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Irrationalist Presidents Summary

The alienation of myself defines one of the classic arguments and concrete cases of Political Philosophy. This is the equilibrium between the rights of the individual versus the state: The Sovereign Subject Relationship. In the United States there is a standing legal constitution in place with a Bill of Rights that provide for primary rights which are the key to civil life in this country.

If such fails are there other resources as International Law, moral philosophy, and religion available? The answer is yes. The immediate concern here is to define the de facto and negligent conduct of members of the presidency that have formed a Perfect Dictatorship.

The Constitution essentially creates the components of government. The amendments, especially the Bill of Rights grant the substantive rights of citizenship which are to be protected by the state.

It is clear from history that on June 17, 1987 the year of the 200th anniversary of the United States Constitution, that Ronald Reagan did not act to uphold the law as a sworn president, nor did he instruct other competent authorities as the Department of Justice, in this case Attorney General Edwin Meese to intervene to prevent the alienation of my rights which in continuo over 30 years or one generation under a chemical and electronic assault.

It is clear that a decadence was planned as a Singularity. This act is in continuo and is an exponential Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with a red herring attached which is romance based. It's substance is polymorphous perversity or sexually based ad hominem attacks.

When one individual is alienated from his or her rights the collective and nationstate suffers proportionally.

This event also functions as a symbiotic attack against Technological Singularity.

Ronald Reagan continued to act in a dependent posture setting a deteriorating standard for the office. A circle of persons also were arranged through defection to perpetuate the Myth of the Presidency as partisan members of both major parties, corporate figures, and the media. The effect on lower levels of government at the state are equally complex and should be addressed in detail.

The study of Prisoner's Dilemma, Systems, and sustainable equilibrium should be consulted as a point of departure of the basic template of this mobilization which is derived from thinking under both mechanistic and non mechanistic considerations.

The abstract core of the process used is based on Prisoner's Dilemma. It is also a blackmail and extortion ring with quid pro quos. This is complemented with several components. Higher Structural Levels of Cognition permits several layers of defection which will develop Supra Irrationalism. This theory states that an individual imposes an irrational paradigm over their mindset and begins to radiate through the collective. The theory of Durkheim's Collective Suicide as Fatalism Dependency is embedded. Theories of mob behavior as Deindividuation will give excellent results.

George H. W. Bush is prime example of a dedicated loyalist who waited in the wings for his opportunity to unfold. It is clear one of his main functions was to continue the impunity that began as he was the vice president under Ronald Reagan. In degree to date he may emerge as one of the least culpable chief executives. I was in Santa Monica, California when Bush won his sole term of presidency. Like President Reagan there is no public record of activity that can be attributed to President Bush to terminate and remedy an assault on the United States.

Homeland Security always was a clear objective standard to measure the president. One baseline that he did create is that his family will be identified with this event. His son George W. Bush has also demonstrated the same characteristics of party loyalty under escalated circumstances during his presidency as 9-11 and the War on Terror which will be discussed further on.

In contrast to Ronald Reagan and The Iran Contra Scandal, this presidency was relatively free from official scandal.

William Clinton emerged as a dark horse to become president. It is also unique to note that wife, Senator Hillary Clinton was the Democratic front runner in late April 2007 for the presidency of which she lost to eventual President Barack Obama. She too, is cast in the mold of President George W. Bush in continuing the emergence of a System of a Perfect Dictator. Vice President Albert Gore whose loyalty to the Clinton's waned after the Monica Lewinsky scandal is now emerging as leader in the Global Warming Movement. He has also earned some $50 million dollars from shares of Google stock.

A System of a Perfect Dictator through the election of the American President is what has developed under prisoner's dilemma. This is a democratically elected tyranny. This has dispelled with thoroughness any notion that Western Christian Democracies are free from such defects. The fallacy of ad vericundium or an appeal to power status forms a fetish that eventually leads to the degradation of the population.

What is strongly supported is that we are all members of homo sapiens and from a genetic standpoint contain materials that support a trajectory towards collective abuse.

The important discussion is why have all seven individuals who have earned the position of presidency, now inclusive of Joe Biden, the winner of the 2020 election over Donald Trump, have violated their oath of office? By condoning abuse they have also violated the moral and contractual agreement with the people to uphold their rights. The damage worldwide is also severe. The latent dysfunction from this failed performance may not be known for years. One prominent feature is evident and it is the emergence of System of a Perfect Dictator in so called democratic states as in the CIS.

There is strong evidence to believe that Psychoanalysis in the form of Longitudinal and Cross Sectional considerations are a part of the entrapment. Ronald Reagan was born when terms as dictator and regime did not have a negative connotation. The USSR is the model for modern totalitarian paradigms. Ironically Reagan was a conservative essentialist whose legacy pertains to the destruction of the Berlin Wall and fall of communism in Germany vis a vis with Mikhail Gorbachev. The concept of a convergent dictatorship reaching an equilibrium under a totalitarian welfare state with some private property appears to be a functional target and not being opposed.

So then, there is a boundary structure between formal leadership and formal followers in a defined territoriality. The official libraries of the presidential administrations are better capacitated to give authorized records for the individual at hand. I do not see how any of these natural persons have any real substantive legacy without acknowledging the abuse of my natural person and citizenship and the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is the legacy of corruption and impunity. There is a tremendous effort underway to censor and sanitize my life and reinvent such to support the LGBTi platform.

