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Happy New Years!

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 2, 2012

Happy New Years! I am quite fatigued. I will more assertively address issues that concern MOEC studies this year. I hope to double the quality of the presentation by July, 1, 2013. I am back in contention in the UC system with a GPA of 3.42. Now at 50 years old the cost is prohibitive for higher education. I have been informed that 2017 may be the final year of this persecution. My food is ruined as well as are my clothes.

The issue of treason and blackmail and extortion must be added as drivers of the design. Renunciation of the conspiracy are integral to the legal and historical wellbeing of many actors.

Michelle Obama is becoming a person of increasing interest as I do not believe she is innocent.

50,000 persons are being diagnosed as HIV AIDS positive each year. 25,000 are MSM or Male same sex Males. Over 1.3 million persons have the disease and up to 1.7 million may be infected. About 700,000 persons are alive with HIV AIDS.

The use of LGBTi or LGBT has been abused and attacked so severely that I have to revert to homosexual and heterosexual to argue in plain language.

Hridayananda Das Goswami, Howard Resnick Jr., is still a target. He is an ISKCON diksa guru who advocates Gay Monogamy. New to the fold is David Bruce Hughes a guru who broke from ISKCON to become Dasanudas Babaji and other names. He claims advancement from masturbation and bondage sex with his disciples.

It is clear I am not supporting such.

2012 Presidential Election

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 10, 2012

The election season is underway with Mitt Romney looking to score early wins in New Hampshire today and South Carolina next week. Rick Santorum is gaining some momentum. He is 53 years old which makes him a person of interest should he resume his career as a sworn official.

It appears that Barack Obama hosted a lavish party in California recently. I see this as abusive when the Colorado River is despoiled and Obama has done nothing what so ever to lessen the damage of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Gay Marriage may be an issue in the election. Santorum appears to display the strongest rhetoric against such.

I will not deal with minor candidates in the main after learning from the last election that it is a waste of time.

Democracy is failing because people would rather take clandestine deals resembling the Wizard of Oz than uphold the laws of this nation.

It appears that Al Qaeda is escalating attacks in Iraq towards a possible civil war since the United States has pulled out.

This region will be the most heavily studied since almost half the year will be spent in Riverside CA.

Open Letter to Senator Feinstein D CA

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 14, 2012

Dear Senator Feinstein,

The Totality of Circumstances

The correct legal test when a citizen confronts one's state is the Totality of Circumstances. Here since I have been the focal target of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program in the United States that is still not recognized I have to call into recognition the abuse of Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder. As seen prima facie the president, homeland secretary, and attorney general are de facto and negligent as the abuse in Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ along the Colorado River escalates as the United States undergoes severe tensions with Iran and Cartel activity in Mexico. The Colorado River was openly contaminated in 2007. Forty seven thousand persons have been killed since this date.

The activity continues to be run from LAPD by a Male Gay Militia. As seen I have no primary right protection under the Bill of Rights.

My religious protections as a Gaudiya Vaishnava (Hare Krishna Movement) are being alienated by a double bind circular folly run by MSM male same sex male police officers.

I have openly supported Proposition 8 in California. I have been straightforward and polite with both Senator Boxer and you on this issue.

Here these officers are proposing that if I do not wish to Gay Marriage with Lesbians, (really bisexuals) than I am either transgendered, bisexual, or a gay male. I have reversed the order as most people do not understand what transgendered is. Here in it's simplest form it describes one whose gender identity is the opposite of one's biological body.

In continuation the absurd speech patterns that are presented by these officers is abusive. Remember that there is an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, it is stated that I support Hridayananda Das Goswami (Howard Resnick Jr.). This is ISKCON diksa guru supports Gay Monogamy which is prohibited by ISKCON. The other issue is that I support David Bruce Hughes or Gaurahari Dasanudas Babaji an independent guru. David Bruce Hughes has been exposed again for having formed a bondage sex club with his disciples. He claims such is benefiting their spiritual life.

In Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or the Vedic tradition this is total nonsense.

These Gay Militia officers believe that I will be too ashamed to expose this ruse and it's redundant circular folly.

The American citizens and the world deserve to know why the United States is operating a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth while confronting Iran on a nuclear program.



Anything this operation gives to one is despoiled in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Obama recently held a lavish party in California while the Colorado River Valley was under attack.

Mitt Romney and the Republican do not seem interested in protecting America either.

As the senior senator from this state nearing the end of your career you should act and save more persons from health and prosperity injuries.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 12, 2012

Exposing MOEC and Deterrence

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 27, 2012

Exposing MOEC has had a reasonable deterrent effect. The worst criminal scenario is treason and the Gang Stalking is poor. The longitudinal effect of lifespan has those born in 1955 and after with the greatest exposure. Michele Obama and Kamala Harris are Cinderellas in the wake of Obama's Presidency. The Gay Militia is more sensitized to Gavin Newsom who is also exposed. This racial dimension is poor LGBTi history.

In review of my output, in my own perspective I appear as one who is frustrated but has put up a reasonable and strong fight in opposition to this RICO structure.

At this point my effort appears clueless as to any miracle arising out of nowhere. I urge a Boycott of the 2012 Presidential Election.

I do not see one honest candidate. The weather will dictate the outcome as well as economics. I am making progress on updating the websites.

Crime Is A Particular

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 1, 2012

In proving crime particular individual characteristics are needed that will identify a suspect as a perpetrator. Universal abstractions as one should be moral or that ultimately we all return to Godhead while such may be true will not stop criminals. Criminals need to be lawfully prosecuted under due process and equal protection. This is exactly what the Gay Militia is not providing but rather obstructing justice.

The Colorado River Valley continues to be a lightening rod while Mitt Romney has won the Florida Primary.

I will continue with site maintenance for the rest of the month. I wish to write 120 pages of finished material by July 1, 2013. This is the equivalent to two thesis papers. I will use MLA standards or APA formatting.I will attempt to learn CSS and xhtml by next January.

MOEC is the Social Singularity and such is the reverse engineering of Technological Singularity. I continue to place myself as first out of 7 billion person worldwide. A powereality site has exited since 2001 as seen here. I am also the first to litigate widely in court for a legal resolution: http://powereality.net.nollmeyer.htm

Kuhn Popper standards are needed to meet the Daubert of Fry legal threshold.

This is very hard since Official or Legal Recognition is needed. This will damage Obama or the Republican candidate should such win.

I have no personal regrets for surviving as long as possible.

Exposing treason, obstruction of justice, RICO violations and stalking are a noble duty which I was forced to respond to but now realize that such are duties which should be performed.

The Fifth Anniversary of Radhanatha

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 18, 2012

Myth of the Contemporary Man Part III

Bhakta David Nollmeyer


Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

Currently I am moving out of the early winter of 2012. I have miraculously finished 6 courses at Columbia College online from May 30, 2011 to December 17, 2011. This activity has restored my UC GPA to 3.42 and my regular GPA to 3.27. This in consideration of theories of general equilibrium posits I have not accepted the status quo imposed over me and have chosen to enter an upward trajectory displacing persons until I am satisfied.

In the Totality of Circumstances, which is the correct legal test when the individual confronts one's government,the origin or proximate cause must be considered and their mens rea criminal intent and actus rea criminal act. There is no doubt that my legal person guaranteed by the Bill of Rights has been usurped by a test experiment between homosexuality (LGBTi lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and intersex) versus heterosexuality (opposite sex). Since I have been a lifelong heterosexual I have no rights when in confrontation with members of a Gay Militia from Los Angeles Police Department LAPD.

Since February 12, of 2007 the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has escalated to despoil all surface water, all running tap water, and even contaminate food in cans and have such shipped into my vicinity. At this threshold what is called operation Radhanatha began in Earp, California and Parker, Arizona.

Since that time I have learned that this is a diametrical attack on Technological Singularity or that date when computational machines equal and then overtake humans in ability. This will result in machine super intelligence or machines that are superior to humans. Transhumanism or those persons whose bodies are a combination of biological and artificial parts will be normative. Vice President Dick Cheney must choose between his heart, a transplant, or an artificial heart by July 1, 2012. I am a good candidate to rebuild by chelation or aryurvedic therapy as well as other possible transhuman experiments.

MOEC is a Social Singularity. Hence there is a Singularity and it is not technological. The censorship of 7 billion persons worldwide is a Singularity. The post modern world is being modelled on networking versus an industrial model. Here the dependency of the Technological Singularity community by the proximate cause Cambridge Law School is apparent. I am operating that this allegation is a fact.

Mitt Romney has won the Nevada Primary and is the Republican front runner to meet Barack Obama in November for the 2012 Presidential Election. This sanitization is a form of Irrationalism or pre Fascism. This emergent neo Fascism or New Fascism as I am calling such is Anglo American geographically and radiates outward from University of Cambridge through Scotland Yard and Los Angles Police Department through mutual aid violations.

This trajectory predisposes treason, blackmail, and extortion. This has lead to severe Gang Stalking of which I am the principal target. Exposing this activity has had a deterrent effect. Hence all criminal actors should demonstrate renunciation of the conspiracy and some intent to better or restore the constitutional equilibrium.

The United States Presidents have demonstrated they can be blackmailed and that they are blatant consequentialists looking the other way and condoning a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth on the citizens and state that have legally sworn to protect. The study of psychopathy as antisocial, sociopath, and psychopath are integral to comprehending the killing off of conscience to recruit, sustain, and sanitize an activity of this scope, a Supercrime.

In developing MOCM Part III, I will present the construction of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program and how such is distributed over:

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

This is a form of extortion. In planning, the attack is developed from 100 percent spatiality and intensity. It is then redistributed over the population and territory. Persons will have fractals of the event superimposed over their persons. As seen the entire event of MOEC is imposed over both my faith, natural person, and citizenship. Hence the Gay Militia that is directing such is paired with lesbianism (really bisexuality). The intent was that a MSM Male Same Sex Male criminal polarity could be neutralized by a FSF Female Same Sex Female platform instead of the use of constitutional law. My Bill of Rights protections are null and void unless I was a practicing bisexual or married certain bisexuals. This experiment in creating a same sex qualification in a double bind construction is a catastrophic failure.

I maintain my work from the heterosexual platform but am not exclusive. The imperative is to restore the rule of law and not escalate the usurpation which is manifest in the presidencies. (A old female intern of John F. Kennedy has wrote a book claiming she had a sexual relationship with the president. This she claims will avoid blackmail).

The zeitgeist from Ronald Reagan and Ayatollah Khomeini posits two reactionary polarities of thought and government in brinkmanship that continues to date. The tension between western democracy and Islamist theocracy are evident is the essentialist trajectories of both nationstates. The LGBTi platform is focal in this matization of the conflict. Here the universal legal recognition of LGBTi persons is an issue that is driving MOEC. State planning and eugenics are salient features. LGBTi individuals in the main do not reproduce naturally so their parenting is usually planned out and same sex couples appear more dedicated.

Since 2011, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have deposed leaders. Osama bin Laden and Moammar Ghaddafi have been killed. Currently Syria is in a civil war with a weak opposition attempting to overthrow Assad. Iran appears to be within three years of developing a nuclear weapon. All nuclear events are code named Syrinx in MOEC and other events as chemical assault and biological weapons are known as Lycurgus.

Stuxnet was a super virus that was constructed to disable Iran's uranium centrifuge purification systems. In contrast Iran's scientists were able to take over the GPS system of an American drone and land the craft safely. These events are in nexus with Technological Singularity. Marginalization, autarky, and class stratification are weapons in MOEC which is an intelligence and espionage operation through Prisoner's Dilemma. There is no absolute End World Scenario or EWS. There are events as limited nuclear theater and so forth.

