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Bhakta David Nollmeyer

The Baltimore Studio

The Baltimore Studio are no more than LAPD Officers using a voice synthesizer to disguise themselves. This construction is a form of Profiling and Entrapment. Identity is a key. The Studio members are presented as MSM. The Journal is being continued here:

Bhakta David Nollmeyer October 9, 2015


There are no entries for 2002. I believe I was too depressed and dejected. I did not realize the site was obtaining close to 1000 hits per month. I was attending Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo at this time. This school was not very hospitable or did it perform well at the human rights level. Of interest is the intent to attempt to establish an identity based on Jim of the Baltimore Studio. This ruse is no more than LAPD members. The development of the LGBTi persons that comprise The Studio is poor and damages LGBTi persons and culture. Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe is a point of departure. It is alleged that the University of Cambridge designed the psychological profiling.

David Nollmeyer

September 13, 2015

Bishop, California

2003 Archives

The Formation of MOEC Studies

Cambria CA

January 21, 2003

I have attempted since the publishing of this website to have the beginning of The Myth of the Contemporary Man PT. II copyrighted. It was sent via USPS to the Library of Congress only to be irradiated and returned due to the fact that I neglected to enclose the $30.00 fee. This was completed in the State of Delaware. The copy was returned to Cambria, California. I remailed the document by UPS in 2002, such is missing. I had to return to Delaware over Christmas, so I remade a copy as to where I hope to resend the copy in the following week.

I am attending Columbia College of Missouri on the Cuesta College Campus in Paso Robles, California. I am preparing to begin my senior year within the hour. Currently I have a GPA of 3.05 with 135.5 credits. All are lower division. I will take Criminology and Lifespan and Development for an accelerated 8 week semester. Such are 300 level courses.

Copyrighting Myth of the Contemporary Man

Cambria CA

January 31, 2003

I have succeeded in resubmitting the MOCM PT. II. The United States is preparing for a likely war with Iraq. Persons should note that I have identified the subsystem that is prevalent in the USA as Akbar in US Federal Court repeatedly. Akbar is an Islamic Holy Name of Allah. The possession and lack of intent of Iraq to disarm their store and or material of weapons of mass destruction will justify the US position in striking this country. This morning CNN has reported that Al Qaeda has attempted to build a dirty bomb. Such is a conventional device that explodes and diffuses radioactive material that will act over time.

I am currently doing research into Antisocial Personality for my Criminology class and Ecological Systems approaches for my Lifespan and Development class. The former is the main profile that is being used to fragment the population writ large. It is being integrated with eternal law, relative morality, the HBT platform, and the Democratic Party in the main in the USA. This has been stated in the homepage but is being escalated.

The abnormal concepts of dependency and fixation are being paired with substance abuse again with a group orientation and popular figures. I will be forty one and a half years old 2-03-03. I could easily be the parents of my cohort students. I am actually older at times than my professors.

The LAPD are attempting to glorify the Baltimore Studio while at the same time subjugating such. Here are the code names for the alleged members of the Baltimore Studio who run the Synclavier digital processor which essentially creates and mutilates evidence.

1. Arron Schearer: pianist, not the famous classic guitar teacher. Alleged to be in the late fifties.

2. Bo Diddle I: the owner and guitarist.

3. Bo Diddle II: a guitarist.

4. Mr. Original: Second piano.

5. George Benson: not the famous jazz guitarist bassist and guitarist.

6. Escuche: a guitarist

7. Steve Vai: not the famous rock guitarist, a guitarist. Real name Jim.

The intent in the glorification of the studio is to preserve the mechanisms which are the machinery of torture (machine theory). By using distributive justice LAPD has divided the labor of the system. Similar to checks and balances, this permits the conspiracy to reassemble itself in the event of a strike.

In short, by using profiling and conditioning it was predicted that if this event was to occur I would respond favorably to the Baltimore Studio. It is historically clear since June of 1987 that this group has no moral or legal basis for its activities and I have not supported such as the records in the docket would indicate.

An identity based concept was the basis for the profiling done before my birth probably with minor adjustments. At the time of the overt manifestation of Akbar I was a music major with a strong background in four-part harmony based on the harmonic perspective. I had studied The Materials of Modern Harmony by Gordon Delamont. The Baltimore Studio did not undertake conservatory level music. They were a product of journeyman experience.

