as a hero solely by being a main dealer. This would incur naturally. His true structure is a law enforcement myth.

The disturbing part of the model is the use of escalation. There is a negative element that favors this quid pro quo in continuo reverse sting as the Machiavellian concept of the ends justifies the means. The majorities of philosophic systems do not. Individual personality diffusion plus community unity are pitted by the polarities.

This model will criminalize a dealer to operate in this manner. This may occur before, during, or after the fact. Mark has a deal for ten years, Paul and Steve for five years, and Jim and George for three years.

Any corollary crime may jeopardize the deal. Stolen goods and violence are two each agents law enforcement apply to escalate the actors to force a bust.

Periander calls the Captain to start a final sweep the other cells have various locations files situated at various files situated at various that are public as gas stations, restaurants, shopping centers, and so forth.

John is arrested attempting to deliver half pound of marijuana. He is released on his recognizance. He returns home. Persons all over the area have been arrested the model supports Mark. Technically speaking Mark has made zero arrests although he has turned the most states evidence. The contraband radiates from him only.

Periander requests Mark to drive around town. Periander personally does such in the background as the Captain calls Mark enters and leaves the station.

Mark then drives to a large supermarket that is a part of a national chain. As he walks into the various persons bang their shopping carts other structures around Mark. Mark purchases food and then leaves. In the same parking lot the same event occurs.

Mark decides to return home. Periander argues the model is the most ignorant thing that police have come up with. If Mark gets pinned another dealer will obtain the same treatment. Such will occur quid pro quo tit for tat reprisals until such stops. Mark is their man.

Periander analyses the statutes for false imprisonment. The best argument is an ad magistratum obstruction of justice, a legal due process case against Mark. Now Mark is a victim.

Under a controller a game theory Prisoner's Dilemma paradigm isolates two policemen. Their wife or any female, or genus of third parties is used as a foil with a victim in false imprisonment. The two opposing law officers either have to aid the victim and or prosecute such if that is the case. The controller defects the law enforcement to attack the victim.

The controller has also attacked the victim through the two law enforcement officials. The controller may now aggrandize an attack by the victim against the two law enforcement officials. Technically the victim has the greatest argument or use of selfdefense. Hypothetical threats against a policeman will not permit an officer to act under the color of authority.

The members of the other cells have orchestrated the event. Periander is behind on analyzing all the tapes. Periander can request tapes or simply go to the storeroom and review such. There are master plans of which are boundary located with particular targets. This is done to create an independent discovery. It is a facet of Prisoner's Dilemma.

Paul and Steve have undergone the same treatment. The same is true of Jim and George. Bill and John are free from house arrest for the time being.

Periander asks the Captain to start The Pied Piper of Hamilton. In truth Periander is the main controller for this phase of the operation. He is the de facto sovereign at this level.

Periander is able to assemble the last role call adding Bill and John.

Periander has started all over the radio. The Pied Piper of Hamilton will start from Mark and proceed down his system to secondary law enforcement and agents. Bill and John are third parties.

Periander argues, "A Fruit of the Poison Tree with RICO statutes in generalization Crime cannot yield a change of title. No person is legal citizen who takes part owns or receives any property, value, or occupation from a criminal enterprise."

Periander sends the file out to various locations. The other cells send their dealers out their dealers out. Technically speaking George is getting credit for busting John. Periander's attempt to give Mark credit for busts in the other cells is moot. He easily has attributed this arrest. This is the same case. Without realizing such George has incriminated himself through his electronic surveillance. This is the most damaging evidence. John was followed from his apartment to his car and pulled a few blocks away after a red light.

At the stores Periander's informants slam car doors at the other dealers as they endeavor to be motile. They are told that someone got snitched on. They will receive remuneration. In their previous deals Bill and John are sent out with the line. Bill did slam a door at an individual.

He has discussed what has happened with other persons and is not pleased. John definitely is angry. He is told not to do anything as he has a court date.

The dealers of the other cell are in de facto house arrest. The police are also in house arrest. Periander states that, "The main perpetrators will have two weeks of house arrest and loose their deals." They will have criminal history. The other cells are now slamming things in the police station. Periander will take the two week house arrest.

Mark's extension outside the local police departments begins with the judges. They know of Mark also. Since they have the other dealers pinned, Mark down to George may try to go outside. Periander tells John to go home.

Paul, Steve, Jim, George, and Mark arrive to the shopping center. The Captain has told John's parents that George has busted John. When George is seen by John's father he slams a door at George. Periander is following a tape he wishes for this group to be against all dealers.

Periander then instructs Mark and Co. to drive to another location. Before doing so Jane is used as a foil. The judge slams a door at Mark. The Lieutenant then drives by and releases a sulfuric mixture from the squad car.

Periander states that it is definitive that contraband is a component of racketeering. Mark could be prosecuted by several statues. If all the criminal activity continues levelling towards white collar crime will occur. Everyone in the parking lot can hear what is being said.

Above Periander there are persons who have to put their holdings in blind trusts to avoid abuse of public authority. This concept has been developed from divine right. Mark is often compared to Alexander the Great. He has a small territoriality under his control.

Mark and Co. drive to another gas station. There a member of the other cell, a dealer attempts to get out of his car. Mark slams a door as he tries to do so. They all know each other.

Periander tells the Captain, "Let's make some more busts now that a judge is here." Periander has a tape map as well as a drug map of all the known dealers in the area. Some are larger than Mark but none have the law enforcement backup as equal to Mark. Several are in house arrest for reverse stinging persons.

Periander will encircle the entire model with The Piper of Hamilton. Periander leads the group all over the county for several days. The other cells do the same. The door slamming is a form of ritualized violence. The police allow Mark and Co. to win the engagement. In a realistic drug war they would definitely lose. The file with the judge is equally victorious. John has been pinned. Her has threatened George but has not done anything else overt.

One of the other cells runs a gang. They are definitely prone to arrest but always mange to find more recruits. They are told to confront persons and state, "That they will be destroyed if the house arrest continues." This thins the participation.

In two weeks everyone is out. John's parents have spent one week in house arrest. According to Periander everyone relieved at least one day.

Periander explains that the criminalization is due to the rigged astronaut job. The air is imposed over drugs, gambling, prostitution, and all racketeered goods. Persons will blame the so called overt criminal while being blind to their own theft.

If the event continued, the governor would be entrapped then federal officials. All prominent members of institutions will undergo a Pontius Pilate Paradigm. A Perfect Dictator will emerge.

The Perfect Dictator

De facto Perfect Dictator

Secret Police Department


De Jure Citizens

This structure is supported by racketeering, a fall of the ideal state to a plutocracy.