In Re: David Nollmeyer

Nollmeyer v. Delaware State Police, et al.

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United States Circuit Court of Appeals
Nollmeyer v. Delaware State Police, et al.
Nollmeyer Versus Doe

Nollmeyer v. Delaware State Police, et al.

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US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

Case Summary

 Court of Appeals Docket #: 99-5631                          

 Filed: 8/27/99

 Nsuit: 3440 Civil Rights: Other

 Nollmeyer v. DE State Police, et al

 Appeal from: U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware


 Lower court information:

      District: 0311-1: 99-cv-00488

      Trial Judge: Joseph J. Farnan, Jr., Chief Judge


8/27/99         CIVIL CASE DOCKETED.  Notice filed by David Nollmeyer. (ch)


8/27/99         RECORD, received. (ch)


9/10/99         MOTION by Appellant David Nollmeyer to proceed in forma pauperis, filed. (ch)


9/27/99         ORDER (Director of the Staff Attorneys' Office) granting motion by Appellant to proceed in forma pauperis. This appeal will be submitted to a panel for the Court for determination under 28 U.S.C.                  Section 1915(e) (2). The Court also will consider any other appropriate action, such as affirmance of the order of the District Court.

                     ZZ_See Third Circuit Internal Operating Procedure 10.6, filed.

                     EPS-412 PANEL ID (ch)


9/28/99          FIRST SUPPLEMENTAL RECORD, received. (ch)


10/26/99        Certified copy of 9/27/99 Order sent to Clerk of District Court. (ch)


2/3/00           Submitted for possible dismissal pursuant to 1915(e) (2). Coram: Sloviter, Mansmann and Greenberg, Circuit Judges. (ch)


2/18/00         NOT-FOR-PUBLICATION PER CURIAM OPINION (Sloviter, Mansmann and Greenberg, Circuit Judges), filed. BPS-088. Total Pages: 2. (ch)


2/18/00          JUDGMENT, Dismissing pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section

                      1915(e) (2)(B)(i), filed. (ch)


3/17/00          MANDATE ISSUED, filed. (ch)


3/17/00          RECORD RETURNED. (ch)


3/17/00          1st SUPPLEMENTAL RECORD returned. (ch)