Spaceshuttle Columbia Crashes...

Cambria CA

March 5, 2003

I have not been able to keep my pace up with this website. The space shuttle Columbia has crashed. I was originally attempting to go to Allan Hancock Junior College, which has a campus on Vandenberg AFB. The choice to go to Columbia College was a safe decision. I am doing well in the Criminology course and struggling in the Lifespan and Development with a B. The B is not as strong as I would prefer. I am highly interested in contacting the major criminologists discussed in this course. From a social structural perspective the county of San Luis Obispo is perhaps one of the strongest in the world. Performance on a human rights level is poor. Failure lies in the species. Manipulating external social structures may maximize the human potential. It is not going to change an entire population from being what they are and that is human. The local tradition is strong but has disintegrated. What is interesting is that I have been forced into some of the poorest and most remote areas in the USA to compare with the Gold Coast. The lack of performance on a moral legal plane is levelling. Static territorial identities are exploited to sustain this criminal act. Myths of the culture are a focus of the study of MOEC as a System. In conclusion a war with Iraq appears inevitable.

Rebuilding my Academic Credentials

Cambria CA

May 13, 2003

I have not had quality time to regularly keep up the site. In only two months Iraq has fallen and there is no sign of Saddam Hussein. Conversely a large bombing has occurred in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is presumed to be the work of Al Qaeda. To conclude I am ready to take my final for Multicultural Diversity in Criminal Justice. There is a two tier GPA system in California. I have a 3.05 in the Cal State system and slightly more in the more prestigious University of California system. After a 3.66 for the two sessions completed I will have a 3.12.

There is a total brou ha ha over adjective and numerical grading. College is correctly a GPA system. It is ironic that I am studying law enforcement. I attempted to study political science and computers but I do not have the priority at Cuesta College to obtain seating. Law enforcement is social science based. It basically is focused on the municipal level of organization. A thorough background in federal and international law is more suited for an analysis of MOEC. But law enforcement or more correctly the administration of justice is a quality substitute.

Al Gore has about a 3.11 GPA from the University of Tennessee. I am targeting abstract levels of grading as 3.2 per se. LAPD has attached natural person's GPA or had themselves attached to person's grades. If you are a 3.0 you should be in the upper third in undergraduate work in the USA. If you surpass a person you are defeating a group of individuals. What this will result in is that you will be harassed by the majority of underachieving students. The Cuesta Community College is severely overrated. The character of this school and as well as the grades are really disgraceful. One would struggle to find a 3.0 GPA. Every time one achieves any score you are defeating this school. In reality the mean is due to private schools. In public schools this mean is about 2.8. There is grade inflation nationwide. San Luis Obispo is the seventh highest priced location in the USA to reside. I study at a masters degree pace regardless of the level of my course work. This is no more than ten units per semester. I hope to achieve a 3.75 in my last 60.5 credits by the end of summer.

The mechanism recruits persons to harass persons by awarding deals for grades and drugs. This entails being blackmailed and then consequently being extorted to perform some crime with a deal from LAPD. These students, staff members, and persons writ large advertise themselves as superior. They are cowardly arguing under moral relativism then attempting to hostage persons by appealing to some hero or special person to perpetuate this fraud. I am supposed to complete an exam on being a law enforcement professional. One should examine the library where I am typing this site. It is a total statement to the lack of quality and the values here on the Gold Coast.

The Move to Pacific Northwest

Crescent City CA

May 16, 2003

I have arrived in Crescent City, Northern California. The LAPD have recruited the same amateuristic level student and other employees of the school to continue the civil rights violations. These acts may be criminal. I say amateur because the last law enforcement class stressed professionalism, as a dedicated or committed high performer. As I have stated I have completed over 144.5 credits. I am going to guarantee six credits of 4.0 here at College of the Redwoods. This would give me a 3.75 over the last 60.5 credits.

I am taking Intro into Criminal Justice and The Child in Family and Society. My personal perspective is if you have the financial means one should attend an appropriate private school. I definitely am not saying that public schools are not a good or superior choice on an individual basis.

The current scandal has a love for localism and regionalism, hence physical location, gender, homosexuality (HBT), and law enforcement as already guaranteeing the higher ability. This is bogus beyond description. Every place I go to is the best, has the best schools, the best females, ad hoc. What is definitively true is that LAPD is the worst police department. They currently may have another Rampart style scandal developing. An ex officer had USED REAL CRUISERS in home invasion robberies.

