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The Baltimore Studio

The Baltimore Studio are no more than LAPD Officers using a voice synthesizer to disguise themselves. This construction is a form of Profiling and Entrapment. Identity is a key. The Studio members are presented as MSM. The Journal is being continued here:


I did not use a Title or location for the prompts in the original website. I am more concerned with the efficient communication of facts and ideas. I am adding a Title and location where possible. All me work is free to copy and save for personal use.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

October 25, 2015

Blythe California

Lotus Flower

Bhakta David Nollmeyer


I had reentered college as of 1991 to study politics and pre law for one semester. I had no formal computer skills whatsoever. I did not take computer literacy until 1999. In 2001 I purchased a Vtech emachine and started to email basically journalists and public officials. I was in college in September of 2001 but withdrew due to health considerations. I had taken a typing course in addition to a brief on Microsoft Office 2000. The following is the lightly edited version of the email saved exposition.

In the ensuing days I will develop an address book of appropriate contacts to refute the false record that is corrupting world history. The plethora of so called legal persons and competent authorities that should be acting jurisdictionally grows daily. The negligence of the parties in either de facto or omissive acts only increases the need for official recognition of the fictitious record that has transpired under the colour of legal right.

In support, I have mailed a supplementary brief based on my original complaint to have my first request to have CV-98-7015 reviewed due to a lack of owed guarantees or due process to the OAS. Currently in a related manner, cases Misc. 99-100 and 99-101 are waiting final orders in the U.S. District for California in Fresno.

In recapitulation, I have lost the first part of a manuscript, The Myth of the Contemporary Man II PT. I. I am currently proceeding with PT.II as if it was the beginning. The sheer amount of material that has to be analyzed permits for copious workloads. Therefore, in reality I have only lost efforts to compensate for. The study is incremental and permits for a presentation to move forward on a continuum.

The paper Archetype was also lost in transit with the document supra. I believe the new version of this paper to be greater. Having two attempts to produce a record has advantages. Time lost is the only negative. Production versus quality is the perpetual nemesis attacking all existing events.

Holons 1-10 have been sketched out and I am confident that they will result in my first computer graphic presentation in MOEC. The addition of technology will professionalize the entire project. The writing has now passed some five years.

The crowning glory will be the writing of Origin PT. II. I have had the basic framework visualized for the past 1 year. I wish all my work to show some development. The manuscript will definitely begin in earnest within six months.

2001 Archives

The Alter Ego of Jihadhism

Dover DE

October 7, 2001

As of about noon the U.S. and the U.K. have attacked Afghanistan and or Osama Bin Laden. I was working on a complaint to the State Attorney General of Delaware regarding slander that I am or have ever been gay or bisexual at any part in history when news of the strike broke. As one rebukes, law enforcement then accuses one of being a supporter of transgenderism. I did not support this issue as the City of San Francisco approved the cost of sex change operations.

One case of anthrax in Florida has been documented. The Taliban are believed to be hunkered in the mountains underground. The military mortuary is located in Dover, Delaware. The state is a total disgrace. State Police Headquarters and Troop 3 in conjunction with the Baltimore PD and LAPD are guilty of starting the low grade chemical military warfare code named Akbar.

It is clear and honest to state that I am by no means a patriot. It is clear that I am not a traitor to the United States or my Vedic faith. Totalitarianism seeks to isolate the individual or collective. As I see it the Taliban are allowing western journalism to cover the war live in real time. This is no more than a tragicomedy without official recognition. I am learning Internet. I hope that there will be a web site.

The compass of this small draft is not to present a systematic presentation of forces that are defining the history of our lifetimes of not only my personal perspective but of structures that are extant to all observers; but to lightly gloss over materials that are kept solely by memory.

The role and texture of my life is of importance to comprehend what has transpired and why nothing has been done to prevent such. It is keen to note what appears to be a fanatic's conspiracy delusion actually has some central organization albeit not unity; except a dislike for the United States Federal Government.

Anthrax: A Biological Virus

Dover DE

October 13, 2001

There are now eight known cases of anthrax exposure. One letter has tested positive mailed to Microsoft in Reno, NV.

The identity of David Nollmeyer is more important as law enforcement becomes more desperate to invent my life as well as the beliefs I support. The case was primarily designed as a drug reverse sting; an entrapment that went astray. Hence, the role of being an informant or in a greater sense a traitor comes to the fore. I personally accused the Delaware State Police of what is criminal abuse in federal court in Delaware CV-99-448. The case is not recalcitrant. It clearly denounces the police in Delaware and particularly the citizens in Kent Co. of systematic human rights abuse. It clearly denounces the manner in which drugs are trafficked in this state. It is clear that such drug trafficking and use were denounced. Chief District Judge Farnan presided and Assistant State Attorney General Rosemary Killian represented the Delaware State Police. Killian still represents the police.

