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The Baltimore Studio

The Baltimore Studio are no more than LAPD Officers using a voice synthesizer to disguise themselves. This construction is a form of Profiling and Entrapment. Identity is a key. The Studio members are presented as MSM. The Journal is being continued here:

Bhakta David Nollmeyer October 9, 2015


2006 Archives

The Impunity Continues

Desert Shores CA

January 11, 2006

The culture of impunity continues. The average citizen who disregards rights to act as an agent of de facto persons, which means criminal is an accomplice of a criminal. LAPD wishes to use both law enforcement and the LGBT communities as shields from prosecution. The alienation of my rights and the jurisdictional setting is quit severe. In this consideration one should note that all areas have been heavily involved in perpetuating abuse. The lesser of two evils approach is fallacious. It only achieves the exact opposite result than a remedy, it expands and multiplies abuse.

The use of what persons call The Phone is one of the key delivery mechanisms of torture. This faux pax of behavior will be one of my favorite targets. Prisoner's Dilemma is the main devil which simply is defected to an interest. This is not fallacious if the act is based on the rule of law and rights.

One of the components of this event is multiplication. The authors wish to expand this event claiming that it cannot be prosecuted. LAPD is intensely attempting to set up the Delaware State Police as the movers.

Jack Abramhoff has been indicted. The federal attorneys state that he may testify against as many as twenty congresspersons and aides.

Avian flu has spread to Turkey with three deaths. The crowding out effect again must be continually monitored.

Magnitude of Corruption

Desert Shores CA

January 12, 2006

Happy New Year! Please bear with me as this site is still undergoing minor cosmetic changes. The issue of importance is changing the dependency that has supported this debacle for what will be 20 years of torture and 19 years of Scorched Earth.

I have not added webrings for this site yet but will in the future. I am working as fast as I can. All of these acts are marginal. What has occurred psychologically is that I or others in similar situations may not be able to navigate their lives into a safe situation. They will need help from somewhere.

There is much fuss over The Culture of Corruption. Nancy Pelosi D San Francisco has adopted this as her mantra. I have emailed her several times on this issue and I hope she begins to lead and not talk.

I am monitoring the avian flu scenario. I am seven miles from the Sonny Bono Bird Sanctuary on the Salton Sea now.

I am going to attempt to study more law and psychopathology this year. I believe it is valuable to hiearchialize skills. This will at least gain respect and increase one's dignity.

Once again thanks.

Symbols and Identity

Desert Shores CA

February 2, 2006

The use of symbols and identity is integral in the support of both individual and collective personality. Here the criminal movers wish to be condoned by a hero martyr whom in reality has helped destroy his self and society. The isolation of the individual with the aid of a corrupt government and media easily helps facilitate the creation of propaganda in lieu of actual historical documentation. Symbols are only representations of an actual thing or event. The disintegration of the English language by LAPD creates a class barrier. I am being demonized as person of marginal education. While not totally fulfilled in this area learning is a perpetual process.

The majority of the informants, which is substantial are approached by the use of circuitous loops of malicious frivolous loops of banter that would earn one an abnormal diagnostic in DSM IV.

The layered hierarchy of LAPD, Delaware State Police, Baltimore City Police, and The Baltimore Studio to bait and switch these agencies. The attempt now is delivery the Delaware State Police as the main criminal principal. Baltimore City Police are in the background and mostly unseen.

The Baltimore Studio are Gay Bisexual. There main purpose is to mutilate evidence framing me as Gay Bisexual. In some twisted way it is thought if I was I would be too incompetent stand up for my rights. This brings to mind the mentally ill homeless who pertain to this orientation. Even still if a few persons would be that dependent to survive someone should and eventually will advocate that person.

In this contest I have emailed Deb Price of the Detroit News and GLAAD who both advocate this platform. It is clear that LAPD and The Baltimore Studio are going to be some of the most infamous persons in the history of their orientation's social movement.

Hostaging as a Shield

Desert Shores CA

February 8, 2006

Another interesting component of RICO constructions is the use of hostaging as shield. This is when a third party is used to constrain one against one's will. Examples are "If you don't do as I say I will pop your tires. "I will kill your dog". Here an interesting facet is they will bust alleged drug dealers that you may know. There is also a component of intimidation and extortion. Women make excellent foils. What is also unique is that these persons may be complicit with principle. Here if a woman is used to constrain you by being threatened, history proves that they may be working with the hostage takers.

Can the United States be blackmailed and extorted? Yes and with ease. President Reagan and the Fraternity and Brotherhood of Law Enforcement Officials. LAPD will ultimately use these third parties to appeal ad vericundium to constrain one from taking action. This creates a circular folly.

Here we see a lower threshold than nuclear blackmail crippling the world's greatest superpower.

Antisocial Behavior and Ad Vericundium

Bishop CA

February 16, 2006

I have returned to Bishop CA. It appears that MOEC was designed over the Owens Valley and Inyo County directly. There are slightly more than 20,000 persons in residence. When I first passed through here in 1991 I travelled to Tonopah, NV. I eventually would reside here several months out of the year. This whole event will shift to the Eastern High Sierras and the eastern deserts along the Colorado river indefinitely. I had been spending winters frequently in San Luis Obispo County and summers in Del Norte County. Mendocino and Humboldt Counties have had visits this decade.

