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Ronald Reagan was the first manifest president of Lycurgus Akbar. He himself was a target as both citizen and president. He presided as head of state on June 17, 1987, the genesis of AKBAR. This proper appellative is a name of Allah. It's use was intended to inflame the Nation of Islam. I have been hesitant to present this fact publicly as on internet but such has already been done in the Federal Court system. I do not support any extra legal violence what so ever.

Los Angeles Police Department, hereto known as LAPD began an Orwellian surveillance state that is alleged to be designed by Cambridge Law School circa the 1930s. It appears The White Elephant by George Orwell confirms practice of illegal surveillance through media electronics sans the tagging of objects with chemicals which has now resulted in a solid daily occurrence by placing chemicals in regular auto gas tanks.

This event began while I was in Dover, Delaware.

President Ronald Reagan was born February 6, 1911 and died June 5, 2004. He served two terms as the 40th President from 1981 to 1989. He was also California's 33rd Governor from 1967 to 1975.

President Reagan is noted for restoring conservatism and supply side economics. This was coupled with an essentialist anti communist stance. In this regards Reagan is credited with helping stem protectionism, increase funding of the military complex, and restore confidence in the Presidency.

Reagan died at his home in Bel Air, California in 2004 at the age of 93, after suffering from Alzheimer's disease for a decade.

Here are the official daily headlines for the President's June 17, 1987 daily activity.

Statement by Assistant to the President for Press Relations Fitzwater

Meeting Between President Reagan and President Oscar Arias Sanchez of Costa Rica

June 17, 1987

President Reagan said in a meeting with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias today that the United States and Costa Rica share the same objective in Nicaragua: free, competitive, and regularly scheduled elections allowing the Nicaraguan people to elect their own leaders. The President said that the United States welcomes the initiative introduced by President Arias last February but noted that there remain concerns about specific parts of the plan. The greatest concern is the need for the Sandinistas to act on genuine democratization before pressure on the regime is removed in any way.

The President said he hoped that the Central American democracies will work together in the weeks ahead to strengthen the democratic aspects of the Arias plan. He said that the focus of the initiative on democracy in Nicaragua is the key to peace in Central America. The President said that the United States will continue to apply pressure on the Sandinista regime to democratize and his administration remains fully committed to obtaining renewed funding from the Congress for the Nicaraguan democratic resistance. The President met with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias for approximately 1 hour.

Ronald Reagan. University of Texas. Retrieved from:

The Reagan Legacy

At 73 years of age, Reagan became the oldest man ever elected president, receiving 525 electoral votes, the most of any presidential candidate. As his second term ended, polls showed that more than half of the American people gave him a favorable rating. When Ronald Reagan became president, he had a clear vision of what the nation should be and spelled out the direction he hoped it would take during his administration. Reagan had a clear social, economic, and foreign policy agenda, and with political guile and personal persuasiveness he was able to achieve many of his goals. Early in his presidency, Reagan remarked: "What I'd really like to do is go down in history as the President who made Americans believe in themselves again."

A month before the election of his successor, Reagan looked back on his eight years in office: "I am the same man I was when I came to Washington," he said, "I believe the same things I believed when I came to Washington, and I think those beliefs have been vindicated by the success of the policies to which we hold fast." About his foreign policy, he said, "At every point on the map that the Soviets have applied pressure, we've done all we can to apply pressure against them." He went on "And now we are seeing a sight many believed they would never see in our lifetime: the receding of the tide of totalitarianism."

There is little doubt that the many changes effected by the Reagan presidency will play a major role in shaping America's future as it concludes the 20th century.

Ronald Regan 2. University of Texas. Retrieved from:

The 100th Birthday of Reagan

February 6, 2011 will be the 100th Birthday of Ronald Reagan. The world, especially the United States still celebrates a mythology allegedly designed by professors from Cambridge Law School. These individuals have designed a Gay Militia embedded in a movement called Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. This activity was particularly targeted against Reagan.

What has occurred is that the United Kingdom and the United States have been used as a catalyst in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against the human race, civilization, and environment. This is imposed over my natural person, United States Citizenship, the Convention Against Torture CAT, and Geneva Conventions.

This attack occurred on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware and was lead by Male Same Sex Male officers of Los Angeles Police Department.