To date I do not use alcohol or any illegal contraband. I personally do not enjoy marijuana products. I am not a supporter of medical marijuana. I did support such until I visited Plumas Co. in northern CA. The culture was so abusive that it is not worth the rapid liberalization to the marijuana population. I am a supporter of three strike and habitual offender statutes. 800,000 persons were in the correctional system in 1987 when Akbar began. There are now over 2,000,000 in physical custody on any given day. There are possibly 9,000,000 under some manner of supervision. The reincarceration rate of prisoners to date is about 30% in 3 years. Roughly, 60,000 prisoners are added each year to the system. In a simple logical manner, it is in my best interest to see the belligerent population in prison for the longest possible time. I, as a response to what is clearly the abuse of liberalism have cleaved to a social conservative ideology. This is right of center and is diverse of persons. The entrapping law enforcement attempt to isolate my person and then offer a hearsay profile of my supporting the liberal platform; scientific determinism, secular humanism, and multi cultural diversity if you are academically inclined form the core of this platform's thought. In the domestic arena, I am not a supporter of the Democratic Party. I am particularly opposed to former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary. My texts Origin and Myth of the Contemporary Man texts refute both former and latter.

The Anthrax Attack on Congress

Dover DE

October 16, 2001

There are several more cases of anthrax. It will be easier to number any major developments after this event consolidates. Senator Daschle's office was sent anthrax. Senator Carper's office is adjacent to the senate majority leader's office.

Carper himself did not take an anthrax test although his staff and other senators did. NBC and ABC have confirmed anthrax letters delivered with peripheral employees and one baby demonstrating symptoms of exposure. Tom Brokaw of NBC was a target. The multimedia sports entertainment complex is demonstrating their vulnerability to war pressures. Recreation has some spiritual and psychological value but the so called American lifestyle is gluttonous and frivolous. Demanding taste as a right as civil liberties versus protecting the citizenry and state will also come under economic pressure as battle forces a reprioritization of values.

There has been a call by Pakistan's leader to eliminate Mullah Omar the head of the Taliban. This he claims would eliminate the shield for bin Laden and stop the war. Here the leaders of this country have gotten the taste of rex cornelius, viz. the law of assassination. I do not support violence per se, am surely not a pacifist, and have to wait out this event as a mutation between a subject of a torture experiment, holy fool, eunuch, and sacred cow. Even the communists have a decent chance of winning something legitimate out of this. On the more serious side, the dynamics of autarky and attrition are slowly shaping the outcome of at least the leadership of Afghanistan.

Profile of Survival

Dover DE

October 17, 2001

CBS has now been attacked with an anthrax letter. The assistant of Dan Rather has developed the disease. There are three cases, one death, and over 35 exposures. Personally, while in Delaware I am stressing physical conditioning. I have arrived in Dover weighing 143 at 5"10 1/2. I weigh in at about 155 six weeks later and will move down. I turned 40 on 8-3-01. I would rate my condition as a B. In the next 10 years, physical conditioning will invert as I age. I currently circuit train 2x 6-10 reps of 100 lb barbells (max) of squats, overhead presses, lateral raises, and occasionally curls. The latter exercise is only modestly difficult but I feel like I am ready to break my wrist. I also have a 40lb hex of which perhaps every other day I add 2x10-15 reps of side lateral raises, concentration curls, and overhead presses. I use creatine and try to eat 100 grams of protein a day but cannot afford it. In this past summer, I was walking seven miles a day with a 55lb pack. This did more good than almost anything I have tried in my life did. I will stay at least trim. There is no reason to weigh over 160lb.

It is somewhat strange to see the occasional picture of past acquaintances. I am still cognizable. I hold this to be based on my faith in Krishna and my past vegetarianism. I do not drink alcohol or smoke marijuana or cigarettes.

I have now had one of the better letters I have sent on my emachine refused by the News Journal of DE. If it is proved historically that such was instructed to by LAPD it only proves my point that the media is conformed to the police and not objectively reporting the news. My email address is wakeup_and_die@yahoo.com. The former address was used mainly for storage. The editor did not like the way it looked which could be understandable. I tried to create a new account and all the names I wanted were in use. The computer picked dnollmeyer so I tried it but he did not like the way it looked. I settled for vamanadeva2001@yahoo.com. Today is 10-19-01 and the New York Post has a confirmed case of anthrax.

