The Baltimore Studio

The Baltimore Studio are no more than LAPD Officers using a voice synthesizer to disguise themselves. This construction is a form of Profiling and Entrapment. Identity is a key. The Studio members are presented as MSM. The Journal is being continued here:

Myth of the Contemporary Man

David Nollmeyer 49 years

Bhakta David Nollmeyer August 3, 2010 Westwood CA 49 Years

Carlsbad NM March 1997


Bishop CA June 17, 1997


Bishop CA September 9, 2004


The current text is being undertaken in preparation and in continuo of Iconoclast which is a tentative title. Currently such will also help explain the outline to Origin as well as materials of Iconoclast and MOEC.

The concept of MOEC Studies postulates neuter abstracts of Systems Materials much like a universal cup of which various more particular concepts to this idea may be added. Hence, this allows for organization in complex systems management to facilitate an objective means for comparative analysis.

An example is an individual is identified as a holon. Such may be surrounded by Godhead of three or infinite traditions as Christian, Islamic or Vedic at one time.

This component is the method used by Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom to assemble a morphology of MOEC. The analogy is to codons to complete the systematic artificial base (PHJ).

Examples such as Nietzsche as Adam, Electra as Eve, Lenin as germ plasm and Stalin as model ruler have been imposed over Genesis of the Christian Bible. These materials are now a codon.

This information was developed along the lines of the theory of psychoanalysis. An explanation of this material is reflected in Erich Fromm's book Road to Sanity. These examples are of a very sophisticated nature. They contain some logic but have a streak of arbitrariness which permits the codons to be difficult to detect without aid from TPSYS, Cambridge, or agents.

Indeed, here is the challenge towards accurate research in a social systems format. As such, are individuals or collective group oriented systems greater in ordering individuals throughout history? Is the summon bonum God or scientific determinism? Are absolute or relativistic perspectives more efficient in performance?

In MOEC, the deterministic option of a planned City of Armageddon, which is no more than a codename for an End World Scenario (EWS) with Christian overtones, in an invertaebrated polity at the hands of a conditioner; a folkish irrationalism in a systematic crime exists as a possible solution.

The consummation of MOEC Analysis is the creation of a super science. Researchers at NMSU at Las Cruces, New Mexico, and a firm in Sante Fe, New Mexico are also researching in Systems theory based study. MOEC is tacitly directing the work. The University of Missouri in St. Louis, Missouri are working directly in this line in developing a totalitarian model.

I argue the concepts of Origin as being superior to any known model discussing totalitarianism. This datum in paradigm form arises from The Further Study of MOEC (Chipley, FL 1996). The material of this text (MOCM) predates the delivery of this datum but would have yielded an entrapment model which is accurate but less complete.

The examples of the codons were laid personally and universally as a trap as The Hand and secondary informants distribute datum. These materials are used as contraries as a duel exists to defeat a materialist based scientific determinism or vice versa. Persons are pitted in a prearranged prisoner's dilemma model in order to create a status quo based on defection more than principles.

In this context, keen insight needs to be taken in identifying personally motivated interpretations and unauthorized positions. A very critical analysis and discipline in dealing with the plurality of religion and the development of Oedipal and Electra complexes is necessitated. Much contestation exists in this area and objectivity is needed.

Research into Fromm reveals the pages of his book where material was developed. This predisposes that Cambridge was aware and helped direct his work or added his material to MOEC taking credit or both ex posteriori.

The psychoanalysis position postulating male as science and female as nature are heard in MOEC entrapments are reversed at times; a definite trap. This arises from the relativistic line Ex Deux Maquina. I am documenting the point here and proceeding with Fromm's line. Fromm defines religion, Mother Nature, and purity as matriarchal or Electra. Logic, science, and rationalism are patriarchal or Oedipal.

Fromm presents many examples in a historical continuum, especially for articles of faith, I am arguing that the socialist position that MOEC is wishing to develop and entrap is being lead to present this line reversed. Fromm demonstrates Electra in differentiation. There is a genetic sharing of male and female trait's in psychoanalytic theory. Marxist Leninist thinking defines the male as bourgeois and female proletariat.

Herein shall be presented a small outline of the Origin model as a neo structuralist complex:

I. Origin

A. Origin is Cambridge Law School circa 1850's Victoria in continuation of various entrapment and defection models.

1. This material is developed as state planning.

2. This material is developed as a perpetual association.

B. Primary mover: The head of Cambridge Law School late 1850's. His voice is heard taped electronically. (Is there more than one?)

1. This individual(s) definitely is the most powerful actor(s).

2. Oedipal Complex as first in genus and specie.

C. Secondary mover(s): The Little One, Cambridge Law School lawyers (CLS) (Native Americans Indigenous: This is Social Darwinism but only abstracted in practice)

1. Gametes Informants

2. Germ plasm: Lenin

3. Mutation: Stalin

4. Voice synthesizer used to imitate hand and others

5. Species as Oedipal and Electra Complexes

D. Agents: Informants

1. Exists mainly in Maze

2. Construct of TPSYS and TPS

3. Imposed over perspective of deity and nature

E. Object: True Spiritual City

F. Terminus

A further discussion of Parameters reveals such as a container, this being mother nature. The natural environment is parallelist with theism. As pure scientific determinism this component could only exist as nature. The challenge from the Reductionist Room develops the Oedipal Electra Complex to the morphology of MOEC. Contained within are theories and concepts of free will.

The challenge to mind, reason, and knowledge form support for the events writ large matizing in trajectorial conflicting eternities as lines of authority that negate each other ex posteriori.

The idea of a hymen constructing a body of an entity is not biological across the female uterus. The hymen is a type of hygienic system and preserves virginity to a certain extent.

Cambridge in their model of MOEC posits a position of materialism against a line of religious virgin purity, which is a universal virgin archetype. Religious ideas, other knowledge, and disinformation are thus imposed over other events. The United Kingdom had achieved mastery of defection systems worldwide by the 1930s. The Hand wills the design of civilization which must move through and be effected by Parameters. The artificial structures adapts to both will and the environment.

The future documentation of MOEC may rest here in the finer or worse analysis, one now of moral obligation and legitimacy. The material boundary theory and personality differentiations must be seen objectively in regards to whom or what is being affected.

For the deductive process of the researcher, if evidence datum A, B, C, are known and D, E, F, are observed with the function unidentified, stop at A, B, C. The possible distribution of the materials in a trap is highly likely in an intelligence disinformation format. It is possible for a researcher to be presented datum from a false line to an entire scenario to disqualify one's work.

This aspect is part of MOEC's defense mechanism and is contained in the Mobilization itself. The ACM tapes are stored primarily in Scotland Yard, LAPD, and secondary law enforcement agencies worldwide and then radiated.

At the current time March 1997, I exist as John (Doe) in MOEC as a target of Lycurgus (it is interesting to note that the graveyard of such has been discovered August 9, 1997, see Kristi Krebs). The John Doe aspect is universal as most persons are only plenaries with a theoretical ratio of being the target.

Lycurgus is a component which is in support of Syrinx. The John Does exist as holons moving within and being affected by the subsystems of MOEC. Such persons thus accept MOEC's identity or reject it. The informant ratio is a religious sociological output and is applicable to all. Such evolves from the component axis of violence and absurdity in conjunction with defection model.

Lycurgus and Syrinx are the two main subsystems of MOEC. Akbar is a mutation that is emergent from Lycurgus which is Targeted Chemical Assault TCA. Akbar is the condition when I am alienated from my positive rights and the fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is imposed over my person with remainder of the world's population as fractals. Currently I would argue that Akbar is controlling Syrinx which is nuclear in the concrete. The Japanese have issued a state of emergency as one of the reactors in Fukushima is in danger of melting through the floor, If a runaway or fullblown meltdown occurred which was not human guided then Syrinx would control everything. MOEC is hybrid Prisoner's Dilemma. Hence Cambridge's human social engineering is supposed to be in control and driving history. (DWN Chester California May 26, 2017.)

The axis can be seen in Parameters it is structural and radiated by TPSYS. TPS is the boundary of Parameters at it's furthest extent. It is thus the boundary of the entity (TPS). The argument encased in Parameters is of the archetypal Myth of Virgin Mother Purity such as the Christian Virgin Mary in imitation. The informant ratio is scripted political theatre for all performers which hiearchialize the United States as the United Kingdom's bodyguard.

The entrapment of 185 plus leaders, head of states, world religious leaders, human rights leaders, figures from the sports entertainment complex, police, towards the citizens yields an attack on the focal target John. The attack is actually on the universal concept of constitutions via a particular.

John, as others civically may be designated a citizen, for Christians sid qoud esse, Vedantist jiva, and so forth. The model of MOEC has a deterministic base of historical antecedents which it will use to predict and orchestrate responses from individuals, collectives, towards Lycurgus.

An interesting aspect of Lycurgus is that it is based on Pontius Pilate and Jesus. A universal Antichrist Myth is culled from various traditions and thus orchestrates MOEC into a crime multiplier managed by government.

A consequence of the advent of Lycurgus is the presentation of the model which I am naming Origin. These materials are the basis for the critical analysis of MOEC.

Historically, having Cambridge Law School reveal their activities in this manner permits a more systematic critical discussion of MOEC to approach deduction; fact to fact operations to an existential conclusion.

For a defection model with components as MOEC, it is sheer folly to suggest that criminal operations are able to yield a sane society under any ideology or banner.

As all criminal constructs, MOEC in it's entirety must be reconciled to it's origin. It is folly to will and carry out any concoction of individual or collective security through sanitized violence. Correctly speaking MOEC is a wrecking model.

The core membership of Cambridge Lawyers, Scotland Yard officials, and LAPD officials is very small to eliminate damage to the polities involved. The radiating of the model to officials completes the Pontius Pilate Archetype. It is from this equilibrium that the core planners replicate their intent in the world leadership.

The macroscopic conflagration of constitutionalities in the sovereign subject format contrasts individuals versus wholes. These activities are a problematic in the present Perfect Dictator System. MOEC also incorporates sociocultural dynamic concepts as a foundation to war.

The social injustice of a crime multiplier with public sector support yields a theory of parallelism which is called parallel analysis.

The morphology of MOEC is a concept called Iconoclast. MOEC is an acronym (Mobilization of Empire and Civilization) that implies the summon bonum. Iconoclast is an artificial manmade concept that deals with a descent from a pure body; an epistemology from a theism in which an intentional diffusion is orchestrated after the matization of corrupt materials.

In the Vedic perspectivism, the material universe will oscillate and reassemble according to rules (laws of karma). Other theisms exist with only one creation in relation to the living entity. According to the scientific atheist, this entity is material and reduces to material laws of physics with a will.

There is for now an ex posteriori movement to confirm the object truth, an upward movement from subatomic particles, the atom, elements, and towards the morphology of life in the cosmos. One does not have to be a materialist and this does not confirm or deny the Marxist Leninist line. By demonstration, Cambridge Law School chose this position due to prominence.

Similarly in structuralist thinking, religion is the superstructure. Deity or God is anthropomorphic, created by man thus manifesting a propriety controller towards humankind sovereign subject. In continuation, private property, wage labor, and love sex marriage follow. Man is bourgeois and the female is proletariat. This arises from microstructure.

Microstructure is the mode of production; in this case capitalism. The economics according to Marx are the support for all individual and social relations, namely the status quo. The mode of production must be socialized in a radical rupture from private property to develop communism.

The microstructure has six time periods or histories: 1. Primitive Communism 2. Slavery 3. Feudalism 4. Capitalism 5. Socialism 6. Communism. The schema develops the social system known as Dialectical Materialism.

At socialism the collectivization and nationalization of production occurs creating a socialist ideal, not a social welfare state, as the desired antecedent towards communism. Capitalist labor becomes the proletariat. This rupture in production transforms the social environment into one more closely resembling nature. With trained socialists at the leadership, the scientific interaction of psyche and environment transforms our spacetime into communism; a leadership of the proletariat.

The text of Lenin's Empirio Criticism is a focal text in the base of MOEC.

The clash of religion and science is a birthing ground fro many great problems. This implies at least on side is empirical.

In it's theistic epistemology MOEC posits a Godhead who is a Knower of the Field. The field being his body. Deity's territoriality is infinite and is also this field. Nature may be argued within this body with it's distinct boundaries. The deity's nature is spiritual and primary. Nature is secondary (matter). Secular concepts and empiricism are artificial.

Nature and it's laws are a field. The living entities are conditioned in such and perform their activities in this spatiality. Their spirit and spirituality are a priori to nature and their body.

The living entity's body is the field of activity for a spirit soul. Knowledge is a priori for theism. Any knowledge gained from the entity's body or an object from the outer environment is categorized as empiricism.

The political entity known as the body politic of the Social Contract Theory is empirical imposed over man and nature. This allows for a polity to be theistic, materialistic, or pluralistic. The present human race exists currently within a complex of different philosophical and constitutional authorities as described. Examples for our polities may be found in the writings of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau.

In closing, the Preface of MOEC Studies the will of a man in sovereign subject relations endeavors to fulfill or destroy all concepts of truth or social contract. Similarly, on the negative, it is possible to yield constitutional wrecking of the constitutional platforms.

MOEC develops materials in a social engineering format. The trajectory evolves from theocracies, kingships, aristocracies, and polities to the present state. Communism, a type of polity is a valid refutation of the above theories. It however does not seem likely to occur. Most variants of communism are more supportive of nationalism in an anthropomorphic sense.

The materials of MOEC will not allow the completion of individual or collective greatness. If there is deviance, MOEC will escalate the environment in an attempt to criminalize the individual developing an informant personality for a purge. The end state of a collective condition is an Antichrist Mythology entitled The City of Armageddon.

In the hiearchialization of MOEC, the control of all subsystems shall yield equilibrium of which MOEC as Cambridge has analyzed and judged to develop the morphology of it's construct as an artificial man, MOEC.

The option for a spiritual city exists in the paradigm. In order for the implementation or categorization of such a lack of spiritual substance or qualification exists in MOEC. Cambridge Law School writ large is not spiritual regardless of any paper linkage to the Anglican Church. MOEC is also disruptive to the scientific materialist social planners as well.

The only correct decision is to reconcile MOEC, a systematic human rights crime to it's Origin.

I am currently typing and lightly editing the original which was used as a exhibit in US federal court. I have decided to not use the name Iconoclast on any manuscript. I do believe that what is occurring will have a quantum or a deep long lasting effect on world history. It is indeed a smaller event leading up to and supporting something greater. An iconoclast is a destroyer of a culture's sacred objects.

I believe that using such as a title paints or labels me as a religious fanatic. The Catholic Church and ISKCON bankruptcy scenarios are due to behavior that, definitively in the case of the Hare Krishnas is rooted in an entrapment by MOEC.

Myth of the Contemporary Man

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Bishop California

August 19, 1997

The current selection begins with a growing skill in the materials of complex systems analysis and totalitarianism. In the latter, a mission goal of MOEC is apparent in a trajectory towards the City of Armageddon, or nuclear theatre.

These materials appear anthropomorphic in the design of polities. Within the concept is an Antichrist Mythology that divides and wrecks religions. This activity, although the movers are theistic, is accurately a myth at the present. The operational methods effect on behavior, personality development, and collectivity form a problematic in an environment. Cambridge, as MOEC has endeavored to make science and religion one, Unum.

My information is based on a revelation or leaks as these are called. I hold that most material discussed as British Intelligence has been affected by Cambridge Law School or Oxford University par minimum.

The 1000 pages of material generated to myself by MOEC is a conservative estimation. This material is superior to much matter related to totalitarianism. As an abstraction Origin will accurately link to empirical events in the concrete.

As physics, the Origin model argues an origin, primary mover, secondary mover, agent, and object. This theory in definition dictates that the construct is material. If any part of the operation were spiritual then only the effect would be measurable to common humans. The model demonstrates that many so called religious movements are orchestrated by intelligence systems. The origin is material on this earth.

This predisposes that the United Kingdom is an intelligence superpower but only a regional hegemon. Thus they are able to overtly or covertly penetrate polities with impunity to achieve lesser objectives than territorial conquest leading to empire.

The propositions of MOEC are valid; why would one or many want one to endeavor so much time and effort to abstract and systematize a mass of datum is one of intrigue? The United States law enforcement community must answer as to why disinformation to this extent is available for the public even if it demonstrates cultural warfare and mass conditioning at a historical highpoint.

MOEC therefore has systems control over societies institutions; the greatest act of censorship historically demonstrates no sign of termination.

Future researchers must reconcile the validity of MOEC and Lycurgus. The synchronization of the brief and the head of states of whom it was intended shape the culture as it materializes into defective structures and it's fragmented foundation erects the future state.

As of Wednesday, March 27, 1997 an apparent mass suicide of a computer group in San Diego yielded some 39 deaths. A possible linkage to the Temple of Solar is being investigated. This position was later discarded. During my stay in San Diego around 1991, in Mission Bay this event was definitively foretold by LAPD.

In recapitulation, at the beginning of Lycurgus, I witnessed the administration of MOEC to the cognition of President Reagan, Vice President Bush, and then Senator Dole. The event spread to Prime Minister Thatcher of the United Kingdom and Gorbachev of the USSR. Other notables to be exposed first include Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua as well as Ayatollah Khomeini, Yasser Arafat, and Augostino Pinochet to name a few of the extant movers of the political world. This event occurred over television over regular programming live. These officials may be heard reciprocating with voices in the background as to the nature of my plight. This concept of synchronicity was implemented as convergent totalitarianism in Maze learning.

A small primer of basics of constitutions, theory, and the probable response of head of states was delivered to myself. The same material was delivered to these world leaders. Overall the head of state brief, the superior datum was delivered again to myself, peripheral materials to the leaders. The experiment is deigned to gauge the effectiveness of government to move on a crime and reconcile the event.

The brief is a mixed complex of constitutional and unconstitutional events. The postulation being such, that citizenship is safer and stronger than criminality. The format includes theism, philosophy, positive law, individuals, and collectives. The disinformation is quite intensive founded on relativity and utilitarianism to laws.

The censorship has rendered a whole history to date which is impotent. It shall be revised and strongly criticized. For an individual or writer of history, a total generation of thought has been systematically wrecked.

This concept of wrecking involved the will to order and threshold learning. A reductionist concept of logic is used to distill arguments to their most potent form. An individual is presented an intelligence battery from a composite of over 500 college majors. This battery was developed by Cambridge Law School. The material is mostly moral and resembles the type of reasoning that judges use in constitutional courts in deciding cases.

At threshold, the individual as he fails tasks is given more tasks to answer. A constitutional position is stronger than a criminal position in the ordering of social systems. The conservation of constitutional positions is unalienable. This position should create security and safety in the individual plus collective. In the minimum it is stoic.

The model allows TPSYS to test a person under a flood of datum and entrapments involving abstraction or particulars. The most particular cases are persons with a threat of murder against themselves. As the individual becomes confused, one tends to secure oneself through violence forming groups to do such in a texture of culture.

The person as described does not order oneself and institutions in a polity. On the contrary, he wrecks the model state.

The choices a person makes are taped and used in the future to implement legal and extralegal events against the individual.

As discussed in Origin the entire morphology evolved from the Reductionist Room.

The reductionist model reflects the esse, sid qou esse, and sid quod esse model describing Christian Final Judgment.

The reduction of every intent to values then permit's an antecedent to create a stock of criminalized datum in hiearchializing crimes against persons and property in a future state.

There is an array of common or civil law precedent to proceed with moralization of the judgment as these activities occur in a localized place and time. The most serious events appear to be murders with a parallelist structure; there is complicity within the state. The abuses are documented to create propaganda and other events. This is usually escalated.

The territoriality and individual may be brought under control by war. This is the court of last resort. Acts then may be fought with conventional weapons. Armageddon or EWS scenarios frame the problematic as lesser events build to support and change these models.

To return towards the beginning, if a person commits a crime, one is obligated by the efficient law of constitutions to turn oneself in; no flight is moral. Various crimes for a reductionist purpose, drug use, theft, assault, and murder are arranged around one as an antecedent in a social systems format. A person is then asked what one's moral perspective is regarding each point. MOEC as a judge dispenses it's agents to operate based on these values.

If the amount of drugs, threats, violence, or victims, increase, the guilt is equal to the injury, no more, this is equal protection and weighted law. The degree of premeditation, the instruments used by the criminal and flight also increase culpability. A spatiality is defined that is the boundary of the crime. The concept of equivalence is very complex. When is a robbery able to yield the same prison time as an assault? This entails crime against property versus crimes against persons. A very simple procedure is simply to count, measure, and time the event till it's terminus yielding an objective comparison.

Concretely what has occurred from the Reductionist Room is a morphology of a state based on the radiation of crime as law in the place of moral precept.

The two lawyers are the imitation of a father to son revelation which is religion. The disciples are targeted crime victims. The morphology of the inverted polity develops as the persons use crimes as means to reconcile their dilemmas. The process is radiated and escalated through genealogy I see another law in my members. This technically is the Law of Fomes. In Christianity, generated by the fall of the devil, there is an operation to create a contrary line of authority through descendency. These materials comprise the germ of cultural warfare, an Antichrist Mythology beneath official lines of mythology.

To complete the argument of a pure field of entities, living persons (as well as dead) form dyads, tryads that reflect a position of universality arbitrariness. As stated, if all persons were pure it would not matter for their cultural identities and biological taxonomies regardless of such all persons would be Christians or socialists.

This method of interlocking sets yields to infinity and are judged as antecedents to future entrapments. Logical theorem were the model used. The result is wrecking. No super group of individuals in a collective that does not bear differentiation based on this reductionist model exists.

