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2013 Archives

Happy New Year!!!

Desert Shores CA

January 1, 2013

MOEC Studies is seriously starting to emerge as formidable challenge to the Censorship and Sanitization that has created a Cultural Singularity. It is this Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity that will be a driver in World History. Within this context Accelerating Irrationality AI will be pitted against Accelerating Intelligence AI to create the new equilibrium for the future within what is discussed as Superintelligence.

The Collapse of the Anglo American Paradigm is simultaneously equivalent at this time to MOEC.

In contrast I will develop all new web pages in HTML 5 and CSS.

Gay Marriage began today in Maryland. The civil war in Syria has claimed 45,000 lives. George W Bush is sick. Hillary Clinton has a blood clot. Nelson Mandela is also ill as well as Hugo Chavez. None of these figures has a public position on MOEC.

There will be a new Origin II beginning in February that will most likely be posted chapter by chapter by March.

Obama is Inaugurated

Desert Shores CA

January 20, 2013

Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term today. This official act clearly defines his incompetence in misleading the United States into uncharted history regarding Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. As he is a dependent leader in a Systematic Tyranny, he will permit an escalation that demonstrates that the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama have formed an American Vichy.

Who will benefit from this collapse of Constitutional Law remains to be seen?

Restructuring the Site

Desert Shores CA

February 19, 2013

Minor changes are occurring to the site. Minor hacking is a constant threat. This is attributable to the Gay Militia and will undermine their credibility in the computer science Singularity community. The Web Update has been on the Journal page as the Home Page is not being updated by Google.

The Origin or the Organic Cell of MOEC has been redone:



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

One should consult the Position Papers to become familiar with MOEC Studies. I am extremely confident that Obama is the Singularity Target. The analogy to a computer virus here is both real and for comparative purposes.

Soon the Technology Explosion will dominate education. There is absolutely no direct academic work other than myself on MOEC. My Official Position is centered on this material.

The Fast Second Approach is dependent under fatalism.

It is in my best interest to secure as much territoriality as possible.

Updating the 2012 Archives

Desert Shores CA

February 21, 2013

The 2012 Archives have been chronologically adjusted. I usually perform this task in December of each year. This is the first site that has been adjusted. I have ten pages of a working Preface for Lycurgus II that I hope to have posted as site by March 5, 2013. I hope to do this in scratch HTML 5. I have been hacked. What is under the hood is mainly WYSIWYG xhtml. There is auto CSS in places.

This proves to me that most serious computer attacks are state sponsored crime creation.

There is no valid work ethos in Computer Science or across academia.

I hope to create a baseline with MOEC Studies that is beyond the fatalistic ritualism that is being passed off at the present.

The blogs receive a fraction of the hits as http://powereality.net/.

As such, I may in the future continue at a bi monthly rate and or as needed.

It is my opinion that anyone who peruses this domain is easily 50 plus years ahead of UC Berkeley, Cambridge, MIT, or Harvard. These folks are abstractly slightly smarter than my humble person.

I may have only at one point would have only been able to be a TA (Teachers Assistant) or a mid level professor at that level. However, the Rake's Progress has some merit.

If Cambridge Lawyers are the Authorship, it appears that I can demonstrate some merit through perseverance and necessity.

Updating the 2012 Archives

Desert Shores CA

March 2, 2013

During 2013, I have decided to focus on the Salton Sea and Salton City CA areas as the main legal and historical attack. The components of: Chemical Assault Electronic Surveillance Stalking are all very active.

This precludes that the construction of a Gay Militia is an issue of severe ridicule for World and LGBTi History. The United States federal and State of California governments and their officials are adequately pursued from here. The private individuals that have participated in stalking here are also more likely to criminally prosecuted than any other location.

I will attempt to write at least 3 letters per month. I will actively fax or email various parties.

Recipients will be: federal and state officials, Native American Tribes, academic and Singularity organizations.

In the academic area, Administration of Justice, Social Sciences, Human Rights, and History will be an area of emphasis.

All letters will be posted on http://powereality.net/ and blogs.











Leadership: Developing the Individual and Collective

Desert Shores CA

March 16, 2013

I have endured the most serious attack against an individual in the History of the United States. MOEC has created five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama since June 17, 1987. The Strategic Mission of this attack is Same Sex Marriage. This issue will be heard at the Supreme Court March 26, 2013.

The lack of skill of the President in leading this country into a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth proves the direct lack of conscience, will, and education. This entrapment begins with a focus at the Third Generation or grandparents.

A question has to be made to the soundness of our culture. The narcissistic psychopath with an inferiority complex is a strong profile to consider at the root of this activity.

How did democracy invert into a totalitarian police state replete with worldwide censorship and sanitization?

The following Platonic Tyranny is being proven:


Secret Police


This is a disaster for Anglo American Homeland Security. Likewise the Origin is with the LGBTi culture positing such on the Wrong Side of History by grouping, not volition.

As seen it has been nearly 27 years, with a generation being 30 years, one is clearly lost.

Human resources are the best defense. Since MOEC attacks through informants and espionage even nuclear weapons are suspect. It is alleged that Iran has been hit by espionage.

I will attempt to more formalize my observations and conclusions from the perspective of the Singularity Experiment.

Artificial Intelligence is being modelled on a similar development of a child. I have several introductory sites on my Web Pages.

In a similar manner the historical space is now with decadence and a restoration. I will attempt to move MOEC Studies strongly into this space as a chess player attempts to gain territory with his pawns.

The fast second approach is a folly against Undermining.

Many so called experiments are likely to attacked and exposed as sanitizers in the line of Thrasymachus of Plato's The Republic. One must remember that Cambridge lawyers and theologists are the strongest architects of MOEC.

In a Totality of Circumstances based observation the siblings of the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama are going to bear a burden from the incompetence of their parents. This is contrast to the struggles of the average person during this same 27 year time period.

It is becoming stronger that Obama will have some difficulties living out his life without being criminally prosecuted.

International Relations and Implications

Desert Shores CA

March 25, 2013

 Barack Obama March 2013

President Obama

Dear Professor,

I am writing you to express my concern over the impact that the Unrecognized Scorched Earth Chemical Assault program, currently in continuo since June 17, 1987 will have over the Condition of Humanity and the study of International Relations. As I am writing you, the Salton Sea, California is a Scorched Earth site. This inland sea is totally a Toxic Waste Land.

At hand is Crime Against Humanity universally and Treason, Obstruction of Justice, and Intimidating a Witness here in the United States. This prima facie argument has the same implications for those persons who are citizens of the United Kingdom under the ICCPR.

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am stating that Cambridge Law School is the proximate cause, sine qua non. This maneuver alienates one individual's natural person and citizenship from legal person before the court.

This attack is named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC; allegedly by the authorship of Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom.

Hence MOEC is Undermining Civilization through this line: United Kingdom - Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, United States – Los Angeles Police Department, California and LGBTi Movement.

The overall principle that is being employed is State Creation. Undermining and Prisoner's Dilemma are the main drivers of the process and structure.

This event is an emergent structure that appears to be consolidating the mechanism(s) that expands and contracts the British Empire. Currently the Anglo American Paradigm is in decline by this intentional activity. Who will benefit in the short and long run?

A key perspective in International Relations are Systems Transformations at three levels: 1. International 2. International 3. Local.

There are two main subsystems of MOEC: 1. Lycurgus Akbar – non nuclear 2. Syrinx – nuclear.

There are three components to this MOEC:

Nuclear Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Biological Warfare

Currently I am in the condition equating to Akbar.

The Strategic Mission at this stage of MOEC is Gay or Same Sex Marriage. As I write Hollingsworth v. Perry or Proposition 8 is awaiting to be heard before the Supreme Court on March 26, 2013.

The attack on the American President and Constitution is based on alienating one person from his Bill of Rights protections. This is based on a Same Sex qualification for rights. The result is the creation of a RICO Criminal Enterprise that is a circular folly. Hence homosexual, blackmail and extortion are the primary defense mechanism for perpetuating the attack.

It is prima facie at this point in History that the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama have been de facto and corrupt in executing the Office of the Presidency.

A system of eugenic engineering is paired with quid pro quos, a Yellow Brick Road instead of merit based promotion and Targeted Chemical Assaults is developed in nodes throughout the world.

I am the main and only target that has the fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over their person and citizenship. This attack could occur if I was heterosexual.

Since LAPD has carried out the attack, I have been disclosed the model and particular concrete events.

At issue is the allegation that Technological Singularity is being developed to sanitize the history of War Crimes especially by the United Kingdom.

President Barack Obama is the Singularity Target and I am the Singularity Experiment.

My response has exceeded the Authorships expectations. Not only have I survived the attack, I am slowly mounting a Second Strike against such. The Process and Structure of MOEC are reasonably certain. Novelty and some very deception decoy and traps are the only issues that could negate by line, not the Totality of MOEC's alleged existence.


According to law the United Kingdom and United States are engaged in guerra bellicose. As the belligerents these actors would be obligated to punish those guilty parties and recompensate the victims. It appears a type of Marshall Plan will be created.

It is prima facie that President Barack Obama is aware of the attack on the Salton Sea. He has won two Presidential Elections and has been inaugurated twice while such was despoiled. Water in taps is contaminated. Food and other durable items in stores is contaminated for hundreds of miles radiating from my person.


Currently it is alleged that Syria has been using small Chemical Attacks. Obama's calculus on such is one of hypocrisy.

If the International Community, legal and academic systems are serious about the rule of law than concrete actions must be taken to recognize and punish the perpetrators.

The Undermining will create a new class structure a form of Neo Fascism if the current trajectory is maintained.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores, California

March 25, 2013

International Relations and Implications

Desert Shores CA

April 3, 2013

The Garden of Enchiridion has emerged in an energetic burst. It is better to develop this paper in parallel with Lycurgus.

I will attempt to post a chapter from either or every six weeks.

My program is to write about 80 pages per year.

Lycurgus II 2013

Garden of Enchiridion 2014

Collapse of the Anglo American Paradigm 2015

The System 2016

This level of work would transpire on January 1, 2017. I have at most a 50 percent chance of completing such.



Open Letter: George W Bush

Desert Shores CA

April 25, 2013

Bushes and Obamas

The Obamas and Bushes

The Legacy of George W Bush

If History is the last Court then Reality is the instructing teacher. George Bush willingly became President of the United States in full cognition that a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program was in continuo since June 17, 1987 under then President Reagan. His father George HW Bush also willfully condoned the defective performance of Reagan. This miscalculation, escalation, failure to discipline faulty performers, and implement corrective remedies has resulted in a damaged United States, Constitution, and Citizenship.

What is known now is that an Undermining Campaign that drives the expansion of the British Empire is the controlling hierarchy. Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause. These actors have named this System Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. This system may go back to the beginning of University of Cambridge in the 1400s. In this regard MOEC is the name for the exposure of a Perfect Dictator.

The attack has been imposed over my natural person and citizenship.

As a result of the alienation of my Bill of Right and Fourteenth Amendment Protections, a Crime Against Humanity, Treason, Obstruction of Justice, and Intimidating a Witness have occurred against the United States.

The Strategic Mission at this time is Gay Marriage. Proposition 8 as Hollingsworth v. Perry is now awaiting Judgment before the Supreme Court.


George W Bush has failed in executing his sworn duty as President of the United States, Constitution, and Citizens. He has acted Under the Color of Law as de facto and negligent sworn officer of this country. On about February 12, 2007 Operation Radhanatha occurred which despoiled all surface water in my vicinity, tap water and products manufactured at the plant.

The Colorado River was despoiled at Earp CA and Parker AZ. As a result the Salton Sea CA has been despoiled for two Presidential Elections 2008 and 2012. President Obama must bear the criminal and civil liability for the 2012 Presidential Election.

To this day it is impossible to buy a Coca Cola that is not contaminated in my vicinity.

George W Bush is a member of the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama. He has delivered blackmail, extortion, and intimidation of a witness. Electronic Surveillance, Gang Stalking, and Chemical Assault against the United States and the human race are the prima facie facts that are weighed against his Mythology.

George W. Bush Presidential Library And Museum


Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

April 25, 2013

Big Pine California

The Informant Nation

Westwood CA

June 1, 2013

The nationstate that creates a totalitarian culture of informants turns in part to self destruction. The Undermining and marginalization of the United States leaves a clear record of defection that has damaged the human race. The United States itself is in question as a rogue nation that openly uses Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, Stalking, and Electronic Surveillance on it's own citizens.

People clamor for Tyranny. An external reinforcer of marriage, career, money, and sex provide for a Blind Lead the Blind Culture, which hands off disaster to future generations.

Is it necessary for one nationstate to be the only superpower to guarantee security?

In the abstract there are many valid arguments. In the concrete of our era, many nations depend of the integrity of the United States which is now in question.

The human race is questionable to their volition. It is clear that humans will defect and become informants in the negative to their own faith, government, and group.

The latter is in reference to the MSM males of Cambridge and LAPD that are leading the attack in MOEC.

The Garden of Enchiridion: Chapter II

Westwood CA

June 18, 2013

The Garden of Enchiridion Chapter II is posted online:


MOEC Studies is clearly an Approach that will emerge as an organized system in Future Studies. The Censorship an Sanitization has created a static texture. The polarized confrontation between liberalism and conservatism helped define the setting for the New Left, Hedonism, Vulgarity and Obscenity. The latter as typified by The Jerry Springer Show helps define the social engineering of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. The alienation and fragmentation of society aids the power play of defection.

The rejection of an abstract Constitution and Bill of Rights for a Yellow Brick Road to prosperity undermines the United States and the United Kingdom.

A decision on Proposition 8 is due within two weeks to one month.

I am working fast. I believe that I am content that I can create meaningful perspectives within the standing domains contributing to MOEC Studies.

I am totally aware that persons are more intelligent and better educated than I am. I am also concerned that the lack of volition and apperception have created a dangerous culture and fraud.

I have achieved at least a silver lining in delivering MOEC Studies to a cognizable approach platform. Full legal recognition and the decapitating of MOEC is the goal.

I find this to be easily consistent with my Vedic Faith and other spiritual systems.

Gay Irrationalist Apologists

Westwood CA

July 1, 2013

Currently with the dismissing of Prop 8 and the return to Gay Marriage in California, the perspective towards the endgame re emerges. Since the Chemical Assault Scorched earth is alleged to have a MSM or LGBTi Authorship there is very little legitimate room for a Apologist position in any camp especially from the LGBTi Movement.

There are about 58,000 HIV AIDS cases in the USA each year. I would argue that 30,000 are easily MSM males.

The silence raises doubt beyond suspicion in sworn officials as Obama and Napolitano. I am arguing that a Gay Militia has been created in LAPD. It is a clear Know Nothing position regardless of what gender these actors are.

MOEC Studies is at the stage of a credible Approach. I do not shy away for critical examination. If this occurs under Equal Protection Due Process what do I have to fear?

Someone in the LGBTi camp should take up the fight. The Right Side of History Wrong Side of History is at stake. Stalking my person by along the Yellow Brick Road is a mistake.

A positive self defense would be needed for a Justification.

The terms Gay Relativism and Phenomenology are being used as a support which prima facie is an ad absurdium or an appeal to or from ignorance. Claiming everything is a word game only attacks the gay philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, a Cambridge alumni. The trail is also leading back to his mentor, Bertrand Russell.

Open Letter: Kamala Harris

Westwood CA

August 1, 2013

Kamala Harris CA Attorney General

Kamala Harris

Dear Attorney General Kamala Harris,

In the past week ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano has resigned from the Obama Administration. The regents approved her for the post of the President of the University of California on July 18, 2013. This rapid paradigm shift has focalized what is named MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. This is the name of the actual in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program imposed over my natural person and citizenship here in Westwood, Lassen County, California.

Two Simultaneous Eternities Can Not Exist

At issue is the Sovereign Citizen Relationship and the alienation of my Bill of Right protections. For simplicities purpose we will argue the 8th Amendment, There shall be no cruel and unusual punishment, and the 14th Amendment Equal Protection and Due Process clause.

This Undermining attack is alleged to be the authorship of Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom. These actors have developed a Gay Militia that is guiding the attack from Los Angeles Police Department. There is an ideological construction known as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing that reflects these actor's human repertoire of intents and actions.

The attack is predicated on a Same Sex Qualification for Constitutional Rights. I am heterosexual.

The algorithm moves from (United Kingdom) Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, (United States), LAPD, State of California, the LGBTi Movement to attack my natural person and citizenship. Heterosexuals as myself are involved also but the bias is overwhelmingly LGBTi.

This action is an informant based operation where one either cooperates with the United States Constitution or betrays to MOEC.

There are three major components of this stage of MOEC: Gang Stalking, Electronic Surveillance, Chemical Warfare.

MOEC attempts to create a pathology of failure. Hence one LGBTi police officer is able to decide whether to halt the above three components directly attacking my person.

MOEC is a chemical assault, homosexual blackmail, extortion, obstruction of justice, and intimidation of a witness ring.

Marijuana trafficking and growing is a basis to create a racketeering informant system to Undermine Civilization. This spreads to food, clothing, shelter, and reproduction.

There have been three code names of officers that are prominent in MOEC: Periander, The Fly, Dodo.

Dodo is the officer in question who is running the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I am the Singularity Experiment and Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

I was born in Roswell, New Mexico in 1961. I will be 52 on August 3, and Obama will be 52 on August 4. We are therefore cohort rivals under both an Ideal Father and Mother Figure and our natural parents.

The attack focalizes on the Third Generation Grandparents as a baseline to Undermine. This would yield 8 surnames.

Dodo's extended family will be aware of his fall as an LGBTi officer in LAPD as will all the other alleged 250 to 500 officers in the Gay Militia.

The same can be true from those followers of the quid pro quo Yellow Brick Road here who are informants to Dodo in the Lassen, Plumas, and Siskiyou County area in California.

Equal Protection and Due Process should be applied nationwide.

The surname of Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge whom has just produced charge is Nelson.

A Yellow Brick Road Trojan Horse has been embedded successfully in American and World Culture.

A Marriage Breaking program is disguised as a Marriage Making program. This is a KEY Concept in Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is tagged to Gay Marriage. Historically you have performed the first Gay Marriage in California after the defeat of Proposition 8.

I supported Proposition 8 based on my own natural reason and Vedic beliefs without coercion.

The Proximate Cause Test sine qua non, is a very important consideration for you as a natural person and Attorney General for the State of California.

Lake Almanor, in adjacent Plumas County is completely a toxic waste land. The air and food for at least 100 miles radius is contaminated from vehicles who are driving in the vicinity with despoiled fuel. Food is contaminated from the factory. I am a vegetarian and these foodstuffs are deliberately attacked more than meat.

The stalking is so poor that persons lay in wait at the minimart, post office, and store to attack persons under cue from the Gay Militia. Hence they operate as a Gay Militia that is radiated from LAPD, City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County.

Cognitive Behaviorism stresses punishment as a short term behavior modifier and education as a long term modifier. Napolitano’s appointment to the President of UC California reflects this methodology.

As seen, I am first a natural person and then a citizen of the United States and California. It is clear the the proximate cause sine qua non has transformed the United States and California into the Machinery of Torture.

If criminal and civil charges were filed against the Sheriff and District Attorney of Lassen, this County would go immediately into bankruptcy. Plumas alone is $1.5 million behind on it’s budget. The very first suit would push these rural counties over the edge. The insurance companies will not pay out on simple liability claims to criminals. There is a problem with 90 percent of the population. Lassen will attempt to press charges and counter sue LAPD, City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, United States, Cambridge Law School and the United Kingdom.

You are correctly brought as the County can represent the State in all actions in California. Internationally you are also criminally and civilly liable as LAPD is responsible for many actions especially in Mexico.


I am alleging that you, Barack Obama, and Janet Napolitano are guilty of War Crimes and or Crimes Against Humanity. As seen the Wizard of Oz here is a Gay Militia member of LAPD. The intent to create the worst person in United States History has a LGBTi policeman who although aware will not renounce the conspiracy.

The major fallacy in Informant Reinforcement is a Justification – Positive self defense. Stand you own ground and the duty to retreat are null if one is an agent of a Criminal Principal, Accomplice or Accessory.

Instead the Morgenthau Pathology exponentially develops: 1. Miscalculation 2. Escalation 3. Failure to punishment culpable actors. 4. Failure to implement a system remedying deficiencies.

As the Chief Law Officer of California you have been Undermined by rogue cells of MSM male officers in LAPD who operate through Mutual Aid Violations.

I have developed MOEC Studies to the level of an Approach. This is less than a system, but the results are very strong. It is the mechanism that expands the British Empire. It is a novelty of prisoner's dilemma.

The University of California now is fully entangled in the Machinery of Torture. It's staff of world class academics are en prise as dependent actors to accomplices.

The proximate cause sine qua non, principals, accomplices, and accessories should all be named and prosecuted.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA

July 27, 2013

Open Letter: John Kerry

Westwood CA

September 1, 2013


The Syrian Civil War has killed over 100,000 persons over three years. It ha displaced over 1.2 million persons in the region. Their have been allegations of Chemical Assaults levied against both Assad and the Rebels. Since the Rebels are in the main allied with al Qaeda, United States interests do not appear to be well served in militarily engaging in regime change.

President Barack Obama previously has remarked that the use of Chemical Weapons would change his calculus, and that there is a red line.

On August 21, 2013 reports of a widespread Chemical Assault in Ghouta on the outskirts of Damascus surfaced.

Remarks on Syria

John Kerry

Secretary of State

Press Briefing Room Washington, DC August 26, 2013

Well, for the last several days President Obama and his entire national security team have been reviewing the situation in Syria, and today I want to provide an update on our efforts as we consider our response to the use of chemical weapons.

What we saw in Syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. It defies any code of morality. Let me be clear: The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders, by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. By any standard it is inexcusable, and despite the excuses and equivocations that some have manufactured, it is undeniable.

Secretary Kerry develops a prima facie claim of criminality by presenting the Obama's Administration's focus on the allegations of a Chemical Assault in Syria on August 21, 2013. Kerry invokes a universal moral premise to respond regarding the use of chemical weapons to kill civilians, women, children and innocent third parties. It appears that Kerry is attempting to build broad support in the instance that a technical reading of International Law could constrain United States and Allies actions.

The meaning of this attack goes beyond the conflict in Syria itself, and that conflict has already brought so much terrible suffering. This is about the large scale, indiscriminate use of weapons that the civilized world long ago decided must never be used at all, a conviction shared even by countries that agree on little else. There is a clear reason that the world has banned entirely the use of chemical weapons. There is a reason the international community has set a clear standard and why many countries have taken major steps to eradicate these weapons. There is a reason why President Obama has made it such a priority to stop the proliferation of these weapons and lock them down where they do exist. There is a reason why President Obama has made clear to the Assad regime that this international norm cannot be violated without consequences. And there is a reason why no matter what you believe about Syria, all peoples and all nations who believe in the cause of our common humanity must stand up to assure that there is accountability for the use of chemical weapons so that it never happens again.

Kerry posits that the principle that large scale indiscriminate use of chemicals is not civilized.

Kerry invokes two concepts: Order and Power. In the case of Order Kerry states, "There is a clear reason that the world has banned entirely the use of chemical weapons. There is a reason the international community has set a clear standard and why many countries have taken major steps to eradicate these weapons."

In the concrete world of Power Realities, I have lived since June 17, 1987 with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my natural person. Currently Barack Obama has won two presidential elections in 2008 and 2012 with the Salton Sea, California TOTALLY CHEMICALLY DESPOILED. He has also taken the Oath of Office of the Presidency twice while this atrocity has occurred. The Salton Sea is an ancient inland sea that does not flow to the ocean. It is below sea level and the water evaporates under the 116 degree summer heat.

Currently I am writing from Westwood, California on the edge of internet access. I am probably within a few hundred yards from the end of mobile phone service. In adjacent Plumas County, Lake Almanor is despoiled. Lake Almanor has the reputation of being the third best trout lake in the world.

The Totality of Circumstances Test must be invoked. Kerry states, "There is a reason why President Obama has made it such a priority to stop the proliferation of these weapons and lock them down where they do exist." Here the concrete history of the United States and the world is clear. The United States has imposed the world's most successful censorship and sanitization program witnessed by civilization. This would surpass the Totalitarianism of both Hitler and Stalin.

The effects of marginalization of using non military grade Chemical Weapons by Homeland Security, our police officers and informants easily can and have contaminated the State of California which has 38 million persons.

If Obama has made it clear to Assad that Chemical Weapons can not be used without consequences, then why as Kerry states, "all peoples and all nations who believe in the cause of our common humanity must stand up to assure that there is accountability for the use of chemical weapons so that it never happens again," is nothing happening regarding the in continuo attack here in Northern California?

Last night after speaking with foreign ministers from around the world about the gravity of this situation, I went back and I watched the videos, the videos that anybody can watch in the social media, and I watched them one more gut wrenching time. It is really hard to express in words the human suffering that they lay out before us. As a father, I can't get the image out of my head of a man who held up his dead child, wailing while chaos swirled around him; the images of entire families dead in their beds without a drop of blood or even a visible wound; bodies contorting in spasms; human suffering that we can never ignore or forget. Anyone who can claim that an attack of this staggering scale could be contrived or fabricated needs to check their conscience and their own moral compass.

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has never bothered Kerry before here in the United States. He has even campaigned for President against George W Bush in 2004 while Totally Cognizant that families and children were being attacked.

John Kerry is the 68th Secretary of State being sworn in February 1, 2013.

Kerry will be 70 on December 11, 2013.

Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz (1995 present). He has five children:



John (Stepson)

André (Stepson)

Christopher (Stepson)

Kerry was Senator from Massachusetts from January 3, 1985 - February 1, 2013. He served as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations from January 6, 2009 to February 1, 2013. He was preceded by Joe Biden.

There are 1.3 million persons who are HIV AIDS positive whose immune systems would be susceptible to environmental contamination. This will be compelling supporting historical fact and point of legal attack against the Obama Administration et al. This will also be true for the Reagan Administration hence forward.

What is before us today is real, and it is compelling. So I also want to underscore that while investigators are gathering additional evidence on the ground, our understanding of what has already happened in Syria is grounded in facts informed by conscience and guided by common sense. The reported number of victims, the reported symptoms of those who were killed or injured, the firsthand accounts from humanitarian organizations on the ground like Doctors Without Borders and the Syria Human Rights Commission, these all strongly indicate that everything these images are already screaming at us is real, that chemical weapons were used in Syria.

Moreover, we know that the Syrian regime maintains custody of these chemical weapons. We know that the Syrian regime has the capacity to do this with rockets. We know that the regime has been determined to clear the opposition from those very places where the attacks took place. And with our own eyes, we have all of us become witnesses.

I am invoking as stated the Totality of Circumstances Test. If the United States is credible on it's gathering of facts and correlating such to Syrian capabilities why is there duplicity on the domestic use of Chemical Weapons here in the United States? There is a prima facie Crime Against Humanity in continuo. Why is there a near blanket censorship and sanitization of non military grade Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is supported by a Perfect Dictator? I state this as Democracy or universal suffrage by voting has not stopped the use of Chemical Weapons. There have been five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama produced. I have authored a complaint at the ICCPR against the United Kingdom alleging that they have authored the Chemical Assault.

We have additional information about this attack, and that information is being compiled and reviewed together with our partners, and we will provide that information in the days ahead.

Our sense of basic humanity is offended not only by this cowardly crime but also by the cynical attempt to cover it up. At every turn, the Syrian regime has failed to cooperate with the UN investigation, using it only to stall and to stymie the important effort to bring to light what happened in Damascus in the dead of night. And as Ban Ki moon said last week, the UN investigation will not determine who used these chemical weapons, only whether such weapons were used, a judgment that is already clear to the world.

If our basic sense of humanity is offended by sanitizing Chemical Attacks, why is the United States promoting this modus operandi with Kerry as Secretary of State, the nation's leading diplomat? The Associated Press, Reuters, USAToday, New York Times and Washington Post have not covered this event. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, and now Al Jazeera has United States offices. Ban Ki moon the Secretariat of the United Nations has not exposed abuse.

I spoke on Thursday with Syrian Foreign Minister Muallim and I made it very clear to him that if the regime, as he argued, had nothing to hide, then their response should be immediate, immediate transparency, immediate access, not shelling. Their response needed to be unrestricted and immediate access. Failure to permit that, I told him, would tell it's own story.

Instead, for five days, the Syrian regime refused to allow the UN investigators access to the site of the attack that would allegedly exonerate them. Instead, it attacked the area further, shelling it and systematically destroying evidence. That is not the behavior of a government that has nothing to hide. That is not the action of a regime eager to prove to the world that it had not used chemical weapons. In fact, the regime's belated decision to allow access is too late, and it's too late to be credible. Today’s reports of an attack on the UN investigators, together with the continued shelling of these very neighborhoods, only further weakens the regime's credibility.

The United States must then have something to hide. The de facto Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is an alter ego to the Syrian Crisis. On August 29, British Prime Minister Cameron argued that there have been 14 Chemical Assaults recorded in Syria which British Intelligence has confirmed. Where is the credibility of attacking your own citizens and censoring the event in front of 6 billion persons? The culture creates the conditions of it's own elimination.

The duplicity at hand reflects defection via Prisoner's Dilemma. The Syrian Crisis will be decided on interests. This agenda may be tacit regardless of the public justification.

At President Obama's direction, I've spent many hours over the last few days on the phone with foreign ministers and other leaders. The Administration is actively consulting with members of Congress and we will continue to have these conversations in the days ahead. President Obama has also been in close touch with the leaders of our key allies, and the President will be making an informed decision about how to respond to this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons. But make no mistake: President Obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. Nothing today is more serious and nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny.

Thank you.

If President Obama was a credible President and World Leader attempting to decapitate the production and use of Chemical Weapons he would not be blackmailed into pretending that such does not exist domestically. There is food being contaminated in factories and shipped in my vicinity. The air is being sprayed by placing Chemicals in the gas tanks of cars. It appears that these Chemicals reflect those used in drug manufacturing as hydrochloric and muriatic acid. I have been told that porta toilet chemicals have been also used in a nod to Commodious. Commodious was the son of Marcus Aurelius of whom many consider the wisest Roman Emperor. Many historians believe Roman began to collapse the day Commodious became Emperor. He was more consumed in training to be a gladiator than Emperor. In the Coliseum he was not noted for clubbing and beating to death crippled, injured soldiers. It is to be noted that the slave Maximanius, his adversary was reputed to have been near 7 foot tall.

This severe act of cowardliness and displacement may have turned the average Roman and the military against him.

Elagabalus is the other Emperor of whom was considered Rome's most debauched. It is believed that he would stand naked in the Palace hallways and prostitute to male courtiers who were instructed to play their part. In this manner he would claim that he more loves and made more money than any one else.


The concrete historical trajectory holds that there has been a non military grade Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program operated by MSM LGBTi Militants operating out of LAPD, California. These actors operate through mutual aid violations with other federal, state, and local agencies. This hub and node conspiracy is clearly beyond the scope of the 8,000 man LAPD.

The strongest allegation is that it is of British origin as Cambridge Law School.

It is clear that five United States Presidents have fallen to Chemical Assault Scorched Earth blackmail:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The argument that the American attack is a reprisal based on historical LGBTi Treatment is undeniable. The attack is paired to Gay Marriage.

is a very strong analogy to the Cain versus Abel story in the Bible.

The argument of a Divided Family Dynasty deliberately sabotaging the future of one side in the creation of an Empire is very strong.

The modern classic 100 Years of Solitude clearly reflects the Rise and Fall of the United Kingdom and the United States.

PRN: 2013/2033

Secretary Kerry (2013). Department of State. Retrieved from: http://www.state.gov/secretary/remarks/2013/08/213503.htm

Inyo County Owens Valley

Bishop CA

September 25, 2013

Bishop 2013

Bishop California

The Owens Valley Inyo County area of the Eastern High Sierras is one of the most important area in United States History. It is evident that from a geographical standpoint that Inyo County is a very large node that has a tremendous amount of planning imposed over such. This planning is intended to synchronize with other events as my travels through a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Needless to say all locations have severely damaged History and the Human Race.

The Chemical Attacks in Syria underscore the hypocritical A law for Peter and a law for Paul culture that pervades human culture.

I clearly want no part of MOEC. I clearly wish to see any defection model decapitated.

This is where 90 percent of the population is wrong. The Wizard of Oz is a Trojan Horse based on treason.

Criminals are opportunistic. The average person will steal with one hand and help with the other. As seen one hand spoils the other.

Political nature means duplicity.

The Human Repertoire: The Attack of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing

Big Pine CA

September 25, 2013

The exposure of LAPD containing a Gay Militia operating Mutual Aid Violations is an inevitable event in World and American History. This structure is alleged to have a proximate cause in Cambridge Law School, UK. The corruption in this Homosexual Blackmail and Extortion Ring is extension in California and the Owens Valley. The stalking here reflects cowardice, incompetence and corruption with some genetic basis. The external corruption is equal to the destruction here.

The Native Americans are unique in the sense they are a distinct nation living on a reservation system instead of their own state. They have lost all their land to the settlers and have signed treaties to retain some of the ancestral heritage.

Here the Paiute Tribe, Susanville Rancheria, Torrez Martinez Tribe, in California and the Colorado River Tribes have all lost lands and are now being Undermined by Gay Militia operating a Homosexual Blackmail Ring.

Is treason a problem for Native American Tribes? Yes it is.

MOEC is a Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States and the United Kingdom.

Dodo the leader in LAPD claims that a positive self defense can be made by stating an Attorney General Exemption.

There are perhaps 200 Paiutes in the Owens Valley.

President Obama, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Governor Brown, Gavin Newsom, and Kamala Harris are fools of the century to claim that the can use:


Electronic Surveillance

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

The Folkish Know Nothing perspective in language patterns that are cued. Statements such as I am here, community, or it is sleepy hollow are behaviors being introduced as a defense mechanism for the actors who have attacked here.

The Right Side of History

The Freedom to Marry founded by Evan Wolfson frequently uses this argument to support Gay Marriage. The three main leaders of the Gay Militia, Periander, The Fly and now Dodo have created the most serious damage to LGBTi History.

The Fly and Dodo are in the running for the most incompetent in American History. Their informant line runs extensively through this area.

With Four Native American Tribes heavily involved I will make a strong stand here.

The Paiutes appear somber here compared the average person. The Nativistic Locals are the most antisocial. This is the Anglo American Oprichniki or Secret Police. The Oprichniki are Secret Police of Ivan the Terrible that developed the KGB and Russian Mafia.

The Wizard of Oz and the Yellow Brick Road are being defined.

Big Pine and Bishop, California with 1500 and 4500 people are worst places to hide.

LGBTi, Native American, California, American, and World History all have to be consistent to be worth studying.

China, India, Russia, and the Muslims all have a right to demand criminal and civil compensation from the United Kingdom and United States.

Claiming to be a member of a Gay Militia fighting a Gay Revolution is very serious act of incompetence and corruption that will define the individual, Owens Valley, California, United States, and the United Kingdom.

Updating the Frontpage

Desert Shores CA

October 23, 2013

The Home Page has been updated. This reflects the Triangulation or convergence with MOEC's arc of lifespan and empirical history. With the Chemical Attack on Ghouta Syria and the Salton Sea here in California Chemically attacked for at least the third time, many persons are in legal and historical limbo.

Conversely, New Mexico's Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Gay Marriage which is a very important subline.

Harris Appoints Edward DuMont as California Solicitor General

Desert Shores CA

November 3, 2013

Edward DuMont

Edward DuMont

Monday, October 28, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO: California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced the appointment of Edward DuMont to the position of California Solicitor General. As the chief appellate lawyer for the Department of Justice, DuMont will lead the new Office of the Solicitor General, oversee all civil and criminal appeals, and litigate the most sensitive, complex cases throughout the appellate process in state and federal courts. Under DuMont's leadership the Department's Office of the Solicitor General, originally established more than a decade ago, will expand significantly in scope and capacity.

"The people of California will be well served by Ed's legal acumen and extensive appellate litigation experience," said Attorney General Harris. "I am confident that his talent, drive and background will supplement the Department's already robust appellate practice and help us establish the best Solicitor General's office in the country."

"I am honored to have been asked to join the dedicated lawyers at the Department of Justice and to help ensure that the people of California continue to receive the highest level of appellate representation," said DuMont. "While it will be hard to leave my current clients and colleagues, I look forward to returning to California, joining a new team and working together to build an expanded Solicitor General’s office that we will all be proud of."

DuMont brings more than 27 years of public and private sector experience in United States Supreme Court and appellate litigation to the position of California Solicitor General. DuMont joined the law firm of Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP in 2002, becoming a partner in 2004, and currently is a vice chair of the firm's Appellate and Supreme Court Litigation Practice Group. Before joining the firm, Ed served seven years as an Assistant to the Solicitor General of the United States and as an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice, focusing on computer crime and privacy issues.

DuMont has argued 18 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court on a wide array of issues, including employment law, the First Amendment, criminal law and administrative procedure. During his career, he also has been the principal author of dozens of briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court, and filed briefs or argued matters in the federal courts of appeals for the First, Second, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, District of Columbia and Federal Circuits.

The California Attorney General's Office is comprised of 4,200 employees, including more than 1,100 attorneys who are responsible for representing the People of California in a wide variety of civil and criminal matters before state and federal trial and appellate courts. The California Attorney General's caseload is one of the largest of any public or private law office in the country, and the office appears via written briefs, oral argument or both dozens of times annually before the Ninth Circuit and the California Supreme Court. Over the last three years, the Attorney General's Office has also been a regular participant in U.S. Supreme Court litigation, including nine separate oral arguments and dozens more briefs as both a party and friend of the court.

A California native, DuMont grew up in the Bay Area. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University and his Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School. He is admitted to the bar in California, the District of Columbia and New York. DuMont will officially assume his new post in January 2014.

Commemorating the Fourth Anniversary of the Shepard Byrd Hate Crime Prevention Act October 28th, 2013 Posted by The Department Of Justice

Dumont. Retrieved from: http://blogs.justice.gov/main/archives/3358

Garden of Enchiridion: Chapter Five

Desert Shores CA

November 24 to 28, 2013

Chapter Five is one of the most important concepts made public in MOEC Studies. It will be updated to the Garden of Enchiridion site within the week.


Chapter 5


"The spirit of Hitlerism won its greatest victory over us when, after it's defeat,

we used the weapons which the threat of Nazism had induced us to develop."

Karl Popper

Origin, the Organic Virus of MOEC is Cambridge Law School's most efficient attempt to organize or systematize Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. It is a novelty of Prisoner's Dilemma. At this time period in History it is the most powerful defection model operating in the post WWII era in continuo. It is claimed that Cambridge Law School authors the mechanism that expands and contracts the United Kingdom or British Empire.

Origin is also a structure and process in spacetime that desires to expose holons to it's defection processes. The model is reflective of 1930s classical conditioning or behaviorism. This lends itself to a more external socialization process in the first instance converging with a more internal deterministic model as cognitive behaviorism where the focus is genetic endowment first than social stimulus second. The latter reflects the rise of cognition and substance of psychic thought. Abnormalities would be classified as psycho somatic affective disorders.

A holon is a subsystem of another system and which is also a system within itself with subsystems.

The human individual living in social society may be a holon. The Higgs Bosom particle may be a holon. The entire Cosmos or creation may also be the holon or focal target that is being operated on by the system Origin or MOEC.

As stated Origin is one of the names of the Organic Cell. I hold that Origin is the Artificial Cell. It has no basis in Organic Government.

MOEC is already a prima facie Cultural Singularity with a Censorship and Sanitization of 7.1 billion persons in continuo worldwide.

These themes are very important to the development of Superintelligence and the development of Technological Singularity.

The Origin Model, is designed as a cell which is morphogenetic. It is also an attack of the emergent discipline area of Cognitive Science.

Origin was designed in a table with cells and is an apparent attempt to build a GUI interface for software. This is very important because many of it's materials reflect emergent 1930s era social science and behaviorism. It also appears that materials were modified at a later date but these acts are usually attributed to the 1930s and the Membership.

Origin reflects a universal Undermining Defection Model UDM. It has the abstract appearance of containing the possibility of having positive subsystems. However it's operations are not. Origin strongly reflects a design to develop a form of Tyranny in the model of a personality cult or worship of the group.

Karl Popper's, The Open Society and It's Enemies is a source blueprint in it's construction.

The Ideal Model is useful for studying one system. This system may be non mechanistic or mechanistic. Modern social science argues that an Ideal State model should be in place first in the development of collective human repertoire. The model should then be systematically implemented.

The Triangulated Model reflects research methods. It reflects the inductive complexity of dealing with multivariable pluralism and diversity as holons.

These two models and Origin appear to have a very sharp focus on the Theory of Motility, how learning occurs, and ethology or the survival fitness of the individual. They appear to be prototypes in developing Origin.

There is a distinct feedback loop between the models. It does not seem likely that the Ideal State Model was completed first then Triangulated second and Origin third. This would argue a strict sequential research model.

It appears that the Authorship worked on versions of these models and back attributed such to the 1930s.

Origin will be a Two Part presentation. Part I will focus on the Ideal State and touch upon the Triangulated Model. Part II will focus on Origin. The focal system in question will be the Vedas and it's social system varna asrama.

Ideal State





Particular History and Justice








Ideal State - Varna Asrama


(Shift Model)


Particular History and Justice










Ideal State - Varna Asrama

Ideal State may be stated to be the collective social model in which the human race is ordinated within toward it's most optimal development. In the classical case, this model most likely is equal to Divine Government or Eternal Law. In the modern case it is the cornerstone of modern social system theory.

We will examine an outline of the Ideal Model then proceed to Origin proper. One will notice the shift in the subsystems towards Origin.

This shift reflects an intervention of an actor in the classical presentation of varna asrama to modify such. In this manner the individual and collective will bear it's imprint.

A human will be the main holon.