Since the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is unrecognized and I am getting more advanced in age, I will redouble my manifest efforts to prosecute sworn officials and raise the academic bar where and if I can.

The use of Storyboard Technology, hence tactics used to choreograph a film or plays are integral to the state planning. Scripts from generation to generation and cradle to grave are developed and imposed over families and individuals. As seen these Scripts are LGBTi based.

On February 7, 2012 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Proposition 8 which limited marriage in California to one man and one woman. Same sex marriages will not occur until the date that the appeals process ends. It is most likely that the Supreme Court will receive this case.

Gay Marriage is the key issue for MOEC. I have supported Proposition 8. I will not support same sex marriage.

To further develop MOCM Part III, I will review the archetypes, theology, social theory and the prosecution of the legal sworn officials that are liable. I do not have legal standing to represent you, your family and children, and property. If you have the ability to organize a refutation you should consider this also. Kuhn and Popper standards along with Frye and Daubert Standards are strong points of departure. The latter are used in American courts with Daubert being the federal standard.

The Daubert Court indicated that there are at least four factors to consider: testability, specifically Popperian falsifiability; publication and peer review; the known or potential rate of error. (Daubert at 2797); and widespread acceptance in the relevant scientific community.

The issue is that under the older Frye Standard only general acceptance by the scientific community permitted expert testimony and evidence to be admitted. Here under Daubert which is the federal standard the qualification shifts from the scientific community to the evidence itself (Jan Dejnoka 1996).

Herein the philosophic construction of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is focalized. Currently there are six and soon seven states which permit Gay Marriage.

There are perhaps 1.3 million persons infected with HIV AIDS in the United States. MSM or Male Same Sex Male persons are about half. Upwards of 48,000 to 56,000 new cases occur each year. Hepatitis caseloads are estimated to be between 2 to 5 million persons.

The Gay Militia has no legitimacy whatsoever on these issues. As seen they have chemically scorched the earth.

I will review the morphogenetic structure of MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. This is a highly conspiratol allegation in contrast to the manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is not being recognized or prosecuted by sworn officials as President Barack Obama, Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Attorney General Eric Holder.

As seen the major implication is scientific determinism versus socialization. In this aspect the human genome project emerges within Singularity. It has been argued that the more severe the criminality as a psychopath the more likelihood that illness is genetic and not learning from the environment. The strongest argument is that a Cambridge professor was legitimate and got entangled in this blackmail and extortion ring. It appears he was a Same Sex, Gay, Bisexual. Upon comprehending that his activities which would have had a very significant amount of victims he initiated the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth into the state planning. Hence if his genetics were carrying dominant psychopathic traits he wished to chemical assault the human race attempting to attack the heterosexuals first and then LGBTi persons later.

Hence a direct implication is whether criminality is genetic or socialized in LGBTi persons.

Is criminality genetic or socialized in opposite sex persons?

MOEC is a suprasystem. TPS means Totalitarian Police State and TPSYS means Totalitarian Police System. Hence the first structure and the second is process in MOEC theory. Lycurgus is a subsystem and concerns basic TPSYS operations. Syrinx is nuclear. Iran's nuclear program would be Syrinx. The nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan would also be within Syrinx. Akbar is the mutation of Lycurgus into a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth over one person, your author. This reveals the construction known as Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. I believe that Akbar can only occur to my person or a very close relative. The remaining population are fractals. (DWN May 24, 2017)

Under positive law the Social Contract Theory is very important. Hence we are reciprocating with our head of state. He or she is sworn to protect our rights. As stated I reject the false equilibrium imposed over my natural and citizenship. I show intent to prosecute the President, now Barack Obama and all accomplices and accessories to the fullest extent of the law. Since Obama is 50.5 years of age, it is reasonable to argue he may live to 80 years old. It appears that the defection model has his targeted prosecution in 2040 when he and I are both 79 should I live. Technological Singularity is scheduled to occur in 2045.

I will personally confront him if I can extricate myself from this ordeal. I may still confront him during this ordeal. I choose the internet because of the Chemical Assault. I work somewhat on twitter and various political figures at times post right after me.

The Storyboard created by Cambridge of my life posits that I would be a bisexual male. This is truly false. I have had no same sex events in my life. There are no intervals between events. In a behavioristic approach, one same sex event every six months would categorize one in the set of LGBTi persons.

Since I am a member of the Hare Krishna Movement I also favor four principals:

No No meat eating (lacto vegetarianism)

No No drug, marijuana, or alcohol use

No illicit sex same sex

No gambling

I am ritvik follower of His Divine Grace A.C Swami Prabhupada. I will most likely refer to him as Srila Prabhupada for simplicities sake.

LAPD and the Gay Militia are fatalistic and dependent. The Storyboard Scripting is based on bisexuality or same sex in the average. Hence The Yellow Brick Road quid pro quos are based on being a gay doctor, gay lawyer, gay athlete and so forth.

Since my identity is not transgendered, bisexual, or gay I do not follow the Scripting and am probably the least in doing so.

There is a network of nodes that radiate from Cambridge Law School much like a spider plant that are a main structure in creating the state planning in which Storyboarding of natural persons occurs with quid pro quos which are also paired with fractals of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

LGBTi persons have a veneer of perhaps muriatic acid sprayed over them, in their homes, workplace, and schools. Heterosexuals have a very deep red sprayed over them which is a caustic mixture of hydrochloric acid and porta toilet septic tank solution. (This a an acknowledgment to Commodious and Elagabalus of the Roman Empire).

The Gay Militia is antagonistic to the so called LGBTi movement. Since Proposition 8 was overturned yesterday, it is overwhelmingly irrational for MSM or LGBTi police officers to continue this activity. None of the major LGBTi marriage groups recognize what is occurring.

In following are three LGBTi pro marriage groups and their leaders:

Courage Courage Campaign: Rick Jacobs

Freedom Freedom to Marry: Evan Wolfson

LAMBDA: Kevin Cathcart

In a systems format there are polarities as positive and negative. These Storyboard Scripts can reflect citizenship and criminality in the legal sense. The legal reconciliation of these activities or the leadership to do so is not in my cognition. Miscalculation, escalation, failure to discipline culpable parties and failure to implement systematic remedies are manifest.

On February 8, Washington has passed legislation that would enable same sex marriage. If opponents gather enough signatures for the ballot marriages will not occur until after the November referendum. Maine also has a referendum on November's ballot.

It is not certain whether the Supreme Court will immediately hear the case from California. At issue were the 18,000 couples who received their licenses. Their marriages will stand. Justice Steven Reinheardt crafted the narrow decision to impact only California. The broader issue of whether marriage is a state or federal right was not addressed.

As seen the issue is fluid. I was expecting a decision by Easter but the political environment is dictating the outcome.

Herein it was discerned that Proposition 8 provided no lawful purpose in denying LGBTi persons the right to marry.

If Cambridge is the Authorship of the Storyboard they have completely created a polarization between a biological hardwire heterosexual male in myself and a Gay Militia working as law enforcement.

An insight I made last evening was that pairing of Technological Singularity and Social Singularity is that such is an entrapment on the President of the United States. MOEC was designed to attack Ronald Reagan. The following head of states may be considered the Irrationalist Presidents

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Technological Singularity is predicted for 2045. Barack Obama will be 81 on 2041. The odds of him living to this age are 50 percent. I should also have the same odds. Mary Bono Mack's R 45 CA District is the most heavily contaminated. She too, was born in 1961. Both the Colorado River and the Salton Sea are partly in her district. I spend about 6 months a year near or in her jurisdiction.

Corporate History and Environmentalism are two issues which have not been fully attempted. The Machine Theory of organization inverts to the Machinery of Torture. Here the resources of the state come to bear against the individual. Leadership and wealth creation is coopted to build the New Fascist world. Hence in the USSR and China how are certain individuals able to be billionaires and millionaires while the majority of the persons are living off the state? It is the transformation into fascism that permits this socioeconomic class stratification. Marginalization is under the threshold rather than overt genocide and slavery.

The despoliation of the United States is prima facie but the legal creation of Superfund sites will surely be an issue as there is much legal power at hand but no will to use such for the people and myself.

There are two areas of analysis that will greatly affect Singularity and the social sciences. They are the internal and external environmental analysis. Regarding socialization theories that posit that the learning is predicated from the outside of the individual inward, then MOEC is negating this concept by implementing a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth within the cognition of the United States President, now Barack Obama and his predecessors.

The Technological Singularity thinkers do nor recognize MOEC as Social Singularity as an antagonistic morphogenetic movement to 2045 within the social body. I believe that much work is corrupt and will pertain only to machines and not their interface or the socialization with humans which they claim the coming Superintelligence will transform.

Today is February 12, 2012. This is the 5th Anniversary of Radhanatha. Hence this is the date when the Colorado River was despoiled from Parker, Arizona and Earp, California. I remember going to the Flying J Truck Stop here in Ehrenberg. I tried to buy a fountain soda from the machine; the water was contaminated. The store at that time sold Calistoga water by the glass quart which I used to purchase for $1.60. All the water in purification machines at 25 cents a gallon is contaminated. There is an attack on vegetarianism with the level of contamination higher for beans and the like. Newspapers are sprayed as well as clothing. The air in buildings is sprayed.

Marriage breaking occurs when an opposite sex supporter is sprayed with the Sick Red mixture. I have written previously that this was created over San Luis Obispo County in California. It has a more universal application in extortion and blackmail. Hence many FSF or bisexual females are married with more conservative husbands here the MSM Gay Militia will spray the female spouses with this Sick Red mixture to break the marriage.

As seen the family is the first collective and beginning of the political unit in western thought. LGBTi History is severely damaged and sanitized. This text will challenge under Kuhn Popper methodologies the material proffered as LGBTi History as such is mandated in California to be taught.

Simple negation can occur regarding the Gay Militia in LAPD being the proximate cause in the United States through mutual aid violations with other jurisdictions and states. Hence they are in violation or they are not. If someone were to claim that they were not the federal and state government officials have no excuses as this event has a catastrophic magnitude.

The overall cowardice and treason that pervades the zeitgeist is unparalleled in United States History. I do nor see any theologians, political scientists, historians, social scientists, criminologists, journalists, business departments, economists emerging without considerable damage.

There are three major scripts within the Storyboard that are bogus. One is based on a transformation to the LGBTi platform in Delaware, one from San Diego, and the third is based on Northern California which is based on being a follower of the Grateful Dead which is also LGBTi.

The Bhagavad Gita As It Is by Srila Prabhupada is the most transforming issue in my life, not a single living person. My gender orientation has been heterosexual 100 percent of my life.

Overall these areas are the most active as crime scenes and will likely be where I finish my life if I am not able to escape or the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth does not stop:

Salton Sea Coachella Valley CA

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

Westwood CA McCloud CA

Inyo County CA

(New Jersey has vetoed Gay Marriage and Maryland has just passed such. A ballot initiative is likely in Maryland.)

Origin and it's developmental papers are crucial in the comprehension of MOEC: http://powereality.net/origin.htm

The original Myth of Contemporary Man website has a new URL: http://powereality.net/mocm.htm

I will continue to develop a preface to MOCM Part III and post such online on http://kronin.blogspot.com/, and other blogs and sites on the www.powereality.net domain

Works Cited

Dejnoka, J. (1996). Daubert vs. Frye: Logical Empiricism and Reliable Science

Myth of the Contemporary Man Part III Chapter 1

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 20, 2012

The Preface of MOCM Part III is a reasonable template. The rough first page of Chapter 1 proceeds below. Because of the unique conditions of which it is being written I will post live periodically.