At the present time these groups form the support for Lycurgus. The radiation of events in the mind appears as a cat of nine tails, fasces, an exploding cluster bomb, or a quasar in a cosmos model. All such models are used anthropomorphically.

Some several hundred persons (1000) had their names produced with scenarios of possible murders revealed. Currently to this time period I had been under terrible persecution prior to June 16, 1997 and put under further stress under extra ordinary conditions as a prisoner of Lycurgus. Integral to MOEC forthrightly is the will in sovereign citizens relations. I was told to weigh my freedom, the termination of the event against knowledge of a future murder. Currently August 26, 1997 I am in Bishop, California rewriting the text, which was vastly more rough than Origin which was a product of memory and deduction of a model that was prepared for me. (Further Study of Origin)

The tenth anniversary of Lycurgus Akbar has occurred. The symbolic first person to be targeted was a youth in Delaware. This person was well under 8 years in 1987. His father who willed incorrectly was working on their vehicle and was using an aerosol lubricant in their carburetor to start the ignition. The resultant fire burned his son over 80% of his body. I returned to Delaware and was forbidden to discuss this matter with him. I chose not to see him and returned west. (DWN Chester, May 24, 2017.)

A mass murder of four persons was foretold.

An important aspect in this reductionist threshold leaning is to order your will without fear. This is utopic for mortals. The result is that the person(s) will have who have a threat of murder placed, threaten to ostracize a person as to which a similar threat was made. A circular folly will emerge (Holons I-X). In the will to order, the will to power emerges; in this case, crime under the color of authority.

In my count, to the cited date over 500 persons are dead who directly wanted to ostracize myself.

I had this concept explained prior to the event and I believe the above persons during or not at all. This was levelled due to my circumstances.

I chose the Buddha Model, which has some analogy with the Vedas that I study.

A huge amount of persons who were targeted at the beginning of this event were residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Integral to this is a Jane Doe in a northern California town of which I have now decided to name, Kristi Krebs, Fort Bragg, California an employee of Round Table Pizza. She disappeared some four or five years past and is feared dead.

The two of us form a dyad with various events planned around our lives by law enforcement. This predisposes eugenic planning in a social systems model. To elucidate, an alleged murder has been planned based on a genetic profile of a parent. Kristi Krebs was otherwise very attractive had a genetically deformed hand. She, or as an offspring of the parent was targeted on the basis of one other past historical antecedent; I argue slavery. In this sense her hand got slammed in a car door by the professors in MOEC. This will negate the veneer of chivalry.

My situation is more complex. I have Collor de Mello's genealogy imposed over myself; we are distant affines probably through George Bush. Sixty four million Americans are said to be related to Mr. Bush. It appears that my facial characteristics and body shape resemble that of Iberians. Mr. Mello's heritage yields from Portugal, Spain, and Germany.

I will explain this false genealogy in an appendix. This fact came to light while contemplating this rough manuscript.

From past history, the species of my father's heritage, and at least that of one of Ms. Kreb's parents gave yield to the attacks on myself. I have called the 800 operator to check on her hotline and it is disconnected.

The allegation is that her family and herself willed in violence towards my predicament. We have been held in impure synchronicity since birth in competition under a conditioner who implements behaviors based on deviance. (This could be attributed to a policeman using a voice synthesizer. (DWN August 24, 2013)

Two tragic events have occurred. The concepts of game theory and prisoner's dilemma are involved. This aspect of two citizens competing escalates to organizations in nationstates. This type of training is not in any shape or manner creating superior peoples or nations. It is in fact disintegrating humanity and the environment in pragmatic systematic destruction that is plainly evident as MOEC and Lycurgus.

In the battery, each individual John or Jane Doe is analyzed theistically intent for intent, will for will. I have had logical training and knew prior to the event on how to dichotomize arguments.Most persons in the mode were lead petitio principie to attack others with ostracization and similar acts to avoid the fulfillment of threats of murder (Holon II).

The individuals did not see each other physically. They did not obtain the right to confront their accuser.

Totalitarianism seeks to isolate the individual by various measures to keep the individual incommunicado. A figurative ratio was discussed; a censorship of 1000:1, 50:1, for a president and a law enforcement official against myself.

Various materials a priori to actual experience were disclosed. Examples were the Democratic and Republican platforms for the next 100 years if the complex of MOEC continues to be a success. The victory speeches of probably candidates were read. The speeches of the winners are accurate. The debates as Clinton versus Dole are totally theatre. In retrospect Benton versus Quayle immediately comes to mind. I will definitely state that law enforcement as the Delaware State Police did indeed hear the scenarios well in advance of the debates.

The books of the Clintons and other politicians too numerous to mention here were also described contrary to dates that they were to have been begun or published.

The model is a combination of moral atomism and holism. It reflects the material used by theorists to develop sentencing grids used by judges. From this standpoint the analogy to moral values evolve from the unfolding of a spatiality to the order of constitutional states. Both constructs are argued as differentiated.

The reductionist model was very intense. A judge may receive three or more months to argue a verdict. Persons were expected to have rapid responses in comparison of abortion, rape, and drugs especially in equal protection or equivalence.

The unfolding of the model and the crime multiplier today is in continuo from the 1930s. The true constitutional formula is quite explicit and simple. If a criminal construct exists, only a legal process may be used to reconcile the event.

According to legal theory national disasters do not yield an avenue to dissolve citizenship. Fear or crime does not give rise to rights. Any threat to oneself does not sanction an individual or group to attack or ostracize one from constitutional rights. Orders from a public authority are explicitly defined as to their function in such instances.

This material may be referenced in the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel and Treatment, and the Organization of American States.

Many persons use religion or God as a sovereign as to which to yield as subjects claiming sanction from a higher an authority to act. Moral philosophy is also considered at times to be a more efficient value than simple citizenship. Most courts in the world are civil acting from rules with decisions deduced from these rules. Philosophy by and large remains in support, there is equivalence in value but judgment is basically empirical argued from first principle to conclusion. The Reduction Room is a cell and in analogy a black hole in a morphology of systems. The failed values compete with positive correct values. The failure of the botched values sets it motion sets in motion conditions for it's elimination.

It appears that from this model that past historical wrecking and entrapment yields a support for the Lycurgus and vice versa to other major events or Rwanda or Bosnia. If one were to investigate Lycurgus one would discover MOEC and a storehouse of intelligence.

This material is analogous to Vedic cosmography. This states that the universe is shaped similar to a lotus flower; the stem arising fro Ksirodakayasi Vishnu is material and descends behind the Himalayas. The system argues three Vishnus as being spiritual. The last two are Garbhodakayasi Vishnu and the abode Karanadakyasi Vishnu, the flower being heaven. Depending on one's cognition one may see the activities of Godhead if one looks in the right cardinal direction.

There is historical reference to material military operations arranged around religious traditions. The Oracle at Delphi is one.

As man in spacetime or an entity derived from a spiritual spark, field, or person, the original mover in the operation must be present and judge all in a degree in that the entities are subjects.

The Hand (anthropomorphic nickname of the head lawyer acting as God), after victimizing myself must place his person in a degree as myself. The remaining lawyers also attack my situation while simultaneously attempting to solve the issue. They will therefore attack this head lawyer or The Hand. The analogy here can reflect three hierarchies of guardian angels or Vedic cosmography. These powerful lawyers are indeed demigod like figures.

This lottery accounts for the delivery of the head of state brief. Cambridge Law School is a world class institute. A lawyer must know the pro and con of a case in context. These individuals will use extralegal as well as constitutional operations to succeed.

As target of Lycurgus this event was severe. There are 400 targets aligned in genus and species with cultural anthropomorphic implications under the lawyers around the world.

When the individuals of the Reductionist Room attacked me by ostracisation, they are also attacking ideas and planning of these lawyer's of the 30s. This would of existed as a real threat against these persons.

In essence, these individuals were entrapped to attack my person or not within the above model. Four to five hundred persons are dead. Inclusive is the estate of a Delaware State Police officer who was a door slammer or ostracizer, the so called practice. I am writing this material from Bishop, Inyo County, California; a location which is facing great humiliation for institutionalizing human rights abuse.

The overall historical analysis by Cambridge yields a conclusion that all empirical social systems have existed in part as totalitarian systems. Cambridge argues that all empirical social systems then exist as differentiated constructs. The school demonstrates some intent to eliminate these models. However, their plans to escalate scenarios outweigh any viable movement towards constitutionalism.

In further development, the materials of MOEC are evolving in analogy to a biological living man. The differentiation of constitutional and unconstitutional events lead to a morphology of cells which yield tissues, organs, and systems in an artificial man, the artificial body of MOEC.

To be explicit Cambridge has developed this model as a product of their collective intelligence. There are others as the Organic Theory of Government which postulates the existence of some state of holy matter or spiritual kingdom a priori to the material system. This theory argues that government exists inside the creation of matter and is the primordial pattern of all causation for all the phenomena which we perceive.

This material is developed as Iconoclast.

Mussolini's fascist state stresses an organic model. Marxist Leninist communism is artificial lying in direct opposition to fascism. The two ideologies are considered natural predators in political philosophy. Current theorists do not like to distinguish these lines of thought along these terms.

MOEC argues the competition of polarized philosophy that is radically based or fixated as natural predators. This is philosophy extended from natural science. The model of MOEC is fascist or irrationalist in it's composition. It is drastic but yields a result lesser than Nazism.

Lenin and Stalin are developed as antithesis for the construct of MOEC. Stalin although an avowed follower of Marxist Leninism is dichotomized as separate from Marx and Lenin. The Crushing of the Kulaks as a Class damages Lenin's credibility as well as antecedents to the KGB.

Stalinism proper was an archetypal modern police state. Stalinism is the model for the Perfect Dictator System to be achieved by convergent totalitarianism. A totalitarian police state with private property and a modest social welfare policy is theoretical for government in MOEC. Modern Czech approaches this concept. Other components also comprise this artificial man. The analogy I will use is the Man of Iron in the Bible described in the Book of Daniel. There is matization with the collapse of government in the Vedas and other traditions as well.

The constructs used in the development of this model are the bulk framework of MOEC. The result is the dissolution of the universe and the transfer of the world of our experience to an original higher substance. On a simpler level the theory of Locke and Rousseau discuss the origin and dissolution of the body politic. MOEC favors Rousseau.

Currently Lycurgus is the support to Syrinx or nuclear theatre. It was and is possible to have Syrinx exist in support of Lycurgus. As such the concepts complement one another in the cultural foundation in the disintegration of social systems.

Within the foundation of one's spatiality are the cardinal virtues expressed as ordinal points. Up and down may be expressed to exist. A gyroscope is a good example to use to conceptualize the manner in which MOEC will attempt to destabilize equilibrium. From a fall from grace an entity must realign one's perspective to consciousness. Subsequently one's perspective to consciousness reflects this individually and collectively. All objects exist as they are in relation to eternal mind. The existence of matter would be in diametrical opposition to a pure spiritual substance.

This conflict of existence has evolved in a trajectory from either a spiritual or material first principal to man in spacetime. The entities relationship does indeed reflect one's mind (perspective).

Cambridge has invented or concocted numerous explanations of Antichrists falling from the heavens. This is the creation of false religious interpretations, a form of cultural warfare. The suicide cults and militia movements are definitively to be linked in this operation to MOEC.

This material and socialization forms a paradigm derived from and using the Spindle of Necessity of the Greeks. A thread of life is woven through a loom of the Four Cardinal Virtues. This is a midwifing or birthing fetish. The Pied Piper of Hamilton (Hamelin is the original; MOEC uses Alexander Hamilton in substitute) is the expression of the collective line of humanity marching towards a judgment.

Currently over 60 countries possess nuclear weapons. End World Scenarios as MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, from MOEC's Armageddon Theory.

As seen prima facie, this is a Christian judgment.

This completes Syrinx and as an end must be corrected and atoned for. A very deep conspiracy is well formed and implemented.

Thus man in spacetime exists in a marathon of sorts and faces many perils. This role continues as relations fuse with dynamics and static roles in a texture, which is to be created by MOEC.

The chemical warfare of Lycurgus is known as the British Bulldog. The media censorship also has a codename, Return of the Jackal.

The design of the artificial false religion is imposed over the religious traditions that are deemed to be authentic as well as organic government theory. A certain identity with an Icon, iconography is desired that descends to cultural support for lesser criminal figures and a linkage to develop an Iconoclast and subsequent movement. The acronym MOEC is the ends.

Iconoclast or MOEC gains power, strengthens itself primarily from the individual. Secondarily are primary and secondary institutions of social systems (family and secondary groups).

In MOEC, complex systems in public management are then a neutral model for all linkage in social systems. In religion a universal, correct downward movement is desired than a correct upward movement from the demonstrable, empirical thought as logic or political science, which would be considered less than pure cognition.

The classical tyranny of the fall of the ideal state is being used as model. This material is derived from Plato's The Republic.

The equilibrium of all movements of TPSYS creates TPS. These events are the individuals and polity's processes and structures in differentiation that are defected to MOEC. Theoretically at a certain level, the world would achieve the City of Armageddon. Universal destruction is not planned into MOEC's limited nuclear theatre.

The concept of the Reduction Room is a filter. The will to order of individual and collective development being is replaced or inverted with the question "Will you betray the Constitution?" This concept is also functional as an order backed by threats.

In static roles in open textures, the concept takes on many colorations of the environment it adapts to. Instead of a constitutional reconciliation the mythology and traditions developed from the empirical antecedents are traceable to the first will as presented.

The inverted cultural warfare in a format of eugenics in a social engineering policy design exists in a competing trajectory to moral and legal socials systems that are being taught.

The Reduction Room in it's presentation was designed in analogy as a complex similar to prime matter in physics. It is the raw material for state wrecking also for the fulfillment of various advanced religious or scientific societies. The propositions state that the latter will not be able to exist as prophesied or as designed by theorists.

MOEC has skillfully orchestrated the activities of various persons or had an effect on many great leaders of our time. Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton may be seen far less than autonomous.

The will to oppose criminality is a focal target in the engineering of MOEC. Lycurgus was the name of the leadership of Sparta. Their leadership reputation exists as good except for the challenge against the claims that permitted the military to practice their military skills on the Helots.

The subject matter of the Reduction Room is very interesting and perhaps an individual in the future will research into this area to measure the morphology of the state from these materials.

The creation of a pattern or a program that unfolds through history is a unique concept. The creation of an artificial archetype and introducing such into the humanities is a component that is at the heart of Origin Theory. The formation of the concept in it's model form had it's finalization in the 1930s. This is to say that prosecution will prove that plans from this era and possibly backwards are responsible for present events.

I have been informed that subsequent law enforcement as Scotland Yard in the 40s and 50s have redubbed faulty social engineering of this 30s era, to make one individual, The Hand or the God figure appear greater or more evil. This is similar to what has occurred to the worldview of Stalin.

Overall the initiation of MOEC was acted out symbolically after the first plans were developed. The Reduction Room is this event. The use of analogy is secondary but very prevalent in the exposition of ideas in relation to deduction and scientific models. These models and analogies usually have a religious significance and operate on personality. This is the case in re the Baltimore Studio.

Ad hominem, ad populum, and ad misericordium, complement the camouflage of the model. As such these fallacies do not create any security or constitutional constructs which would morally or legally secure one. The odds of then being a victim due to false values escalates. Integral is the anthropomorphic materialist argument that religion and god are invented in a human's image. The concepts of fideism and solipsism are invoked.

The psychological profile of a future researcher has been created that is supposedly skilled to retrieve the evidence for posterity's sake. This professor is no better than a professor choosing the lesser of the two evils of constitutional or moral acts. The otherwise legitimate objective act of investigation becomes more than the legislation of fear; indeed it emerges as a whitewash and ostracisation paradigm.

This event is very complex. I am the only eyewitness to have seen the entire event. Much history and accuracy depends on the fidelity of myself, law enforcement, and others who must closely follow this event.

The Reduction Room is based on the command given by The Hand (God) to The Little One in what is believed to be his office in Cambridge, UK. So then the spatiality is this room. Theoretically the intent of the entire operation is contained within the framing of Will you betray the Constitution?. The first intent of the operation, also as a value is indeed negative. The will of an individual must oppose the model to be legitimate. The entire operations of TPSYS and TPS evolve from the two. As MOEC informants and environs are controlled.

A unique facet of the operation of Lycurgus is the radiation of the Reduction Room. The state achieved in Lycurgus is directly a manifestation of state planning filtered through roles and institutions in a social system.

The attack was designed to be operative from several locations manifesting from LAPD to the Delaware State Police and to a lesser extant Baltimore City, PD. A facet of this pattern involves several peripheral figures s foils or hero villains. Integral to this are the Valeski family with three Delaware State policemen and as well as the Gravatts who have a Lycurgus target bearing their name for future Lycurgus events in MOEC.

The families of LAPD Caan are also in severe jeopardy. The intent is a cognitive behavioristic analysis based on proximity to David Nollmeyer, the victim. The most deviant performers are however law enforcement officials, Department of Justice members, court employees, and high public officials. Criminal intent and activities will be centered in the public sector and their agents.

David Valeski, a Delaware State Police paramedic, Darrel Gravatt, a schoolteacher, and myself all figure prominent in a tryad formed in our youth and now radiated. All three have been presented different stimulus to incorporate as values. Consequent behavior is the result. The information is complementary with family, name, and membership and exhibits threshold in primary institutions. In secondary institutions the police departments are targeted and measured under various forms of psychology. The abuses are then hierachialized under world leaders. It is totally obvious that the problems of personality and behavior are problematic in persons of public employees not the victim(s).

The choice to use knowledge of this event was difficult due to the environment created by the abusers. This is vast and is inclusive of a majority of the entire world's culture and specifically the United States as a focal target. The area of Kent County during 87 and 88 was actually the most exposed locality outside of the police departments to receive access to MOEC materials.

Realistically Artesia, Carlsbad, Ruidoso, and Las Vegas, New Mexico have the current distinction of having the population with the realism of having the most exposure with enough profundity to brief a head of state (in August 1999 it would be Chester, Plumas Counties, CA). This material should not be taken lightly. University level courses at the master degree level allow students to work on briefs, even classified briefs. Cambridge easily has skills to develop such a brief. An individual who is plainly honest in describing the events around oneself with accuracy is a tremendous source of historical wealth. Ironically the odds of a person serving one day in prison born January 1, 1997 or thereafter is 1 out of 19 .

An interesting point of lack cognition is the following example. Recently a dog has been shot with a bow and arrow in southern New Mexico. The archetype of this story pertains to an event in the Srimad Bhagavatam 9th Canto, a Vedic scripture. The books are available for reading in the Carlsbad Public Library.

The third party conflict developed by Cambridge Law School will blame the Hare Krishnas, Native Americans, the librarians, and the individual who shot the animal.

These acts comprise what are known as informal fallacies of reason. Individuals tend to blame indirect events in the environment for the direct act of a crime instead of the will perpetrator.

B.F. Skinner argues the blame must be shifted from the individual to the environment in replacement of the biased punitive discipline meted out by courts and tyrants. This is an aspect of operant behavior and his interpretation of social control.

This is an accurate challenge of the description of different wills to order that Cambridge has placed into contestation in support of MOEC. Retrospectively, at the beginning of Lycurgus I could not lift a glass off the table, move my head, or change the television channel. Any act of existence was in reciprocation with the police state implementing Lycurgus. I am mortal but easily did not will violence in the model.

It was predicted that I would threaten these persons to become free. My own nature, in my opinion was sufficient to guarantee performance. I held that Ronald Reagan was culpable. Reagan definitely knew and had perhaps a few days at most to terminate Lycurgus.

As I began to be motile, moving about my mother's trailer, I began to loose food and air.

To prove the fallaciousness of this model, a policeman in Albuquerque, New Mexico was conditioned in the same manner. If the officer moved etc., the victims who live in Albuquerque would be murdered. If the events did occur, obviously the officer would be innocent for his simple exercise of his 1st Amendment rights. This is a reductio ad absurdium.

While in residence in Las Vegas, New Mexico during 96, a huge amount of persons who were targeted around did die around this officer. This roughly coincides with the 10th anniversary.

The battery in recapitulation postulates figures as Washington, Lenin, or Stalin placed over the two lawyers. During the actual delivery two Rap artists had their murders predicted that radiated from this model. Here is an analogy of the codons explained in the preface and the morphology of MOEC. The runner in the Marathon of Greek mythology followed.

Predictions of state planning exists fairly deep worldwide until the early 2000s, in the abstract framework about 1000 years of which 100 have passed. This is done in sync with the Greek and Christian traditions of Dionysus and Antichrist.

This concept relies heavily on a storehouse of reel to reel auditory tape maps. Persons blindly lottery themselves to secure their lives and property in a defection model. Defection is the modus operandi. Currently I am writing from memory. Scotland Yard, LAPD, and Delaware State Police are probably the best sources to confirm the existence of this material.

I am being told to prepare myself for a Watergate styled scenario. This event may never occur during my lifetime but performance under scrutiny is desired.

An area of intrigue that surfaces through this model is that Cambridge Law School was designer of Orwell and Anne Frank materials. If a person were to listen to the prediction of local and world events, credibility is added to this theory in par or whole that has been argued before. The legitimacy of many modern works, I will cite the Clinton's as a prime example, is also strengthening this material.

The writing of Origin is a leak. I am fair and accurate in my documentation toward contestation of my credibility. I argue that the entire output of 20th century production may be damaged by MOEC's penetration. So in extension these materials challenge from Beyond Past and History and It Takes a Village. This was the desire of it's architects.