The First State and Afghanistan in History...

Dover DE

October 19, 2001

US Rangers are on the ground in Afghanistan 7:00 pm EST. In review a Washington post office employee has developed anthrax. My mother has bought a National Enquirer. I have started to scratch. If I develop anthrax I will sue hopefully putting them out of business. There is a helicopter rescue squad that trains out of Nevada. I am not sure if this squad has resulted in the first US casualties of the war. This squad has also crashed in the vicinity of where I camp in Tonopah, NV. This area from Inyo Tonopah Reno is an aviation and auto black hole.

Two Washington postal employees have died from anthrax. This is from inhalation anthrax. The postal service in Mt. Hamilton Township, NJ also has problems. The Greyhound bus station that connects to Delaware from NYC is here. Several pounds of plastic explosives were found about two weeks ago in the Philadelphia station after I travelled through. In my duffel bag the Organic Cell Model was in a folder with 10 Holons, Origin, Ex Deus Maquina, Sovereign Citizen Relations, and British Bulldog.

The last trip I made west on Greyhound last December in Toledo, OH the passenger sitting adjacent across the aisle was arrested for having a concealed pistol in his pack.

As I see things, there is a strong likelihood that the humanitarian food packets that are being transported out of DAFB are contaminated. CBS News has reported that the Taliban are considering contaminating food sources and blaming the United States.

The Delaware State Police are being sued by the US Federal Government. This with the forced retirement of Superintendent Gerald Pepper has seriously weakened the shield of impunity. The City of Dover is facing a civil action in a death during an arrest earlier this year. Two fired prison guards at Smyrna Correctional Facility have won a civil action worth 231,000 thousand dollars. The second to last time I visited DE there was a riot after I left. The two testified over conditions surrounding the event and were forced to leave unfairly.

Eventually I would like to formally return to the intent of this draft, that being the accuracy of my historical and legal life. Propaganda essentially is the component.

At a macro level the Taliban are gaining ground in this endeavor worldwide and in the US. Here the domestic police appear to be on a suicide mission to fabricate myself as a gay etc. There is a dependent antisocial culture that has a higher propensity for wishing to believe in falsehoods of any manner as handicapping failure or escapism. I do not wish to use any fabricating in my work or be the victim of radiating others work. The United States is clearly a culture that willingly will attack the bearer of bad news.

The amount of anthrax contamination is growing. It is clear the so called health experts have underestimated the potency and radius of the spores to spread by possible cross contamination. The US Supreme Court, CIA, and White House mail sorting facilities have been exposed. Thousands of postal employees in Washington and New Jersey are being tested. It is very hard to keep up with an expanding problem. There is concern here also of the food supply being contaminated; we already are growing Patriot Rations.

The homo sapiens as all biological species must choose both survival as an individual and as a collective. To perpetuate the genetics persons observe such as alpha and beta members. A sustainable culture is available to humans in addition to survival as an animal.

It is totally clear that the perpetrators as LAPD desire for the HBT agenda to be sanctioned by eternal law and positive law. I am as a person am not interpreting such as eternal law in any form as being valid.

I am in a position where I must analyze my values and operations to objects such as to which will sustain my self the longest and will not damage others. Our legal rights are the true foundation of our government. The disintegration of the rule of law and law enforcement forces one to return to natural rights. This noble idea or the absence there of has and always will be the fodder of war and civil unrest. More volatile is the concept of eternal justice which can only be proven by faith. I do indeed have a faith in the Vedas. I am somewhat stricter against the average person particularly in the US.

The event was designed to disrupt my faith and practice, which it has, but alternatively it provides a manner to discover the practical and universal aspects in a different light. As one becomes more desperate one turns to immediate biological needs over idealistic truths and abstractions. Whoever places one in the dire straits is likely able to experience this same predicament in latency. It appears divine patience and austerities are to be in order as they have a purifying effect.

I am on the verge of engaging the city of Baltimore finally in personemm. It is clear that Delaware and Maryland on 1:1000 ratio are not going to fare well on crime and AIDS. This differential is to my advantage. Individuals and collectives will defend their performance. Propaganda is somewhat difficult as universal crime and victimization reporting becomes known and used in assessment and decision making on at least official crime and disease.