Chapter 1

Origin and Proximate Cause

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is a complex system. It has an Origin or proximate cause that is alleged to be a clique of University of Cambridge Law School Lawyers from the United Kingdom. This structure is alleged to derive into the Medieval beginnings of the school itself. MOEC is the suprasystem and organizes all the lower subsystems and components. Herein an nested ecology is used across several jurisdictions that are both international and domestic to create complex jurisdictional defects.

Cambridge Law School

Scotland Yard UK: accomplice

Los Angeles Police Department USA: accomplice

Baltimore Police Department USA: accomplice

Delaware State Police USA: accomplice

Prisoner's Dilemma and mutual aid violations create a system of nodes that radiate from Cambridge Law School outward across the world resembling a spider plant.

The format is based on a sexual orientation and behavior format. The bias is homosexuality, Lesbian Gay Transgender intersex versus heterosexuality or opposite sex. The issue of Same Sex Marriage. Alienation of the citizen from his positive rights in a jurisdiction are focalized. In this consideration one must be a LGBTi individual to have full legal person before the court. A heterosexual would be a second class person. Rights have been attacked based on a libertarian preference. This would be to attack drug dealing, gambling, and prostitution by marginalizing one's resources both with the formal criminal justice and informally on the streets.

In overview MOEC is a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization and is also a Perpetual Conspiratol Act. The construction of the processed and structures of MOEC reflect law in various formats. Hence Totalitarian Police State is TPS and Totalitarian Police System is TPSYS.

MOEC is eugenic social engineering. It's design concerns the development of universals and particulars to ordinate the individual and collective is the state. However in the concrete MOEC appears to be a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program at the present (1987 2012) with no indication of a return to the rule of law.

MOEC will invert the Paradigm of Laws:

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

Here MOEC is relative morality and consequentialism versus absolute morality.

Singularity Invertebrated

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 23, 2012

Singularity Invertebrated will be a chapter in MOCM Part III and a free standing website in the near future.

Singularity Invertebrated

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical date in the future when computational machines achieve Superintelligence. This states that artificial intelligence in computers or topologies have achieved and surpassed the capability of humans to think. Hence this means that computers will be superior to humans in designing computers, engineering, manufacturing new drugs, space stations and other similar tasks. Futurists as Ray Kurzweil have hypothesized this date as 2045. This well formed assumption is based on exponential technologies that are doubling every two years.

In contrast Social Singularity is a lesser defined term. It has been loosely used to define social networking to attack social ills as despotism. Arab Spring during 2011 has been widely covered by networking sites as Twitter and YouTube by opposition forces in the Middle East. However there are more than one possible definition that could logically descend from this term.

I am positing that University of Cambridge has designed a Social Singularity within state planning for the United Kingdom. This has involved Storyboard technology of theaters of war in the cardinal directions. Content within this movement regards the reconciliation of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender intersex History or LGBTi. This process and structure is a RICO or Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization that is a blackmail and extortion ring. It is driven by Prisoner's Dilemma or defection outside of legal laws rather than cooperating with rights within these formal systems as the United Nations or the United States Constitution. To constrain and further extort defection a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program has been imposed over one person and the surrounding territoriality which is the jurisdiction of the United States.

This structure is named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC.

There have been five presidents to have been blackmailed and extorted since it's manifest function on June 17, 1987:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

Bill Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is protected by censorship and sanitization by all nationstates. The format is an experiment to gauge what my response would be against my own government and the alleged proximate cause or Origin, Cambridge Law School and the United Kingdom.

As seen the Social Singularity of MOEC is an antagonistic movement against Technological Singularity is emergent. The hypothetical legal prosecution of President Barack Obama in 2040 is part of the trajectory of the entire Singularity, both Technological and Social Movement. I was born on August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico and am one day senior to Obama who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961. There is a duel between relative and absolute morality and deontology. Phenomenology is also advocated. This also will develop Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing and it's construction which will receive it's own chapter.

Singularity As A Foil

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 4, 2012

Colorado River March, 2012

Colorado River Spring Bloom 2012

The Tyranny of the majority and the Singularity Movement are two points in the emerging texture that will realize that Barack Obama and the Irrationalist Presidents will get exposed. There are certain innuendo in the form of jokes and the like which are not totally sound but are damaging to Obama and his historical survival as well as legal prosecution. His texts and the Birther Conspiracy are reference points.

The liberal platform within spiritual movements are supporting him on LGBTi issues and abortion. This could be a concern for former as the Gay Militia is damaging all LGBTi sworn officials. The Singularity Movement is producing scientists as entrepreneurs working to be millionaires as much as real scientists. The credibility of such scholars for condoning a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is ambiguous.

My work will drive in part the history of Social Singularity as I have recognized what is occurring and have jurisdictional complaints to complement the strongest web presence to date.

I use only civil tactics. The Joe Virus is a degradation to the credibility of MSM or Men Who Have Sex With Men individuals. The recruitment of Gang Stalkers supports the use of money to purchase machines and automate rather than hire antisocial workers who harass and intimidate.

I am posting regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+. The transformation of a single idea into a social movement is very long and one I will probably just begin to witness if I live. The use of scripted profiling within a Storyboard by LAPD is totally absurd.

If Cambridge professors believed I would walk a MSM lifestyle through my entire life until 50 have achieved less than 20% accuracy.

They have no chance to argue Scientific Determinism which is a ruse as stated above.

If US Marshalls serve persons in the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ area subpoenas concerning River and it's condition; George W Bush and Barack Obama are forever damaged as despots.

The Organization of American States which is not jurisdictional in the United States will receive a complaint as the Colorado River runs into Mexico.

(Edit DWN August 2015. This post and 2012 Archives are amongst the most heavily attacked on the www.powereality.net domain.)

Open Letter to Nick Bostrom

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 20, 2012

Dear Professor Bostrom,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am writing in response to your work at Future of Humanity Institute.

I have been the subject of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States since June 17, 1987. This manifest event is existential and in continuo. The proximate cause sine qua non is alleged to be Cambridge Law School with an authorship near the 1930s.

This event is live human experimentation of which my positive legal standing before the United States courts under the Bill of Rights is almost non existent. This attack is an antagonistic movement to Technological Singularity. Hence this is a Cultural Singularity. One of it's main salient features is a near total censorship and sanitization of what is occurring here in Blythe, CA Ehrenberg, AZ along the Colorado River. The Colorado River is Chemically Despoiled as it flows towards Mexico. The air is being poisoned by persons driving with what appears to precursor chemicals to methamphetamine as hydrochloric acid and other toxic substances. I cannot even walk into a building. The police are waiting and running tap is poisoned when I am near a faucet. All surface water ponds, streams, and lakes are similarly contaminated.

The classical philosophical confrontation between the State and Individual begins. The Origin has named themselves Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. They have also created Gay Irrational Gay Know Nothing. MOEC appears to derive from what appears to be Cambridge Oxford's role in state planning of the United Kingdom now in decline. The latter Irrationalist posture is pre New Fascism or post WWII. The Know Nothing part is modelled from a similar movement in the United States which was xenophobic.

One of the most important legal and ethical issues is that this structure has developed a Same Sex qualification for legal positive rights. Allegedly LAPD is running the operation which was handed off through Scotland Yard after Cambridge developed the gambit line which LAPD took. There is a Gay Militia within the agency which is synonymous with Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing; hence from Joe Friday (famous Dragnet tv show) to Joe Virus. The latter is similar to forming a bot army of local computers and attacking a server.

I am a lifelong heterosexual male. As such none of my legal protections in the Bill of Rights will be honored.

I am also the main target of Gang Stalking. I would argue that one in my position should perceive that 90 percent of the persons he or she would meet are antisocial towards psychopathic.

I am writing with on a Toshiba C655D notebook with a AMD 1.33 GHZ processor with 45 watts of solar panels. Exposing this Crime Against Humanity has had a positive deterrent effect.

Social Singularity in the United States is colossal hoax. In comprehension of this event's trajectory I am being more assertive as I have miscalculated the severity of the Chemical Assault.

The Prosecution of Barack Obama now 50 years of age in 2040 is a target that is convergent with Technological Singularity. I am using a prosecution of sworn officials and accomplices until 2100 on a subjective level.

I am openly supporting the Criminal Prosecution of Obama and any sworn officials since Ronald Reagan onward if the chain of discovery leads this way.

The event has reached a position where LAPD is irrational to the level using polymorphous perverse speech and defamatory lying, especially concerning to my identity. I have never been same sex.

In short a concise external environmental analysis would lead me to rationally address every criminal and theoretical concept that was threatening my life.

As seen I am also challenging the University of California for academic fraud as they are legally required to document this state's history.

What is also unique is that the Origin has done considerable damage to the LGBTi Movement, United Kingdom, United States, University of Cambridge, and Oxford University.

This is my first direct communication with either University of Cambridge or Oxford University. I have stated I would like to complain to the ICCPR over the alleged authorship of Cambridge and the United Kingdom. The United States has only ratified the Convention Against Torture CAT.

I am likely beneficiary of transhumanism. As I have not even drank water except when it snows for over 5 years. Also unique is that since the contamination of the Colorado River in 2007 over 50,000 persons have been killed in drug wars in Mexico which I would argue as related.

In degree, Mr. Bostrom, as a prominent Singularity thinker MOEC is a counter to Singularity it is a very Cruel Live Experiment on human and life itself.

I have a system of court cases and websites that I am attempting to abstract but more importantly prosecute those criminal actors and their accomplices.

Under these contingencies simply creating legal complaints against those sworn persons especially those that may be living is a very powerful strategy for the Future.

The entire Singularity Movement has sanitized a prima facie crime against humanity. Kuhn and Popper standards will be used to augment the Frye and Daubert Standards used in courts here to establish expert witnesses and testimony.

Please consider exposing the conditions of Reality to your colleagues.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 20, 2012

(Edit DWN August 2015. The grammatical and syntactical hacking that is occurring is based on the Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing model. In particularity a cohort rivalry that is scripted pairs my work with Kamahra Ewing a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Michigan. She is an African Latina with a Miss Universe resume.)

History of Singularity

Blythe CA Ehrenberg CA

April 4, 2012

History of Singularity

Artificial Intelligence as Moral Agent

All phenomena that exists within a manifold must have a history. This is true regardless if there is a sensate or inorganic observer as a computer program. The Singularity Movement both Technological and Cultural has emerged with a planned Chemical Assault Scorched Earth plan designed as an antagonistic movement to Technological Singularity. Technological Singularity is that future date when thinking machines equal than surpass humans. This date has been deduced as 2045 due to exponential specializations as nano technologies.

This preemptive attack on human civilization and life itself is alleged to be the authorship of Cambridge Law School.

This authorship and proximate cause is operating a prisoner's dilemma defection model which is de facto or illegal. Hence actors which defect to this mover are accomplices. As seen the attack wished to implicate then President Reagan and expose this system.

It appears the strongest members of this group were MSM or Men Same Sex Males.

The strategic mission is Gay Marriage and vindication of the LGBTi Movement. Hence a moral agent must act against an immoral agent or it ceases to be a moral agent. In this regards it becomes dependent and under the color of morality or law.

This attack became totally cognizant to then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987. This Gay Militia which is alleged to be operating out of Los Angeles California Police Department damaged the President, themselves, LAPD, State of California (Governor Deukmejian), federal government and the State of Delaware (Governor Carper). This also preempted LGBTi History. There are many other examples of collateral damage and latent dysfunction that have occurred.

The system is being continued by MSM persons. The continuum appears to wish to escalate the illegal activity implicating both sworn and moral agents. As seen President Barack Obama would be 79 years old in 2040, six years before 2045 or Technological Singularity.

President Barack Obama is the target of Technological Singularity.