The hiearchialization of the wrecking leaves law enforcement as the logical choice for counter mobilization. A caricature of a Jewish professor is used. It is a complex of national security and similar ideas for the State of Israel. As all personality profiles it is a conditioning model based on stunted qualities of development in the juvenile years. The work of Piaget and Erickson are integral in this area. Pre operational behavior and maturity are dysfunctional in differentiation in all profiles.

The concept of counter mobilization is nothing more than a foil in the mobilization of MOEC. At it's height such has qualities of professorship but overall is absurd.

This paragraph here is very critical. As a criminal mover, MOEC over a period of 150 years has inverted three constitutional platforms of laws interpretation over a field of space and time. This has involved the transition of the classical tyranny into the Perfect Dictator model. This is the skeleton of the Antichrist Mythology.

What is needed is to reinvert or restore the decadence. This entails documenting all crimes to their origin, hence, the name of the paper Origin. This most occur peacefully and legally. This quite complicated and is probably not possible due to differentiation, complexity and lack of will. A paper must involve this concept with realism against a utopic or spiritual solution. This involves atomization within MOEC.

The law enforcement agencies of LAPD, San Diego, Santa Monica, Sacramento, Hayward, Baltimore and the Delaware State Police are entrapped. Without a doubt these agencies and the courts are the realistic choices to start a restoration, myself included. This is based on knowing what to look for.

What is interesting is that Cambridge Law School is admitting to guilt over time while concurrently arranging impunity for themselves. The United States is the bodyguard. This has to be definitively proven or refuted.

Other localities have where I am bearing this house arrest have law enforcement exposed to MOEC materials. It is the Department of Justice's show to win or lose.

Territoriality wise the defection targets an escalated crime multiplier that defends the Gold Coast of California viz. San Luis Obispo. (This is negated as of the mid 1990s).

In relation to the arrival of an individual organization to restore things to order, I challenge that none really exist. The standing human rights principal is that silence is complicity or enabling the criminal. We do not live in a stoic history. (I have added a few paragraphs. Currently Bill Clinton is awaiting trial, Bill Gates and Microsoft, are on trial, plus this case is awaiting a writ of certiorari at the Supreme Court. The latter is very slim at best January, 1999).

To complement the above, I do not exist as a negative informant. I have been exposed to much datum. I welcome any historical challenge specifically in relation to law regarding any sentimental duplicity regarding substance abuse, trafficking my family, and my Vedic faith. These areas are emerging as a challenge albeit a slavish habit of orchestrated lionization and scapegoating of persons through evidence fraud by LAPD.

The Baltimore Studio and a digital synthesizer named the Synclavier have taken on an Orwellian grandeur that is exponential. This will likely lead to some litigation.

A correct figure would be able to lead peoples into greatness one should address the titles of Clinton's literature. In the extension of the argument, the ability of the individual to order the roles and institutions is decisively challenged against Lycurgus. The case for greatness is not impressive. I did not condone crime as security falsely arranged as a teaching from religion, from morality, from civil law.

In Eddy County, New Mexico, WIPP or the future nuclear waste disposal site is a focal target. The persons who are on the attack here against civil rights, and this observation appears to be thirty percent plus, would not make good employees for a security sensitive job. The community itself is defective in support of this event and WIPP.

When WIPP is discussed is discussed the name of my nephew Kevin may be heard moving toward the direction of the site. Kevin exists in actuality as a citizen and a target. Persons who are willing negatively towards a citizen and in all cases incur an injury to themselves. In this manner WIPP, which is an obvious target becomes a possible object of retaliation.

The texture of the entrapment reflects a popular record called Tarkus. I do not wish to aggrandize any living artist, but music is a very large field, so I will mention one record. All formally released records definitely are part of the cultural support in this event.

The distribution of the targets becomes more actualized as TPSYS and informants escalate the crime multiplier. The crime multiplier thus replaces the constitutional thus replaces the constitutional life of the citizenry MOEC levels society by region through crime. Are not becoming equal by promulgation of a law of a constitution but by the habit's of belligerence and victimization.

The correct constitutional teaching of religion, morality, orders backed by threats, no crime may replace a right is indeed a simple manner of maintaining order. There are many equivalent concepts that would have yielded more positive correct results.

An entire history of actors and posterity exists as propaganda.

MOEC will be taught as an act of war. The UK and the USA are liable in the poisoning of 185 plus polities. The censorship derived as stated was developed to wreck the posterity of all performance. The sanctioning principles of sovereignty is attacked, the concept of religion with it's profound effect on humankind is wrecked behind the philosopher and his bodyguard concept.

The verses of the Christian Bible dealing with Jesus having no place to lay his head were argued as a support for Lycurgus. This is the stated intent of the designers. The boundary locations are the world's population 0 out of six billion without being homeless, a utopic proposition.

The origin of the illegal blacklist of homeless person's is a human rights crime in support of an act of war. This is the correct discussion.

The tacit reconciliation of this event is low level chemical warfare. There is a relation to revelation and the burning of incense. During the unfolding of the sulfuric acid mixtures persons are revealed the Mobilization. During normal activities the planning is withheld. This aspect is known as the British Bulldog, the United Kingdom's special tacit chemical warfare plan.

A very naïve mass of persons in the world, particularly the western worlds have given the United States carte blanche in the chemical warfare discussion. A severe chastisement of these persons, the United States government and it's law enforcement complex is needed. I shall set you under Nebuchadnezzar and you should have worshipped him.

At the beginning of this event I have heard hypothetical tapes of a congressional inquiry regarding the Delaware State Police. Senators are puppets. The Delaware State Police would lose in the defection model.

Human rights events in Brazil are more severe and exacerbated than in The United States. I would argue that the United States is actually closer. Numerous events, which we call accidents or regular homicide, have a state origin. In other countries these events universally are disguised under banners of ideology or national security.

In Sante Fe, NM I am directly accusing the locals, the community of being a death squad or a neighborhood committee. If a citizen were homeless in the city as myself, the organized threats, the setups, and jumps are intolerable. Every escalation leads to serious injury or death.

In recapitulation, these activities are in relation dating from some events beginning from May, 1986 in Delaware. The harassment started in April, 1986 arrest of Richard Miller for LSD in Kent County, Delaware. Lycurgus started around Flag Day, June 16, 1987. I fled Delaware after March 1988 when I travelled to Mexico City to the Cuban Embassy. At this point in time I did not have food to eat. I ended up in Santa Barbara, California. Contact was made there with legal aid to no avail. In November of 1995, I would initiate casework in US District Court NM. (Currently 95-0139 is on appeal as 97-2306, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. An appeal (2) to the Organization of American States OAS has failed. Cv 97-2306 has been sent to the Supreme Court but this is more formalism than realism.)

An important institution in social system approaches is law enforcement. This event and these cases unequivocally form the most damaging event in the history of US law enforcement. The escalation of this institution is designed to attack all known models of polities. In the case of the United States, a democratic federalist republic is the target. The differentiation of the president, legislature and Department of justice shall be held to the utmost scrutiny as these branches operate to secure the citizen against a background of fraud.

To delineate more materials, the complex of MOEC is structural, material imposed over religion. A government whose constitution and existence are predicated by religion can be described as organic. The Social Contract Theory is empirical and artificial. Citizenry is imposed over the individual from the legislation of a government and or head of state. The main lawyer is known as The Hand, Man, or God at times. There is probably a complex of figures who make decisions and attribute such to The Hand. Soho is the codename of Scotland Yard. LAPD in the 1930s is lead by Matsya the fish incarnation of Krishna, near the 1950s, Periander. The remainder of the time LAPD is codenamed after a civic church leader of Olde Christ Church Dover, Delaware. Caesar Rodney is entombed there. (Errata There is only a monument).

The concept of MOEC is parallelist in trajectory as it emerges from the Victorian time period of the United Kingdom circa 1850. MOEC existed as a counter to the German Sheifflin Plan. It is alarmist and an over reaction to the Bismarck and Reich.

In this aspect MOEC is theoretically a mobilization of the expansion of the United Kingdom and or it's security system. The material also sheds light on the history of the United Kingdom. Cambridge Law School is definitely discussed as a majority of United Kingdom policy.

MOEC exists in function as a wrecking model. MOEC desires to prosecute legally for part of it's orchestrations by the strongest possible laws or legal instrument. There is a strong likelihood that 60 international treaties have been violated. There is course work at UCLA that deals with this subject.

MOEC is nucleo organic warfare at it's apogee with it's design implemented over social engineering. The spraying of hydrochloric acid most likely had it's origin in the United Kingdom (Europe) in the 1800s. This facilitated by pouring the chemical into an engine, heating system, or fire igniting it by combustion.

The concept of ad magistratum is most instrumental to achieve the absurdity needed to deliver the chemical agents in a jurisdiction. The continued application of this event is facilitated is a hiearchialization to test the censorship successfully for the system at this time. The implementation of Lycurgus will reinforce claims that the designers could orchestrate. By proclamation Cambridge Law School has attacked the United States and some 185 other polities.

This event as stated has positioned the United States into the willing bodyguard of the United Kingdom to implement this model. All countries are to have at least some lands in their jurisdiction sprayed. A new military grade chemical warfare treaty is said to be signed April 28, 1997.

Three American presidents to date have been entrapped in the event. Lycurgus looms as the Achilles' Heel historically for Mrrs. Reagan, Bush, and Clinton.

For the statement of historical record, I now do not support any politicians, this after the Bush elections. I am not aligned with any political party although I am interested in issues. Currently I do not follow spiritual or other type of mentor. There appears to be conflict on this level with damage to authority and interpretation of texts.

The law enforcement complex of the United States, religious leaders, entertainment, and sports figures as well as family name have been targeted destroy their posterity. There has been system accomplishment for MOEC. Simple observation yields duplicity of stances on reconciliation. Two different sides cannot be correct. Official recognition and silence are contraries to a measurement of legitimacy.

The event does indeed cross international borders, sovereign jurisdictions. The event is predicated on human rights theory that has been historically overlooked by circumstances. Every culture appears to have a history of abuse and a certain culture of camouflage to disguise acts in spite of so called circumstances.

The cognition of being able to comprehend the dignity of a human life, versus the whole in a correct manner is very particularized against the universality of human life. Such polarized values jeopardize individual and collective relations. It is the opinion expressed herein that there are war crimes occurring in the United States, Bosnia, Israel, Zaire, or Sri Lanka.

The event is confirmed on the electronic surveillance or aural cartographic maps. The orchestration permits for the construction of a superscience. The concept of a criminal knowing his crime the best enables future professors to demonstrate hypothetically and in the concrete judgment from the first principle to the final conclusion complex moral legal issues.

The controlling law enforcement law enforcement argue that they are implementing MOEC as command imperatives from higher authority. The concept of de jure, de facto, and usurper regimes emerges in matization of the conflict. Amnesty and converse accident are hoped for in the attempt to operate outside the legal institution with impunity.

Lawsuits have been filed in US Federal Court in Sante Fe for the District of New Mexico. At the time of this editing the case has moved to the 10th Circuit of Appeals in Denver where I have also filed an amicus curiae brief in the McVeigh trial pointing out that the Delaware State Police has tape evidence regarding this event that coincides with Lycurgus.

At the current time period Eddy County approaches Kent County, Delaware as having the best systematic presentation that is available that would suffice as a legitimate explanation for what is occurring regardless of my personality or my abstracted version of MOEC. The population here as elsewhere is culpable for not remaining civil.

Obviously the legitimacy of the standing public order is in contestation. In this light I would blame the public management for failing to educate the citizenry.

The defection model yields law enforcement, the population writ large, and myself as choices for some notable opposition. A mission goal is to crush the credibility of United States law enforcement, which is suffering notable disintegration. A core concept of using various fallacy of argument to insulate, to whitewash is apparent. One of the focal points of attack is the married law enforcement official or romanticism is general.

At the conjunction of this material, the approval of the chemical weapons warfare treaty approaches.

A third party conflict resulting in the alienation of one's rights is then widely distributed. In this case spouse and family are used as foils to operate on the victim. The Delaware State Police, victim David, Officer John Sandusky and wife Karen, and nephew Kevin are integral to perpetuate my torture. (June 16, 2004 ex officer Sandusky and wife have faded. When I was staying in Colorado these persons were mentioned as substitute targets. This would eventually expand to include 100% of the world's population through groups to complete the sovereign subject model.)

The officers, I cite Pepper, Marvel, and Cox are the command officers. Sandusky and the above are developed to implement the door slamming and other techniques of Lycurgus in order to save the foil Karen. Kevin inherits my distinction of being a target for the next Lycurgus which is set to occur in 2064 Haley's Comet. This is actually the next Akbar date.

The unnamed agents such as the Baltimore Studio are retained for the use of the Synclavier to alter states evidence. The fidelity of the guilt or innocence of the Delaware State Police is orchestrated to hinge on the employment of the Baltimore Studio.

The utilitarian concept of choosing the wife or the relative in a choice to eliminate MOEC shall always ostracize myself. The most absurd excuse is to argue the technique as national security or strong family.

As I endeavor to move I loose food or air, this has levelled almost nationwide. As my opponents attack me, they become in a numerical order closer to being the Lycurgus target. Hypothetically as shall be discussed, more than one person may be alive in this condition.

The family model has been radiated to all law enforcement in the cultural foundation. This fallacy is a type of ad hominem. It has been in the cultural foundation since time immemorial. The first police department after the Delaware State Police to be involved was San Diego, which has a more diverse culture.

San Diego was the first choice for a lawsuit. Judge Rudi Brewster was presented to me as a figure as to who was behind this event. In actuality he more than likely would have received my casework. This is in the US Federal Court.

In the matization of localities San Diego County with 3 million inhabitants is at a disadvantage to southern Delaware with about four hundred thousand in the region. San Diego has more disciplinary problems sans MOEC. Behaviors are distributed to one area to another to establish cultural links in behavior and crime solving.

I have lived in six states and have travelled through 42 states plus Puerto Rico through Lycurgus. The last police department to monitor this may lose an advantage if and when I die. This is due to escalation and my personal deterioration against a chronology of abuse. I am claiming that the use of national security, protection, family, and drug dealing is being used more frequently in an escalated manner.

The anthropomorphic attempt of raising heroic figures en masse becomes more remote in the entire chronology. This is specifically truer in the late 1990s. Any such heroes would have to stand up to entire communities. I hold it impossible for such figures to exist otherwise.

The lottery of San Diego PD. Santa Monica PD, Hayward PD, and Sacramento PD exist as the main law enforcement to radiate behaviors inclusive of the Delaware State Police. LAPD is the main controller. Areas as New Mexico where I reside are also radiating behavior. There is a preordained order of law enforcement that is followed in the escalation of department. (This is done by LAPD as a higher unseen structure. They introduce behaviors from one locality to the other.

The Perfect Dictator Model is being developed in conjunction with Antichrist Mythology. This material is used to disprove or prove religious thinking. The American militia movement is a heavily entrapped group. Events regarding the ideology and arrests of members is foretold decades before occurrence. Arrests in a planned West Virginia bombing, a strike in Aurora, Colorado, and the Viper Militia, were foretold to Delaware State Police and myself.

The Lycurgus component appears near it's end in a system of judgment, this is imposed over individual and collective wills. This Greek derived component is woven into the Platonic Spindle of Necessity described in Timaeus. The three fates, the past Lachesis, the present Clothos, and the future Apropos weave the threads of life into Judgment that permits one to enter into heaven or not. The reduction for this focal system argues the will to order, which in it's original state is peaceful and truthful and through the course of history has failed. A future reconciliation must occur to restore the will individually and collectively. A concept of scientific determinism is to be able to predict the existence of future events by deduction.

MOEC has followed very closely end world scenarios of numerous religions as well as man's theories of personality and behaviorism. The current scenario has pitted namely one individual against law enforcement, government, and this panorama. The paradigm imitates many empirical events with their traditions by altering components.

Realistically, I am by no means a prophetic figure and personally I do not hold any living figure to be one either. Objectively none recognize this event.

The organic theory or cell of MOEC evolves in continuo as a counter to Nazism. MOEC itself is a type of fascism. The theoretical origins derive from many sources, religion, Aristotle, and Mussolini figure prominently. Stalin is separate and is the model or archetype for the Perfect Dictator. Materials from his biographies are radiated to both leaders and citizenry to develop the Perfect Dictator System.

The codename for Stalin is Pooh, Winnie the Pooh. There is a relation to Pooh Corner in the children's section in many libraries.

The current text is an organizational tool to help document fragments of history and develop models for the analysis of the artificial model of MOEC.

Management in complex systems in MOEC deals with a systematic base of occupations ordered under a head of state or cleric. The university system, of which Cambridge is prominent historically has been the research and teaching ground for studies. Currently during the time of Lycurgus diffusion and contraries have developed. Cambridge Law School apparently is behind much of the conflict over values. The attack appears to have a spearhead in the 1930s when moral philosophy was diffused. Morality or Justice is the support of all fields of study.

In this area, the division of religious movements into two encampments, then four, and so fourth is a mission goal. The disintegration of a system of faith by orchestrated contraries yields dead religion.

The juxtaposition of a controller and controlled favors a scientific line of determinism. Empiricism emerges in prominence as a priori faiths contradict themselves. This type of argument favors the university system, not arguments of faith. It is hoped that this type of demonstration will be a deciding factor in exclusion of other areas of thinking par minimum.

All legitimate persons and texts must offer sound conclusions without deifying a static role in static textures. MOEC is a theism. However the amount of belief in the deity is controlled with what is no more than cultural warfare that is derived in conformity from material objects outside the body. Some arguments could postulate this as atheistic if a high standard is used. Arguing scientific determinism in an absolute format, relativism is not to be confused with toleration; MOEC's theism is a system that does not accept the sum of differentiated Godheads.

Cultural relativism appears to be a mechanism to promote social control. MOEC appears open to being synthesized by other than the prevailing authorities. This appears to be an empirical adaptation to a changing external environment. The retention of power is primary.

If the correct individual exists than the opposite is the informant. The hierarchy of all possible crimes or deviant acts comprises the informant ratio. In the civil secular sense, this material is a concept of weighted laws solved by rational management in a court with laws. Tacitly it is the fodder of purges.

An excellent archetypal story is that of Jesus and the tactics used to crucify him. This is somewhat esoteric. The parallel exists to the universal figure and his confrontation with a totalitarian informant system. No detailed attempt to draw exact distinctions will be made here although Cambridge Law School did use the story and it's conspicuous pattern is well evident as a form.

The realization of the will to order facilitates social control or government from values in a system. Implicit objects as well as explicit arrive to form values in a hierarchy, a system of rights or wrongs in the cognition of one's mind. These values exist in three constitutional platforms which will be given as to the source of their existence: 1. Eternal 2. Natural 3. Positive.

The materialist argument in corollary posits the Reduction Room as a zygote to create. The Hand would be the sperm and The Little One, egg. These lawyers are one and two. The analogy here accounts for the vulgar spraying of human and bull semen over everything. This activity as all eternal perspectives is imposed over one by a third legislator. The persons who come into contact with the materials are then orchestrated informants who are mainly The Hand or male.

The patriarchy of a future great race of persons is laid to rest in the extension of this activity. Organic government theory incorporates theism. It does not specify whether the subject is good or evil. Likewise the egg analogy is materialist without specification other than mortality without holy matter. The model substantiates the claim to wrecking. No world leader of any categorization can lay claim that MOEC is not affecting any individual or collective trajectory.

The defection model argues an alignment of a timeline known as the MOECIAN Calendar, which is a composite of religion, prophesy, science, and historical empirical events. This material was organized by the United Kingdom, apparently Cambridge Law School. The breadth of this school's knowledge as well as the system to which it pertains also is reflected in the organization of MOEC. There exists a vast mobilization with a security system; a vast array of foils and counters to harden it's existence.

The Reductionist Room is similar to a state in the Big Bang Universe theory where all materials are located in some central point for materials are located in some central point for millions of years before a cataclysmic explosion that begins the morphology of the universe.

From these concepts, the morphology of the artificial man of MOEC emerges. These events are carefully designed to imitate the prophesy of many faiths. MOEC's construction writ large is conditional, the work of men far less than spiritual. The object is to approach all the valid authorities of all faiths to intertwine the Antichrist Mythology with standard propagation of regular materials.

The American Militia movement appears to be developed almost entirely this century with MOEC's aid. Concurrently I am citing about the 1880s as the beginning of the modern movement, which is not to be confused with the Revolutionary Militia. Drug trafficking of this century exists from materials developed and operational in the 1930s.

This is the material I have been exposed to; predictions of many of events that are highly accurate many years in a advance. Newspaper and news reports mat be at least partial fabrications. Smaller events cited earlier were definitely in the cognition of United States law enforcement well before their actualization. The Delaware State Police have a large data bank after Scotland Yard and LAPD. The implicit antecedent is that this unit will mismanage the evidence. This will wreck the department.

In social systems theory, an idol, hero, buffoon, and scapegoat status quo model emerges. Essentially then Delaware State Police and myself were first in receiving models then Santa Monica, San Diego, Hayward, and Sacramento Police department. All the entities are receiving documentation that should develop into a human rights trial.

In current treaties, constitutions, and legal history yields few defenses of fear as completed deviant behavior override emotional states that arise from contact with the environment. Human rights as defined by law are unalienable and abridged very frequently.

In human rights cases of this nature, that concerning military and paramilitary complexes, executive figures historically have presented themselves as important personalities in the restoration of disintegrating government. (I heavily edited this paragraph. I am not convinced that I actually wrote what was posted. DWN Big Pine, CA 9-9-2020)

The law enforcement of Scotland Yard and LAPD are prime structures in the Mobilization generated by developing material from PHJ. The archetypal members of a special or specialized services unit are used to facilitate training to condition the officers providing these persons a value system to carry out very negative activities. Profiles are created and are genetically based. Levelling is used to attempt to create shared characteristics.

The John Doe entrapment employed argues a name that is a complex. The person is usually real or natural but one's name actually represents a group as well as one's self. Equivocation is used in baiting and switching of the individual as well other persons in the complex. All complexes under any given name are designed to commit one illegal act in theory. Multiple acts are more probable in reality. One may occasionally hear discussed as puppets.

Currently Officer David Valeski, Darrel Gravatt, and David Nollmeyer are described. These names are used as models for adulation and scorn. As heard described, all are flawed personally. I am intrigued that all three names are used to describe ostracization of a person from performing one's First Amendment rights. In Delaware this would be a hate crime.

I believe most researchers would find it incredulous that a person would praise an individual or group for committing a hate crime especially if one is not involved. My name is used in this vein. It is unfounded. This absurdity allows for others to challenge one's legitimacy in third party conflicts.

Without a doubt the historical import of Eddy County is ascertained. Outside of all the law enforcement agencies in the United States, this county to date has had the greatest exposure to the materials of MOEC that reflects a systematic presentation and or is not strictly testimonial since Delaware (1996).

I have attempted to develop an outline for Origin but I am not totally satisfied. I would like the material to be more hierachialized and incorporated.

Much more important background material epistemology has been developed in New Mexico. Currently the death of John Denver has occurred who was born in a military family of rank in Roswell, New Mexico. I was born into a non commissioned officer's family there in 1961. The UFO nonsense here appears to be a ruse prophesy of my birth and Yellow Brick Road to be an astronaut.

Sante Fe is important as a historic state capital, home of a federal court, and a cultural Mecca of world classification.

As will be explained further, certain tape materials are heard while I am present in the area. This is true of all places. The material here is quite good. The territorialities of the county and the city are themselves are targets.

The objective is to create a mythological haunted house. The crime is quite spectacular for Sante Fe's size. I do not need to digress. It is easy to for the future to research these events.

The support of Lycurgus and the crime rests on the potential and actual court work of Svet and Vasquez who appear to be rubber stamps of LAPD. The two are police officers in rural New Mexico

MOEC has made law enforcement of the United States a focal target in it's wrecking model. MOEC has developed many personality profiles of dysfunctional individuals. MOEC has endeavored successfully to implement the models.

A very simple model proposed by the implementers goes as such. The diffusion of the will to order to one solely of the will to power or control is the mission end.

A small police department of ten persons is archetypal. A policeman who deserves recognition is targeted. In this individual's estimation the correct amount of credit is never given him.

As this individual develops perspectives of his work he latently projects the same misjudgment on citizens; only policeman appear to deserve more credit. As MOEC witnesses and designs such, the officer is entrapped. The officer is requested to radiate his faulty perspective to other officers. The intent is to construct a complex of inferiority. This in the implicit psyche of the officer as well as the relationship to other as well as the relationship to objects and persons in his work environment, the social system.

In this process, the 1st officer also entraps the 2nd. In defection he achieves some atonement to MOEC but not to standing law enforcement. The entrapment also radiates to informants who reflect different aspects of catechized values. Crimes are arranged. They are carried out against peripheral citizens involving drugs, prostitution, gaming, and the like.

The 2nd officer is less judgmental, but also imperfect. This individual is also caught and entrapped in the aggressive reverse sting operation. In this position this officer must also entrap another officer.

At this point blackmail of this small agency is apparent. The officers must pour toilet water in food or be prosecuted. An act of absurd irrelevance is being utilized to obstruct the due process as a game of prisoner's dilemma or game theory emerges.

The police prepare the food, eat some, and radiate the behavior the behavior to the other remaining officers; all become entangled. Crime does not replace rights.

Chronologically over time, Scotland Yard will threaten to prosecute the police unit. They will not however do so if they continue the operation. Escalation occurs. The officers are asked to pour toilet water and sulfuric acid in their vehicles. They are then directed to drive for hours to spray the vicinity.

Secondarily, marijuana, and all other contraband must be partially sprayed to be dealt. For this operation, the police, dealers, and fences do so. Nothing is confiscated but the product consumed.

Later at a calculated time the police are blackmailed. The officers are told the public will have the event revealed.

The officers are told to reveal their penis or have sex with a prostitute or men or women to avoid prosecution.

Scotland Yard is successful. This event actually did occur in the 1920 to 30s, perhaps slightly earlier. The vent was radiated to every known law enforcement agency worldwide.

The contraband or yellow spray may be heard as the boy or being one's boy. Heroin has been colloquially been referred to as such to help matize the social concept. There is an antecedent here to Syrinx, a nuclear genie who gives or takes away. What occurs is that the spray mixture coats an entire area. All persons who are engaged in illegal activities are to be incorporated to distribute the inferiority complex. The spray is a visible tag fallaciously imposed over ideals as well as the physical objects of the culture. All such materials will be used to distribute the entrapment an interesting facet that escalates complicity is that a genealogy is used as a foundation to engage persons.

In my personal briefing Cambridge Law School reveals that, all governments use law enforcement in a manner equating to totalitarianism. This model when hierarchialized forms a valid explanation for the character of a tyrant. This material was no doubt derived from Plato's The Republic although it is not exclusive.

The decision to fight totalitarianism with violence and defection is folly. This is within itself irrational this is matized with Lenin and Stalin to compete with generic democracy in the word equilibrium.

The foundation of the United Kingdom's chemical warfare plans is revealed. The codename is the British Bulldog. The actual Mobilization targeted the United States on about June 17, 1987. This is Flag Day, I believe the 200th anniversary of the United States.

A focal target of the constitution was Hamiltonian Federalism, in effect checks and balances between three branches of government. This political and legal defeat of this model is a centerpiece victory with the United States government as the loser.

Law enforcement defections with informants were instrumental to the constitutional wrecking. The complex is named MOEC. A subsystem is Lycurgus. The other is Akbar. Akbar is the name of the battle that defeated the United States. It is only a limited strike battle.

The codename of Akbar is very touchy. The Salmon Rushdie event is definitely related. Anthropomorphism of all priesthoods is incorporated in cultural conditions.

To recapitulate important materials, an illicit will is judged against a deity. A sovereign subject case evolves in the panorama of an End World Scenario (EWS). The accurate model is definitively a Christian Armageddon scenario.

I. Sovereign Citizen Organic Model

A. Public management in complex systems

B. Prisoner's dilemma defection

C. John Doe entrapment with third party conflict

D. Distributes constitutional constructs

E. Descends from deity EWS

II. Disinformation

A. Disinformation: False principles

B. Schism, apostates from new religion sects

III. Circular Folly

A. Defense of MOEC as unseen controller

Chapter 3

Fruit of a Poison Tree

One Thing I Hate is the Saint Who Sins to Become Good


To be eternal in an uncontaminated pure body is not possible for the encased material entity. We, as humans must accept a descending power or by our own effort mount a subjective act to approach the noble end.

Prima facie, the cosmos has existed as well as the earth before humans or life as we know it. Our culture either is based on a higher unmechanized mover, deity, or we are the masters of abstracting universals and particulars from our thoughts, bodies and environments. Different forms of knowledge then have existed in a continuum prior to the birth of John in the 1960s, our protagonist.

An individual or a group may be choose to lead by elevating one's fellow man by morality or knowledge or he may stumble one's neighbor; that is to entrap or criminalize the individual or the operations to a particular object.

Cognitive behaviorism or it's precursor, strict behaviorism is more contingent on stating that the object has been criminalized. The individual is conditioned and less culpable for one's acts.

That Which Does Not Kill Me Gives Me Strength


The documentation of the system MOEC and it's in continuo component Akbar was designed to present the victim, in the current time frame, David Nollmeyer, opportunity to record his perspective. The result is truly field research to abstract the system and prosecute the principals. Currently Part I of Myth of the Contemporary Man Part II has been stolen with my duffel bag between Chicago, Illinois, and Dover, Delaware.

I was attending computer classes in fall of 2001 at College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County when I was forced to relocate due to the dirty air. I chose to visit my mother. September 11th, ensued within days. As with all planning, there are mission goals of MOEC, which are chronological and a priori constructed. Some of these events are minor and others are truly historic.

Since 2000 the law enforcement of LAPD, who are running this event, have shifted to aggrandizing the Homosexual Bisexual Transgender agenda. This is done by using David Nollmeyer as a front for this platform which is not true. This makes such slander and possibly libel. It is now January 8, 2004, longer than many would have thought I could live. Gray Davis is no longer Governor of California. Howard Dean is the front runner for the Democrats for president.

I clearly did not support Davis and do not support Dean. Unrelated, Saddam Hussein was captured on December 13, 2003.

The objective is to create a historical figure that would advocate or even more pertinent celebrate the cited lifestyle as a victim of persecution. Hence the title of the present text is strengthened.

LAPD’s law enforcement officers are codenamed Caan or Dealers. They are lead by The Fly aka of The Lord of the Flies. In concert with such are the Baltimore Studio or Studio and the Delaware State Police as constants in creating the culture of impunity now for 17 years.

All material systems are differentiated. There is then:

1. Manifest Function

2. Latent Function or Dysfunction

The first event is the manifest function that is observable; the later or consequent event is the after effect at a later unseen time. The attempt to postulate a victim as a historical figure through tyranny that pertains to the HBT agenda is null. In degree members of this platform are culpable for the human rights violations as are all groups.

The intent of political systems is to organize a sustainable culture and order such to an end. Within this system, the people are the nation and the territory they reside in is the state. In addition to the physical space and manifest government, the state may also pertain to the laws, offices, and buildings that aid in the maintenance of it's citizens.

There are three current examples of peoples arguing for their own state. The Palestinians are a distinct nation without a state. The Kurds are also in this category. The former reside in the West Bank and the latter in Turkey and Iraq. The American Indians are a distinct nation living on a reservation system.

In contrast, I have a state to reside in but no rights as a citizen. If I ever would attempt to flee I would probably choose London, United Kingdom or Munich, Germany. This would require that I either request asylum or obtain a student visa.

Prior to my arrival to Delaware, I am awaiting final orders in two RICO lawsuits against ex Chief Bernard Parks, LAPD, and Bill Lockyer, Attorney General of California.

The current mission goal of Akbar is to smear me as being homosexual transgender bisexual. The Baltimore Studio is allegedly overdubbing same sex acts on electronic tape, which could never be attributable to David Nollmeyer.

I pertain to the Vedic faith. Sex life is strictly heterosexual. In nexus, I do not follow the group or pseudo socialist (social welfare), state capitalist, or economic nationalist ideologies. For simple purposes I argue religion as a more sustainable basis for identity. I am not ecumenicalist or a believer of synchronism of Godheads as some positions of New Age Holism. I do strongly support interfaith preaching. One does not have to change your deity into oneness or some other configuration.

I have totally rejected the Democratic Party on a personal level. This does not make me a Republican. Currently Howard Dean is leading the polls one week before the Iowa caucuses. I analyze his position as New Left although he is clever about discussing their platform without being labelled as such. He has postulated women, blacks, and gays as the Democratic core, which is plausible, but which is much different then the traditional labor, turn of the century immigration advocacy, and urban liberalism of the mainstream Democrats. I am not a purveyor of moral liberalism or the lesser of two evils.

In regards to more pertinent issues I am arguing the prosecution of all de facto performers. This would probably exceed 20,000 persons at the minimum.

As the focal target of Akbar I am the main subject of the experimental group. The control group exists as that part of the world that is not exposed to the conditions of Akbar.

At the minimum the subject is permitted to live through the experiment. I intend to extend this pattern for the longest possible duration, as I believe that my performance is linked to the implementation of various conditioning over others. I have achieved a 3.77 GPA over the short term of 60.5 credits with a 3.13 cumulative and 137.5 credits. There is no doubt that other's performance is imposed over myself to my misery.

An epistemological or theory of knowledge concept is used that is identity based. The controllers attempt to condition the subject, hence to create one's identity by process of cognitive behaviorism. Overall there is an eclectic psychology within a systems approach. MOEC will use any functional model if such is effective.

MOEC is integrationist. It's boundary is by no means static to the orthodoxy of one perspective or school of thought. MOEC is a synthesis of the infamous and truly great.

By isolating only one individual, the system was endeavoring to script a suicide, which will not happen. The current stage of Akbar has encompassed 17 years and over 35 US federal lawsuits.

In continuation, there is one's will, biological needs, and the environment. The individual must ordinate values and priorities in a crisis situation at this time. Leadership is greater than management. As such I have had to choose a cognitive idea and link my behaviors to objects in the environment under an artificial contrived oppressive system as MOEC. I have found that an absolute morality is greatest linked to natural law. I would argue the latter to support thought and activity and to be linked to primary rights in positive law.

The controllers have no respect whatsoever for my personal views. Their positions are linked to the HBT agenda, which I do not advocate. I am not the symbol or shield for this culture. It is clear that I am in opposition to many planks of the Gay Rights agenda. Any hearsay attempt to argue David Nollmeyer as homosexual, bisexual, or transgender will be historically attacked. I have the moral and legal right to defend my person from slander or libel.

September 16, 2001: I arrived in Dover, Delaware September 9, 2001. On September 11, 2001, four passenger planes were hijacked and piloted into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Somerset County, Pennsylvania and thus attacked the United States. The bodies from the Pentagon site are here in Delaware. Similarly the bodies of the U.S.S. Cole were sent to Dover AFB in the last year. I argue that this event known as Akbar is 100 percent linked to the recent terrorist attacks.

September 11, 2001 may be rendered as 9-11-01; hence the emergency number for the police or fire department. To date Misc. 99-100 and 99-101 are awaiting final orders in the Eastern District for CA (Fresno).

On August 27, 2001 I was in Fort Bragg, Mendocino California. The situation here is one of the worst from a human rights perspective in the history of the United States. I filed a criminal complaint against the Mendocino County Sheriff, District Attorney, and agents et al. The latter would include a total cross section that would be representative of the entire county.

Without any cognition of other events, I attempted to file a complaint regarding slander, obstruction of justice, and false imprisonment. I discussed this issue with Lt. Miller of the Mendocino Sheriff Department. He stated that my claims did not rise to the level of a claim. I then had to walk across the hall where I presented the claim to the D.A.'s office. I had to write in N. Vroman on the defendant's side of the cover sheet. The D.A. will review the issue without a formal record.

The substance is one, I am awaiting the final orders in two federal lawsuits and while awaiting such I am still being alienated from my state rights. This is effected by isolating my person and proclaiming that I am a homosexual, bisexual, or transgender. In the previous years, although I do not vote, I worked very hard to ban civil unions and gay marriage. I do not support gay adoption in support of species life. The US federal court upheld the right to dissent from these issues as a private matter although they may be a protected right for the collective.

All these acts are malicious and frivolous. I do not cave in to the blackmail and extortion used by LAPD and their agents to facilitate torture. (Currently in 2004 Chief William Bratton is culpable for his department's disgrace).

In the afternoon as I was presenting the complaint, a drug lab was allegedly being set fire to by the chemist or cooks. The resulting fire in Ukiah caused two fire air tankers to collide in mid air. Both pilots were killed. In addition to the fire that is deemed responsible for the crash the general anarchy and sulfuric air mixture surrounding me must also be figured.

Due to reasons of health, I dropped school and took a Greyhound bus eastwards on September 7th. I arrived in Dover on September 9th. As stated what was originally Part I of this paper was in my Army duffel bag. The last that I saw of the bag was in Chicago at the bus terminal.

Somewhere during the 8th to 10th of the month I awoke and began to listen to National Public Radio. There was a piece on censorship in Singapore. It appears that this citystate and Islamic nation censors music out of fear of national security versus corrupt morals. I remembered from an earlier TV broadcast that I have seen that Singapore boasts the world's tallest buildings in two Islamic inspired office towers. An Islamic heavy metal group named Coffin Cancer was not yet censored and had recorded their version of Bob Marley's Get Up, Stand Up and had been interviewed.

The next day or so The Early Show on TV was interrupted. I was able to witness the crash of a jetliner into Building #2 of the World Trade Center live.

As is noted this manuscript is the discovery of a conspiratol act, also to be noted is it's classification of a system and it's name, MOEC. I argue that the events regarding David Nollmeyer and the World Trade Center are related. There is in my opinion a common authorship and abettor. This is University of Cambridge and the United Kingdom. The analysis argues higher structural levels of cognition. Hence, the terrorist cells may be in fact against MOEC, but do not realize their acts are scripted and abetted by a de facto intelligence system. Hence the terrorists are furthering an agenda with different mission goals or ends. This is also a problem of multilateralism. As dependent and lower level agents they are subject to de facto and de jure, elimination.

To review, the original Myth of the Contemporary Man was started in Glenwood, New Mexico in about March of 1999. The writ of certiorari of Cv-98-7015 was denied on January 19, 1999. President Clinton was impeached and the Microsoft antimonopoly suit was begun nearly concurrently.

It appears that there is a prescripted effort to document a popular movie that would be authorized by David Nollmeyer. I have only one nephew, Kevin Gravatt by my sister Ann. All of my work is covered by two copyrights in United States Library of Congress. I have a signed will which my mother is in possession of that would divide my estate into distributive shares. Kevin or any other individual will never own more than 10% of anything that I leave as an estate.

I clearly do not wish to sell any writings to a publisher in any media. All writings by David Nollmeyer are never to be sold. Specifically this would be the New York and Hollywood media industry whom I am in serious disagreement with. I believe that four United States presidents, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush III threw David Nollmeyer and the world to the wolves. The writings are part of what I hope to incorporate as the Vamanadeva Trust Fund. This would not be part of ISKCON or any other religious organization.

"When the wolves come the hirelings run.", John the Baptist.

The only manner in which any beneficiary should benefit is winning civil lawsuits against various parties. The fund's main purpose is to seek out and prosecute parties that are liable. The secondary purpose would be to support religious activities consistent with my Vedic faith. Social conservative and other similar need based causes as disasters could also be aided.

A humanitarian crisis may be emerging as many as 1,000,000 Afghanis may be displaced before a United States counter offensive. If I had funds I would help in an appropriate manner.

September 20, 2001: President Bush has addressed the congress at 9:00 pm eastern time. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is 8300. The NASDAQ is 1400. The week is shaping up as the worst crash since the Great Depression. Sector investing as airlines and tourism are being disintegrated.

In recapitulation, I read my response of the Organization of American States (OAS) Commission on Human Rights In re: Cv-99-7018 writ of certiorari denied. I am held under very severe electronic surveillance. Everything I say at times may be heard live on television. All the major media as ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN are inclusive. After the speech a popular TV show Big Brother TV was broadcasted.

September 21, 2001: The stock market continues to fall. The concept of autarky becomes more prominent as the US coalition prepares for a confrontation with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The subject is the extradition of Osama bin Laden.

I am personally surprised at how soft the economy is. Over 1 trillion dollars in paper value was destroyed in one week.

During the writing of the previous introduction the reintroduction of wolves into the Arizona and New Mexico border and Carlsbad area was being attempted. I propose that this was planned earlier and is synchronic. Arizona State Highway 666 runs through the Greenbelt where the former attempt is being made.

The model(s) contained in MOEC are based on the Sovereign Citizen relations in a social systems approach. This consists of primary and secondary institutions. The first is the immediate family and siblings. The second is the collective institutions inclusive of the government.

Within the secondary institutions territory is the multimedia sports entertainment complex. Their pervasive influence can be analyzed in the last two presidential elections; Clinton v. Dole and Bush III v. Gore.

So in the abstract all individuals must choose a system of belief to explain their selves and their relation to the creation or environment. Hence there exists as such:

1. Eternal Law

2. Natural Law

3. Positive Law

If a law exists as a field such permits the study of all events governed by that law to be studied as a science.

If there exists an absolute eternal deity all laws exist in it's body which is it's field. There is the likelihood that eternal law will equate to divine government. The opposite polarity is anarchy, relativism, or a phenomenological approach. The latter states that there are no laws governing specifically our philosophical development. Hence it is antithesis in part to determinism.

The models contained in the construction of MOEC a desire to test the zeitgeist or spirit of the times. In a historical continuum there are different stages as a renaissance or it's opposite, decadence. These two diagnostics of the theory of history are important in this analization.

The authors of this event known as Akbar have staged LAPD to represent the ultra liberal alignment centered out of Santa Monica and the San Francisco area. They specifically would desire a government similar to Holland. (Nollmeyer is a Dutch name.). The Taliban government of Afghanistan represents the ultra conservatist alignment.

Cognition is essentially consciousness and intelligence. At the eternal law level it is equivalent to identity. In the individual and the collective such can argued as personality incorporation or personality disintegration.

A historical decadence was preconceived in a trajectory by constructing a super crime within the awareness of the President of the United States. The perpetuation of this criminal event over the previous 17 years in continuo has been achieved with surprising ease. This has been facilitated by extortion, blackmail, and other behaviors that comprise RICO violations. Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush III, are guilty of de facto and omissive conduct.

I have lived under conditions of autarky. I have existed with only a budget of $200 to $750 dollars a month. The latter can be construed to be a menial laborer wage. If one were to look at what my real purchasing power is, money has been almost meaningless as a great majority of goods have been despoiled intentionally to marginalize my being and others in my vicinity. There has also been a logistical nightmare to obtain even basic necessities from the closest source, which reduces cost for the same goods do to intimidations. One must also calculate time considerations to gain an accurate valuation of opportunity lost or gained. Even if I obtain resources I am not able to maintain a normative value compared to the purchasing power of the average citizen, which makes competing to end this debacle more prohibitive.