The culture is illiterate in morality and civil rights to say the least. The Librarian at College of the Redwoods is being used as the abstract concept of citizen. This is the entity with rights. LAPD, in particularly the most senior member known as The Fly, has entrapped this figure with some of the most blatant behavior of this event. As I walk through Bishop people are aware that I am slowly preparing for a lawsuit if need be. The incompetence is if the Librarian is guilty what does this make us. The verdict is GUILTY.

The obstruction of justice to create the culture of impunity was supported wholesale nationwide. There were original predictions of perhaps 20,000 persons likely in a prosecution. Double that has happened. What is operative now is lifespan. The Fly is allegedly 64 years of age as is Aaron in The Studio.

The elder generation has passed the hot potato to the future. If I were an 18 year old adult I would take heed. Rodney Village, DE, a housing development that I grew up in during the 1970s has had four suicides, at least three car fatalities, one victim of manslaughter, and one person executed for a multiple homicide. This is a blue color Joe neighborhood. Kent County now has perhaps 130,000 persons tops.

Integral to this is being officially enrolled in Caesar Rodney High School.

Several years ago Humboldt County CA had over 50 suicides with 125,000.

Attempting to glorify marijuana growers, Delawareans, or this Librarian is folly to be polite.

Direct Action Begins

Bishop CA

February 28, 2006

Direct Action has begun in earnest with advocacy of Hadlini devi dasi and a complaint against College of the Redwoods. Even if this event turns to become only historical, my presentation is going to be very difficult to refute. LAPD is attempting to frame and bait a classical circular folly based on profiling that is totally failing. I am doing a reasonable job. The next website will be LAPD. There will also be a direct attack on William Bratton Chief of this department.

I have an extremely strong record of written documents in and from Inyo County. It is incredible to listen to the incompetency on the streets here in Bishop. This location is part of the folly. I will gradually increase. The new websites that are being produced are in extension from this journal which is in part discovery and a mode of communication.

Small is always more. I need to get to a location where I can do extensive research and writing. College of the Redwoods was perhaps the best location and it now has the California Junior College System facing intense scrutiny. Marshall Drummond is the Chancellor. All of this is abstract. Actual direct evidence with names and dates are needed.

This is the duty of code enforcement which has failed. Chief Bratton is writing a book on management and law enforcement which I see as a direct slap in the face. I have no other manner than to read his profiteering as activity born to my expense.

The level of dereliction in the areas of Homeland Security and Obstruction of Justice is disintegrating a strong but old equilibrium of abuse. There is no doubt in my mind that this activity has been institutionalized beyond my cognition.

Incompetence and Corruption as Law

Bishop CA

March 6, 2006

The apex of incompetence is evident now in the use of informants and cronies. This is especially evident in the drug dealing community in California. The performance in this event has been disgusting at best. Legitimate business has done not much better. The Baltimore Studio or The Studio, take your pick is a symbol of this incompetence and corruption. Jim is suppose to be teacher or a mentor to me which is another blatant HOAX. If anyone at this time even insinuates that I have a gay or bisexual past. That should never wish to end up in a legal proceeding. The LGBT communities in Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte, and San Luis Obispo, and Inyo County are the worst. Equally worse would be the discovery of sworn records against hearsay from the restaurant or bar.

LAPD continually wishes to front this community with drug use especially sinsemeillia growing than state that you are using ad hominem. This a blatant bait and switch and or red herring. What is poor is that members of this community are totally willing to participate in criminal behavior for deals relating to drug use. MARIJUANA USE IS NOT PEACEFUL.

I am writing this from Bishop. I have no pity for anyone who gets prosecuted for drug infractions here.

I am somewhat enthusiastic that I am in small locations and the door slammers have done nothing but destroy these small areas reputation. This element in all groups straight and ethnic inclusive are ANTISOCIAL. The use of the negative reinforcement and relative philosophy are indications of serious COGNITIVE DEFECT.




LAPD is attempting to use a bisexual student as a citizen in place of citizenship or rights. This level incompetence is paired by recruiting cowardly corrupt persons to harass peoples that use real law. Who are some of these people they could be anyone from the so-called community. The drug community are the scapegoats.

If you would walk out on the streets the police LAPD to attempt to spread 100% the opposite.

A real complaint against WalMart is imminent. The history of Crescent City is extremely corrupt do to this lack of conscience. This is why using punishment as Three Strike Laws is 100% acceptable to me as well as capital punishment.

Management and Systems

Laughlin NV

March 14, 2006

The current levels of both management systems in practice and in education are failures that are overpriced. By demonstration the trend towards a culture of management has been neutralized by the failure of leadership which in degree is the head of the managers. This is reflective of both the for profit and non profit paradigms. None have solutions for this event and are simply attempting to go through the motions. Who will pay for the monetary damages and other real costs?