In the instance of computing and Artificial Intelligence or AI it is clear also that denying the empirical history of the United States and all of it's relevant subspecies seriously damages the competency of a supercomputer to develop Superintelligence and act as moral agent for the positive transformation of the human species to a higher level of consciousness. Since the moral agent is part of the study of moral philosophy it would be irrational for this AI program to deny what has occurred and the damage to human life, life writ largeand the environment of the earth in which we live.

It has clearly narrowed the most likely success for machine Superintelligence to the engineering and hard sciences not the liberal arts or social science.

The lack of volition in Technological Singularity, moral agents, and sworn officials themselves have cornered Obama and actors born 1955 and later.

There is a strong likelihood of victims stepping forward. This in the main appears to be HIV AIDS positive and Hepatitis C positive persons. Nationstates, corporations, groups, or persons acting as fiduciary for various concerns are likely to act before 2046. If any group group proclaims Singularity without Official Recognition of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth it is a fraud on it's face. (I am writing from Blythe, CA Ehrenberg, CA as March 25, 2012. The Colorado River is contaminated and if you touched the wheat growing in a field here it would burn your hand.)

In degree history is the last court. The software developers to date March 2012 have made no effort to recognize a crime that is legally punishable in the United States and internationally. IBM's Watson, a supercomputer who some have posited as having a narrow AI is reflective of the problematic facing Singularity thinkers.

There is pandemic corruption in both the United States and the Universal System of the United Nations.

As I have been the natural person whose citizenship has been alienated (Bill of Rights) I view any academic sanitization or journalistic censorship as an environmental threat, hence those uncontrollable forces outside my person that I have no power to act over. As seen I have already filed over twenty six federal civil suits that were designed to be read as criminal. I have attempted to engage most competent sworn federal officials where I have resided over two months since June 1987.

Personally this will focus mainly on California, Arizona, Delaware, New Mexico, and Nevada as I am trapped mainly in the deserts and the mountains.

This activity develops as Targeted Chemical Assaults TCA and escalates into the full blown manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has and is in the cognition of the Irrationalist United States presidents (Reagan Obama) of whom Barack Obama is now seeking his second term in 2012.

The legal dynamics of sworn competent officials refusing to perform their legal duties to protect life, limb, and property develop an emergent scenario resembling a Nuremberg Trial under United States Federal Law.

If the United States Attorney General is duty bound to prosecute all crimes in this nationstate a truly autonomous moral agent must be opposed to activity in which I would state all 313 million persons have a claim against LAPD, State of California, United States, and the United Kingdom.

The latter concerns the allegation that the proximate cause or authorship is Cambridge Law School.

The Alan Turing Centennial is June 23, 2012. There is an allegation that his persecution as a Gay male is attributable to this mechanism. It appears that Mr. Turing was steered skill sets and works that helped develop his career. I am not clear about how issues other than his Gay orientation ran him afoul in the United Kingdom. His cracking of the Enigma Code alone gives a reasonable foundation that he was exposed to United Kingdom intelligence during WWII at very sensitive level.I am an undergraduate student in Social Sciences and pre law. I have a GPA of 3.27 with 161 credits and a University of California transferable GPA of 3.42 151 credits. I need six classes to graduate with a BA. I will probably opt to retake three more courses to bring the 3.27 up closer to 3.50. After taking 9 courses both GPAs should be near 3.50 and by merit have my standing in consideration for at least a half to full scholarship at law or other graduate programs.The stalking and defamation of my person is unprecedented in the United States and the world.

In an ethnographic sense my ability to survive and mount a credible legal challenge to LAPD and President Obama et al. is considerable. This is in prejudice to the Gay Militia and their accomplices regardless of sexual orientation and preferences.

The history, epistemology, and methodology of Singularity is suspect.

By acknowledging that a Social Singularity has occurred as worldwide censorship and sanitization under a controller that is blackmailing and extorting actors to promote it's interest through Technological Singularity or a suboptimal Nash Equilibrium of Technological Singularity is a powerful statement of fact against the selective attention that is marginalizing the movement. The non action by Technological Singularity thinkers of this era set the stage for future moral agents to correct their errors and suboptimal performance.

As seen factual empirical content that could be easily taught by an AI program is being developed. If the courts were to work, this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would of have been reduced to only TCAs or Targeted Chemical Assaults. I state this because theses acts are not weaponized military actions but bathtub clandestine events that any person acting with defection from the police could carry out with common items. It appears that controlled substances as hydrochloric acid and other cleaning agents are being easily purchased through LAPD and used to attack my person through mutual aid violations with other police agencies.

Crimes against humanity, treason, obstruction of justice, intimidation of a witness, and racketeering form basic parameters of legal claims. Hence the ethics and legal basis for a moral agent to proffer a transparent explanation become constrained under blackmail and extortion. My immediate recommendation is that all Singularity Groups form a Law Section.

Hence under the Paradigm of Laws: 1. Eternal Law 2. Natural Law 3. Positive Law, how would a faith, philosophy and nationstate deal with Technological Singularity?

How will a nationstate or legal supranational regime as the United Nations, Organization of American States or Arab League reconcile an attack by a Gay Militia within the Anglo American structure which has emerged as NATO?

Rationality is already being considered by many Singularity concerns. This could easily be reconciled under Natural Law or reason.

An actor who is under defection to the Origin or proximate cause ceases to be a moral agent. Hence co opting faith based systems, philosophy and academic departments, think tanks, and sworn public officials increases a marginal degradation of the structural state and those natural persons and their occupations within such.

The entangling of Homeland Security or the police escalates the attack. Here the antagonistic movement of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against engineering achievements as cloud computing, solid state drives, 4G mobile broadband, the lowering of costs of solar panels to $4 per watt, better lithium ion batteries, better pharmaceuticals, better protocols for the detection of diseases especially those worm based maladies is neutralized.

Volition to uphold primary rights by sworn secondary law officers would protect the social and natural environment to develop the human race under a system of laws.

The Social Contract Theory is the accepted model for a Constitution. The rule of law guarantees liberty for the individual for their spiritual, moral, social, and economic life.

If those capacitated to act as moral agents due not do such but endeavor under the color of moral right and law then they are illicit and criminal themselves.

It is folly to work under extortion and blackmail. This attacks the Constitution and rights itself. Hence this is the construction of Totalitarianism and a Police State.

The Classic Argument of the State versus the Individual is embedded within the emergence of Technological and Social Singularity.

If Cambridge Law School is the authorship then professors who develop these de facto crimes and teach in the open will cease to occur. If LAPD is the proximate cause running the attack then regular rank and file officers also will no longer be safe on basic duty.

LAPD should be quarantined and all communications emanating and exiting their headquarters should be monitored especially mutual aid.

In abstraction a very large police agency that can make contacts with other departments is the only logical actor due to the amount of work one person can perform. LAPD has about 8000 officers. As time passed the calculation of events creates a multiplier fallacy which implicates more individuals and groups. Hence the original target of Ronald Reagan has shifted from conservatives to liberals who support Gay Marriage and are highly instrumental in fighting openly for such as California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Cambridge as Proximate Cause.

If Cambridge Law School is proximate cause, authorship, and Origin then it is not a moral agent. The criminal knows his own crime. Two simultaneous eternities cannot exist. Hence an eternal association such as the United States Constitution is a perpetual act designed to incorporate moral agents to carry out it's laws, rules, and directives to protect the citizenship of the members of this commonwealth. A conspiracy driven by defection is an attack on it's sovereignty. A legal constitution can only be changed by itself. The designing of a conspiracy itself is an attack on positive law.

It would be impossible for a system of crime to be created and implemented with the goal of attacking the human race with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth through the United Kingdom and the United States as described previously.

It is clear that the authorship has obstructed justice at a very high degree implicating five presidencies Reagan Obama. This activity would have needed many years of planning and the recruitment of thousands of persons over time. The criminalization of the population through quid pro quos is a defense mechanism of MOEC. Hence those persons especially sworn officers of the state whose careers have emerged through defection are least likely to step forward as moral agents. By arranging for proxies to attack and recruit more informants the system has morphogenetic expansion. As seen any enemies of Anglo American and LGBTi are strengthened. What is dangerous is that this mechanism is designed at the present to focus on marginalization tactics which would permit the Chemical Assault to continue with a complement of repertoire that is inclusive of crime, disease, and economics that is currently explained as not having a state directed authorship.

Hence as stated the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would have a debilitating effect on the 700,000 known HIV AIDS positive persons. There are an estimated 3 million Hepatitis B or C persons also estimated to be infected. This is 3.7 million persons out of 313 million persons in the United States. The notion of AI emerging with superintelligence is a red herring or distraction from conditions of reality. Currently IBM's Watson is studying cancer at a leading institution in the United States. This population is under attack also. By using defection Cambridge is able to recruit informants to sanitize it's criminal actions.

In the theater of history it has scripted a moral decadence with no leader capacitated to restore a renaissance. Technological Singularity is being promoted as an iconoclastic future event that will sweep away all human levels of performance.

What MOEC has done in the concrete is damage the United States, it's Constitution, President and sworn competent officials under an unprecedented Social Singularity with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The invertebration of the Paradigm of Laws has also negated any moral agent from acting in the concrete to restore the Constitutional life. Is the Singularity Movement a cover for New Fascism? In theory every weapon that is developed will be used. Technological Singularity is being nearly preached as panacea for many of humanities problems.The Joe Virus or cell of LAPD officers driving this event are Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing. This label is the creation of MOEC thinkers. I am being harassed daily by rambling homosexual polymorphous perversity speech.

As a heterosexual male I do not need to promote coitus, oral sex, and the masturbation of females. The Joe Virus is a bottom ten percent contagion aimed at the upper ten percent. Differential Association is a social based theory stating that crime is transferred through language or speech. TedTalks a Singularity based discussion group which regularly promotes speeches and videos appears prima facie as a target for the Gay Militia. I am a competent social scientist. TedTalks will be approached on this issue.

The History of Singularity and of moral agents is developed in the concrete. Abstract methodologies attempts research to find laws or principles that are antecedent to consequent acts to develop the systematization of that discipline.

In the administration of justice a code of officer must respond to a hot crime scene that is in continuo. The crime must be brought under control by due process and equal protection so that the victim, criminal, third parties all have their rights maintained.

Empirical evidence is gathered and this Statement of Facts must presented with Points of Law to sustain a complaint and successful prosecution.

As seen the moral, ethical, and legal agent all have their distinct boundaries but are extremely similar. In theory acts are mala in se or evil in themselves or mala prohibita or those acts criminalized by statute.

The corpus delecti of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth operating in continuo since June 17, 1987 in a manifest fashion to the President of the United States.

The discussion of a moral agent is not authentic or congruent to those that proffer such high standards while the mass of persons are being alienated, debilitated, and marginalized here in the United States.

Is Singularity Sanitization for New Fascism?

Open Letter to www.ted.com

As seen the concrete history of Singularity and the MOEC are convergent and simultaneous. The line of thinking that I am taking is that Cambridge University was aware of machine computational power at an early time. Much of this data most likely reflects the security interests of the United Kingdom. With this under consideration this mechanism would seek to defect computer development to it's interest.

The strategic issue of Gay Marriage has always been paired with a marginal chemical assault or Targeted Chemical Assaults.

The exponential theory proposed in Moore's Law and Kurzweil is coming to an end as semiconductors are have been test developed to one phosphorous atom. Hence subatomic computing is the next paradigm.

Regardless of the speed and size of CPUs the traditional 250 disciplinary areas of the University System still have to be programmed onto software that at least compliments what is delivered by humans. Here there is still no Official Recognition of the in continuoChemical Assault Scorched Earth by any nationstate or prominent Singularity thinker or organization.