Ideal States or Governments

Cultural Environment




Physical Environment

Sensation - Life



I have named such the Triangulated Model. It is most likely a variation of a Cambridge model of the same name. This model is designed to be neutral but is easily adapted towards a bias. The Authors themselves may or may not be experimental subjects.

The Triangulated Model is a social science based model. It is organized to accept pluralism and diversity. This model reflects Mechanism. Research methodologies are heavily involved in it's structure and process.

The Simultaneous Approach:

Qualitative - Quantitative

Quantitative - Qualitative

It this protocol questions in line one and two are addressed concurrently.

In the Sequential Approach:

Qualitative - Quantitative

Quantitative - Qualitative

The first step is phase one and it's questions are solved then phase two, the second line would begin at then it's problems would be solved.


Origin is presented here with nine subsystems. I believe this type of modelling was used before the reduction to seven subsystems in it's quest to conform to a mechanistical mysticism tradition.


Particular History
and Justice







Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

The Controller is a Membership of Cambridge lawyers and theologians, and professors. Origin is reflected more as a system with a bias.

The main focus of MOEC Studies can be represented by Origin. The Ideal State model supra appears to be a prototype for those paradigms that involve degradation from an Ideal State. Origin however reflects modification and defection of holons and social systems to the Cambridge Membership. This is clearly an attempt to transfer loyalty from theistic systems and mechanistic social system's authority to their authority.

Control is the outer boundary. It is place at the head in the second column for symmetry.

The outer boundary of a social system are it's agents of social control; hence the military and police.

I am arguing that MOEC is qualitative to quantitative structure. Hence it is induction towards deduction in the vast majority of it's operations. It then creates a model and subsequently wishes to create a paradigm shift imposing the model over itself and the collective. One can clearly discern that both types of questions are being asked simultaneously. The authors themselves are also experimental subjects. However they do indeed have some control over variables. They are Control.

As MOEC is an in continuo perpetual association of humans, no hard and fast objective quantifiable models can be validated with certainty concerning volition and act.

However human laws will prosecute a fortiori criminal actions based on Positive Law.

Systems Approaches are the main method of analysis.

A more detailed analysis will occur in Chapter 6 as Part II.

Prima facie, the Ideal State model is easier to present as only one system is the the holon. It is more abstract. It form the baseline to develop subsequent models and shifts in social engineering. Origin is at work now representing the interests of the United Kingdom involving a pluralism of systems in it's international relations.

Analysis of the Ideal State

Ideal State



Particular History and Justice










Ideal State - Varna Asrama

The Vaikunthas are the Heaven. The Vaikunthas are a eternal system of planets. The center of this system is Goloka Vrndavana or Krishnaloka. The village of Vrndavana, India is non different. We have material senses and can only perceive a perverted reflection of Goloka Vrndavana.

In the world of our experience Krishna's Authorized Agent must be the controller to represent the system in it's Ideal Form. The Vedas are an inherited monarchy of primogeniture.

This model is known as Historical Monarchialism. It is a cyclical system. It is a form of monotheism. Platonism is within this category with Zeus or Jupiter as the chief God. Judeo Christianity Islam is Historical Monotheism and linear.

Thus we have a very simply unified hierarchical top down presentation of a Godhead in Krishnaloka (Heaven) presiding over a created material cosmos. The Ideal State model with varna asrama, which is the world's oldest social system can be proposed to have been used by Cambridge to help design Origin.

This model will demonstrate the Origination of the localized living entity or jiva in relationship to the Eternal Godhead. There is purpose for our existence. Hence material living beings are in a state of degradation. Bhakti Yoga is a presentation for their rectification and return to eternal substance.

Center Column


Krishna as the Supreme Male Personality of Godhead. He is the only male. He is the Supreme Controller. Radharini is the Supreme Female personality of Godhead. Krishna is the Saktiman. There is only one. Radharini is his Sakti.

Krishna is equivalent in all his attributes. Therefore He is Absolute. Consciousness and Control can be said to be eternal and equal with Krishna. Consciousness or the Absolute awareness of all things is the possession of Krishna alone then Radharini.


As seen Parameters does not exist in the cosmographical sense used here. It appears that a direct link to computer programming is well intended.

Tatasha sakti is an area that is said exist in the spiritual world, the Vaikunthas and the Material world of our existence. Tata means line.

There are essentially two positions concerning the Origination of the living entity in contemporary Gaudiya Vaishnavism: Fall and No Fall.

There are two main types of persons:

Nitya Siddha: Eternally Perfect. These persons are sent here by Krishna for the purpose of some mission.

Nitya Baddha: Eternally Imperfect. These persons are subject to Maya or the modes of nature. They will transmigrate and reincarnate. In Vaikuntha there is no difference between the two.

There are 8,400,000 species of life. There are 80,000 human forms.

Hence, How did we get here?

No Fall: Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati, Sridhara Maharaj, Kesava Maharaj, Narayana Maharaj

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura is The Pioneer to spread Krishna Consciousness in the West. His son Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati is the diksa guru of Sridhar Maharaj, Srila Prabhupada, and Kesava Maharaj. Kesava Maharaj is the guru of Narayana Maharaj.

Srila Prabhupada, Sridhara Maharaj, and Narayana Maharaj have preached extensively outside India. Srila Prabhupada presents Fall Theory.

It should be understood that the jiva soul is neither produced of this material world, nor created in the transcendental world. They are originated from the marginal line between the transcendental and mundane spheres. (Tattva Viveka 2.4, by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, page 55)

Among the unlimited potencies of Sri Krsna, there is one known as tatastha sakti (border potency). From that sakti comes out the jiva souls remaining at the junction of the two worlds, viz., the transcendental and the mundane ones, may contact them both. In its composition it is only the atomic cit (pure sentience)... On account of the purity in its composition, it has got the capacity for being the eternal denizen with divine bliss in the transcendental power. (Jaiva Dharma, chapter 4, page 46)

A jiva is a spark of the eternal consciousness. A jiva is first situated on the line of demarcation between the material world and the spiritual world. There those jivas who do not forget their relation with Krsna derive the power of consciousness and are drawn into the spiritual world they come in eternal touch with Krsna and enjoy beatitude arising from the worship of Krsna. And those who forget Krsna and give themselves up to maya's enjoyments, maya with her own force draws them into herself. It is from that very moment that we fall into the misery of this world. (Jaiva Dharma, chapter 7, page 95,96)

Fall: Srila Prabhupada

We were all once in Krishna's sport or Lila in Krishnaloka. We have a minute amount of volition and freedom. We chose to enjoy our senses separately from Krishna. Therefore we lost our spirit body or siddha svarupa. We then had to accept a physical body and be localized somewhere in the material cosmos to restore this siddha svarupa.

Letter to Upendra

"Regarding your question, in one sense both you and Mahapurusa are right. The fact is that after the dissolution of the Universe the living entities remain in slumber within Maha Visnu, and again when the creation takes place they are impregnated in their original position and they come out in different species of life. By gradual evolutionary process, when they come to the human form there is good chance of getting out of the repeated birth and death, and one can enter into the Spiritual Realm. But if one loses this chance he is again put into the cycle of birth and death. The conditioned souls are always within the Maha Visnu Form, whereas the liberated souls in Vaikuntha, they are engaged in the service of the Lord. Constitutionally every living entity, even if he is in the Vaikuntha Loka, has chance of falling down.

(The reference to Maha Vishnu will become more important in Part II when Tryad is presented as synchronism with Platonism and Christianity is manifest).


The Vedic cosmography is a teleology containing higher dimensional space. There is a Heaven, the Vaikunthas and fourteen levels of material planetary systems. There are three modes of nature which characterize the material planets and condition the localized living entity. They are sattva goodness, raja passion, and tama ignorance. There are three levels of planetary systems. We are in the second. The lower planets are the hellish planets.

This is material spacetime in any configuration. The opposite would be the Vaikunthas.

Space and time will operate on the holon. All objects here are created and destroyed by the material laws of physics and nature. It lies outside of heaven or any conception of eternity.

There is a direct analogy to the T Maze Experiment where an entity with bilateral symmetry or backbone may navigate a simple T Maze to a reward of food or avoid a punishment as an electrical shock.

Adi Lila 5.98


The fourteen worlds are enumerated in Srémad-Bhägavatam, Second Canto, Fifth Chapter. The upper planetary systems are (1) Bhü, (2) Bhuvar, (3) Svar, (4) Mahar, (5) Janas, (6) Tapas and (7) Satya. The seven lower planetary systems are (1) Tala, (2) Atala, (3) Vitala, (4) Nitala, (5) Talätala, (6) Mahätala and (7) Sutala. The lower planets, as a whole, are called Pätäla. Among the upper planetary systems, Bhü, Bhuvar and Svar constitute Svargaloka, and the rest are called Martya. The entire universe is thus known as Triloka.

There are innumerable universes with billions of planets. We are said to exist in Martyaloka or the place where everything takes birth and dies.

Particular History and Justice - PHJ

The Vedas promote a theory of an oscillating cosmos. History is non linear and cyclic. There are four Yugas in each cycle. They are: Satya, Tretä, Dväpara, and Kali.

Bhagavad Gita As It Is 8.17


By human calculation, a thousand ages taken together is the duration of Brahmä's one day. And such also is the duration of his night.


The duration of the material universe is limited. It is manifested in cycles of kalpas. A kalpa is a day of Brahmä, and one day of Brahmä consists of a thousand cycles of four yugas or ages: Satya, Tretä, Dväpara, and Kali. The cycle of Satya is characterized by virtue, wisdom and religion, there being practically no ignorance and vice, and the yuga lasts 1,728,000 years. In the Tretä-yuga vice is introduced, and this yuga lasts 1,296,000 years. In the Dväpara-yuga there is an even greater decline in virtue and religion, vice increasing, and this yuga lasts 864,000 years. And finally in Kali-yuga (the yuga we have now been experiencing over the past 5,000 years) there is an abundance of strife, ignorance, irreligion and vice, true virtue being practically nonexistent, and this yuga lasts 432,000 years. In Kali yuga vice increases to such a point that at the termination of the yuga the Supreme Lord Himself appears as the Kalki avatara, vanquishes the demons, saves His devotees, and commences another Satya-yuga. Then the process is set rolling again. These four yugas, rotating a thousand times, comprise one day of Brahmä, the creator god, and the same number comprise one night. Brahmä lives one hundred of such "years" and then dies. These "hundred years" by earth calculations total to 311 trillion and 40 million earth years. By these calculations the life of Brahmä seems fantastic and interminable, but from the viewpoint of eternity it is as brief as a lightning flash. In the causal ocean there are innumerable Brahmäs rising and disappearing like bubbles in the Atlantic. Brahmä and his creation are all part of the material universe, and therefore they are in constant flux.

In the material universe not even Brahmä is free from the process of birth, old age, disease and death. Brahmä, however, is directly engaged in the service of the Supreme Lord in the management of this universe therefore he at once attains liberation. Elevated sannyäsés are promoted to Brahmä's particular planet, Brahmaloka, which is the highest planet in the material universe and which survives all the heavenly planets in the upper strata of the planetary system, but in due course Brahmä and all inhabitants of Brahmaloka are subject to death, according to the law of material nature.

First Column


The ends is the measure. In the cell(s) Consciousness we will insert the authorized Vedic scriptures or shastra. If all the living entities achieve Krishna Consciousness the material worlds will dissolve being transformed into the Vaikunthas or heavenly planets.

Krishna is non different from his paraphernalia. In Christianity, the Bible on is a reflection of the Godhead. The Bhagavad Gita or other authorized scripture are equal although in a material form.

These are the principle texts of the Brahma Madhavacarya Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya (disciplic succession line) to which I pertain:

Bhagavad Gita As It Is

Srimad Bhagavatam

Caitanya Caritamrta

Bhaktirasmrta Sindhu

Nectar of Instruction

The entity or holon has chosen to engage the sense on the material platform.

One has returned to the material world.

One's psychical content is developed under the three modes of nature: 1. Sattva goodness 2. Raja passion 3. Tama ignorance. A individual or holon here would reflect a tendency towards raja and tama guna; hence passion and ignorance.

Vedic psychology generally accepts the Psycho Somatic Affective Disorder DSM standard. What one thinks will create one's health and well being. In every stage of life this will localize one in the cosmos with various actions and reactions. One has a minute amount of free will but is conditioned and will have to act out one's karma until it is all gone; hence samsara or the cycle of birth, old age, disease, and death is broken.


Bhagavad Gita As It Is 14.7

The mode of passion is born of unlimited desires and longings, O son of Kunté, and because of this one is bound to material fruitive activities.


The mode of passion is characterized by the attraction between man and woman. Woman has attraction for man, and man has attraction for woman. This is called the mode of passion. And, when the mode of passion is increased, one develops the hankering for material enjoyment. He wants to enjoy sense gratification. For sense gratification, a man in the mode of passion wants some honor in society, or in the nation, and he wants to have a happy family, with nice children, wife, and house.

O son of Bharata, the mode of ignorance causes the delusion of all living entities. The result of this mode is madness, indolence and sleep, which bind the conditioned soul.

Bhagavad Gita As It Is 14.8


This mode of ignorance is just the opposite of the mode of goodness. In the mode of goodness, by development of knowledge, one can understand what is what, but the mode of ignorance is just the opposite. Everyone under the spell of the mode of ignorance becomes mad, and a madman cannot understand what is what. Instead of making advancement, one becomes degraded.


Such is an adapted repertoire formed and reinforced from a stimulus in the environment. Such may not be consciously willed. The Vedic System accepts the concept of conditioning. There is a minute amount of free will in Vedic philosophy for the marginal entity.

CC Adi Lila 7.144


Generally people are aware of four principal goals of life religiosity (dharma), economic development (artha), sense gratification (käma) and ultimately liberation (mokña) but devotional service is situated on the platform above liberation.

In other words, when one is actually liberated (mukta) he can understand the meaning of love of Godhead (kåñëa prema).

There are four regulative principles:

No meat eating

No illicit sex

No drugs or intoxication

No gambling


Samsara is the cycle of birth and death. The Cosmos will oscillate every 311 trillion 40 million years or 100 years of Brahma.