The entire population has participated and supported the corruption carte blanche. The appeals to quality of life are a vain thing when all the real diagnostics are not being used. This itself is corrupt practice. This government constantly chastises other states as China for sanitizing their records on human rights. Japan has openly embraced every opportunity to rewrite WWII history.

This website is undertaken as a Social Science based discovery journal. It is also spiritually based to a degree. I am attempting to continue a dialog on morality, philosophy, and faith on a Vamanadeva blog. Currently, I believe that my internet settings are not accepting cookies on blogs that are up. If this is not the case I will move the blog.

In degree I wish to live to see legal justice. I have witnessed the manner in which religious organizations have dispensed with issues as ISKCON and the Roman Catholic Church. I do not believe these types of organizations will address this event until after someone else breaks such open.

Spiritual Needs and Government

April 18, 2006

The relationship between one's spiritual needs and government has been a pernicious event throughout history. Religion is the principle that appears to justify mankind's greatest and most odious achievements.

In reality true substance is not relative and changeable so what we generically refer to as being Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist is indeed changeable and eternity is not.

The secularization of society has been reflected in the composition of the nationstate universally. The first principle of faith or majority rule has not always provided with the right to practice one's calling.

Muslims are in conflict over issues as clothing and prayer time in western countries. Buddhist, Vedantists, and Jews share plights over food regulations.

Here in the United States, a country whose origin was based on the alienation of Christians from the old world reflects the re emergence of the religion of material goods and their subsequent destruction as idols.

Who would want to foment mammonism and then destroy such? As odd as this practice may seem it is occurring.

In fact April 18, 2006 is the twentieth anniversary of the harassment that lead to a manifest Scorched Earth Program that the United States has not recognized.

June 17, 2006 will be the nineteenth anniversary of the code operation AKBAR.

Moral Obligation and Law

Dover DE

April 26, 2006

I have arrived in Delaware. What is obvious from my twenty year experience is that that human society is dependent and somewhat fraudulent. Such are wanting for some external factor as the police to permit or give the right to choose the lesser of two evils. By alienating myself the whole also marginally begins to degrade its equilibrium. The obligation to adhere to the standing law and not de facto sources is easily swept away in order to secure oneself or family.

I had to pass through the hinterland as Iowa. I have only marginal experience here but in a cyclic manner travel through the area. Certain parts of prairie New Mexico and Colorado have a similar small rural town atmosphere where individuals are vanilla and fudge and represent no nonsense virtue. Delaware has attempted to maintain this facade. It is painfully obvious that Dover is no small town. In the metro area there have been two homicides one more near the canal. At least two sexual infractions have occurred in the last two weeks.

Modelling Delaware is only supporting theories of population and structures in social disorder. Delaware is a symbolic line that has been breached. I do not wish to isolate this state from any other only to point out that attempting to create a myth is irrational.

I am predicting that Delaware will be in the top ten in Part I crime in 2010. It is fifteen currently.

Here we must close affirming that our obligations transcend various geographic identities. The point of no return is clearly breached by the lifespan of membership that supports the sustainability of this event.

This is increasing my confidence as I am resilient and am in excellent shape in comparison to said persons.


Dover DE

May 3, 2006

The condescending nature of LAPD to Delaware here is disgusting at best. I have no attachment to any geographic location. If you have been following along you will easily see how being renounced and equal will be advantageous in the long run and history. A common drug dealer is the model person here to be followed. This person would be lucky to earn $20,000 and $5,000 illegally. This is the local hero. There is a comparison here to San Luis Obispo County. This is one of the premier counties in the United States. I have lived in San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Monterey Counties all with similar demographics. Kent County Delaware has a median income of $29,000 and home price of $179,000. This is incredibly affordable. San Diego has a median income of $60,000 and a median home price of $480,000. The situation in the other three counties would be superior to San Diego.

LAPD is stilling attempting to aggrandize the prostitute, and she was a real hooker as equal to the females. Very poor. The entire population regardless of location is antisocial or has no conscious. There have been two homicides in the area and two gun events with state troopers. I have been here ten days.

I had predicted that LAPD would attempt to defend San Luis Obispo County do to demographics and prestige. In effect that Grand Old Tradition. I wonder if this has anything to do with any storied reputation of the quintessential California girl?

The Ends is the Measure

Open letter to Governor Minner, David Mitchell, Robert O'Neil, MacLeish, Seifert

There still persist a culture of de facto leadership in the State of Delaware that had been in continuo for the past twenty years.

The conditions of scorched earth and illegal electronic surveillance still persists. I have alleged in over 26 United States Federal Court pleadings that LAPD of Los Angeles is running this operation which places then clearly in violation of mutual aid violations from the Delaware Code.

What is unique is that in other jurisdictions Los Angeles PD will blame the Delaware State Police. As I have testified Federal Court:


Los Angeles Police Department CA

Baltimore Police Department MD

Delaware State Police

Co Principals

Baltimore Studio

There are seven members with various code names that mutilate evidence.

Slander has been very active. I have attended college from 2000 until then end of 2004. I have achieved a GPA of 3.8 over the past 60 credits. I have maintained a GPA of 3.18 with 149.5 transferable credits. I have a GPA of 3.32 with 130 credits in the University of California system which has their own criteria for accepting units.