A concept in any setting is that the leader should be more qualified then subordinates. LAPD is the worst example of this. The Baltimore Studio is being aggrandized as being my music mentors. In reality it will be David Nollmeyer instructing them. This is not open for discussion. The brou ha ha has students harassing persons who only are mentioning their grades adjectivally as A or B. A grade of B may only be 2.64. An A is 3.4 or better. The above mentioned students do not even belong on campus on a civil rights basis.

Governor Gray Davis has an approval rating of only 24%. I am not a political partisan. I will clearly testify however that the stronger moral students are the conservatives and the Republicans. I defy anyone to portray David Nollmeyer as a Democrat. The reason in the main, is the homosexual, bisexual, transgender agenda. The law enforcement who pertain to such and despoil are hoping for others in this group to over excel for their errors. There is a tremendous amount of historical and legal corruption being made to sustain this point or refute such. The HBT platform are not victims here.

I have recently faxed a complaint against Gov. Davis and Att. Gen. Lockyer to his office.

Foreshadowing Tryad

Crescent City CA

May 19, 2003

I have just sent by UPS a memorandum complaint to Asst. Att. Gen. Rosemary Killiam of the State of DE. It also involves Gov. Ruth Minner and Delaware State Police Superintendent Aaron Chaffinch. The complaint covers mutual aid violations, the slander of my academic ability, and the fraud regarding homosexuality and other issues. Officer Chaffinch does not have an official complaint to date.

In conclusion at a future date I will open a new site that will go into more detail into theory of MOEC. Most of this material is available as part of the casework in the appendix. A very textural approach that is a process of discovery will be gradually systematized. Hopefully I will have my own computer to facilitate such instead of public shared computers which represent the present case.

MOEC Studies as Emergent Social Science

Crescent City CA

July 1, 2003

I have enrolled and have completed almost one month of school at College of the Redwoods in Del Norte Co. CA. The theme of this site is to present the true natural history of David Nollmeyer against a contrived theatre which is being promoted under the cause of advocacy. One of the corner stones of this presentation is the work of noted sociologist Emile Durkheim.

This model in question concerns collective suicide. It argues that societies or collectives perish that are dependent. There are four types of cultures:

1. altruistic

2. fatalistic

3. egotistic

4. anomic

The present circumstance is centered on fatalism and dependency. The entire population not by their own merit have met their basic needs. They are dependent on a covert system of corrupt law enforcement of which the culture has raised up itself.

In essence the police are demanding, extorting, and blackmailing to perform illegal acts while retaining in part some of the correct nomenclature. This is in essence is the labelling theory of Frank Tannebaum. The compliment of this study is known as Ethnomethodology. It involves the creation of words or labels and their effect on criminalization. Differential association is concerned with the association, transmission of criminality through communications.

The Administration of Justice

Crescent City CA

August 13, 2003

I am awaiting to take my final in Administration of Justice I. If I receive an A, I will have earned a 3.77 GPA over the last 60.5 credits for a grade. However I will only have a cumulative GPA of 3.14 over 150 credits mostly for grades.

I have emailed my court docket of my lawsuit against Gray Davis to several senators, representatives, human rights groups, and newspaper groups et al. The students and the locals believe I am representing exactly the content that this website is refuting. There is a serious gap in legitimacy, credibility, and ability on all sides. These parties are the focal group of any real investigation.

Gray Davis is being recalled in CA. I am certainly not one of his supporters. I have called for his criminal prosecution the whole way. There is a very immature but pervasive drug culture in Northern CA. I re entered junior college in the summer of 2000. This was at College of the Redwoods in Eureka. This campus will have the worst human rights record to date. Humboldt Co. has been a total disaster since I moved to Northern CA. Since this date the county has been averaging around 10 to 13 murders a year with over 50 fatal overdoses on drugs.

Academic Success

Crescent City CA

August 26, 2003

I have received two 4.0 grades. I have maintained a 3.77 GPA over the last 60 credits. The qualification, legitimacy, and aptitude of every individual and organization in this event is under scrutiny. I intend to continue studying Administration of Justice in the fall and spring. LAPD is still swearing 24 hours a day that I am not competent. I am not a mathematician. I am working on quadratics, logarithms, and summation notation. This is only Algebra II or less than College Algebra. The criteria changes for this every decade or so. It appears a number line comprehension and manipulation of exponents in the abstract is desired. I in the main I am in a teacher pre law track and statistics and logic are more valuable for the type of human rights social science based presentation that I am pursuing.