There are eight elements. Five are gross elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether. The subtle or finer elements are the mind, intelligence, ego. The mind here is the localized mind. The intelligence here is also localized in the mind. The ego is also individualistic.

The jiva is spiritually atomic and can not be destroyed although the body dies. Reincarnation means accepting another birth. Transmigration is moving from one life form to another.

One does not wish to reincarnate. Transmigration to a lower life form as an animal or tree is punishment.

There are two classes of men, daivé-prakåtim äçritäù and asuré-bhävam äçritäù.

Daiva are Godly persons. Asuric persons are Demoniac. They are of the lowest class of mankind. Duskritina are miscreants. The Nara Dhama are the worst. Nara means water and dhama mean place.

Third Column


Consciousness here means one has returned to the material world and has a tendency towards sattva guna or the mode of goodness.

Bhagavad Gita As It Is 14.6

O sinless one, the mode of goodness, being purer than the others, is illuminating, and it frees one from all sinful reactions. Those situated in that mode develop knowledge, but they become conditioned by the concept of happiness.

O son of Bharata, the mode of ignorance causes the delusion of all living entities. The result of this mode is madness, indolence and sleep, which bind the conditioned soul.


The effect of developing the mode of goodness in the material world is that one becomes wiser than those otherwise conditioned. A man in the mode of goodness is not so much affected by material miseries, and he has a sense of advancement in material knowledge. The representative type is the brähmaëa, who is supposed to be situated in the mode of goodness. This sense of happiness is due to understanding that, in the mode of goodness, one is more or less free from sinful reactions.

Philosophers and scientists who improve the quality of life work in the mode of goodness and also conditioned by happiness. This in itself will not promote one to the Vaikunthas were the siddha svarupa is in perfected Consciousness; hence substance versus matter.

The ends is the measure. In the cell(s) Consciousness we will insert the authorized Vedic scriptures or shastra. If all the living entities achieve Krishna Consciousness the material worlds will dissolve being transformed into the Vaikunthas or heavenly planets.

The principle texts of the Brahma Madhavacarya Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya (disciplic succession line) are:

Bhagavad Gita As It Is

Srimad Bhagavatam

Caitanya Caritamrta

Bhaktirasmrta Sindhu

Nectar of Instruction

The Bible of the Vedas is the Bhagavad Gita. The text contains the minimum material to become Krishna Conscious or God Conscious.

I use the Original Books of AC Bhaktisiddhanta Swami Prabhupada or Srila Prabhupada for short.

The teachings of the texts are more than adequate to develop the Vedic culture which is called Krishnanusilanam, form varna asrama the social system as the basis of a government. It also develops a family to procreate a child from cradle to grave to continue Vedic Culture and species life.

As seen Krishna Consciousness is the substance needed to create the Ideal State Varna Asrama which would be the output of transformations in the bottom of the third column.


Rationality refers to the moral and analytical use of the intelligence. It is a conscience act of reason. It is argued that one should state cases in the positive first. Irrationality is the inverse of Rationality.

There are two divisions in Vedic thought analytical and Asta Kaliya.

The analytical division discusses Atma tattva or the nature of the spirit and body. This can then be followed by the study of the prakrti or material nature and it's elements.

Asta Kaliya is the study of Radha Krishna's pastimes. One must be in brahma bhuta platform. This is the Knowledge of the position that body and soul are separate. The material body is the result of the Fall into the material world and karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect.

It would take about 15 years of sadhana or practice or before one should seriously discuss Asta Kaliya pastimes.

Krishna associated with the gopis (Radha's female friends) and then went to slay the demons.

The demons are real beings and they also represent doubts in the mind on the path of self realization.

The slaying of the demons is the analytical study and Krishna Radha's pastimes are Asta Kaliya. Ultimately there is no difference what one's rasa or spiritual taste prefers.

There are Five rasas: Santa Rasa - neutral, Dashya Rasa - servitude, Sakhya Rasa - friendship, Vatsalya Rasa - parental and Madhurya Rasa - conjugal.

The highest Rasa is Madhurya Rasa. Radha Krishna premananda is situated here.

Ideal State

Varna Asrama Dharma: This refers to one's duty. Society is divided into varna then into asrama under the instruction of the Brahmins.

There are four varnas and four asramas in the Vedic system.

The four varnas are: Brahmin - Ksatriya - Vaisya - Sudra

Brahmin: priests - head

Ksatriya: soldiers, police, administration - shoulders arms

Vaisyas: farmers, business producers - waist

Sudras: laborer - legs

The four asramas are: Bhrahmacari - Grhastaha - Vanaprastha - Sannyasi

Bhrahmacari: A celibate student under the care of the brahmin.

Grhastaha: Married persons. Ideally a child must be produced within a marriage.

Vanaprastha: At the age of 55, persons should disengage from their marriages in preparation for death.

Sannyasi: A male renunciate priest. The highest level is paramahamsa or swan like devotee.


The individual is the holon. Under the No Fall Theory the jiva uses one's minute volition to move either to Radha Krishna or away. If one chooses Radha Krishna or Godhead one will be transferred to Goloka Vrndavana. If one chooses another ishta deva or form of Godhead one will move to that diety's planet. If one chooses to enjoy the senses separately one will fall to the fourteen planetary systems in material spacetime. This would entail entering Maze.

After the successful completion of bhakti yoga one may return to the Vaikunthas never to fall again.

Under the Fall Theory one was in Goloka Vrndavana in the personal association of Krishna. If this person chooses Radha Krishna, he will remain in Goloka Vrndavana or the Vaikunthas. If this person chose to enjoy one's senses separately he would also be transferred to the lower fourteen planetary systems. He or she must take up bhakti yoga to return to the Vaikunthas.

In this cyclical system is that it may take millions of births through the 8,400,000 species of life to obtain one of 80,000 human forms. The human form is the prime platform for bhakti yoga but not exclusively. Most persons one return to the Vaikunthas from the human platform. All life forms will undergo samsara or the cycle of birth and death.

All return to Godhead. There is no eternal hell. One may return to the Brahmajyoti which is effulgence surrounding Maha Vishnu, similar to the halo of angel. This is impersonal. Since Krishna is a person living in a heaven one needs a form. Jivas in the Brahmajyoti return to the material world. Narayana Maharaj and Sridhar Maharaj contemporaries of Srila Prabhupada argue that the entities are created in the Brahmajyoti then decide their initial fate in the Tatasha Sakti. Once these entities return to Vaikuntha then never fall again.

Srila Prabhupada argues Fall Theory that Origination is from the personal form in direct association with Krishna in Vaikuntha. This is the essential difference. The No Fall Theory argues that the quality of the individual is present in Tatasha Sakti. Srila Prabhupada argues that those who are impersonal those who are directly killed by Krishna return to Brahmajyoti. They will enjoy impersonal transcendence then must return to the material worlds to perfect their Siddha Svarupa or perfected form.

The No Fall and Fall Theory accept that the Siddha Svarupa is necessary to enter the Vaikuntha Planetary System.

In Particular History and Justice, the jiva is attempting to Go Back to Godhead within 311 trillion 40 million years in the life of Brahma.

Satya Yuga 1,728,000

Treta Yuga 1,296,000

Dväpara Yuga 864,000

Kali Yuga 432,000

Our Earth will exist for 2,764,800 years. It will then experience devastation. Vedic space time is higher dimensional. Maha Vishnu is a form of Godhead. He is in Vaikuntha. The planetary systems emanate from his breathing and pores. One breadth is 311 trillion 40 million years. There are 427,000 years left in Kali Yuga. The oscillation of the cosmos will then engulf Earth. The actual devastation is a flood in the higher planetary systems. We will experience it as a fire.

Brahma and the residents of Brahma Loka will not escape the devastation. They too will be killed and return to Godhead or the next cycle of creation In Krishna's Lila or Sport.

The spreading of Krishna Consciousness posits a Sampradaya beginning with Krishna and moving through Arjuna, the protagonist in the Bhagavad Gita about 5000 years ago. The Authority to preach was given to Arjuna as the Kuru Dynasty to which he pertained and the brahmins had lost the purport or the original meaning of the Vedas.

Kali Yuga begins after Krishna leaves the planet which was after the fratricidal battle which reinstated the Pandava or the Pandu in the Kuru Dynasty.

Caitanya is the Ideal Preacher of the Vedas having appeared in the late 1400s.

Caitanya Mahäprabhu was born in Mäyäpur in the town of Nadia just after sunset on the evening of the 23rd Phälguna 1407 Çakäbda, answering to the 18th of February, 1486, of the Christian Era.

Çréla Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura "Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu: His Life and Precepts." (August 20, 1896)

The Hare Krishnas seen in the West are in the main Rupanuga Bhaktas or following in the line of Rupa Goswami who was the most advanced disciple of Caitanya. He authored Bhaktirasmrta Sindhu.

Caitanya did not stress varna asrama. He advocated sankirtana yanja or public chanting of the Hare Krishna Mantra:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

This mantra is considered identical to Krishna. It is spiritually atomic and will work to elevate the individual regardless of one's condition. Pure chanting results in Premananda.

This prayer is the fountainhead of perfection for the age of Kali.

Srila Prabhupada came to West following the orders of Srila Bhaktivinoda and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta. He preached the establishment of varna asrama which is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam as well as the Asta Kaliya Pastimes. He was very strict about speaking about Radha Krishna's Lila.

So Srila Prabhupada who was the world's foremost Vedic Scholar from 1965 to his death in 1977 argued the jiva (holon) has a minute amount of free will. He chose to enjoy the senses and thus falls into the material planets. He eventually revives one's atomic Krishna Consciousness. This is achieved by reconnecting to the Sampradaya. This is by receiving diksa or initiation from an authorized guru.

Srila Prabhupada did not authorize successors. His guru Srila Bhaktisiddhanta did not authorize a successor either. Srila Prabhupada subliminally emerges. Hence since his death two schools emerge Diksa and Ritvik. The first accept living gurus that have been promoted from regular disciples. ISKCON is the main diksa line. Disciples of Srila Sridhara are Caitanya Saraswat Math. Disciples of Narayana Maharaj are the International Society for Pure Bhakti. The Ritviks still follow Srila Prabhupada. The main group is ISKCON Bangalore.

The establishment of varna asrama has not been successful. However a system of communes still exist. They are the world's best examples of this system similar to the Israeli Kibbutz.

In close the construction of the Ideal State Model lends very credible support to argue that these paradigms have been developed for all faiths and systems. Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism are three systems which most likely have also been modelled.

Garden of Enchiridion: Chapter Six

Desert Shores CA

December 1, 2013

I am publishing the rough draft of Chapter Six. The manifest hacking is a signature motif in the development of the inferiority complex in MSM males.Those involved with the LGBTi Movement and Technological Singularity should be concerned.

Chapter 6


Impure Synchronicity

Origin, the Artificial Virus of MOEC is representative of Cambridge Law School's structure and process model to organize or systematize Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. It is the most powerful defection model operating in the post WWII era in continuo. It is claimed that Cambridge Law School authors the mechanism that expands and contracts the United Kingdom or British Empire. As seen MOEC has entrapped and severely damaged the posterity of the five sworn officials whom it denotes as the Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

It has also severely damaged the future of Prince Charles or the Duke of Cambridge, his son William from having a reign on the British Crown without serious issues. The defection model has created a censorship and sanitization of 7.1 billion persons worldwide.

Today on September 16, 2013 the United Nations issued a report stating that there was strong evidence that nerve agent Sarin was used in the suburb of Ghouta near Damascus on August 21, 2013.

This action has occurred while the United States has operated a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program that is exclusively centered over my natural person.

I am writing from Westwood, California.

On October 1, 2013 UN Inspectors have arrived in Syria to dismantle Syria's Chemical Warfare Program.

Origin desires to expose holons to it's defection processes. The model is reflective of 1930s classical conditioning or behaviorism. This lends itself to a more external socialization process.

The holon is a unit that is a system in itself and also part of another system.

The main holons for this demonstration are a human being and Tryad, a Synchronic Platonic Vedic paradigm.

Origin reflects a universal Undermining Defection Model UDF. It has the abstract appearance of containing the possibility of having positive subsystems. However it's operations are not. Origin appears to designed to develop a form of Tyranny in the model of a personality cult or worship of the group.

MOEC is a Cultural Singularity opposing Technological Singularity.

The Origin Model, which is designed as General User Interface GUI for software clearly indicates a very early attempt at developing software models and handing such off to future generations.

This confirms an attack of the emergent discipline area of Cognitive Science. The Ideal Model is more reflective of how science explains the Theory of Motility and how learning occurs.

Research methodologies are also a very strong hierarchical structure. Origin is Impure Synchronicity. It is a longitudinal crossectional sibling cohort rivalry under an unseen Ideal Father and Mother figure and one's natural Father and Mother.

As seen there are at least three main methodologies occurring simultaneously. The researchers are also experimental subjects.

The development of a historical database is apparent in Particular History and Justice.

These themes are very important to the development of Superintelligence and the development of Technological Singularity.

Origin is clearly the largest Synchronicity Research ever attempted. There is no real control group. Aboriginal groups in the Philippines and Brazil are the closest clusters of persons whom would of had minimal contact with Cambridge or other researchers.

Cohort Rivalry

I was born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico. I am the Singularity Experiment. Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the Singularity Target.

The Ideal State

The Ideal State is the point of departure in developing Origin as MOEC's defection Model.

I will use the Vedas as the system which forms the content of the Ideal State.



Particular History and Justice










Ideal State - Varna Asrama

First Column

Particular History and Justice - PHJ

This is the database for the program. All the known knowledge of the world is placed here in chronological order. This is the MOEC Calendar. Genealogies are also stored here. Marriages are created from such.


Tatasha Sakti

Parametric methods

Non Parametric methods

Second Column


This is material spacetime in any configuration. The opposite would be the Vaikunthas.

In Maze - Space and time will operate on the holon. All objects here are created and destroyed by the material laws of physics and nature. It lies outside of heaven or any conception of eternity.

There is a direct analogy to the T Maze Experiment where an entity with bilateral symmetry or backbone may navigate a simple T Maze to a reward of food or avoid a punishment as an electrical shock.