It is TOTALLY EVIDENT that there is significant damage to sworn officials to uphold human rights. There is tremendous damage to all persons claiming to have moral agency in not confronting the United States President on openly allowing it's citizens to be attacked by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The branding of Singularity as a for profit also limits it's chances for achieving it's goals of iconoclastic transformation of human consciousness and behavior sweeping past totally human systems behind.

There is a planned decadence ongoing in the trajectory of history being lead by the Gay Militia in LAPD. If a moral agent does not oppose such it will clearly lose legitimacy. As MOEC escalates it's activities towards and past the 2012 Presidential Elections more persons will become sworn officials who take office to protect life, limb, and property; not box a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth over the human race.

The LGBTi movement and female populations emerging through the professions have also seen there trajectories and natural persons damaged.

Using IBM's Watson as a baseline, when is a computational machine going to operate on the factual history of the United States from June 17, 1987?

On a personal level, I will openly use negation on an actor be it a single natural person, group, nationstate, or supranational regime that I believe is a credible threat to my life and history.

Cambridge University has just recently announced the termination of the hard copy of it's Encyclopedia Britannica. If one were to peruse my website, www.powereality.origin.htm one can see my miniature encyclopedia which I wrote by hand. I was requested to do this. The authorship knew that there would be a Radhanatha event or escalation of the Scorched Earth. Almost 100 percent of written texts in my vicinity are contaminated. What is unique in Origin is my reduction of the Outline of Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud is missing. The construction of the Eros is major template in entrapment conditioning in the Storyboard scripting of persons lives. The use of a tension release model should replace any consideration of hydraulic model of the psyche. The pathological lying and deception of the Gay Militia will state that I am using the hydraulic model which states that criminals increase repression then break suddenly rather than a gradual increase of tension and releasing.

Hence criminals repress and victims deny. The Singularity Movement is dependent on the fatalistic failure of the proximate cause Cambridge through LAPD and it's accomplices.

Herein also these actors may be repressive as they are the criminals victimizing other persons.

The University of California, Ivy League and upper echelon schools as MIT are all suspect as they condone the attack on my person and the human race.

The blatant selling off of rights for economic prosperity and sex is a cornerstone of an antisocial, sociopathic, and psychopathic culture that has resulted in a purge. This would create a new class order or a more accurately a refinement of the previous order.

If academics and intellectuals become apologists for this crimes against humanity New Fascism has emerged.

The damage to LGBTi law enforcement is catastrophic and will discussed in a chapter dealing with Gay Irrationalism. This will develop the use of the Chemical Assault and it's distribution over society writ large. The recruitment of natural persons into law enforcement positions in LAPD to form a gay Militia in itself is a negation to a concept of moral agency.

The teaching of LGBTi History which is now mandated in California is a fraud. The trajectory of MOEC as a defection model has clear boundaries that are still morphogenetic and expanding. Sworn officials as President Obama, Mary Bono Mack R 45 CA, Gavin Newsom Lt. Governor CA, and Kamala Harris AG CA are clear targets for criminal prosecution. Obama is the oldest being born on August 4, 1961.

Cambridge University appears to have been instrumental in developing computational machines. I am proposing that Singularity and or it's concept were developed as an artificial archetype in which to develop a culture of defection to computers and AI topologies. Verner Vinge is credited with the first use of the term Singularity.

To elaborate the power of nuclear bombs was manifest to the world after August 1945. It was clear that the proliferation of nuclear technology could disrupt the equilibrium of world power and international security. This is evident as Iran, the United States and Israel are in a state of brinkmanship over Iran's development of nuclear technology.

If a nationstate or alignment could develop a supercomputer or AI topology this too could shift the balance of power. There is already discussion that it may be possible to penetrate Iran's computer networks and shut these systems down. Hence one has a computer system versus computer system confrontation.

It is my position that Cambridge is leading the Singularity Movement by defection. I will link the Alan Turning Centennial to this claim.

MOEC is reverse engineering to Technological Singularity. A Social or Cultural Singularity has been achieved. I am working on budget level equipment that is quite proficient for word processing and web surfing for pdf file research that I prefer. I also have to continually re edit these papers as LAPD will hack them.

This alone gives insight to how hacking is a job occupation that is state sponsored and not moral, ethical, or legal. The fact that there is no official recognition to my persecution is a WATERSHED EVENT in human history demonstrates the collusion of so called moral authority. In Florida as I write Travor Martin has been killed my a man named Zimmerman who was a neighborhood watch person who was legally armed. Martin is African American and Zimmerman is of Latino extraction. Obama, Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have immediately responded to this event although it is only a fraction of the size. I approve of the tactics that the Martin family has used to publicize the confrontation which reflects selfdefense, Castle Doctrine, and Stand Your Grand concepts of affirmative defenses and the duty to retreat.

At this point the publicity has brought the FBI into the investigation but the event is turning into a circus or kangaroo court which will constrain me from adding direct comment.

Here too, we see that advocating of my civil rights is not in the interest of the past civil rights leadership. Sharpton and Jackson have strong ties to President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both who I will staunchly argue are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

When will the officers in LAPD BE NAMED? I am not a public person. I do not act for a profit or publicity to further any other for profit enterprise. I continually make public records which do not support any private economic motive.

The area of the Colorado River Valley and Salton Sea appears to be very strong target of Gay Irrational Gay Nothing. If the electronic surveillance of LAPD is collected and examined one will document the use of ad hominem and contrarian homosexuality. That latter is a stereotype that same sex persons especially males are acting the opposite of reason and rationality as a form of harassment.

If I debate Dodo the day shift leader and the single person of who it is claimed could STOP THE CHEMICAL ASSAULT, he will deliberate state the opposite of what I state. I have a real GPA of 3.27 and a UC GPA of 3.42 and have no trouble keeping him under 50 percent accuracy. If I argue ten points on any subject as self defense, the Vedas, Singularity, he will most likely loose all ten points. This is easily done by only stating provable empirical facts.

If I state that Zimmerman must mount a legal affirmative defense under the State of Florida this is true. If Dodo does not even know what an affirmative defense is this more ludicrous. In a justification defense one does not deny that the act has occurred. In this case Zimmerman does not deny shooting Martin. He is stating that under Florida law he has an affirmative self defense under the rules regarding Castle Doctrine and Hold Your Ground models.

If I state facts Dodo will claim that I am harassing him and he is defending some other third party. This is absurd on it's face because he is Stalking me with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and using a front of homosexuality LGBTi to recruit persons under treason, obstruction of justice, and mutilating evidence. Hence this is a RICO structure.

An interesting component that also negates moral agency and the color of right is that my grandfather is placed into a false set with the previous leader The Fly. So in equivocation The Fly will mean either a criminal policeman who initiated the Chemical Assault or my grandfather.

I am still intellectually adept to argue that none of this activity stems from a legal law, rule or case. Therefore there is no legal basis for LAPD to continue the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and their Gay Militia as a Gay Revolution. Under Jus Belle or legal warfare uniformed security forces as the military and police do not attack civilians or non military installations or property.

The stalkers they recruit are common criminals at best and are prosecuted for Part I and Part II crimes that they commit with as quid pro quos.

Cambridge University or the criminal knows it's own crime. It is creating a Yellow Brick Road for Obama to attempt to live out his life without being criminally exposed and put on trial. This is also true for the Gay Militia.

As seen the moral and legal agency for my natural person is to put up the strongest legal resistance and publish legal records as to the nature of the system none as MOEC. This alone would negate the History of the Irrational Presidents. I cannot even open the site: http://powereality.net/irrationalistpresidents.htm any longer.

The attack is driven by MSM males who will attempt to Gay bait persons who confront them. This alone is a devastating defeat for the integrity of same sex LGBTi persons.

I have been exclusively heterosexual all my life. Mary Bono Mack's R 45 CA district contains one of the most prominent LGBTi communities in the world. The Coachella Valley is host to the White Party and The Dinah. Both of these events cater to 15,000 persons each per year. The former is for gay males and the latter is for lesbians.I am in Desert Shores on the Salton Sea every other year. There is no way the worldwide LGBTi community cannot say they unaware of MOEC.

EditDWN August 2015. It was at this time that the attacks on publishing escalated. I was just becoming awareof Technological Singularity. The urgency at hand was and is justified. The attacks reflect a scripted Inferiority Complex.This facet of determinism may proven by advances in gene sequencing. This issues is vis a vis between homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Obama is the Singularity Target

Blythe CA Ehrenberg CA

April 10, 2012

I am extremely comfortable publishing my opinion that Cambridge UK has designed Singularity to test to see if supercomputers and Superintelligence will condone their Crimes Against Humanity. Since a Cultural Singularity has been achieved with a censorship and sanitization of 7 billion persons my work to oppose Cambridge and prosecute the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama will negate many activities of the accomplices and accessories.

I attempt to write one page twenty days a month. The wind, sand, and exhaustion are pushing this schedule to the edge.

The corruption and criminality in the United States is brazen. You could recruit traitors for pennies on the dollar. The Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing platform which was designed and inserted in the MSM law enforcement officials in LAPD is a low point of LGBTi History.

A decision on Gay Marriage by the Supreme Court is possible next year if Proposition 8 is sustained and the Court takes the case.

Alan Turing Centennial Enigma Questions

Blythe CA Ehrenberg CA

April 16, 2012


As the Alan Turing Centennial approaches many disturbing events have emerged that cast doubt on the moral, legal, and historical basis of both science and political leadership. The allegation that forms the point of departure is that Cambridge Law School has authored a program named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. As seen this is no more than the core of academics who guide the expansion and specifically the war plans of the United Kingdom.

This program has launched an unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth over my natural person and United States Citizenship. This Manifest Function was discernible to then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987. This preemptive attack on his legacy also attacked the United States Constitution and theories of democracy inclusive of the Social Contract Theory.

There are at least three salient features of this watershed event that I am claiming are not subject to falsification under Kuhn Popper Methodologies.

They are:

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is the name given by the authorship or proximate cause.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an ideology also attributable to the proximate cause and is precursor to Gay Fascism if academics and intellectuals emerge in an apologetic format.

Irrationalist Presidents: These are the individuals who have legally assumed terms of office of the United States Presidents and who have subsequently have been blackmailed and extorted.

These presidents to date are:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The implications of the in continuo trajectory posit that this attack is a Crime Against Humanity internationally. It is also designed as treason, obstruction of justice, intimidating a witness (assault kidnapping, an murder are also possible) and mutilation of evidence. Hence these are components of a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization.

Three features are also most likely to end the event and or force legal and historical recognition:

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

Stalking of my person

Illegal electronic surveillance which includes pirate radio and television to coordinate the stalkers et al.

Technological Singularity

Technological Singularity is that future date when computational machines overtake humans in skill and ability. At this point in time machine Superintelligence will have occurred and Transhumanism will be normative.

Superintelligence implies that machines will be able to engineer themselves, write code, make pharmaceuticals, bridges, spacecraft and similar structures.

If Superintelligence is to be real, it must also recognize this Crime Against Humanity. It also must help in the documentation of facts, points of law, assist in the arrest and prosecution to the authorship and all accomplices. Superintelligence must RECOGNIZE PRIMA FACIE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Singularity is predicted for 2045.

Is Singularity and Artificial Intelligence Being Developed to Sanitize History?

The United States, United Nations, or any other sovereign have yet to recognize MOEC. Therefore the censorship and sanitization of 7 billion persons on this earth is a Cultural Singularity. Social Singularity is a concept stating that social media will be instrumental in alleviating social injustices. To date twitter Facebook, MySpace, and Google+ are devoid of anything remotely approaching recognition of this attack and if anything are supporting it.

