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Nollmeyer v. Laney
Nollmeyer v. DE State Police
Nollmeyer v. Doe
Nollmeyer V. U.S.A.G.
Nollmeyer v. Inyo Co Sheriff
Nollmeyer v. USPS
Nollmeyer v. Davis
Nollmeyer v. Pete Wilson For Gov, et al
Nollmeyer v. Holiday Market
Nollmeyer v. Lockyer, et al
Nollmeyer v. Lockyer, et al (MC-101)
Nollmeyer v. New Raman Reti
Nollmeyer v. Reno et al (Fl)
Case Descriptions
United States Circuit Court of Appeals
Nollmeyer v. Delaware State Police, et al.
Nollmeyer Versus Doe

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Nollmeyer Versus Laney

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 92-CV-862 - This action was brought to dispute my course record at Laney College, Oakland California. The case covers administrative law. This area of civil law focuses here on promotions and demotions. The time period was the 1984 - 1985.  

Nollmeyer versus Delaware State Police

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-CV-488 - This complaint reflects an action brought in the Federal District of New Mexico that does not have a Pacer entry. Here a jurisdictional defect is addressed as this agency had officers on electronic surveillance based in the District of Delaware. This is an important issue in complexity of jurisdiction and interstate stalking.

Nollmeyer versus Doe

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-CV-503 - This action in the United States District for Delaware was against an unnamed Officer Dow who was killed in a shotgun mishap. This occurred immediately after June 17, 1987. Earlier in my life members of the Delaware State Police would interfere in school proceedings in the Caesar Rodney School District and pass around shotgun rounds. Such are usually reloads for practice. This officer was killed in Alabama in advanced shotgun training. He would of had some insight into the beginning of de facto events that now have an national impact. The Delaware State Police command structure are correctly in jurisdiction for this complaint.

Nollmeyer versus U.S.A.G.

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-CV-487 - This case addresses then United States Attorney General Janet Reno by her office. The court affirms that the Attorney General has absolute power to press or dismiss charges. This begs the question as to if such is competent or is malicious or frivolous in judgment.

Nollmeyer versus Inyo Co. Sheriff

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-CV-5600 - This case extends from an attempt to address local, state, federal, and international authorities in a systematic manner. The California State Court System has a complicated service of documents which is a barrier. The United States Federal Court System permits for service bt mail. Inyo County is the second largest coubty in the United States with a static population of about 20,000. The Sheriff was already implicated in theft from the department. This will bring to focus a dubious list of law enforcement failures and dismissals in the jurisdictions that I have physically and legally been a resident.

Nollmeyer versus USPS

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-CV-5600 - This case reflects interference by the United States Post Office in Bishop, California. In general the United States Post Office has been the worst and abusive handler of court records in contrast to private carriers. The quality of the patrons at this post office is extremely abusive. A person has the right to be secure in one's own person and documents. One has a right to confront one's government. The actual Constitution of the United States only covers the organization of the United States such as creating the Post Office. One has to peruse the amendments for substantitive rights.

Nollmeyer versus Davis

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-CV-5151 - In this action the US Attornies in Sacramento that handle pro se litigants filed the complaint under RICO statutes. This is the Racketeered influeced Corrupt Organization act. In what I believe to be a profoud and transparent attempt to define the SYSTEM of abuse, a system being the highest level of oragnization in this instance competing directly with the sovereignity of the United States. Grey Davis would come to lose his job in a recall in 2003. There are a stirng of removals of offiicials in entities that have been addressed by formal official records by David Nollmeyer.

Nollmeyer versus Pete Wilson for Governor

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-CV-5152 - Here in this case I sued under the civil rights act also chosen by the US Attorney's that assist pro se litigants. This is a legacy of the Martin Luther King Jr. era. One should consult 42:1983 Civil Rights Act.

What is intersting here is that a tremendous amount of persons that fashion themselves as followers of civil rights and Martin Luther King are going to historically find themselves entrapped and stung by de facto elements of LAPD.

Nollmeyer versus Holiday Market

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-CV-2342 - This action against Holiday Market was for the mutilation and/or destruction of film that I had made here. There usually is a staging(?) of a rape when I travel here. It the same pickup with a very scary rape scenario with a girl screaming for help. This has happened two times. I had photos of tire tracks and other elements that were never returned by Holiday Market. I called the authorities both times and there are records.

Nollmeyer versus Lockyer

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-MC-100 - In this instance Attorney General Lockyer CA and Chief Bernard Parks were brought under the RICO statutes. This was one of the first RICO suits against LAPD for corrupt practices. This would of been corroborated by the later Rampart RICO suits which LAPD had dismissed but settled for $70 million this year. Bernard Parks would come to not be rehired. I discussed this case for about five minutes with then City Attorney James Hahn who became Mayor. Hahn lost his first election in 2005. This case is technically still open.

Nollmeyer versus Lockyer et al.

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-MC-101- This case is reflective of the case supra but includes other data as the red herring tactics. This is gay baiting by gays. This includes data on the Baltimore Studio which are technically out of jurisdiction. The other main repondent is Bernard Parks then chief of LAPD. The judge struck much crucial evidence from the record. This case is technically still open.

Nollmeyer versus New Raman Reti

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 99-CV-215 - This case in the Northern District of Florida also proceeds under the Civil Rights Act, 42 28 USC. Here I litigate the Hare Krishna Farm of New Ramen Reti. Here the aperture of what some dissidents and reformers of this authentic movement of Chaitanya (a Vedic Holy Man Circa 1500s) call cult tactics is presented. There is a brainwashing episode mentioned but it is isolated one on one. The person mentioned in the complaint is still a sannyasi. The complaint was asked to be read as a class action for other devotees who did not break Federal or ISKCON rules and therefore victimized by impunity. LAPD who essentially roves harassing persons as a higher structural de facto mover is mentioned. They are out of jurisdiction. The jurisdiction would be Alachua County Sheriff at the state level. The Hare Krishna Movement ISKCON is settling a 9 to 15 million dollar award by having creditors release parties. I stand to receive 500 to 1500 which is subjective and not a guarantee. A similar episode in Boston has netted $80,000 over a decade ago.

Nollmeyer Versus Reno et al,

CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 00-CV-13 - Here I traveled, hitchhiked from San Luis Obispo California to Florida to Chipley, Florida. I did not believe that the Judge was taking into account the severity of the environment, hence scorched earth by placing chemicals into combustion engines. This is Janet Reno's home state and she lives in the Jurisdiction in question.