I have successfully transferred and am a senior in good standing at Columbia College of MO.

Slander at public places as Green Tree Shopping Center, UPS, Staples, and Acme only damage the credibility of this state.

Another facet of this de facto culture is the creation of a red herring straw man.

LAPD and The Baltimore Studio are Gay Bisexual.

Totalitarian systems tend to isolate individuals and collectives from the whole.

In degree I have been a lifelong heterosexual including the years I have lived here. I have complained to the Delaware State Police Internal Affairs of the Gay Baiting of the Delaware State Police during Gerald Pepper which would also slander other one time or current residents of this area.

Sustainable Culture is a Latent Function

May 13, 2006

The sustainability of the culture is a sign that its long term values and survival skills are and have been adequate. Here in the United States one can peruse the http://fbi.gov site for accurate Part I and Part II felony offense. The Center for Disease and Control site http://www.cdc.gov has data on epidemiological events that it considers diseases and the like.

I posit such is that this event which is also an illegal social experiment will cross sectional lifespan type analysis at several levels. This may be individual to individual, group to group, county to county, and the like. The above two systems attempt to organize phenomena and correlate such but usually such attempts also will act like a filter.

One should attempt to discern one's lifespan, risk of aids or other transmittable or inheritable illness, rate of incarceration. and victimization. One should correlate this with ones county, state, and region.

To note Delaware is 15th in Part I Crime and 4 in AIDS.

The Identification of the Informant State

Siskiyou County CA

May 23, 2006

It has been some time since I have promised to write a theory page to support this journal. Actually there is a core foundation in federal court and the Library of Congress. Much of this data is being transmitted in a form of a code that is similar to gang babble. Police communications acts restrict the use of code by police officers. In degree in legal theory:

Head of State - Executive Branches

Department of Justice - Military - Law Enforcement


In modern democracy this is based on the creation of a citizen first. Usually actors in number two will become de facto or criminal. At this point they are under the colour of authority. They are informants not citizens. Any activity they create will be illegal. A criminal cannot create or dispense with law. A criminal or illegal head of state cannot sign any legislation into law. This is the case in which Augusto Pinochet is being legally dispensed with. If he is not the real head of state he could of not performed any legal acts in this capacity.

Hence if a police agency usurps it role and begins to dispense with the law, all this activity is illegal and subject to prosecution and its rewards to forfeiture. The usual pattern is the purging of opponents and the installation of informants (cronies in various positions). Here the citizenship and rule of law gives way to the survival of a parallel system that is parasitic to such as a disease on a body. All of the illegal actors energy is taken from that of the legal.

Defining and eliminating this abuse is paramount to being a civilized nationstate.

The Quality of Human Resources

Siskiyou County CA

May 31, 2006

One of the most pressing concerns in the management of a system is human resources. The President of the United States now has 300 million persons in residence in this country to manage. Upwards of 12 million individuals are thought to be illegal aliens.

In this consideration the constitutional life of all as well as the constitution itself is in jeopardy. There is no doubt that the black market environment is an injury to the constitutional state and a criminal event. This also creates a huge externality of accessory criminal events as document forgery, hiring illegal persons, and as well as subjecting these to the regular criminal population which jeopardizes such to crimes against the individual as robbery and assault.

At a lower level the President of the private firm has to manage one's employees or human resources. In this regard the condoning of the informant state which has persisted in this country for twenty years hence permits these workers to be manipulated y de facto forces ruining the credibility of the firms reputation and subjecting such to both criminal and civil liability.

To note in recent months:

Amtrak: This subsidized railway transportation service has employees that are have poor moral judgment and behavior. They are insensitive and unprofessional. They willing take part in the harassment of persons by slamming objects.

California Pines Lodge: This lodge in Alturas California while superficially appears acceptable has a poor culture of clients who are like wise vulgar.

First National Bank Of Wyoming: This small local bank in Delaware has very poor workers. Their tellers are the worst of any institution I have every been to. Their tellers are in danger of criminal as well as civil suits. They should have never been in this industry based on the culture of the behavior and attitude. This is an antisocial based person who should never have any responsibility or employment at a banking institution.

The Informant Culture

Mount Shasta CA

June 13, 2006

I am in Northern California. I am writing from Mount Shasta. Barbara Schneider has been identified as the head library technician at College of the Redwoods at Del Norte who has complaints lodged against her at the Chancellor and the District. LAPD and others wish to frame students as this person. A federal lawsuit is imminent.


There is also the HOAX of the drug culture to be dealt with regionally. I am in no way, shape, or form involved in illicit substance abuse of any kind. Already the subculture in Mount Shasta are showing their true colours and integrity. I have been a strong advocate of three strikes and ten twenty thirty gun felony legislation, and as well as antigang laws. there is a strong antisocial tendency in drugs due to that one must be an informant to deal drugs. This reflects a degradation in the values and ethics of the police and community. These persons which include a high incidence of females will be scapegoats as they attempt to set up their DEALS.

I have a strong interest in the administration of justice. If the police fall any further there will be a long range institutionalization of corruption that is lead out of this subsystem of the Department of Justice.