I have caught a Brave New Cold. I am sure I will live. Everyone has received a card from the postmaster in Washington, which is hit hard by contamination. A fourth person has died of inhalation anthrax. The event seems to be slowly spreading. The spores in Senator Daschle's letter were weaponized anthrax as 2 grams or 2 billion spores.

No individual has yet to analyze from the perspective of the law enforcement. It will be folly to attempt to define my role without identifying to some extent the function of those that surround me. It is not popular to expose but the law enforcement and the world community must come to grips with the fact that corruption and impunity in the police of the United States is responsible for systematic human rights abuse. This will be totally true in all my travels.

The use of family particularly marriage to a woman will become assailed. The so called legitimate community is no better than any Mafia in the choice of use of marriage as insulation from prosecution.

A New Tragedy and Old One (Kristi Krebs)

Dover DE

November 12, 2001

Another American Airlines jet has crashed in New York City at 9:17 EST. An explosion that is considered mechanical in nature is being given as a probable cause. I have my personal doubts. Today is Veterans Day. The flight was headed to the Dominican Republic. I argue it is possible to disguise such.

The formation of my natural personality, beliefs, values, and activities will be an interesting study in contrast to the propaganda. The profiling is personally insulting to me as an individual and as well to other groups. Any prosecutor, lawyer, psychologist, or sociologist who does not research with any sincerity or who is corrupt to begin with is at risk from both de facto and de jure forces. The profiling was developed under Cambridge Law School's instruction. The lack of dynamism of the police to accept reality is startling. Any legitimate discovery of facts will strengthen my presentation.

I argue that the international conspiratol nature of some of my work is a small weak link towards confounding. Before I left Berkeley, CA a description of a missing girl yet to happen, i.e. a script given circa University Avenue and Berkeley Way (1986) was revealed during one of the travels of the Delaware State Police. In 1991 while I was struggling very hard in the Nevada desert near Hawthorne on August 9, I heard a news report on the radio, this is a remarkable event in itself, revealed the victim to be Kristie Krebs of Ft. Bragg CA. I was definitively told there that the police would find her body by 2000. This information was relayed by one of the other cells in LAPD. I am a resident of Mendocino County. I actually was carrying her missing poster. I have called the group that is sponsoring her campaign to locate her. The poster was stolen or lost with all my writings in my duffel bag.

I have toned down my presentation of this type of material. Plane crashes are another aspect of concern. Flight 800 was definitely discussed during the advent of this episode. I have only been to Long Island two times in my life probably in 85 or 86 and once when I flew to Puerto Rico in 95. I was hitchhiking to Maine and ate dinner with a tire delivery person by the name of Ralph Shane. There is no doubt that the police had information of what is now Flight 587. I am able to remember the dialog as I watched the tailfin of the airbus being fished out of the water.

Over the weekend of the 11-17-01 news of a similar letter to that of Senator Daschle was found in a container in Washington D.C. leading to the shutdown of two Senate office buildings. The letter was mailed to Senator Leahy of Vermont who is head of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The law enforcement is hoping I will create impunity for persons and family with a similar perspective or worldview. The contradiction in their work is the inefficiency that results from any individuals or groups that accept their theatre. In the beginning of this event, I made a goal to be universal and consistent everywhere I travelled. This is now 44 states excluding Puerto Rico and Mexico. The police on the other hand have used me only as symbol playing me off local and regional tastes. This was designed by Cambridge and will weaken such as those who do not have impunity become eliminated by either de jure or de facto forces.

The model chooses to blame the victim for his or her own persecution. Following would be one's religion, beliefs, lifestyle, race, and so forth. Our first amendment protections cover areas of ad hominem as name, age, race, place of national origin language, political orientation, and gender. The police are correct in attacking one person and then slowly multiplying the event to include various groups within the human family. This allows the population to harden and be implicated.

The sustainability of all material systems is finite. This conspiracy is developed on a cell theory. This is morphogenetic in the construction of components and subsystems within a suprasystem. A function of MOEC is to expand into an overt empire. It exists to date as a system of de facto purges.

Anthrax and Literature

Dover DE

November 24, 2001

One more case of inhalation anthrax has resulted in the death of a 94 year old woman in Oxford, CN. This brings to five the number of deaths. The Taliban are on the verge of surrendering in Kunduz. Mullah Omar is said to be negotiating his own surrender. The Taliban are putting up a fight in Kandahar in the South.