On a strict biological level all life forms need for basis for individual and species survival:

1. Oxygen Co2

2. Food

3. Clothing Shelter

4. Species life Reproduction

In this prisoner's dilemma construct the controller will attempt to create the consciousness of the subject by operant conditioning and the RICO construction mentioned previously.

Respondent conditioning is the interaction that the living entity has under normal conditions within one’s environment. The entity in a subconscious manner is automatically conditioned over time by undertaking a normative pattern of activity. Operant behavior is achieved by a stimulus reward punishment schema achieved by the placement of the stimulus and consequent reward or punishment after completing a behavior. Reinforcement over time is used to develop the equilibrium of mental state and linkage to the external world.

Positive reinforcement is increasing the frequency of a behavior by rewarding with consequences the organism wishes to obtain. Negative reinforcement is increasing the frequency of a behavior by removing a stimulus the organism wishes to avoid.

Positive punishment is decreasing the frequency of a behavior by offering a consequence wishes to obtain. Negative punishment is decreasing the frequency of a behavior by the unpairing a consequence the organism wishes to avoid.

Theories of behaviorism generally argue objects and contingencies external to the entity. Consequently there is a controller that shapes models and develops the individual object sensation mind.

Two small examples will be invoked. A cigarette smoker is instructed to chew a stick of gum every instance of an urge to smoke. This is also invoked at every ritualistic time when smoking is frequent, perhaps early morning after breakfast, lunchbreak and after dinner.

Theory states that behaviors are displaceable or substitutable. The goal is to present the gum as a conditioned stimulus. The smoking was not the product of a controller's instructions. Therefore it is an uncontrolled stimulus. The smoking is the negative behavior. The gum is a substitute positive reinforcement or reward or the consequence wished to be obtained. Eventually the frequency of the gum chewing is increased until such displaces some or all of the smoking. The final objective is the unpairing of both acts thus resulting in the extinction of the negative behavior.

The individual is considered rehabilitated for this case.

An opposite facet of this technology is the criminalization of an object. In this example marijuana is the object in conjunction with the hierarchy of needs cited supra. These needs will be used and also contingencies or circumstances that surround the obtaining of these essential needs. It is to be noted that the collective cannot survive without number four. It is to be noted that these needs are governed by natural law. Thus an individual or collective's tastes or preferences cannot dispense without such rationally.

The choice of marijuana as an object is a variable to homo sapiens as a species. Humankind and it's collective survival are by no means dependent on marijuana for it's existence.

In particularity, MOEC is attempting to manipulate the Rastafarians and other marijuana ganja cults who claim this substance as a meditative sacrifice to deity. In this position we are discussing what is a correct sacrifice or authorized. It is possible for the individual by one's own volition to offer an object for sacrifice. Any true sacrifice would have to be sanctioned by eternal law.

Hence, the individual must prioritize one's needs in order to survive, reproduce, and sustain. There is a choice to be made between idealism or materialism to set in motion a system of principles and values.

To alienate an individual from one's inner self and environment, substance abuse is presented as a stimulus. Later after the relationship to such is obtained, a controlled stimulus. These are variables that may be manipulated by the controller.

In reduction marijuana is presented to the individual with the intent that such will have the same value as food. In a life threatening disaster water is the need for humans (oxygen is being taken as a given). Humans may survive only 7 days without water. It is possible to survive 14 to 30 days with water and no food.

In the first instance, the individual chooses marijuana freely. The controller then pairs the marijuana with a third object. The first choice of the controller will be an idea. This is that marijuana has some spiritual benefit. The two cited examples are two of the more frequently encountered.

As seen the result is the criminalizing of the object marijuana further than such exists in the penal code. The above are prosecuted by demonstrating intent and a completed act. This is cognitive and behavioral. To procure the marijuana, one must enter illegal social territories. This alone will increase the odds of a negative event befalling the person being conditioned or another in the territory itself.

The controller will pair various objects to marijuana with various contingencies:

Marijuana – Food




Contingencies are the circumstances surrounding a stimulus that is to be obtained or avoided. The reward in this case is simply to use, manufacture, possess and or distribute marijuana. To further alienate the individual a hierarchy of Racketeered Influenced Behaviors is imposed over the object marijuana:

1. Murder

2. Kidnapping

3. Hostage Taking

4. Intimidation

a. Blackmail

b. Extortion

The individual has a relationship with one's self, belief system, neighbor, and environment. For the individual to fulfill one's potential singularly or in a collective one must integrate one's beliefs and behavior. The controller is truly a variable but strives to achieve constancy. The controller is the one that can give or take away or reward and punish.

In review, the marijuana was either a freely willed choice or it was not. It existed as placed by the controller as an unconditioned stimulus or a conditioned stimulus. Pairing the RICO behaviors by imposing such over the marijuana and operations to marijuana criminalizes the object. When marijuana is substituted or removed the RICO behaviors remain. A felonious criminal is created then an entire culture. This is the opposite of extinction. The marijuana may be replaced with other objects resulting in organized crime structures or gangs.

MOEC uses a parallel analysis. The structures are imposed over the individual to corrupt the will to external objects. The criminalization of marijuana or object is consistent with rationality to decriminalize marijuana in California and Florida. Instead of unpairing the marijuana with penal codes resulting in citizens a felonious criminal remains with other objects that can be criminalized.

A philanthropist George Soros, whose primarily interest is aiding Russia is the benefactor.

It has been a considerable amount of time since I have written Myth of the Contemporary Man. It is August 4, 2005. I am in Crescent City, California. In December of 2004 I finished a stellar run of 63 credits of college courses by completing Management and Critical Psychology courses by distance education at Columbia College, Missouri. This is occurred in Morro Bay, California.

I now have to develop an abstraction of contraband smuggling based on an informant based system for promotion to help finalize this text. This appears to be likely in an appendix. This de facto structure is what is being attacked in MOEC.

Since 2000 there has been an increase in red herring tactics as gay baiting. I reported this event to the Organization of American States (OAS) while in Chipley, Florida. I returned later to Humboldt, California to College of the Redwoods in the summer to start my just completed run at education. Later in 2002 I would transfer to Columbia College, which has upper division courses. I now have senior standing needing eight courses to graduate with a BA and eleven courses to graduate cum laude or with honors. The latter would only include 42 credits of coursework at a GPA of 3.5 or better at Columbia College. My course of instruction is Interdisciplinary Studies.

I have found myself to continually, 24/7, to defend myself from the gay baiting and attacks on my academic credibility from LAPD codenamed now dealers or The Fly. I now have a system of over 30 websites and three webrings of which I am Webmaster. The webrings are:

· Official Recognition: David Nollmeyer

· Human Rights Focus

· Political Science

The tryadic relationship described in Chapter 3 is totally focalized in connection with the main website

This material was developed a priori to 1987. I am developing a response to this defection based component on the Internet as well as a hardcopy. I continue to stress that the processes are in my instance, are false assertions based in degree on sexuality and racketeering.

Crescent City, California and Dover, Delaware lie in the same approximate latitude. The Tryad configure has a nexus with Pueblo, New Mexico and or New Raman Reti, Alachua, Florida.

Today is August 8, 2005. The world is preparing official observations of Hiroshima. Peter Jennings, anchor for ABC has died he was 67 years of age. I do not believe this journalist deserves the accolades for his tenure at ABC. I do not believe that Jennings has made any overt contributions to reporting MOEC or has made any effort to intercede. The photo op media style of news journalism is profit driven. One has to be able to sell content to advertisers to remain viable.

Personally I have found the alienation and censorship dehumanizing. I am not used to such but am being conditioned to it's widespread prevalence. Another important concept that is driving this event is deindividuation or losing one's identity to the crowd or group. What is unique about the term dehumanization is that The Fly or leader of LAPD is attempting to manipulate the term to only mean that persons who are gay or bisexual can be the victims not the oppressors. This prima facie is false.

The HBT community as well as the heterosexual community has proven quite capable of participating in human rights violations with absolutely very little or no conscience. This I have always argued as species based and not readily subject to artificial identities that are produced by the culture.

There is a strong movement to attempt to portray me as biker, gang member, bathtub speed cook, heavy metal gay or bisexual who has very little or no college education. This will attempt to lionize the Baltimore Studio. Escuche or Jim are supposedly the heroes.

In my consideration, a combination of academic scholarship, legal work, and journalism will expand indefinitely at a slower pace due external environmental contingencies. I will not return to Columbia College until I am sure that any opportunity to purchase land or a more stable workspace has exhausted. I have attempted to maintain a consistent pattern of filing complaints to states and or jurisdictions where I have lived three months or more. Santa Barbara County, particularly Lompoc, and Del Norte County, California will definitely receive Grand Jury complaints this year.

I have created a blog entitled Future State which is dedicated to media censorship. It proceeds with work on Stalinism. I have also created a blog entitled Dead Man Talking (Cornerstones (DWN December 20, 2015) which is authored under the name David Kronin. (Chief Justice Rehnquist and journalist Peter Jennings have died and this blog has taken on an interesting dimension). Kronin would have been my biological surname. The Nollmeyer family adopted my paternal grandfather.

Human Rights Discussion is the blog that complements the main website I have purchased the domain I am developing the material on eblogger, which is a quality company with excellent international usage. I also use technorati tags. Such tags permit one to index keyword driven articles by the day.

The Myth of the Contemporary Man Part II continues with a focus on the Tryad developed in Chapter I. The concrete use of Tryadic configurations in which LAPD continues to use codenames as once Caan now usually dealers and the Baltimore Studio now The Studio is focusing on RICO structures and drug dealing and pairing Northern California with Delaware. I am being portrayed as biker, which is far from the truth.

When I returned to Crescent City May 25, 2005, within two weeks Aaron Chaffinch resigned as Superintendent of the Delaware State Police. George Seifert is the new Superintendent and is 42 years of age. Aaron Chaffinch and Gerald Pepper are the two leaders that have been forced out of law enforcement this decade in Delaware. The Delaware State Police settled for $1 million dollars based on an allegation that the written examination the organization used was discriminatory towards African Americans.

The Fly and associates have attempted to isolate Del Norte County with propaganda. I have a GPA of 3.98 with a bout 17 credits at College of the Redwoods. I have achieved a 3.62 at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo for 15 credits of grades. This included a 3.0 in counterpoint in music theory.

The Fly attempted to isolate Crescent City and the College of the Redwoods extension campus. The Baltimore Studio did not write any of my compositions they do not have the musical educational background to do so. They have seen examples of my work on Allegro and can download or scan music with the software that they have.

Aaron or the oldest person in The Studio is about 63 plus years of age. LAPD attempts to refer to him as the Mentor. This moniker does not hold based on merit based ability. The entire Studio is dependent on the police and not music skills for their livelihood. They are layered between police agencies to keep the de facto work out of the police department. Such are potential scapegoats. They only earn between $13,000 and $27,000 legally.

Illegally means contraband dealing. I do not use any illegal substance. I am not a biker, heavy metal fan, or a member of any gang. I am not stealing inhalers to break up such to make lowgrade speed by extracting the pseudoephedrine to sell as Meth. The substance will turn brown when reduced with bleach and alcohol. This is due to trace elements or the menthol in the original product.

Del Norte has a significant subculture that is dependent on the racketeering of drugs. I am as straight as anyone I have met and superior to the police or staff in any school I have attended as I do not smoke or drink alcohol.

Mendocino County is a focus of aggrandizement. I have documented in complaints in Fort Bragg and the United Nations that such has a very negative human rights history. There is a noticeable LGBT community here. There is are also two Hare Krishna gurus from diksa encampments here. Satsvarupa dasa Goswami and Tripurari Maharaj both have ashrams. Tripurari Maharaj openly supports gay monogamy. I do not support this line as Vedic. Tripurari Maharaj is a Prabhupada disciple who took siksa from Sridhara Maharaj, a Gaudiya Math acarya which ostracized him from ISKCON. Satsvarupa dasa Maharaj is one of three other remaining acarayas from the original 11 of which the ritvik platform, which I pertain, do not accept as bonafide. The other two are Hridayananda Dasa Goswami and Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.

I have never been initiated into ISKCON. Tripurari Maharaj is being championed solely on the gay monogamy issue and nothing more. I also read Bhaktivinoda Thakura texts to fill out my knowledge to complement Srila Prabhupada's Bhaktivedanta Purports.

I am not interested in isolating Del Norte County as will be seen. There is a tremendous red herring gay baiting or of myself and others being attempted by the Dealers of LAPD.

An interesting component in the continuum of history is the social syndrome. Delaware now has an incarceration rate of 130:1. California has a rate of 170:1. I will stress homeland security and sustainable culture more into the future. Dehumanization and deindividuation theory are keys in this endeavor.

August 16, 2005: I have three more weeks until I leave Del Norte to return to Inyo County. While here I have almost exclusively direct emailed public officials or studied. I have had very little to no time to explore.

It is time to converge and close texture. Persons do not realize that MOEC is a RICO entrapment. In degree this begins with the needs of an individual as a system:

1. Food

2. Clothing

3. Shelter

4. Reproduction

Del Norte is not part of the Golden Triangle of sinsemilla production. Delaware conversely imports most of it's contraband. The RICO construction replaces primary rights of the constitution with racketeered deals from law enforcement. The state can only be represented by itself. There is no law giving sanction to the police to grant a right to use, manufacture, posses, or distribute any contraband. Any command or directive from any person sworn to uphold the state that abets a crime or is an accessory after the fact is a negative order and is to be disobeyed.

A component of behaviorism is to design environs, which are small parts of environments of which a behavior is adapted. Pelican Bay is located here which is a correctional facility for the most violent offenders in California. It is a prison within a prison.

An antecedent is placed in an environ. We will use marijuana. A process has to be developed to obtain the object. Under a consideration of prisoner's dilemma the marijuana may be paired with a third object. In the worst instance this object is a human or a process attacking a human(s). A person wishing to obtain marijuana can be subject to RICO behaviors as blackmail and extortion. The individual may be conditioned to attack the human in order to obtain the property object marijuana.

The cognitive element used to irrationalize these activities is relative morality. This structure and process creates a desensitized antisocial person that condones and uses violence.

Higher structural levels of cognition also comes into play. The public is only cognizant of manifest lower levels of the hierarchy of controllers that is ordering and manipulation events.

The authorship is alleged to be University of Cambridge circa the 1930s. Their model is manipulated in marginal amounts throughout the continuum of history. The two main law enforcement organizations to do such would be LAPD and Scotland Yard. Scotland Yard is stronger and has arranged for LAPD to manifest the illegal operations in the United States.

The externality to myself as focal target of MOEC is the surrounding population. They are conditioned to attack the focal target in lieu of remedying the situation by prosecuting the police and government. A repertoire of RICO behaviors includes:

1. Intimidating a witness

2. Hostaging: Using a third party to constrain one (false imprisonment)

3. Kidnapping: Forcibly moving a person from location to location against one's will

4. Murder

The primary law of a constitution guarantees one's substantive rights from the state. The secondary law prescribes which members of the state shall uphold the primary law.

In the model, the secondary law enforcement officials usurp the constitution and argue they such can offer deals in lieu of primary rights. This is a negation to Social Contract theory and positive law.

The law enforcement have fixed locations and act hegemonic allies. LAPD operates basically in the United States and Scotland Yard in Europe. State and local jurisdictions a are lax in asserting their authority as is the federal government. The higher structural levels of this de facto operation are capable of placing antecedents in the environment. Some of these objects are language and symbolic. Others are structures. Therefore material processes may involve a combination of both.

As seen orders being directed from the constitution are not being adhered to; on the contrary MOEC itself is a law upon itself in it's own right to the constitution. The government and the media do not recognize the intimidations. In my particular instance a scorched earth, and electronic intrusion are imposed over my person. This also pollutes the environ and environment.

The use of environs with behaviors is then incorporated with prisoner's dilemma. Such may pit localities one with a behavior against one without. This tactic then enables the antecedent and the environ to expand blaming the location ad hominem while remaining impugn as an unseen higher structural mover. Lower levels of government and law enforcement would take the blame. The individuals are also blamed.

This is fatalism and dependency.

There is no cognitive component present. Behaviorism is a mechanical operation. If a symbolic verbal antecedent is placed, this is linguistic and can be seen as cognitive. In this sense communication is facilitated by the manipulation of symbols by the mind. This is related to predicate calculus.

There is evidence of a clear attack on language. Differential association is a sociological based theory that stresses that criminality is spread through language and speech patterns from criminals to newcomers.

The controller essentially uses a folkish pluralistic common man's approach that is highly intuitive. Definitions of language are very parsimonious. The attempt is to recreate language from a continuum that is positive to one that is a perpetual alibi. The language features that have developed in Australia are very similar. In this instance a form of babble is created that is used to reinforce the controllers while recreating the remaining population as dependent of a duplicit pattern of extortion and blackmail.

This whole pattern is imposed over one person, myself. I am forced to travel and am the messenger of the bad news. The newer populations have had in degree smaller exposures to this conditioning.

August 29, 2005: Hurricane Katrina has hit New Orleans. I was enroute from Crescent City, California to Big Pine, California. The Northern California coast is also known as the Emerald Coast. I was in Alturas when this occurred. An individual travelling to the Burning Man Festival picked me up.

October 22, 2005: Hurricane Wilma is battering the Yucatan Peninsula. There has been a major earthquake in Pakistan India with 80,000 dead. Tom Delay has been indicted. The Valerie Plame CIA leak case has narrowed down with Cheney counsel Libby and Bush advisor Rove prime possibilities for indictments. The Federal Grand Jury ends October 28, 2005. Patrick J. Fitzgerald is the special prosecutor has sent up a website and is releasing pages. Harriet Miers, the Bush candidate for the Supreme Court is receiving lukewarm backing especially from social conservatives. Avian Flu H5NI has been detected in Turkey and Romania. It is suspected in Moscow and Great Britain. Oil this morning has settled above $60.00 per barrel.

There is a definite perception that President Bush is vulnerable. I believe that corruption and incompetence are weighing heavily on many structures and a small shift in favor is underway.

The closing of texture of Myth of the Contemporary Man has finally arrived. In review of the entire presentation which material from 1995 forward is documented, the chaotic texture is being decisively closed now during the summer of 2010. The theme of Irrationalist Presidents is a facet and a pinnacle of the study. Future scholars will most likely develop this area of inquiry. It is becoming more evident that President Barack Obama is the focal target of a criminal prosecution within the arc of his lifespan. The identification and naming of Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard members, and LAPD are other facets of the pinnacle. The capstone of the Holon System is the discovery of the (Defeat of) Gay Triumphalism. This is a subjective outline that has been used for the entirety of this entrapment. In degree the predicted deterministic outcome of my person supporting or aggrandizing a LGBTi revolution has failed. This was developed as a phenomenological perspective. My personal viewpoint has been developed within a Vedic Paradigm. After April, 2004 this has been a Ritvik Vedic Paradigm. This entrapment has been tagged with Chemical Assault. The result has been a fullblown Scorched Earth. Operation Radhanatha is an escalation where all surface water, water in buildings, and many products are chemically contaminated.This began on February 12, 2007 in Earp, Arizona. Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008 with Joe Biden as vice president. I was in Desert Shores, California along the Salton Sea at this time. I have found it wise now to legally and historically close texture with the University of California by challenging the school to it's ommissive performance. I lived in Berkeley in the 1980s and there was historical staging of MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization ongoing there during this time period.

In the breadth of discovery, research openly points out that totalitarianism systems are running other organizational behaviors. Persons are loathe to acknowledge power and control models. This usually equates to the defeat of morality and rational management. It is clear that a police state has been imposed over my natural person and citizenship since June 17, 1987. There has been pronounced harassment my entire life. Research will also develop a sibling longitudinal crossectional lifespan comparison involving cohort effects. The production of all materials as court cases, records, books, blogs, and websites will be a cornerstone of development during my lifespan.

Without recognizing real history many sworn officers, consultants, academics et al. are committing wholesale fraud and getting paid for incompetent production. The final tangible accounting is going to be catastrophic. Five presidencies are ruined.

On September 11, 2007 I began an account on Facebook. This was mainly Gaudiya Vaishnava related. I have focused primarily on the domain. Earlier this year I opened another account, Chemical Assault and the Challenge to Leadership. I have about 135 friends on the Vedic site. The only thing I am able to do is sensitize persons to the empirical fact that I am playing a historical role against the leadership of the United States, the Origin Cambridge Law School, and their agents. The latter is the LGBTi militancy in LAPD and their informants. (August: 1900 friends on the Vedic site and 2700 on the Chemical Assault site.)

Gaudiya Vaishnava

Chemical Assault Challenge to Leadership

The theater in the zeitgeist is quite pronounced. On September 5, 2009 I emailed a complaint to the FBI regarding Barack Obama and Chief William Bratton of LAPD. Chief Bratton announced his retirement this day. On September 3, 2009 I emailed another complaint to the FBI regarding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The entrapment of MOEC and the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth creates a blackmail ring where the Chemical Assault component is unrecognized. Under these conditions I am stateless. As an individual I am member of the Gaudiya Vaishnava nation. I have almost no legal rights whatsoever to pursue criminal charges. This design however does permit the study of ethnography within a systematic Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Five presidents, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have been blackmailed and the entire world of 6 billion persons censored.

I am fluent but not an expert in interdisciplinary subject areas, I feel overwhelmingly qualified to attack history, law, philosophy and social science departments at the University of California.

This is the outline of Gay Triumphalism.

Holon X: Refutation of Gay Triumphalism

I. Cambridge Law School - Oxford Oxbridge

A. It is likely that MOEC was designed by Cambridge Law School.

1. Trinity College or a philosophy department had more expertise in classical tyranny. This was derived from Greek an Roman city states and empire.

2. Cambridge was not the innovator of Gay Rights. The school in this instance adopts this posture in the 1930s.

B. Gay Triumphalism has antecedents in Platonism or the Greek and Roman Deities. This can be treated as Historical Monarchialism or a faith not a myth.

1. A parallel treatment is Mechanism.

2. Reduce all analysis to matter and secular humanism.

II. Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing Pre Gay Fascism

A. State Planning and eugenics by de facto or criminal processes and structures.

1. This runs parallel to real Gay Rights Movement degrading it.

2. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth tagged to Gay Triumphalism.

B. Gay Triumphalism

1. Gay Culture

a. Celebratory of LGBTi lifestyle.

b. No significant difference from heterosexual lifestyle. More hedonistic, liberal, secular, artistic.

2. Gay Marriage

a. Legal same sex marriage

b. This may mean marrying into a LGBTi family by a heterosexual.

C. Gay Placement

1. Overwhelming concern with who is more gay. More same sex behavior.

2. Inferiority complex in males of white European descent. A desire to place Asians, Latinos ahead.

D. Gay Majors

1. This is particularly centered around UC Berkeley with a planned Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

2. Being a LGBTi college student.

3. This includes the teaching of the history of MOEC and the Scorched Earth Chemical Assault.

E. Gay Miracle

1. Eventually coming out gay late in one's life.

2. Extending the attempt to expand Gay Triumphalism.

III. Holon X

A. This completes a system of 10 Holons that develop the Prisoner's Dilemma defection model.

1. The intent was to develop a LGBTi victim to cover the event.

2. This has failed. The model and the component of Gay Triumphalism is being refuted.

B. Legal and Civil Means to Prosecute Principals and Co Principals.

1. RICO Structure


The issue of treason and obstructing of justice will provide for an over or under boundary. The United States Attorney General holds the absolute authority to press or dismiss a charge. This is a crime against humanity.

I am the direct victim. I am the only individual or group within my cognition to directly confront this event. (The Gang Mob Stalking support community are discussing this event 2010 and their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated). The venue of choice will be in United States Federal Court. State laws will be admissible in civil suits but I will prefer to work from the federal codes first for the sake of simplicity and uniformity. To approach Cambridge Law School will necessitate international law.

At the present it is late September in Westwood, California. The Eastern and Western High Sierras west of I 80, north of Sacramento and along the California Oregon border have an extremely large chance, perhaps 20 percent of being the most decisive region where I have physically lived to prosecute and study this event. The Colorado River area from Laughlin, Nevada to Blythe, California to Yuma, Arizona across to the Salton Sea, and Owens Valley especially Inyo County are the other two regions with perhaps a higher probability in importance. A point of departure is the repertoire of homo sapiens. There is complete failure worldwide although preventing this act of systematic torture is well within the cognition and behavior of humans.

A prominent focus will reflect in magnification the aperture of determinism and socialization of criminality in homosexual bisexual transgender and intersex persons. I am examining this position from an exclusive heterosexual position. There is no doubt that criminal or pre criminal traits are distributed in heterosexuality.

Why is the act of dehumanization been designed and carried out within the continuum of the homosexual LGBTi community?

I am living a life of only opposite sex and heterosexual gender identity which was based on atheism until I was 16 and afterwards the Vedic paradigm.

The LGBTi coalition on September 24, 2009 filed a petition with the California Attorney General to place an initiative on the 2010 ballot to reverse Proposition 8 which banned same sex marriage. I supported Proposition 8 in the 2008 election. I am supporting Proposition 1 in Maine which reverse legislation which legalizes same sex marriage but has to be placed before the voters in the November 2009 election.

A unique mechanism is now observable circa October, 2009. I have realized that I needed to create a site on San Diego, California. I resided there in the early 1980s. The location for myself was a target to create a LGBTi or Gay Family along the lines of Holon X or Gay Triumphalism. This was a failure as I was somewhat spiritual and conservative. This trajectory continues to the present day and is slowly maturing. This states that an attempt to create a LGBTi family by marrying a bisexual female is the content of any interaction that would occur there if I were to survive and relocate there. Obtaining a serious job offer is the only angle I could see that would permit me to return to San Diego. I am on fair terms with the area but I have no intentions of living there.

The figure of a university professor, I believe to be a Notre Dame teacher, stating "Yet have I set my king upon the Holy Mount of Zion," has reappeared. This profile which is most likely built from a real sample of a natural person is being used by LAPD to state the LGBTi agenda. My condition is critical. I am being forced to listen to what amounts to a nearly 24/7 hour propaganda campaign for the LGBTi platform. This amounts to polymorphous perversity. This is an attack consisting of sexual language by an individual to defend oneself from attack. Gay entertainment blogger Perez Hilton uses this tactic when in confrontations often with other LGBTi persons.

I have also began an attack against the University of California. There is serious academic fraud being committed especially in the areas of history, presidential studies, and LGBTi history. I am also beginning to attempt a more formal self ethnographic mapping of my entrapment within the Sovereign Subject model of the Social Contract Theory.

On October 9, Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. I was in Big Pine, California. The Owens River Canal was completely Chemically Assaulted. This was true of other rivers in the valley. This resource is the irrigation for wheat crops locally. It also is part of the infrastructure that provides drinking water to the City of Los Angeles.

The so called rationality of the Nobel Organization is that an abstract overture of diplomacy with Iran without concrete action is worthy of the award. In correlation it was also postulated that human rights would be furthered as a result. The award is supposed to given to that person or group whom within the past year has contributed to world peace according to the will of founder Alfred Nobel. I am not disagreeing that a willingness to negotiate nuclear deterrence with Iran could not result in a prize. I am stating that concrete history provides that Barack Obama has condoned a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is imposed over my natural person. My positive rights are protected by the Bill of Rights domestically and the UDHR, ICCPR, CAT internationally under the United Nations regardless of what the United States does unilaterally. The United Nations should communicate with this country under the ICCPR without this country's ratification. Regardless, The Convention Against Torture was ratified by the United States in 1994 by then President Bill Clinton.

The panorama demonstrates that two regimes, the United States and Iran are emerging through essentialist postures even if Obama is postulating rational diplomacy. Mahmoud Achminejead of Iran is aware of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is in continuo. He can easily state he is attempting to protect the surface water not only of Iran but the entire desert regions of the middle east. These resources are vulnerable to the pattern of activity in this country.

Blythe, California Ehrenberg, Arizona

I am writing November 7, 2009 along the Colorado River in the Blythe, California, Ehrenberg, Arizona area. The water here is contaminated and flows to Yuma and then Mexico.

It is impossible to fathom that the Nobel Organization is a legitimate actor for world peace. Then Vice President Al Gore received a prize in 2004 for global warming under the same fraud. There is a measured amount of subordination and stratification apparent in a power realist configuration that is manifest in the maker taker world of international politics. I am not able to discern any longterm benefit to the Nobel Organization. It is obvious that they have their own interests and loyalties and are not transparent as the term Nobel Peace Prize has come to define. This is a labelling concept or ethnomethodology if one wishes to become technical.

There is a syndrome of problems for the Obama Administration. In concluding this text it is apparent that I will be addressing his activity in the continuum of history. What comprises a mass criminal? What comprises a serial criminal? The contrast between who is the subject of the analysis and who is performing the task further demonstrates the preponderance of power and control models under prisoner's dilemma. This will dominate the historical spacetime perhaps for all of human civilization's existence.

I am already strategizing the next decades activities and as to what opportunities I am prepared to enter into. This will be more direct and hopefully be a capstone to hand off to any sincere follower or group. It was definitively designed that almost a blank page was to exist for certain actors to falsify history. This is a strawman fallacy. I have at least prepared over nine years of journals and at least 26 federal court cases to raise this gross subpar performance.

A United States Federal Trial concerning Gay Marriage has opened in the Federal Court in San Francisco on January 11, 2010. I continue to support Proposition 8 which is the law in the State of California. This is from a heterosexual standpoint. This has been true for everyday of my 48 years of life and is my intent to continue in this continuum until I die.

My critique of Barack Obama's 2009 Nobel Prize Acceptance is at this time an appendix to this text. A refutation of Geir Lundestad, Secretary of the Nobel Committee's defense of the selection is forthcoming. It is with this point of departure that severe academic fraud has occurred. Lundestad is a well authored historian who studies the American Empire and it's relationship with Europe.

In the zeitgeist at the opening of the decade there has been a severe 7.0 earthquake in Haiti whose severity is catastrophic which occurred on January 12, 2010. There is a severe Chemical Assault Scorched Earth centered over my person at the Blythe, California, Ehrenberg, AZ border on the contaminated Colorado River. A film named Avatar has grossed 1.1 billion dollars which depicts the Na'Vi tribe of Pandora whose atmosphere is poisonous to humans from earth who attempting to exploit the mineral unobatanium from Pandora.

The background for the Federal Trial is poor. The Gay Militancy has severely damaged everyone. The LGBTi coalition is damaged more severely as by number they are smaller. The use of hate crime and group style impunity is also more pronounced within their paradigm.

I have completed a critique of the announcement by the Nobel Organization's Secretary Geir Lundestad of Barack Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize (Appendix). This event in itself is a severe act of censorship and sanitization. It is a respectable cornerstone to develop challenges to the academic community. In February of 2010 I am emphasizing Mob Stalking Gang Stalking Stalking. There is an online support community that is worldwide of stalking victims. It appears that some of their material is derived from my work. Their insights are welcome here and I support them. I have been aware of their presence in the past but I did not cognitively connect the relationship's strength. I am the most severely stalked person in the history of the United States.

This is an informant driven culture. To return, professors and students are teaching, learning, and criminally participating in this Informant Stalker culture. There is a tremendous culture of impunity. There is also a decadence where quality has been destroyed. Quality permits one and their effects to sustain and endure. This is not an oversimplification.

The crass defection to isolate me under totalitarianism has deeply affected secondary targets and their natural and civil lives. It has also destroyed the environment. There is a tremendous over valuation in the worth of liquid and tangible assets. The informant system is plutocratic. This is a low based tyranny of the sale and purchase of small properties and objects in contrast to an oligarchy.

Representative Murtha D PA has dies at the age of 77. This decorated war veteran is another example of the lack of accountability of sworn leadership in the United States. Blame must be laid at their feet.

Our children's children must learn that they were sold out by their ancestors. A single person working on a netbook, cellphone modem, and solar panels is not going to stop close to 300 million persons in an informant state. I would argue defection at close to 90 percent. At 48 and a half years of age, the closure of my healthy wellbeing is upon me. I perform better when some of the contingencies in the environment dictate a positive direction. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, although negative is helping me regain my will against the failure of our celebrated public leaders who have lead civilization into destruction for a quid pro quo.

Two new items are included in the Appendix. This is a refutation of Barack Obama's 2009 Nobel Peace Prize and Holon X.

Appendix  Appendix II

The weather has been subpar. There was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in San Luis, Mexico due south of here on Easter Sunday. There is a volcanic eruption spewing ash in Iceland that is quite severe and halting air traffic. I can blame the weather for poor production. At this point I wish to confront all the sworn competent officers who have looked the other way, under the color of law. I wish to complete this text in a more academic manner. I am also attempting to expose the University of California to develop support for confronting University of Cambridge. Empirical history and my perspective are totally disgracing the so called experts in similar discipline areas.

On April 16, 2010 ex Chief Daryl Gates died at 83 years of age. He was Chief of LAPD on June 17, 1987 when then President Ronald Reagan was exposed to this event codenamed Akbar. This is an enigma itself. This will clearly damage his legacy and that of Ronald Reagan.

I am studying Stalking which I have tried to refute but have not realized how widespread these attacks are. This incorporates a larger base of support but the impunity also creates many conspiracy theories which helps the stalkers avoid prosecution.

On April 20, a major oilspill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. British Petroleum is responsible. 5000 barrels of oil are presumed to be entering the Gulf every day. A containment structure is now being lowered over the damaged pipe to funnel the oil to a barge on the surface.

I arrived in Big Pine, California on April 21 on my way towards Mt. Shasta. I believe it is possible that a Dust Bowl could be forming in the western United States. Myth of the Contemporary Man is scheduled for completion in July, 2010.

Westwood California

It is now June 11, the Gulf of Mexico Oilspill has now been estimated to be 25,000 to 40,000 barrels per day up from the original 5000 per day estimate. President Barack Obama is damaged. The oil has hit Louisiana from the Mississippi River Delta across towards Panama City, Florida. I arrived in Westwood four weeks ago. The weather was cold and it can and has snowed. I have very mild frostbite. At least 20 persons at this time have been killed in a flash flood in Arkansas. A young 16 year old California sailor is awaiting rescue in the Indian Ocean after attempting a world record. I have been losing my confidence, but I am sure that waiting out the weather is the correct decision now.

To return, Barack Obama is not making good choices. He has called British Petroleum BP CEO Tony Hayward a "recurring environmental criminal." He has also made statements stating that the Taliban are "on the wrong side of history." Obama should apply his philosophy first to himself and then to others. He states that he is a Christian but this is not part of his persona. Obama has also discussed leaders who attack their own citizens in his acceptance lecture for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. I wish I had been more rigorous in quoting the presidents but this will be easy for children to do in the present and future.

Obama is pressing BP quite assertively for compensation to Gold Coast residents and businesses. He has not even recognized me or the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth conditions of which this text is being attempted under. This will be his undoing. California has strongly supported him and it is unlikely if he can win another term without this state. Historically California will be the cornerstone the constructor forgotten. This is true for me also as a natural person and citizen.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden is recovering from a minor stroke. He withdrew from the Senate race as the prosecution of Doctor Hal Bradley for over 100 charges of child molestation took it's toll on him. I believe that Obama and Biden will emerge as the most prosecutable persons due their legal duties.

I am nearly 49 years of age. I will surpass the age of my father John, who died at 49 years. These small boundaries do not seem large but they will crowd out.

The value of attempting discovery and closing some of the textural roles is strong academically although simple. Earlier this morning I was reflecting on the concept of Under the Color of Law. It appears that the Gay Militant personality is constantly attempting to inflate his ability and project such over the perceptions of the victim being stalked and bystanders. Very little of a charlatan renaissance figure will stand up to scrutiny. Impunity alone is preventing my development.

From the perspective of a lifespan, members of the Class of 1979, Barack Obama and my high school class, (I actually took a GED in 1978) are well into middle age. Certain theorists as Eric Erickson postulate that mastery and crystal intelligence (experience) versus linear (mathematical quantitative reasoning) should lead to a mastery of skills at age fifty. A wish to return benefit to the community is also a sign of maturity. Being a leader and mentoring are integral. I am frustrated by constantly having efforts marginalized by totalitarianism and the weather. I have dual booted desktop Ubuntu 10.4 on this Asus 1000he. Such is a Linux based system. I am still running Windows XP which will no longer be an original installation after October of this year. My Motorola Droid is awaiting a new OS Froyo 2.2. This will permit native tethering and use as a wifi hotspot. Ubuntu does not permit the use of Bluetooth as a tether only DUN for file transferring. I am not brave enough to root or give administrative permissions to programs that are developed by hacks although some eventually end up being superior products and the driver for competition.

The data included in MOEC Studies is an emergent technology. The Organic Cell of MOEC is the kernel.

The parallels to the emergence of technology and it's mishmash culture and my personal survival are important.

The Gulf of Mexico Oilspill is taking a huge toll on Barack Obama. Again it is too soon to quantify the actual damage. President Al Gore and his daughter are separating from their spouses.

Obama is quite strident on pressuring BP for economic liability incurred by those persons in the Gulf region. Nothing has been said for California. I will state that all sworn officials here are in serious jeopardy. I believe they are taking my memos sent through with more consideration.

Obama is on the wrong side of history. This is true of all the Irrationalist Presidents. Within a concept of class stratification it is easy to discern that the competent officials that presided over the censorship and sanitization of this event have prospered to the marginalization of many persons as my self. In California some general estimates of net worth:

Arnold Schwarzenegger $200 million

Dianne Feinstein $60 to 100 million

Nancy Pelosi $60 million

Barbara Boxer $6 to 10 million

Meg Whitman ex eBay CEO has spent nearly $80 million dollars in the primary for governor which she did win.

As of June 16, 2010 one day before the 24th anniversary of the manifest attack, the Gulf of Mexico Oilspill has now been estimated to be between 30,000 to 60,000 barrels per day. The administration is beginning to progressively use military language to describe the enemy. The parallels between official recognition and de facto abuse are very polarized and pronounced. BP has agreed to create a $20 billion escrow fund for Gulf victims. What has or will be done for victims of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth? Liability in California is easily by observation over $1 Trillion. This is not frivolous. Waterfront acreage alone is $100,000 and up in the Eastern High Sierras.

The Myth of the Contemporary Man is a composite of the leaders, victims, and the culture at large. There is a persistent culture of censorship and sanitization that is creating a very submerged dependent personality. I am the same age as Barack Obama. Although Obama presents a very articulate persona he is becoming increasingly blackmailed and extorted. As so called major disasters emerge his original calculations become miscalculations and his administration is resilient but entropic in having capabilities to deal with a syndrome of social disorder.

The FBI Part I and Part II Crime Indexes and the CDC health statistics are becoming increasingly more correlated. The culture of impunity at the courts with censorship was intentionally built into the defection model. Mexico is undergoing it's most deadly month in President Calderon's war on drugs. At least 22,000 have been killed in the last two years. Perhaps 75 persons have been killed in the last 36 hours. Calderon recently published a 5000 word essay defending his strategy and also gave a nationwide speech. It is observable that an externality as a major drug war will not topple the defection structure unless the exact persons controlling the defection are removed. Obama or the president may become impeached etc., but I do not believe that this will end the extortion and blackmail. This process has been institutionalized and only escalated into a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

On June 20, CNN has published an article that 77 million people in Bangladesh are exposed to arsenic in the 3rd worst poisoning in history behind Bhopal and Chernobyl. I have always promoted MOEC as an act of war. This is more important. The other realization I had yesterday was that California is the showcase for a purge of informants. Delaware and Maryland are close behind because active structures as police agencies are located there. Washington DC and federal agencies are not to my knowledge actively involved but are culpable.

I have considered this perspective before. But the escalation of the Gulf of Mexico Oilspill and Barack Obama's duplicity as what he states and what he does or not do becomes more apparent, this open territoriality exposes him to an exploit that will debilitate him in his lifetime or historically.

The likelihood of a purge of the now five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan through Obama appears more certain. This once again exposes Obama as the target. I am also now attempting to develop a position on the first ladies. Michele Obama at 46 and Maria Shriver at 54 years of age stand a chance of being denounced and prosecuted as others die off.

The use of the Red Herring Strawman takes up most of the days activity for LAPD. I am becoming more mature in my solid support of heterosexuality and opposite sex marriage. As LGBTi interests push more for recognition and rights this will force other leaders including LGBTi persons to be more transparent about who they are. This is extremely important as I am becoming more steady in my Vedic Faith and dedicated to supporting only opposite sex matrimony. The so called authorities as gurus and sannyasis have been less than open in their lives. These renounced persons are supposed to be dead to the world with no private life to speak of. They are dedicated to preaching the Shastra. The plethora of under qualified over labelled persons has damaged the Catholic Church, Jehovah Witnesses, and ISKCON over child molestation as clergy abuse.

The use of psychopathy and narcissistic personality disorder are very prominent extended from Male Same Sex Male MSM. The ability for the authors to recruit persons to develop this attack and attempt to impose an abnormal clinical diagnostic in combination with polymorphous perversity is quite severe. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a lame duck governor who will leave by the beginning of next year. I will focus these concepts on his legal standing and as well as Attorney General Brown Jerry Brown who is also running as the Democratic candidate for governor. Meg Whitman, the Republican will also be pressed. Today on June 23, President Obama dismissed General Stanley Mc Chrystal for making dismissive comments over the administration concerning the war in Afghanistan.

It is possible for the two relief wells being drilled in the Gulf Oilspill to fail. If this is the case BP will pump oil from those wells. The pressure from methane gas may be too great for BP to secure a 100% efficient containment cap. This means oil will continue to spill into the Gulf. The government is authorizing hazmat courses and cards along the Gulf Coast in case the oilspill becomes hazardous to the extent that the only residents that would be permitted to be in their homes are those with this training.

The shifting of attention to California closes textures around roles. If I remain here there will be a sharpened challenge between state officials and the locals who are stalking here. I just started jogging again yesterday after stopping perhaps six years ago in Cambria due to knee pain. I have seen no work locally produced. The San Francisco Chronicle is a no show. I occasionally write, I believe Isaac Asimov's daughter who usually will publish an article on something that interests me.

On my Facebook pages, most of my friends are preachers and laity within the congregation. The government is fatalistic imposing a very serious crime over the human race. This is the clear understanding. Directing my approach at the United States and the State of California is strictly legalistic.

In counterpoint, no faith based organization has confronted the government and LAPD over this. California should issue training for everybody in this state. Most preaching consists of using words as discernment in contrast to judgment. There is a heavy use of universals and no one or any agency is ever directly mentioned. This will not stop a systematic crime. In Kyrgyzstan there has been ethnic cleansing recently with hundreds of thousands of Uzbeks displaced and thousands killed. One has to say what is going on. Exposing these crimes takes risks and courage. If the truth is not set forth the criminals will be strengthened.

In California, which has totally emerged empirically as the showcase for abuse, the people here have to stand up for their lives and property. The heirs of this legacy in the future should realize no one has done anything. Anything that was dealt as a payoff across the earth is now being despoiled.

The LGBTi platform has developed similarly in it's historical trajectory. I am clearly defining myself within the heterosexual platform in the Vedic trajectory specifically the Hare Krishna Movement.

Westwood California

It is July 2, 2010. I have just received two old passport from about 1990 and 2000. These documents yield photos of me at 29 and 39 years old. My present California ID will provide a photo at 45 years old. I have taken pictures at basic intervals. The last being March 21 and the end of May on the internal camera on my Asus netbook. Most of these are posted on Facebook and powereality websites. This has been somewhat shocking, perhaps a mid life crisis, definitely a cold shower. Over all I would have to state I am in physically fit. My Body Mass Index (BMI) is less than 25. What has been revealed is that for persons born is 1961 or the Class of 1979, the same as Barack Obama, approaching 50 is less than graceful. This provides overall pressure now but could help if I survive. Currently I am in better physical shape than my sibling cohorts. What is not quantifiable is the effect of my environment on my health. I have not had any success whatsoever in scheduling activities 6 months hence. In physical conditioning this interval is significant. Many persons are older than I am and will develop various health and other socioeconomic issues. In reduction I will focus on California to bring about prosecution and historical reconciliation. Governor Schwarzenegger has an atrocious legal history and legacy. This will effect the Schwarzenegger Shriver Kennedy Clan. Currently I will state that Maria Shriver has about a 75% chance of being prosecuted in 25 years. If one were to project 30 years on to Barack Obama's natural life, he would be 79 on August 4, 2040. One hypothetically could calculate prosecuting Obama in thirty years. Maria Shriver would be 84. If one subtracts 5 years Shriver when she is 79 with a nearly 50 percent chance of being prosecution. I am operating on these premises and assumptions. I should live a full life equally to Obama. This appears highly unlikely under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The Gulf of Mexico Oilspill is heading to 70 days very soon. It occurred on a sector of ocean floor named Macondo after a city in 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Marquez. The novel chronicles the seven generations of the Buendía family in the town of Macondo. The family patriarch and founder of Macondo, José Arcadio Buendía, and his wife (and first cousin), Úrsula, leave their home in Riohacha, Colombia in hopes of finding a new home. One night on their journey while camping on the banks of a river, José Arcadio Buendía dreams of a city of mirrors named Macondo. Upon awakening, José Arcadio Buendía decides to found this city on the site of their campground. After wandering aimlessly in the jungle for many days, the founding of Macondo can be seen as the founding of Utopia. José Arcadio Buendía believes it to be surrounded by water, and from this island he invents the world according to him, naming things at will. Macondo soon becomes a town frequented by unusual and extraordinary events. All the events revolve around the many generations of the Buendía family, who are either unable or unwilling to escape periodic, mostly self inflicted misfortunes. Ultimately, Macondo is destroyed by a terrible hurricane, which symbolizes the cyclical turmoil inherent in Macondo. At the end of the book one of the Buendía male descendants finally cracks a cipher that the males in his family had been trying to solve for generation. The cipher stated all the events that the Buendía family had gone through. Note that this information was available at the beginning of time, and in possession of the Buendía family, before Macondo was even thought of, just indecipherable.


There is an interesting parallel, which is an archetype which nears the essence of the Vedas or Krishna Consciousness. This is the fact that Sri Krishna is the only male in existence. He is the Original Person and Enjoyer. This is known as Adi Purusum. To enjoy Krishna expands into Radha. Radha is attended by her eights sakhis who are assisted by manjaris. The highest pastime with the heavenly planets, Vaikunthas are the rasa lila within Goloka Vrndavana. The only male figure once again is Krishna. The activities between Krishna and Radha should never be construed as mundane or sexual in any manner or form. Even though there are other males in Goloka Vrndavana they are not permitted to see the rasa dance. The manjaris assist the sakhis who arrange meetings between Krishna and Radha. They are too shy to approach Krishna directly and watch the rasa dance from the bushes in kunda or forest of Goloka Vrndavana. In the attainment of heaven one has recovered one's siddha svarupa or eternal identity. This can result in one attaining the form of a man, woman, animal, or plant in the service of Krishna. In reality this reduces to the fact that Krishna is the husband of all living entities. Even in their ecstasy as being Aryans (dwellers of heaven) they do not realize that Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

In essence Radha is Krishna's wife. Krishna had 16,008 wives. As seen all other entities are paramours.

Actually, Krsna is the husband of everyone because He is the supreme enjoyer. The gopis wanted Krsna to be their husband, but factually there was no possibility of His marrying all the gopis. But because they had that natural tendency to accept Krsna as their supreme husband, the relationship between the gopis and Krsna is called parakiya rasa or love in mood of a paramour.

In the madhurya rasa, one can become like Srimati Radharani or Her lady friends such as Lalita, and Her serving maids (manjaris) like Rupa and Rati. In conjugal love there are the damsels of Vraja, Vrndavana, and the queens and goddesses of fortune in Dwarka. No one can count the vast number of devotees in this rasa.

Krsna Book, Chapter 29

Since a paramour can not always be in the presence of her lover the mood of separation is prominent. So the mood of a paramour in vipralambha is considered quite great and the mood of separation is considered superior.

There are two kinds of dresses worn in that relationship of conjugal love, and they are called sambhoga and vipralambha. On the sambhoga platform, the dresses are unlimited, and on the vipralambha they are four in number. The ecstasy exhibited before the lover and beloved meet, the ecstasy experienced between them after meeting, the state of mind experienced by not meeting, and the state of mind experienced after meeting fearing separation are called vipralambha. That vipralambha serves as a nourishing element for future meetings. When the lover and beloved meet all of a sudden and embrace one another, they feel an ecstasy of happiness, and the state of mind they experience in that ecstasy is called sambhoga. According to the situation, sambhoga ecstasy is also known by four names: (1) sańksipta, (2) sańkīrna, (3) sampanna, (4) samriddhimān. Such symptoms are also visible during dreams.

Chapter 14: The Ecstasy of the Lord and His Devotees

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Teachings of Lord Caitanya

In this regards these features which are based on substance and variety of form confirm Sri Krishna as the only Male. Herein in descent the false lines of what are known as sani sahijaya or equate sex life to Radha Krishna. We again return to the informant based penetration of homosexuality driven from same sex males to argue these sahijaya lines as a new revelation. This attack also has been facilitated by being paired with Chemical Weapons.

This material world is the perverted reflection of the spiritual world; it is just like the reflection of a tree on the bank of a reservoir of water: the topmost part of the tree is seen as the lowest part. Similarly, parakiya rasa, when pervertedly reflected in this material world, is abominable. When people, therefore, imitate the rasa dance of Krsna with the gopis, they simply enjoy the perverted, abominable reflection of the transcendental parakiya rasa. There is no possibility of enjoying this transcendental parakiya rasa within the material world. It is stated in Srimad Bhagavatam that one should not imitate this parakiya rasa even in dream or imagination. Those who do so drink the most deadly poison.

I will state now with the lame duck term of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to an end, historically persons will call to have his citizenship stripped from him. The damage in California alone appears incalculable. I believe this could happen after his death. People will receive only pennies on the dollar for their losses. They or their posterity may have impaired health. If this event were to end with me still alive this will emerge as a cornerstone of my attack to step ladder into the presidency and back towards Cambridge Law School.

The capping of the presentation in bearing fruit. San Francisco is packed with candidates who are sworn officials and are campaigning for higher office statewide in 2010. Kamala Harris will be 46 this year. She is the current District Attorney for San Francisco. She has a very impressive record for the LGBTi platform. She has graduated from University of California with a juris doctorate from Hastings Law School of Howard. She is running for California Attorney General. She is challenging Steve Cooley of Los Angeles.

Harris is the daughter of a Tamil breast surgeon, Dr. Shyamala Gopalan and a Jamaican professor of economics at Stanford Donald Harris.

Harris will be the subject of racial attacks. This clearly will support my allegations of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

Gavin Newsom, the present Mayor of San Francisco since 2003, is another target for criminal prosecution. He currently is running for Lieutenant Governor of California. He has championed same sex marriage in San Francisco vigorously. After 36 days in office he granted same sex marriage. Overall Newsom has been a member of the Board of Supervisors three times from 1998 2002. He won his first mayoral campaign on November 6, 2003.

Gavin Newsom is clearly because of his age, is one the most likely sworn official to face criminal charges because of negligent and de facto acts during the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has been imposed over me. Newsom clearly again is another victim of the LGBTi militancy.

Newsom is campaigning against incumbent Abel Maldonado. The 33rd State District contains all of San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara where I have been a resident. Both areas are heavily despoiled and have bad records on stalking. At 42 years of age Maldonado is also one of the most likely sworn officials to be prosecuted.

Westwood California

The current zeitgeist July 20, 2010 presents President Barack Obama attempting to get closer to capping the Macondo Oilspill. His accusations posits that BP is incompetent. Obama has not stopped a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth of which he knew of as a senator and as a president in this country that easily extends worldwide. He is clearly duplicit. There is a containment cap in place with some leakage. If there is an upper level blowout of the well a 200 foot tsunami may be generated and enough methane released to cause a mass extinction of life.

Obama does not appear competent or honest. He continually has subjected life to risks to sustain his and others ill gotten careers. A closing of texture is in place. I am more concerned with direct prosecution of sworn officials as natural persons than systematizing this study.

In direct correlation a transformational figure in my life would have to be heterosexual. This is a key component in this crime. I have been a heterosexual for 100 percent of my time on earth. My Vedic Hare Krishna faith does not support same sex identity as LGBTi. This accusation is an interpolation and is centered around Manjari Bhava or the love of Radha's maidservants for Krishna. These figures are female in the spiritual world but may be male or female in a mortal body.

This dysfunction is driven by male same sex male practitioners attempting to use lesbians as a front. Then if they are not acceptable one is Gay Baited. There appears to be some type of inferiority and borderline submerged personality that has not emerged correctly. Malingering is also a component since I do not even know the name of the male figure and could of not even seen this person since at least 1984 over 26 years ago. The female figure I may have seen in the late 1990s.

Very edgy and sensitive subjects like this must be elaborated on. I have no trouble in the least stating I am a heterosexual and my rasa is in Madhurya Lila (Conjugal Love) in Krishna Consciousness.

The LGBTi platform has a great deal of awakening to do in this area of identity. However this dysfunction could support their claims for Gay Marriage. The LGBTi Movement must reconcile a problem of existing behind a facade.

LAPD posits that persons from San Diego and Delaware who are alleged to be bisexual are said to have transformed me.

My conversion at 16 to Gaudiya Vaishnavism and vegetarianism is the most powerful transformation in my life. Choosing to live and fight this system, file court cases, file complaints, and post websites is important. I am the first person to dedicate a Facebook site to attack this problem. Facebook is a weak format but the aperture is present.

The Bhagavad Gita As It Is Original Book by His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada would be the most transformational instrument in my life without question. If any LGBTi advocates attempt to posit or use me a front for their agenda this would be spurious. I respect humans as humans. I do not interfere with their efforts to secure their rights. I exercise my free speech rights in writing my legislators and also human rights advocates. No one has recognized me to date. The Gang Stalking Support Groups do recognize the conditions of which I am subjected to.

The sports and entertainment community is not that inspiring. I am writing music on Allegro software and maintaining basic guitar skills. There appears a wholesale effort to dehumanize me and project everything superior on to a LGBTi person. This again appears to emerge from a dysfunctional same sex male. If this is genetic and determined it will falsify and or alter much work. There is also a manifest socialization aberration in the RICO styled defection model. This is prosecutable as crime and an integral part of LGBTi history as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. If academics come to support such it will be Gay Fascism. This would be an apologist styled movement. UC California is living a fictitious life. There is wholesale sellout of discipline areas with payment and aggrandizement of career at my and the human race's expense. I do not need to falsify events to win as history. I do not have to manipulate or place content in dates or events that science can prove are false.

Governor Schwarzenegger's tenure is the most dubious to date in the State of California.

The Right To Marry and Confronting Schwarzenegger

The attack by the LGBTi militancy has taken on a new dimension. This is something that has been thought about previously but now in prominence. This is the right to marry. At the current so called official level the LGBTi community is usually being considered as victims. I am a heterosexual who is being prevented from the opportunities of marrying a person of my choice. This has become increasingly obvious within the last hours of working on the computer. Consider that Arnold Schwarzenegger has upwards of $200 million and has married Maria Shriver, niece of John F. and Ted Kennedy. This is a very high profile marriage. Also Chelsea Clinton is planning a wedding that is estimated to cost $2 million USD. She is 30 years old this year.

I will be 49 on August 3, 2010. I am in strong physical condition in comparison to my siblings who were born in 1961. I have never married and am a supporter of Proposition 8 which defines marriage as only between one man and one woman. I also support this concept through the Vedas of which I participate as a member of the Gaudiya Sampradaya or the Hare Krishna Movement.

LAPD is attempting to script an ethnography that posits that I have been transformed by LGBTi acquaintances. This is based on a scenario from natural individuals who are from San Diego who are also treated symbolically. They are LGBTi orientated. This data is verbalized as an auditorial stimulus from LAPD and imposed over my person electronically. I have a direct presence in San Diego from about 1980 to 1983. I have had no same sex activity in my entire life and my religious views do not support such either. Laney College and Berkeley are also inclusive from about 1984 to 1987 to falsely script a transformational experience.

LAPD is attempting to state that I enjoy being held in false imprisonment and enjoy listening to profiles of Lesbianism Bisexuality. The same sex males are continually using the females to front then in a double bind fallacy. If your reject female same sex than you choose male same sex. This is extremely bogus. In my case my preferences are heterosexuality or opposite sex females. In a scientific format a male would need to be given a neutral opportunity to choose between an equal number of same sex females and opposite sex females of the same quality to yield a valid result of preference.

The use of a narcissistic personality complex where a stalker is always attempting to impose their preferences over a victim emerges. I have been on internet since 2001. I am not hard to find. A few past acquaintances from elementary school to high school have friended me on Facebook from the East Coast. The contacts are small. I am not against persons from California whom I knew prior to June 17, 1987 to contact me. One individual from the East Coast is now in my will. There are a few other contacts that are now from the past that I have met on the internet. I confronted Campaign for Courage, a LGBTi pro gay marriage group over this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. LAPD wishes to promote my contacts as being homosexual male Hare Krishna devotees.

What is also unique is that I posted a paper by Jean Piaget on child rearing. An individual who is an initiated devotee liked the paper. So I wished to click on some of her content. Upon inspection she is a mixed raced Brazilian living in Paris, France. She is very attractive. In degree I have emailed her to introduce myself. My first attempt was somewhat submerged because I did not mention that I was a ritvik Hare Krishna. I will probably be involved at the nama hatta or study group level starting a preaching center if I can manage to survive this attack. I stated on the second email what my positions are in that I would like to meet her later this decade if Krishna would arrange it. This indirectly implied that she will be likely married then.

Just from the profile standpoint I would be interested in and offer marriage with children. I would also prefer to have a Vedic Ceremony. This is just implying that you have to eventually meet and spend quality time together and is not conclusionary to her preferences to others. I believe it does clearly demonstrate what my preferences are and is a crime.

LAPD has or is following a script that the leading female would be a blonde bisexual person that I slightly knew from San Diego. She was very attractive.

If it comes to my preference I am choosing this individual who is in Europe. This and the inclusion of the other female into my will is a major defeat for the scripting and storyboarding that was supposed to be deterministically predicted. The young Parisian girl wins a pretty story. For me I have to objectively organize what has occurred against Governor Schwarzenegger.

This will be to strip him of his United States Citizenship.

LAPD is attempting to state that this person from Paris is a male homosexual. They are attempting to link this to Chandrasekhar swami whom I have attempted to sue and New Raman Reti, Florida who I have attempted to sue and have received a $500 settlement.

This is highly damaging to Arnold Schwarzenegger, LGBTi, and Westwood history.

I am highly pleased that this individual has won the cap to what is a scripted fraud. One other female is now in my will from the east coast. The scripted storyboard is for LGBTi persons to figure prominently in my personal history and thus researchers will discover a LGBTi individual who is a victim. This is a hoax. I am victim of Gay Irrationalism Pre Gay Fascism. The Brazilian has the pretty story. I am going to support this prima facie for what it is. It is more than ironic that I am a mixed race Japanese American heterosexual who is being persecuted by white homosexual same sex policeman from LAPD. LAPD is following a pre scripted victory in so called Gay Triumphalism predicting that I would be supporting a blonde bisexual from California. This never happened symbolically or empirically.

It is also clear that I only support opposite sex marriage and I have developed my behavior under Madhurya rasa (Conjugal Emotion) to not only survive but prosecute competent authorities.

Developing the core constellation of an Inferiority based driven model for same sex male is needed. This explains Gay Irrationalism in the individual and the destruction in the social environment. The fatalistic dependent personality models already used explain how the president and other officials as Governor Schwarzenegger have failed to legally perform.

I am highly pleased that this individual has won the cap to what is a scripted fraud. One other female is now in my will from the east coast. The scripted storyboard is for LGBTi persons to figure prominently in my personal history and thus researchers will discover a LGBTi individual who is a victim. This is a hoax. I am victim of Gay Irrationalism Pre Gay Fascism. The Brazilian devotee has the pretty story in contrast to an attractive blonde bisexual whom I only casually was introduced to. I am going to support perspective prima facie for what it is. It is more than ironic that I am mixed race Japanese American heterosexual who is being persecuted by white homosexual same sex policeman from LAPD. LAPD is following a pre scripted victory in so called Gay Triumphalism predicting that I would be supporting a blonde bisexual from California. This never happened symbolically or empirically. I am not a localist and I am not excluding any opportunities from any location on earth. What is being attempted is fascism.

It is also clear that I only support opposite sex marriage and I have developed my behavior under Madhurya rasa (Conjugal Emotion) to not only survive but prosecute competent authorities.

Today is August 2, 2010 and the time has come to finish Myth of the Contemporary Man. Any current papers as Storyboard and an Abnormal Psychology paper based on LAPD's emergence as Gay Militants and their irrational behavior which is aimed at Governor Schwarzenegger is better served in separate works.

Currently today is the 33rd anniversary of my conversion to Krishna Consciousness. I have also spent my entire life as a heterosexual with zero same sex behaviors. In this sense I am pure. I am not fanatical about this but at every birthday I am more aware of my role in the heterosexual platform. I am persecuted under 24/7 electronic surveillance during a very severe Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. All the lakes here in Lassen and Plumas counties and beyond are contaminated. I may be the most stalked person in the history of the world. Having five United States presidents condone the attack clearly defines this issue.

If I make the statement, "I have been heterosexual or have had zero same sex behaviors for all of my 49 years of life." in the positive LAPD will attempt to manipulate what I say by claiming that my female internet contacts are gay male homosexual Hare Krishnas. Another tactic is that I just bought a pair of used jeans from the grocery. They are female cut. If remove the extra belts that are sewn over the button one would not really know this. All the clothing is contaminated here. I need an emergency pair of jeans for travel and bad weather. LAPD is attempting to state that I am practicing transgenderism which is untrue. This is also based on my current California ID picture which was taken in Blythe 2006.

The other most disturbing event is that I would be amongst the least homosexual or gay male in a gay placement or roster. I believe I am the straightest male here near Westwood over 18 years of age. This leads to violence as LAPD blackmails and extorts persons into stalking. It reveals and inferiority complex in these so called gay militants. It provides and insight in borderline and emergent personality disorder as the fragile ego attempts to assert itself under a perceived threat. We clearly have a crime against humanity based on an inferiority complex in same sex males that was designed and authored by academics, allegedly Cambridge Law School and radiated to homeland security officers in LAPD.

This is the aperture of all the consequent efforts that will follow as my life closes. I am consistently arguing that the heterosexual platform is the correct platform to practice Krishna Consciousness. Sexual procreation is not needed in the Vaikunthas or spiritual world. To argue the Manjaris as practicing lesbianism or having oral sex or anal coitus is sani sahijaya. To attempt to equate a female who practices this style of behavior as a manjari an aparadha or an offense. To argue a male performing these acts as a manjari is even more offensive.

I am clear of my role in Madhurya rasa. I believe in Vedic marriage. I have a right to this. In degree I am fairly renounced but if marriage and starting a family is still an opportunity I should defend it. I also believe I should defend all parameters of my faith and normal social interaction of the human species homo sapiens against this type of systematic torture. As a heterosexual male within this context this will negate a scripted straw man which is based on homosexuality along the LGBTi continuum.

The texture is closed now as Myth of the Contemporary Man confirms my identity as an ordinary independent ritvik bhakta in the Gaudiya Sampradaya. This is simply the Hare Krishna Movement and there are several angas or branches. I will fight for criminal prosecution within United States Federal Rules for those sworn officials under it's jurisdiction and will prefer to use the Convention Against Torture if other litigants are subject to it or other international law instruments under the United Nations.

David Salton Sea 2010

Winter Solstice 2010 Salton Sea

It is February 11, 2011. This is one day short of the Fourth Anniversary of Radhanatha.

The 2010 general election swept the Democrats from the majority in Congress. Nancy Pelosi is no longer House Speaker. John Boehner is has now assumed this role for the Republicans. In California Kamala Harris is now the Attorney General at 46 years of age. Gavin Newsom is Lieutenant Governor at 43 years of age. Barack Obama and Mary Bono Mack are both 49 as myself. The website Storyboard Half Life will go uncompleted as LAPD will crash my applications if I work on such. It as predicted that I would support Arnold Schwarzenegger which is false.

It definitively appears that MOEC is also a engineered attack to undermine Singularity. This is the hypothetical date hen computers equal the ability in humans. This will then leave humans unable to equal machines in skill. Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts The Singularity to occur in 2045.

There are now 600,000 HIV AIDS positive persons estimated to be living in the United States at the beginning of Barack Obama's third year of presidency. There have been an estimated 1.3 million cases since 1981. I will begin to address the social science support pro and con for The Singularity in a non technical philosophy of science format and in an interfaith manner.

I believe that history supports the victims of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to be the best advocates for their rights not sworn officials, sworn professionals, or advocacy groups.

I will end Myth of the Contemporary Man with a paper, The Deification of the LGBTi Paradigm.

The Deification of the LGBTi Paradigm

In the United States an extraordinary trajectory of empirical history has occurred which is an aperture for Irrationalist and Pre Fascist thought. This trend is developed within ideology as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Such is directed as a Joe Virus. This is an analogy to a virus which assembles many small computers as bot armies to attack a server. This attack will aim persons and behaviors in the bottom ten percentile at the highest ten percentile to disintegrate social and cultural cohesion.

This is developed by provocateurs who wish to destroy the environment, target individuals, and thus leave later apologist thinkers more able to sanitize and rebuild over a damaged culture. What has occurred is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth directed over one person, (myself) that multiplies to attack the whole.

The structure and process of the attack is to deify LGBTi culture and activities. In reduction the baseline are those sexual activities and behaviors used by Same Sex Males and Females. A LGBTi militia is developed in cell(s) to recruit and radiate the conspiracy in nodes.

This system of informants is designed to attempt to invert and or marginalize any field of discipline area or perceived threat. Currently this live expire mention is a definite attempt to destabilize the culture before The Singularity which is the hypothetical date when computational machines equal the ability in humans.

This history provides data to document the psychological profiles that have been constructed and used to attack and condition individuals and the collective since June 17, 1987.

It appears that a Stockholm Syndrome has been developed and reinforced through RICO styled operations to support a LGBTi Gay Militia. This is essentially a Wizard of OZ styled defection model. It is historical that the president of the United States is can be blackmailed and intimidated. Targets as myself are isolated and literally framed from profiling that is static. Impunity from the courts facilitates the dismissing of criminal and civil complaints The authorship in it's own thinking wished to develop a same sex platform and radiate such clandestinely and overtly. This is hedonistic and is biased to the preferences of same sex and bisexual males and their tastes. Lesbianism and female bisexuality are used to front the male same sex male MSM authorship, code enforcement, and their informants.

What is emerging increasingly in prominence is the reality to discuss this event as a Crime Against Humanity prosecutable within the United States Federal Court system domestically and through the Universal System and treaties internationally.

A focal perspective is that I am being isolated from full legal and social life. I am alive but alienated from a full cultural life. At the natural law level my sexual orientation and preferences are strongly heterosexual. This is synchronic with the LGBTi platform's Right to Marry which is opposite sex. After some consideration I have decided to enter this debate from the heterosexual platform. In degree a culture of impunity has permitted a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to be tagged to the constitution degrading positive rights while LGBTi persons are openly petitioning for legal same sex marriage.

The setting exists as Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with a Red Herring Strawman created to insert a false profile of myself as LGBTi orientated. Hence this is a gay victim. In reality I am a ritvik Hare Krishna or ritvik vadi. This means that I accept a deceased spiritual master as my guide. This would be His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The opposite camp is the diksa guru or diksa vadis. Such wish to follow the instructions of a living guru. They accept deceased teachers as siksa or instructing gurus. The study of guru is called guru tattva.

In connection to this I interpret the Vedas in a conservative manner. I have had zero same sex behaviors in my 49 years of life.

Hence spiritual identity is easily contrasted with a secular humanistic identity. Heterosexuality and homosexuality are also contrasted to define the roles of the victim myself (heterosexual) and the perpetrators (LGBTi homosexual).

One should accept a proper associative procedure to ascertain what my interests are in contrast to that of LAPD and the Gay Militia. If a future case arises that attempts to advocate the LGBTi platform it is almost certain that work is being handed off from LAPD. They will therefore be a higher structural level component handing off work to informants.

I will argue from the heterosexual platform at the natural law level under my Vedic faith. Homosexuality or heterosexuality do not exist in the Vaikuntha atmosphere or heaven of Vedic Cosmography. Sex life is for procreation and is therefore heterosexual.

Gay male same sex male interests drive the destructive informant based activities of a double bind circular folly RICO styled extortion and blackmail ring. Lesbianism, which in reality is only female bisexuality is used to recruit and develop LGBTi interests. If a heterosexual male does not prefer lesbianism he is baited as a Gay Male. This is a bait and switch tactic. Equal choices of opposite sex females are not provided. Hence operatives will argue from MSM interests across the LGBTi platform to insulate gay males. I believe this is due to lesbianism and female bisexuality as perceived as more favorable, less damaging, and perhaps even desirable in contrast to the behavior and identity groups which pertain to MSM males.

A corollary to this structure and process is that racism is used to falsely divide the argument. If I state that gays are not my preference than this is presented as Asian and gay refers only to female bisexuals and lesbians. This is further support for an inferiority complex as a basis for displacement within male same sex male MSM individuals who authored these acts and LAPD. Narcissistic Personality Disorder also is part of the development of informants with psychopathic characteristics.

A mock trial scenario is currently being perpetuated which is also a double bind bait and switch tactic. This reflects the lesbianism bisexual front for same sex males. In a criminal or civil court I would depose witnesses in the first instance that support my orthodox interpretation of the Vedas, read as heterosexual or opposite sex procreation. This is very important in that a kangaroo court atmosphere pervades daily life replicating a dumbing down profiling of natural persons and groups. Krishnanusilanam or Krishna Culture states that Krishna's Name, Fame, Strength, Beauty, Knowledge, and Renunciation are non different from himself. Krishna is the Supreme Male Personality of Godhead. His Hadlini Shakti or pleasure principle is Srimati Radharini. Their Lila or Transcendental Love Affair is not heterosexual or homosexual since both are spiritual beings composed of sat cit ananda or eternity, bliss, and knowledge.

Homosexuality or heterosexuality does not exist in The Vaikunthas or heavenly planets. Manjari bhava or the devotional mood of the handmaidens of Radharini is spiritually pure and would refute homosexuality and could never be revealed to anyone in a karmic or sinful state. Anarthas are sinful activities or thoughts.

Sahijaya means imitation. Sani Sahijaya mean equating mundane sexlife to spiritual life. Manjaris are the target of this interpolation. Manjaris do not engage in sex. Equating sex life as fellatio, cunnilingus, or anal coitus is mundane. This is obviously not spiritual sex life known as Garbhandana samskara. As stated previously I have been 100 percent heterosexual or free from any male to male sexual activity over my entire life.

Various figures from my life in a longitudinal sequence are proffered in a strawman to state that I have merged into the LGBTi paradigm. This paper and my entire output especially in court records, complaints, letters to officials, and websites entirely contradicts my totalitarian isolation by LGBTi militants operating out of LAPD.

In clarity, my work is being developed from the heterosexual paradigm. I let my work rise to it's own level and make no attempt to histrionically rig a final result with targeted individuals representing my viewpoint. The reverse is true for the LGBTi militia. I am not transformed by the LGBTi culture and have a healthy spiritual and psychical equilibrium as a heterosexual. There is a quantum of force in play to create a same sex figure to teach historically as the victim who approves and supports the Gay Militia and what is a Crime Against Humanity. One main reinforcer is the proffering of same sex or sexual contacts.

The inferiority complex is the core component of a constellation or syndrome of clinical diagnosis that have been fused or combined into a model for creating Gay LGBTi militants and consequent activity in the social environment. The complex is eclectic. A simple orthodox to neo orthodox Freudian orientation gives the best results in primary analysis. Events are heavily layered in structures over the course of the militants and victim's lifespan.

There is also a direct connection with stalking, obsession, an aggressive attack on reality, displacement of emotions to a target which is myself and to prevent anyone to aid me (Lin 1997).

Here direct sworn officials will also be incorporated as incompetent and corrupt de facto officials as these abnormal psychoses become escalated longitudinally over time and space.

A very deep and profound process and structure is the use of polymorphous perversity. This is the use of sexual language to attack another from a perceived threat. Vulgarisms and violent connotations are used against myself and other parties. It is then stated that I am enamored of these behaviors and these speech patterns are part of my repertoire which is untrue. It is also inferred that I would not be morally and intellectually sophisticated to discern what polymorphous perversity is.

There is a disturbing demonstration of the informant personality and the emerging discipline of Singularity. This is the hypothetical date when computational machines will equal that of humans. At that point humanity will then begin to fail to match the skills of these machines. It is then possible for these computers and systems to design the future.

Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil has predicted 2045 as the hypothetical date of The Singularity.

I have basic computer literacy. I use WYSIWYG editors mainly and add correct HTML or add JavaScript snippets if needed. Recently I have decided to increase my knowledge of how computers think. I began to start HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. Python is now emerging as the code of choice.

If LAPD is not able to match my presentation they will begin to attack and change the argument to sexual activity of young college age women. These officers are mostly over fifty and obese. If one had to keep the argument on computer science this would be the correct logical format for coding a page on Singularity.

Attempting to create deify LGBTi behaviors is a very poor culture especially for Singularity which will effect all 250 courses that most large universities maintain.

I will argue that this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth codenamed MOEC is an open experiment to create a culture to marginalize the optimum effectiveness of all disciplines by prisoner's dilemma and informants.

Examples are if Jane Doe is mentioned, she is a good lay... If I am attempting to meet Jane Doe, it is stated, Are you trying to beat her? The equivocation reflects acting violently against her and also being in competition with her.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has left me bombarded by the relooping of these polymorphous speech patterns by the Gay Militia. In degree officers from LAPD surround me with an entrapment that was staged from about 1979 to 1987. It was designed under Gay Triumphalism. It has failed because I have not transformed into a member of the LGBTi paradigm.

In designing environs within an environment, as an apartment to have sexual relations the exact behaviors and settings with this dwelling are developed. Persons are recruited and sex is a reinforcer. This is part of a eugenic designed career path. Both male and females participate in this orchestration. All objects or gifts are paired with a graded amount of Chemical Assault. This is light (clear) for Gays to hard (red) for heterosexuals as my self.

Overall the design is no more than mundane sex life. It is designed to penetrate faith based systems. Rajneeshism, now the teachings of Osho reflects in part this style of activity. I regard Osho as an atheistic philosophy stressing If it makes you better, it is good and if makes your worse it is bad. This is essentially atheism in disguise as religion.

By reduction of process and structure what remains is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth embedded in the LGBTi Paradigm. No one to date from this group has emerged to oppose this attack.

What is increasingly not stressed is that by accepting sexual based encounters and jobs, this opens one to sexually transmitted diseases as HIV AIDS, and Hepatitis C. This activity appears to be a marriage breaking program as much as a marriage and recruitment mechanism for LGBTi concerns.

A point of departure will be Freud’s Outline of Psychoanalysis where an Oedipal Complex is acted out between sibling rivals. In this context this rivalry exists under an (ideal) unseen father and mother figure and (real) natural father and mother figure exists. A conflict between a system of LGBTi militants operating out of LAPD have attacked and alienated myself as a natural member of the human race and a citizen of the United States. Herein I represent the heterosexual or opposite sex platform. The LGBTi side also has a narcissistic personality component, and a psychopathic component that will help define their activities.

The resolution of this conflict should occur between 8 and 13 years of age.

The issue emerges whether one should ask is (homosexuality) same sex identity and behavior directly related to crime, socialized, a combination, or none at all? The same can be asked if (heterosexuality) opposite sex behavior and identity are related to crime, socialized, a combination, or none at all?

The setting of these attacks which are in sum a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth which is extremely important. My personality and arc of lifespan has emerged over a non normative event of which I am the only member of the set to exist historically. I am pursing a criminal prosecution analogous to the Nuremberg Model in the United States under this country’s federal laws. It is my allegation that marriage breaking and child molesting are also being generated by this pattern of defection. This is apparent in the Catholic Church, Jehovah's Witness, and ISKCON (Krishnas).

The diffusion over space and time predicates a socialization process of prisoner's dilemma built open nodes allegedly radiating from University of Cambridge, England. They are being identified as the Origin. They also have therefore authored Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is the precursor to Gay Fascism if intellectual apologists emerge in support of the abuse.


The deification of the LGBTi platform in this entrapment reflects the attempt to create a law or set of first principles to justify consequents. Such is no more than secular same sex preferences and activities. It appears to be designed in a differentiated manner to destabilize a nationstate by exploiting a pleasure drive to create crime. Hence a a Gay Militia emerges irrationalizing crime as an attorney general exception and a positive self defense.

At a lower level such facilitates liberalism to enjoy more unfettered sexuality at the expense of religion and faith based systems. The negative latency of having LGBTi actors implicated in creating crime and other acts do not appear to be a deterrent.

Prisoner's dilemma with payoffs increases the informants dependency and transference to the Origin whom from behaviorist perspectives can be identified as conditioners.

Impersonal faith based and material systems are easier to penetrate than faith based systems with a personal deity in a human form. Buddhism and Advaitya Vedanta are more easily incorporated. The individual merges into a Oneness as a final end state. Incarnations or avatars descend from Brahman or a Buddha field. Liberal socialism is also a fodder ground.

Hence Judeo Christianity and Gaudiya Vaishnavism represent some difficulty because the deity in human form has no authorized description of same sex or sexuality at all. Agents must be trained to reinterpret positions and radiate these to new members.

Dependent systems, especially in economics and property development are desired to be defected to Cambridge Law School.

As the setting becomes escalated original miscalculations become multiplied. This has a direct impact on analytical components of various fields of discipline and sworn competent officials who are also natural persons. The empirical fact of whether I David Nollmeyer, am a Pure Heterosexual Male is extraordinarily important. I have clearly argued that I have had zero same sex male partners and zero same sex acts over 100 percent of my life. In this connection it is only Los Angeles Police Department LAPD who are generating the LGBTi profiling and imposing such over me. This is unwanted. My sexual orientation is heterosexual or opposites sex. My sexual preference is a heterosexual or opposite sex female. I have also stated and confirmed that I would not rule out a bisexual female as a wife and this the most likely concrete opportunity if I can survive the current Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This is due to the fact that I have been a very highly controlled individual pertaining to the persons that I have been exposed to throughout my entire life. This is due to totalitarianism. This appears to be even more escalated in the present.

In the field of logic the MOEC is easily the largest red herring strawman ever constructed over one individual. The totalitarian nature of my alienation of citizenship and isolation permits live experimental space for a team of LGBTi militants to attempt to construct a LGBTi male in their and University of Cambridge's image. This is also a defection or distraction from a direct prosecution of the Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization that contains the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The legal concept of mitigation is the foundation for this line of argument.

The use of Romance during a non normative conflict has antecedent and is also the intent of the authorship although it is delegated downward to provocateur agents and to the victims in an attempt to disguise the Origin and authorship.

The use of double bind arguments is also at the world class level. The use of lesbianism to front Male Same Sex Male MSM individuals in the LGBTi paradigm is unique. If an individual is offered a choice of a lesbian date and refuses he is a gay male. If this is not successful he is a bisexual. If this fails he is transgendered. This will continue in a circular folly. There is never a consideration of heterosexuality or opposite sex choices. The lesbian bisexual individuals who are constraining a victim run the risk of being accomplices or already are complicit.

These tiny loops are similar to scripts in a computer virus. Hence what is known as a Joe Virus. This pattern is similar to a system of bot computers used to attack a server in this attack.

The clinical diagnostics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Psychopathy are the broadest diagnosis applicable to the members of LAPD's Gay Militia. The Inferiority Complex in Male Same Sex Males MSM is what drives the displacement onto substitute targets as my person. Since the attacks started in April of 1986 and with fullblown isolation beginning June 17, 1987 I have survived over 24 years of attacks by LGBTi orientated police under five presidents.

A kangaroo mock trial is ongoing concerning various acts of discovery. Both heterosexual and LGBTi witnesses should be deposed when gender issues arise. Ritvik Hare Krishnas and diksa devotees should be used even though Diksa and Ritvik siddhanta are nearly identical. I have stated that a bisexual female partner is a possibility. Overall I do not support same sex activity under my Vedic beliefs. The use of a so called authority, in particular Hridayananda Das Goswami, an ISKCON diksa guru would be spurious. He has openly supported Gay Monogamy which was refuted by the GBC. In particularity Bhakti Vikas Maharaj who has a similar standing as a diksa guru argued against him. I pertain to the ritvik alignment which both are openly against.

A closing argument that reflects the use of homosexual and heterosexual activity strictly on the behavioral platform is the discussion of Asta Kaliya Pastimes of Sri Krishna and Radharini.

There are two manners of achieving prema. That is through the indirect and direct method. The indirect method is the discussion of Krishna slaying the demons and the latter is the Rasa Lila in the Tenth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. The Governing Board Committee or GBC of ISKCON has reaffirmed that homosexuality is the abuse of the body. Narayana Maharaj, now on the verge of death has stated that there is no confirmation of male living with male, or female living with female in the Hari Bhakta Vilas or any Shastra and therefore he will not bless or sanction same sex marriage or union.

The attempt of deification of subjective LGBTi behaviors reflects the Origin and authorship of Cambridge Law School. It reflects a trajectory of Gay Triumphalism which has failed due to an inferiority complex that appears universally in MSM LGBTi culture. Also in particularity I have not been transformed to LGBTi identity and or behavior. My alienation by the miscalculation and escalation of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has deeply ruptured the mythology of LGBTi studies. I am clearly not stating that an inferiority complex does not exist in heterosexual males. I am focusing on the actors who are driving crime and attacking persons.

At the time of this writing Proposition 8 has been overturned and is on appeal. The Don't Ask Don't Tell policy of the United States military has also been overturned. Both are awaiting appellate court discretion in December of 2010.

An interesting observation is that the deification of the LGBTi appears derivative of Karl Marx and his materialist explanation of religion and private property; Man invents God and in return God gives man religion, private property, wage labor, and love sex marriage.

There are also six stages of dialectic that correspond to this anthropomorphism of Man into God: 1. Primitive Communism 2. Slavery 3. Feudalism 4. Capitalism 5. Socialism 6. Communism. Marx provides an economic Archetype to explain religion. Cambridge has developed a syncretistic pattern that is emergent with the Right To Marry and the overturning of Don't Ask Don't Tell policy in the United States Military.

What is unique is there is a strong analogy to antinomianism or lawlessness in the name of religion present in this a socialization of history. Historically there were Christians who believed that upon their baptism and conversion they were above the law or nomos.

A form of relative morality is employed to kill off conscience or what is right or wrong. This is reinforced by various rewards and punishments. The multiplier in a field of informants creates a basis for a purge of the individuals and territory in this field.

What is unique is that the emergence of Irrationalism Fascists States in the 20th Century have lead to the creation of Socialist States or governments replacing such. Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan are indicative of major structural shifts in the composition of Post Irrationalism governance.

What was desired was a paper entitled Neo Superstructure. Religion is a superstructure in materialist thought built over base of the mode of production and labor relations. Here we would see a Neo Superstructure emerge that would contain a religion that approved of LGBTi sexual practices and rights in primary law. The most current system resembling this would be Rajneeshism and the practice of the Lutherans on a wide scale.

The lowest implementers of this operation are provocateurs and scapegoats themselves for the Origin and authorship. This Origin has developed a historical baseline of data which can be used to lead a competent discovery of this conspiracy which already had a very extensive empirical history in the southwest United States as California and Arizona.

At this point in time the end of 2010 that the strategic mission for tacit Anglo American Irrationalism is Gay Marriage. This also is the announcing of this paradigm's interest as outside of legal norms as the Universal System of the United Nations or any domestic system of laws as the Bill of Rights of the United States.

I have chosen to respond from a more orthodox Gaudiya Vaishnava platform here defending the sanctity of Radha Krishna from spurious attacks while seeking justice from the criminal court. This refutes the attempt by MOEC and the development of the Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing ideology to attack the United States through Ronald Reagan by inserting a MSM male as Reagan's victim. The entire gambit line from Cambridge through LAPD is one of homosexual or MSM males.

It would be beneficial if a LGBTi individual or group would step forward to decapitate this system. This would provide balance and negate the damage to the Right to Marry Movement.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is also an attack on HIV AIDS positive individuals.

This is a befitting end to Myth of the Contemporary Man.

Westwood CA

Upon review the hacking by LAPD of this paper is considerable. I used a stream of consciousness style in the original manuscripts. I am very aware of the rough course style. There is a unique tension and consciousness in the writing that I am believe provides strong insight into the subliminal mind. Editing is vastly more intellectual. It reflects conscious deliberation. The ends is the measure. MOEC Studies is now an Approach.

One should be aware of a class distinction due to one's language and speech patterns. This is quite acute in the Spanish culture and is the model. In reduction this an Undermining operation between the Pros and the Joes.

It appears that LAPD does not know the correct construction of possessive nouns by a adding an apostrophe s - 's to a word as David's book. The attack on syntax also is intended to be Asiatic.

At this point finished editing with endnotes is likely. The use of subscripts will be replaced with a simpler system due to the hacking. This supports my allegation of an MSM inferiority complex driving displacement. The use of endnotes will permit me to develop points that are between the lines of the jagged style and what is overt hacking.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

August 23, 2013

Westwood, California

Coda: The Deification of the LGBTi Platform in itself is a major concept still evolving especially with MOEC and a de facto relationship to Gay Marriage cases.


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