The Delaware State Police have just lost a $2 million dollar demand due to improper discipline of troopers in regards to a contaminated shooting range in Smyrna, Delaware.

Nineteenth Anniversary

Mount Shasta CA

June 17, 2006

This is the nineteenth anniversary of the electronic surveillance and emergence of the Scorched Earth campaign. This is also Queen's Day in England, Flag Day in the United States, and the day that Watergate was broken open.

This is quite an event for those into semantics. I am adjacent from Black Butte which is a small I guess volcano or mountain outside of Mount Shasta, California.

This event started in Delaware. The Delaware State Police are in a tailspin after losing more lawsuits and having an officer indicted and resign over allegations of evidence tampering. All this is covered on the blog and websites.

The Gay community should be more vigilant. They are going to loose big as they attempt to gain legitimacy and ignore this. The most dangerous aspect are those that have a militant orientation. They will get set up as scapegoats.

The Baltimore Studio or The Studio (If you choose to eliminate Aaron who may retire next year) are being propped up but are no more than straw men.

I do not use drugs or alcohol. I am adjacent to the Golden Triangle of marijuana production here in Northern California. The myth of the Grower and the reputation of this industry is both a target and sideshow.

I am suppose to emulate The Studio as they are closet marijuana growers. I am the antithesis of the cannabis culture. On reflection south of here in Placer County 17,000 plants were seized and a rifle. An armed individual escaped the raid.

I have called in a complaint to the Del Norte County Sheriff against head librarian Barbara Schneider of College of the Redwoods. This activity will exhaust at whatever venue within statute of limitations. This will be a showcase for this event at historical, legal and academic level.

The Sustainable Culture Survives

Mount Shasta McCloud CA

June 21, 2006

In the past month Israel has invaded Lebanon. Here in northern California I am adapting to having black bears and cougars as neighbors. The bears are only of the non aggressive type. Cougars are very highly strung animals. I love animals. Cougars are indeed better left off in the distance. Here my best intuitions have served well and I am amazed how a large predator has managed to survive in close quarters to humans. The bears show minimal interest in humans and simply prowl their turf. Cougars are more aggressive and will focus on an object of interest and scowl for a few minutes before moving on. This is quite scary.

I am awaiting my 45th birthday and have been contemplating on what my best opportunities are. Look for some new websites or additions to what are already available in the next month.

The Informant State

Mount Shasta McCloud CA

June 23, 2006

I have just purchased a pre calculus book. I am being self trained now in math since I am out of college. I had to do and redo Algebra I manipulations three times before such stuck in my mind. I only have a basic scientific calculator with no graphing capability. I hope to purchase a T 84 within one year.

Regardless I was able to perform limits and understand derivatives right off the bat. Conversely I do not know trigonometry but with a calculator can do some problems if the manipulations are algebraic.

In short analytical math comes close to solving the type of logical problems that are the impediments in a moral ethical leadership follower disintegration.

Here the creation of consciousness is not a direct output of mathematical manipulations or transformations.

In focus is the ancient problem of being an informant. If a law is known the breaking of such results in an injury. If roles as head of state and citizen are derived from a code of laws than any deviance from the prescribed norms and duties imposed by this system is de facto or criminal.

It is possible for the sovereign or head of state to be an informant as well as the citizen be a criminal. In positive law the government has the color of law.

My alienation results in the ommissive or criminal negligence of the president. Also the congress and the courts are suspect at the national level. As the police recruit citizens to harass me they become criminals. This is an old circular folly. It is similar in the modern sense to use a public computer to launch systematic attacks against a large target of computers. I was intrigued in the past when UC Berkeley has some of it's computers launch attacks as bots.


McCloud CA

August 12, 2006

I am finding my self away from the internet as late. Israel, Lebanon, and Hezbollah have announce a ceasefire that should occur Monday the 14th.

A major terrorist plot has been foiled in London that was a conspiracy to use liquid explosives to blow up as many as ten international flights into the USA.

I have already expressed my concern that MOEC total discredits an Israeli official who wishes to assert that they have established Israel's national security.

I have testified in federal court and on this website that the code name for this phase of the operation is AKBAR.

No one in the USA takes any of the poison or electronic surveillance seriously.

On the Sean Hannity radio program, I occasionally post on his site, someone stated that he should "ask the wizard for a brain."

The Red Herring Strawman site is up and running. The site will negate any invention of homosexual or bisexual history. Such is self explanatory.


In the Vedic Faith there is concept of svarupa or relationship with Krishna. The highest level of this rasa is madhurya lila or conjugal love. This is expressed as upwards to mahabhava which is the sole possession of Radharini.

LAPD is committing a tremendous offense as stating that madhurya lila equates to justifying mundane homosexuality. It would be a great offense to equate such to justify mundane heterosexuality.

This point can be used to exclude a false teacher as this statement is heretical.

I will elaborate on theological issues on this blog:


Endgame and New Beginnings

McCloud CA

August 20, 2006

I am wrapping up my stay in Siskiyou County. When I arrived here I stated to myself that I should triple the level and quality of my work. This is no understatement.