Rationality refers to the moral and analytical use of the intelligence. It is a conscience act of reason. It is argued that one should state cases in the positive first. Irrationality is the inverse of Rationality.


Informal and Formal Fallacy of logic

Disintegration to the Periodic Table of Elements.

The Reduction Room is placed here. This the re enactment of the command imperative between two Cambridge Lawyers, The Hand and The Little One, Will You Betray the Constitution? This refers to all levels of the Paradigm of Laws.

Third Column


The Absolute Knowing of all things. Intelligence is the use of reason to abstract universals and particulars from the environment


This is the acquiring of a repertoire from adaptation to a stimulus in the environment. Learning is acquired through reinforcement slowly over time. Behaviours are argued as displaceable.

One should note that Strict Behaviorism does not concern cognition. Hence the psychical content of the mind and behaviour is only endrochronological coordination. This is a very 1930s era consideration.

Ideal State

This may be any model from any system. I am Gaudiya Vaishnava. LAPD is able to reproduce attacks on a plurality of social systems.

Cognitive Behaviorism of a system that is concerned with both psychical content and external behaviour would be more accurate to create an Ideal State.

Any positive collective demonstration of the human repertoire will develop the Ideal State.

Varna Asrama Dharma: This refers to one's duty. Society is divided into varna then into asrama under the instruction of the Brahmins.

There are four varnas and four asramas in the Vedic system.

The four varnas are: Brahmin - Kshatriya - Vaisya - Sudra

Brahmin: priests - head

Kshatriya: soldiers, police, administration - shoulders arms

Vaisyas: farmers, business producers - waist

Sudras: laborer - legs

The four asramas are: Bhrahmacari - Grhastaha - Vanaprastha - Sannyasi

Bhrahmacari: A celibate student under the care of the Brahmin

Grhastaha: Married persons. Ideally a child must be produced within a marriage.

Vanaprastha: At the age of 55, persons should disengage from their marriages in preparation for death.

Sannyasi: A male renunciant priest. The highest level is paramahamsa or swan like devotee.

MOEC Transformations

In a social system the agents of Control are the military and police. MOEC is based on the Ecological System. Hence subsystems are embedded under a suprasystem.

A holon is system that is a subsystem of another system and a system within itself with subsystems. The human being is such a holon. All events in three dimensional space occur in Maze.

First Column

In simplicity MOEC is imposed over us through a hub and node conspiracy. In the left column an individual holon is detected by the defection model. Data sets are stored in Particular History and Justice. Marriages are arranged from genealogies in PH&J . The study of the dialectic from Plato to Marx may be placed here. In Parameters various boundaries are created. Some are gatekeepers as a degree. Others are actually barriers that are defection based as passing through the door of a church or passing over a bridge.

Center Column

The scripting of the defection may be described as conditioning. One is back in Maze again. The individual holon is either cooperating with the rule of law or defecting to MOEC.

This action implies moral and legal differentiation. As strong performance is Rationality. Intelligence is the use of reason to abstract universals from particulars and successfully navigate through Maze. A bad performance is Irrationalism.

A bad performance would move the individual to Atomization. The fallacy of separation, fragmentation, and atomization of reason occurs. The human body will return to the elements of the periodic table.

Third Column

Consciousness is absolute knowing of all things. Texts like the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Koran, and works of Marx Lenin may be paced here.

In focus is the Cambridge King James Red Letter Edition of the Bible.

Behaviorism is the learning of repertoire through the reinforcement of an adaptation to a stimulus in the environment. This occurs slowly over time.

The Ideal State is the a priori model that a group may wish to develop it's members to their fullest benefit. Varna asrama is the Vedic model. It is the world's oldest social system. The Catholic model is the Perfect Community. The Communist Model is Dialectal Materialism.

Social Systems Theory versus Origin MOEC

The use of Engineering and Reverse Engineering are strongly evident in the area of the Social Systems Theory and the Social Environment which help form the boundaries of MOEC. This basic format is reflected in the Origin Model which was presented to my person. The model is shown further below. A basic adaptation of an outline of Social Systems Theory will provide review to demonstrate Origin's conception and morphogenetic (Anderson and Carter 2008).

Social Systems Theory

I. Holism versus Atomism

Energy Functions

Open Closed Boundary

II. Aspects of Social Systems


Change Maintenance Behaviour

III. Culture and Society

Species and Culture

Analytical Dimensions of Culture

IV. Communities

Communities as a System

The Community in Critical Condition

V. Organizations

Theories of Organization

Open Systems Model Systems Perspectives

VI. Groups

Types of Groups

Groups as a Systems Dimensions

VII. Families

Family Analysis

The Family Social System

VIII. Person Individual


Life Stages

IX. Emergence Convergence Divergence

Renaissance Decadence

The Individual Social System

Prisoner's Dilemma

This is the matrix for Classical Prisoner's Dilemma. The context for MOEC is state planning or state creation through eugenics. In MOEC an individual is conditioned to a scripting of one's life in a Storyboard Entrapment (Prisoner's Dilemma).

Prisoner B Stays Silent

Prisoner B Betrays

Prisoner A Stays Silent

Each serves six months

Prisoner A serves ten years

Prisoner B goes free

Prisoner A Betrays

Prisoner A goes free

Prisoner B serves ten years

Each serves two years

In this format a Cambridge Lawyer functions as the authority or a father figure.

The individual being entrapped is presented quid pro quos which one may accept or reject. In this sense one cooperates or betrays. Obeying the law is cooperation and operating outside of such constitutes defection.

This clearly indicates that MOEC is an Undermining operation.

The legitimacy of Cambridge and MOEC is focalized. In the United States MOEC would form a RICO Enterprise. RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 of the United States Code.

The concept of RICO is to deny the intent of one or an association to conceptualize and or carry out a criminal conspiracy. It is also a check to recruit membership or diversity of such. In the United States most non sundry felonies under U.S jurisdiction at the state or federal level committed by an adult may be certified as a predicate act. Upon two such certifiable felonies, the prosecutor or petitioner may ask the Court to certify the defendant(s) or respondent(s) as a RICO Enterprise. An array of acts are covered which are known as racketeer influenced behavior. They are: intimidating a witness, hostage taking, kidnapping, and murder. In combination at any level of this structure may be blackmail and extortion (Nollmeyer).

The Proximate Cause Test sine qua non is another important structure and process that organizes the energy and materials of MOEC whether such resources are human or material. In question are the principals, accomplices, and accessories after the fact.

MOEC is a reverse sting entrapment. It will develop a homosexual blackmail ring tagged with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

MOEC will entrap descending from:

The Paradigm of Laws

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

The governmental models that MOEC uses are based on the Platonic forms:









Holons I-X

Holons I-X are one of the first clear models that became discernible in the manner of a flow chart or of diagrams that reflect information theory that could be developed as a manual. The Holons develop a lottery, or relay. The logical argument of a converse and reverse converse accident are in question.

In degree Number 4 takes a stone and threatens one. Number 3 is told he or she will be stoned unless Number 2 is operated on. Eventually Number 3 agrees. The two approach and intimidate Number 2 with the same proposition. The target is number 1.

Here we have Number 3 stating that he must operate on Numbers 2 and 1 otherwise Number 4 will stone him. Number 2 states that he must operate on Number one otherwise Numbers 3 and 4 will stone him.

Number 1 is the victim. The point at this juncture is to have him attempt to retaliate against Number 4 using the same tactics. This would only justify Number 4 organizing the entire event.

This explanation is quite simplistic. Generally speaking Numbers 4, 3, and 2 are argued as guilty in descending order.

A converse accident is needed by Numbers 3 and 2 to yield to a criminal command by Number 4. Generally, and specifically speaking in international law, once an individual is clearly identified as the victim, this person will not be charged. It is clear that Number 4 is the Proximate Cause.

It was disclosed that there were 9 or 10 Holons. The number 9 is used in relation to novenas or the number of days that Jesus' followers waited outside of Jerusalem before entering. Novenas are a popular prayer with Catholics from Latin America.

In the original copyrighted version Holon II is Holon I. This is the main model. Holon V-IX may be variants of ideas. Here the strategy is entrap the victim to attempt to retaliate replicating Holons I-IV.

Hence Holons V-IX may be used to develop other human and material resources as the use of chemicals to hostage and punish.

Holon X is Neo Superstructure. A superstructure is mechanistic. Hence Neo Superstructure appears to be Marxist Liberation Theory which has been proposed before by Latin American Theologians.

Homini homo lupus

Holon I: Prisoner's Dilemma: Visualize a line straight down with 4,3,2,1. Number 4 - 2 are in circles with the size of the circle consistent with the numerical value. 1 is in a Hexagon.

Holon II: Prisoner's Dilemma with Hostaging Taking as a Shield: Number 2 has moved to the right. So Number 4 may operate on three with Number 2 as a hostage. This is usually a woman.

Holon III: Prisoner's Dilemma with Two Hostages as a Shields: This pattern is repeated but at a level where two police officers appear as Number 3 with their wives as hostages. So there will be a number 2 on the left and right with two Number 3 who are policemen. This is used to induce them to continue the relay or circular folly.

Holon IV: Invertaebration with Number I attempting to challenge Number 4: This the invertebration of Holon 1 for simplicity.


Alienation is a theme or motif common to both individual and collective systems of thought. Such occurs at all three levels of the Paradigm of Laws. At Eternal Law this would argue a Fall from Grace.

History may be seen as cycles of renaissance and decadence. The former is when knowledge flourishes and the general skill level of not only masters but the common person becomes elevated.

A decadence or worst a Dark Age is when repression reigns and the incompetent are placed over the skilled and educated.

This later position is a departure for Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

The Social Contract Theory has been accepted as the correct model for constitutions.

The focus is on Alienation and the Right of the Individual. Totalitarianism seeks to isolate the individual or group ex communicado from the whole. The Collective is not excluded. Here the Classical Political Problem of the Individual versus the State is at issue.

The entrapment may occur at the supranational, national, state, or local jurisdiction.

MOEC will localize an exact individual or a collective profile of this natural person and begin to marginalize this person(s).

The first issue to insure success is that the obstruction of justice must occur at the court. Then the quid pro quos and blackmailing are escalated. This is obtained through corrupt law enforcement that have been previously recruited and formed into cells. In the morphogenetics of the cell, usually the most corrupt and least competent officers are given the job differentiation and tasks that would lead towards the greatest Undermining and their exposure and prosecution if needed. Only this cell would then be prosecuted preserving the system.

I will use my person now as the focal target or holon. The Totalitarian Police System TPSYS (LAPD in the United States) would entrap and attempt to arrange a marriage between my mother and father. TPSYS would attempt to follow a Script in a Storyboard Entrapment, hence Prisoner's Dilemma in a system of state planning.

The setting of complex jurisdiction with international, national, state and local jurisdictions comes into play. This will then descend to the family and individual.

The attack's manifest aperture targeted the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. As seen I have continued to attempt diametrically oppose MOEC. This events has entrapped the five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama.

MOEC as Origin has transformed Democracy into the Perfect Dictator Model.

No real restoring historical figures or group have emerged to date.

A major focus of Atomization is the Tournament between Dodo versus Bhakta David Nollmeyer, myself in developing Class Stratification. The attack on Ronald Reagan has evolved into a decadence. The opposite would be a renaissance.

The virulent ideological Pre Fascist Ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an attack on Machine Superintelligence needed to complete Technological Singularity and individual expertise as a summon bonum in a field.

At issue is how to attack an individual or holon in a niche within an environ within an environment. This is exemplified by the so called academic ivory tower.

The presentation of Origin (Organic Cell) and Tryad and their transformations is unique. This establishes www.powereality.net as the leading opposition source for MOEC.

The development of MOEC Studies as an Approach is an output of forces interacting to oppress my person and any correct opposition I can mount against the Proximate Cause: Cambridge Law School.

Technological Singularity will not occur without Official Recognition. The so called Superintelligence would fail an apperception test. In this connection the University of California has hired ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano as president as of July 19, 2013. The integrity of the University of California itself has been in question since June 17, 1987. They will not only have to oppose the Irrationalist Presidents they will have to teach against now President Napolitano's sanitized career.

The endgame scenario is legal and historical recognition. This would be followed by prosecution and a type of Marshall Plan paid for by the United Kingdom and United States to parties worldwide.

MOEC is an open system with a myriad of materials that form hierarchies of structures and processes within it's defection.

One may discern a very acute process and structure of the weaving of a Gordian Knot as a Supercrime where the Homosexual Blackmail ring operates with impunity under obstruction of justice.

In contrast, one of the intents of MOEC is to develop all discipline areas under a common Systems Language.

Of particular concern, I am held in isolation as far from any official recognition is concerned by any government. If such is attempted the controllers will begin to intimidate and condition the subject, my self, and the exposed population.

MOEC is quasi experimental. The lack of laboratory conditions does not hinder MOEC's attempt to gather data. There exists an experimental subject, experimental group, and environ. The control group is that set of population that is not exposed to the experiment. As seen I am able to travel within United States and Mexico. The effects of the conditioning at the points of the Tryad are being focalized in my writings. Levelling appears as a goal. The difference between the town and country should also be considered.

The mechanisms at play will attempt to isolate the individual. Isolation and the alienation of the person will force one to seek out spiritual and biological needs in a manner that is unconventional. In degree the following generalizations may be made.

The short to long term mission goals are:

1. Advancement of LGBTi (Homosexual Bisexual Transgender intersex) rights

2. Liberalism Secular Humanism Multicultural Diversity (Scientific Determinism)

3. Advancement of the Democratic Party (Social Democratic and Labor Democrats)

4. Decriminalization and legalization of drugs

5. Sanitization of law enforcement: A culture of impunity

A result is the interpretation of eternal and natural law in a selfinterested fashion, which is essentially empiricism, the ends being a pseudo religion. The monistic concept of oneness is very strong. This is similar to Rajneeshism, which is religion in disguise. There are forms of Buddhism that are similar in their use of devices to obtain a result. The synthesis of thought or ecumenicalism yields no more than the stated empiricism and materialism. It is a disguise for a system of the Perfect Dictator and the police.

It is very likely that these systems may be likely entrapped by a controlling LGBTi Christian socialism or mechanism.