Obama Is the Singularity Target

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii. I was born on August 3, 1961 in Roswell New Mexico. We are therefore cohort rivals under an unseen father and mother figure. In Freudian thought this would be Oedipal and Electra respectively. I would argue that all sworn officials in the United States born after 1955 are strong targets for prosecution. To date on April 16, 2012 the Colorado River is contaminated for the third time since February 12, 2007 when Operation Radhanatha began. This tactic encompasses the poisoning of surface water, contamination of canned foods, increased spraying of clothing, and having despoiled products sent into my vicinity.

The Colorado River runs into Mexico and is a source of drinking and agricultural water in both nationstates. This easily classifies as a crime against humanity.

Impunity: Human Rights Abuse and Crime

McCloud CA

May 6, 2012

There is no better example to illustrate the effect of impunity and crime than Barack Obama and the Irrationalist Presidents. Obama is openly acting under the color of law while there is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in continuo. There is a horrific culture of stalking that acts based upon the police granting impunity. This behavior can be no more mirrored than in Nuevo Laredo where up to 34 bodies where found hanged or beheaded. The drug war in Mexico has claimed 50,000 lives since Operation Radhanatha began in 2007.

In the United States the criminal activity builds up ad hominem which will turn into CDC and FBI databases.

There is an active crimes of blood policy operating.

Michelle Obama may turn out to be the modern day equivalent of Cinderella if she outlives Barack past 2040. If I am able to survive and perform what I am normally used to, Obama will likely be caught by attempting to outrun a Fool's Errand.

Obama is campaigning now. He has very little moral stranding if persons begin to question his nakedness. What type of leader permits an internal Chemical Assault Scorched Earth campaign while running for president?

His rhetoric of change, hope, education, and research do not have any credibility as his presidency is a fiction.

History is the Last Court...

McCloud CA

May 18, 2012

Both President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney have demonstrated their lack of conscience by allowing to the human race and the United States to be injured. The LGBTi platform and persons of all faiths especially Christianity since this country is a secular Christian nation, will be bear considerable damage for not responding to a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. I can not work on the http://powereality.net/ritvik-vedas.htm and the http://powereality.net/irrationslistpresidents.htm websites.

I clearly am not supporting Obama. The Gay Bait situation is so absurd now I believe it is no more than elementary school level.

This event is derived in part from the Greek Decathlon. This is extremely poor for MSM or Men who have sex with men. The Joe Virus recruits persons into the bottom ten percent of history. This is to create ad hominem. Your family tree and name, age, race, place of origin, faith, sex and gender orientation may be retaliated upon.

Since my last entry on the Ritvik Vedas site contained a photo of Obama and Radhanatha swami this demonstrates who the Gay Militia wishes to protect.

As seen it is possible for the main page of this site to now be seen as www.powereality.net.

DOMA Overruled

McCloud CA

June 2, 2012

The First Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down part of the Defense Against Marriage Act. This judgment regarding benefits for same sex federal workers has been stayed. A Supreme Court appeal is likely. As seen Proposition 8 based on the Romer case has the greatest probability for discovering a right to marry for LGBTi persons. These civil rulings however stress the a legal and rational government interest to alienate an individual from due process.

A Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has no rational or legitimate purpose.

Why are homosexual policemen from LAPD permitted a carte blanche to carry out espionage? These very same LGBTi lawyers and all sworn officials are being pinned to an attack on the human race and designed to incriminate the United States.

The Proposition 8 case now awaiting an en banc hearing may be heard with DOMA next year.

Barack Obama is most likely a psychopath based on the amount of victims he is creating by omissive and complicity of behavior. Obama has no credibility in the least for maintaining the environment in which sustains us all.

With over 3 million HCV, 1.3 to 5 million HIV AIDS and increasing obesity rates the United States security posture and credibility are lessened.

This issue is fluid. It appears the Romer v Evans case from Colorado stands as a precedent stare decisis on which the LGBTi Movement will build.

MOCM Part III & Prop 8

McCloud CA

June 15, 2012

Proposition 8 has been denied an en banc rehearing paving the road for a possible decision on Gay Marriage in the Supreme Court by July 1, 2013. Almost 4 chapters of MOCM Part III have been written http://powereality.net/mocm-pt.III.htm.

Here the Gay Militia has created catastrophic damage to the LGBTi agenda. Their only saving grace is they have blackmailed and extorted the heterosexual side as well. California History and LGBTi History will be defined by treason.

The accomplices that argue the quid pro quos as deals are inept. This is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program. These are very serious crimes. Either with formal or informal punishment these Irrationalist Hate Crimes do not pay.

The Irrationalist Presidents need to have further accomplices to extend their mythological histories and cowardice.

You have to get stuck with the thorns to smell roses. Not only have a strong factual historical record been presented on www.powereality.net a strong effort to systematize and prosecute to the proximate cause and Origin has been attempted.

Locally there is nothing close. The same is true for California, national, and international levels. It is clearly the strongest on internet.

The Sanitization of Anglo American Pre Fascism

McCloud CA

June 17, 2012

Without consideration, the 40th Anniversary of the Watergate break in coincides with the 25 Anniversary of MOEC. We are clearly in a rundown where the sworn officials who have been headed by the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama attempt to obstruct justice to hide their de facto omissive behavior. The attack of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing that is leading to the collapse of the United States.

This trajectory reflects the subjective emergence of the LGBTi persons and the inability for such to develop leadership skills and supporting culture. Believing themselves to beyond Good and Evil, especially in the legal sense, their misdeeds collapse into a blackmail and extortion ring.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is an efficient mechanism to despoil the health and wealth accumulated from the quid pro quos.

The mechanism wishes to expose and purge itself leaving the mechanism intact. It has severely damaged the emergence and trajectory of LGBTi persons and females as a class who have not stood forward since June 17, 1987 to confront what is a Crime Against Humanity and Treason against the United States.

The small western towns which are the locations of whatever last stand, also are damaged. One clearly sees the culture of informants which is easily 90 percent.

People will openly act as criminals with state sponsorship. If one observers the federal and state officials they are all corrupt and non performing.

The United States is accusing Iran of developing a clandestine nuclear program while the United States attacks it's own people and territory with a bathtub Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The scripting of the Storyboard is an archetype to further diffuse individual and collective psychology. This will weaken the United States.

The Irrationality of the Gay Militia of LAPD and their informant stalkers is a poor foundation for such persons and family members.

Wealth is 40 percent lower per household since 2008. Recessions occur every 55 months. In or after 2015 there could be another decline as upwards of 5 million homes are distressed and the European Union is in recession.

Open Letter to House Speaker Boehner R OH

McCloud CA

July 1, 2012

John Boehner

John Boehner

House Speaker Boehner,

Recently Attorney General Holder was cited for Contempt of Congress for withholding documents regarding the Fast and Furious gun running entrapment. As seen over 200 weapons walked or were distributed with an Attorney General Exception. One US Border Patrol Officer was killed. You have stated that the American people and the family of the officer have the right to know the facts of the incident.

The United States has been attacked by a de facto Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program since June 17, 1987 under President Ronald Reagan. Since February 2007 all surface water in my vicinity has been contaminated. The entire Salton Sea, Colorado River and the Pacific Ocean off Mendocino have been contaminated.

The United States is living in a glass house. The entire world is being censored and sanitized while this is happening. Barack Obama and George W. Bush have permitted the worse human rights violations to occur to the citizens they are sworn to protect.

Mitt Romney is following the same script.

Currently the United States is in brinkmanship with Iran over their nuclear program. The Anglo American paradigm, the Atlantic Group have openly used clandestine Chemical Weapons on their own nationals and territory. There are very few sources of surface water in Iran.

The culture of incompetence and corruption pervades from the president to the culture that raised this despotism.

LAPD has cells of a Gay Militia that was allegedly designed by Cambridge Law School. This structure results is a type of entrapment which theater in a Storyboard format. Most major events have the equivalent of entire court cases transcripted as the DeLorean cocaine case. It appears that Fast and Furious was using a similar methodology but was botched.

House Speaker, the American people deserve accountability. The president himself has been blackmailed and extorted. Barack Obama is will be 51 years old on August 4, 2012. He has put on his running shoes and appears contempt to try to outlive this crime. If he does there will be more principals, accomplices, and accessories after the fact.

If a Nuremberg format this is would implicate all sworn duty bound officials and the worst accomplices and accessories.

This cover up simply builds up a blackmail and extortion ring against the United States and their allies.

You are the third in line to the Presidency of the United States and duty bound to expose criminal conduct.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

July 1, 2012

Marriage Breaking

McCloud CA

July 1, 2012

The issue of Marriage Breaking by the police has emerged as a salient process and structure in the destabilizing if the United States. A thoughtful overview of divorce statistics and empirical history shows a divorce rate of near 50 percent since the 1980s in California radiating to the near 45 percent rate that is prevalent today nationwide.

Personally I found that certain subgroups from the generation that I pertain, the tweeners born 1960 to 1964 have divorce rates of 60 percent. This is centered on bisexual females and their relationship to the police.

LAPD has a MSM or Gay Militia within such and have launched a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth which the Irrationalist Presidents, Reagan Obama have not recognized. Their so called strategic mission is Gay Marriage. As seen it is hard to get married and have children while these activities are sustained.

Needless to state, if I a person especially a bisexual female is following the script, they are more likely to have their marriage broke by misogynist police officers due to third party conflicts.

These actors will force or extort a choice of LGBTi interests over the marriage. The police are using informal punishments as divorce, loss of jobs (which results in foreclosures and credit problems) drug and substance abuse, and infidelity to break relationships.

I am listening to many of these so called scripts. This is with real people and hypothetical individuals. All the females are bisexuals. They have been or would be told to divorce me if I did not support Same Sex Marriage.

As seen I have never married and if I did and these women followed their cues I would have had children and been divorced.

The bisexual marriages that they are scripting are open relationships so especially the females will have some same sexual contact to maintain their quid pro quos.

These allegations are strong. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is real. The divorce rates are real. However two separate events do not guarantee a common Origin.

The a fortiori case here from my standpoint is that one would have probable cause or a 50 percent chance of a conviction rate if accurate discovery were undertaken.

I grew up in Kent County, Delaware. There is no doubt a covert longitudinal study underway being developed to continue destabilizing America.

This attack is based in part on the Greek Decathlon which is truly a combination of both athletic and intellectual fitness. The attack is an experiment without controls on human endurance and threshold.

In close many persons who take deals for jobs and marriages wind up with obesity issues. A BMI of 25 is normal. Over 30 is obese.


A circular folly with a blackmail and extortion ring is a very power structure. When paired with Chemical Assaults and sexually based qualifications for legal person before the court the destruction is quite compelling. It is questionable if Barack Obama can outlive the crimes he is committing. The damage to sworn officials, priests, CEOs, and academics is quite compelling. Many are heavily entangled by blackmail and extortion. When this occurs the blackmailing and extorting is usually escalated. Hence if Mitt Romney were to win the criminal setting and amount of persons being implicated would be greater than the present. If Obama wins he further escalates his own criminal and civil liability.

David 51 McCloud CA

August 3, 2012 McCloud CA

I have just turned 51 years old on August 3, 2012. The presentation is becoming more focused and converging. The emergence of Barack Obama as the Singularity Target and the refocus on Marriage Breaking as an undermining tactic is very strong.

At 51 years of age I believe my crystal intelligence in nexus with MOEC is quite laudable. No major individual or group has stood forward.

My Official Position is that the United Kingdom has attacked the United States with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program. As seen it 100 percent successful in blackmailing and extorting the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama.