I am currently attempting to have Barbara Schneider, the Head Librarian Technician of College of the Redwoods TERMINATED. She is not a student. Her informant activities of harassment are one of the worst examples in United States history. If you look at such from a gender perspective she becomes a LIGHTENING ROD. She is married but has some bisexual history at a minimum.

LAPD will attempt to relay and hostage, extort, and blackmail to replicate the slamming of objects. This is part of what is criminal repertoire.

Siskiyou County has a background now of these acts. Basically this is Mount Shasta, Weed, Yreka, and McCloud. The locals and drug community which is highly developed for this areas size (around 50,000) in these activities.

The informant based culture or those carry out criminal acts for LAPD is widespread everywhere. The county jurisdiction can also be the state. At a higher level the federal jurisdiction with the FBI or DOJ acting on under the color of authority or civil rights acts is a near certainty.

Ten years ago I was living in New Mexico in transition from Springer to Ruidoso. I was told that Ruidoso would burn down; that is a ridge of 1 million dollar homes. When I arrived here I stated that one should not be surprised if this place burns to the ground. There are at least four major fires burning. A helicopter has crashed killing two firefighters. The same even occurred in Mendocino near 9-11 when two air tankers collided killing the crew.

Religion and the Strawman

McCloud CA

August 27, 2006

I am attempting to leave McCloud for the second day. This event has entered a serious transition of personnel. If one would base this on my age of 45 on August 3, in 15 years or 2021 fifteen years would have passed.

I believe that most perhaps two thirds of the personnel in LAPD and The Baltimore Studio would be dead, retired, or sick.

Narayana Maharaj is a Gaudiya Vaishnava diksa guru. He has emerged through the Gaudiya Math. He supports the homosexual devotee system to some degree. In Gaudiya Vaishnavism there are four rules:

No Meat eating

No illicit sex

No drugs

No gambling

I have read an article on his site that if a devotee followed these rules there would be no problem:


I am a ritvik devotee and support that the Vedic conclusion is that heterosexuality is the only form sex life that is sanctioned by Sri Krishna.

I have lived from May to the present here in Siskiyou County. Since the day I arrived I have totally advocated exposing the fraud that amounts to torture here. LAPD, The Baltimore Studio, and the Delaware State Police are the main movers. The harassment as the slamming of doors, being an informant as laying in wait at stores, and supporting the corrupt agents or stating that I do is abusive.

Aaron, Jim, and George of The Baltimore Studio all weigh now at over 280 lbs. Aaron is 284, Jim 293,and George 303.

The latter two also have heavy credit card debts that they had to ring up to cover their small marijuana growing. This is probably no bigger than a month to month closet setup.

The entire Baltimore Studio engages in such and will most likely never get arrested for such save maybe Escuche who weighs 225 lbs.

They will go bankrupt due to revolving credit. A $10,000 credit card balance at 18.50% will double in 3.89 years or almost 3 years 11 months. This is 72 divided by the rate will yield time.

The blackmail and intimidation encompassed everyone in the surveillance. I do not do drugs and do not wish to be a local drug dealer. I do no idolize these figures from this location or another as Delaware.

The journal entries that began with May 2006 may be gathered and sent to California State officials and major media writers among others.

The Circular Folly

Alturas CA

September 17, 2006

I am in town to have some dental work. My family has a small plot of land in the area which is quite scenic and is most likely the last chance of buying affordable land that is not in 110 degree desert or on top a mountain for about $10,000 an acre. I would say any land that is developable and is available in a one acre parcel is about $30,000 in California. There are many market sectors in this state and this is only an observation.

LAPD still will attempt to isolate and develop a circular folly that begins with New Raman Reti, Florida, an ISKCON Hare Krishna commune. The concept of Madhurya lila or the conjugal rasa or relation is also invoked. This is a highly advanced matter. Narayana Maharaj who was touched upon in the prior post is concerned to be advanced by will not be totally respected on all issues concerning Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

LAPD falsely attempts to equate Madhurya Lila to homosexuality which is called prakitajaya sahijaya or a pretender.

From here this abuse has extended to a prostitute in Morro Bay and then to Barbara Schneider who has a formal complaint being attached to her record at College of the Redwoods for harassment. In substitution one of the nicest students at Cuesta College is being used to hostage me and others instead of having United States Constitutional Rights used. This is a very subtle point.

The LGBT community and the straight community, I would state about 90 percent of the population are creating the conditions of their own elimination. Modoc County has a population of about 30,000. There have been only two AIDS cases here with zero active now.

Torture, Transparency and History

Alturas CA

September 22, 2006

Autumn has arrived. Instead of completing Myth of the Contemporary as I had intended I am going to use these websites as a book called The Journals. My main presentation is Origin, Myth of the Contemporary Man, and the legal work presented on: http://nollmeyer.tripod.com

A journal in this format is is an interdisciplinary discovery or investigation. I am stressing religious, legal, and civil prosecution.

I totally believe that the texture is closing fast. The arc of lifespan is showing itself to be a true constant in that everyone will become incapacitated and or die.