This attack persists in continuo from 100th Congress to the 112th Congress. Ronald Reagan is the first of what Cambridge Law School wished to identify as Irrationalist Presidents. Barack Obama continues this Perfect Dictatorship. This is the defeat of his posterity by MSM persons.

The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth site. The water, air, and tangible property are all ruined.

Mutual Aid violations between law enforcement, 24/7 hour electronic surveillance, gang stalking, and an escalation of Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs are the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

The manifest tragedy is a positive externality for the Socialists and Communists as far as historical idealogical argumentation is concerned. It is unique that MSM men of the LGBTi paradigm attacked as hard. The LGBTi advocates themselves are guilty of being so called strawmen actors of Teflon persona as they have often accused Reagan of.

A unique philosophical perspective is that the Hedonistic Calculus and Consequentialism of John Stuart Mill and liberalism has suffered a major defeat. This is due to the deontology of Immanuel Kant. Barack Obama is escalating this loss as he attempts to guide the exit of Hosni Mubarak from Egypt as the Jasmine Revolution there approaches two weeks with Mubarak signaling he will hold out.

The Reagan Revolution has not tallied the damage done to persons, environment, and Constitution due to his last year and a half in office.

Ronald Reagan began a defeat for the United States Presidency itself. The comparative model is Joseph Stalin of the USSR.

The HIV AIDS positive population now estimated at 600,000 living are the focus of my present advocacy because the victims may likely step forward in the future not the advocates. Here Ronald Reagan's main historical detractors emerge as worse performers as they box in Chemical Assault Scorched Earth on these victims.

I believe my struggle against an informant culture extending from Ronald Reagan through Obama and the average person will redefine the historical perspective of Ronald Reagan.


The current zeitgeist in American History is one of repression and denial. Criminals repress and victims deny. There is no official recognition period of the decadence that President Reagan lead this country into. In most instances the individual that initiates a sequence of events is considered more culpable than those that later participate as the following presidents.

There are five presidents involved. In the whole discussion the now emergent paradigm of Homeland Security is of first concern. The president must guarantee the Constitutional Rights of the citizenry. He also must maintain the constitutional integrity of the State in which the citizens reside.

Herein we have a tremendous amount of real history which contradicts the firewall that the system of the Perfect Dictator has constructed to shield powerful persons as the president. The two party system proper is the organization of the emergent democratically elected dictator. This is the Republican and Democratic parties in the main.

One will seek relief from the government and one will not find any. One will seek refuge in the people and they are manipulated and willing participants in their own destruction.

I was in Dover, Delaware on June 17, 1987 when this event which has a code name of Lycurgus Akbar began. Delaware was the first state to ratify this Constitution on December 7, 1787. I remained almost under house arrest in Dover until March of 1988. I was under 24 hour electronic surveillance. The chemical spraying was only a mist perhaps muriatic acid and some stronger agents. Afterward I attempted to hitchhike to Mexico.

I attempted to get refuge at the Cuban Embassy. I was refused and then went to Santa Barbara, California. This was then President Reagan's hometown.

There is no doubt that President Reagan was an informant to the country he had sworn allegiance to. Some legal theorist postulate that the individual that begins a systematic crime that escalates is more culpable. Even with this fact being prejudicial, the environmental conditions that were deliberately escalated were better during Reagan's last two years than the latter administrations.

I was outside the boundary at the opening of the Ronald Reagan Library. Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Bush were present. This occurred during the Scorched Earth that continues to this day.

An implication of Ronald Reagan's activities begs certain questions as America as an Informant State and the the use of the White Lie or Noble Fiction. Reagan was noted for his communications skills yet his last press conferences had to be totally Scripted. To what degree Reagan orchestrated his final presentations will have a direct bearing on these issues and in the manner that this behavior radiated to other presidents and citizens.

The psychology of leadership and the tyrant also is an emergent study that is taking on new definition and content. The use of unilateral power and it's legal and moral justifications in the transition from the cold war to the present equilibrium also has precedence for future leadership and confrontations. President George W. Bush has come under increasing criticism from neo conservative intents to strengthen the presidency. Barack Obama is attempting to force the exit of Hosni Mubarak from Egypt on the eve of Reagan's 100th Birthday.