The locations where I have resided especially in the last 5 years are the lightening rod crimes scenes. This is critical for Obama since he was cognizant of the attack as an Illinois senator.

The facade by Cambridge Law School to create a super male and female from LGBTi members is a major fiasco for the human race and community of nations. The United Kingdom and the United States are going to need a Marshall Plan to repay the damages for this Supercrime.

This activity positions me as hanging pawn in a chess game. I will attempt to cap my presentation by 2015. Myth of Contemporary Man Part III and Origin Part II will form the core. There will be a capstone paper considering the Crushing of the Anglo American Paradigm as a Class. This is modelled on the Bolshevik elimination of the Menshevik movement to create the USSR. The winner or the latent function from the disintegration of the British Empire dragging down the United States is one of the most important studied in the rise and fall of government.

In Syria, Assad is facing a more strident rebel insurrection which is dragging in Iran. This may close with an attack on Iran.

I am very confident of the sustainability of MOEC Studies. I will attempt to write at least two letters per month to pertinent authorities as a backbone for the journals.

Obama and Credibility

McCloud CA

August 20, 2012

The credibility of Barack Obama in the legal and historical sense hinges on the abuse of power. The irrational anti intellectualism that pervades the censorship and sanitization that is on going defeats any attempt of making a reasonable show of moral action.

Obama and the United States have backed down to espionage and this country is dictating by force.

The United Kingdom due to their territorial limitations is bound to run into latent problems in the future.

Technological Singularity and Artificial Intelligence are the tools of the Machinery of Torture.

As the average computer enthusiast this is problematic. I would rather fight than be the informant traitor that is being groomed in the United States.

The natural person and his environment is despoiled under a purge of snitches.

It is quite simple. Conscience is being killed off. The Antisocial Personality is the dominant member by number.

This type of reactive persons who seeks deals to rig their future livelihood has enabled a virulent marriage breaking program.

This is misogynist and lead by MSM male officers and bisexual females. As the push towards Gay Marriage becomes focused this issue has been brought out to expose Obama or the next president.

I am slowly making a move towards academics and sworn authorities. I wish to finish a complaint against the United Kingdom this summer at the UN.

This would complete the rough draft of MOCM Part III.

Proposition 8

McCloud CA

August 28, 2012

It is highly reasonable that Proposition 8 or another similar case will arrive to the Supreme Court and decide whether the 14th Amendment provides equal protection for LGBTi persons to have the right for same sex marriage.

The attempt to polarize the United States and then President Reagan is a disaster for both LGBTi and heterosexual persons. The Gay Militia of LAPD are hopelessly entangled in a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring. Their only function appears to absurd and violent as possible. This marginalization tactic universally undermines sworn officials and the American family.

It is overwhelming at this point in time that a divorce program has been disguised as Gay Marriage Gay Merge program. Divorce rates are down to about 45 percent nationwide.

I am very confident that the material on www.powereality.net is academically and historically sound. I watch TedTalks, University of California and Stanford videos of class lectures and they are static. Censorship and sanitization is being dealt with in a more direct manner than all of these institutions combined.

To return the resolution of the Gay Marriage issue may curtail a large amount of the alienation of rights. However the reconciliation and criminal and civil liabilities would not be addressed.

Complaint to the Convention Against Torture CAT

McCloud CA

September 1, 2012

This complaint is Chapter 6 of MOCM Part III http://powereality.net/mocm-pt.III.htm which has a readable rough draft online. This clearly provides a legal complaint against Barack Obama. It clearly identifies the United Kingdom.

In re: Nollmeyer


1. David Nollmeyer brings a complaint against the United Kingdom in nexus with an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States. Principal to this attack is the despoliation of surface water as the Colorado River along the Arizona - California border and the Salton Sea in California. In continuation, intense stalking through electronic surveillance is observable. The use of instructing stalkers over radio stations to targets is similar to what occurred in Rwanda is also manifest.

2. Articles 4, 5, and 6 of the Convention Against Torture form the basis for the action.

3. The issue involves the alleged authorship and proximate cause of actors in the United Kingdom specifically Cambridge Law School.

4. These activities are manifest in the United States by Los Angeles Police Department whom contain a Gay Militia. These actors are abusing mutual aid violations with other states to facilitate the coordination of attacks on targets.

5. This attack is code named Operation Radhanatha in a poison in the well fallacy format. Radhanatha swami is a natural person who is an ISKCON diksa guru whom many believe is involved in a murder of Sulochana in 1986 in Los Angeles.

6. The allegation is that Cambridge Law School is tacitly and overtly guiding the rise and fall of the British Empire. In doing so these actors have systematically authored Crimes Against Humanity which in time many persons wished to expose. This intent lead to a confrontation between homosexual and heterosexual members which alienated my human rights under the ICCPR and the CAT. To facilitate this action an attack against the United States and then President Ronald Reagan began on June 17, 1987.

7. Operation Radhanatha contaminated the Colorado River from Earp CA - Parker AZ through Blythe, California towards Mexico on February 12, 2007. This would implicate then President George W. Bush. This has occurred two more times in this location. The dates are approximately from October 2009 - May 2010 and October 2011 - May 2012.

8. Under these conditions all surface water is despoiled.

9. The other major event is the contamination of the Salton Sea. This occurred first in October 2008 just prior to the first election of President Barack Obama. This event persisted until I left the area around May 2009. The Salton Sea was then also contaminated from October 2009 to about May 2010.

10. The Salton Sea is an inland lake which must evaporate and does not empty into any ocean. The entire area above is amongst the hottest - temperatures easily reach 115 degrees. It is also the poorest in the United States with unemployment between 20 to 25 percent.

11. I have been under 24 hour electronic surveillance. I am easily the most stalked person in the History of the United States, and am enduring a systematic attack that is open live human experimentation based on the epistemology of knowledge and the processing and ordering of sense datum by the mind.

12. A unique facet of this hate crime is that the perpetrators appear to be homosexual males who wish to gay bait victims as Male Same Sex Males - MSM. I have been heterosexual my whole life.

Statement of Facts

1. The in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is imposed over my natural person is a hate crime based on a homosexual or same sex qualification. I am a lifelong heterosexual male.

2. The foundational theory is Social Engineering or more properly Social Wrecking. The pairing of a crime against a constitutional right undermines the standing positive law. Since the United States has ratified the CAT as well as the United Kingdom the resultant complex jurisdictional problems should have a remedy.

3. The strategic mission of the attack is Gay Marriage. Currently Proposition 8 is awaiting writ of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court. I am a ritvik Hare Krishna and Same Sex Marriage violates both my Vedic and personal beliefs.

4. It is clear that this attack is based on my lifelong heterosexuality and Japanese American ancestry. THE ATTACK WOULD NOT HAVE OCCURRED AS A FULL BLOWN CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH IF I WAS ENGAGED IN SAME SEX ACTIVITIES.

5. The allegation is that the same sex qualification for legal rights is three anal sex intercourses. I am not sure what the exact time frame or frequency is. However one same sex behavior every six months would qualify one as LGBTi regardless of identity.

6. In this nexus this activity is a Homosexual Blackmail and Extortion Ring. Any type of criminal or illicit activity that is recorded electronically may result in blackmail - the revealing of private history and extortion and the performance or non-performance of activities.

7. The latter is the source of extremely depraved stalking that is guided over the radio, television, and internet similar to genocides in Africa.

8. The Convention Against Torture also appears to be a direct target of what is MOEC - Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. The acronym is derived from the Book of MOED and the fact that Cambridge and Oxford are involved in the expansion of the United Kingdom.

9. As per the Colorado River, since February 12, 2007 over 55,000 persons have been killed in drug cartel warfare. This is an example of the pairing of one event to another.

10. Hence the Chemical Assault is less for LGBTi persons and a fractal of what is imposed over my natural person.

11. The strategy is to create a Crime Against Humanity originating in the United Kingdom by Cambridge Law School, through Scotland Yard, Los Angeles Police Department, the United States, California, Los Angeles and the LGBTi Movement. This would also result in treason in the United Kingdom and the United States for any culpable citizens.

12. Hence all sworn officials that are duty bound and legally required are targeted.

13. The attack works corruption of blood and is genealogically based.

14. Stalking is facilitated by creating a hierarchy of officials and law officers that hand off or entrap crime through mutual aid violations.

15. There is a continual pattern of what has emerged as Gang Stalking where impunity is created through the blackmail and extortion ring where stalkers are recruited to harass persons and hear their quid pro quos or deals. This structure reflects that these informants are working to promote their livelihoods outside of legal norms, attacking the rule of law. Two simultaneous eternities cannot exist. The social contract between the head of state and his citizens is broken.

16. If this activity is authored in the United Kingdom and handed off through Scotland Yard to Los Angeles Police Department; it is espionage and treason.

17. The main stalking behavior is lying in wait in a car at a public place as a gas station, post office or store. Hence when the target passes by the stalkers emerge and slam their car doors at the person. This is at least false imprisonment.

18. The main structure here reflects a polarity switch reflecting dehumanization. The Gay Militia and it's recruits are the main drivers. Hence the current mythology being spread through LGBTi History and Studies claim that LGBTi persons are victims. At June 17, 1987 this polarity would have completely have been reversed with the manifest attack on Ronald Reagan. This was done on pirated public radio and television and I was stalked very seriously in Dover, Delaware at this time. I continue to write under duress here in McCloud, California. (There are major wildfires burning within 50 miles of here. There is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and very high smoke. Many of these fires may be attacked with contaminated water).

19. Along the Colorado River at the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ Interstate 10 crossing there is a Flying J Truck Stop. This is a location of some of the most severe Gang Stalking and intimidation. Operation Radhanatha contaminated the Colorado River from Earp CA Parker AZ through Blythe, California towards Mexico on February 12, 2007. This would implicate then President George W. Bush. This has occurred two more times in this location. The dates are approximately from October 2009 - May 2010 and October 2011 - May 2012.

20. The dirt road that runs south adjacent to the Flying J at tines is sprayed with water to keep the dust levels low. This water at times has been contaminated so that you are chemically attacked while walking on the road.

21. Here the Stalkers would harass my person in the lot knowing that there was a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

22. There is a cotton field just south of the truck stop. The field is totally despoiled from contaminated water. The bales of cotton would burn you hand to the touch. This field is being constructed as physical evidence and the workers as witnesses.

23. The same issue is true of plastic containers as oil jugs and bottles. Items that have been sitting in the desert are still contaminated after 5 plus years. This is an area that receives 115 degree heat regularly.

24. The cotton and vegetable fields in Blythe and Ehrenberg are contaminated.

25. Many houses draw water from the Colorado River.

26. The food in all the fast food restaurants in Blythe and the truckstop are contaminated if I am in proximity. This would include McDonalds, Del Taco, and Jack in the Box.

27. The United States Post Office in Blythe is among one of the worst locations for stalking. Persons continually lay in wait to harass persons as they receive their mail.

28. In regards to the Salton Sea, both Barack Obama and Senator McCain were totally cognizant of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and continued to campaign in 2008 while this atrocity was evident. Then President George W. Bush made no effort to remedy the disaster and financial disaster ensued due to the movement of counter-cyclical interest rates and lending of mortgages to unqualified borrowers.

29. This action has caused a multiplier which has the EU in recession. Such actions reflect the undermining of the lowest 40 percent of the United States or those earning $20,000 per anum or less.

30. The area in Desert Shores where I winter is more open spatially. The stalking and lying in wait to harass persons is pandemic. It is a signature event in LGBTi History.

31. The Palm Springs - Coachella Valley is home to a very prominent LGBTi community. This leverages the actions of the Gay Militia.