I am using an interdisciplinary approach to research. An approach is only a pre system. A system is the highest level of organization. One perspective of this presentation is Homeland Security. Herein Kuhn Popper Methodologies supply a general criteria for hard sciences and social sciences to a lesser extent in conformity to empirical third party confirmation which will have to occur to validate the perspectives of the Irrationalist Presidents.

The president as the first citizen has the sworn duty to protect the Citizen and the Homeland. The right of the citizen is primary to secondary law of sworn officials to uphold the first law. As seen the United States is drifting in a state of piracy where the commonwealth is being plundered and the homeland ruined in a Scorched Earth.

Supra Irrationality

Supra Irrationality or Irrationalism is an emergent subject pertaining to the philosophical orientation or psychological equilibrium of individual and collective actors at the international, national, and local levels. There is a direct but inverse relationship to Super Rationality which is a game theory prisoner's dilemma approach. Here two Supra Rationality players by logic and reason will choose to cooperate exactly to the betterment of each.

Supra Irrationality will give demonstrable explanations to acts that appear to be fragmented and disjointed. Here there is usually a dissymmetry of information and power and control. One actor wishes to further one's benefit usually by deception, force, and or coercion. This is also true for the punishment or degradation of another player. The concept of under the color of law is invoked. Usually there is some predetermined plan or goal that is wished to be implemented. Herein the use of the word supra is clarified. There is usually an external system that is irrational that is dictating this mode of consciousness to a subordinate dependent party. If it is an individual or group the fatalistic higher party is invented or has ceased operating and the fatalistic dependent relationship continued to justify psychic content and activities.

The concept of Higher Structural Levels of Cognition and the Culture of Impunity have to be factored in any sound analysis.

At all levels of a system or hierarchy the following are true.

In prisoner's dilemma Supra Irrationality is never optimal.

In this approach two or more players always choose defect. As in simple prisoner's dilemma the prosecutor will always use betrayal against two other players. This is where the Supra Irrationality has it's decisive distinction as the principle of the descending operation is wrong, immoral, or illegal.

In a phenomenological perspective of an individual player it may be marginal in the short run.

The belief is that continued defection will yield the greatest benefit.

The direct implication here is of morality, leadership, the color of authority, and the setting especially of where one system is attempting to transform another to it's interest. The theories of deontology and consequentialism are in conflict. Supra Irrationalism has a marginal advantage to occur in benefit to cost ratios where an individual or minority can be sacrificed for the majority or whole. This is an opening that Irrationalist actors would seek to exploit. Conversely antinomianism or lawless in the name of God is also a probability. This will have direct impact on theories of war, genocide, and international relations.

In a simple truth table if in a hierarchical set of ten elements in column p as true and b false; it is possible for a controller to engage two subordinate players in prisoner's dilemma to choose all ten b or false choices. This would invert the system. It is possible that if there were ten players one as the controller would be wishing to implicate a status quo in a hierarchy.

There is a direct implication in eternal law with revisionist philosophy or state or police control over philosophy.

The tradition of Tibetan Buddhism is for the Dalai Lama and astrologers to ascertain the next leader from those qualified candidates wishing to reincarnate. The youth picked by the present Dalai Lama has disappeared. The Chinese government through it's astrological selection has begun picking the next Dalai Lama.

The Hare Krishna Movement in the particularity of ISKCON has experienced heavy entrapment from the police with nine of the eleven diksa gurus originally authorized have fell. One Kirtanananda Maharaj pleaded guilty to RICO related charges and served about seven years in prison while rejecting allegations in a devotee murder.

Kirtanananda Maharaj had lead a synchronic breakaway movement where sannyasis wore Franciscan robes and were called abbots in New Vrndavana, West Virginia.

Ramesvara Maharaj was the guru in Los Angeles, California and was removed for having illicit relations with a minor. A guru war was the setting for this intervention.

This has an implication here in RICO prosecutions and claims of illegal entrapment. There is also the legal question of handing off cases to other officials whom do not know if something illegal has occurred.

A child molester who has violated a youth will create an array of illogical reasoning as to why the youth must be murdered. The youth in many instances is the only direct witness. In lieu of this a hierarchy of extortive threats to their life, family, friends, or pets often follows.

The simple story of The Lottery or a Stoning provides as excellent model as to how Supra Irrationality attempts to organize agents and thinking in a system and controls such. Informal fallacies of reason unfold as the converse and reverse converse accident. Actors higher in status entrap lower performers to stone or be stoned hoping for the victim to retaliate in kind.

Number 4 picks up a stone and threatens Number 3 in that he must pick up a stone and threaten Number 2. Number 3 agrees and Number 2 is approached. Number 4 and 3 now approach Number 2 and threaten such that he must approach Number 1. Number 3's argument is that he must or Number 4 will stone him. Number 1 is approached and threatened. He attempts to stone Number 4 and is killed by Number 4, 3, and 2.

In this basic format we observe a circular folly of under the color of law or authority. There are also Racketeered Influenced Behaviors as intimidation of a witness, extortion, blackmail, hostaging, and murder that can be introduced.

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