In Re: David Nollmeyer

United States Circuit Court of Appeals

US Federal Court Appendix
Nollmeyer v. Laney
Nollmeyer v. DE State Police
Nollmeyer v. Doe
Nollmeyer V. U.S.A.G.
Nollmeyer v. Inyo Co Sheriff
Nollmeyer v. USPS
Nollmeyer v. Davis
Nollmeyer v. Pete Wilson For Gov, et al
Nollmeyer v. Holiday Market
Nollmeyer v. Lockyer, et al
Nollmeyer v. Lockeyer, et al (MC-101)
Nollmeyer v. New Raman Reti
Nollmeyer v. Reno et al (Fl)
Case Descriptions
United States Circuit Court of Appeals
Nollmeyer v. Delaware State Police, et al.
Nollmeyer Versus Doe

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According to international law, domestic law, and theory I have attempted to exhaust the complaint. The first complaint at the Federal level was in New Mexico:

    • United States District For New Mexico - CV-95-1039
    • Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals - CV-97-2306
    • United States Supreme Court - CV-98-7015

The Tenth Circuit case Order and Judgment may be viewed here: