Obama Confronts Syria on Chemical Weapons

It has been 25 years since Mobilization of Empire and Civilization became manifest as a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. All events are an entrapment based within a Storyboard designed as if one were directing a play or movie. It is alleged that Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause (Proximate Cause 2012). Since I have never been a fan of defection under Prisoner's Dilemma those actors stating they can predict my future behavior on the basis that I am following a Scripted life have failed miserably (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). In degree LAPD officers are listening to tape recorded predictions of my life almost to the date. These profiles are essentially based on a MSM or bisexual male who is and has traversed a Yellow Brick Road to his present status.

Two Simultaneous Eternities Cannot Exist

The Authorized Position that I am legally and historically establishing is that Cambridge Law is the Proximate Cause and Origin of a manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program designed to attack the human race through the United Kingdom, Scotland Yard, Los Angeles Police Department, United States, and State of California (Proximate Cause 2012). This is a homosexual LGBTi blackmail and intimidation ring tagged with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. In it's eclectic dialectical advance through history MOEC has evolved a trajectory of lines of thought through classic and modern philosophy to create a Master Passion with direct linkages to lines of psychology thought emphasizing Sexual Emancipation. The direct linkage to Plato should be taken seriously. It appears that Platonic Scholars were instrumental in the elaboration of Greek Tyranny which is the core of majority of fallacies in governance.

The writing of Myth of the Contemporary Man Part III is credible proof of my exercise of free will. I have not married whom they have predicted, I am heterosexual, and my writing content is original save for the core of MOEC Studies. The fact that I am a ritvik Hare Krishna wrecks their lifespan profiling due to the four regulative principles of Gaudiya Vaishnavism:

No Meat Eating

No Drug, Alcohol, or Marijuana

No Gambling

No Illicit Sex (Homosexuality is Prohibited)

By practicing strict heterosexuality, the best deterministic predictions that could be deduced for these actors would be 50 percent. I am choosing to expose this act of Crimes Against Humanity regardless of one's name, age, race, faith, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

In this consideration of the escalated nature of the event it is prudent to publish rough drafts here in the form of chapters as they evolve.

LAPD has forced my hand. However I am content to establish my credibility under a Cultural Singularity which is a near total Censorship and Sanitization of 7 billion persons of this event.

MOEC is reverse social engineering and live human experimentation directed against Technological Singularity.

I will argue that a moral agent loses credibility by defection and enters a paradigm of severe ritualistic criminality by becoming dependent on the Censorship and Sanitization that is currently being proffered as Technological Singularity (Moral Agent) (Vinge, V. 1993).

In light of this how would a supercomputer as IBM's Watson reconcile President Barack Obama's de facto and omissive behavior? To date he is openly referring to the killing of an African American youth in Florida under Castle Laws which permit self defense under hold your ground statutes.

On May 9, 2012 Obama publicly endorsed Gay Marriage.


On August 31, I finished the Appendix. As seen since about February, 2012 along the Colorado River until today, a functional rough draft has been crafted. Proofreading and citations will be continuous for the next 6 months. I believe this work will be a cornerstone in the education of the future. Most of the United States is an informant nation. As I reflect on the degraded status of the culture and the quantum of force used to impose Censorship and Sanitization over the entire world, the title Myth of the Contemporary Man takes on new dimensions.

Obama here in early December 2012, exposes himself as a hypocritical leader. In California alone there are over 180,000 men living with HIV AIDS. One percent of all males in California are at least HIV Positive. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is Undermining their lifespan. Over 40,000 persons have perished in Syria.

Two new websites are now available. Arnold Schwarzenegger has boldly opened an institute at USC. Here again a mythology unfolds:


The Garden of Enchiridion will be a new text which will incorporate corollaries to the head of the case against MOEC but develops the Totality of Circumstances.


Mobilization of Empire and Civilization






Nollmeyer Ehrenberg AZ

David Nollmeyer Spring 2012 Ehrenberg AZ

Nollmeyer, Westwood CA

McCloud CA August 3, 2012

Myth of the Contemporary Man Part III

Anonymous Arrested

Anonymous Chile Was Arrested

(I was also following yamatough who hacked Symantec)


Bhakta David Nollmeyer


Blythe California Ehrenberg Arizona

Currently I am moving out of the early winter of 2012. I have miraculously finished 6 courses at Columbia College online from May 30, 2011 to December 17, 2011. This activity has restored my UC GPA to 3.42 and my regular GPA to 3.27. This in consideration of theories of general equilibrium posits I have not accepted the status quo imposed over me and have chosen to enter an upward trajectory displacing persons until I am satisfied.

In the Totality of Circumstances (Stevens 2003), which is the correct legal test when the individual confronts one's government, the origin or Proximate Cause must be considered and their mens rea criminal intent and actus rea criminal act (Mens rea) (Actus Reus). Locally there is no doubt that my legal person as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights has been usurped by a test experiment between homosexuality (LGBTi lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and intersex) versus heterosexuality (opposite sex). Since I have been a lifelong heterosexual I have no rights when in confrontation with members of a Gay Militia from Los Angeles Police Department LAPD.

Since February 12, 2007 the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has escalated to despoil all surface water, all running tap water, and even contaminate food in cans processed in factories and have such shipped into my vicinity. At this threshold what is called operation Radhanatha began in Earp, California Parker, Arizona (Nollmeyer 2007).

Since that time I have learned that this is a diametrical attack on Technological Singularity (Singularity Institute) or that date when computational machines equal and then overtake humans in ability. This will result in Machine Superintelligence or machines that are superior to humans. Transhumanism or those persons whose bodies are a combination of biological and artificial parts will be normative. Vice President Dick Cheney must choose between his heart, a transplant, or an artificial heart by July 1, 2012. I am a good candidate to rebuild by chelation, aryurvedic therapy or as well as by other possible transhuman experiments.

MOEC is a Cultural Singularity. Hence there is a Singularity and it is not technological. The Censorship of 7 billion persons worldwide is a Singularity. The post modern world is being modelled on networking versus an industrial model. Here the dependency of the Technological Singularity community by the Proximate Cause Cambridge Law School is apparent (Proximate Cause 2012) (Vinge, V. 1993). I am operating that this allegation is a fact.

Mitt Romney has won the Nevada Primary and is the Republican front runner to meet Barack Obama in November for the 2012 Presidential Election. This sanitization is a form of Irrationalism or Pre Fascism (Fotopoulos, T. 1998). This emergent Neo Fascism or New Fascism as I am calling such is Anglo American geographically and radiates outward from University of Cambridge now through Scotland Yard and Los Angeles Police Department by mutual aid violations.

This trajectory predisposes treason, blackmail, and extortion. This has led to severe Gang Stalking of which I am the principal target. Exposing this activity has had a deterrent effect. Hence all criminal actors should demonstrate renunciation of the conspiracy (Renunciation - Conspiracy) and some intent to better or restore the constitutional equilibrium.

The United States Presidents have demonstrated they can be blackmailed and that they are blatant consequentialists looking the other way and condoning a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth on the citizens and state that have legally sworn to protect. The study of psychopathy as antisocial, sociopath, and psychopath are integral to comprehending the killing off of conscience to recruit, sustain, and sanitize an activity of this scope, a Supercrime.

In developing MOCM Part III, I will present the construction of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program and how such is distributed over:

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

This is a form of intimidation. In planning, the attack is developed from 100 percent spatiality and intensity. It is then redistributed over the population and territory. Persons will have fractals of the event superimposed over their persons. As seen the entire event of MOEC is imposed over my faith, natural person, and citizenship. The Gay Militia that is directing such is paired with lesbianism which concretely reflects bisexuality. The intent was that a Male Same Sex Male MSM criminal polarity could be neutralized by a Female Same Sex Female FSF platform instead of the use of constitutional law. My Bill of Rights protections are null and void unless I was a practicing bisexual or married certain bisexual females. This experiment in creating a same sex qualification in a double bind construction is a catastrophic failure.

I maintain my work from the heterosexual platform. The imperative is to restore the rule of law and not escalate the usurpation which is manifest in the presidencies. An old female intern of John F. Kennedy has written a book claiming she had a sexual relationship with the president. This she claims will avoid blackmail.

The zeitgeist from Ronald Reagan and Ayatollah Khomeini posits two reactionary polarities of thought and government in brinkmanship that continues to date. The tension between western democracy and Islamist theocracy are evident is the essentialist trajectories of both nation states. The LGBTi platform is focalized in this matization of the conflict. Here the universal legal recognition of LGBTi persons is an issue that is driving MOEC. State planning and eugenics are salient features. LGBTi individuals in the main do not reproduce naturally so their parenting is usually planned out and same sex couples appear more dedicated.

Since 2011, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have deposed leaders. Osama bin Laden and Moammar Gadhafi have been killed. Currently Syria is in a civil war with a weak opposition attempting to overthrow Assad. Iran appears to be within three years of developing a nuclear weapon. All nuclear events are codenamed Syrinx in MOEC and other events as chemical assault and biological weapons are known as Lycurgus. The magnitude of my alienation is Akbar (Nollmeyer 2007).

Stuxnet was a super virus that was constructed to disable Iran's uranium centrifuge purification systems. In contrast Iran's scientists were able to take over the GPS system of an American drone and land the craft safely. These events are in nexus with Technological Singularity (Vinge, V. 1993). Marginalization, autarky, and class stratification are weapons in MOEC which is an intelligence and espionage operation through Prisoner's Dilemma (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). There is no absolute End World Scenario or EWS. There are events as limited nuclear theater and so forth.

Since the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is unrecognized and I am getting more advanced in age, I will redouble my manifest efforts to prosecute sworn officials and raise the academic bar where and if I can.

The use of Storyboard Technology (Storyboard 2012) hence tactics used to choreograph a film or plays is integral to the state planning. Scripts from generation to generation and cradle to grave are developed and imposed over families and individuals. As seen these Scripts are LGBTi based.

On February 7, 2012 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Proposition 8 which limited marriage in California to one man and one woman. Same sex marriages will not occur until the date that the appeals process ends. It is most likely that the Supreme Court will receive this case (California Proposition 8 2012).

Gay Marriage is the key issue for MOEC. I have supported Proposition 8. I will not support same sex marriage.

To further develop MOCM Part III, I will review the archetypes, theology, social theory and the prosecution of the legal sworn officials that are liable. I do not have legal standing to represent you, your family and children, and property. If you have the ability to organize a refutation you should consider this also. Kuhn and Popper Methodologies (Hutcheon 1995) along with Frye and Daubert Standards are strong points of departure. The latter are used in American courts with Daubert being the federal standard (North Carolina Wesleyan).

The Daubert Court indicated that there are at least four factors to consider: testability, specifically Popperian falsifiability; publication and peer review; the known or potential rate of error. (Daubert at 2797); and widespread acceptance in the relevant scientific community. The issue is that under the older Frye Standard only general acceptance by the scientific community permitted expert testimony and evidence to be admitted. Here under Daubert which is the federal standard the qualification shifts from the scientific community to the evidence itself (Jan Dejnoñka 1996).

Herein the philosophic construction of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is focalized. Currently there are six and possibly seven states which permit Gay Marriage (Nollmeyer 2007).

There are perhaps 1.3 million persons infected with HIV AIDS in the United States. Male Same Sex Male or MSM persons are about half. Upwards of 48,000 to 56,000 new cases occur each year. Hepatitis caseloads are estimated to be between 2 to 5 million persons (Center for Disease Control 2012).

The Gay Militia has no legitimacy whatsoever on these issues. As seen they have chemically scorched the earth.

I will review the morphogenetic structure of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC (Morphogenesis). This is a highly conspiratol allegation in contrast to the manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is not being recognized or prosecuted by sworn officials as President Barack Obama, Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Attorney General Eric Holder.

As seen the major implication is scientific determinism versus socialization. In this aspect the human genome project emerges within Singularity. It has been argued that the more severe the criminality as a psychopath the more likelihood that illness is genetic and not learning from the environment. The strongest argument is that a Cambridge professor was legitimate and got entangled in this blackmail and intimidation ring. It appears he was a Same Sex, Gay, Bisexual. Upon comprehending that his activities which would have had a very significant amount of victims, this actor then initiated the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth into the state planning. Hence if his genetics were carrying dominant psychopathic traits he wished to chemical assault the human race attempting to attack the heterosexuals first and then LGBTi persons later (Personality Research 1998).

A direct implication is whether criminality genetic or socialized in LGBTi persons?

Is criminality genetic or socialized in opposite sex persons?

MOEC is a suprasystem (Suprasystem).

TPS means Totalitarian Police State and TPSYS means Totalitarian Police System. The first is structure and the second is process in MOEC theory. Lycurgus is a System and concerns basic TPSYS operations. Syrinx is nuclear. Iran's nuclear program would be Syrinx. The nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan would also be categorized within Syrinx (Nollmeyer 2007).

Under Positive Law the Social Contract Theory is very important (Social Contract Theory 2021). We are reciprocating with our head of state. He or she is sworn to protect our rights. As stated I reject the false equilibrium imposed over my natural and citizenship. I show intent to prosecute the President, now Barack Obama and all accomplices and accessories to the fullest extent of the law. Since Obama is 50.5 years of age, it is reasonable to argue he may live to be 80 years old. It appears that the defection model has his targeted prosecution in 2040 when he and I are both 79 should I live. Technological Singularity is scheduled to occur in 2045 (Galeon, D. & Reedy, C. 2017).

I will personally confront him if I can extricate myself from this ordeal. I may still confront him during this ordeal. I choose to work within the internet because of the Chemical Assault. I work somewhat on twitter and various political figures at times post right after me.

The Storyboard created by Cambridge of my life posits that I would be a bisexual male. This is truly false. I have no same sex events in my life. There are no intervals between events. In a behavioristic approach, one same sex event every six months would categorize one in the set of LGBTi persons.

Since I am a member of the Hare Krishna Movement I also favor four principles:

No meat eating (lacto vegetarianism)

No drug, marijuana, or alcohol use

No illicit sex or same sex

No gambling

I am a ritvik follower of His Divine Grace A.C. Swami Prabhupada. I refer to him as Srila Prabhupada (Prabhupada 1972).

LAPD and the Gay Militia are fatalistic and dependent. The Storyboard scripting is based on bisexuality or same sex. The Yellow Brick Road quid pro quos are based on and descend from being a gay doctor, gay lawyer, gay athlete and so forth (Storyboard 2012).

There is a network of nodes that radiate from Cambridge Law School much like a spider plant that are a main structure in creating the state planning in which Storyboarding of natural persons occurs. The quid pro quos are also paired with fractals of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Since my identity is not transgendered, bisexual, or gay I do not follow the Scripting and am probably the least in MOEC's defection in doing so.

LGBTi persons have a veneer of perhaps muriatic acid sprayed over them, in their homes, workplace, and schools. Heterosexuals have a very deep red sprayed over them which is a caustic mixture of hydrochloric acid and porta toilet septic tank solution. This is an acknowledgment to Commodus and Elagabalus of the Roman Empire (Commodus 2021) (Elagabalus 2021).

The Gay Militia is antagonistic to the LGBTi Movement. Since Proposition 8 was overturned yesterday, it is overwhelmingly irrational for MSM or LGBTi police officers to continue this activity. None of the major LGBTi marriage groups recognize what is occurring.

Here are three LGBTi pro marriage groups and their leaders Courage Campaign (2012) Freedom to Marry (2012) LAMBDA Legal (2012):

Courage Campaign: Rick Jacobs

Freedom to Marry: Evan Wolfson

LAMBDA: Kevin Cathcart

In a systems format there are polarities as positive and negative. These Storyboard Scripts can reflect citizenship and criminality in the legal sense. The legal reconciliation of these activities or the leadership to do so is not in my cognition. Miscalculation, escalation, failure to discipline culpable parties and failure to implement systematic remedies are manifest.

On February 8, Washington has passed legislation that would enable same sex marriage. If opponents gather enough signatures for the ballot marriages will not occur until after the November referendum. Maine also has a referendum on November's ballot. It is not certain whether the Supreme Court will immediately hear the case from California. At issue were the 18,000 couples who received their licenses. Their marriages will stand. Justice Steven Reinheardt crafted the narrow decision to impact only California. The broader issue of whether marriage is a state or federal right was not addressed (Los Angeles Times 2012).

Herein it was discerned that Proposition 8 provided no lawful purpose in denying LGBTi persons the right to marry. As seen the issue is fluid. I was expecting a decision by Easter but the political environment is dictating the outcome.

If Cambridge is the Authorship of the Storyboard, they have completely created a polarization between a biological hardwire heterosexual male in myself and a Gay Militia working as law enforcement.

An insight I made last evening was that pairing of Technological Singularity and Social Singularity is to the degree that it is an entrapment on the President of the United States (Vinge, V. 1993). MOEC was designed to attack Ronald Reagan. The following head of states may be considered the Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Technological Singularity is predicted for 2045 (Galeon, D. & Reedy, C. 2017). Barack Obama will be 81 in 2041. The odds of him living to this age are about 50 percent. I should also have the same odds. Mary Bono Mack's R 45 CA District is the most heavily contaminated. She too, was born in 1961. The Colorado River and the Salton Sea are partly in her district. I spend about 6 months a year near or in her jurisdiction.

Corporate History and Environmentalism are two issues which have not been fully considered (Corporate History). The Machine Theory of organization inverts to the Machinery of Torture (Organizational Theory) (Torture). The resources of the state come to bear against the individual. Leadership and wealth creation is co opted to build the New Fascist world. Hence in the USSR and China, how are certain individuals able to be billionaires and millionaires while the majority of the persons are living off the state? It is the transformation into Fascism that permits this socioeconomic class stratification. Marginalization is under the threshold of cognition universally in comparison overt genocide and slavery.

The despoliation of the United States is prima facie but the legal creation of Superfund sites will surely be an issue as there is much legal power at hand but no will to use such for the people and myself.

There are two areas of analysis that will greatly affect Singularity and the social sciences. They are the internal and external environmental analysis. Regarding socialization theories that posit that the learning is predicated from the outside of the individual inward, then MOEC is negating this concept by implementing a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth within the cognition of the United States President, now Barack Obama and his predecessors (Management Study Guide 2012).

The Technological Singularity thinkers do not recognize MOEC as Social Singularity as an antagonistic morphogenetic movement to the year 2045 within the social body. I believe that much technological work is corrupt and will pertain only to machines and not their interface or socialization with humans which they claim the coming Superintelligence will transform.

Today is February 12, 2012. This is the 5th Anniversary of Radhanatha. This is the date when the Colorado River was despoiled from Parker, Arizona to Earp, California. I remember going to the Flying J Truck Stop here in Ehrenberg. I tried to buy a fountain soda from the machine. The water was contaminated. The store at that time sold Calistoga water by the glass quart which I used to purchase for $1.60. All the water in purification machines at 25 cents a gallon is contaminated. There is an attack on vegetarianism with the level of contamination higher for beans and the like. Newspapers are sprayed as well as clothing. The air in buildings is sprayed.

Marriage breaking occurs when an opposite sex supporter is sprayed with the Sick Red mixture. I have written previously that this was created over San Luis Obispo County in California. It has a more universal application in blackmail and intimidation. Many FSF or bisexual females are married with more conservative husbands. The MSM Gay Militia will spray the female spouses with this Sick Red mixture to break the marriage.

As seen the family is the first collective and beginning of the political unit in western thought. LGBTi History is severely damaged and sanitized. This text will challenge under Kuhn and Popper Methodologies the material proffered as LGBTi History as such is mandated in California to be taught.

Simple negation can occur regarding the Gay Militia in LAPD being the Proximate Cause in the United States through mutual aid violations with other jurisdictions and states (Proximate Cause 2012). They are in violation or they are not. If someone were to claim that they were not, the federal and state government officials have no excuses as this event has a catastrophic magnitude.

The overall cowardice and treason that pervades the zeitgeist is unparalleled in United States History. I do not see any theologians, political scientists, historians, social scientists, criminologists, journalists, business departments, or economists emerging without considerable damage.

There are three major Scripts within the Storyboard concerning myself that are bogus. One is based on a transformation to the LGBTi platform in Delaware, one from San Diego, and the third is based on Northern California which is based on being a follower of the Grateful Dead which is also LGBTi.

As seen the Bhagavad Gita As It Is by Srila Prabhupada (Prabhupada 1972) is the most transforming issue in my life not a single living person. My gender orientation has been heterosexual 100 percent of my life.

Overall these areas are the most active as crime scenes and will likely be where I finish my life if I am not able to escape or the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth does not stop:

Salton Sea Coachella Valley, California

Blythe CA Ehrenberg, Arizona

Westwood, California McCloud, California

Inyo County, California

New Jersey has vetoed Gay Marriage and Maryland has just passed such. A ballot initiative is likely in Maryland.

Origin and it's developmental papers are crucial in the comprehension of MOEC: http://powereality.net/origin.htm

The original Myth of Contemporary Man website has a new URL: http://powereality.net/mocm.htm

I will continue to develop a preface to MOCM Part III and post such online at: http://kronin.blogspot.coand other blogs and sites on the http://powereality.net/ domain.

Chapter 1

Origin and Proximate Cause

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is a complex system. It has an Origin or Proximate Cause that is alleged to be a clique of University of Cambridge Law School Lawyers from the United Kingdom (Proximate Cause 2012). This structure is stated to derive from the medieval beginnings of the school itself. MOEC is the suprasystem and organizes all the lower subsystems and components (Suprasystem). Herein a nested ecology is used across several jurisdictions that are both international and domestic to create complex jurisdictional defects.

MOEC is an attack on the human race and civilization through the United Kingdom, United States, California, and Los Angeles Police Department. This embedded ecology exploits the Sovereign Citizen Relationship in the Social Contract Theory by attacking the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. This is facilitated by alienating a citizen under the protection of the President.

This is the alleged hierarchy of the Origin or Proximate Cause (Nollmeyer 2012a):

Cambridge Law School UK: principal

Scotland Yard UK: accomplice

Los Angeles Police Department USA: accomplice

Baltimore Police Department USA: accomplice

Delaware State Police USA: accomplice

The Baltimore Studio USA (Unnamed jingle studio: Actually LAPD Officers): accomplice

Hence, sine qua non no other consequent criminal acts could occur without this antecedent structure developing processes towards victims (Sine Qua Non 2012).

Prisoner's Dilemma and mutual aid violations create a system of nodes that radiate from Cambridge Law School outward across the world resembling a spider plant (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019).

The format is based on sexual orientation and behaviors. The bias is homosexuality: Lesbian Gay Transgender intersex versus heterosexuality or opposite sex. The Strategic Mission is the issue of Same Sex Marriage. Alienation of the citizen from one's positive rights in a jurisdiction is focalized. In this consideration one must be a LGBTi individual to have full legal person before the court. A heterosexual would be a second class person. Rights have been attacked based on a libertarian preference. This would be to attack drug dealing, gambling, and prostitution by marginalizing one's resources both within the formal criminal justice system and informally on the streets.

In overview, MOEC is a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization and is also a Perpetual Conspiratol Act. The construction of the processes and structures of MOEC reflect law in various formats. Hence the emergent equilibrium of the Totalitarian Police State is TPS and it's morphogenetic processes are Totalitarian Police System or TPSYS (Nollmeyer 2007a).

MOEC is eugenic social engineering. It's design concerns the development of universals and particulars to ordinate the individual and collective in the state. However in the concrete MOEC appears to be a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program at the present (1987 2012) with no indication of a return to the rule of law.

This activity supports the allegation that this mechanism is the process that developed the British Empire which is in decline and is focusing on being an intelligence hegemon rather than annexing territory of other nationstates.

MOEC will invert the Paradigm of Laws (Nollmeyer 2007a):

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

MOEC is relative morality and consequentialism versus absolute morality and deontology (Isaacs 2001). Phenomenology is also advocated. This also will develop Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. It's construction will receive it's own chapter.

There is both abstract theoretical and concrete functions that support the manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The summon bonum of a system or that exemplar person is inverted under the color of the law that governs that system. This concept reflects downward in ordinating consequent lower levels of organization. Hence as a person becomes more implicated, blackmailed, and intimidated, this person ceases to do the legal and prescribed duties of one's occupation. One then recruits, entangles, and entraps others into the conspiracy to avoid being scapegoated by either formal or informal punishment.

As seen there is structure that reflects the Master Passion or Classical Tyrant of Plato (Plato 360 BCE):


Secret Police Bodyguard


Usually a corrupted member of the police will dispense quid pro quos designed by the Proximate Cause, Cambridge Law School (Proximate Cause 2012). This corrupted officer is paired then with a priest, president, judge, CEO, professor or other leader. The more corrupt person will degrade the standing of the superior person.

This is a concept that is integral to Singularity. This format is called a Joe Virus. This is entirely analogous to forming a bot army of smaller local computers and aiming such at a server for various purposes. Also now in Spring of 2012 the issue is how many workers are exposed to having their jobs eliminated by automation? The rational benefit to cost ratio is to eliminate the informant criminal from their job. As this process descends to even the unemployed workers and homeless persons a different class structure emerges (Nollmeyer 2007a).

The Social Singularity has a near total sanitization and censorship from this mechanism. The Irrationalist Presidents are not only on the Wrong Side of History, but now President Barack Obama should easily live to 2040 five years before Technological Singularity (Singularity Institute). Technological Singularity should easily help develop protocols to keep him alive. So by default he is the a priori target for formal prosecution.

In the present tense how or when is a supercomputer as IBM's Watson going to teach MOEC and or the historical Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to the world (IBMWatson 2012)? A particular example is the University of California at Berkeley. Many students were born after 1987 and have no experience of living in California without the state being under attack. All Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama share some historical, moral, and legal culpability.

In focus, if computers are at one point in time going to surpass humans in teaching non engineering disciplines, when are these machines going to have accurate historical databases? The code writers or devs are under suspect.

In a broader perspective those leaders of the LGBTi platform that are sworn duty bound officials are exposed first then the heterosexual officials.

In the concrete this is why the Gay Militia uses redundant double bind circular arguments, false set theories as adding same sex members in an attempt to Gay Bait persons. This attack is called Group in an equivocation to Gestalt Psychology and Social Systems.

In particularity, along the Colorado River area in California and Arizona, now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in jeopardy due to her duties as chief diplomat as contaminated water enters Mexico in March, 2012.

The miscalculation, escalation, failure to discipline corrupt persons, and failure to develop a systematic remedy for deficiencies implicate Obama, his predecessors, and will damage future sworn leadership.

There has been an attempt to converge and close the system with the implementation of the Radhanatha attack. This has focalized these areas as the most likely active crimes scenes to prosecute (Nollmeyer 2007a):

Blythe, California Ehrenberg, Arizona, Colorado River Valley

Desert Shores, Salton Sea, Palm Springs, Coachella Valley, California

Westwood, Lassen and Plumas Counties California

McCloud, Mount Shasta, Siskiyou California

The United States' sworn competent officials should receive the same critical constitutional analysis as other actors in Yugoslavia and Rwanda in the 1990s under equal protection and due process.

To return to the Eternal Law, Pope John Paul II is awaiting canonization and was totally aware of these acts. Severe pedophilia and child abuse cases have caused nearly 1000 claims with an approximate $1 billion USD payout to the Roman Catholic Church. A similar event of a network of pedophilia and child molestation occurred in the Jehovah's Witness in Canada and ISKCON of the Hare Krishna Movement in the United States and India. Conversely the latter has resulted with 500 claims and only a $14 million payout with releases.

The allegation from the latent perspectives states that an individual emerging from 1950 onwards had a measurable chance of being a member of one of these movements. The Catholics themselves have nearly 1 billion members worldwide. Herein the constraining effect of blackmail and intimidation are relevant with no manifest nexus to MOEC. However the main actors are now known to law enforcement.

I am now stating this allegation. These acts are part of the same Corrupt Enterprise. In this consideration it will not free Obama or the Irrationalist Presidents. It does cast doubt on the integrity of LAPD operations through mutual aid violations worldwide. If anything the insurers and organizations have much to recoup if the United States government, United Kingdom, and LAPD are proven to have entrapped these acts.

MOCM Part III, is in part a response to a challenge by members of one of the other cells in the Gay Militia containing officers. Their Room will survive while the cell which lost will dissolve. It was run by (Nollmeyer 2007a):


The Fly


I am an independent ritvik Hare Krishna. I am not aligned with the diksa guru platform of ISKCON, Gaudiya Math or International Pure Bhakti Society. Comprehending the concept of order and binding of a disciple in a faith based practice is a source of division that is readily exploited in MOEC. In this nexus I am continually alleged to be supporting ISKCON New Raman Reti. Hridayananda Das Goswami, Howard Resnick PhD once of Los Angeles, is stated as an authority. He is a diksa guru who supports Gay Monogamy while I do not support Same Sex Marriage (Hridayananda 2012).

Gay Marriage is not permitted in the Hare Krishna Movement. There is a highly visible presence of LGBTi persons in the movement of which I am friends of some through Facebook. I am in California and continue to support Proposition 8 or opposite sex marriage.

The false attempt to misrepresent my commitment to the heterosexual standard in the Vedas yields a very pronounced defeat for the attempt to Script my life within the Storyboard.

A very powerful exclusive disjunction emerges over sexual identity and behavior which posits it almost impossible for Dodo, the leader or the cell maintaining the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to mitigate events due to LGBTi considerations.

Simply by initiating the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, The Fly and Dodo would have lost their duel with the other cells and their cell, about 20 members will have to dissolve in LAPD. Hence there are perhaps 300 to 500 members in LAPD. It has been alleged that it will take at least 4 key members across three shifts to maintain the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. These acts are scheduled to continue at least until 2017. There is some mention of an early termination in 2015. I am using a five year plan to develop MOCM as a compass to finish papers from this text. Retirement and attrition may end the event in 2017 (Nollmeyer 2007).

The latent function or the revealing that most of their acts were designed by Cambridge Law School and delivered by defection outside the United States Constitution is important legally due to the implications of behaviors relating to blackmail and intimidation of sworn officers.

At Natural Law, a consideration may be mechanistic or theistic. The invertebrating of morality by killing off conscience of what is right or wrong immediately begins to negate any role differentiation under any social system. This concept is important in interdisciplinary studies and cross training of personnel in a system. Hence as the Joe Virus escalates attacks on the environment, this alone stands as proof that there is no moral or legal precept being followed. Here individualism and private benefit replace considerations of equal protection, due process, and legal person before the court and one's government. A return to the Hobbesian Nature is strictly imitative of the tumults that Rome permitted as she emerged. The chaos that is ensuing in Syria at the present with Assad purging Homs of opposition is a marginalization of the rule of law. Obama is strictly being blackmailed as this contrast of polarities unfolds towards the 2012 Presidential Election and his death.

It is clear Obama will have to die to end criminal allegations against his person as anyone else (Nollmeyer 2012b).

The Joe Virus thus creates informants of natural persons regardless of the identity of their belief system or the nationstate where they reside. Hence at the economic level with consideration of command or demand systems, one is better off with automation than hiring a workforce of traitor informants. Here then is the confirmation of Pre Fascism as persons are criminalized and become less employable. In a Greater Developed Country or GDC is Singularity creating abundance through exponential thinking? In the Least Developed Country or LDC it is easy to cite abstracts that are alienated from reality to demonstrate income, health, and life expectancy to prove that technology is raising the standard of living.

The writing of this text contradicts this fallacy of separation. The creation of socioeconomic outputs is sanctioned by a political system in a sovereign state. The degradation of human rights under the United Kingdom and United States is appalling. The destruction of farm land, water, physical structures, and allocative resources is criminal and is not being taken into consideration by the academic mythology writers. The Technological Singularity Movement is being marginalized by the Joe Virus (Nollmeyer 2012c).

Psychological systems are being used to model Artificial Intelligence. There is a dilemma over the use of absolute morality or relative morality. Deontology versus Consequentialism is focalized. Deontology argues the use of a priori rules that protect the individual under all considerations. Consequentialism permits a benefit to cost ratio under circumstances. The standard example is throwing one person under the bus to save nine may be justified (Isaacs 2001).

Under the Positive Law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations is prominent. However I would stress working under the system of one's country first unless such are compliant with UN based orders and judgments. I am working under United States Federal Law and state laws as needed.

Under Positive Law, I will use the Bill of Rights with TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 RICO, the Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization Act as a framework. I will then use the particular state codes to ordinate charges or civil claims if they are applicable (RICO 2012).

It is evident that there are existing legal protocols that are under defection that otherwise could under considerations of due process and equal protection have prevented the Proximate Cause from organizing (Proximate Cause 2012). The Constitution of the United Kingdom would have had jurisdiction in the 1800 to 1900s in continuo.

The manifest criminality evident in the United States since June, 1987 at the minimum would severely impact the United States federal government, the states of California, Delaware, Maryland, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The ecology of a system of complex jurisdiction creates a defense mechanism as one alienated individual attempts to reassert the rule of law through constitutional means against a de facto and omissive regime of corruption and incompetence. Hence the use of international, state, and local jurisdiction creates a front for transnational criminality with a complex set of actors within the recognized crime multipliers to distract attention from the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I am a natural person and sovereign citizen of the United States. Sworn officials are under the color of law in being principals and accomplices depending on how charges would be filed.

Section 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law (FBI 2012):

U.S. Code as of: January 19, 2004

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

A concept of double crime as being under the color of law permits for a legal sentence from one year to capital death.

To briefly touch upon the implications for Singularity thinkers, one must descend from the universal law that binds subsequent actors. Criminal prosecution focuses on the Positive Law. Under defection pandering to a faith system or theocracy is plausible and likely. How is Iran who now exists under Islamic Law and which now can refine low grade uranium for a domestic power plant perceive this event? How would their software coders develop an operating system and application software based on Islamic core values?

Achminejead has travelled to the United States and has not mentioned this event. Since Iran is a desert country with only a few navigable rivers, the attack on the Colorado River and Salton Sea should raise concerns as there is Anglo American Authorship.


Cambridge Law School is being argued as the alleged Origin and Authorship. Hence they are arranging all subsequent actors and subsystems to prevent the detection and prosecution of the criminal enterprise.

In order to achieve justice and compensation for victims which are worldwide and not just localized in the United States; now during the in continuo status, official recognition of prima facie abuse is needed in the United States. What is clearly apparent is that current President Barack Obama has been seriously comprised by a spiral of blackmail and intimidation. This event predates to his predecessors (Nollmeyer 2012b):

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

The collusion of 2012 Republican Presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul is also suspect. Of interest is that Santorum is 53 years of age and within the window of a theoretical 30 year criminal prosecution window.

The most plausible possibility is that the United States will wait until Obama is near dead or dead before this activity is recognized as historical. This has been mentioned at 2040.

Momentary glory and political ascendancy, to be followed by downfall and humiliation, are considerably less attractive than long term political viability (Akhvayan 2001).

It is concrete that corruption through quid pro quos, then blackmail and intimidation has led to the recruiting of persons to act criminally against those who wish to economize under legal means. These activities occur in the white, grey, and black markets.

The lack of will to intervene by the President is a serious blow to the credibility of the United States and demonstrates the dependency of the 200 nationstates that now exist to maintain their defense and socioeconomic standing.

Individual accountability of leadership that is deliberate and systematic in permitting severe violence to occur on the so called enemy group is relevant to maintaining credibility of all nationstates.

The development of the Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing ideology and positioning such within cells of LGBTi MSM officers with no accountability has created an expanding toxic environment in which middle class persons, senior citizens, and children clamor for the quid pro quos which subject such to criminalization as blackmail, extortion, and intimidation.

The use of defection with an appeal to the LGBTi platform is what has driven the purge of informants. This is an antagonistic movement in the social body which degrades the aboveground LGBTi Right to Marry groups.

The cooption of media, especially radio permits a pirate form electronic surveillance that enables LAPD to communicate with criminal actors in Gang Stalking.

Political leaders create an aberrant context of inverted morality in which dehumanization and violence against members of the enemy group were legitimized as purported acts of selfdefense (Akhvayan 2001).

This activity is designed upon an informant person and groups that are demons, traitors, and criminals as the case may arise to the law in question. Attempting to create a government based on the Paradigm of Laws would create a theocracy (Nollmeyer 2007a):

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

In the United States the culture of Gang Stalking or very serious stalking that is committed with open impunity supports the prosecution of non sworn accomplices for RICO violations with treason, obstructing justice, and intimidating a witness. If actual murder or assault has occurred these issues should be addressed as a crime. These cases will be in the main individually tried or dismissed.

Payam Akhvayan has stated (Akhvayan 2001):

The threat of punishment let alone an empty threat has a limited impact on human behavior in a culture already intoxicated with hatred and violence...

Moreover, political climates and fortunes change, and the seemingly invincible leaders of today often become the fugitives of tomorrow. Whether their downfall comes through political overthrow or military defeat, the vigilance of international criminal justice will ensure that their crimes do not fall into oblivion, undermining the prospect of an easy escape or future political rehabilitation. A post conflict culture of justice also makes moral credibility a valuable political asset for victim groups, rendering vengeance less tempting and more costly.

This observation comes in support of the Yugoslavian and Rwanda conflicts of the 1990s. The former has much relevance for Americans. Then President Clinton authorized several military interventions. However there were several errors as not bombing and decapitating rail lines to eliminate the movement of Muslim men and boys who were under the care of the Dutch contingency under United Nations authority.

The genocide at Srebrenica resulted in upwards of 10,000 persons being eliminated.

The complexity of systems needed to guarantee rights and rule of law is anarchic. Most serious discussion is post event or non existent.

History of Singularity

Artificial Intelligence as Moral Agent

All phenomena that exists within a manifold must have a history. This is true regardless if there is a sensate or inorganic observer as a computer program. The Singularity Movement, both Technological and Cultural have emerged with a planned Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program designed as an antagonistic movement to Undermine Technological Singularity. Technological Singularity is that future date when thinking machines equal then surpass humans in ability. This date has been deduced as 2045 due to exponential specializations as nano technologies (Singularity Institute). A major component of Singularity is the creation of Superintelligence. This is Artificial Intelligence, or AI systems that equal or surpass the skill of humans.

It appears that in the domain of hard sciences as engineering, architecture, pharmacology, math, building software and computer systems, Superintelligence has a very strong probability of occurring In the liberal arts where moral discernment and action as a moral agent is required whether Superintelligence is attainable by 2045 is quite problematic and questionable (Anissimov 2003).

Proposition: Superintelligence cannot be achieved unless a computer program or system defines the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, identifies all criminal actors, aids in the prosecution and transparent documentation of all criminal actors. It must also develop a rational and transparent pedagogical method of instruction and critique concerning the rights and duties of all sworn and non sworn parties that were responsible to terminate the processes and structures of this attack and remedy these deficiencies to the Proximate Cause sine qua non (Proximate Cause 2012).

This preemptive attack on human civilization and life itself is alleged to be the Authorship of Cambridge Law School (Nollmeyer 2007a). It is argued that if Cambridge is running the defection model and such are not identified and their proxies prosecuted then they will be able to develop technological supercomputers as instruments of war as a baseline while still providing some socioeconomic cultural benefit as a behavioristic reinforcer. They will have the capability of using supercomputers to sanitize espionage and other crimes against humanity.

Currently IBM's Watson has not recognized MOEC. It ironically is studying cancer at a leading institution on the United States east coast as of this writing in Spring of 2012 (IBMWatson 2012). This Authorship is operating a Prisoner's Dilemma defection model which is de facto or illegal (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). Hence actors which defect to this mover are accomplices. As seen the attack wished to implicate then President Reagan and expose this system. It appears the strongest members of this group were Men Same Sex Males or MSM.

The strategic mission is Gay Marriage and vindication of the LGBTi Movement. A moral agent must act against an immoral agent or it ceases to be a moral agent. In this regards it becomes dependent and under the color of morality or law (Moral Agent). This attack became totally cognizant to then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987. The Gay Militia which is alleged to be operating out of Los Angeles Police Department, California (LAPD) damaged the President, themselves, LAPD, State of California (Governor Deukmejian), the federal government and the State of Delaware (Governor Carper). This also preempted LGBTi History. There are many other examples of collateral damage and latent dysfunction that have occurred as the environment (Nollmeyer 2007a).

The system is being operated by MSM persons. The continuum appears to wish to escalate the illegal activity implicating both sworn and moral agents (Moral Agent). As seen President Barack Obama would be 79 years old in 2040, five years before 2045 or Technological Singularity. President Barack Obama is the target of Technological Singularity.

In the instance of computing and Artificial Intelligence or AI it is clear also that denying the empirical History of the United States and all of it's relevant subspecies seriously damages the competency of a supercomputer to develop Superintelligence and act as moral agent for the positive transformation of the human species to a higher level of consciousness (Moral Agent). Since the moral agent is part of the study of moral philosophy it would be irrational for this AI program to deny what has occurred and the damage to human life, life writ large and the environment of the earth in which we live.It has clearly narrowed the most likely success for Machine Superintelligence to the engineering and hard sciences not the liberal arts or social science.

The lack of volition in Technological Singularity movement as moral agents, and performance of sworn officials themselves have legally implicated Obama and actors born 1955 and later as targets for future prosecution. There is a strong likelihood of victims stepping forward. This in the main appears to be HIV AIDS positive and Hepatitis C positive persons. Nationstates, corporations, groups, or persons acting as fiduciary for various concerns are likely to act before 2045 (Galeon, D. & Reedy, C. 2017). If any group proclaims Singularity without Official Recognition of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth it is a fraud on it's face.

I am writing from Blythe, California and Ehrenberg, Arizona as March 25 to April 8, 2012. The Colorado River is contaminated and if you touched the wheat growing in a field here it would burn your hand.In degree history is the last court. The software developers to date March to April, 2012 have made no effort to recognize a crime that is legally punishable in the United States and internationally by the United Nations. IBM's Watson, a supercomputer who some have posited as having a narrow AI is reflective of the problematic facing Singularity thinkers (Muehlhauser & Salamon 2012). There is pandemic corruption in both the United States and the Universal System of the United Nations. As I am the natural person whose citizenship has been alienated (Bill of Rights), I view any academic sanitization or journalistic censorship as an environmental threat, hence those uncontrollable forces outside my person that I have no power to act over (Management Study Guide 2012). As seen I have already filed over twenty six federal civil suits that were designed to be read as criminal (Nollmeyer 2007). I have attempted to engage most competent sworn federal officials where I have resided over two months since June, 1987.

Personally this will focus mainly on California, Arizona, Delaware, New Mexico, and Nevada as I am trapped mainly in the deserts and the mountains. This activity develops as Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs and escalates such into the full blown manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has and is in the cognition of the Irrationalist United States Presidents Reagan Obama of whom Barack Obama is now seeking his second term in 2012.

The legal dynamics of sworn competent officials refusing to perform their legal duties to protect life, limb, and property develop an emergent scenario resembling a Nuremberg Trial under United States Federal Law. If the United States Attorney General is duty bound to prosecute all crimes in this nationstate a truly autonomous moral agent must be opposed to activity in which I would state all 313 million persons have a claim against LAPD, State of California, United States, and the United Kingdom (Moral Agent).

The latter concerns the allegation that the Authorship is Cambridge Law School. The Alan Turing Centennial is June 23, 2012. There is an allegation that his persecution as a Gay male is attributable to this mechanism. It appears that Mr. Turing was steered skill sets and projects that helped develop his career. I am not clear about how issues other than his Gay orientation ran him afoul in the United Kingdom. His cracking of the Enigma Code alone gives a reasonable foundation that he was exposed to United Kingdom intelligence during WWII at very sensitive level (Hodges, A. 2012).

I am an undergraduate student in Social Sciences and pre law. I have a GPA of 3.27 with 161 credits and a University of California transferable GPA of 3.42 151 credits. I need six classes to graduate with a BA. I will probably opt to retake three more courses to bring the 3.27 up closer to 3.50. After taking 9 courses both GPAs should be near 3.50 and by merit have my standing in consideration for at least a half to full scholarship at law or other graduate programs. The stalking and defamation of my person is unprecedented in the United States and the world. In an ethnographic sense, my ability to survive and mount a credible legal challenge to LAPD and President Obama et al. is considerable. This is in prejudice to the Gay Militia and their accomplices regardless of sexual orientation and preferences.

The history, epistemology, and methodology of Singularity is suspect without acknowledging that a Cultural Singularity has occurred as worldwide as a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program named MOEC. The resulting Censorship and Sanitization under a controller that is blackmailing and intimidating actors to promote it's interest through Technological Singularity or a suboptimal Nash Equilibrium (Nash Equilibrium) of Technological Singularity is a powerful statement of fact against the selective attention of scientists and academics that are currently marginalizing the movement. The omissive conduct by Technological Singularity thinkers of this era sets the stage for future moral agents to correct their errors and suboptimal performance (Moral Agent).

If the legal system operated properly, this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would of have been reduced to only Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs. I state this because these events are not weaponized military operations but bathtub clandestine events that any person acting with defection from the police could carry out with common items. It appears that controlled substances as hydrochloric acid and other cleaning agents are being easily purchased through LAPD and used to attack my person through mutual aid violations with other police agencies.

Crimes against humanity, treason, obstruction of justice, intimidation of a witness, and racketeering form basic parameters of legal claims. Hence the ethics and legal basis for a moral agent to proffer a transparent explanation become constrained under blackmail and intimidation (Moral Agent). My immediate recommendation is that all Singularity Groups form a Law Section. Under the Paradigm of Laws: 1. Eternal Law 2. Natural Law 3. Positive Law, how would a faith, philosophy and nationstate deal with Technological Singularity? How will a nationstate or legal supranational regime as the United Nations, Organization of American States or Arab League reconcile an attack by a Gay Militia within the Anglo American structure which has emerged as NATO?

Rationality is already being considered by many Singularity concerns. This could easily be reconciled under Natural Law or reason. An actor who is under defection to the Origin ceases to be a moral agent, hence contributing to the co opting faith based systems, philosophy and academic departments, think tanks, and sworn public officials increases a marginal degradation of the structural state and those natural persons and their occupations within such. The entangling of Homeland Security or the police escalates the attack. The antagonistic movement of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program against engineering achievements as cloud computing, solid state drives, 4G mobile broadband, the lowering of costs of solar panels to $4 per watt, better lithium ion batteries, better pharmaceuticals, better protocols for the detection of diseases is neutralized.

The Social Contract Theory is the accepted model for a Constitution. The rule of law guarantees freedom for the individual for their spiritual, moral, social, and economic life. Volition to uphold primary rights by sworn secondary law officers would protect the social and natural environment to develop the human race under a system of laws. If those capacitated to act as moral agents due not do such but endeavor under the color of moral right and law than they are illicit and criminal themselves (Moral Agent).

It is folly to work under blackmail and intimidation. This attacks the Constitution and the positive rights the contract provides for. Hence the result is the construction of Totalitarianism and a Police State. The Classic Argument of the State versus the Individual is embedded within the emergence of Technological and Social Singularity. If Cambridge Law School is the Authorship then professors who develop these de facto crimes and teach in the open will cease to occur. If LAPD is the Proximate Cause in the United States operating the attack then regular rank and file officers also will no longer be safe on basic duty (Proximate Cause 2012).

LAPD should be quarantined and all communications emanating and exiting their headquarters should be monitored, especially mutual aid. In abstraction a very large police agency that can make contacts with other departments through mutual aid is the only logical actor due to the limitations to the amount of work one person can perform. LAPD has about 8000 officers.

As time passes the miscalculation of events creates a multiplier fallacy which implicates more individuals and groups. Hence the original target of Ronald Reagan has shifted from conservatives to liberals who support Gay Marriage and are highly instrumental in fighting openly for such as California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Cambridge as Proximate Cause

If Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause, Authorship, and Origin then it is not a moral agent (Moral Agent). The criminal knows his own crime. Two simultaneous eternities cannot exist. An eternal association such as the United States Constitution is a perpetual act designed to incorporate moral agents to carry out it's laws, rules, and directives to protect the citizenship of the members of this commonwealth. A conspiracy driven by defection is an attack on it's sovereignty. A legal constitution can only be changed by itself. The designing of a conspiracy is an attack on Positive Law.

It would be impossible for a system of crime to be created and implemented with the goal of attacking the human race with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth through the United Kingdom and the United States as described previously and simultaneously maintain the mythologies of sworn legal officials in either nationstate. It is clear that the Authorship has obstructed justice at a very high degree implicating five presidencies Reagan Obama. This activity would have needed many years of planning and the recruitment of thousands of persons. The criminalization of the population through quid pro quos is a defense mechanism of MOEC. Hence those persons especially sworn officers of the state whose careers have emerged through defection are least likely to step forward as moral agents (Moral Agent). By arranging for proxies to attack and recruit more informants the system has morphogenetic expansion. As seen any enemies of the Anglo American Paradigm and LGBTi Movement are strengthened. What is dangerous is that this mechanism is designed at the present to focus on marginalization tactics which would permit the Chemical Assault to continue with a complement of repertoire that is inclusive of crime, disease, and economics that is currently explained as not having a state directed authorship. One should peruse FBI Universal Crime Statistics and CDC Surveillance reports.

As stated the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would have a debilitating effect on the 700,000 known HIV AIDS positive persons. There are 3 million Hepatitis B or C persons that are infected. This is 3.7 million persons out of 313 million persons in the United States. The notion of AI emerging with Superintelligence is a red herring or distraction from conditions of reality. Currently IBM's Watson is studying cancer at a leading institution in the United States. This population is also under attack.

By using defection Cambridge is able to recruit informants to sanitize it's criminal actions. In the theater of History it has Scripted a moral decadence with no leader capacitated to restore a renaissance. Technological Singularity is being promoted as an iconoclastic future event that will sweep away all human levels of performance. What MOEC has done in the concrete is damage the United States, it's Constitution, President and sworn competent officials under an unprecedented Cultural Singularity with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The invertebration of the Paradigm of Laws has also negated any moral agent from acting in the concrete to restore the Constitutional life (Moral Agent). Is the Singularity Movement a cover for New Fascism? In theory every weapon that is developed will be used. Technological Singularity is being nearly preached as panacea for many of humanities problems. The Joe Virus or cell of LAPD officers driving this event are Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing. This label is the creation of MOEC thinkers. I am being harassed daily by rambling homosexual polymorphous perversity speech.

As a heterosexual male I do not need to promote coitus, oral sex, and the masturbation of females as sexual emancipation. The Joe Virus is a bottom ten percent contagion aimed at the upper ten percent. Differential Association is a social based theory stating that crime is transferred through language or speech. TedTalks a Singularity based discussion group which regularly promotes speeches and videos appears prima facie as a target for the Gay Militia. I am a competent social scientist. TedTalks will be approached on this issue.

The History of Singularity is developed in the concrete. In basic abstract methodologies one attempts to research to find laws or principles that are antecedent to consequent acts to develop the systematization of that discipline. In the administration of justice a code officer must respond to a hot crime scene that is in continuo. The crime must be brought under control by due process and equal protection so that the victim, criminal, third parties all have their rights maintained. Empirical evidence is gathered and this Statement of Facts must presented with Points of Law to sustain a complaint and successful prosecution.

As seen the moral, ethical, and legal agent all have their distinct boundaries but are extremely similar. In theory acts are mala in se or evil in themselves or mala prohibita or those acts criminalized by statute. The corpus delecti of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth or a body of crime has been operating in continuo since June 17, 1987 in a manifest fashion contrary to the the leadership of the President of the United States.

The discussion of a moral agent is not authentic or congruent to those that proffer such high standards while the mass of persons are being alienated, debilitated, and marginalized here in the United States (Moral Agent).

Open Letter to www.ted.com

Edited April 2012

Is Singularity Sanitization for New Fascism?

As seen the concrete history of Singularity and the MOEC are convergent and simultaneous. The line of thinking that I am taking is that Cambridge University was aware of machine computational power at an early time. Much of this data most likely reflects the security interests of the United Kingdom. With this under consideration this mechanism would seek to defect computer development to it's interest.

The strategic issue of Gay Marriage has always been paired with a marginal chemical assault or Targeted Chemical Assaults.

The exponential theory proposed in Moore's Law and by Kurzweil is coming to an end as semiconductors have developed to one phosphorous atom. Subatomic computing is the next paradigm. Regardless of the speed and size of CPUs, the traditional 250 disciplinary areas of the University System still have to be programmed onto software that at least compliments what is delivered by humans. Here there is still no Official Recognition of the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth by any nationstate or prominent Singularity thinker or organization.

It is TOTALLY EVIDENT that there is significant damage to sworn officials to uphold human rights. There is tremendous damage to all persons claiming to have moral agency in not confronting the United States President on openly allowing it's citizens to be attacked by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The branding of Singularity as a for profit also limits it's chances for achieving it's goals of iconoclastic transformation of human consciousness and behavior sweeping past totally human systems. There is a planned decadence ongoing in the trajectory of history being led by the Gay Militia in LAPD. If a moral actor does not oppose such it will clearly lose legitimacy. As MOEC escalates it's activities towards and past the 2012 Presidential Elections more persons will become sworn officials who take office to protect life, limb, and property not box in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth over the human race.The LGBTi movement and female populations emerging through the professions have also seen their trajectories and natural persons damaged by misogyny by this Gay Militia.

Using IBM's Watson as a baseline, when is a computational machine going to be able to expound on the factual history of the United States from June 17, 1987?

On a personal level I will openly use negation on an actor be it a single natural person, group, nationstate, or supranational regime that I believe is a credible threat to my life and History. Cambridge University has just recently announced the termination of the hard copy of it's Encyclopedia Britannica. If one were to peruse my www.powereality.origin.htm one can see my miniature encyclopedia which I wrote by hand. I was requested to do this. The Authorship knew that there was a Radhanatha event or a planned escalation of the Scorched Earth. Almost 100 percent of written texts in my vicinity are contaminated. What is unique in Origin is my reduction of the Outline of Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud is missing. The section on Informal Fallacies is missing. This reflects Logic by Copi. The construction of the Eros is major template in entrapment conditioning in the Storyboard Scripting of persons lives. The use of a tension release model should replace any consideration of hydraulic model of the psyche. The pathological lying and deception of the Gay Militia will state that I am using the hydraulic model which argues that criminals increase repression then break suddenly rather than a gradual increase of tension and releasing.

Hence criminals repress and victims deny. The Singularity Movement is dependent on the fatalistic failure of Cambridge through LAPD and it's accomplices. Herein also these actors may be repressive as they are the criminals victimizing other persons. The University of California, Ivy League and upper echelon schools as MIT are all suspect as they condone the attack on my person and the human race.

The blatant selling off of rights for economic prosperity and sex is a cornerstone of an antisocial, sociopathic, and psychopathic culture that has resulted in a purge. This would create a new class order or a more accurately a refinement of the previous order.

If academics and intellectuals become apologists for this crime against humanity, New Fascism has emerged. It is also a cornerstone for developing computer and AI systems to attack the human race.

The Original Manuscript was hacked. The letter was written as a need to create a record as omissive behavior of the Singularity Movement, TedTalks, and academia is an Existential Threat.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

October 3, 2015

The damage to LGBTi law enforcement is catastrophic and will be discussed in a chapter dealing with Gay Irrationalism. This will develop the use of the Chemical Assault and it's distribution over society writ large. The recruitment of natural persons into law enforcement positions in LAPD to form a Gay Militia in itself is a negation to a concept of moral agency.

The teaching of LGBTi History which is now mandated in California is a fraud. The trajectory of MOEC as a defection model has clear boundaries that are still morphogenetic and expanding. Sworn officials as President Obama, Mary Bono Mack R 45 CA, Gavin Newsom Lt. Governor CA, and Kamala Harris Attorney General CA, are clear targets for criminal prosecution. Obama is the oldest individual being born on August 4, 1961.

The University of Cambridge appears to have been instrumental in developing computational machines. I am proposing that Singularity and or it's concept were developed as an Artificial Archetype in which to develop a culture of defection to computers and AI topologies. Verner Vinge is credited with the first use of the term Singularity.

To elaborate the power of nuclear bombs was manifest to the world after August, 1945. It was clear that the proliferation of nuclear technology could disrupt the equilibrium of world power and international security. This is evident as Iran, the United States and Israel are in a state of brinkmanship over Iran's development of nuclear technology. Hence if a nationstate or alignment could develop a supercomputer or AI topology this too could shift the balance of power. There is already discussion that it may be possible to penetrate Iran's computer networks and shut these systems down. One then has a computer system versus computer system confrontation.

It is my position that Cambridge is leading the Singularity Movement by defection. I will link the Alan Turning Centennial to this claim.

MOEC is reverse engineering to Technological Singularity. A Social or Cultural Singularity has been achieved. I am working on budget level equipment that is quite proficient for word processing and web surfing for pdf file research that I prefer. I also have to continually re edit these papers as LAPD will hack them. This alone gives insight to how hacking is a job occupation that is state sponsored and not moral, ethical, or legal.

The fact that there is no official recognition to my persecution is a WATERSHED EVENT in human history demonstrates the collusion of so called moral authority. In Florida as I write Trayvor Martin has been killed by a man named Zimmerman who was a neighborhood watch person who was legally armed. Martin is African American and Zimmerman is of Latino extraction. Obama, Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have immediately responded to this event although it is only a fraction of the size. I approve of the tactics that the Martin family has used to publicize the confrontation which reflects selfdefense, Castle Doctrine, and Stand Your Grand concepts of affirmative defenses and the duty to retreat.

At this point the publicity has brought the FBI into the investigation but the event is turning into a circus or kangaroo court which will constrain me from adding direct comment.Here too, we see that advocating of my civil rights is not in the interest of the past civil rights leadership. Sharpton and Jackson have strong ties to President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both who I will staunchly argue are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

When will the officers in LAPD BE NAMED? When will UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE AND OXFORD members be named? I am not a public person. I do not act for a profit or publicity to further any other for profit enterprise. I continually make public records which do not support any private economic motive.The area of the Colorado River Valley and Salton Sea appears to be a very strong target of Gay Irrational Gay Know Nothing. If the electronic surveillance of LAPD is collected and examined one will document the use of ad hominem and contrarian homosexuality. The latter is a stereotype stating that same sex persons especially males are acting the opposite of reason and rationality as a form of harassment.

If I debate Dodo the day shift leader and the single person of who it is claimed could STOP THE CHEMICAL ASSAULT, he will deliberate state the opposite of what I state. I have a real GPA of 3.27 and a UC GPA of 3.42 and have no trouble keeping him under 50 percent accuracy. If we argue ten points on any subject as selfdefense, the Vedas, or Singularity he will most likely lose all ten points. This is easily achieved by only stating provable empirical facts.

If I state that Zimmerman must mount a legal affirmative defense under the State of Florida this is true. If Dodo does not even know what an affirmative defense is, then this is more ludicrous. In a justification defense one does not deny that the act has occurred. In this case Zimmerman does not deny shooting Martin. He is stating that under Florida law he has an affirmative selfdefense under the rules regarding Castle Doctrine and Hold Your Ground models.

If I state facts, Dodo will claim that I am harassing him and he is defending some other third party. This is absurd on it's face because he is Stalking me with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and using a front of homosexuality LGBTi to recruit persons under treason, obstruction of justice, and mutilating evidence. This is a RICO structure.


An interesting component that also negates moral agency and the color of right is that my grandfather is placed into a false set with the previous leader The Fly. So in equivocation The Fly will mean either a criminal policeman who initiated the Chemical Assault or my grandfather. I am still intellectually adept to argue that none of this activity stems from a legal law, rule, or case. Therefore there is no legal basis for LAPD to continue the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and their Gay Militia as a Gay Revolution.

Under jus belle or legal warfare uniformed security forces as the military and police do not attack civilians or non military installations or property. The stalkers they recruit are common criminals at best and are liable to be prosecuted for Part I and Part II crimes that they commit for quid pro quos.

The University of Cambridge or the criminal knows it's own crime. It is creating a Yellow Brick Road for Obama to attempt to live out his life without being criminally exposed and put on trial. This is also true for the Gay Militia. The moral and legal agency for my natural person is to put up the strongest legal resistance and publish legal records as to the nature of the system none as MOEC. This alone would negate the History of the Irrational Presidents. I cannot even open the site: http://powereality.net/irrationalistpresidents.htm any longer.

The attack is driven by MSM males who will attempt to Gay Bait persons who confront them. This alone is a devastating defeat for the integrity of same sex LGBTi persons. I have been exclusively heterosexual all my life. Mary Bono Mack's R 45 CA district contains one of the most prominent LGBTi communities in the world. The Coachella Valley is host to the White Party and The Dinah (Female Golf Tournament). Both of these events cater to 15,000 persons each per year. The former is for gay males and the latter is for lesbians.

I am in Desert Shores on the Salton Sea every other year. There is no way the worldwide LGBTi community cannot say they unaware of MOEC.


The a priori allegation that Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause sine qua non of MOEC, Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing, and Singularity is substantive (Proximate Cause 2012). The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over the natural person and United States Citizenship of my person, David Nollmeyer is prima facie.

President Barack Obama to date with a projected lifespan of 80 years, is the Technological Singularity Target. Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment. The scientific accuracy of Obama's history functions as a test for Superintelligence. The lack of such will also develop sanitization and hypocrisy for the Anglo American LGBTi Movement. This latter issue is quite important. Why I am I, a Japanese American born ritvik Hare Krishna continually being used to front the LGBTi Movement? There are notable Right to Marry groups that are quite competent and whose membership are Out. They are not acting irrationally with violence to promote Same Sex Equality, however they have not recognized the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The confrontation in Africa over LGBTi issues is quite current and also involves fundamental Islam. If attacking individuals in Africa is wrong why is this event not officially recognized? The lack of Official Recognition of the Totality of Circumstances further strains the ability for Singularity thinkers to develop a Moral Agency within Artificial Intelligence AI systems.

Enigma Questions


As the Alan Turing Centennial approaches many disturbing events have emerged that cast doubt on the moral, legal, and historical basis of both science and political leadership. The allegation that forms the point of departure is that Cambridge Law School has authored a program named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. As seen this is no more than the core of academics who guide the expansion and specifically the war plans of the United Kingdom.

This program has launched an unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth over my natural person and United States Citizenship. This Manifest Function was discernible to then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987. This preemptive attack on his legacy also attacked the United States Constitution and theories of democracy inclusive of the Social Contract Theory.

The attack was designed on a theory of history creating a planned decadence around Ronald Reagan and a renaissance which is Singularity and Artificial Intelligence with the creation of Superintelligence. In reality, I argue that AI is being developed to historically censor and sanitize this attack.

There are at least four salient features of this watershed event that I am claiming are not subject to falsification under Kuhn Popper Methodologies. They are:

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is the name given by the Authorship.

The attack is against the human race and civilization. It is based on avenging LGBTi History. The Strategic Plan at this time Same Sex or Gay Marriage. The attack will implicate the United Kingdom, University of Cambridge, Scotland Yard, United States, California, and Los Angeles Police Department LAPD.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an ideology also attributable to MOEC and is precursor to Gay Fascism if academics and intellectuals emerge in an apologetic format.

Irrationalist Presidents: These are the individuals who have legally assumed terms of office of the United States President and who have subsequently have been blackmailed and intimidated.

These Presidents to date are:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The implications of the in continuo trajectory posit that this attack is a Crime Against Humanity internationally. It is also designed as treason, obstruction of justice, intimidating a witness (assault kidnapping, and murder are also possible) and mutilation of evidence here in the United States. Hence these are components of a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization. Three features are also most likely to end the event and or force legal and historical recognition:

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

Stalking of my person

Illegal electronic surveillance which includes pirate radio and television to coordinate the stalkers et al.

Technological Singularity

Technological Singularity is that future date when computational machines overtake humans in skill and ability. At this point in time Machine Superintelligence will have occurred and transhumanism will be normative. Superintelligence implies that machines will be able to engineer themselves, write code, make pharmaceuticals, bridges, spacecraft and similar structures.

If Superintelligence is to be real, it must also act as a Moral Agent and recognize this Crime Against Humanity (Moral Agent). It also must help in the documentation of facts, points of law, assist in the arrest and prosecution of the authorship and all accomplices. Superintelligence must RECOGNIZE PRIMA FACIE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Singularity is predicted for 2045 (Galeon, D. & Reedy, C. 2017).

Is Singularity and Artificial Intelligence Being Developed to Sanitize History?

The United States, United Nations, or any other sovereign have yet to recognize MOEC. Therefore the Censorship and Sanitization of 7 billion persons on this earth is a Cultural Singularity. Social Singularity is a concept stating that social media will be instrumental in alleviating social injustices. To date Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Google+ are devoid of anything remotely approaching recognition of this attack and if anything are supporting it.

Obama Is the Singularity Target

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was born on August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico. We are therefore cohort rivals under an unseen father and mother figure. In Freudian thought this would be Oedipal and Electra respectively. I would argue that all sworn officials in the United States born after 1955 are strong targets for prosecution. To date on April 16, 2012 the Colorado River is contaminated for the third time since February 12, 2007 when Operation Radhanatha began. This tactic encompasses the poisoning of surface water, contamination of canned foods, increased spraying of clothing, and having despoiled products sent into my vicinity.

The Colorado River runs into Mexico and is a source of drinking and agricultural water in both nationstates. This easily classifies as a Crime against Humanity.

Enigma Questions

Is Singularity a designed cover by a despotic authorship to censor a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program?

This attack on human life has been operating out of the United States since April, 1986 as stalking and June 17, 1987 as a manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth isolating one natural person's (citizenship) Bill of Right protection by placing my person into a conflict regarding the Sovereign Citizenship Relationship with the President. Equal Protection and Due Process in the main have been violated by having a Gay Militia operating out of LAPD escalate the attack against the target Ronald Reagan. This attack has a trajectory through the Irrationalist Presidents to now President Obama.

Why would Singularity, Superintelligence, and supercomputers be used as a cover? There are many real and potential benefits from these technologies.

If a state planner has knowledge of an emergent technology it must seek to master that technology or lose a strategic and competitive advantage to others of it's type. A good example is nuclear weapons. It appears that the Germans were highly advanced in quantum physics and rocket science. Without the defection of Albert Einstein and Alfred Schrödinger the world we live in today could have been a very different society.

In a thorough environmental analysis an actor has to seek out all the risks for those uncontrollable factors outside one's intent and actions. Here computer science is highly competitive. It appears that the United Kingdom was advancing in computer science and was concerned with the theory that machines would meet and then exceed the skill of humans. If this computer system would act as a superior moral agent it would have the capability of exposing Crimes Against Humanity (Moral Agent). This statement predisposes that the United Kingdom and all nationstates have some criminal liability.

It appears that the Authorship accepted the assumption as fact that at a future date that Superintelligence would be possible. Cambridge Law School then designed a preemptive attack that would expose the United States President in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth blackmail, extortion, and intimidation ring.

In a live experiment it tacitly reveals an institutionalized system of corrupt quid pro quos that implicate heads of state, CEOs, priests and other sworn officials as advancing their careers through defection or illegal deals.

If Cambridge Law School had or still has the capabilities of developing a defection model that can infiltrate the United States and use it's own police agencies to deliver a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, why not act as a moral agent in the positive for the benefit of society?

This question lies at the core theme of the Enigma Questions. It appears that the academics are initiated into this clique under blackmail and intimidation. They have all received illegal benefits and could be prosecuted. A contest of sorts was in progress between homosexual and heterosexual members. This adversarial system developed a strategy to expose the corruption by attacking the United States. This conflict and it's interests, intents and outputs are the Ex Deux Maquina or Ghost in the Machine.

Herein it is likely that the United States Presidents are all involved in Yellow Brick Road quid pro quos.

Why is there a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth?

The allegation is that one or more Gay members who was implicated in the blackmail and intimidation, and realized that his criminal actions would result in his classification as what we would now call as a psychopath. This actor realized that his genetics were operating and that this trait was inherited. Once he decided to retaliate with Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs, the other individuals in the ring had to follow.

The human population is arranged in a hub and node configuration through every police stationhouse. One has the best chance to hear the totality of the conspiracy of MOEC if they are LGBTi or are near the spraying. As seen LGBTi persons are sprayed less and heterosexuals more. To receive one's quid pro quos one has to be LGBTi in the main or have relatives that are. Avenging History by levelling also is another means for Scripting deals.

What are other important dimensions and components of MOEC?

MOEC is convergent totalitarianism in the trajectory of History. It is also live human experimentation or fitness training. Epistemologically speaking one's sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste are attacked by Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, stalking, and electronic surveillance. The individual has to respond and adapt to what is Torture and Cruel and Unusual Treatment.This is important in developing a Theory of Knowledge for Technological Singularity. To date no major scientist who is within the Singularity Movement has addressed this watershed event.

The ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is designed as a counterculture than inverts all know truth or moral systems. Similar to other Irrationalist Movements as the Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan there is very little rational argument from laws or principles to consequent events. The Gay Militia in LAPD are provocateurs who only pose as being knowledgeable in philosophy, business, and science.

If one challenges these officers they usually respond by a diametrical contrarian position. If one is 51 percent correct the highest accuracy rate for their position is 49 percent. In this manner a reasonably competent person may defeat these officers daily with regularity. The Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing stage at present uses this platform of defeat by these officers to proclaim a War.

This ideology is an academically designed reaction formation developed to break APA (psychiatry) and legal standards of mens rea and actus rea or criminal intent and act (Mens Rea) (Actus Reus. The Gay Militia is a Joe Virus or analogous to using an army of bot computers to attack a server. At this point in time Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing represents the bottom 10 percent of the population. The Gang Stalkers are the symbolic representation of this ideology. As per Technological Singularity this antisocial culture justifies No Human Touch Agriculture and Manufacturing. Hence replace humans with automation. The workplace is a setting of intense stalking and harassment. This will damage Corporate History.

Historically this will be difficult for LGBTi academics to teach their history and movement. MOEC and the manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth are an artificially designed Archetype introduced in the cultural psychology of the human race.

On April 26, 2012, Charles Taylor was convicted of Crimes Against Humanity for actions carried out in Sierra Leone for blood diamonds to fund fighters in the Liberian Civil War 1989 to 1996 that killed 200,000. This trial was carried out by the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Is this similar to what could happen to Barack Obama and University of Cambridge, United Kingdom?

This prosecution is the first success of it's type since the Nuremberg Trials of WWII. Charles Taylor was the sitting president of Liberia. It is unlikely in my opinion if Obama or other sworn officials in the United States would face an international tribunal. However I do believe that the United States will claim Original Jurisdiction and prosecute it's officials and citizens here. Regarding sworn officials and citizens of the United Kingdom, this could be possible as the UK has ratified more treaties under the Universal System.

President Barack Obama and the past four Irrationalist Presidents have had their lives and posterity secured by MOEC, a defection model which is also designed to expose such. One reason that I am working under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is there would be a prima facie criminal prosecution of high sworn officials of the United States if the attack is stopped and Official Recognition given.

An implication of MOEC at the present is having one super power that is integral in maintaining world stability.

Will everyone who is a principal, accomplice, and accessory be named?

This morally and legally should occur. At present the Gay Militia is obsessed with Censorship and Sanitization. This event has already created the largest red herring strawman known. The total alienation of my legal safeguards would not have occurred if I were a Male Who Has Sex With Males MSM. I am a heterosexual. Two simultaneous eternities cannot coexist. The United States Constitution and United Nations Declaration of Human Rights are perpetual associations that can only by changed by themselves.

All criminal actors should be named. The latent unseen actors are LAPD officers and University of Cambridge figures as well as Scotland Yard. Many localities in the United States, most recently Blythe, Salton Sea, Inyo County, Siskiyou County, Plumas, and Lassen County all in California, have high private populations who I argue are guilty of treason, obstructing, justice, and intimidation of a witness. Why are these so called private citizens working for quid pro quos for a Gay Militia in LAPD whom is openly baiting such with deals to sustain the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth?

If scientific determinism is true, then would not the gene for creating or being a principal, accomplice, or accessory to treason, Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, and Crimes Against Humanity be in the criminal's genome?

If hard determinism is true this would be rational. However one has to consider that an antecedent from the environment may be needed to trigger the genetics. To date a chemical stimulus is taught as the antecedent on a gene loci to create evolution. Hence a chemical in the water would create different lateral lines on fish or a stripe on a bird wing. As seen this supports the allegation of human experimentation and cruel and unusual treatment.

How did Al Gore and Barack Obama win Nobel Peace Prizes?

Geir Lundestad is the spokesperson for the Nobel Organization and a prolific author on Norwegian security. It is evident that the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize is based on a pattern of defection considering Norwegian security interests anchored by the United States and United Kingdom. Al Gore was Vice President through 1993 to 2001 while there was extreme aerial contamination in the United States. I was struggling and in difficulty to avoid Gang Stalking. I was forced to live in the most poorest and rural areas of the United States.

Prima facie Al Gore is easily criminally liable for damages that would make the previous EPA Superfund sites damages appear paltry. By remaining in Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona I lessened the damage to the environment. Al Gore and the Nobel Prize are no friend of the environment.

The initial atmosphere surrounding the the announcement of Barack Obama as the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was one of "collective shock and and take a breath," according to Simon Frantz (interviewer). The choice of Barack Obama by the Nobel Committee for it's 2009 Peace Prize was met with a range of responses from parties throughout the world. Geir Lundestad responds that there is much approval and that "this is a wonderful situation to be in." There have been reactions from all over the world. In making President Obama it's choice, Nobel Secretary Lundestad stated that the selection was made deliberately based on Alfred Nobel's will for accomplishments in the preceding year. There are three criteria which were used:

Fraternity between nations

Reduction in standing armies – vision of nuclear free world – expecting substantial arms control treaties

The holding of peace congresses – modern version is international diplomacy

Lundestad claimed to have researched Obama carefully in the year proceeding the Prize. Geir Lundestad will be a symbol and showcase to support the claim that censorship, sanitization, and mythology are the de facto interests of the United Kingdom and United States as a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth unfolded at a heightened level.

I was in Desert Shores when Obama won the 2008 Presidential Election. The entire Salton Sea in California was contaminated by Operation Radhanatha. I then spent the summer in Westwood, California which destroyed Lake Almanor which many have considered the third best trout lake in the world. I was in Big Pine, California on October 9, 2009 when Obama's Nobel Prize was announced. The Owens Canal and surrounding bodies of water were ruined.

Why won't President Barack Obama or the United States recognize a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth attack in the their country?

It is prima facie that these actors have something to hide. There are three executive branches, President, Congress, Supreme Court. The Irrationalist Presidential Administrations all appear to have incredible liability in both criminal and civil dimensions. My strongest argument is that these parties have promoted their careers through rigging the outcome through a defection model. This economic activity is what in part drives the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Hence offer an individual a career job and in return Chemically Assault his property and natural person.

What are other unique enigmatic features of this event?

If one accepts a career track or a marriage, obesity is usually required to maintain this defection pattern. Currently I weigh about 153 lbs at 5 foot 10.5 inches. I will move down to 150 lbs. This keeps my Body Mass Index or BMI well below 25 which is normal. 30 is obese. Many persons at my height and weight are easily 230 lbs. The allegation is that receiving jobs, marriages, and houses are the reason that through a Yellow Brick Road pattern maintenance of defection results in a tax of obesity.

So there is a staged conflict between Homosexuality (LGBTi: Lesbian Gay Transgender Bisexual intersex) and Heterosexuality (Opposite Sex)?

The attack on my person is argued to not have occurred if I had performed activity as three anal sex intercourses with a male. Hence this is a sexual qualification for primary rights. This is a component of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing which is the ideology that is a precursor to Gay Fascism. The time period from June 17, 1987 is the Anglo American Know Nothing era. This time interval is targeting a bottom ten percent performance in United States History.

Is Eugenics part of the state planning of MOEC?

There is very strong evidence that LGBTi persons need some manner of artificial species reproduction to increase their population. By arranging marriages LGBTi planners style themselves as the architect of culture. The family is considered the first unit of the political system in western thought. An attack on the family would Undermine the political system. Arranging bisexual families avoids adoption or artificial reproduction for same sex couples.

A marriage breaking program would damage the United States. The Totality of Circumstances easily defines MOEC as a Crime Against Humanity and Treason against the United States. If one were to plan families from the third generation onward the successive generations would be inheriting the Scripting or eugenic planning pre arranged for them.

The divorce rate in California from the 1980s and later the United States has been about 50 percent. My observations are that attractive bisexual women in my proximity over my lifespan in the United States may have a divorce rate of near 60 percent. Persons clamor for quid pro quos that are homosexual or same sex based. This is especially true of marriage and career jobs. This would be equivalent to a RICO or racketeered enterprise. Blackmail and intimidation are used for pattern maintenance of the system.

The Gay Militia wished to attack then President Ronald Reagan. The strategic mission was Same Sex Marriage. As of this writing North Carolina will be voting on a Constitutional Amendment banning Gay Marriage on May 8, 2012. It is winning 55 to 41 percent.

On May 9, 2012 Barack Obama became the first sitting American President to support Gay Marriage. Amendment 1 passed the day before in North Carolina by a 61 to 39 percent majority banning Same Sex Marriages. What does this imply?

On it's face Barack Obama has made a stance on an evolving posture on Gay Marriage. Vice President Biden came out in support before Amendment 1 passed. Obama is facing major LGBTi fundraisers in the following week. Obama speaks about equality for everyone but if he was genuine I would not be writing this paper on solar panels in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth now in a forest in McCloud, California.

There will be ballot referendums in November in Washington, Minnesota, Maryland, and Maine. The History of the LGBTi Movement is severely damaged due to the abuse of consequentialism. Rights should be upheld and adjudicated before a transparent court. The animus of hatred has driven this attack from the inferiority complex of MSM police officers. All criminal from principals, accomplices and accessories after the fact should be pursued to the fullest extent of the law anywhere in the world.

What is the legacy of the environmental despoliation in the United States and worldwide?

In the event that I would not be able to defend myself or if concerns as the Gay Militia attempt to misrepresent me as a member of the LGBTi culture, the Scorched Earth is a statement against these criminal actors, accomplices, and accessories after the fact. Much wealth is stored in land which is not a renewable resource. The chemicals' half life is at issue. I have heard allegations that 200 years or more may be needed for the earth to heal.

Why do the officers of the Gay Militia continue the attack?

These officers are following a Storyboard or theater of war. Many new computer games, I believe Farmville is one, that follow a storyboard format where you get to develop inputs and outputs into a community. The defection model orchestrates the attack, obstructs justice, recruits informants into high sworn offices as the Presidency, Congress, and Supreme Court. It appears many of these persons have their lives recorded on electronic surveillance following the Yellow Brick Road.

I am fighting back through the Black Forest. The State versus the Individual is being played out where the Social Contract between the Sovereign and the Subject have become Invertebrated. The Gay Militia wish to stay in defection without the rule of law and not renounce the conspiracy. If the do such they escalate the conflict. In the United States LAPD is the Proximate Cause (Proximate Cause 2012). If Barack Obama loses the election and Mitt Romney wins the attack will continue caterus parebus. However if the 200 to 500 individuals and perhaps only 4 key members of the Gay Militia are removed the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth will stop. The stalking and other forms of RICO violations are likely to continue.

The cell that attacked me is the most Gay. It is totally apparent that they followed Scripts that involved developing RICO violations instead of terminating the conspiracy. As this is espionage, they miscalculate and escalate the conflict to higher sworn officials as the President.


MOEC is state planning in an eugenic format. The scripting of one's life is arranged from family genealogies and is inherited. The planning is recorded and is handed off to cells of LGBTi, mostly MSM police officers who are also kept in pattern maintenance by blackmail, extortion, and intimidation.

An interesting externality to MOEC is that the criminal discovery will lead back to the work of Alan Turing and his treatment for same sex. As I am working under extreme duress, my work reflects in part the condition of my environment.

Two main issues emerge: they are volition and and selective attention. Hence if AI is to be developed would Superintelligence recognize an event as MOEC? There is prima facie evidence as the Cultural Singularity of censorship of 7 billion persons that the Singularity Movement is a Trojan Horse. Artificial Intelligence is focusing heavily on only the positive effects of Singularity. The AI discussion neglects the fact that none of the current scientists or organizations discussing Technological Singularity have recognized the attack on my person. That is why these Enigma Questions which are simply a point of departure for further inquiry cast doubt on the credibility of these actors.

It appears that totalitarianism is developed to protect a class order. There is a distinct creation of a Joe Virus which is natavistic based attack of the bottom ten percent of the population attacking the rest of the population. This is especially true versus the upper ten percent. This bottom ten percent of the culture are the scapegoats and the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has forced me to work in areas that are usually small towns and rural. The Strategic Mission of the Gay Militia is Gay or Same Sex Marriage. It is interesting to note that many areas as Westwood, Lassen County and McCloud in Siskiyou County in California defeated Gay Marriage by over a 60 to 40 percent margin.

This is reinforcing the trend for employers to opt for automation in a no human touch format for many job sectors. The Gang Stalkers working with the Gay Militia are also targets for elimination in the work force. In Northern California there appears to be a strong correlation between Gang Stalking, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. Reverse sting drug dealing is an epidemic in Northern California where unemployment has hit 15 percent.

The stereotypical putting the dope on someone and run is not considered wrong, immoral, or illegal by a majority of persons. This informant based activity is a basis for killing off conscience and creating an informant. The use of electronic surveillance and mutual aid violations recruits stalkers with promises of Gay Marriages in this instance with bisexual females. Concretely this is a divorce program. I am presenting a case for Crimes Against Humanity and the Treason against the United States. I would argue you should oppose 90 percent of the population.

Alternatively Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris are LGBTi Hall of Fame performers who will be implicated for de facto and negligent activities with Barack Obama. Since they are both less than 50 years of age, these criminal actors in California damage sworn officials severely as well as their own posterity.

There is a very well developed pattern of abuse, Censorship, and Sanitization to support claims that Artificial Intelligence is being used to cover up state sponsored crime. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over myself is ruining California. It simultaneously has isolated LAPD and many small rural communities as laboratory experiments in genetic or socialized criminality. The total absence of Official Recognition by medical professionals, scientists, lawyers, academics, and police officers is staggering and reflects the cultural of blackmail and intimidation.

The duplicit treatment of myself and other nationstates on human rights issues develops a very unstable equilibrium for the future. The latent negative externality to the United States, United Kingdom, and Cambridge Law School may emerge quite severe. Reprisals against the families of the Irrationalist Presidents, LGBTi persons, stalkers of every orientation, and those that are taking quid pro quos is a reality.

With Barack Obama now officially endorsing Gay Marriage the issue returns to the Supreme Court or the death and or retirement of key persons who control the event. It is possible that the death of one or more of my direct relatives may end this attack.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is more severe than I had initially analyzed. I am almost 51 and am not sure if I am able to outlive my relatives many of which are near or over 80 years of age.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an academically designed ideological platform that is alleged to have been authored by University of Cambridge. Prima facie there is an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program ongoing in the United States since June 17, 1987. This reaction formation is constructed to systematically invert the Paradigm of Laws (Nollmeyer, D. 2007a):

I. The Eternal Law

II. The Natural Law

III. The Positive Law

The Irrationalist Ideological continuum has produced these movements historically:

Irrationalist Movements

Nazi Neo Nazi


Gay Irrationalism Pre Gay Fascism

Major Movements

Italian Fascism

Japanese Fascism

Spanish Fascism

Islamic Fascism

Minor Movements

Black Nationalism

The Irrationalist Schools of Thought in the 1900s have been ideologically opposed by what are the Conservative and Liberal movements in the west. The former has been based in tradition, small government, and individualism and the latter has been more modern, and uses the state to effect change. Liberalism has used collective and group perspectives to pursue pluralism.

The intent is to create a philosophical position that is as universal as possible to ordinate all three platforms of law under defection to the direction of Cambridge Law School. At the same instance this is also designed to negate a summon bonum of that particular system. It is clear that this activity is not stated in the positive. As a negation it also is a gradual marginalization of systems towards defection under Prisoner's Dilemma (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019).

One has to be aware that Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a counterculture. This is in direct opposition to all philosophies with a basis in equality and due process. This component then creates a taxonomic grouping with the Italian Fascists and the American Ku Klux Klan. Homosexuality or the LGBTi orientation is a sociological subculture. So is drug use. A subculture essentially participates in most of the normative values and behaviors of a society. Irrationalist ideologies as Nazism and Fascism run counter to a sane culture (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c).

In this degree the survival of the Authorship appears more important than any other claim to promoting a better civilization for LGBTi persons. In implementing the paradigm, provocateurs are used who are near around the 50 percentile in aptitude and value. If the provocateurs become exposed or fail they become scapegoats. It is the agent provocateurs who recruit informants with disinformation inverting the Paradigm of Laws with the intent of creating a class of persons that are in the bottom ten percentile. The Authorship will have a pool of scapegoats to blame and purge creating a new class order.

A brief overview of some of the structures and processes that develop the complexity of an emergent system will demonstrate the morphogenetic construction as the defection model penetrates and inverts other systems. These features help form it's adaptation to Positive Law models in place as governments. These processes and structures may be seen as facilitating other Neo Irrationalist or Fascist models by using subjective content. Here the LGBTi orientation is the focal system driving this emergent ideology. As stated the platform is Prisoners Dilemma and defection based. This is mainly espionage and it's homeostasis is a RICO construction with extensive blackmail and intimidation.

Gay Irrationalism, I will use this term and Know Nothing for brevity when needed, is designed to marginally alienate an individual or group either covertly or overtly while bearing the color of law from their full participation in society. In this context it is a gradual or convergent totalitarianism in process.

If the intellectual community becomes apologetic to Gay Irrationalism such will develop into Gay Fascism.

The territoriality and social setting are of the utmost importance to the ideology to analyze how it was created, adapts, and moves to sustain itself as a system.

The allegation is that MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization as nom de guerra was a collective act lead by Cambridge Law School lawyers who had final authority in it's implementation.Trinity School theologians and philosophers supposedly knew more of the construction of tyranny and logic, especially Greek despotism and provided the basic framework derived from the Greek city states. These actors were more heterosexual and if they would have prevailed the ongoing Chemical Assault Scorched Earth may not have occurred. This component is believed to have arisen from a MSM Cambridge lawyer.

The legitimate LGBTi movement from the 1930s is a reasonable point of departure. This will also coincide with Italian Fascism and German Neo Nazism. It is understood that Gay Irrationalism is a counter to such. Instead of eliminating these structures it replaces these Irrationalist movements with one that has LGBTi interests as a driver. Hence polarities reverse and LGBTi interests are supporting hatred and alienation.

Mussolini is the founder of Fascism as a school. I would argue that Fascism has always existed in some degree in human history and culture although not systematized. Cambridge in my cognition does not have any direct written Fascist manifesto or ideal state model. This level of the staging of MOEC is symbiotic and designed to adapt with any political model creating LGBTi persons and defection to MOEC. In this instance I will again state this is not positive and does not act as a Moral Agent (Moral Agent). The issue is to see if any future apologists publicly emerge. Most of the planning has been saved on old fashioned reel to reel or cassette tapes. These have been called Aural Cartographic Maps or ACMs.

We can clearly discern the level of technology that was used to document and implement MOEC which itself is designed as a virus. It is near 100 percent certain that Technological Singularity and Artificial Intelligence is a front to cover Crimes Against Humanity developed by Cambridge Law School, the United Kingdom, and proxies.

The color of right and symbiotic relations are integral to support the modus operandi or defection. Stealing and operating as a fast second to existing systems is a main source of resources while claiming to be the creator or entrapping others by quid pro quos that they are the original source.

A signature of MOEC is the modelling of the tyrannies of the Greek City States. The Master Passion of Plato's The Republic is a central template which integrated into faith systems and political science. In essence the people raise a despot whose sexual preferences develop a bodyguard of his master passion or sexual preferences. The people are then marginalized, enslaved, or killed off in the despot's image. As the despot attempts to endure he only becomes madder and madder. The most likely resistance is to be found in the captain of his bodyguards.

The philosopher's touchstone and the use of a line of dialectical thought develops and proves classical theory and it's application in modern nationstates and supranational regimes. The Dionysian or liberal line develops into Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. The Apollonian or conservative line is now being hostaged, blackmailed, intimidated, and extorted. If one used an anthology as From Plato to Marx and respectable translations, one would be able to construct a convergent and divergent evolution of political philosophy. One could begin to systematize a developmental framework that apologists to Gay Fascism could construct.

This level of attack is truly decadent with a Joe Virus attack targeting Singularity. There has been a recent revelation that Stuxnet was authorized by Barack Obama. Previously the Flame data mining virus was the most complicated to be discovered. In my opinion these computer viruses are foils to the Joe Virus that contains or drives Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. As the contest between western liberalization and Islamic fundamentalism evolves the allegation that Cambridge Law School is orchestrating these activities becomes stronger.

The use of Neo Freudian thought under Oedipal and Electra complexes is merged with fallacies of logic. A cognitive defect of formal logic is built into the provocateur Gay Militia. This will arrange for massive contradictions in the culture as incompetence at the work place spurring a preference for automation. This will orchestrate a defeat for consequentialism. There will also be major damage in LGBTi, Presidential, and Law Enforcement History.

An interesting component of tactics is the use of stereotypes. One of the main profiles is that of a contrarian homosexual or Gay male. Once justice is obstructed and cells of informants are recruited in law enforcement, provocations occur where the operatives entrap persons by stating in theory the exact or diametrical opposite of one's answer. If the opponent is over 50 % accurate then the MSM individual will be less than 50% accurate. This posits the Gay Militia members as potential scapegoats and furthers their development as stalkers as they fail in intellectual skills sets. This is a false justification of selfdefense or defense of another. This is crucial as blackmail and intimidation escalates. There does not appear to be a lower boundary in sight as proven by the manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I do not believe that MOEC developed total Mutual Assured Destruction as any End World Scenario EWS as an Armageddon Theory. Note the subjective use of Armageddon Theory. It is not an abstract as End World Scenario EWS. This gives a clue supporting Christianity and Trinity College's influence and that of Islamic Fundamentalism concerning the Millennial Era. Limited Nuclear Destruction LND is more reflective of MOEC's mythology as a kinder, gentler, despotism. Mutual Assured Destruction or MAD exists only as model to Script other possible contingencies (Nollmeyer 2012d).

This activity is designed to alienate the individual and or fragment the target from it's function in a system as the Paradigm of Laws. In this instance this would develop the Theory of Extinction or a static role in open texture. The intent is to create a dead religion or possibly extinct a family's genealogy.

The creation of this ideology is readily discernible as state planning with eugenic engineering within a Theater of War. This is a defense mechanism. There appears to be a deliberate absence of a min max position to advert the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The provocateurs are blackmailed and intimidated to the point where they will deliberately escalate the event against the President of the United States, now Barack Obama, leaders of the LGBTi Movement, all sworn officers, and the human race writ large. The Authorship or Origin wishes to rebuild itself if need be with families who procreate under defection. In essence people plan their pregnancies and name their children according to Scripting. This Scripting is delivered by the provocateurs through mutual aid violations with local police agencies.

Consequentially this is in reality is a Marriage Breaking Program. Divorce rates for attractive bisexual females who are called lesbians in this operation to differentiate from regular bisexual females can be near 60 percent. The overall divorce rate in the United States is about 45 percent down from 50 percent.

It is the President who is the target as well as the Constitution. This originally was Ronald Reagan.

In this instance the necessary act is to obstruct the court system and administration of justice to guarantee experimental space to operate.

These three strategic warfare paradigms are also integral to the blackmail and intimidation:




To date June 3, 2012, the Reagan Obama trajectory of Irrationalist Presidents have all been successfully blackmailed by Chemical Assault Scorched Earth since June 17, 1987 (Nollmeyer 2012a).

It is within these boundaries a duel reminiscent of the Greek decathlon was modelled. This experiment and contest is between homosexuality and heterosexuality. In this context spiritual, intellectual, and physical skill is required. The contest is rigged towards homosexuality or LGBTi persons. These quid pro quos are simply called deals.

The United States from June 17, 1987 from the Ronald Reagan Presidency to the present (June 2012) under Barack Obama exists in this paradigm shift.

A unique component in the systematic invertebration of laws is the consideration of ethics. Here by isolating my person and imposing a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program over my natural body, Consequentialism has been steered into a catastrophic defeat against Deontology. Hence the consideration of an appeal ad vericundium to save the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama is a circular folly cued by the Gay Militia. This is also a driver of the Joe Virus.

The Eternal Law or faith based systems are important to the defection of MOEC. The penetration of the major religions with acceptance of LGBTi persons is of paramount importance. This is also paired with defection to Cambridge Law School. The concept of degradation as applied to humans is a fall from an ideal state.

Within a political science framework concerning governance, the development of the nation or the people is a concern. A narcissistic folly evolves into a blackmail and intimidation ring in lieu of developing a positive framework for humans to develop (Nollmeyer 2012b).

Clearly the Mertonian concept of fatalism and dependency is strengthened. The agents of social control as the military and police are fatalistic. The population is dependent. It is clear the volition and apperception are key issues that are desired to be managed.

With MOEC imposed over one individual there has been no response from any leaders of Judeo Christianity, Islam, Vedas, or Buddhism. The same can be true of philosophy. The mechanistic schools and as said the fidiest schools have no response. At the Positive Law, the United States Presidency, Constitution, and western democracy have been targeted and have failed. Conversely neither the socialists nor have any theocracy recognized what is a Crime Against Humanity.

The trajectory is rooted in Judeo Christianity demonology. An Antichrist Mythology is developed from the verses: To Found the System. To Found the System. Fallen, fallen, fallen, has Babylon the Great.

It is discernible from Judeo Christianity Islam or Historical Monotheism that a figure of the adversary or antagonist is a prototype model. Under the color of right, individualism will drive the sustainability of the actors in MOEC. It is impossible to reconcile all three levels of the Paradigm of Laws while on a negative attack. One who makes the law should keep it for himself (Aquinas).

This small study may be comprehended through faith, logic, or political science. If one analyzes from the three dimensional mechanistic concrete perspectives, one will discern the main construction. It appears that the Cambridge Lawyers knew they did not have the qualification to pass themselves off as spiritual leaders. There is perhaps a limit or one iota of faith in their concrete operations. Their modus operandi is to recruit and defect bishops, imams, and gurus into MOEC. Here they can use their legal skills and influence to script court cases within the blackmail and intimidation framework.

If a LGBTi person has faith in an Eternal Law system that does not support homosexuality than that person would be considered a traitor. An antagonistic movement emerges. LGBTi persons are recruited to be priests, nuns, and clerics in the faith. This is to build up acceptance for LGBTi persons. As the same time events are scripted in a reverse sting manner against these individuals. I am alleging that the clergy abuse and child molesting the Catholic Church, Jehovah's Witness, and ISKCON (Hare Krishna Movement) was organized by MOEC or Cambridge Law School.

At the level of the Natural Law and reason we see two main problems. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has despoiled sizable parts of the United States. Blackmail and intimidation is used to escalate the event. Hence when then President Ronald Reagan did not stop the overt use of clandestine pirate radio used to run mutual aid violations to set up the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, this was the first miscalculation which lead to escalations. The electronic surveillance further coordinated stalkers and implicated sworn duty bound officials and officers nationwide. It further increased a circular folly that continued through to the present where Mitt Romney will face incumbent Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election.

Relative Morality, Phenomenology, and Consequentialism versus Deontology are the main philosophical and ethical considerations at risk.

A plausible emergence of or a reconciliation exists due to the fact that historically since the 1900s every major Irrationalist or Fascism system that has occurred has been replaced successively by socialism. This definitively appears to be based on the benefit to cost ratio. If American Liberal Free Trade and democracy lose what systems will gain a competitive advantage?

The Castle Doctrine

Under the Positive Law the United States Constitution and the UDHR Universal Declaration of Human Right are focalized. The United States has not ratified the UDHR. The Convention against Torture has been ratified and should be used especially concerning the Colorado River and Salton Sea since Mexico and it's nationals are heavily involved.

Two eternities cannot simultaneously exist. Hence the sovereign state exists as a perpetual association contracted by the nation or people for their and the states preservation. The creation of competing system that is de facto and defection based Undermines the stability of the legal state.

People clamor for equality. MOEC was paired with the LGBTi Movement. The criminal enterprise of the Gay Militia or (The Company is a code name) and the legitimate LGBTi Movement as Courage Campaign, Freedom to Marry, or LAMBDA cannot coexist without catastrophic damage to the latter (Courage Campaign 2012, Freedom to Marry 2012, LAMBDA LEGAL 2012).

There is manifest conflict between a covert Gay Militia operating out of LAPD which has blackmailed five presidents known as the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama. At June 2012, McCloud, Siskiyou County, Westwood, Lassen County, Desert Shores, Imperial County, and Inyo County in the Eastern High Sierras, and the Colorado River in Blythe, California and Ehrenberg, Arizona are focal targets for prosecution.

Currently surface water as the Salton Sea in Imperial County and the Colorado River are contaminated. If LAPD's Gay Militia is under the color of law they are committing crimes. As such they are not legally permitted to enter or remain in the LAPD Stationhouse. They as criminals cannot order another actor to commit a crime as stalking on cue. The stalkers are accomplices. They are clearly aware that a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is in continuo. They have no right to assert a claim of justification as selfdefense. Hence the provocations are being initiated by LAPD which is the State. They are out of jurisdiction in these counties. A Chemical Assault Scorched Earth serves no legal purpose. To receive a quid pro quo as growing marijuana or simply keeping one’s legal business going could be an issue. Many businesses have gone bankrupt or lost significant revenue in the past few years. The most common tactics of harassment are slamming car doors in front of a business or person.

Why would one drive up to a gas station and slam their car doors? The issue of mens rea or criminal intent emerges quite strongly here. These behaviors have heavily damaged the reputation of the United States, California, LAPD, and their accomplices. Confirming Cambridge Law School and the United Kingdom as the Proximate Cause is an issue of superior significance in the structure and process of MOEC (Proximate Cause 2012).

This is LGBTi driven. This subjective miniature proves a collection of behavior that is organized by the Gay Militia that is antagonistic to the LGBTi Movement.

There is tension especially concerning the Right To Marry. (At the present in June 2012 several major cases have been won by LGBTi lawyers as DOMA and Proposition 8 in California (Proposition 8 2012). The use of stereotypes and the willingness of the provocateurs to operate on such is clearly visible as a created Archetype in the continuum of history. Historically LGBTi persons have been portrayed as being informants and untrustworthy, even to one another. When the pressure is placed upon them they will flip or inform against themselves and one another.

It will be impossible for the Gay Militia and the LGBTi Movement to be taught as equals in what is becoming mandated LGBTi History. The credibility of especially the sworn members of the Bar of these groups is questionable. As a moral agent they have failed in a massive hate crime organized against the human race, LGBTi persons, and myself a heterosexual (Moral Agent). These locations as stated are extremely small areas. Desert Shores is proximate to Palm Springs which has a world class LGBTi community. The other locations are rural and supported Proposition 8 by 60 to 40 percent or more (California Proposition 8 2012).


The development of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing reflects social engineering to Undermine a state or empire. It is alleged to be the work of Cambridge Law School. In this instance all the Scripting of roles in the Storyboard can also be realized as formal court cases.

This platform is an act of negation, not stating a position in the positive. The Origin or Authorship reflects a mix of homosexual and heterosexual persons. The actual inner circle was alleged to be all male. The duel between the two gender and sexual preferences emerges as a contest to create the superior person or summon bonum. It ends as a negation to prevent one from achieving this status. This is called the Ex Deux Maquina or the Ghost in the Machine. The narcissistic megalomania to design the human race unfolds as a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth attack. The bias to create a LGBTi world or heterosexual world results in tit for tat reprisals that become ritualized and displaced throughout the world between homosexual and heterosexual actors. The result is a battle of attrition. The outcome will be a suboptimal Nash Equilibrium or worse.

Hence under the Paradigm of Laws no one will be holy, moral, or legal:

I. The Eternal Law

II. The Natural Law

III. The Positive Law

The Master Passion unfolds either slowly or rapidly. Here slowly has occurred because the Authorship wishes to die off and thus hand of the contest for the future to solve. Technological Singularity is an extension of this desire giving the Origin a chance to censor and sanitize a partial escape.

It appears that human rights abuse was so severe not only in the United Kingdom, United States, and world writ large, that a plan was created to expose such. This has resulted in the formation of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. The time period in question would be the 1930s after WWI, during Hitler’s ascent and pre WWII.

In severity these structures are prominent:

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

Gang Stalking

Electronic Surveillance

The utility of human resources is an issue. What does a state do with it's criminal population? In the United States they are recruited as traitor informants and aimed at the remainder of the population. Hence it is the bottom ten percent of the population versus the top ten percent of the population. The difference in town and country is being neutralized as persons as a human species perform closer to normative levels. Crime is higher in cities with high population density. After the early 1990s most of this event transpired in rural areas of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and California. (The area near Ruidoso and Glenwood, New Mexico is burning quite heavily under wildfires. Many areas with risk of natural and manmade disasters have Scripting imposed over the geographic location).

The recruitment of MSM males into police work is a failure. They are the only clearly defined minority group to have failed in law enforcement to date. This is an empirical fact; not a universal statement of the quality of LGBTi persons. This event became manifest on June 17, 1987. The buildup to this attack is alleged to have been constructed through a Gay Militia which could use many code names. Hence the process and structure and it's organization through mutual aid violations through LAPD and then back to the United Kingdom confirms it's species as a crime.

The collective group effort of both LGBTi and heterosexuals is apparent.

The full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would not have occurred if I was same sex.

The structure and process from the Origin reflect the duel between the two orientations. The LGBTi Movement has won cases concerning discrimination, hate crime, civil unions, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Defense of Marriage Act, and Gay Marriage while having the alienation of a heterosexual person legal Bill Rights hostaged to such. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth will attack everyone and everything in my vicinity.

I have been told that upwards of one third of the United States may be under attack. Goods that are in stores also have foreign labels. The potential through defection to manufacture contaminated foods and ship products to the United States underscores the State attacking the Individual.

An issue of constant failure is volition and apperception. The will to step forward and to see and state transparently the History that is concretely occurring is lacking. Obstruction of Justice leaves the natural person in a State of Nature where he or she fends for oneself. The Social Contract that was created to protect one is inverted into a blueprint for the Machinery of Torture.

The State can only be represented by itself. The perpetual association meant to ordinate the nation under the civil state is now a Master Passion designed to wreck one’s chances of going to heaven, achieving enlightenment, being moral, legal, or skilled at any talent with being dependent on a Secret Police State or Totalitarianism.

Because remembrance without resolve is a hollow gesture. Awareness without action changes nothing.

President Barack Obama, April 23, 2012

Human Rights first 2013

The Agent Provocateurs

Cambridge Law School uses a structure and process in which MOEC facilitates the use of agent provocateurs to invert a bottom ten percent factor of human resources within the Paradigm of Laws (Nollmeyer 2007a). This is especially true if there is a summon bonum as a possibility for that law.

The evolution of the human race is a principle that begins the folly of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Historically it appears that a King was the leader of his nation towards the Second Coming of Christ. His advisors then architect the design of the functions related to distributive justice and work differentiation. Cambridge Law School performs these functions in MOEC. In Britain the mythology of University of Cambridge supports this role. Usurpation occurs and the advisors desire to be the King. The confrontation escalates to conflicts between homosexuality versus heterosexuality and secular humanism versus faith.

The identity of the system becomes exigent. There is a clear intent to create a LGBTi society. This plan appears to have been sabotaged as a tit for tat reprisal between primarily homosexual and bisexual (heterosexual) males. A war of attrition and negation ensues as the Ex Deux Maquina develops (Nollmeyer 2007a).

As seen, if the Vedas has an identity of Krishna, Christianity posits Jesus, and communism the proletariat, the ambiguity in concrete actions only defines reverse social engineering or wrecking. Hence the concrete actions of the system contradict the identity under the direction of MOEC.

The advisors, Cambridge Law School have had their dream of eugenically designing a superior male and female to lead the human race turn into a Crime Against Humanity. These actors are only escaping identification. It appears that the scheme to expose the Corrupt Enterprise was not performed willingly or under good faith. The crime is escalated under a Tournament that is rigged towards LGBTi concerns and reflects the Authorship.

There is a historical trajectory of discussion concerning genetic determinism or the socialization of criminals (Schafer 1977). As seen Cambridge Law School lies outside of the boundary of the natural person. As such the structure of MOEC is imposed over one by a third party legislator. So this argues the case for socialization. However the conditioning used is heavily supported by theories of determinism. (The genetic inheritance of Cambridge Law School and their training must be considered in the Totality of Circumstances as their line of authority or dialectic is distributed over time and space.) This directly implies that if one is following their planning they are directly supporting their racketeering behaviors. The culture creates it's own elimination.

Hence the result is individualism and what emerges is the will to survive. A despot becomes the characters he creates and does not develop under the identity of the system he is publicly advocating. The actors here which are LGBTi are certainly not developing the LGBTi Movement in the positive. It appears that they have orchestrated the Gay Marriage movement with a gambit attached sacrificing those persons who implement such. This is the alienation of a heterosexual male's rights to attack Ronald Reagan's Presidency. The existence of MSM officers developed to facilitate these activities also confirms the Undermining of the equilibrium of the LGBTi Movement. It also places severe questions about the process of transmission of HIV AIDS worldwide.

The entrapment and grooming of MSM LAPD officers to implement MOEC results in the degradation of Gay males as sworn law officers.

These actors are persons recruited mainly from families that descend from third generation LGBTi families. These male individuals have been recruited into LAPD and indoctrinated into what is being referred to the Gay Militia. There are many nom de guerras of which The Company is prominent. The structural fact is that these officers radiate the conspiracy through mutual aid violations with other international, federal, state, and local agencies.

The key to the this activity is to attack the human race through the United States, it's President, Constitution, State of California, and LAPD. The United Kingdom and Scotland Yard are also implicated. As stated this preemptive activity will also in proportion attack the LGBTi Movement and it's leadership.

One of the key components of this activity is to expose and Undermine the United States President while also criminally and economically marginalizing the lower ten percent population of whose rights the President has sworn to uphold.

The use of classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and cognitive behaviorism are important to understand the contingencies that shape and form mens rea (criminal intent) and actus rea (criminal act) (Actus Reus) (Mens Rea).

Since the attack is modelled on the Greek Decathlon, the use of individuals who can only emerge as scapegoats intellectually or actors needing transactional immunity to create any historical and legal worthiness is strengthened. These persons are isolated and developed. This occurs within a Scripted Storyboard reverse sting operation that develops the blackmail and intimidation ring under defection. This is a driver of what is called Gang Stalking. Hence the development of moral, cognitive, and athletic skills is negated.

The creation of the physical setting, the culture of impunity and corruption is important to comprehending the intensity and the invertebration of rationality involved in an unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth which is currently censored in June, 2012 in a world of 7 billion persons.

Justice had to be obstructed in the United States Federal Court system downward to create meeting rooms for the Gay Militia in LAPD. This is an extension of the Reduction Room of Myth of the Contemporary Man Part I (Nollmeyer 2012d).

The particularity of the drivers of the emergent ideology is reflected in the code names of the leader of the mainly MSM cell that lead the attack (Nollmeyer 2007a):

Periander (Early 1970s to Early 1980s)

The Fly (Early 1980s to Middle 2000s)

Dodo (Middle 2000s in continuo)

The allegation is that between 250 and 500 persons form cells in LAPD. The cell or cells above is mostly MSM or Men Who Have Sex With Men. Periander led the escalation in the 1980s and retired. The Fly was the officer that further miscalculated and initiated the attack on Ronald Reagan. Operation Radhanatha or the escalated Chemical Assault on surface water was ordered by him under George W. Bush in February 2007 in Earp, California and Parker, Arizona on the Colorado River. Dodo became the leader in the next two years and continues. Barack Obama has the worst human rights and environmental record to date going into the 2012 Presidential Election.

A cell has about 20 individuals with about 7 officers per 3 shifts, 52 weeks per year. All MSM officers should not have been scheduled together as all white, Latino, or African Americans on one shift. This reinforces the cognitive biases in the officers. It is not advised.

My writing is antithesis to the use of crime under the color of law to promote a class interest as LGBTi or any discriminatory group concerning name, age, place of origin, faith, or other prohibited practice.

Understanding the setting and attendant circumstances helps one discern how Gay Irrationalism is being designed and guided. Since MOEC is a structure and process developing what is a manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my natural person these issues have to be considered to understand how the ideology adapts to both natural and created factors.

The attack is based on a homosexual versus heterosexual identity and behaviors. I have been heterosexual my entire life. It appears only my 2nd Amendment protections under the Bill of Rights to bear arms have a chance of being functional.

A key issue is the 14th Amendment Equal Protection and Due Process clauses that would bind the performance of sworn public officials (Equal Protection 2013).

MOEC has a Strategic Mission at this time of Same Sex Marriage. Due to the Scripting of the attack and the lack of volition, conscience, and moral agency the leaders of a MSM or Men Who Have Sex With Men cell have taken a queen's gambit and are deeply entangled in the blackmail and intimidation ring that MOEC is. In chess the taking of a piece as a pawn offered as a gambit is usually very difficult to maintain except for skilled players.

We will review in brief some more of the structure and processes that shape the provocateurs. We will then develop some of these specific speech patterns and activities which create an attack from below against the leadership of the United States and the international community.

Law enforcement has often been criticized for the practice of handing off cases. The Gay Militia believe that their defection model is sufficiently strong enough for these officers to develop conditioning which is in the form of entrapments as the De Lorean or Donny Brascoe sting operations. (Any linkage to these operations and the Storyboard entrapment on the United States is deliberate and intentional). Officers always believe there is a scripted hierarchy of persons who will take the fall or hit as deflection for direct prosecution on this operation. (Storyboard 2012).

Differential Association is a criminology based theory (socialization) that crime is radiated through speech patterns. Profiling of a bottom ten percent factor includes extensive polymorphous perversity, pathological lying, and folk language that is equivocal. Since there is no accountability in The Room where LAPD meets in their stationhouse these actors appear to have no external check from their department or the California Attorney General, United States Attorney General, or Homeland Security Secretary.

A marriage breaking operation and drug busts are facilitated by mutual aid violations. LAPD is instructing local law enforcement to implement the Scripting in an entrapment. They essential hand off the case to the local agency. This would result in a Brady Violation in a criminal case as the drug bust. The involvement of LAPD in the authorship and pursuit leading to arrest and conviction should be made to the defense. The use of pairing various fractals of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is also disturbing. This is true in the instance of marriage breaking and drug trafficking by adding a crime (chemical tag) to the due process. Under the Exclusionary Rule no illegal evidence may be produced to convict unless under the exception case rules. LAPD entraps and hands off the case to the local agency. No mention of LAPD involvement is ever made concerning marriage breaking, drug busts, or other entrapment operations.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is designed to expose this nexus back to Cambridge Law School. The analogy of the Greek Decathlon unfolds. This attack was only designed at this intensity if I was heterosexual. I am in a rivalry for my rights against LAPD, the President of the United States, state governors, and stalkers.

Hence not only do I have to maintain physical fitness, I have begun to systematize MOEC Studies, using a very basic Kuhn Popper Methodology. The Gay Militia are being entangled in what is designed as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. A facet of marriage breaking is accepting deals to marry that are combined with rigged occupations. The counterweight to this quid pro quo is that the couple or one party agrees to become obese. My BMI is under 25 at less than 155 lbs. Obese is 30 BMI. I could weigh 164 lbs and still maintain a 25 BMI.

Barack Obama is also the Singularity Target, who may be prosecuted or taught against in the future. This could change if another sworn official emerges that is more integral in maintain MOEC.

The Provocateurs

Two basics studies used to groom the Gay Militia members are abnormal psychology and predicate calculus.

My information states that all the officers recruited in the Gay Militia cell that are operating the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth were born in Los Angeles or at least went to high school there. The intent was to recruit Southern California natives to wreck the state of California.

This is an identity concept. One position of the Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing ideology was to attack Ronald Reagan as a leader who divided his own country and human race. This is true to a limited extent. The gambit that the MSM males have taken has attacked all the Irrationalist Presidents from Reagan Obama. Barack Obama and Joe Biden have both endorsed Gay Marriage. Obama will have the worst human rights record unless Romney or another actor assumes the Presidency and continues to be President under conditions of impunity.

The obstruction of justice to create a Room in LAPD for the Gay Militia, the reinforcement of salary, job assignments, and Scripting of speech and behaviors define the provocateurs. The challenge of a Tournament between homosexual and heterosexual persons becomes inverted through theEx Deux Maquina. The career activities of Gay Militia officers will become inverted and under the color of law to an unparalleled degree in United States and World History. Having cells of mostly MSM males wreck the Irrationalist Presidents, the Constitution, and the environment, especially California. LGBTi History will define the image associated with LGBTi persons especially the males. The damage to the United States and United Kingdom is catastrophic.

In this instance the concepts of moral agency, free will, and the culture of impunity and corruption come into conflict. The officers within the Gay Militia are recruited in a blackmail and intimidation format. They are gradually revealed the totality of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program. Their career paths are rigged. They need to maintain at least one same sex behavior per year or more. They will have to maintain BMI indexes of over 30 which is obese.

These individuals must make a choice to oppose a systematic criminal enterprise or continue the operation. To do so will constitute the delivery of blackmail and intimidation. Hence the volition to renounce the conspiracy and prosecute to the Origin and Proximate Cause is nullified (Proximate Cause 2012).

Consequently these officers must entrap other persons outside the department who have been recruited in an eugenic format replicating the circular folly at higher and lower levels of societal organization. This is the class concept of Gay Irrationalism Gay Fascism. The provocateurs are profiled within the bottom 10 percent factor of criminality. This would simultaneously degrade Cambridge Law School to the 1 percent factor of criminality.

This process and structure is targeted at the United States President and other sworn officials resulting in an expansion of MOEC. These racketeering tactics have had a very strong success rate within the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama era. These head of states will be criminally and civilly liable for the most damages.

The active principle behind these officer's intentions is that defection from Cambridge will conceal their identity and they can hand this case off to other persons while still interacting as a Gay Militia.

The simple concept of brain versus brawn or intelligence versus force under Prisoner’s Dilemma also defines the emergence of Gang Stalking.

Predicate Calculus or formal logic and informal fallacies work together to develop abnormal psychology profiles which rise to DSM IV and V standards. It is likely that these agent provocateurs will be the standard model for pathological liars, narcissistic disorder, inferiority complex, and psychopathy.

There is extensive use of these three major informal fallacies:

Ad hominem

Ad populuum

Ad Misericordium

The use of equivocation and defining language is a cornerstone when combined with the fallacies supra to develop abnormal personality profiles for the Gay Militia radiating to informants recruited in the social environment.

The intent to develop superior LGBTi persons in an attack on the United States President by homosexual males against heterosexual male results in the formation of a degraded same sex male as blackmail and intimidation entangle these officers in Prisoner's Dilemma (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). Criminals do not tend to turn themselves in. The creation of The Room in LAPD permits a culture of impunity and incompetence. These officers become highly escalated under these racketeering forces and recruit other informants under treason, obstruction of justice, and intimidating a witness while there is a manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program in continuo.

Over the past two years the use of an ad hominem attack on my person defines a majority of the cognitive activity of the Gay Militia. The use of an exclusive homosexual (male) profile against my person consists of substituting a male homosexual abstraction of a homosexual for the names of real natural female persons. Most of the females are of Facebook friends. These persons live throughout the world.

I have two Facebook sites. One is Gaudiya Vaishnava or Hare Krishna and the other is mainly born again Christians. Vaishnava names as Laksmi devi which is female are altered. The term devi defines a female. Stating the name as Laksmi das means male servant of Laksmi. Similarly using Joanna and eliding the final a creates Joan which is still female however here a set of both male and females will be proffered and the result would be homosexual.

There is a cohort rivalry instigated by LAPD in which my friends and persons that I poke or who poke are compared to Jim of the Baltimore Studio (LAPD Officer). The Baltimore Studio are mainly same sex males who operate the Synclavier digital synthesizer which may sample voices. (The Baltimore Studio are LAPD MSM officers October 6, 2015 DWN.)

The members of the Baltimore Studio average at near 6 foot and weigh over 260 lbs. To obtain defection for drug dealing and impunity from prosecution persons are intimidated to gain 30 to 50 lbs and more resulting in BMI of over 30 or obese.

The female Facebook friends by and large are aware that I am being held under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Since I almost never weigh in over 155 lbs my BMI remains easily under 25.

Jim would lose the cohort rivalry. I am not adverse to black or native African females. Several individuals would of have been among the most beautiful individuals I had ever met if we would encountered one another in person. Several other members of the Baltimore Studio are African Americans.

This activity of attacking me as an exclusive homosexual escalates the intensity of the hate crime that MOEC is. It will adversely injure Barack Obama historically, criminally, and civilly. The application of this test will also be equally applied to Mitt Romney and any other past Presidents.

This is a very important feature of the Joe Virus bottom ten percent culture that would be subject to losing work and being prosecuted criminally as Technological Singularity approaches. These persons are liabilities and obsolete.

Ad populuum and ad misericordium also are factors in defining the speech patterns used to create red herring strawman profiles. Simply by choosing to implement and radiate these patterns and entrapments LAPD severely damages their personal life history, that of MSM law officers and LGBTi History writ large.

In Chess there is a tactic called Undermining where a piece being targeted as a queen is first attacked by eliminating or neutralizing the pieces supporting her. Zwishenzug is German for in between move. In this manner first moves against supporting pieces are inclusive. Prophylactic moves by creating an escape square for a king in a pawn shield and waiting moves also are Zwishenzug (Silman 1998).

The attack on the family is an undermining and Zwishenzug tactic used to destabilize the United States. It is being paired with the legal outcome of Gay Marriage in which the DOMA case and Proposition 8 case are moving towards the Supreme Court for possible final disposition by the middle of 2013.

A profile used here in McCloud, California where Gay Marriage was defeated by a 60 to 40 percent margin reflects also an ad hominem attack against my person. A profile of a bisexual male construction or laborer is used that is directly in opposition to my Vedic beliefs.

There has been a very extensive daily attempt to promote the Undermining tactic of marriage breaking as Gay Marriage or Gay Merge. This has been overwhelming been exposed as what it is a Divorce Program. If I were to review what I would consider the most attractive 50 bisexual females from Caesar Rodney High School from about 1977 to 1980 or about the top ten percent of 500 females, the divorce rate is near or above 60 percent. Regardless of this observation it is a disaster.

Those bisexually active females in high school who interacted with Periander, then The Fly, have a very serious divorce rate. (The Proposition 8 supporters have a filed for a writ of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court at the end of July, 2012).

The speech patterns are misogynist and polymorphous perversity reflecting Hustler magazine or very crude pornography. I do not smoke or use marijuana, drink alcoholic products or do illegal drugs. As stated I have a UC GPA of 3.42 with 151 transferable units towards admission to a graduate program. This is easily more than the average male or female in the area. A household here averages about $34,000 per year.

A focus is that I have been exclusively a heterosexual male my entire life. I have never been involved in a same sex activity.

A female cohort who is a real natural person is being proffered in both an individual and abstract false set pattern. I have never been romantically involved with this person. This person has very little influence of my orientation towards heterosexuality and homosexuality. She was bisexual and ended up marrying a bisexual male. This appears very heavily linked to Prisoner's Dilemma and defection (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). She bore two children and was divorced. She remarried to one of my cohort friends from elementary and junior high school whom also divorced. He was or is allegedly bisexual.

All three of these persons have gained considerable weight. I am about the same height as both and her first husband allegedly weighs 265 lbs and the second 235 lbs. As stated I am about 155 as of this writing.

Allegedly this female's two best friends have also divorced and have gained weight. The first husband's associates allegedly have a divorce rate of 70 percent. This pattern holds very strongly with bisexuality, drug, alcohol, and gang participation. Gang participation will drive very high divorce rates.

This female cohort was easily in the top ten percent of desirability in high school. As she turns 50 in the Tournament styled game of cutthroat and kangaroo court she will have a very difficult time to perform anywhere near high school levels. She will have very little chance of being more attractive than a female 40 years old or younger. Being competitive with those ten years younger is desired. I do not believe that her education has been more than high school and career job experience.

In McCloud and other areas of California that have been active with my physical presence she has been promoted as an individual who has benefited from defection. This person was congenial and beautiful. If her marriage resulted in a divorce this whole aggrandizement is a criminal ruse. The issue of the Marriage Program being a Divorce Program or Marriage Breaking Operation is now decisive.

The issue of how this female would perform in federal court as a witness has been discussed historically. She has been aware that she has been favored more than others under defection.

I am being harassed and stalked daily. The promotion of her name in the Eastern High Sierras on daily basis continually throughout the day makes such impossible not to address here. This would certainly be true for the United States or California Attorney General. This would result in complexity because she resides in Delaware. As such it would expose mutual aid violations against the Delaware State Police.

Transactional and production immunity becomes a huge issue for those born after 1955.

I am presenting my perspective as Crimes Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States. The High Sierras, Coachella Valley, Colorado River Valley and Inyo County California are the most active areas in a hot crime scene. They have produced no noteworthy individual.

Turning states evidence appears to be the greatest mountain to climb and duty any these individuals could perform. MOEC is the most universal experience and problem for individuals in the United States since June, 1987.

Some of the females from the African heritages mentioned above are doctoral students or have attended at least some graduate courses.

LAPD attempts to promote the quid pro quos and marriages. In reality this is a Marriage Breaking or Divorce program. This is a structure and process of misogynist MSM police officers and bisexual females in the main.

In consideration the misguided belief that the Gay Militia of LAPD could attack Ronald Reagan without being exposed supports the theory that opportunity is a strong reinforcer for crime. It totally proves corruption and incompetence in what is now the Department of Homeland Security.

I am refuting the resultant ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing in the first person at times to prevent further dehumanization of my natural person and life.


The design of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing was intentionally socially engineered to support both the Lycurgus and Syrinx subsystems of MOEC. In review Lycurgus is the Targeted Chemical Assault TCA stage of MOEC. Syrinx contains nuclear components. Akbar is the stage where I am alienated by a full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is aimed at the Sovereign Citizen Relationship which forms the relationship between the President of the United States and the citizen he gas sworn to protect. It is quite possible that either Akbar is an emergent subsystem. Otherwise it is a component of Lycurgus. Lycurgus will be restored at a later date. Hence the human race will continue under Targeted Chemical Assault TCA.

This attack is embedded in a decathlon tournament staged between homosexual and heterosexual professors who have attempted to social engineer the human race. This has been replicated at lower structural levels as between LAPD and myself. Obama and I are also born in 1961. The Class of 1979 are our cohort rivals.

Individualism and self survival emerge under blackmail and intimidation negating any duty bound service to others under the color of right.

In the abstract this mechanism has been historically constructed as process that expands and contracts the British Empire or United Kingdom.

This Prisoner's Dilemma based process is essentially a RICO Criminal Enterprise there is no legal manner to participate in, receive, contribute or guide the criminal enterprise (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019).

The Tournament challenge to attack Ronald Reagan was made and accepted by the LGBTi side. As a consequence this culture is creating very close to if not the worst criminals in the History of the United States. Barack Obama is symbolic of the MSM professors who attempted to Censor and Sanitize their participation while being forced to expose the mechanism. Obama is attempting to abscond in history while subjecting all of California’s 38 million citizens and mostly all 313 million citizens of the United States to a manifest in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my citizenship and natural person.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden both support Gay Marriage. The Gay Militia has destroyed their legal standing and is making a mockery of LGBTi History.

As the 2012 Presidential Election is about three months away, Obama has sanitized the criminal history of his predecessors from Ronald Reagan forward. This is in addition to his own actions clearly defines him with the individual with the most severe human rights record of abuse and and both criminal and civil liabilities.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target. Technological Singularity is a front to sanitize historical human rights abuse in the Anglo American Paradigm. Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a latent negative function or externality of the collapse of the British Empire and the blackmail, extortion, and intimidation of the United States.

The Gay Militia of LAPD are the current agent provocateurs who drive Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Their tactics of using logical fallacies and polymorphous perversity attempt to make the investigation and prosecution of a homosexual blackmail, intimidation, and hostaging ring less probable due to embarrassment.

Hence the ad hominem attacks on my person and my response reflects a very resilient and determined person who seeks legal and historical justice. The totality of academia as the University of California and Harvard are static and opting for a fast second or third position in leadership and skill at best.

Since I am a heterosexual, I am supporting my position as it is under attack while attempting to be as diverse as possible under a system of gang stalking that is treason, obstruction of justice, and intimidation of a witness.

The testing of my observations concerning abnormal psychology and logic will be performed under Kuhn and Popper Methodologies with third party confirmation. This seriously places into ridicule the Structure and Process of MOEC. The Irrationalist Presidents of Reagan Obama are enjoying the benefit of historical mythology at the expense of the human race.

In re: Nollmeyer


1. David Nollmeyer brings a complaint against the United Kingdom in nexus with an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States. Principal to this attack is the despoliation of surface water as the Colorado River along the Arizona - California border and the Salton Sea in California. In continuation, intense stalking through electronic surveillance is observable. The use of instructing stalkers over radio stations to targets is similar to what occurred in Rwanda is also manifest.

2. Articles 4, 5, and 6 of the Convention Against Torture form the basis for the action.

3. The issue involves the alleged authorship and proximate cause of actors in the United Kingdom specifically Cambridge Law School.

4. These activities are manifest in the United States by Los Angeles Police Department whom contain a Gay Militia. These actors are abusing mutual aid violations with other states to facilitate the coordination of attacks on targets.

5. This attack is code named Operation Radhanatha in a poison in the well fallacy format. Radhanatha swami is a natural person who is an ISKCON diksa guru whom many believe is involved in a murder of Sulochana in 1986 in Los Angeles.

6. The allegation is that Cambridge Law School is tacitly and overtly guiding the rise and fall of the British Empire. In doing so these actors have systematically authored Crimes Against Humanity which in time many persons wished to expose. This intent lead to a confrontation between homosexual and heterosexual members which alienated my human rights under the ICCPR and the CAT. To facilitate this action an attack against the United States and then President Ronald Reagan began on June 17, 1987.

7. Operation Radhanatha contaminated the Colorado River from Earp CA - Parker AZ through Blythe, California towards Mexico on February 12, 2007. This would implicate then President George W. Bush. This has occurred two more times in this location. The dates are approximately from October 2009 May 2010 and October 2011 May 2012.

8. Under these conditions all surface water is despoiled.

9. The other major event is the contamination of the Salton Sea. This occurred first in October 2008 just prior to the first election of President Barack Obama. This event persisted until I left the area around May 2009. The Salton Sea was then also contaminated from October 2009 to about May 2010.

10. The Salton Sea is an inland lake which must evaporate and does not empty into any ocean. The entire area above is amongst the hottest, temperatures easily reach 115 degrees. It is also the poorest in the United States with unemployment between 20 to 25 percent.

11. I have been under 24 hour electronic surveillance. I am easily the most stalked person in the History of the United States, and am enduring a systematic attack that is open live human experimentation based on the epistemology of knowledge and the processing and ordering of sense datum by the mind.

12. A unique facet of this hate crime is that the perpetrators appear to be homosexual males who wish to gay bait victims as Male Same Sex Males - MSM. I have been heterosexual my whole life.

Statement of Facts

1. The in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is imposed over my natural person is a hate crime based on a homosexual or same sex qualification. I am a lifelong heterosexual male.

2. The foundational theory is Social Engineering or more properly Social Wrecking. The pairing of a crime against a constitutional right undermines the standing positive law. Since the United States has ratified the CAT as well as the United Kingdom the resultant complex jurisdictional problems should have a remedy.

3. The strategic mission of the attack is Gay Marriage. Currently Proposition 8 is awaiting writ of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court. I am a ritvik Hare Krishna and Same Sex Marriage violates both my Vedic and personal beliefs.

4. It is clear that this attack is based on my lifelong heterosexuality and Japanese American ancestry. THE ATTACK WOULD NOT HAVE OCCURRED AS A FULL BLOWN CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH IF I WAS ENGAGED IN SAME SEX ACTIVITIES.

5. The allegation is that the same sex qualification for legal rights is three anal sex intercourses. I am not sure what the exact time frame or frequency is. However one same sex behavior every six months would qualify one as LGBTi regardless of identity.

6. In this nexus this activity is a Homosexual Blackmail and Extortion Ring. Any type of criminal or illicit activity that is recorded electronically may result in blackmail, the revealing of private history and extortion and the performance or non performance of activities.

7. The latter is the source of extremely depraved stalking that is guided over the radio, television, and internet similar to genocides in Africa.

8. The Convention Against Torture also appears to be a direct target of what is MOEC Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. The acronym is derived from the Book of MOED and the fact that Cambridge and Oxford are involved in the expansion of the United Kingdom.

9. As per the Colorado River, since February 12, 2007 over 55,000 persons have been killed in drug cartel warfare. This is an example of the pairing of one event to another.

10. Hence the Chemical Assault is less for LGBTi persons and a fractal of what is imposed over my natural person.

11. The strategy is to create a Crime Against Humanity originating in the United Kingdom by Cambridge Law School, through Scotland Yard, Los Angeles Police Department, the United States, California, Los Angeles and the LGBTi Movement. This would also result in treason in the United Kingdom and the United States for any culpable citizens.

12. Hence all sworn officials that are duty bound and legally required are targeted.

13. The attack works corruption of blood and is genealogically based.

14. Stalking is facilitated by creating a hierarchy of officials and law officers that hand off or entrap crime through mutual aid violations.

15. There is a continual pattern of what has emerged as Gang Stalking where impunity is created through the blackmail and extortion ring where stalkers are recruited to harass persons and hear their quid pro quos or deals. This structure reflects that these informants are working to promote their livelihoods outside of legal norms, attacking the rule of law. Two simultaneous eternities cannot exist. The social contract between the head of state and his citizens is broken.

16. If this activity is authored in the United Kingdom and handed off through Scotland Yard to Los Angeles Police Department; it is espionage and treason.

17. The main stalking behavior is lying in wait in a car at a public place as a gas station, post office or store. Hence when the target passes by the stalkers emerge and slam their car doors at the person. This is at least false imprisonment.

18. The main structure here reflects a polarity switch reflecting dehumanization. The Gay Militia and it's recruits are the main drivers. Hence the current mythology being spread through LGBTi History and Studies claim that LGBTi persons are victims. At June 17, 1987 this polarity would have completely have been reversed with the manifest attack on Ronald Reagan. This was done on pirated public radio and television and I was stalked very seriously in Dover, Delaware at this time. I continue to write under duress here in McCloud, California. (There are major wildfires burning within 50 miles of here. There is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and very high smoke. Many of these fires may be attacked with contaminated water).

19. Along the Colorado River at the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ Interstate 10 crossing there is a Flying J Truck Stop. This is a location of some of the most severe Gang Stalking and intimidation. Operation Radhanatha contaminated the Colorado River from Earp CA Parker AZ through Blythe, California towards Mexico on February 12, 2007. This would implicate then President George W. Bush. This has occurred two more times in this location. The dates are approximately from October 2009 May 2010 and October 2011 May 2012.

20. The dirt road that runs south adjacent to the Flying J at tines is sprayed with water to keep the dust levels low. This water at times has been contaminated so that you are chemically attacked while walking on the road.

21. Here the Stalkers would harass my person in the lot knowing that there was a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

22. There is a cotton field just south of the truck stop. The field is totally despoiled from contaminated water. The bales of cotton would burn you hand to the touch. This field is being constructed as physical evidence and the workers as witnesses.

23. The same issue is true of plastic containers as oil jugs and bottles. Items that have been sitting in the desert are still contaminated after 5 plus years. This is an area that receives 115 degree heat regularly.

24. The cotton and vegetable fields in Blythe and Ehrenberg are contaminated.

25. Many houses draw water from the Colorado River.

26. The food in all the fast food restaurants in Blythe and the truckstop are contaminated if I am in proximity. This would include McDonalds, Del Taco, and Jack in the Box.

27. The United States Post Office in Blythe is among one of the worst locations for stalking. Persons continually lay in wait to harass persons as they receive their mail.

28. In regards to the Salton Sea, both Barack Obama and Senator McCain were totally cognizant of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and continued to campaign in 2008 while this atrocity was evident. Then President George W. Bush made no effort to remedy the disaster and financial disaster ensued due to the movement of counter-cyclical interest rates and lending of mortgages to unqualified borrowers.

29. This action has caused a multiplier which has the EU in recession. Such actions reflect the undermining of the lowest 40 percent of the United States or those earning $20,000 per anum or less.

30. The area in Desert Shores where I winter is more open spatially. The stalking and lying in wait to harass persons is pandemic. It is a signature event in LGBTi History.

31. The Palm Springs Coachella Valley is home to a very prominent LGBTi community. This leverages the actions of the Gay Militia.

32. Of interest is that when the Bird Flu moved from Mexico into California and the United States. This area was one of the first to be infected. I was told at the grocery store with my grocer in Desert Shores that we were infected. This was by electronic surveillance. When I left I remained in Inyo County because I had the flu. This flu is very mild compared to the spring flu that can attack the area.

33. Without making a conclusionary statement, I intend to move to Desert Shores along the Salton Sea by October 15, 2012. There are several large lakes in Mammoth County as well as the Owens Canal in Inyo County that will be despoiled.

Statement of Progress and Intent

1. This entire event demonstrates corruption and collusion at the highest level of the NATO alignment. It appears that de facto elements within the collapse of the British Empire have created a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring. There is a pairing of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with Gay Marriage in the United States.

2. Perry v. Brown or Proposition 8 is awaiting writ of certiorari in the Supreme Court. A resolution of this case may affect the outcome. What is of great concern is prosecution of guilty actors and reparations to victims. A type of Marshall Plan has been discussed. This would indebt the United Kingdom and the United States a to a considerable amount.

3. Consider recent statements by President Barack Obama concerning Syrian chemical weapons: "We cannot have a situation in which chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people," Mr. Obama said in response to questions at an impromptu news conference at the White House. "We have been very clear to the Assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is, we start seeing a whole bunch of weapons moving around or being utilized." "That would change my calculus," he added.

4. Since potable surface water is very scarce in the Middle East, Obama's statements borderline psychopathy. There are ongoing wildfires here throughout the Lassen, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Humboldt County areas that would be directly attacked by contaminate air, water, and products in stores.

5. When I walk into a building the police have to be ahead of me to contaminate the water in taps. The air in ventilation is also contaminated.

6. This is unprecedented in the history of the world.

7. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Vice President Biden are leading fictitious, de facto and omissive lives as sworn competent officials.

8. I am similar to Simon Wisenthal and will work to the end of my life to see that Barack Obama and any other officials are held accountable for these War Crimes.

9. This is a live experiment on human regarding Technological Singularity. I am the leading opposition figure against MOEC with a boundary being 1 out 7 billion. I have maintained the strongest World Wide Web presentation of any supranational regime, nationstate, institution, or individual. The Gay Militia in LAPD who took the gambit to attack the United States, the Constitution, Ronald Reagan and myself have degraded.

10. These actors are severely implicated in a homosexual blackmail ring which is driving the RICO styled criminal enterprise.

11. Please refer this complaint to any Rapporteur, OAS (concerning Mexico) or other protocol that may have a strong jurisdictional interest in this case.

David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

August 30, 2012


Powereality: Mobilization of Empire and Civilization

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Political Figures


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Two Simultaneous Eternities Cannot Exist

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is a de facto operation of Cambridge Law School lawyers. It is evident that these actors wished to damage the Anglo American Paradigm in what is a desperado manner. Hence, as they are being exposed they wish to take out, and drag down as many others as possible. This is similar to a chess piece that is on the verge of being taken but exacts some compensation for it's loss. As such they are attacking the spiritual sociopolitical structure as a class. Here the beneficiary devolves to whom can exploit the damage to the international equilibrium.

To accomplish these goals state planning was developed that incorporates a Same Sex qualification for rights. This is in immediate conflict with the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection and Due Process clauses. Targets are created that are natural persons. Cradle to grave lifetime Scripts are designed within a Storyboard that are conditioning. The Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage is focalized. In an entrapment, marriages and careers are developed. Individuals have their marriages pre arranged and these defection patterns are imposed over them. If they reject these pairings the entire group or set is attacked. In this manner the follow the script or deal culture fails. These persons, especially the males, are forced into a Gay Marriage or Gay Merge which is a Divorce Program.

The defection posits MSM males offering defection to FSF females in what amounts to cognitive bias. If the males do not become or remain at least bisexual, the females are instructed to divorce.

These actions are imposed over by a third legislature, LAPD. The Gay Militia will also fail if the pairings are rejected. This is a homosexual blackmail and intimidation ring that is reinforced by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I am the main target of MOEC. As seen, I have been an exclusive heterosexual my entire life. As a result a totalitarian attack on the human race through the United States has occurred placing this stronger nationstate in a dependent position to University of Cambridge .

The Authorized Position that I am legally and historically establishing is that Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause and Origin of a manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program designed to attack the human race through the United Kingdom, Scotland Yard, Los Angeles Police Department, United States, and State of California (Proximate Cause 2012). This is a homosexual LGBTi blackmail and extortion ring tagged with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. In it's eclectic dialectical advance through History it has evolved a trajectory of lines of thought through classic and modern ideology to create a Master Passion. The direct linkage to Plato should be taken seriously. It appears that Platonic Scholars were instrumental in the elaboration of Greek Tyranny which is the core of the majority of fallacies in governance.

This is a Crime Against Humanity universally and Treason against a nationstate. This is of particular interest as a result of the damage against the United Kingdom and United States. The chronology is equivalent to the collapse of the British Empire which seriously escalated around the end of the Victorian Age.

There is no question or doubt that a core component of this invertebration of law is the existence of a RICO Criminal Enterprise that is sexually biased to LGBTi persons vis a vis to Opposite Sex persons. This issue must be addressed immediately and rectified. This process and structure is of dire consequence to those sworn officials as the President of the United States.

The creation of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing appears as a precursor to Gay Fascism. It appears to be adaptive and is being monitored. This text is a refutation to such.

In continuation, the creation of five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama is focalized.

Social Engineering and positions concerning determinism have gone astray. What is labelled as determinism here is no more than conditioning to a Script of one's life in a Storyboard defection model. This is therefore is an external socialization process. Barack Obama is a very strong example of an individual who is being developed under a quid pro quo format. He is maintaining freedom from prosecution by shielding the system and the four prior Irrationalist Presidents.

The conflict between mechanism and faith based systems has created a problem of emergent systems designed to ordinate the natural person in society towards one’s higher end. Is an individual a product of determinism or is socialization the best methodology for refining the person?

The Social Contract is universally accepted as the correct legal model for a constitution. Currently the Anglo American Paradigm is leading a de facto purge of the human race by imposing MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization over my natural person and United States citizenship.

What has been replicated internally and at lower levels of organization is the Ex Deux Maquina. This is a duel or contest between homosexual and heterosexual professors. The strongest allegation is that the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth component was introduced by a MSM academic, possibly a lawyer. This component then becomes a deadly part of a Russian Roulette process where any element introduced or imposed over another must also be imposed over oneself. Both parties are then exposed to the gambit. As in Russian Roulette the gambits are biased. Targeted Chemical Assaults are biased towards LGBTi persons. Quid pro quos, blackmail, hostaging, and intimidation are used to attempt eliminate the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

This has been empirically successful in the United States and is under reported in the FBI Crime Reporting and Center for Disease Surveillance in a circular folly implicating state sponsored crime. What is needed is the will to intervene into a Continuing Criminal Enterprise.

Hence defection drives the Undermining and marginalization of human civilization. The end state of the Anglo American Paradigm currently exemplified by NATO is of particular interest.

The trajectory of Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama has revealed Barack Obama to be the Singularity Target. Obama has protected the abuse of the previous presidents. This action easily would define him in with the escalation of the the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in Operation Radhanatha as the most culpable head of state to date. This action appears to be his free pass to live out a mythology until his natural death. In consequence all other sworn officials and other actors as the media, academics, and faith systems must censor and sanitize history to aid and abet his escape from legal prosecution.

This activity has defense mechanisms as homosexuality and (polymorphous) sexual vulgarity built into the process and structure to help deter prosecution. The outing of especially prominent homosexual persons is driven by MOEC.

There has been an extreme attempt to Gay Bait me which has failed.

Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organizations that are driving blackmail, hostaging, and intimidation must be studied openly. It must be made clear to sworn public officials that they are going to be held accountable for their actions and omissions.

One real benefit I have contributed over any others to humanity writ large and those that are paired illegally with my person in dyads, tryads and so forth, is that I have clearly established the lead in legally exposing this Crime Against Humanity. As MOEC is an attack against Technological Singularity or otherwise stated Singularity and Artificial Intelligence; such are being incorporated as part of the Machinery of Torture that is being developed to censor and sanitize the education of the future.

This issue should be of extreme importance to the State of Israel as tensions increase with Iran over their nuclear program.

The following is from statements that appeared in the New York Times on August 21, 2012.

The president's warning raises the pressure on President Bashar al Assad, whom Mr. Obama again called on to relinquish power. And it underscores the deepening alarm among American officials that, as Syria sinks further into civil war, it's unconventional weapons could be seized by radical forces tied to terrorist groups like Hezbollah or Al Qaeda.

The warning brings Mr. Obama, who has brushed aside calls to impose a no fly zone or to arm the Syrian rebels, a step closer to direct American engagement. The specter of unconventional weapons being loosed in the heart of the Arab world, he said, would upend his calculation that military intervention would only worsen the situation.

"We cannot have a situation in which chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people," Mr. Obama said in response to questions at an impromptu news conference at the White House. "We have been very clear to the Assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is, we start seeing a whole bunch of weapons moving around or being utilized."

"That would change my calculus," he added. "That would change my equation."

Obama strikes a hypocritical posture. He is openly condoning a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth attack on American citizens and other natural persons here in America. MOEC clearly is using Undermining tactics as Marriage Breaking. This is paired with the Gay Marriage Issue. (Proposition 8 or Hollingsworth v. Perry was appealed to the United States Supreme Court and certiorari was granted on December 7, 2012.)

The Question being presented by the petitioners is:

Whether the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits the State of California from defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman?

Judge Reinhardt's ruling specifies California's specific circumstances as the fact that Gay Marriage was granted and then taken away by a state referendum, hence Proposition 8.

Are these issues covered by the Fourteenth Amendment?

The Court may uphold the ruling, refuse it or decide it under it's own auspices.

The conservatives are appealing and tactics are holding sway. Judge Reinhardt and the liberals are easily willing to take a victory in California and wait for another case to settle Gay Marriage. The conservatives know that 43 other states have bans on Gay Marriage that could be overturned.

It appears that in Nevada, LAMBDA has a Gay Marriage case Sevcik v. Sandoval is working it's way through the federal court this year that may yield a more focused case if Perry v. Brown (Hollingsworth v. Perry) fails. The hearing is to begin November 26, 2012. (Sandoval has won. Sevcik appealed to Ninth Circuit and Nevada appealed to the Supreme Court).

Singularity as a Mechanism of Sanitization

The Tournament challenge of the Gay Militia officers of LAPD has degraded these actors. They are damaging their family surnames and others that are paired with them. LGBTi History is completely in sanitization mode. I am heterosexual and will in degree advocate this position. I still support opposite sex marriage. I have supported Proposition 8 in California.

This text is foundational material for MOEC Studies which will be an interdisciplinary subsection of Political Science. As seen, such is a member of the Social Sciences which are: Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Cultural Anthropology, and Physical Anthropology.

There is a tremendous implication in International Relations. As one empire falls any alliance that is prepared to fill the vacuum is the clear beneficiary. Who this aids now or in the future is not clear to my perspective. Prima facie Fundamental Islam is prepared to make inroads into Africa. My argument is these actors are too obsessed with Israel and do not have the focus to capitalize on this opportunity. It is quite possible that NATO and MOEC have something to do with creating tensions and counter play to make their advances suboptimal.

In the present the homicide of over 55,000 persons in Mexico at the hands of Cartel Warfare is degrading the sincerity of the United States to fight a legitimate drug war.

The in continuo attack of MOEC has been imposed over and paired with the Singularity Movement. Hence the Technological Singularity proponents only discuss abstracts and tangible external benefits, as pharmaceuticals, computers, and bridges. They have yet to step forward as Moral Agents which is the critical component of Artificial Intelligence or Superintelligence (Moral Agent).

The main argument being exposed is that Technological Singularity is theater. As seen my work is done live under what is Cruel, Unusual, and Otherwise Degrading Treatment. The symbiotic antagonistic movement of pairing a crime with a constitutional act is undermining both progressive and conservative movements in convergent totalitarianism.

My work is being argued by LAPD as at least thirty years ahead of MOEC's Scripting or defection patterns of other mainstream actors as officials and the media. I believe it to be at least 50 years ahead based on volition and apperception.

There are many individuals who were born in 1950 or prior who are sworn officials and would be criminally and civilly held liable for a serious war crime.

Hence Official Recognition must occur or Superintelligence and Technological Singularity will not occur. Under the theory of Cognitive Behaviorism punishment is short term and education is a long run reinforcerMyth of the Contemporary Man is an integral part of the Education of the Future. Legitimate historical documentation is not to be found or taught in the current academic zeitgeist or in what is social networking. Textbooks are easily $200 USD and more in the United States. This is an attack on knowledge. Hence the forces of fatalism and dependency are conditioning the world under a cult of totalitarianism.

The Culture of Defection

If the will of the first mover chooses to develop a homosexual blackmail, intimidation,and hostaging ring. It is clear that defection as a will to power has held sway over rationality, equality and due process. The corruption of will despoils one’s position before God, Nature, one's sovereign state, and any form of truth system whatsoever. This component is consistent with an Antichrist Mythology that may be considered under a study of demonology.

The mechanistic standpoint delivers the process and structure of a Supercrime that is designed to be exposed. The tournament styled competition is rigged with players defecting to fail to support the chosen winner and preserve the conspiracy.

Two Simultaneous Eternities Cannot Exist. The attack on prominent families is quite dramatic and reflects class warfare. If there is a benefit and cost ratio, one side will lose and the other will win. The existence of any two types reflect a class differentiation. This confrontation was based on homosexuality versus heterosexuality. The use of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing as a stepping stone for Gay Fascism is a sharply critical observation in nexus with cognitive undermining.

In California, Dianne Feinstein's net worth has been $65 million, Nancy Pelosi $65 million, Arnold Schwarzenegger $250 million, and Barbara Boxer $10 million. The average person has lost 40 percent of their equity since 2008. Those with high school educations or less now have the lowest purchasing power in history. The monetization of debt is at least $1.5 trillion dollars with government inflation further debilitating the working class.

Defection is behind crime as studied in the FBI Universal Crime Reporting. The Center for Disease Control states that 1.3 million persons are HIV AIDS positive. There are an estimated 3 million persons infected with Hepatitis C. There are 700,000 million cases of Gonorrhea per year in the United States with the illness becoming Multi Drug Resistant MDR.

Defection drives the international conflicts with the Israel Iran Nuclear Showdown looming within one year. Currently 200,000 persons have fled Syria at the end of August. NATO and the United States are siding with Israel with Russia and Iran backing Syria.

The business class is totally suspect. The CEO culture has done nothing to prevent a Crime Against Humanity. The Machinery of Torture is built with private and public holdings. Billionaires have not stepped forward. The Yellow Brick Road is a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization. The underpinnings of Social Engineering are a mixed command economy or fascism.

Very little could be stated for patriotism or it's more common form nationalism. The individualistic informant is blackmailed, hostaged, and intimidated into a battle against other informants to survive. The Master Passion is replicated from Cambridge Law School to the lowest member in the population. I am symbolic as the nexus for those alienated, marginalized, and subjected to Cruel, Unusual, or Degrading treatment universally.

The Culture of Defection is one of fatalism and dependency.

I am most likely running short on time. I believe it more assertive to be direct. I have about 14,000 contacts on my social networking sites. This in itself demonstrates the clear power of a Cultural Singularity in opposition to Technological Singularity.

The www.powereality.net domain is clearly the superior opposition site worldwide.

The Gay Militia did not create a superior MSM or Gay Male. I have made strident claims as a solitary ritvik heterosexual Hare Krishna. One needs the volition to not succumb to blackmail, hostaging, and intimidation.

This is becoming increasingly apparent when one considers higher education. Here in California both the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford both have posted online lectures of some of their course work. There is superior content on my www.powereality.net. Simply by stating facts of empirically observable events that could be verifiable by third parties, one would have a presentation that is beyond these institutions, the United States government, and the major news agencies as the Associated Press and Reuters.

A constant theme attempted by the Gay Militia is they are advocating their victims which will never stand legally. Their entire pose is that they are safe in their Room in LAPD. These actors believe they can entrap persons and groups and hand off the casework.

If domains as cognitive studies, which includes moral agency, political science, developmental psychology, and sociology are to remain relevant, the main thinkers and textbook publishers to need to act quickly. These are amongst only a few areas which are static. While I do not believe these areas will go extinct, their entire culture is already suffering severe damage as nearly one generation of thinkers has contributed to the Censorship and Sanitization of MOEC.

Consider that a person born on June 18, 1987 is now slightly older than 25 years of age. They have lived through five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama who have condoned and permitted a Crime Against Humanity to escalate. These individuals have a 45 percent chance of being divorced. These persons have no direct experience of living without Censorship and Sanitization. Many persons are openly supporting Obama which in this electronic surveillance state could lead to further unofficial punishments as accidents, crime, and infectious disease. The use of escalation on actors that become entangled is would be no more evident in Mitt Romney should he become victorious and maintain the same pattern of collusion of his predecessors.

I am the strongest opposition to this attack that directly acknowledges MOEC, an inventory of actors, structures and processes must be confronted.

It is clear that the United States is an informant state. One should plan on opposing 90 percent of the population to reverse the lawlessness and restore order. In theories of behavior modification punishment is short run and education is the long run solution.

Barack Obama and I are cohort rivals separated by birth by only one day. My birthday is August 3, 1961. In the live experimentation that is ongoing, the Tournament challenge imposed over the human race between homosexuality and heterosexuality has clearly placed Obama as psychopath who has created millions of victims worldwide. There are 38 million persons in California. All would easily be able to place criminal charges against Obama. There are 313 million persons in the United States.

If one were to analyze the dynamics of the system's operation upon us, I have had to confront my head of state whom is being blackmailed, hostaged, and intimidated by a Gay Militia. This structure and process is alleged to being had been created in the United Kingdom by Cambridge Law School.

Barack Obama's contributions to the United States and human race are severely damaged by the expanding Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. In early September it appears likely that the Democratic Party will officially support Gay Marriage in it's platform. The attack on my citizenship because I am a heterosexual was a catastrophic blunder.

I have never been homosexual or bisexual. I have not followed a Scripted Yellow Brick Road. I have openly confronted the RICO styled criminal enterprise that such constitutes. I have very poor working conditions here in the High Sierras; the Ponderosa Fire is about 25 miles from where I am and has burned over 50 homes. I perform under severe duress.

In this regards I have tried to be as independent as the environment and circumstances permits.


If one wishes for a pear tree one plants pear seeds. If one wishes for an apple tree one plants apple seeds. Pears from pears and apples from apples. Good from good and evil from evil.

A complaint has been sent to the Convention Against Torture (CAT). This action focalizes on the contamination of the Salton Sea and the Colorado River in California. This is a prima facie watershed event in the History of Chemical Warfare. This action at this level of intensity, Operation Radhanatha, was begun by George W Bush in 2007. Barack Obama's entire Presidency is continuous with this attack. He has mislead the United States with deliberate aforethought. This clearly distinguishes him at this level. If Mitt Romney defeats Obama in November than the same measure can be applied to him. Paul Ryan R Wisconsin clearly is a secondary Singularity Target who would gain significant prominence if he becomes the Paul Ryan R Wisconsin Vice President. He would be 70 in 2040.

The completion of Myth of the Contemporary Man Part III also fulfills a Storyboard Challenge that was made against me during the Schwarzenegger Administration. This was made in conjunction with LAPD officers. This included:

Develop a case for the LA District Attorney

Develop course work at the UCLA level

Develop a movie or documentary

MOCM Part III is a very strong presentation for it's era. I am not only developing the material of MOEC Studies, I am defending such in the field, in federal court, in the United Nations, and on the World Wide Web.

I have also emerged as one of the world's pre eminent survival or endurance athletes. The Greek Decathlon for me is real. I believe my MIFI sim card was deliberately destroyed so I would miss the Olympics in August. I use a mobile WiFi hotspot to link to the web.

This Tournament competition is designed to attract a lesbian wife. What has been revealed and exposed is that these so called Gay Marriages are a DIVORCE PROGRAM. The female in question here at a personal level is a real, very attractive and from what I understand still married. I do not communicate with this person and cannot even remember her maiden name. I have never known her married name. What is true is that if one were to examine the marriages by observation of the student body of Caesar Rodney High School from 1976 to 1980, one would find about a 60 percent divorce rate for the top ten percent of the most attractive female students. If I were to use a model population of 500 females, from memory I can and with some allegation arrive to about 30 names of students that have divorced. These persons would be about 50 to 55 years of age now.

It is clear that marginalization through a Divorce Program has been exposed since July, 2012. This process was known but not as defined as it is in the present. Attempting to promote Kent County, Delaware as having a strong Gay Marriage culture is a total farce as it is here in McCloud and California.

Origin II needs to be written. This would reflect the defection patterns that LGBTi persons would have access to. It is clear that this a RICO Criminal Enterprise known as MOEC.

The convergence with Singularity is becoming stronger. Everyday prominent scholars die leaving a hollow legacy that will implode. If Artificial Intelligence is only a fraction of the power of what the Technological Singularity advocates say such will be or the reverse, these actors and their institutions as University of California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, and Stanford are severely overrated.

They leave and did not defend their thesis.

What is clear that the United States is an informant nation that is laying in it's own bed of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. A severe polarity switch has occurred that has been scripted with male homosexuals authoring the attack and in the main implementing the corruption and violence. The local areas where the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth have occurred reflect this corruption. The residents are being recruited as accomplices and accessories.

This is capped by the President and Governors also being informants. The business class is attempting to brand itself on sand. Crime does not pay and title does not change on crime.It will be interesting to see who will step forward and recognize a crime of this magnitude. How will this be taught in schools?

The implications of this abuse reflect the fact that Cambridge Law School knew the magnitude of the delivery of blackmail by United Kingdom, United States, and the world leadership a priori from at least the 1930s.

In degree the average person is an informant who will in a folly to survive actively create one's own elimination.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

McCloud California

August 31, 2012

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