Norm Vroman, the DA of Mendocino County, California has just suffered a major heart attack and is in critical condition. I was there in September of 2001 just prior to 9-11. In fact I was in the Ft. Bragg police department filing complaints against law enforcement personnel. I have a complaint filed with him without making an official record.

On this day a speed lab had deliberately set fire to it's components causing a wildfire which resulted in a tanker plane to crash killing at least one person.

The fire made the air so bad I left for Delaware and was present there for 9-11.

Mendocino County is one of the worst jurisdictions as far as human rights violations are concerned.

LAPD wishes to shield such as there is a large LGBT population. They are no different than anyone else concerned and would have a large amount of persons prosecuted when this event becomes recognized from here or elsewhere.

I may include a page on Mendocino on the website: http://powereality.net/collegeoftheredwoods.htm

The Destruction of History: Circular Folly

Fall River Mills CA

October 2, 2006

I am about to leave this small town in which I took a brief respite before what I hop is my final dental appointment for the year. LAPD continues to use the same failed tactics on every location. Conversely I have openly stated that I will and have to maintain the same treatment towards everyone as I travel a huge amount of the United States.

This is why I advocate the universal treatment of persons under a common norm or right on torture. So called conservatives advocate John Locke and the social contract treaty which is based on natural rights. The Republican neo cons are now following Edmund Burke who does not argue any abstract right for the individual.

LAPD continues to act as a WIZARD to the unwitting informants of every town as they engage in Scorch Earth and social wrecking. The tactics state that I am Gay or bisexual, drug dealer, biker, listen to heavy metal music, am in awe of the junior college students of the schools I went to in California, this is inclusive of student who have attended the University of California, and emulate a configuration of The Baltimore Studio or The Studio, and support the Delaware State Police involvement in this attack.

LAPD calls themselves dealers. This is racketeering. The town of Fall River Mills in Shasta County has 500 persons. In the surrounding countryside there are several large ranchers and landowners. I do not believe they are going anywhere. I am totally dug in this country especially in the regional and legal history of the west. In the last ten years this would include New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada,California, Colorado, and increasingly Oregon and perhaps Utah.

The localists do not realize that I have a very strong consistent presentation to the United States Federal Court, Homeland Security Secretaries, United States Congress, state governors, and the United Nations.

I am becoming versed in the administration of justice. I have a very education perhaps double that of the average certified code officer. My pre social science background is an excellent complement to the two year certification that most agencies require. These persons are a constant as they are sworn and know the persons who are abusers which are in increasingly small rural locations.

It would be almost guaranteed that every person in a small town like Fall River Mills would get interviewed under criminal penalty of law.

This is most likely to lead to a Gordian not of contradiction as persons defect to LAPD and get caught in defending corruption.

The Red Herring Continues

Bishop CA

October 6, 2006

I am passing through Bishop, California on my way to Blythe. This event as I have state previously stated was designed with Inyo County in mind. If this is ever prosecuted under statutes of limitations this area is going to suffer mortal damage. It is easily in the top ten percent worst populations on human rights violations. It has been the worst. New Mexico is now passing through a ten year statute of limitations period based on RICO statutes.

A capital offense could change this that is attributed to this abuse.

What is unique and incompetent is LAPD in malicious ignorance stills attempts to gay bait me. I am attempting to address this issue on the Redherring Strawman site.

LAPD is attempting to state that I support ex Congressman Foley who has resigned and now admits he is Gay and was molested by a Catholic priest as a teenager.

Now Rosie O'Donnel has emerged as culture hero for me. This is ridiculous. To know one is to love one. This is a very common informal fallacy of association.

The most ludicrous attempt in this consideration is to build up any member The Baltimore Studio or The Studio as hero. I have been opposed to them since day one. They are going to be one of the biggest embarrassments in HISTORY period.

I am forty five years of age and have a minimum of contact with popular culture. I would not even watch television accept the background noise comes in handy when I travel at motels.

To return to Bishop, LAPD is still attempting to defame me based on academic ability. They should never mention any of the junior colleges I have attended.

The aggrandizement of Barbara Schneider, Chief Librarian Technician of College of the Redwoods should never occur. She remains a lightning rod as poster girl for antisocial behavior and the morally incompetent person.

Inyo County is a gray county in my estimation. There are a lot of olde timers that are dying out. The area has used to cheap shot and corruption to sustain this scorched earth campaign. Mammoth Lakes and Inyo county have so called environmentalists that are only show bottle. The ecological damage would guarantee that my claims are backed even if I become incapacitated.

Differentiating the Victor

Blythe CA

November 1, 2006

There are many possible variables which may come to support the overall victorious position. If one argues that an accurate history is a determinant than I have a near monopolistic advantage. The ruling elites are condoning this abuse. Such appears satisfactory as long as economic and power sharing are not impinged upon.

There are the constant demonization events occurring, that I am LGBT, that I support the Baltimore Studio or The Studio, am a D student, am obese, and will support the liberal Democratic platform.

All these events are false propaganda contingent on totalitarian isolation and condoning by the United States government.

