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George Herbert Walker Bush was born on June 12, 1924, in Milton, Massachusetts, to Dorothy Walker Bush and Prescott Bush. His father was a Republican Senator for Connecticut, from 1952 to 1962.

On his 18th birthday he enlisted in the armed forces. Bush was the youngest pilot in the Navy when he received his wings. He flew 58 combat missions during World War II. He was shot down by Japanese antiaircraft fire and was rescued from the water by a U. S. submarine. George Bush was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery for his service to his country.

Bush married Barbara Pierce in January 1945. They had six children, George, Robin ,who died as a child, John, known as Jeb, Neil, Marvin, and Dorothy.

Bush was elected a Senator from Connecticut in 1952. He served two terms as a Representative to Congress from Texas. His resume in public service is consummate: Ambassador to the United Nations, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Chief of the U. S. Liaison Office in the People's Republic of China, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan selected George Bush to be his running mate. On January 20, 1981, Mr. Bush was sworn in for the first of two terms as Vice President. It was during this tenure George Bush earned a reputation of loyalty and faith that would enable him to become the 41st president of the United States in 1988.

As Vice President Mr. Bush coordinated Administration efforts to combat international terrorism and wage the international war on drugs.

In 1988 Bush won the Republican nomination for President. He selected distant cousin Senator Dan Quayle of Indiana as his running mate. In November he defeated Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.

As president George Bush brought to the White House a dedication to traditional American values. He was a precursor to the compassionate conservatism that his son would later peruse toward stating to make the United States "a kinder and gentler nation."

President Bush demonstrated an inclination towards foreign policy, President Bush sent American troops into Panama to overthrow the corrupt regime of General Manuel Noriega. Noriega was brought to the United States for trial as a drug trafficker. He is serving a life sentence.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1991, then threatened to move into Saudi Arabia. Bush rallied the United Nations, Congress, and the public. Some 425,000 American troops joined by 118,000 troops from allied nations defeated Iraq. The result was the 100 hour land battle dubbed Desert Storm.

Bushes popularity soon waned. Domestic issues as a faltering economy, violence in inner cities, and continued high deficit spending helped Democrat William Clinton defeat bush in his re election bid 1992.

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The Bush Cabinet
Office Name Term
President George H. W. Bush 1989 1993
Vice President Dan Quayle 1989 1993
Secretary of State James Baker 1989 1992
Lawrence Eagleburger 1992 1993
Secretary of Treasury Nicholas Brady 1989 1993
Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney 1989 1993
Attorney General Dick Thornburgh * 1989 1991
William Barr 1991 1993
Secretary of the Interior Manuel Lujan 1989 1993
Secretary of Agriculture Clayton Yeutter 1989 1991
Edward Madigan 1991 1993
Secretary of Commerce Robert Mosbacher 1989 1992
Barbara Hackman Franklin 1992 1993
Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Dole 1989 1990
Lynn Martin 1991 1993
Secretary of Health and
Human Services
Louis Sullivan 1989 1993
Secretary of Education Lauro Cavazos 1989 1990
Lamar Alexander 1990 1993
Secretary of Housing and
Urban Development
Jack Kemp 1989 1993
Secretary of Transportation Samuel Skinner 1989 1992
Andrew Card 1992 1993
Secretary of Energy James Watkins 1989 1993
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Ed Derwinski 1989 1993
Chief of Staff John H. Sununu 1989 1991
Samuel Skinner 1991 1992
James Baker 1992 1993
Administrator of the
Environmental Protection Agency
William Reilly 1989 1993
Director of the Office of
Management and Budget
Richard Darman 1989 1993
Director of the Office of
National Drug Control Policy
Bob Martinez 1993 1993
United States Trade Representative Carla Anderson Hills 1989 1993