I have studied music and in my opinion it is more difficult. This is in the theory and performance areas against the training of the average law enforcement official. With a 2.8 GPA one would start at about $30,000 a year plus. With the same GPA in music one would be lucky to make $30. This is for a course of study that is more academically challenging. Persons are studying music because they are called to such, not that they will be making a masters degree salary in two years.

Preparing to Confront USAG John Ashcroft

Crescent City CA

September 8, 2003

I am in the process of beginning my complaint against Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Bush administration. The content will involve the incompetence of LAPD, the Delaware State Police, the Baltimore Studio et al., and the geographic areas of San Luis Obispo and Del Norte counties in CA.

Subject matter will be inclusive of slander involving sexual orientation, academic integrity, harassment by students at various schools which will be named further, which results in false imprisonment and other human rights violations. Interesting in Del Norte is the cultural support of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. The Pelican Bay Prison houses the most dangerous inmates in the state of CA. The Aryan Brotherhood is one of the dominant prison gangs in the facility.

There is a total brou ha ha over academic ability and aptitude. One might have a high aptitude and a low or mediocre GPA. If rigidly applied most academic loads require a sufficient effort to obtain a 3.0, an adjective grade of B or a 4.0, an A. I have stated some of my findings on GPA. All the schools are overrated. If the students are taken into serious consideration a huge amount of public schools will be downgraded first towards exclusive private schools. Selective schools in the recent USNews and World Report reject 90% of applicants.

At College of the Redwoods there is de facto debate over the integrity of the Aryan Brotherhood or AB as they are known. If this is taken into account and measured where will this school be? I have lived in San Diego and there is a KKK or Klan presence along with the white supremacist movement. This would damage Grossmont College and others where there is a cultural setting or support for this irrationalist group. I am still being accessed by LAPD of supporting the Pagan motorcycle gang in Delaware.

At Cuesta College and Cal Polytechnic the marijuana and bar culture is getting hot resulting in prosecutions a la the Bush children. This is no secret. CalPoly in this state is the No.1 state college in the system. The above report ranked San Diego State ahead.

The acts of totalitarianism discussed on the home page of this site are an extremely accurate portrayal of what is going on. If one uses Nollmeyer as a keyword in Yahoo, this site will appear with a description of doomsday hysteria. I am wondering if this description is being written in collaboration with LAPD.

A focal point of a criminal enterprise is that the authors, managers, employees, or accomplices cannot not manufacture DEALS outside of the standing code. The police are attempting to be the distributors of food, clothing, shelter, and means of reproduction primarily than escalating such to recreational or product preferences and class mobility which are in the domain of economics proper.

The model is a plutocracy or a kleptocracy. Such is a tyranny based on small objects. In the latter the objects are stolen. Mobuto is the political figure upon which kleptocracy is abstracted.

I am continually being harassed for opposing the deals here in Crescent City that LAPD is orchestrating for the students, staff, and other locals in the area. These persons will face humiliation if they are capable of understanding what is right or wrong. Researcher Kohlberg has a model on morality taught here at College of the Redwoods. The other prominent theory is psychopathology. Robert Hare has a text entitled Without Conscience. I would like to contact the above parties as to the non application of their work to the case at hand.

The County of San Luis Obispo has the longest chronological exposure to this event and one of the best reputations to start off with. CalPoly is the schools that will receive the most damage as a facility of higher learning. They are a research level facility and the students are violent. Humboldt County behaved very poorly in my opinion. Del Norte locals have a very inflated opinion of their ability. I would suggest keeping records of Universal Crime Reporting and Center for Disease Reporting. The social disorder problem regionally is radiating from San Francisco. Humboldt County appears more like an area akin to Sacramento than a county of 128,000.

I am constantly being portrayed by the LAPD as lacking in academic ability. This reduces to a sibling rivalry; all but one reputedly averages around 45 years of age. I have a GED and two AA dares as stated. Most of my preparatory training devolves to the Caesar Rodney School District, Kent County, Delaware.

