In Re: David Nollmeyer

Nollmeyer v. Holiday Market

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Nollmeyer v. Holiday Market 

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U.S. District Court



Nollmeyer v. Holiday Market

Filed: 11/24/99
Assigned to: Judge Garland E Burrell
Referred to: Magistrate Judge Gregory G Hollows
Demand: $0,000
Nature of Suit: 470
Lead Docket: None
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Dkt # : is 1:99-mc-00111
Cause: 28:1331 Federal Question: Other Civil Rights

DAVID NOLLMEYER                   David Nollmeyer
                                    plaintiff                    [COR LD NTC] [PRO SE]
                                    1460 Central Church Rd
                                    Dover, DE 19904
                                    HOLIDAY MARKET


DATE     #                   DOCKET     ENTRY

10/6/99 1 ORDER by Magistrate Judge Sandra M. Snyder ORDERING Case TRANSFERRED to the Eastern District of California, Sacramento Division (cc: all counsel) (cc: all counsel) (mm) [Entry date 10/07/99]
10/7/99 2 TRANSMITTAL of documents to the Eastern District of California, Sacramento (file includes transfer order, transmittal letter, application to proceed in forma pauperis, and original complaint) (mm) [Entry date 10/07/99]
10/12/99 -- MAIL from Fresno Office: transfer order, IFP, and new case information (pp) [Entry date 10/13/99]
10/12/99 3 MOTION to proceed in forma pauperis by plaintiff David Nollmeyer (pp) [Entry date 10/13/99]
11/24/99 4 ORDER by Magistrate Judge Gregory G. Hollows ORDERING motion to proceed in forma pauperis by plaintiff David Nollmeyer [3-1] GRANTED; clerk is directed to open a civil action; clerk is directed to lodge complaint; complaint is DISMISSED (cc: all counsel) (kdc) [Entry date 11/24/99]
11/24/99 5 COMPLAINT, IFP granted, assigned to Judge Garland E Burrell, referred to Magistrate Judge Gregory G. Hollows (dd) [Entry date 11/29/99]
1/5/00 6 AMENDED COMPLAINT [5-1] by plaintiff David Nollmeyer (gm) [Entry date 01/06/00]
3/15/00 7 FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Accordingly, for plaintiff's failure to timely comply with the order filed 11/24/99,, and because further amendment of the complaint would be futile, it is recommended that this action be dismissed with prejudice by Magistrate Judge Gregory G. Hollows RECOMMENDING n; (cc: all counsel) (gm) [Entry date 03/15/00]
3/30/00 8 OBJECTIONS by plaintiff David Nollmeyer to magistrate's findings and recommendations (gm) [Entry date 03/31/00]
4/10/00 9 ORDER by Judge Garland E. Burrell ORDERING findings & recommendation order [7-1] ADOPTED CASE DISMISSED (cc: all counsel) (kdc) [Entry date 04/10/00]

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END OF DOCKET: 2:99cv2342