This small sketch defines a game of chicken of which many young persons in western countries go through. Here in Inyo County California over 20 traffic fatalities occur for 20,000 residents. The amount of persons or sibling cohorts that have been killed as drivers or passengers here and in my vicinity must be investigated.

Periander was the codename of the LAPD officer who ran this event into the early 1980s. The linkage to drug dealing, alcohol consumption, and dating that is linked to police is the issue.

Toward A Further Study of MOEC

Normative High School Perspective Identity


Within the concept of administrative procedure, due process can be seen as an integral component concerning command and orders within the hierarchy of administration of justice.

The simple game of Chicken is often an aperture to the comprehension of Prisoner's Dilemma. Here this classic strain is now a universal archetype in the indoctrination of MOEC. In cultures that have automobiles available, this ritual of dating is becoming clearly entangled by the police. One should take keen insight into the concept of mens rea (criminal intent) and actus rea (criminal act) in this sting operation.

In an entrapment a key to success is the perspectivism and performance of the police, agents, and suspects in the surveillance. For the purposes of this operation, the administration of justice is the focal system or the target system to be analyzed. This miniature sting operation has an origin in the Greek Spindle of Necessity. There are multitudes of miniature entrapments in MOEC that come to weave a Gordian Knot. The simple game of Chicken is an accurate model to explain brinkmanship at macro levels as international relationship.

A youth of the name of John is told by an associate a similar young female Jane, that her friend Mary has an attraction for him. This arrangement is used to keep John from embarrassment if he were to approach Mary and be refused.

An order is made by Captain Periander for Jane to approach another similar friend of both, Mark, to make it known that Mary is available for a date. (This is argued as being emanated or coming from Luke. Luke is a friend who has stolen a stereo worth 100 dollars from a vehicle.

Mark tells John that Mary is available for the date. John is willing and pleased. Mark also is willing to be part of the date and asks his father for use of his vehicle and twenty dollars. Periander would posit that the twenty dollars would come from him.

Now another young female Ruth, a cheerleader who has an excellent reputation and grades helps in encouraging the date. She is approached by Officer Doe I. This comes from Albert, the local marijuana dealer; an individual who purchases $500.00 worth of marijuana at a time. He distributes the marijuana in 1/4(112g) lb, 1oz. (28g), and 1/2 oz (14g) amounts.

Jill is another student who smokes marijuana. The choice to go on the date comes from her. She is approached by Officer Doe I.

Paul is twenty years old as is known as a purchaser of alcohol for under age persons. This comes from Officer Doe I.

The date is offered. Mary accepts. John will pick Mary and Jill up and then proceed to an event. Afterwards they will travel to a casual hangout where young persons around 16-17 usually congregate and cruise their automobiles. The territoriality that surrounds the site has a road with a few dangerous curves. Persons are known for their skill in negotiating these curves at high speeds. Luke also suggests this location to John. This comes from Mary's mother.

The night of the event has come. John has his father's vehicle and thirty dollars. Twenty dollars are from his father and ten are his own.

Marijuana is purchased from another source, a 1/4 oz., about twenty dollars worth slightly better than commercial grade. This comes from Mary.

John picks up Mary and Jill. They proceed to find Paul to purchase alcohol. Jill contributes a few dollars. The event was a success. Some marijuana is smoked and a combination of distilled liquor consumed. Paul is approached by Officer Doe II. This came from John.

The event is attended. The students enjoy their evening. They then decide to go out for a ride. The remnants of the alcohol are consumed. All have consumed mixed drinks and beer. All are definitely inebriated past the .08 statute limit. Jill is then dropped off at her house.

John and Mary drive to the prescribed location. John increases his speed to impress Mary. He approaches a curve and is negligent in negotiating the stretch of road. The car is totalled. The ensuing crash is fatal to both individuals.

The ensuing investigation does not ask for blood tests. A small furor erupts. The individuals, schools, and community all interact together.

The first marijuana dealer and the thief did not know the date was occurring.

The event will be reconciled by all going their own way. Enough carnage has occurred. No charges will be pressed.