I enrolled in Allan Hancock JC last summer for fall courses but attended Cuesta College. I withdrew by mail and received W's solely because I had to do such by mail and no other reason. In the first weeks of school there is no record. I am accused of not having a 3.14 and some other student or figure is attributed my work. LAPD suffers from an inferiority complex as so do the rest of the persons that do their bidding which results in being a criminal.

This is why I am a conservative and argue some form of punitive measure in combination with incentives. I am not a Democrat or follower of members of this party. I do not hesitate to contact these persons either if prudent regarding these issues as the historic and legal record will provide.

I am on the verge of retaking courses from Delaware Technical Community College. If I do such I will probably have over a 3.30 GPA. My work, I argue is sustainable academically at 3.0. I know of no other person who has made a genuine attempt at analysis.

Humboldt County will overwhelming reflect the damage of this arrangement. Other areas and communities reflect manipulation. The anarchism of the area I would argue expose individuals to this non normative treatment. Prima facie, I would of thought the damage to be more primary than latent, but my assumption is wrong do to the impunity and resiliency of the culture.

IBM A21M: My First Laptop

Lompoc CA

November 10, 2003

I have purchased an IBM A21M laptop as of August 15, 2003. I have been using the sitebuilder feature as I am usually in too much of a hurry to use HTML. I began this site using script and may have to return to such, as the browser I am using is not responding to the site correctly. I am re editing my copy of Origin sans the Organic Cell Model, which is critical. It is archived at the United States Solicitor General's office as well as other locations. In the future I will probably publish it on the web for free. I have used it in the court cases in the docket.

Many small events have transpired in which I should have commented. Vieira de Mello was assassinated in Baghdad. He was the ex UNCHR or United Nations Commissioner on Human Rights. Before my Canadian site went down I was encouraging persons to respond to his office denouncing this event. He died shortly there after. I do not know if another deleted such or if I did not update such timely. My ex brother in law committed suicide. Another casual acquaintance from Delaware also did such raising to three for the number of suicides in the Rodney Village housing development in Kent County Delaware. Rodney Village is the location in which Origin takes place historically. As of 11-09-03 I filed a complaint with the Delaware State Police to look into the correlation between this event, the suicides, a plethora of car homicides, even one state execution.

In retrospect Gerald Pepper is no longer Superintendent of the DSP, his successor Aaron Chaffinch has lost a $60,000 suit, Major Warren has sued Governor Minner and Chaffinch for lack of promotion due to I believe partisan politics.

In California Governor Davis was recalled. LAPD is insisting that I supported Davis because I am gay or bisexual.The truth is that they are gay or bisexual and I am a conservative heterosexual. I have noticed that a pro civil union group is advertising on the site, which helped get searches, as I am too poor at the present to fund. I had considered an op ed link but was leery of malicious persons. This option will suffice.

I am writing from Lompoc, CA after a merry go round tour of the Sierras. I will probably attend Allan Hancock JC in the New Year and take English B which will satisfy my last lower division requirement before graduation. They have an excellent computer program which I might take a stab at.

Developing Powereality

Lompoc CA

November 21, 2003

After much confusion the good folks at tripod have informed me that AOL's browser does not support the trellix sitebuilder feature. This website has features that are definitely adequate when compared to basic script. I have signed up for English 103, Intermediate Classical Guitar and Internet Business applications at Allan Hancock JC. The English and computer classes are online. The latter class will emphasize skills in internet software as web browsers, meta search engines, FTP clients, and compression programs. Email, creating and updating business websites and learning FrontPage 2002 are inclusive. The class does not sound too hard. Most of the application classes are built around persons who type 40 wpm. I type 30 wpm with 90% accuracy. These courses or some of them have labs or in class assignments based on keyboarding skill. Sloppiness, panic, fatigue, or poor attendance I believe would sink these application based courses for most students if such had problems. This is a computer business major. This is in contrast to computer science with the heavier code and programming. The two overlap. I wish I could take the PC care and upgrade course as well.

I will engage Arnold Schwarzenegger in the ensuing weeks. I have already emailed his official site as governor elect. I do not trust him or Riordan, his education secretary and ex mayor of Los Angeles. This has been a terrible month. I had attempted to move to Needles, CA but things did not work out. I exhausted much of my funds due to the wildfire situation. I was holed up in Bishop, Inyo County where I was almost treated as a human at times. I moved here back to Santa Barbara County where I had lived when this ordeal first started back in 1987 or so. As many must know by now Michael Jackson has been arrested for suspicion of lewd acts on a minor and Phil Spector has been charged with murder.