Since I now have basic email capability, I will make messages including the domestic court docket. The police are attempting to state that the public authorities and private figures that are looking the other way are heroes under the lesser of two evils. It is also stated that I am not attempting to criminally prosecute the police. Civil lawsuits can be read as criminal. Internal affair mechanisms are usually the last resort in domestic law before a civil suit.

The problem of confounding has emerged. Earlier I have made references to Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in my writing citing their work as spies and execution for treason. Julius Rosenberg was only an engineer. Ethel was only his wife not a scientist as I have thought. Her brother was a worker at Los Alamos. David Greenglass, wife, Ethel, and Julius were spies as well as communists.

A recent text named Brother by Sam Roberts reveals that David lied to save his wife thus resulting in the execution of Ethel. A 60 Minutes II interview was aired 12-05-01 where these facts were brought to light.

The interesting point is that Ethel is alleged to have transcribed David's notes on a typewriter. The finished material was to be delivered to the Soviet Union. David now admits that he has no idea who typed the notes but based his incriminating testimony on his wife and pressure from assistant prosecutor Roy Cohn.

I had heard of the Rosenbergs previous to this event. It was mentioned in a history class I have taken in college. It seemed a sundry item. As seen material has been changed and presented to me. I have learned to type and use email. This is one of the integrated functions of this Vtech Postal Companion I am composing on at the present.

Azorin is a modern Spanish writer, a member of the Generation of 98. This group arose after the defeat of Spain in the second Spanish American War. In my opinion, he is technically the most difficult of the moderns. One of his books has been superimposed over the Rosenberg case and my source of information; Suggestion Diablique Vision Fugitive. Background to Azorin's psychologically style is a host of technological inventions. Azorin is also a conservator of the Spanish language. His writing is so complex that a master of the Spanish language would need a dictionary to work through even a short story. The author uses a rich mix of arcane and idiomatic language that is impossible for the average person to have learned.

History is Theater

Dover DE

December 7, 2001

Today is Delaware Day, Pearl Harbor Day, and the day the Taliban surrendered Kandahar. Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar are not to be found. My mother and sister Ann were married today. Both marriages did not last.

President Clinton has announced the groundbreaking for his new library. It is an interesting synchronic and semantic occurrence. I believe the Clinton's are being compared to the Rosenbergs. The history of humankind not the particular history of the United States, DE, CA, my family or that of President Clinton et al. is what is at stake.

What is extremely lacking in consciousness is the crudeness of the police and their accomplices. The ringleaders are as said attempting to have David Nollmeyer to front the Homosexual Bisexual Transgender agenda. It is not the question of whether I am going to look the other way for this group it is whether I am going to do such for anyone, group, region etc. The content of this event is so vulgar it would be impossible to make a film without sanitizing what is being said. It would be insulting, condescending, and ingratiating. The only worthwhile effort is to prosecute, analyze, prevent such from reoccurring, and move forward.

I have for the second occasion mailed a written criminal complaint against the Baltimore Police Department based in part of the unnamed agents Baltimore Studio. On this occasion, Mayor O'Malley and Chief Norris were also identified.

The next level of attack will be most likely against the American Medical Association and the American Bar Association. The major media will follow afterwards. Locally there is WBAL, of Baltimore and WYZ of Philadelphia. The three major news anchors are damaged as CBS Dan Rather, NBC Tom Brokaw, and ABC Peter Jennings. The regional media have had at least two years of point blank exposure with no real facts to show for their involvement.


The theory of extinction of the species is based on static roles in open texture. The news is essentially social sanitization, possibly a crime equating to genocide. I am not interested in protecting any mythology of any President or that of the United States period.

Tora Bora Falls...

Dover DE

December 17, 2001

The fall of Tora Bora has occurred without the capture of Osama bin Laden. The Holy month of Ramadan has ended as well as Hanukkah. An American named Walker has been captured as a Taliban fighter and may face charges of treason.

Christmas in Delaware

Dover DE

Christmas Eve 2001

This is the second or third Christmas here in Delaware. I am not a Christian therefore I do not celebrate such. I am much happier with this simpler arrangement. I do not celebrate my birthday either. This does not mean I would not but there is no genuine reason to celebrate.

I have mailed two chapters of Myth of the Contemporary Man II to the Library of Congress for a copyright. I have had the best year in the last five, which for me is good. I am scheduled to return to San Luis Obispo the 27th. There are blizzard like conditions and I might be forced to wait.

I will attempt to conclude here save for any external events worthy of inclusion. As a sentient member of the species homo sapiens, I am a true member of the middle age group. I have been able to practice vegetarianism with some regularity; this being my preference.