Another component that is of extreme importance is that of Anti Social Personality Disorder. This diagnostic is taken from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual or DSM. This profile defines two types of individuals. One is the world class sociopath as a Hitler or other genocidal figure. The other is the untalented petty criminal who is a life long failure. The work of Robert Hare who is noted for his research into psychopathology is a focal point or aperture in to the profiling used to condition and create a dysfunctional person in society.

The DSM lists five criteria for diagnosis:

1. History of legal or socially disapproved activity continuing into adulthood

2. Failure to show constancy and responsibility in work, sexual relationships, parenthood, and financial obligation

3. Irritability and aggressiveness

4. Reckless and impulsive behavior

5. Disrespect for the truth

All of the above are disguised in relative morality; there is no right or wrong. The other component of the profiling is Dependent Personality Disorder. This individual is usually seeking attention and wishes for other persons to sacrifice an inordinate amount of time to aid them. The isolation in this mechanism attempts to create an Oedipal dysfunction to organize this disorder.

We will return to the Paradigm of Laws. It's value to organizing material in this endeavor cannot be understated:

I. The Eternal Law

II. The Natural Law

III. The Positive Law

Of note is the previous and following materials save for the Vedic information are easily available through a Junior College level philosophy program. Childhood Development programs that stress Bronfenbrenner's Ecological System are also very good sources. Christianity is widespread in the United States through churches as well as the educational system.

Tryad in part was disclosed to my person. Here this model reflects the Undermining of the Family. The Reduction Room reflects a consideration of the evolution of the family from: 1. Tribes: clan, monarchy kinsmanship to the King or Chief. 2. Atomic Family: mother father and siblings live together, rise of secular nationstates, democracy 3. Atomized Family: The child lives only with one natural parent. This is synchronic with the rise of supranational regimes of government, the United Nations.

MOEC has a Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage. LGBTi families are have a high degree of atomization.

Tryad below is a holon being transformed by MOEC.


Our society has emerged as Patriarchy or male dominated. As seen surnames in the majority are patrimonial. Tryad will demonstrate how different roles have been substituted and used in conditioning to create identity.




Tryad reflects a parenting model. The dyadic model would only be the mother and immediate offspring. As seen cohorts are included. In addition to genetics the parent or mother either verbally or behavioristically imparts or teaches the information of the a to the child. The siblings also impart knowledge. There is bidirectionality or a feedback loop in the process between the three parties.

All learning from humans may be considered parenting. One's natural parents are the primary parents. All secondary individuals as siblings and teachers are the secondary parent. There are at least three classical models of which the authors may have used to configure Tryad. This appears to be Platonic in origin regarding the manifest social structure. There are also Christian and Vedic ideas that are used to complement the modelling.

The use of Plato's, The Republic as a philosopher's touchstone is Archetypal in itself. The Vedic word for touchstone is cintanami. This is the condition is the Vaikunthas where everything is made of touchstone and rewards all desires.

The concept of cintanami or the philosopher's touchstone may be examined as a holon to demonstrate the development of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

It is clear that Marriage Breaking is a major component in MOEC. It has a veneer as a Trojan Horse,thus offering a Yellow Brick Road to marriage and career success. This pattern appears to be deeply rooted in human culture. The Divorce Program will be named The Trojan Horse. The act of permitting me to assign labels to entrap the victim into replicating his punishment. This does not decapitate the system but extends such.



Will - Spirit

Sensation - Appetite


Reason - Male

Will - Child

Sensation - Female

No. 1 Latent Function


Reason - Female

Will - Child

Sensation - Male

No. 2 Manifest Function


Reason - Female

Will - Child

Sensation - Sibling

The abstract or a priori form is the Ideal and is the Platonic Model used to develop The Republic. The Real Model is the trajectory of human history upwards to the 1960s.

Tryad No. 2 is the Manifest Function regarding a polarity shift in a system. There is a observable switch towards the reasoning of females. There is also an emphasis on youthful volition.

Sensation - Sibling reflects the underdevelopment of males in conceptions of equality with females and others in the social setting. Hence perceive the world Through the Eyes of a Child.

The conditioning derived from this artificial archetype usually has pattern maintenance of the psychological development of an individual of no more than twenty years of age. This is derived from Krishna who never ages past youth. In the long run I will argue that the MOEC will return to a parochial model as the Real. I state this because the females must generate a positive response and decapitate MOEC. This would clearly expose and prosecute the Proximate Cause sine qua non which to my knowledge are all males.

Another challenge to the females is I do not see a successful system emerging with a misogynist MSM Gay Militia marriage breaking as The Trojan Horse.

This template was developed in consideration of a planned decadence of a fullblown Chemical Assault under the Akbar component.

Eliminating MOEC would take a very serious cultural innovation. I do not believe that Technological Singularity will be this innovation.

Below are collective derivations of Tryadic parenting. These forms are the standard model in Platonism.




Temperance and Obedience

The class stratification in The Republic of Plato is only a blueprint aimed at an Absolute Truth, not an Absolute Truth in itself. It is a design for the safeguarding of the rulers from turning into Tyrants. Platonic political theory stresses a collective who raises a tyrant who eventually enslaves them.

The Guardians are the wisest and smallest class. There is nothing that states that Guardians had to be male but the model and history are patriarchal. The Guardians are the rulers. The auxiliaries are the next largest group. They comprise the executives and the army of The Republic. The populace is the remaining members of the state or correctly speaking the nation.

The virtues are as follows: wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. Justice is the support and unity of all of the virtues, of the state, and the soul. The ratio between the macro unit and the individual must be proportional.

To use any conception of the virtues as the Godhead would be anthropomorphic. It is clear that the four virtues exist on the platform of natural law. They are indeed only a moral compass to ordinate one to a spiritual existence.

A synchronic tactic that is common targets the Vedas and Platonism.






Holy Ghost





The previously listed components are contained within a triangle and imposed over geographic territories on a map. The first is Ideal followed by an invertaebration. The three angles that form the triangle are:

Reason: New Raman Reti, Florida

Spirit: Lassen, California Fort Bragg, California

Sensation: Kent County, Delaware

The concrete:

Reason: Kent County, Delaware

Spirit: Fort Bragg, California

Sensation: New Raman Reti, Florida

One should realize that New Raman Reti is one of the oldest running communes in the United States. It is an ISKCON Vedic farm, charter school, and learning institute. A Prisoner's Dilemma model is incorporated by pitting two of the angles against one another thereby benefiting the third angle. In this manner a divide and conquer tactic is used to level crime. The foil to achieve this act delegates to the abuse of Native Americans.

There are at least four Native American Tribes that are distinct nations living on a reservation system within the United States that are highly affected by MOEC entrapments:

Torrez Martinez Tribe: Salton Sea, California

Colorado River Tribes: Parker, Arizona, Blythe, California

Pauite Tribe: Inyo County, California

Susanville Rancheria: Lassen County, California

In review, Tryad is no more than a wrecking model. In the abstract the victim is protected by a system of laws and rights. The highest platform of cognition would be eternal law, followed by natural law, then the positive law. In an oppressive environment the only location an individual is may find eternal law is inside one’s self. The reason of one's mind is available also through the natural law. The external environment may be nihilistic. The positive law may disintegrate to citizenship at the 4th class level.

This in the concrete poses the question of whether one wishes to live or die; thus an act of volition. In MOEC's perspective, which is not exclusive, this involves the alienation of oneself from the environment. This is a loss of identity or depersonification. This gradual attritionist dehumanization process permit's the controllers, victim, and third parties to adapt to new lower equilibriums. Hence this posits a Nash suboptimal equilibrium.

There is a convergence and feedback loop between the formation of the individual and culture. The holistic standpoint posits that the culture or macro unit transforms the individual. This is a descending argument. The atomic standpoint posits that the individual creates the culture in an upward movement.

This tension has a unique standpoint in relationship to the creation of a summon bonum or a system and henceforward a whole race of such individuals.

Plato's Master Passion states that the culture creates a madman who is subsequently replaced by a madder tyrant. This continues until the maddest of all; the despot enslaves all in the image of his sexual preferences.

This basic model is the formation of the Desperado Gambit Line whose dreams of social engineering the human race was despoiled due to the fight fire with fire orientation being exposed.

The Ex Deux Maquina develops with MSM LGBTi having the final say in a tit for tat tournament to script the winner. This anti dialectic descends through MSM policemen forming the Bodyguard of the Master Passion.

There is a very intense competition between my person and the three leaders of LAPD's Gay Militia: Periander, The Fly and finally Dodo.

The Cornerstone that the constructor rejected returns to be the headstone.


The Wrong Side of History

MOEC reflects it's Authorship. This allegedly are MSM males who were challenged by heterosexual males. The main controllers are Cambridge Lawyers. The materials that are taught at Cambridge are the primary database (see Particular History & Justice). The Encyclopaedia Britannica is a very important source.

The Undermining of faith, moral philosophy and ethics, and law is also targeted.

The attack is paired with Gay Marriage. (New Jersey became the 14 state to honor Gay Marriage on October 21, 2013. Hawaii and Illinois are the 15 and 16th states).

The entrapment substitutes authority from the de jure authority to the de facto Cambridge Membership.

The algorithm of Cambridge to LAPD is very acute. The cell with Periander, The Fly, and Dodo are cohort rivals under Cambridge as an unseen secondary father figure with the president and my person. The tryad of Dodo, Barack Obama, and David Nollmeyer is highly acute.

These officers following of their defection models is the sharpest driver in the development of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

The Tournament will develop these actors especially Dodo in a pathology degrading society.


The Organic Cell

MOEC as stated is a defection model. It is a novelty of Prisoner's Dilemma which will give a distinct bias to the controller. This model can be noted by labels as MOEC, Origin, Organic Cell, and Joe Virus.

Origin is designed as stem cell and neuron.

The label Organic Cell would refer to the possibility of natural government existing in nature. Here the authors have considered a position that their model reflects in part a descent from a higher law.

It is clearly evident that Origin was designed in a table with cells. It is a model for General User Interface GUI. If in the cell with Particular History and Justice one would insert all the known events in History, one would form the MOEC Calendar. On a modern computer one could paste, drag or drop or insert a holon into the PHJ Cell.

The program within the cell would then operate on the holon. This would then begin a series of transformations on the holon until it's equilibrium is reached.

Origin is a tool that is Cambridge's attempt at a cultural based unified field. The closest mathematical model would be a Schroedinger Equation with a Hamiltonian Operator. The Hamiltonian is the observer in this equation.

A mission goal is unum or a unification of culture. The tension between Mechanism versus Idealism is a point of departure for all consequent thought. Scientific determinism and secular humanism versus free will and fideism are integral to obtaining a sound closed proof.

Origin was postulated in it's Original form as Organic Government with seven subsystems with Control as the suprasystem. It is highly likely Origin was reduced from other models to seven subsystems.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

The Origin Reiterated Model states quite strongly the case of Mechanism versus Idealism. This is therefore modelling of this classical argument. The Original Model which was called Organic. It contained Control as the suprasystem and as holon over Maze without Consciousness descending into Atomization. The Third Column contained Consciousness - Behaviorism - Ideal State, in my particular case Varna Asrama.

I rejected any notion that MOEC could be an Organic Government. I also argue that Mechanism versus Theism is more accurate.

This was my investigation into the epistemology and morphogentic construction of the System. What is important to MOEC is that I am not keeping the Original. In this instance I would become entrapped in the Mocking Bird Defense.This is a result of my putting feedback into the model. Hence this version is more rational therefore weaker similar to some strains of the Bird Flue which are now emergent. This is due to my inclusion of Consciousness and Rationality in the Second and Third Columns.

The decapitation of the Proximate Cause is the true test of defeating MOEC. This is not adjusting MOEC as Virus of Prisoner's Dilemma.

Origin Reiterated Model


Particular History and Justice










Ideal State - Varna Asrama

Hence, we clearly see that this structure is a product of human effort imposed over our empirical spacetime.

In the Hierarchy of Motility: Consciousness, Rationality, Behaviorism are correct. In biology such would descend as Consciousness, Intelligence (Rationality), Instinct, Tropism, Nastic Movements.

What one has at hand is an attack on humans and nationstates with an Ideal State, in my particular case the Vedas as a foil. An input of the system is a Holon. One can follow a Holon as the subcomponents of the system transform the Holon.

An example can be the passing of a letter into a mail box and having it processed to the receiver.

From this position of an exploded view we can deduce that the model was conceived in a table with rows or columns. As we exist in 3 dimensional space, our physical bodies and all material objects are always in Maze. Generally a Holon, such may be a person, when entrapped by TPSYS would enter Particular History and Justice then receive elements of the entrapment from Parameters. One would then return to be in Maze. After interacting with the police he would develop Consciousness this maybe + or -. This is usually marginalization. One is most likely only in Rationality. One will develop a repertoire to survive which is Behaviorism. If unsuccessful one is dead in Atomization and has been Atomized. If pure one can develop an Ideal State as Varna Asrama.

One can also examine the development vertically in a column: Maze - Rationality - Atomization and Consciousness - Rationality - Ideal State - Varna Asrama. The latter appears to be stronger in preparation of a positive outcome.

The following empirical data may be placed in Particular History & Justice PHJ.

Particular History & Justice

Conception Birth

I was born on August 3, 1961 in Roswell New Mexico. Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Thus we are cohort rivals under an unseen father and Mother figures, the Oedipal Complex and Electra Complex.

TPSYS will attempt to predict my exact birth date. At conception, possibly a fractal of avenging slavery and the Honda motor plant would be imposed or attached to the embryo. The events are derived from PHJ. My mother most likely would have had to pass through a boundary as Parameters according to the scripting. I am the Singularity Experiment. President Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

I was born in Roswell, New Mexico, then my family moved to Camden, Delaware. My father was then transferred to Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. I attended Kindergarten in E Street Elementary School up to age five. This activities occur in Maze. The other subsystems are in operation. My earliest autobiographical memories are about age three in Camden.

Chapter 1 of Lycurgus deals with events in Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico.

I lived on Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico from about 1964 to 1967. There was a strong influence from the tropical environment of Puerto Rico and the influence of my father being an enlisted man in the United States Armed Forces.