32. Of interest is that when the Bird Flu moved from Mexico into California and the United States. This area was one of the first to be infected. I was told at the grocery store with my grocer in Desert Shores that we were infected. This was by electronic surveillance. When I left I remained in Inyo County because I had the flu. This flu is very mild compared to the spring flu that can attack the area.

33. Without making a conclusionary statement, I intend to move to Desert Shores along the Salton Sea by October 15, 2012. There are several large lakes in Mammoth County as well as the Owens Canal in Inyo County that will be despoiled.

Statement of Progress and Intent

1. This entire event demonstrates corruption and collusion at the highest level of the NATO alignment. It appears that de facto elements within the collapse of the British Empire have created a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring. There is a pairing of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with Gay Marriage in the United States.

2. Perry v. Brown or Proposition 8 is awaiting writ of certiorari in the Supreme Court. A resolution of this case may affect the outcome. What is of great concern is prosecution of guilty actors and reparations to victims. A type of Marshall Plan has been discussed. This would indebt the United Kingdom and the United States a to a considerable amount.

3. Consider recent statements by President Barack Obama concerning Syrian chemical weapons: "We cannot have a situation in which chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people," Mr. Obama said in response to questions at an impromptu news conference at the White House. "We have been very clear to the Assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is, we start seeing a whole bunch of weapons moving around or being utilized." "That would change my calculus," he added.

4. Since potable surface water is very scarce in the Middle East, Obama's statements borderline psychopathy. There are ongoing wildfires here throughout the Lassen, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Humboldt County areas that would be directly attacked by contaminate air, water, and products in stores.

5. When I walk into a building the police have to be ahead of me to contaminate the water in taps. The air in ventilation is also contaminated.

6. This is unprecedented in the history of the world.

7. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Vice President Biden are leading fictitious, de facto and ommissive lives as sworn competent officials.

8. I am similar to Simon Wiesenthal and will work to the end of my life to see that Barack Obama and any other officials are held accountable for these War Crimes.

9. This is a live experiment on human regarding Technological Singularity. I am the leading opposition figure against MOEC with a boundary being 1 out 7 billion. I have maintained the strongest World Wide Web presentation of any supranational regime, nationstate, institution, or individual. The Gay Militia in LAPD who took the gambit to attack the United States, the Constitution, Ronald Reagan and myself have degraded.

10. These actors are severely implicated in a homosexual blackmail ring which is driving the RICO styled criminal enterprise.

11. Please refer this complaint to any Rapporteur, OAS (concerning Mexico) or other protocol that may have a strong jurisdictional interest in this case.

David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

August 30, 2012

Critical Mass Has Been Attained

McCloud CA

September 11, 2012

Currently I do not believe that the United States will get away with condoning a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring that is paired with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program. The entire system is code named MOEC.Currently wildfires here in Siskiyou as the Bagley Fire are being put out with contaminated water.

One can openly see the tanker trunks watering from contaminated creeks.

The pairing of a Marriage Breaking program with the Gay Marriage issue is quite dramatic as cases as Proposition 8 and DOMA are awaiting writ of certiorari.

Many major universities as UC Berkeley and Stanford have online lectures of courses. Sociology and History are two that come to mind. The Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama have condoned many grievous acts proving an actor can blackmail and extort the American President.

As a tweener born in 1961 the divorce rate of my cohorts from Kent County, Delaware are staggering. By visual inspection of about 35 of the most attractive female students from 1976 to 1980 reveals an over 60 percent divorce rate. The current rate is about 45 percent.

I do not believe that the academics that are living can negate the work on www.powereality.net by using Kuhn Popper methodologies. On the contrary I believe that Barack Obama, Paul Ryan, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, and Beau Biden, all but Obama under 50 years of age are very strong targets for concrete prosecution.

Historically these persons have zero chance of being credible.

As a potential conflict between Israel and Iran becomes greater it is clear that the United States is taking a very large role in it's planning.

The $30,000 per year in tuition that many pay at top tier universities has to be examined as to whether their programs are fraudulent.

Basically my position is that I do not believe that 25 years of manifest Electronic Surveillance, Stalking, and Chemical Assault Scorched Earth can be washed away even by Technological Singularity and advanced Superintelligent software.

Social Engineering

McCloud CA

September 17, 2012

The consequences of the United States caving into a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring have many latent unforeseen consequences. The human race is injured by the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The American President has been successfully blackmailed. American law enforcement is no better than any other secret police agency in history. Journalism and Social Singularity networking are the machinery of censorship and sanitization.

Problems are dealt with in the concrete. The Salton Sea was chemically despoiled on Obama's first election in 2008. It appears that it will be again in 2012. Wildfires in Northern California here in Siskiyou and Lassen are being fought during a domestic Chemical Attack.

The issue of social engineering and state planning supports these criminal actions.

The entirety of events, a massive social syndrome is paired with Gay Marriage. Proposition 8 and DOMA may be certified next week beginning September 24, 2012 for writ of certiorari at the Supreme Court.

Oddly enough the equal protection and due process clause of the 14th Amendment are nowhere to be seen in action.

Here the entirety of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches have all been blackmailed and extorted. The American citizen has been recruited in stalking backed by illegal communications from mutual aid violations by LAPD similarly to the structure used by genocides in Rwanda.

There is very credible evidence that the United Kingdom is the proximate cause and Origin of these actions.

As brinkmanship with Syria and Iran strengthens the United States and Britain are leading by force.

The social engineering has created Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing, an Irrationalist pre fascist script which recruits MSM males to believe that Relativism and phenomenology will exonerate them as justifications for launching a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

In a corkscrew of blackmail and extortion they are against the granting of federal rights for universal Gay Marriage. This is exactly what they claim to be fighting for. It completely makes any political argument for attacking unarmed civilians and stalking null.

They have undermined both conservative and liberal sworn officials. Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, and Kamala Harris are three young liberals who may find themselves prosecuted. Paul Ryan also is a conservative who is born after 1955 with nowhere to run.

This confirms that Barack Obama at 51 years of age is the Singularity Target.

Romney Wins the First Debate

Big Pine CA

October 4, 2012


Obama Versus Romney

The Totality of Circumstances is the correct test when an individual confronts one's government. The acknowledgment of concrete conditions was not evident in the first Presidential Debate between challenger Mitt Romney and incumbent Barack Obama. It has been surmised that Romney won the first encounter with form over a listless performance by Obama.

The setting is one of collusion as the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States persists since 1987. Obama is clearly the worst actor based on empirical history. Obama won the last election in 2008 with the Salton Sea chemically destroyed. Stalking has been at an all time high. The systematic abuse of electronic surveillance, stalking, and chemical assault are scripted to degrade the standing of the United States, Constitution, and President.

As seen the allegation is that the United Kingdom is the author and proximate cause of this event. This would leave this nationstate footing the bill for the civil liabilities which may be in the trillions of dollars USD.

There has been mention of creating a separate court system to deal with the principals, accomplices, accessories.

My Official Position is that this is a Crime against Humanity, treason against the United States, obstruction of justice and intimidating a witness in a RICO Criminal Enterprise in the simplest format.

The odds of a capital case emerging are probably 100 percent.

Since the attack is based on LGBTi suffrage this gambit undertaken by LAPD officers undermines LGBTi History. It is directly paired with the Gay Marriage issue as Proposition 8 and DOMA which may be heard by the Supreme Court this term.

Boycott the 2012 Presidential Election

Salton City CA

November 1, 2012

I am endorsing a Boycott of the 2012 Presidential Election. The American Presidency since Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987 has been aware of a Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program.

Barack Obama has run for the presidency twice with the Salton Sea Chemically Attacked. The first time being in 2008. Mitt Romney, Paul Ran, and Joe Biden are no strangers to incompetence and corruption. The Republicans and Democrats are collusive in what appears to be a universal attack on the human race itself.

It appears that professors from Cambridge Law School many years past designed the defection model and have implemented such from Scotland Yard and Los Angeles Police Department. The attack is focused on Gay Marriage and LGBTi issues. A central component of this structure and process is Marriage Breaking. This is disguised as Marriage Making but in particular the females that following the dating that is arranged through the police suffer a very high divorce rate.

If I reflect over my high school years the divorce rate in certain circles is near 60 percent. Some cliques of friends are 100 percent. What is unique is that I lived in the same working class neighborhood as Joe Biden when he first ran for the Senate in 1972. He has probably shook has with every person that I knew from this era that has divorced.

Equally confusing now is whether LGBTi persons have a right to marry under the Equal Protection and Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.

As far as Obama is concerning the United States is on the verge of war with Iran over nuclear development. Syria, it's ally has been accused of using Chemical Weapons. At least 25 persons have been killed by Hurricane Sandy on the east coast. There are over 350 cases of fungal meningitis with about 25 deaths and increasing.

In a manifest attack, there have are over 1.2 million HIV AIDS cases with perhaps 300,000 infected without realizing such. 3 million persons are infected with Hepatitis C.

Obama and Romney are clearly obstacles in creating a just society.

The Wrong Side of History

In conclusion, with the Salton Sea Chemically Despoiled for the second presidential election and Hurricane Sandy having devastated the East Coast, the Gay Militia has once again increased their call for stalkers at the intersection of Highway 86 and the entrance to Salton City. This would include the Arco truck stop, Dollar General Store. Market Post office and a Charter School across the street. I am not afraid of these Cowards. The are being invoked to the LGBTi side.

A positive defense and justification are needed these actors are accomplices to a Hate Crime.

The attack on the Salton Sea is unprecedented in World History.

The Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama are on the Wrong Side of History. This has deep implications for sworn officials, theologians, academics, and artists. The concrete damage to life, limb, and property is great. The future recognition and exposure of principals, accomplices, and accessories will occur.

This will definitely effect the economic and class structure of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Obama Wins 2012 Presidential Election

Salton City CA

November 11, 2012

With Obama's narrow victory over Romney in the election both he and the Democrats appear certain to earn overall criminal and civil liability for MOEC. People clamor for tyranny and equality. Democracy is collapsing as miscalculation and escalation negate the presidents performance. Obama has earned his place in the continuum of Irrationalist Presidents. He must now continue to sanitize the history from Reagan Bush inclusive of himself.

It is better to have one left standing then for all to fall...

The implication for me personally is my family members are advancing in years. This physically is poor but there is some lessening of pressure. This is clearly an end game scenario with large records of malperformance. The areas as the Salton Sea also are fixed historically.

It appears with certainty that Technological Singularity will have to help in the prosecution and historical teaching of MOEC or it will not happen as predicted.

The taking of a gambit by the Gay Militia and their accomplices is a huge liability for LGBTi concerns. Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, and Washington have provided Gay persons with their first victories by popular referendum.

Prop 8 and Windsor are scheduled for conference at the Supreme Court on the 20th. If certified a decision by June 23, 2013 would occur possibly affecting this event.

Happy Holidays

Desert Shores CA

December 1, 2012

The dust is slowly settling as MOEC matures. As a result the Websites on the home page has been reorganized. Two new sites of interest are:


The Garden of Enchiridion is a new book that will deal as a Rake's Progress text. I have realized that the extra neutrinos that do not fit into other formats are quite numerous. When placed into consideration and correlated, the mass obtained must be dealt with. I am also going to be focused on how the educational system will deal with MOEC. An emphasis will be on young persons who were born after June 17, 1987. Hence a 25 year old was person was born into Chemical Assault Scorched Earth where their President for those in the United States has been blackmailed and extorted.

I will also examine the dialectical line from Plato to Marx. This is the main line that Cambridge has used. I will also examine faced based systems as the Vedas, Christianity, and the Islam which I am not familiar with. Schwarzenegger USC deals with the new institute at USC and is self explanatory.

The days are extremely short now. I will focus on restructuring until February 2012.