I have clearly moved away from entertainment. Even journalism is a mix of news and fabrication to amuse one. Being patient and waiting for criminal and civil prosecution is realistic.

I am about to consolidate all my webs sites and email the mainstream writers. This will hopefully aid in the future to smash the propaganda being generated.

The Bush Administration is facing an uphill battle in attempting to stay the course in Iraq. I believe that such is a civil war and has been for some time. Over 70 soldiers have been killed this month.


I predict however that the Democrats will win the election in November.

The Democrats Win

Blythe CA

November 8, 2006

The Democrats appear to have won control over the United States Congress. This includes about 24 seats in the House Of Representatives and Six Senate seats. The Virginia seat of George Allen may be contested until December.

Donald Rumsfeld has resigned as Secretary of Defense. The Democrats now have subpoena power. This is a very important issue. Corruption was a factor in 74% of voters. Karl Rove may be next. It is possible that Vice President Cheney could exit over health concerns.

I support conservative issues and human rights. I will not be saddened by the Republican defeat.

I will add commentary as I make a more deliberate analysis of the consequences.

Journalism Under Attack

Blythe CA

December 1, 2006

The recent killing of ex KGB spy Alexander Litvenko has intriguing parallels. The substance used in his poisoning in London, UK was polonium 210 which is by far a sundry item. The deceased has claimed retaliation from Vladimir Putin & Co. The substance is produced in specialized nuclear facilities.

Litvenko was receiving documentation about murdered journalists in the CIS.

The Entertainment and Media Failure

Blythe CA

December 10, 2006

Happy Holidays!!!

This will be the last post dated for this year. I may switch servers and or consolidate all sites hopefully by February. I have stated that I wished to create a LAPD site. This may have to wait until 2007.

I have recently come to regret not taking a more assertive posture against the Entertainment Sports Media Complex. The current tactics have been to use a DSM IV concept of dependent personality and malingering. This profiling concept has one lost in personality development idolizing pop figures and drug dealers. I believe all persons grow and emerge with a manifest or unmanifest hero.

When I was a youth I was a jock. I was a fairly competent all around athlete. I have never taken steroids which is a factor in this event. Many high school amateurs on upwards have used performance enhancing substances.

Regardless, I should have moved more aggressively against the media as Suzanne Malveux at the White House. I am not attempting to isolate this CNN journalist but one whose career apogee is covering the president and having access to such is fair game.

Popular musicians and movie stars have not done anything worth mentioning from my point of view. Bono of U2 and Angelina Jolie are two of the more covered entertainment superstars who have amassed sizable fortunes while I have endured this event.

I believe Angelina Joile is part Japanese and Bono comes from Dublin, Ireland where I have direct ancestors.

I do not see how one can state that I am being inspired by such figures. Their work was done under the control of censorship. Shostakovich of the old USSR has endured stigmatism due to production under Stalin.

I believe there should be equal treatment for all the arts, not the current culture war bias.

Happy New Year!!!

Blythe CA

December 26, 2006

Happy New Year!!! The new year will bring a clearer focus between Homeland Security and Human Rights. All code enforcement has been restructured under this concept.

It is clear that every level of all culture is clearly not directly concerned with the sustainability of the human species or the nationstate.

I have just heard that Saddam Hussein's death sentence must be carried out within thirty days.

It is my clear position that I seek criminal and civil resolution to this crisis. LAPD insists on using me to front their LGBT agenda. THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF COMPREHENDING THAT THEY HAVE DAMAGED THE SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT OF THIS GROUP. IN DEGREE ALL LGBT issues will be discussed here:


The new sites focus the main persons and structures in play. The parameters of Systems will come into focus as well as content as Gaudiya Vaishnavas as the Vedas. The latter will be only lightly elaborated but LAPD is attempting to front this religious movement which they have been able to penetrate.

This must be observed from a top down perspective. The Vedas are an elaboration of the Absolute Truth and eternal law. A circular folly is being developed which is no more than a kangaroo with primarily ISKCON entrapped.

The use of informal fallacies will also be elaborated upon.

The direct linkage of personalities as Barack Obama and John McCain et al. will most likely occur on:


All of the sites are being reviewed and some downsizing is likely.

The focus also will be more direct as time progresses and be more assertive.

The Informant State

Blythe CA

December 29, 2006

The rule of law and primary rights are integral to the survival of the modern nationstate. In the United States this would be the Bill of Rights and internationally the UDHR or the ICCPR of the United Nations.

The current anarchy hinges on the usurpation of security agents LAPD whom substitute their agenda for rights and duty under law. This event is carried in part as an experiment of social engineering. I am not free but am permitted to work as in this website and complaints as recent claim at the Department of Education against Barbara Schneider of College of the Redwoods.

As the population of the country attacks me they also erode the confidence in the rights and rule of law that also protects them.

President Gerald Ford has recently died and is symptomatic of condoning the abuses to retain power for the interests of his paradigm.

Defection outside of the Bill of Rights would create an informant. Under these sound considerations we exist in an Informant State. As such the poisoning of the environment only will damage informants. This is an overwhelming REALITY.

Saddam Hussein in retrospective is facing an imminent execution.