The intellectual conditioning bombarding me has deteriorated. As far as LAPD is concerned their rambling completely lacks any intelligence. I do not know how any legitimate person who has a legal role in relation to this event is going to be able to deny their activities. I have been downloading Emile Durkheim and some psychopathology papers. I hope to do my upcoming paper on the latter if possible. I will use Hare's Without Conscience if possible. The Green River murders without a doubt are bolstering this theory.

I am enrolled as a Criminal Justice major. Allan Hancock is a regional Post Academy for police and is pretty highly regarded for their firefighting program also. I hope to return to Columbia College next October in the same area of study.

Totalitarianism and Political Philosophy

December 5, 2003

I am going to start to address the perspective of the law enforcement and the culture of impunity that is condoning the existence of the System MOEC. In particularity will be the structures of blackmail and extortion. I have extensively sued the federal government, state government, county and city structures in federal and state court. I have emphasized the RICO statutes.

Totalitarianism will seek to isolate the individual and collective incommunicado. This is not possible without a significant amount of complicity from the culture writ large. Here I will introduce the concept of antisocial personality, sociopathology, and psychopathology (one may go to the homepage for links on these subjects). These abnormalities are consistent with a person with a continual criminal behavior and who is not responsive to rehabilitation. Up to eighty percent of prisoners are said to have antisocial personality. There are said to be bereft of moral conscience, hence what is right or wrong and the effect of their acts on others. The social environment consists of two or more persons.

The whole crux of the prevailing system is a concept of higher levels of structural cognition. There is a parallel of organization: public and private. This is similar to the parable of the blind man and the elephant. One may be only cognizant of part of a structure that is extant.

A usurpation and privation by the law enforcement attempts to manage the resources of the commonwealth for their personal interest. Productive outputs are human, raw materials, and money. Allocative outputs are the goods and services produced. According to Adam Smith the wealth of a nation is in the management of it's labour. Diseconomies of scale are diagnosed by rising cost and lower outputs. They are typically portrayed as organizations with a lack of unity and poor management. Generally speaking ownership and or management change are a remedy.

In short, instead of being protected by the rights of the commonweal, the survival of the conspiracy overtakes the rule of law. Every good and service is dealt or approved by the law enforcement or military. Depending on the prevailing social structures an oligarchy, a government for the protection of a few landowners as in Nicaragua or a plutocracy, as in the United States emerges. The latter is a tyranny based on the buying selling, bartering, or exchange of small amounts of property. These may actually be worth a reasonable sum to the average person. If one controls the land or territory one may control the structures and processes that occur over such.

Saddam Hussein Captured...

Cambria CA

December 22, 2003

Saddam Hussein was captured on 12-13-03. I had just taken my room and turned on the TV and saw the famous footage of his physical exam. The winter solstice has occurred. I have finished reading the Spanish unabridged Bhagavad Gita As It Is. I have finished a 90 something page rewrite of Origin on my laptop, which is a substantial improvement over the Library of Congress or Appellate Court editions. There was a 6.5 earthquake in Cambria, CA today. It rattled Lompoc fairly hard. I spent most of the day outside working on my own classical music, Gymnopedie III by Satie, and Fur Elise by Beethoven. Paso Robles is where I attend Columbia College. The area you see in the media is where I usually pass through to return to Cambria. I hitchhike 26 miles from Cambria and then walk about 5 miles to a motel where I wait until the evening to attend niteschool wherein the next day I must reverse the operation. Needless to say Paso Robles is not going to fare well in a legal or historical analysis.

Cambria is a rich little resort town of seniors, doctors, lawyers, architects and the like. The brou ha ha over the b or 3.0 was amusing for a professional town. The baseline entrance for most masters programs is a 3.0. The median income for the city of San Luis Obispo is $60,000 and houses are $350,000. Once when I was doing my laundry in Cambria I noticed a real estate publication. The Cambria section had houses priced around $400,000 to over $1,000,000. One picture I noticed had a price of $500,000 but there was no house. All the other pictures had houses. It was $500,000 for a 1/2 acre lot.

I will return to a discussion over the modus operandi in the future.