In continuo it is still difficult to weigh the implications of the failure of leadership that Ronald Reagan committed. It is clear that the failure to recognize the primary rights of the citizen and due process have deteriorated the rule of law domestically and internationally. Ronald Reagan did not take any official action to remedy human rights abuse that would of most likely no more than implicated the federal government and three states: 1. California 2. Delaware 3. Maryland.

The structure supra is do to the topology of mutual aid violations that emanate from Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). This agency is alleged to have cell(s) of LGBTi militants embedded within. These groups of Homeland Security Officers function 24/7. The other main allegation is that the event was designed and authored by Cambridge Law School.

This de facto and negligent act also directly has had a negative multiplier on the succeeding four presidencies of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and President Barack Obama.

What is needed now in the present instance is to define a clear rule and measure based on constitutional law and direct activities equally from Ronald Reagan through the subsequent presidencies.

The trajectory that Ronald Reagan undertook on June 17, 1987 was that of appeasement. In this sense a direct comparison to Neville Chamberlain is accurate. Ronald Reagan refused to recognize that electronic surveillance and intense human rights abuses were occurring. Then Attorney General Edwin Meese may also be seen as incompetent and corrupt.

The trajectory to buildups in cold wars and the fighting of wars must be reconsidered as low grade Chemical Assaults and Scorched Earth reflects upon the blackmailing and extortion of a head of state.

In the case of Ronald Reagan, he was a target of a LGBTi militancy run out of LAPD. This has manifested the intent of bias for members of this identity and gender orientation. Current President Barack Obama has committed the same errors as his other three predecessors. The continuity of this folly develops the ideology known as Irrationalism and it's subspecies fascism.

It is becoming somewhat more certain that Ronald Reagan's decision to not take direct legal action will incur more guilt to him. This would include the environment for 9-11 and any future conflicts that arise from the structural and perceived vulnerability of the United States.

Reagan Cabinet

Office Term


President Ronald Reagan 1981 1989
Vice President George H.W. Bush 1981 1989
Secretary of State Alexander Haig 1981 1982
George P. Shultz 1982 1989
Secretary of Treasury Donald Regan 1981 1985
James A. Baker III 1985 1988
Nicholas F. Brady 1988 1989
Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger 1981 1987
Frank C. Carlucci 1987 1989
Attorney General William F. Smith 1981 1985
Edwin A. Meese III 1985 1988
Richard Thornburgh 1988 1989
Secretary of the Interior James G. Watt 1981 1983
William P. Clark, Jr. 1983 1985
Donald P. Hodel 1985 1989
Secretary of Agriculture John Rusling Block 1981 1986
Richard E. Lyng 1986 1989
Secretary of Commerce Howard M. Baldrige, Jr. 1981 1987
C. William Verity, Jr. 1987 1989
Secretary of Labor Raymond J. Donovan 1981 1985
William E. Brock 1985 1987
Ann Dore McLaughlin 1987 1989
Secretary of Health and
Human Services
Richard S. Schweiker 1981 1983
Margaret Heckler 1983 1985
Otis R. Bowen 1985 1989
Secretary of Education Terrel Bell 1981 1984
William J. Bennett 1985 1988
Lauro Cavazos 1988 1989
Secretary of Housing and
Urban Development
Samuel R. Pierce, Jr. 1981 1989
Secretary of Transportation Drew Lewis 1981 1983
Elizabeth Hanford Dole 1983 1987
James H. Burnley IV 1987 1989
Secretary of Energy James B. Edwards 1981 1982
Donald Paul Hodel 1982 1985
John S. Herrington 1985 1989
Chief of Staff James Baker
Donald Regan 1985 1987
Howard Baker 1987 1988
Kenneth Duberstein 1988 1989
Administrator of the
Environmental Protection Agency
Anne M. Burford 1981 1983
William D. Ruckelshaus 1983 1985
Lee M. Thomas 1985 1989
Director of the Office of
Management and Budget
David A. Stockman 1981 1985
James C. Miller III 1985 1988
Joseph R. Wright, Jr. 1988 1989
United States Trade Representative William E. Brock III 1981 1985
Clayton K. Yeutter 1985 1989