I attended E Street School for Kindergarten and first grade. I made my first friends here outside of my family.

I can remember my mother practicing Nicheren Daishonen Buddhism while in Puerto Rico. I most likely saw the Hare Krishnas for the first time here. I was atheistic at this time up until my 16th birthday in 1977.

The events in Ramey AFB are quite intense with a visit from President Lyndon Johnson who I saw drive up to the base golf club clubhouse.

One clearly sees the manifest function of LAPD operating as TPSYS with mutual aid violations.

This is an intrusion of a secondary system operating as a microsystem. In Ecological Systems a microsystem is that level of organization as the family and school teacher that forms the socialization of the child. The police or Homeland Security are at least in the next level within the public administration of the state.

My father was retiring in Puerto Rico and we moved to Oxford, Maryland. My father retired at Dover AFB, Delaware. My family reunites with my paternal grandparents. I also met my maternal great grandmother.

I attended Oxford Elementary School for second grade, Such is a three room school. One teacher teaches 1-2 grades, 3-4 grades, and 5-6 grades. So my oldest sisters were in 4th and 5th grade.

Oedipal Complex and Electra Complex: Freud argues such occurs at 8 years of age. Erickson discusses such until 14 years of age. Here the individual assumes an identity based on one's natural parents an Ideal Father or Mother Figure.

This period would cover from Oxford Elementary School, W.B. Simpson Elementary School, Camden, W.R. Brown, Kent County, Caesar Rodney Junior and Senior High School Camden all in Delaware.

November 1980: Ronald Reagan was President from January 20, 1981 January 20, 1989. George HW Bush was Vice President. Reagan's two Attorney Generals during MOEC were Edwin A. Meese III 1985 1988 and Richard Thornburgh 1988 1989. Maze: Dover, Delaware, San Diego, California.

June 17, 1987: MOEC is revealed. LAPD develops pirate radio overtaking public airwaves. Then President Reagan does not respond initiating the Irrationalist Presidents.

Maze: Dover, Delaware.

MOEC manifest functions begins from LAPD in California and develops through mutual aid violations with the Baltimore Police Department, Maryland, and the Delaware State Police in Delaware.

November 1988: George HW Bush wins the 1988 election. Dan Quayle is Vice President. His Attorney Generals are Dick Thornburgh 1989 1991 William P. Barr 1991 1993.

Maze: Dover, Delaware

November 1992: William Clinton wins the Presidential Election. He is the 42nd President of the United States. Al Gore is Vice President. Clinton served two terms from: January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001. His Attorney General was Janet Reno 1993 2001.

Unabomber: Theodore Kaczynski. An assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley beginning in 1967 at age 25, resigned two years later.

His thesis was Boundary Functions. It has been stated that less than 10 mathematicians in the United States were competent to comprehend his paper.

1995: Microsoft introduces Windows the world's first GUI based operating system for personal computers. MOEC is a manifest function. William Clinton is the president. He does not recognize MOEC, the attack on the human race and the United States.

I am trying to take refuge in New Mexico and California.

November 5, 1995: In the U.S District Court for New Mexico the following cases begin to proceed to the Supreme Court.

U.S. District for New Mexico

1. Cv. 95-0135, Nollmeyer v. U.S. Gov., Delaware State Police, et. al.

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

2. Cv. 97-2306, Nollmeyer v. U.S. Gov., Delaware State Police, et. al.

United States Supreme Court

3. Cv. 98-7015, Nollmeyer v. U.S. Gov., Delaware State Police, et. al.

Maze: various locations

September 9, 1999: In the U.S. District Court Northern District of Florida (Gainesville)

Cv. 99-215 Nollmeyer v. New Raman Reti. Assigned to: Judge Maurice M. Paul

1999: Clinton Impeached for misleading statements in relationship with 22 year old White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Maze: Greenville, California

November 2000: George W Bush is elected 43rd President of the United States. He serves two terms January 20, 2001 January 20, 2009. Dick Cheney is his Vice President. His attorney Generals are John Ashcroft 2001 2005 Alberto Gonzales 2005 2007 Michael Mukasey 2007 2009. Bush redesigned the Department of Justice into Homeland Security after 9-11. Bush had two Secretaries of Homeland Security Tom Ridge 2003 2005 Michael Chertoff 2005 2009.

Maze: Santa Barbara County, California.

September 11, 2001: Al Qaeda launches terror attacks destroying the World Trade Center, damaging the Pentagon, and crashing a jetliner in a field near Somerset, Pennsylvania.

President Bush announces a War on Terror, the Afghanistan War begins in 2001.

Maze: Dover, Delaware.

2003: Iraq War.

Maze: Various locations.

February 12, 2007: Operation Radhanatha begins escalating Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to contaminate the Colorado River from Earp, California and Parker, Arizona south through Blythe towards Mexico. All water in faucets is contaminated. Food is contaminated at production plants and shipped nationwide.

Maze: Earp, California.

November 2008: Barack Obama defeats John McCain to become the 44th President of the United States. Joe Biden is his Vice President. Obama has two Homeland Secretaries.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano 2009 2013. Rand Beers 2013 present.

Maze: Desert Shores, California.

Obama assumed office January 20, 2009. He was re elected in November 2012. Barack Obama is elected twice while the entire Salton Sea is totally contaminated.

November 2012: Barack Obama defeats Mitt Romney to win the Presidential Election.

Maze: Desert Shores, California.

July 19, 2013: The University of California nominates Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano to be President.

Maze: Westwood, California.

August 19, 2013: Sarin gas is used in Chemical Attacks in Ghouta, Syria. There are claims of 1400 victims.

Maze: Westwood, California.


As seen the above are a sequence of various chronological events. The transformations vis a vis between defection to MOEC or cooperation with the United States Constitution in a Script of an individual or group in a defection model is a focus of MOEC Studies.

At various levels events are scripted to Undermine the effects of cooperation with the Constitution.

These events are usually activated by an event or holon passing through a boundary. This is no more than a syndrome of what may disjointed entrapments or quid pro quos.

A fallacy that has been made historically is a painting that comes to life. Per se, if I walked through the door to a temple within a given time period a series of events may become entrapped. John Doe may be asked to take a biology course, Jane Doe may have her car capped in an insurance scam. Bill Doe may be asked to date Sally. George Doe may give a donation to the church. Imposing these events over a natural person gives the impression that this person is special, part of a magic show.


The localization of my natural person has been in the United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. I technically have stepped on Canadian soil but did not move through customs at the border in Bremerton, Washington.

I have listed the my locations for the events being used in PHJ.


The Master Passion

The zeitgeist from June 17, 1987 in continuo is the manifest function of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. There is a very serious attack on consequentialism vis a vis deontology. Hence the alienation of one person's positive Bill of Rights protections directly attempts to negate consequentialism. My subjective survival and the prosecution of MOEC is counterbalanced with the quantum of force of converting the State into the Machinery of Torture and the nation or people into informant traitors for hire for quid pro quos.

The writings of Plato form the basis for Western Rationality.


The manifest function here for material objects is the return to the basic elements of the Periodic Table of Elements. Life forms die.

The individual human specie(s) may be a victim of genocide, murder, suicide or accident.

MOEC is an Undermining & Marginalization Operation. Ideas may be attacked by informal and formal fallacies.

The Reduction Room: The Command Imperative Will you betray the Constitution.


Consciousness in MOEC refers to the Absolute awareness of all things. This is impossible for a localized marginal living entity. Hence the Hierarchy of Consciousness, Intelligence, Instinct is important at the level of conscience awareness. Instinct, Tropic, Nastic movements occur below an entities awareness.

Here in the second column there appears to be a manifest attempt to control the ability of a person or group to develop into a superior group or person. A world of Philosopher Kings in relation to The Republic is a point of departure.

Hence the content of Authorized Spiritual literatures may be seen to reflect pure a priori Consciousness.

The spiritual classics may be contained here:

Bible Cambridge King James Red Letter Version


Bhagavad Gita

Mechanistic based works may be placed here. This has to be tempered in the realization that these works are inductive and emergent. They do not claim to be representative of a pure consciousness.

Communism has never been attained. This system aims for an ideal as social consciousness as a correct proletariat world view based on this platform.


Behaviorism is the adaptation and development of a repertoire against a stimulus in an environ. Strict behaviorism only considers the mind at the level of endrochronological chemical reactions. The content of thought is secondary to the modification of correct behavior.

Ideal State

The final stage of social organization may be placed here. In mechanism we can place communism versus the idealistic forms. Karl Marx would argue that these organizations are based on property ownership and relations. Religion is a Superstructure that is a projection and manmade to give man private property, wage labor and love sex marriage.

The following are basic Ideal State models that could included in this subsystem.

United Nations: Ideal State Global Village

Vedanta: Varna Asrama

Catholicism: Perfect Community

On November 6, 2013 I opened my pdf file, of Karl Popper's, The Open Society and It's Enemies which I have had several times on a computer, but never read. The text is known for it's attack on Plato, The Republic and Marxism.

Popper's treatise develops as Volume I: The Spell of Plato The Myth of Origin and Destiny. The dialectic from Plato to Marx unfolds. Illinois and Hawaii passed Gay Marriage in the past few days as the 15th and 16th states to do so.


Would you know how to create a government?

Karl Popper cites his concern over the rise of totalitarianism and the failure of social philosophy to critically analyse this problem.

MOEC Studies clearly was developed in part from the Popper's book The Open Society and It's Enemies.

The Study of Singularity and it's proponents and goals are also being placed the question to their intentions and emergence.

MOEC Studies argues Cambridge Law School as the Proximate Cause sine qua non whom has handed off the operation to LAPD.

Empirically, the hiring of ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano as president of the University of California converges the trajectory of MOEC.

There is strong implication concerning acting Under the Color of Law. The case is being framed by the moral and legal duties of sworn officers to the sole survivor of a nationstate.

Origin, the Organic Cell of MOEC, is the most highly developed defection model in operating in place; perhaps of all history. Such organizes the Rise and Fall of the British Empire. It is responsible for the Undermining of the Anglo American Paradigm. These actor's losses immediately appear to benefit the Russians, Chinese, Muslims, Latinos, and Africans.

Origin reflects a concern on systems transformations.

My isolation under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program is an experiment to develop the survival of the individual and species under totalitarianism.

MOEC is a highly developed tool for Systems Transformations being able to handle concrete objects as the Higgs Boson particle to theories of Multidimensional Space. This includes both mechanistic and theistic ideas.

Overall the bias in the system is negative. It is distinctively Irrationalist and Pre Fascist at best. This reflects at least a partial refutation of political economy. I would argue the Social Welfare State as a model.

Two Simultaneous Eternities Cannot Exist

By placing my person as the holon being transformed, MOEC has Undermined History as an avenging angel claiming to justify it's attack on the human race through the attack on then President Ronald Reagan and the United States. Hence the superlative of a summon bonum has very little chance of emerging.

MOEC will attempt to impose defection to it's interests.

MOEC is a concrete and dramatic watershed event towards to a conclusion on the historical stage where a King leads his nationstate towards a Second Coming of Godhead.

This trajectory clearly posits the challenge between Mechanism and Theism.

Consequentialism and Deontology are at the forefront of the immediate gambit line of Gay LGBTi versus heterosexuality Opposite Sex.

The duel between MSM Cambridge lawyers and Trinity College theologians creates the Ex Deux Maquina which is no more than a desperado line of MSM Gay Militia members which descends into hub and nodes localizing an individual in a jurisdiction.

There is a very distinct line of expertise in Greek Philosophy and rationalism. It appears at least one or more actors was a devotee of Zeus or Jupiter. This person may have been MSM. It appears that Gay Triumphalism based on minor Gay Greek demigods was a result of compromise in the Ex Deux Maquina formation of the model.

In particularity, the United States is developed as the Alter Ego of Stalinist USSR. In toto this is Modern Totalitarianism or post 1900s and the emergent electronic police state challenging Technological Singularity with a Cultural Singularity, read MOEC.

The tension between the Gay Militia actors and Periander, The Fly and specifically Dodo at the present have Undermined the American Presidency. The creation of the Irrationalist Presidents and the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth places the question to all actors in the top 100 exemplars in their field of discipline.

MOEC seeks outliers as the top and bottom ten percent in all domains for first consideration.

There is a feedback loop between history and law. The form of government used reflects many variables from Eternal Law, physical environment, and cultural antecedents. The Eugenic State Planning is designed to promote individuals in a homosexual blackmail and intimidation ring that will support MOEC.

The Undermining of the Family is strongly evident. The pairing of the MSM Gambit line to attacking President Ronald Reagan has catastrophic implications to the present hour.

This attack on Reagan develops a polarity shift. There has been a historical tendency to attack Reagan by the Left. The development of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing and the Gay Militia in LAPD develops a pathology of failure while these social movements are emergent towards Gay Fascism if apologist emerge.

Dodo, one individual has the defection pattern to stop the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This would then free my person from the Akbar stage. The United States would begin to return to the Lycurgus subsystem where Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs replace the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

This defines a pathology.

As the Singularity Experiment, I am the only person in History to have the entirety of MOEC and Origin placed over my natural person and citizenship with other persons existing as fractals. I have been told that my heir would inherit this status or it would move to the most primary male collateral.

In this manner one can see how the Four Cardinal Virtues: Wisdom, Moderation, Courage, and Justice are attacked in the State, Family and Individual by manipulation in Origin by Prisoner's Dilemma.

If Tryad is processed as a holon in Origin a synchronic pattern is prevalent. There are transformations towards the female in a polarity shift. This however is achieved by a build up of the Perfect Dictator Model. As the world develops democracy the United States becomes a Perfect Dictator that is unrecognized.

President Barack Obama is the Singularity Target. Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is the antithesis to Superintelligence or Machine Intelligence.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is an Atomization catalyst. This is clearly evident in the development of Transhumanism where humans and machines merge.

Hence, it's logical structure also has an aesthetic structure in developing an Artificial Person to represent such. This is appears to be a direct attack on Cognitive Science.

In conclusion, Origin is the leak at the level of a Presidential Brief. It is an antecedent in the environment. I have chosen to create written records over my study of MOEC. MOEC Studies has consequently emerges as an Approach.

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